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News From That Country
- Anxiously Awaited.
Wheat Output of the South American
.Republic Is the Leading Factor,
at Present, in the
The great factor in the wheat market just
now is the Argentine crop, and the eyes of
grain dealers in the United States and Europe
are upon that country. "While it is generally
conceded that the South American country has
the largest crop in Its history, yet reports have
been received of heavy rains la the . wheat
belt In the last few days, though no definite
eftlmate has been made of the damage done.
The crop of Argentina has been Increasing
rapidly during -the pact few years. Last year
It amounted to over 100,000,000 bushels. This
year Ihe acreage Is quoted at 12,250,000, which
with an average crop of 13 bushels to the
acre would make the crop over 158,000,000
bushels. That -Is about the crop figured on,
providing nothing' occurs to reduce it. The
country Is long and narrow and Is subject to
heavy rains. Harvest Is well under way in a
large part of the territory now and heavy rains
at this time might lower the yield by a third
or more. Owing to the lnaccessablllty of the
wheat fields and the lack of reliable sources
of news it Is almost impossible to get any In
formation that Is of value.
The largest share of the Argentine crop Is
exported. The country has only bo me 8,000,000
people and the home consumption cannot be
over 40,000,000 bushels, so It is easily under
stood why the marketsof the world anxiously
await news from there. Heavy damages to
the crop would have a considerable effect on
the available wheat of the world.
Argentina, is the only South American coun
try producing cereals for export. Thirty years
ago it imported cereals from the United States,
from Chile, and even from Turkey, but in 1002
the value of the quantity exported was $G5,
000,000, and according to all -calculations It
will exceed 5100.000,000 in 1004.
The grain elevators, which are already be
ginning to work, and the mills which make
the flour, encourage the hope that the quality
of this article will be Improved, from being
more completely cleared of impurities and be
cause the grain will reach the markets drier
and in better condition, generally; besides, the
expenses of bags will be saved.
Grain, Hour, Feed, Etc
WHEAT -Walla Walla, export value, 80c;
milling, 83c; Eastern basis, 84c; bluestem, 33
6c higher; Valley, 87c.
BARLEY Feed, $22 per ton; rolled. $23.50
OATS No. 1 white. LS0 01.32; gray,
$1.35 01.40 per cental.
FLOUR Patents, $4.6504.65 per barrel;
straights. $4.3004.45; clears. $3.8504: Val
ley, $4.10 4.25; Dakota hard wheat, $6,500
7.50; Graham. $3.50 4; whole wheat. Siii
4.25; rye flour, local. $4.50; Eastern, $50
MILLSTUFFS Bran. $10 per ton; mid
dlings. $25: shorts. $21; chops. U. S. Mills,
$19; linseed dairy food, $18; linseed ollmeal,
lHc per pound.
CEREAL FOODS Rolled oats, cream, 90
pound sacks. $6.75; lower grades. $5,750
6.25; oatmeal, steel cut. 50-pound sacks, $8
per barrel; 10-pound sacks. $4.25 per bale;
oatmeal (ground), compound sacks, $7.50 per
barrel; 10-pound sacks, $4.25 per bale; split
peas, $4.50 per 100-pound sack; 25-pouud
boxes, $1.25: pearl barley, $4 per 100 pounds;
25-pound boxes, $1-25 per box; pastry flour,
10-pound sacks, $2.50 per bale.
HAT Timothy. $14016 per ton; clover,
$12313; grain, $1213; cheat. $12013.
Vegetables. Fruit, Etc.
Trade was moderately good on Front street
yesterday. Receipts Included one car of
oranges, and one of bananas. New crop dates
have arrived.
VEGETABLES Turnips. $1 per sack: car
rots, SU beets, $1.25; parsnips, $L25; cab
bage, itic; lettuce, neaa. 15c per
dozen; parsley. 20c dozen; tomatoes, $1.25 per
crate: cauliflower, $1 per dozen; egg plant,
10012c per pound: celery. 50670c per doz.: cu
cumbers. 10015c per dozen; peas, CSc per
pouna; Deans, green. c: wax, c; pumpkins.
jgric per pouna: peppers, oc per pound.
ONIONS New, $1.0002. buyers prices.
HONEY $303.25 per case.
POTATOES New Oregon, fancy. 75c; com
mon, wbwc, Buyers price; Juercea sweets, IVi
RAISINS Loose Muscatels. 4-crown. 7c:
3-layer Muscatel raisins. 7 He; unbleached
seedless Sultanas, OJic; London layers,
S-crown. whole boxes of 20 pounds, $1.83;
DRIED FRUIT Apples, evaporated. 60
8c per pound; sundrled. sacks or boxes,
none; apricots, 10011c; peaches. O01Oc;
pears, none; prunes, Italians, 405c; French,
2 0351c: figs. California blacks. 551c: da
white, none; Smyrna, 20c; Fard dates, Oc;
plums, pitiea, oc.
DOMESTIC FRUITS Apples: fancy. $ia
1.75; clean, 75c$l; wormy, 50 0 60c per
box: figs, S5c$2.50 per box; grapes. Cali
fornia, $1.251.C5; pears. Winter Nellls, eri.ou: quinces, $i; cranoernes, $a.5O0
11 cer. barrel: persimmons. per box.
TROPICAL FRUITS Lemons, fancy. $3.25
04: choice. $3 per box; oranges, new na
vels. $2.5003; grapefruit. $303.50 per box; ba
nanas, asfsc per pouna; pomegranates. $2.25
per Dor.
Butter, Egr, Poultry, Etc
The customary Saturday business was done
in the poultry market at generally steady
prices. Eggs and butter were both reported
BUTTER City creameries: Extra cream
ery. 30c per .pound : fancy creamery, us a
27 He State creameries: Fancy creamery.
25ffi31c: stock butter. 12014c
EGGS Oregon, ranch. 3O03lHc; Eastern,
fresh. 27c; storage, 10025c
POULTRY Fancy hens. 1101lc: do old.
10011c: mixed chickens. 8H01uc: old roosters.
7Sc; do young. 10101c: Springs. 1& to
2-pouna. lUhQiic; oroners, i to lj-pound,
12V,&l&cz dressed chickens. 12812'c: turkeys.
live. Soring ISSlGc: do dressed. 15HlSc:
do choice. 19020c; geese, live, S0Oc; do
dressed. 0K10c; ducks, old. $G6.50; do
young, as to size. $70S; pigeons, $10L25.
