The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, November 27, 1904, Page 8, Image 8

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Credit Purchases Tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday Will Go on December Acct.
Pillows and Pillow Tops
Oriental stripe Sofa Pillows, 20-inch
square, tassel on each corner;
great special values &
at each
Bungalow Sofa Pillows, burlap cov
ered, burnt leather applique trim
med,. 20 inches square; great spe
cial value at .17
each P
Silk Yelour Pillow: Tops, Oriental
and novelty patterns, handsome
colorings, all new tops,, rt
24 inches square each mDJ
Satin Pillow Tops, Empire and Orien
tal patterns,, new col- 9 e
corings, great value each.
Custom Shade and Drapery "Work
our specialty. Best materials and
workmanship. Lowest prices guar
anteed. New line of Brass Beds, beautiful
models. Sole Portland agents for
"Ostermoor" Felt Mattresses.
Knit Underwear Sale
Winter Underwear Stock is too heavy for late November Present
mild weather has limited the demand for Winter Underwear, but
there'sno telling howsoonthe thermom
eter will drop Yon can save money
ts long J.
47c U
by taking advantage of the following:
"Women's Tionshrinkable fine ribbed "Wool
Vests and Pants, light gray or white;
handsomely finished;, best 07
$1.50 underwear for
"Women's "Harvard Mills" heavy fleece-lined
ribbed cotton Vests and Pants, vests long
or quarter-sleeve; best
65c value
."Women's heavy cotton ribbed Corset Covers,
high neck, long sleeves, 65c AjQr
values Cr-C
Children's mixed wool and cotton Union
Suits, buttoned across the chest, white
or gray; regular 75c dQr
Children's heavy ribbed cotton Vests and
Pants, white or gray, 35c y
- values
Ml . ft.
The Meier & Frank Fur Store
No Walking Stilt without its accompanying Furs That is the edict
of the season The fashionable girl is to be the far girl; the well
dressed matron, she who from the moment the first cold weather
comes is never without her fars The splendid stock to be foiind
here appeals to fashionable people, the prices to economical peo
pleYou'll find our 1904-5 assortment the largest and best we
have ever shown Every piece carries the Meier & Frank guar
antee -These special values on sale this week
Black Coney Cluster Scarf, six tails, best $2.50 Scarf money
can buy; your choice, each
Brown Opossum Cluster Scarf with six tails; our best $5.00
value; fur stores ask $7.50; sale price each
Long Black Coney Scarf, six tails, $5.00 value each
Sable and Isabella Fox Scarf, two large handsome tails,
best $12.50 value, your choice each
Long Isabella Fox Scarfs, large variet3, S8.00 to S42.00.
Complete line of small novelty neck pieces, $12.00 to S45
Electric Seal Jackets, 22-in. length, $25.00 to $38.00.
Astrachan Jackets, 22-in. length, 35.00 and $38.00.
Immense line of Children's "White Sets and Collars. Prices
from $1.25 to $12.50. Second floor.
Mail orders promptly and satisfactorily filled.
ran "in 2
Great Picture Department Specials
Framed Pastel Pictures, 5L50 to $3.75 values, framed In handsome silt
panel frames. Great special bargains at the low price of r qQ
each - vji 1 .07
Oregon scenes mounted on burnt wood, make pleasing holiday gifts
to send to Eastern friends. Regular 50c values for jC
Oval burnt wood plaques Fish and game subjects. Suitable for eQ
dining-room. $1.25 values 0C
S2.25 burnt wood Novelties, 10x20 inches, for sale at. each $1.10
Hand-painted Pictures in gilt frames, size 10x12 inches. Crt
Regular $1.95- values for VC
Artistic Picture Framing to your order. New moldings. Lowest prices.
Second floor.
25c Soaps, 3 cakes in a box. all
odors, box
Cameo Castile Soap and "Wash
Rag. 10c value, 3 for
15c Witch Hazel Soap, box
10c bars pure Glycerine Soar)....