GAME Wild geese, $303.50; Mallard ducks,
$304; Widgeon. $202.50: Teal. $202.25; China
pheasants, $&07: do native. $506; grouse, $8
06.50: quau, iz-Dutat.
CHEESE Full cream twins. 11014c;
Young Americas, xzwioc
Groceries. Nuts, Etc
COFFEE Mocha, 2602Sc; Java, ordinary,
16020c; Costa Rica, fancy, 18020c; good.
16018c: ordinary. 100 12c per pound: Co
lumbia roast, cases. 100s. $13; 50s, $13.25;
Arbuckle. $14.75: Lion. 514.70.
RICE Imperial Japan.-No. 1, $5.37 V4: No.
2 Creole. $4-25; Carolina, 0c; broken-head.
SALMON Columbia River. 1-pound talis,
1.65 per dozen: 2-pound talis. $2.40: fancy
1 -pound flats. $L80: H -pound flats, $1.10;
Alaska pinK. i-pouna tans, e tic; rea, 1
pound tails. $1.20: cockeyes, 1-pound talis.
$1.75: 1-pound flats, S1.&5.
SUGAR Sack basis, 100 pounds: Cube,
SG.50: nowdered. S&25: dry' granulated.
$6.15; extra C $5.65; golden C, $5.55; fruit
sugar, $0.25; advance over sack basis as fol
lows: Barrels. 10c; half barrels. 25c; boxes,
iOc per 100 pounds. (Terras: On remittance
within 15 days, deduct He per pound: If
later than 15 days ana witrun 31) a ay a. de
duct He per pound; no discount after 30
days.) Beet sugar granulated. $6.05 per
100 Dounds: maple sugar. 15018c per pound.
SALT California. $9.50 per ton; $1.30 per
bale; Liverpool. 50a. $!5.5o; 100s, $15; 2u0i.
NUTS Walnuts. 15?ic per pound by sack.
lc xtr& for less than sacK urani nuts. 10c:
filberts. 15c; pecans, jumbos, 15c; extra
large, 14c; almonds. I, X. L., 15 H 016c; na
?lus ultras. 15c: nonpareils, uc; cnestnuts.
tall ana. 15c: Ohio. $4.50 per 25-pound drum:
.peanuts, raw. Sc per pound; roasted. SO 10c;
nuts. 85090c per dozen.
BEANS Small white, 3c; large white.
9M,ci pink. 4ttc; tayou. ana; Lima, ttc
Meat cad Pro visions.
BEEF Dressed 406c per pound.
MUTTON Dressed. 4Q5Hc Jer pound; Iambs.
SH06c per pound.
VEAL Dressed. 100 to 125. TKSSc per pound;
to -suu, ofTKi uu up. Ott!Jc. v
HAMS Ten to 14 pounds. 13c per pound;' 14
to 10 sound. 12c: IB to. 20 pounds. 13c: Call
lornlfc picnic), 0c; cottage bams, 10c;
shoulders, none: boiled hrin. 21c: belled clonic
rhnm. boneless. 14c
jkk. uressea. 100 to 100. tHitc per pouna;
150 and up. 5c
BACON Fancy breakfast. 16c per pound;
standard breakfast, 17c: choice, 15c; Eng
lish breakfast. 11 to 14 pounds, 14c
SAUSAGE Portland ham. isc per pound:
minced ham. lOHc; Summer, choice dry, 17Hc;
bologna, long. OHc; welnerwurst, 8c; liver. 5Hc;
pork, 10c; blood, CHc; headcheese, 5Jjc; bo
logna sausage, link. &Hc
DRY-SALTED MEATS Regular short dears.
-lOHc salt, llc smoked; clear backs, lOo salt.
11c smotiea; uregon export, 20 to 23 pounds.
average. -ivxc salt, 11 smoicea: union Dutts,
iu to 10 pounas. average, sc salt, oc smoked.
PICKLED GOODS Pickled pigs' feet, bar-
rels. $5; fc-barrela, $2.75; 15-pound kit. 91.25;
pickled tripe, H-barrels. $5; H-barrels. $2.75;
15-pound kit. 41-25; pickled pigs tongues. H
barrels, $5; -barrels, $2.76; 15-pound kit,
$1.25; pickled lambs' tongues, -barrels, $3.25;
-Darreis, 15-pound kits, $z.Z5.
LARD Kettle rendered: Terces. lOiic: tubs.
10Hc; 50s. 10Hc; 20s. lOttc; 10s. lie; 5s.
llHc Standard pure: Tierces. 9Hc; tubs.
9c; COs. 0c; 20s. 9c; 10s. lOUc; Si.
1014c Compound: Tierces. CHc: tubs. 6c;
50s. 6c; 10s. 7Hc: 5s. 7Hc
Hops, Wool, Hides, Etc
HOPS Fancy shippers. 31032c: choice. 308
31c; prime. 29030c; medium. 2Sc per pound.
WOOL. valley, lasjuc per pouna; ix.iizm
Oregon. iO017c; mohair. 25026c per pound for
HIDES Dry hides. No. 1. IB pounas and up.
15015HC per pound; dry. kip. No. 1. C to 16
Dounds. 12c: dry calf. No. 1. under 5 pounds.
16c; dry, salted bulls and stags, one-third less
than dry, flint; salted hides, steers, sound. 70
pguou fiuiu over, ouo:, n iu w iwuuw,
6c, under 50 pounds and cows, 6H07c; stags
and bulls, sound. 404Hc; kip, sound. 15 to 20
pounds. 7c; under 10 pounds. Sc: green (un
salted), lc per pound less; culls, lc per pound;
horse hides, salted, $L5O02 each; dry. $10
l.W) eacn; colts' macs. zsqsoc eacn; goatsxins,
common. 10015c each; Angora, with wool on,
TALLOW Prime, per pound. 4H5c; lo. 1
and grease. 2H3c
GASOLINE Stove gasoline, cases. 24Hc: iron
barrels, 18c; 86 degrees gasoline, cases, 82c;
iron oarreis or arums, 20c
COAL OIL Cases. 21Hc; Iron barrels, 16c;
wood barrels, none; C3 degrees, cases, 22c;
barrels, ISHc Washington State test burning
oils, except headlight. He Per gallon higher.
LINSEED OIL Raw, barrels, 54c; cases. 50c
Boiled: Barrels, 50c; cases, 61c One cent less
In 250-gallon lots.
TURPENTINE Case. 5e: barrels. 81c
WHITE LEAD Ton lots. 7c; 600-pound,
7tc; less than 500-pound lots. 8c
at Portland ' Union
Receipts at the Portland Union Stockyards
yesterday were 900 sheep and 100 cattle The
following prices were quoted at the yards:
CATTLE Best steers, $3.25; medium. $2.75;
cows, $22.60.
HOGS Best large, fat hogs. $5.25: light
nogs, $404.50.
SHEEP Best Eastern Oregon and Valley.
$2.50; lambs. $3.25.
Current at Chicago, Omaha and
Kansas City.
SOUTH OMAHA. Nov. 26. Cattle RnvIhIk
300. Market unchanged. Native steers, $3,750
6.25; Wee tern teers. $304.55: ran ire cows and
neners, 2.233.40.
HOgS ReCelDtS. 5200. MurVot Hr- TiTr
Heavy. $4.45S4.5W: mlipd. x4.7n4M.T.t? lihf
$4.4504.55: pigs. $404.00: bulk of sales. x4.COfll
Sheep Receipts, none Market, steady.
CHICAGO. Nov. 26. Cattle Receipts. 400.
Steady. Good to prime steers, $607.10; poor to
medium. $3.G0gC.S0; dockers and feeders, $20
4.10; cows, $1.3504.20; heifers, $1.7505; can
ners, $1.3502.35; bulls, $202.40; calves, $30
0.&0; western steers, $3.6005.15.
Hogs Receipts today. 22,000; Monday. 22.000
6c higher. Mixed and butchers, $4.0004.75;
good to choice heavy, $4.6504.80; rough heavy.
$4.4004.00; light, $4.5O04.67H; bulk of sales.
Sheep Receipts, 3000. Sheep, steady: lambs.
strong. Good to choice wethers. $4.3005; fair
to cboice mixed. $3.6004.30: Western sheep.
$3o; native lambs, $4.3506.50; Western
lambs, $405.35.
KANSAS CITY. Nov. 26. Cattle Receipts,
w. iiarjcet uncnangea.
Hogs Receipts. 6000. Market steady to
strong. Bulk of sales. $4.6004.65; packers,
$4.0004.80; pigs and lights. $3.9004.70.
Sheep No receipts. Market nominally steady
ana uncnangea.
Mining Stocks.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 26. Official closing
quotations for mining stocks today were as
Andes $ .24JustIce $ .05
seicuer ....
Best & Belcher.
Challenge Con. .
Chollar t
Confidence ... .
Con. Cat & Va.
Crown Point ...
Gould & Curry..
Hale & Norcross
MIMexIcan 1.15
l.lSJOcddental Con.. .80
.24iupnir 2.40
.4bl-vercnan . . . .
.85Seg. Belcher .
l.SOISlerra Nevada
.17 Silver Hill ....
.SOlUnion Con. ...
.27Utah Con. ....
1.25Yellow Jacket
NEW YORK, Nov. 20. Closing quotations
.Adams Con. ....$ .75
Little Chief $ .06
Alice 60
Ontario 3.50
Ophir . viJ 2.10
Phoenix .14
Breece 1
Brunswick Con.. .13
Comstock Tun... .OS
Potosl is
Con. CaL & Va.. 1.70
Horn Silver 1.50
Iron Silver 2.25
bavage 31
Sierra .Nevada .. .41
small Hopes ....
Leadvllle Con. . .02
Standard 2.05
BOSTON, Nov. 20. Closing quotations:
.$ 6.23 Mohawk $ 56
18.25 Mont. C. & C 4
Am. Zinc. ...
su.2aioia Dominion.
73. 00 Osceola
Cal. & Hocla. 680.00
Centennial . . .
Copper Range.
Daly West
Dominion Coal
Grancy ......
Isle Royale
Mass. Mining
Michigan ....
29.00 Tamarack ....
71.25 Trinity .......
13.75 U. S. Mining .
64.00 U. a Oil ....
12.75 Utah
5.50 Victoria
30.75 Winona
8.OO1 Wolverine
Dried Fruit at New York.
NEW YORK. Nov. 26. The market for
evaporated apples was quiet and unchanged
Common were quoted at 304Hc; choice, 50
5HC and fancy at OgCHc
Prunes are ruling very quiet so far as spot
supplies are concerned and business in futures
is also dull.
Apricots are dull with prices more or less
nominal. CHoIce. OHlOe; extra choice, 9H0
10c: fancy, 11015c
Peaches are steady with choice held at
OVic; extra choice. 9H01Oc; fancy. 1OH011C
Coffee and Sugar.
NEW YORK, Nov. 26. The market for cof
fee futures closed steady at a net advance of 6
points, with sales of 152,750 bags, including
December at CG3g-G.70c; Jamiary, 6.80c
March, 707.05c; May, 7.1507.20c; July, 7.40c
September. 7.557.C0c Spot Rio, steady; No.
7 invoice. S&c; mild, steady; Cordova, 10013c
Sugar Raw, firm; fair refining, 4 Vic; centri
fugal 96 test. 4c; molasses sugar. 4c; re
fined, firm; loaf. 6.66c; crushed, 6.16c; pow
dered, 5.55c; granulated. 5.65c; cubes, 6.70c
Metal Markets.
NEW YORK. Nov. 2 G. Demand in the local
market was not especially active, but the same
strong undercurrent continued noticeable In all
metals and Interest in no sense has abated.
Prices were generally unchanged from those
last quoted. Spot tin. 29.50020.85c; lake cop
per. 14.87H015.12Hc; electrolytic 14.75015c
Casting. 14.50014.75c Spelter, 5.7505.S7HC
Lead, 4.204.70c Iron strong and nominally
London Wool Sales.
LONDON, Nov. 26. A good selection, con
sistlng of 11,650 bales, was offered at the
wool sales today. There was a large attend
ance and competition was animated. A good
supply of Merinos sold freely, some lots going
to. America and Germany. Scoured were In
demand for Belgium. Cress -b reds were active
and were taken by buyers from all sections.
Imports and Exports.
NEW YORK. Nov. 28. Total Imports of dry
goods and general merchandise at the port of
New York for the week (five days) ending to
day were valued at 712,925,090. Exports of
specie were $3,669,002 gold and $16,922 silver.
Imports of specie were $159,133 sliver and
$32,2S5 gold.
New York Cotton Market.
NEW YORK,. Nov. 26. Cotton futures closed
lower under large offerings. November. 9.24c
December, 957c; January. 0.37c; February,
9.45c; March, 9.55c; April, 9.61c; May, O.CSc
June, 9.69:; July, 0.73c Spot cotton closed
quiet. Middling uplands, 9.70c; middling Gulf,
9.95c Z0 sales.