1000-sheet roll 10c Toilet Paper 7c
300-sheet roll Toilet Paper 4c
500-sheet package Toilet Paper -1c
All three popular "hits" "Karama," vocal
ana instrumental, "iiaKo a Fuss e
Over Me," "Alexandre," copy IOC
Holiday Goods
Mail Orders Will Be Fffled
French Gray Jewel Boxes,
silk lined, $1 values, at. .
Women's Chatelaine Watches, guaran
teed movements ; great special values
at 3.25 and $4.25 each. '
Baby Spoons of sterling silver, en
graved bowl ; best $1.00 PQ
values, for
Women's Back Combs, mounted
latest effects; $1.00 values. .
Sterling Silver Mounted Col
ogne Bottles. 95c values .
Wood Souvenir Match Boxes, Smoking
Sets, Ink Wells, Calendars, Thermom
eters, etc. ; values extraor- q
dinary at C
$ .25 values reduced to, each 17c
$ .50 values reduced to, each 20c
$1.00 values reduced to, each G2c
25c pair values for, pair 18c
35c pair values for, pair 2Sc
50c pair values for. pair 37c
75c pair values for, pair 02c
Sterling top Hat Pins, each 17c
Albums For Kodak Pictures
75c values reduced to, each 02c
50c values reduced to, each 39c
35c values reduced to. each 21c
25c values reduced to, each 17c
All 15c box Stationery, box....- lOc
Fancy Crystal Crepe Paper, roll 10c
1905 Calendars In Immense variety. Newest
ideas. All prices.
Are ready for your choo3ln?. Thousands and
thousands of them for young- and old.
"Prodigal Son," Hall Caine's new book.. 91.0S
dently going to
Third Floor
Ready for Holiday crowds, The Meier &. Frank Store, Portland's
Greatest Christmas -Store Nowhere on. the Coast will yon find such Toys, such assort
ments; the display is by far the best we have ever made, comprising everything that's new
and novel to make youngsters happy, in addition all the old favorites in the amusement line
are liberally represented Enthusiastic crowds thronged Toyland Friday and Saturday,
mothers, fathers, sisters, boys and girls, all came and enjoyed the opening show and
demonstrations The baying exceeded our fondest expectations Portland folks are evi-
profit by past experiences and do their Holiday shopping early this year We're glad of that because everybody
will be so much more satisfied Buying as we do for an exceptionally large wholesale as well as retail business enables us to show
immense varieties, in fact, we say without fear of contradiction, that our showing is the largest to be found in the entire country
west of Chicago Toys, Dolls, Games, inventions from almost every civilized country the world over and everything marked
at our usual reasonable prices We call particular attention to oar magnificent stock of high-grade steam, electric and mechanical
toys, a display second to none in the land, practical, instructive toys for boys 7 to 15 years of age and priced from $2 up
to $75 each; stationary engines, electric tramways, steam trains, electric power houses, etc. The great Demonstrating Booth is
of intense interest to young and old The water tank demonstrating submarine boats, mechanical motor boats, mechanical fish,
ducks, divers, etc. Seethe miniature "Dreamland" with its railways, merry-go-rounds, power houses, tunnels and side-shows
Come real often and don't forget to bring the children Send for a copy of our Holiday Bulletin It's Free
Real Laces and Berthas
Substantial reductions on our entire stock of real Laces and Berthas-
Magnificent Hand-Made Duchess Lace,
Point Lace, R.eol Vols., Real Cluny Lace
and Berthas All widths A piece of
real lace would make a pleasing Xmas
gift to any woman
Swiss and Cambric Embroideries in 6-yard
lengths, Edgings and Insertions, all
widths, great special values AOi
at piece OC
Special sale of French and Round-Mesh
Yals., Point Paris, Maltese and imitation Tor
chon Laces and Insertions
3c values, yd. 12Vc values, yd. . 7 &
18c values, yd Sq
25c values, yd 18
5c values, yd. .3
8c values, yd. .5
New 30-inch "Rajah" Silks, all colors yard S1.25
New 27-inch "Mandarin" Silks, all colors, yard $1.00
Beautiful new plaid Silks for waists, suits, trimming; 85c to $1.50 Velvet
"Waistings and Suitings yard,. 49
Our entire stock of Black Dress Goods at sale prices. Four great lots of
mixed Dress Goods, this season's best materials, at greatly reduced prices:
85c values, vard 65 $LO0 values, yard 79
$1.25 values, yard 97 $1.50 values, yard 1.27
Xmas Handkerchief Sale
Buy your Christmas Handkerchiefs this
week and the saving will help make
some of your other Holiday purchases
"Women's unlaundered All-Linen hand-embroidered
initialed Handkerchiefs-, three
different styles ; best -25c, e
values, at 3 for 7.v; .CUC
"Women's hemstitched all-linen Handker
chiefs. 3t. V and -inch hems.