Lively Demand Also for Other Active
Shares Bank Statement Re
garded as Favorable.
NEW YORK, Nov. 20. Initial transactions
In today's stock market were made up large
ly of United States Steel issues, but before
the end of the brief session business In
creased In volunre and' the market broad
ened until It embraced a great number of
standard stocks. At the outset large blocks
of Steel common and preferred came out
at fractional advances and the bonds also
gained. There were slight advances in such
specialties as Colorado Fuel. Pressed 4teel
Car. and American Locomotive Amalgam
ated Copper responded to buying by houses
supposed to represent Boston interests. Tua
list fluctuated for a brief period, but short
ly before the publication of the bank state
ment a heavy buying movement set In.
There was a lively demand for Union Pacific
Southern Pacific, Missouri Pacific, Southern
Railway, Bock Island, Louisville & Nash
ville. Pennsylvania and others in the same
group. London bought Union Patlflc and
Southern Pacific, and the extensive pur
chases of Erie were probably for the ac
count of the professional interest. The
market remained active to the close and
prices of many Issues were then the best of
the day.
The bank statement was regarded as fa
vorable in the sense that the loan decrease
as well as the cash loss showed better than
had been expected. An Inspection of the
dally report of the Associated Backs re
flects the recent sales of city bonds. Three
banks which acted for the purchasers of
these bonds the National Bank of Com
merce. Chase National Bank and the Fourth
National Bank, reported balances of mora
than $21,000,000, while the National City
Bank, a -city depository, had . a credit of
over $6,500,000.
New" high prices were registered by the
Steel issues. Atchison made a slight gain
in spite of its poor October report. Great
Northern preferred advanced 7 points, mak
ing a 17-point gain in two days. Total
bonds sales for the day, par value, were
TJ10 most striking feature of the week was
heavy dealings and Increasing high prices
of the securities of the United States Steel
Corporation. It is generally believed that
some plan involving the further conversion
of Steel preferred Into the sinking fund 5
per cent bond is contemplated. Evidence ac
cumulated that the lrb and steel trade are
steadily Improving. Some of the other high
ly speculative Issues also hod their gains
of the past week. The earnings of new Is
sues of securities, as exemplified In the sale
of blocks of Union Pacific Rock Island, Chi
cago, Burlington & Qulncy, Pennsylvania
and Marquette refunding bonds and other
less important Issues, revived discussion of
refunding plans long dormant and of con
solidations of groups of subsidiary com'
panles of some of the great railroad sys
tems for convenience or financial policy.
This marks clearly the passing of the era
of Indigestion in the securities market, which
occasioned borrowing of enormous amounts
by Pennsylvania, New York Central and
other powerful corporations during the
course of last year, and for which high
rates of interest was paid. These borrow
lngs were made necessary to keep alive
projects already entered upon and which
would have involved heavy losses by inter
ruption. The ready sale of these securities
is perhaps the best best evidence of the con
fidence and of the absorptive power of the
Notwithstanding the long immunity of the
money market from the many declines in
the cash supplies, the rates of interest for
the week have shown that the usual Fall
influences arc not whoUy to be escaped. The
decrease of over $60,000,000 In the item of
deposits of the banks reveals the source of
the supply of stock market borrowing dur
ing the period from September 9 to No
vember 10, while the loan Item of the banks
was actually contracting some $20,000,000.
Although the legal surplus of the banks is
thus protected by the trust companies, the
Inroad upon the ultimate reserves is of ef
fect on sentiment and curbs the borrowing
disposition in the conservative financial
world. It is noteworthy that the bank clear
ings all over the country show an increase
of oyer 50 per cent, compared with the some
week last year. The eager demand of Con
tinental Europe for our gold yet remains un
defined in its extent. It is expected, also.
that the movement of the corn crop, al
though It was belated, will make large Im
provements when it develops. Beyond He
the year-end demands to be considered, and
the Influence of the result of funds alter
the turn of the year la to bo modified by
the call of the Secretary of the Treasury for
surrender of some $10,000,000 of Government
deposits on January 10.
United States 4 per cent coupon bonds ad
vanced H per cent on call during the week.
sales. liign. iow. Did
ltrhtwn 14.800 8UV! 8851 89
Ar Trr.rT1 1.700 104 104 103
Baltimore & Ohio 2.000 96 964 96H
do preferred 93H
Canadian Pacific 5,700 134H 134H 134&
Central ot a. J. 200- 101 101 Ji
Chesapeake & Ohio.. 2,300 50 4H 50
Chicago & Alton 40
An nrfprrpd . . . ...... ..... ..... 83
ChL Great Western.. 2.600 26 25 25T4
-i. e -K-t.n-.,m avt Wk ions: von
Chi", Mil. & St. Paul 6,100 174H 173 174H
An nr-fT-rri 183
Chi. Term. & Trans.. 1.800 3 5i 15H 15
do n referred WO - 204 21
i 87
: 22
5 67
C- C. C & St. L.... 200 88 88
Colorado Southern .. 200 22 22S
Ar. 1.1 nrii inn its R5
do 2d preferred 100 35 35 35H
Delaware & Hudson. 6.200 160 187H 18SH
Del.. Lack. & west.. 100 sziu, 333 320
Tirnvrr Rio Grande 300 32 32 32
do nreferrcd 600 86VI 85 SOU
Erie. 77.000 40& 39 40i
do 1st preferred 4.600 74 73i 73
do 2d preferred..... 3.900 57 55 564
Hocking Valley .... 100 86 89 S5V5
do preferred 89
Illinois Central 13,500 15314 151 153&
Iowa Central 100 30 30 30
do preferred 800 57 56 S6&
Kan. City Southern.. 1.100 29 29 29
do preferred 800 52 02 524
Louisville & Nashv.. 4.100 139 13S 139
Manhattan L. 1.100 16S 167 167$;
v,tmn fnirltles 000 81V1 801 81
Metropolitan St. By.. 3,300 122 121 122
Minn. & St- Louis.... 300 64 64 64
M.. St. P. & S. S. M. 2,300 01 90 01-
do preferred w 147 14 34
Missouri Pacific .... 14.000 109 108 108
Mo.. Kan. & Texas.. 300 34 33 34
do preferred 600 63 63 63
National of Mex. pfd. 900 43 42 42
New York Central.... 3.700 136 J35 wo
Norfolk & Western.. 4.300 75 74 75
an nreferred ....... ..... 90
Ontario & Western... 400 42 42 42
Pennsylvania 34.600 -138 135 136
P.. C C. & St. L... 100 77 77 76
Reading 21.700 76 76 76
do 1st preferred - 87
do 2d preferred 79
Rock Island .Co., 29.100 37 35 36
go preierrea. -u.uw cj-, 00
St. l! & S. F.. 2d pfd. 200 68 68 67
St. L. Southwestern. 600 25 25 25
do preferred ----- 52
Southern Pacific 42.000 68 67 67
do'preferred 200 irra 117 lm
Southern Railway .. 23.300 35 35
do preferred 600 05 95
Ti-r,. . Pacific..... 2.700 37 36V.
Toledo. St. L. & W.. 800 32 31 31
do preferred 100 53 63 62
Union Pacific 46,000 116 115 116
do preferred 04
Wabash 1.200 23 23 22
do preferred 2.100 46 46 46
Wheeling & L- Erie. 300 21 21 20
Wisconsin central. .. -tw - xj-i 25
! preferred 400 4S 47& 48
Mexican Central .... 4,900 S3 22 22
Express companies
Adams 236
American ..... ..... 215
United States 100 121 121 121
Wells-Fargo - 238
M lnell&neous
Amalgamated Copper 74.100 80 78 80
Amer. Car & Foundry 2,000 S3 . 32 32
do'preferred 2,600 91 00 00
American uotton uu to o-
do r referred 93
American Ice 300 8 8
do preferred 37
. T iniut rut m irm iri! int
do preferred ....... ..... 38
American Locomotive 13.100 35 34 35
do preferred 700 105 104 104
Amer. Sm. & Refining 2.400 81 81 1
co preierrea ....... ...... ..... ..... ij
Amer. Sugar Refining 6,100 149 148 147
Anaconda Mining Co. 100 115 115 115
Brooklyn R. Transit. 4.700 68 67 CS
Colorado Fuel & Iron 23,000 52 51 62
Consolidated Gas ..
800 215 215 214
Com Products ......
do preferred .......
ZMstl&trs Securities.
ABJ 24 233 24
000 80 SO SO
100 36 36 99
General Electric 19.700 193 39CAI 192
International Paper.. 1,200 19 19 19
do preferred 6ap 78 77 77
Intentional Pump.. 3$ 40 40 40
ao sreierrea ..... bo
national Lead ...... 200 zo 23
North American . .600 lOiu. 103V. 103"
Pacific Malt 500 45 45 45'
People's Gas 2,000 108 10S
-rressea oieei war.... a.uuu 41
do preferred 3.300 Mli
Pullman Palace Car. 600 235
wepuDiic steel ...... 10.700
do nref erred 4.700
Kusoer cooes
00 preferred
Tenn. Coal & Iron...
u. s. leatner
do preferred
U. S. Realty..
u. a Kuoner........
do Dref erred
U. S. Steel
do preferred
Westinghouse Elec..
Western Union
Total sales for the day, SS6.70O shares.
NEW YORK. Nov. 26. Closing quotations:
U. S. ref 2s rcir.l04U
C & N. W. a 7s-12S
D. t R. Q. 4s..:i00
N. Y. Cent, lsts.101
Nor. Pacific 3s. 100
do 4s ... ..... 75
So. Pacific 4s ... 96
Union Pacific 4s.l06
Wis. Central 4s. 02
do couDon 104 U
U. S. 3s reg 104
do coupon 104 v.
V. S. new 4s reg.130
ao coupon ...130
U. S. old 4s reg.103
do coupon ...106
Atchison Adj 4s. 94
Stocks at London.
LONDON, Nov. 20. Consols for money.
88 3-16; consols for account 88 3-16.
Anaconda 6 iNor. & Western. 77
Atchison 01 ( do preferred .. 94
do preferred . 18 Ont. &. Western. 43
Bait & Ohio .. 95 (Pennsylvania ... 69
Can. Pacific ...137
Ches."& Ohio .. 50
Rand-Mines .... 11
Reading 39
do 1st pref ... 45
do 2d pref ... 41
So. Railway ... 35
do preferred .. 97
C. Gt. Western. 26
C, M. cc St. P.. 178
DeBeers . . 18
D. & R. G 33
do preferred .87
So. Pacific 68
Erie 40
Union Pacific ...119
I do preferred ..97
do 1st pref ..75
do 2d pref ... 58
U. S. Steel 30
Illnols Central..l55 do preferred .. 97
L. & -N. 142 K Wabash 24
M., K. & T. 35 f do preferred .. 47
N. Y. Central. ..1S9 I
Money, Exchange, Etc
NEW YQRK, Nov. 26. Money on call, nom
inal: no loans. Time loans, unchanged. Prime
mercantile paper. 44 per cent.
Sterling exchange weak, with actual business
In bankers' bills at $4.8675 tor demand and
at $4,83754.84 for 60-day bills. Posted rates,
$4.85 and $4.87G4.SS. Commercial bills.
Bar silver, 6Sc
Mexican dollars. 47c
Government bonds, steady; railroad bonds.
firm. r
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 26. Silver bars.
5Sc; Mexican dollars, 46c Sight drafts, par;
telegraph drafts, 2c Sterling on London.
60 days, $4.84; sight, $4.87.
LONDON, Nov. 26. Bar silver, steady.
27 11-lCd per ounce. Money, 2g2 per cent.
The rate of discount In the open market for
short bills Is 33 11-16 -per cent; the rate of
discount in the open market for three-months'
bills Is 3 per cent.
Daily Treasury Statement.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 26. Today's statement
of the Treasury shows:
Available cash balance $142,623,682
Gold 82.497.567
Decrease In Loans, Deposits and Reserves
and Loss ot Cash.
NEW YORK, Nov. 26. The Financier cays:
The official statement of the New York as
sociated banks showed, as the most striking
changes compared with the previous week, an
Important decrease In loans, though eomewhat
smaller than was expected, a loss of cash
closely corresponding with that which was In
dicated by the estimates that were based
upon the known movements of money, a de
crease in deposits by an amount very nearly
agreeing with the sum of the reduction In loans
and the loss of cash, and a decrease in sur
plus reserve to a total more than $1,000,000 be
low the amount of the beginning ot the year.