full size, value extraordinary, each. . .
"Women's Swiss Embroidered Handkerchiefs,
hemstitched and embroidered also scal
loped edge and embroidered, e
20c and 25c values for 2 for JC
Women's hemstitched and initialed unlaun
dered Handkerchiefs, -all initials; great
special values for this c
sale each
Children's plain white initial Handkerchiefs, hemstitched, r
fancy box; great value box . .
Children's Colored-Border Handkerchiefs in. fancy -boxes; e
great special values at box "J
The Meier (& Frank Store
Portland's Largest and Best Store
Principal Portland Agents for Butterick Patterns and Publications Delineator 1 5c
Artistic Picture Framing to Order Big Assortment New Moldings Lowest Prices
Brass and Iron Beds, Mattresses, Springs, Pillows, Blankets, Comforters 3d Floor
Garment Bargains Tomorrow
Portland's Leading Cloak and Suit Store announces a great
pre-Holiday sale of Women's R.eady-to-Wear Apparel
for the coming week Marvelous values in oil lines of
high-grade garments for Winter wear Not imaginary
but real bargains in just the apparel you have been looking
for Mail orders will receive our prompt and careful
attention Write today for the following bargains
$14 Tourist Coats $9.25 Each
200 handsome new Tourist Coats in, black Kersey, light and dark
mannish mixtures, notch collar, belted back, slot seams; very
stylish, serviceable garments, selling by the hundreds at $12.00
and $14.00 regularly; Holiday sale price 35
"Women's Tan Covert Tourist Coats with or without collar, satin
lined, belted back, single or double-breasted CIA Q A
styles, regular $18 and $20 garments for 4 -fO
$14 Walking Skirts $8.95 Each
100 Women's high-grade "Walking Skirts, in Broadcloths, Cheviot,
Cashmere, Voile and mannish mixtures; black, blue, brown,
gray ; 7, 9 and 14-gore ; plain flare, kilted, box-plaited and yoke-
trimmed styles ; all are this season s best $12.50 d AC
; . . . 4?v 4?