The loaa contraction was $10,289,800. making
$39,765,700 since October 29. In which period
there has been a buoyant speculation in the
stock market, calling logically for expansion
rather than contraction. It Is quite likely.
however, that the trust companies are carry
ing a larger volume of loans. The loss of cash
was $5,124,600 net, $1,082,500 lees than the
cellmates, but the discrepancy was doubtless
due to the- system of bank averages and also
to the inclusion In the estimates of withdraw
als of gold for export which occurred on the
last day of the previous bank week. The loss
of cash reported by the banks makes a total
since October 29 ot $23,467,700. The deposits
were decreased last week by $15,665,100. mak
ing $60,221,700 since tho above-mentioned date,
Estimated upon the basis of deposits, lea3
those of $23,373,800 public funds, the surplus
Is $14,224,825. The surplus against general
deposits a .year ago was, it may be noted.
The statement of averages of the clearing
house banks of this city for the five days of
this week shows:
Loans $1,102,420,900 $10,289,800
Deposits . 1,144.212.500 15.665.100
Circulation 42.126,600 62.000
Legal tenders 76,476,400 836.000
Specie 217.957.800 6.060.600
Reserve 294.434,500 5.124.600
Reserve required... 286.053.125 3.916.275
Surplus 8.3S1.375 1.208,325
Ex-U. S. deposits.-. 14,224.825 1.210,075
Bank Clearings.
Bank clearings of the leading cities of the
Northwest yesterday were as follows:
Clearinzs. BaTances.
Portland $553,428 $ S3, 570
Seattle 949.109 237.297
Tacoma 512.373 29.053
Spokane 739.899 80.513
Clearings 'of Portland,
for the week were:
Monday ..,..$ 830.001
Tuesday 772,118
Wwlnesday .. 727.365
Seattle and Tacoma
$ 593.763
Thursday ...(Holiday)
Friday 76S.013
Saturday .... 558.428
Totals $3,657,625 $4,705,626 $2,790.74
Clearings for the corresponding week In for
mer years were:
Portland. Seattle. Tacoma.
JS99 $2,127,076 $2.003.S41 $1.139.6Sl
1000 2.373.798 2.475,079 1.157.216
lUUl ....... .icotliu
1902 4.013,650 4.765.290 2.066,747
1003 3,704.182 4.466.843 2,124.073
Dairy Produce In the East.
nxiinkfin Vnv 2ft. On tha tiroduee rr
change today the butter market was steady.
Creameries, it)3r24c; aaixit, iu.ic
Eggs-Steady. 18S22c
Cheese Steady, llg!3c
NEW YORK, Nov. 2a Butter, cheese and
eggs, unchanged.
Wool at St. Xotdc.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 20. Wool Steady. Terrl
tory aUB Western medium. 20Q21c; fine me
dium. 17jJ18c: fine. 16817c
Employes of.Leiter Are Attacked and
State Troops Are Sent to Ziegler.
BENTON. IlL. tior. 26. State troops
have been sent to the Zeigler mines, at
the call of Sheriff Stein. This action Is
due to an attack onEB. Piatt, of Chi
cago, general attorney for the estate
of Ij. Z. Lelter and William Browning-,
of Zelgler, farm overseer for the Zelg'
ler Coal Company, -who were fired upon
from ambush while returning to Zelg'
ler from "West Frankfort, -where they
had been to accompany Joseph Letter,
who boarded a train there for Chicago,
Both Piatt and Browning returned
tho fire, exchanging- 30 shots, when the
attacking party made Its escape In
some deep woods. One of the party Is
reported wounded.
Said He Was Robbed.
Calvin Latham last night reported to
Pollcemaa- Endlcott that he had been held
up by an unknown man at Front and Ash
street. Full investigation of the man ;
story failed to bring to light any facts.
and as he was very drunk It was thought
he Imagined It all. He Is a deckhand on
the steaater- Haacalo. Be was advised to
quit ttrinkirig North End booze and avoid
the dear! am trcmoM.
89 90
232 233
18 17 1T5
71 63 71
200 24 24 24
100 87 87 87
4.100 77 76 - 76
2.5Q0 14 14 14
2,600 95 95 93
1.000 81 81 81
600 34 34 33
400 01 91 01
1.600 29 2G 27
0,200 93 94 94
300 181 180 180;
300 92 92 92
Export Business Is Active and Mar
ket Is Getting in Better Shape'
Potatoes Are Steady.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. Nor. 36. (Special.)
Raisins are cleaning out so well and stocks
of most other California cured fruits are 00
low that the attention- of the trade is neces
sarily turning to prunoa. Stocks of prunes In
the hands of Santa Clara co-operative organi
zations are not large and growers generally
are carrying much les3 than last year at this
time. The demand for all sizes la Increasing,
export business Is active and the market is
getting into better chape Seeded raisins are
firm at an advance and likely to go higher.
Dried peaches are In more demand and firmer
with stocks ot less than CO cars left unsold
on the Coast. Apricots are scarce and strong.
Fresh fruits were quiet. Five more carloads
of oranges arrived, keeping the market weaU.
Only a few hundred boxes, mostly eeedllngs,
were shipped by the regular steamer to Sound
ports, as the northern markets are said to be
well supplied with. Japanese mandarins. Re
ceipts of lemons are Increasing. Apples are
abundant and -weak.
Potatoes are quiet and unchanged. Over
4000 cacks of ordinary river Bur banks were
shipped to Seattle by today's eteamer. Sweets
are steadier. Onions are firm. A moderate
shipment arrived from Portland and was held
at $2.23. A straight carload of fair No. 1
onions from Salt Lake Is ottering at $2. Gar
den vegetables are easier.
Grain wan dull. Wheat options were easier
and epot quotations nominal. Barley was
cteady In all positions. Oats were In moderate
demand. Feedstufts were firm.
All dairy products are weak and declining.
Receipts. 40.000 pounds of butter. 12.OC0
pounas or cheese. 16,000 dozen eggs.
VEGETABLES Garlic 4W65c: green neas.
45c; string beans. 38c; tomatoes. 40cIl:
egg piant. izcan.
POULTRY Turkey gobblers. 14616c: turkey
nens. isc; roosters, old. $464.50: do young.
$5.5086; broilers, email, $33.50: do large
$3.G0g4; fryers, $4.503: hens. $4.C0G; ducks,
old, $4.6063.50: do young, $57.
CHEESE Young America. 12G12Uc: East
ern. 12014c
BUTTER Fancy creamery. 20c: creamery
eeconcs, 10c; fancy dairy, 16c; dairy seconds,
EGGS Store, 23c; fancy ranch, 37c,
WOOL Lambs", l&SlSc.
MILLFEED Bran. $1SQ1&50: middlings. $24
HOPS 1904. 2032c
HAY Wheat. $10314.50: wheat and oata.
$10&13.CO; barley. $0U: alfalfa. $0-311.50:
clover. $769; stock, $37; straw. 40 65c
FRUIT Apples, choice. $1.25: do common.
25c; bananas, $13; Mexican limes, $44.50;
cauiornia lemons, choice, $3; do common.
$1.25; oranges, navel, $1.5032.50; pineapples,
POTATOES River Burbanks. 40370c: River
rcos. tjogioc; Salinas Burbanks, 90c $1.35;
sweets, &&S5c; Oregon Burbanks. 75ce$l.
RECEIPTS Flour. 11.900 quarter sacks:
wneat. ik centals; barley, 6779 centals: oats.
2762 centals; beans, 3054 sacks; corn, 204
centals: potatoes, 511 sacks; bran, 735 sacks;
middlings, 17 sacks; hay, 835 tons; wool, 131
Daies; niaea, mi.
Depresses Chicago Wheat Market at the
CHICAGO, Nov. 26. Private advices from
Argentina, claiming that prospects were good
for excellent harvest weather, had a depress
ing Influence on the wheat market at the
opening. Another bearish factor was Increased
shipments from Australia? Opening quotations
on December were oft 4,Kc at $L00$41.0JW4.
May was unchanged to Uc lower at $1.10
1.10-Js. from the start pit traders were in
dined to favor the selling side and with the
exception of fair covering by shorts on the
slight initial decline, offerings met with, only
small demand throughout the entire day. Pre
dictions ot a liberal Increase in the visible sup
ply causea Dearjenness late in the day. The
low price In December was reached at $1.0&Si
and on May at $1.09. The market closed
weak, with December Tc lower at $lj
1.09. Final quotations on May were at $1.10,
a loss or ic
Increased receipts and good weather for the
curing ot the new crop resulted In a decline
of one cent In the price of "December corn.
wnicn closed at 45c.
Oats were quiet. May closed unchanged at
31SC December unchanged at 29?ic
Provisions were firm. The principal influence-
were signs of an improvement in tho shipping
demand. January pork closed 10c higher, lard
and ribs oc each to a shade higher.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. High.
$1.09 $1.10
l.lOfe 1.10SJ
-49 ,40
.45i .45
.45$ .45
, .2&H .2&H
Lew. Close.
$1.08 $1.0S
1.09. 1.10
.03)4 .8S
-48 ,4Si
.454 .45
.45 .45
.29 .29
.31 , .31
31 .31
12.77 -12.92
12.90 13.05
7.05 7.10
7.22 7.27
6.57 6.62
8.72 aeo
Dec .
Dec .....
May 31 .31
July 31 .31
Jan 12.85 12.02
May .12.97 13.05
Jan. 7.07 7.10
May 7.25 7.27
Jan. 6.S7 6.62
May 6.77 6.87
Cash quotations were as follows
Flour Easy. Winter patents, $5.1035.20
straights. $4.8065; Springs. $4.9039.40
-Katralghts, $4.604.90; bakers', $2.7O3.90.
Wheat No. 2 Spring. $L10L13; No.
$1.031.10; No. 2 red,'$1.12UeL13.
Corn No. 2, 51c; No. 2 yellow, 57c
Oats No. 2. 3234c; No. 2 -white, 32c
No. 3 white, 30432c
Rye No. 2, 78c
Barley Good feeding. 3&338c; fair to choice
malting, 42352c
Flax seed No. 1, $1.12; No. 1 Northwest'
em. $1.18.
Timothy seed Prime. $2.72.
Mess pork Per barrel, $11.5O-11.60.
Lard Per 100 poundsrTT.07.
Short ribs sldesy-Loose, $6.6236.75.
Short .clear sides Boxed. $6.75S.87.
Clover Contract grade, $12.23.
Receipts. Shipments,
Flour, barrels
.. 35.400
Wheat, bushels.
Com, bushels 570. GOO
Oats, bushels 234,000
Rye bushels 7.000
Barley, bushels... 127.400
Grata asd Produce at New York.
NEW YORK, Nov. 28. Flour Receipts,
28,000 barrels; exports, 19,700 barrels; sales,
1700 packages. Market dull and featureless.
Minnesota patents, $5.0036.20; Minnesota bak
ers. S4.5034.S5: Winter patents. $5.6006: Whi
ter straights, S5.&35.50; Winter extras, $3.60
4.25; Winter low grades, $3.4034.03.
Wheat Receipts, 37.000 bushels; exports, 17.
000 bushels: sales, 1,300.000 bushels. Spot.
barely steady; No. 2 red. $1.20 f. o. b. afloat;
Ko. 1 -Tiortnern uuiutn, $i.zz 1. o. d afloat
No. I hard Manitoba, nominal, f. o. b. afloat.
Options opened easy under poor cables and
local realizing, but rallied on prospects of
bullish weather and the statistics for Monday.
Latex the market sold off again, owing to fur
ther liquidation and better Argentine news,
closing 3c net lower. May closed $1-12
July closed $1.03. December at $1.17.
Hops Quiet. Stats common to choice 1904
crop, 316c: 1903. 31836c; olds. 1418c; Pa
cific Coast. 3137c: 1903, 3134c
Hides Firm. Galveston, 202S pounds, 18c
California, 21 $25 pounds, 19c; Texas dry, 2-4
SO nounds. 14c
Wool Firm- Domestic fleece.' 32906c
Grate at Soa "Frsnninnt
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. X. Wheat and bar
ley, aulet.
Spot quotations Wheat: ShipIag. $L479
L50; milling. $1.52r.. Barley: Feed, $1.10
01J3V: brewing. $L147. Oats: Rd.
$L329L50; white, . $L4l.s7; Vlak,
Call-board Hhf-fkMt. Piwrtr, $LMK
Downing, Hopkins & Go
Established 1893
Room 4, Ground Floor
,43; May, $1.44. Barley, December, $1.11;
May. $1.00. Corn, large yellow, $1.421.45.
Ztsopeaa. Grain Market.
LONDON, Nov. 26. Wheat cargoes on pas
sage firm, not active English country mar
kets, quiet. Imports wheat into United King
dom, 493,000 quarters; flour, 119,000 quarters.
LIVERPOOL. Nov. 26. Wheat, steady: De
cember. 7a 2tfd; March. 7s 4tfd; May, 7s 4d.
Wheat In Paris, firm. Flour In Paris, firm.
French country markets, quiet and steady.
Weather in England cold.
Wheat at Tacoma.
TACOMA. Nor. 26. Wheat, unchanged. Blue-
stem, ⪼ club, S5c
Police Captain Sends Officer McAtee
From the Jail.