and $14.00 values ; your choice
MA rW .2.- IMVi4.1 S.l l-m I
Two great lots of "Women's Cravenettes, blouse styles,
collarless. fancy button trimmed, new style sleeve, long
shoulder; tans, olives and Oxfords, also box-plaited
styles with, belt all around; collarless, tans, dives arid
Oxfords; the best bargain in high-grade Raincoats we
have offered this season
$25 and $27 Values for $19.45 Each
$18 Values in the Above Styles for $14.25 Each
Women's $36 Suits for $25.45
"Women's Suits in tight-fitting, blouse or Directoire Jack
et with or without vests, medium and -lengths: ma
tprials are Broadcloth, Cheviot, mannish mixtures and
Coverts, in blacky navy, tan, greys, light and dark mix
tures: all this" season's handsomest buits, selling regu
. larly at $34.00, $35,00 and $36.00 ; Cr e A C
your choice during the Holiday sale
"Women's $40.00, $42.00 and $44.00 Suits in Cheviots, Cov
erts, Tweeds; blouse, tight-fitting and Directoire Jack
ets, with or without vests; medium and -length styles;
navy, tan, gray, light and dark mixtures; $40.00, $42.00
and $44.00 Suits ; during the holiday 29 45
Main Sub-Station U. S. Postoffice Kear of Main Floor Mooey Orders, Registering, Stamps any Quamtity
Sole Portland Agents for "Peninsular" Stoves, Kaages d Wood Heaters 10 Years' Ggarmrtee Easy Payments
Sterling Silver Novelties Reduced
For one week, pretty, useful pieces of Sterling Silver suitable for Christmas gifts,
will be offered at special sale prices Don't miss this opportunity
75c Pocket Combs with sterling silver case, great bargain, each. . . . 39
65c Sterling Silver-Handled Curling Irons and Button Hooks, for, each 4g
40c Sterling Top Ink "Wells, great special values at, each Ig
35c Sterling Silver-Handled Button Hooks, Letter Seals, Curling Irons XbC
25e Sterling Silver-Handled Button Hooks, Stillettos, Crochet Hooks, etc., each......lC
Children's French Gray Metal Purses, wonderful values, each J.b
New Clocks, Toilet Sets, "Watches, Novelties, Stationery, etc., etc. ;
Warm Footwear for Women Children
Genuine Felt Slippers at bargain prices The best product of Alfred Dolge& Sons
and Daniel Green Co. Opportunity to buy useful Christmas gifts at a big saving
Women's Felt Juliettes hand-turned, black fur trimmed;
green, red and brown; best $1.25 values, Q8c
in all sizes, at the low price of pair 7UV
"Women's Felt Juliettes,-low wood heel, red, wine, green and
black ; with-or without fur trimming ; all sizes ; g Q
best $1.75 value, for pair , H 1
500 pairs of Women's Felt Juliettes, fur-trimmed,
black, blue, wine, green, red; some
stores have the courage to ask $1.50 pair for
this "grade; our $1.00 7G
values pair
Misses' sizes, 12 to 2, at pair 68
Children's sizes, 8 to 11, at pair 63
For Monday, Tuesday and "Wednesday, 1000
pairs of "Women's Shoes in vici kid, patent
colt, patent leather, lace or Blucher styles,"
light or heavy soles kid or patent tips, all
the newest and best styles shown this sea
son; every pair guaranteed equal to the
best $3.50 values on the market; your
choice, all sizes and 1 O
widths pair .
$4.00-$5.00 values in Meu's Slippers, four
lots consisting of red kid bootees, patent
Corona Opera Slippers, genuine monkey
skin Opera Slippers,. in tans and blue; gen
uine lizard, alligator and walrusa y q
Slippers, all sizes, $4-$5 values. Vf?&
300 pairs of Men's $3.00 Slippers, in various
styles and all sizes pair S2.22
$1.75-$2 Slippers, all leathers, pr $1.43
Holiday Sale of Men's Smoking Jackets
Smoking Jackets and Lounging Robes by the thousands Our Holiday Line is
-rr now complete ana oners cnoice irom every
pretty style ana material manuiacturea
Buying here means a saying of at least 25
on the Exclusive Clothing Store prices.
300 fine grade Tricot Smoking Jackets, in navy,
maroon and brown; handsomely made and trim
med; grand value at this
low price rC
500 Gray Smoking Jackets with plaid self-lining,
cord trimmed, all sizes, great P4 AA
value at iP'TaVJw
Men's Fancy Smoking Jackets in a big variety of
styles and colors;, great special tt
values at J.VAJ
Smoking Jackets, made of fancy homespun ma
terials, handsome designs, best wearing fabrics,
unusually low priced at each $8.50
Lounging Robes in exceptionally large variety;
$6.50 to $30.00.
Bath Rohes, $2.50 to $10. Second floor.