Special Policeman McAtee was vir
tually thrown out o" the City Jail at 1
o'clock this morning by Captain Moore.
who was In command of the central
station at the time.
McAtee may also have further trouble
because of an infraction of the rules
governing special officers wearing;
helmets. McAtee wore one, which is
contrary to- the system, and may bo
called on the carpet tomorrow to ex
plain himself.
The trouble arose over McAtee enter
ing the Jail without .permission from
Captain Moore. He arrested Charles and
Paul Schroeder, charging them, with
the. theft of two pool balls from the
Moon saloon. After they were booked.
McAtee went Into the jail with Jailer
Lillis, of which action Captain Moore
was unaware. When he ascertained It,
he went In and ordered McAtee out.
"You have no business In thl3 jail,
without first obtaining my permission,
while I am on duty," said Captain
"But. I'm an officer." said McAtee.
"X ought to have a right to enter here.'
'Tvell, you can t enter while I am In
charge, without I say you can," replied
uaptam Jioore, and he waved McAtee
The brothers whe were arrested by
McAtee complained bitterly because,
tney stated, the special officer entered
and searched their house without a
warrant. McAtee said he found one ball
In the coat pockets ot each of the pris
oners. They explained to Captain Moore
that they did not intend to steal them.
but expected to return them the first
thing this morning. They had to spend
tne nignt in jaiL
Engineer Suspects Their Intention
and Refuses to Stop.
DENVER, Nov. 26. A special to the
Republican from Buena Vista, Colo., says
that an attempt was made tonight to
hold up Rio Grande passensrer train No. 5
at a siding called Gordon, 25 miles west
of here. Three men signalled the en
glneer to stop, but he suspected their in
tention and put on all steam. As the en
grae passed the men. one ot them fired
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Carlock will be at
home at 350 Thirty-second street, "Willam
ette Heights, after today.
Br. DeVaul, of University Park, has
been called to California by the death of
his mother. She died before he could
arrive there.
On account of Mrs. Sargent's health
Mr. w. Li. Sargent, manager of the Ar
llngton Club, is soon to leave for Coro
nado Beach with the hope that the change
of climate may be beneficial to Mrs. Sar
"WALLA. WALLA, Wash., Nov. 26.
(Special.) Jacob Rils. author of "Hour tha
vtner Malt uvea," arrived here today.
ne wm lecture at Wnltman College Mon
aay evening on the work In the slums..
Railroad Officials Expect Changes.
OMAHA. Neb.. Nov. 2S. "What le
sidered a significant fact In connection
with" the reDOrted uurchasA hv the TTnlnn
racrnc oi tne unicago threat western is
tne departure .for New Xork of W. R
Kelly, creneral solicitor of thi TTnlon Ta.
cine. Aitnougn notning is known official
ly in railroad circles, railroad officials
wno assert tney are mrormed believe Chi
cago Great Western changes may be ex
pected In the near future.
W M Ames. Seattle
T H Curtis, Astoria
D Eccles and wife.
Baker City. Or
L L Rosenthal, Chgo
a uunnscurg. N x
A Nathan. New York
D Cormier. St Joe
B F Morgan, Seattle
W E Knight, S Fran!
M Levy, S Francisco
w A Williams, Chgo
H Myers, N -Y
G 1j Gilbert and wife,
A R Kelly, -San Fran!
A W Burell. Oakland
F Wright. Bellinghm
San Francisco
W L Roberts, St Louis
A D McCuIly, Shaniko
R P Lewis. Seattle
K Lindenberger, Asto
Cast H L .Steele and
W Seaborg, Bayview
H A Forbes, San Fran
wife. USA
A L Castle, Qulncy
F H Dayr city
B Hawkins. Seattle
J H Alexander. Dllas
T B Kewhauser, Dllas
A Spencer. San Fran
C F Whaley, St Paul
H B Lewis, San Fran
I New, Chicago
f Haight. Chicago
F A Moore, Wal Wal
B. LIchtig, San Fran
C G Llttlefleld and wf.
F G Hood. Detroit
F A Russell, Colfax
C Hotchkiss, Tacoma
J G Megler and wife.
L Bauer and wifej
M Dreyfus, Paris
H Ross, Chicago
G M Piper, Los Angl
W L Eaton, San Fran;
C Walderberg, City
L Mayer, New York
C K Stern 'Chicago
L Garoey, New iorK
R B Hothchild, San F
T E Ehrnberg, San F
C R Bruce, Elkport Thos J Pearce. H Rvr
Mrs Bruce, Elkport
A Rlchelder. Jr. Wasc
T L Hunt, Pullman
W S Qulncy, Seattle
E H Craven, Monmtb
E S Slocum. Heppner
F H Sholes. HlllsbroJ
T W Lounsbury, Seatl
S F Loughborough, SF
R A Price, city
B W Barnes, Blllsbor
o Li Hayes. San Franc
D Davis, San Franclsc
Thos Story, San Fran
VC R Hudson, Palmer
W N Gatens. Salem
C N Thomas. S F
B7 L Traver. Eugene
Mrs Traver, Eugene
E H Bishop, Spokane
? E Eelover. Eugene
R S Smith, Eugene
C W Roblln. Ft SlmcoL Plckard. Eugene
P Haraden, Los Angls
3 F Wellington. S F
C J Adams, Seattle
J R Blanchard, S F
W M Ames. Salt Lk
A A Jayne. Hood Bvr
C B Jerome. Chicago
M it Heacock, Newbg
R T Watklns, San F
A J McMillan. Salem!
W J Hoag, Tacolt
Mrs. Hoag. Tacolt
Jas A Panting. Baker
R Burns, Wal Walla
Master Burns. W W
H E Cherry, Astoria
F B Walte. Roseburg
R Pohon, Hoqulam
Mrs E Hofer, Salem
Lawrence Hofer, Salm
Florence Hofer. Salem
Master Hoag, Yacdlt
J A Byrne, Arllngtn
W H Andrews. N Orln
Miss Ingles, city
J D Evans. Wales
F Davenport. Woodbn
Mrs Davenport, do
Mrs Davenport do I
Miss McKinney. Salem
Miss Davenport, do
Mrs E CNelll. Albany
F H Kiddle. Island C
F Davenport,
J" F Given, RosebrglClyde Weatherford,
JT Meyer, San Fran j Dayton
Peto G Schmidt, OlyplJ E Hosklns. Tacoma
E A McDonald. SeattljW B Sawyer, Alva
Cbas H Bover. Coldwtl A J Richardson
E A McDanleL Baker! Benna "Vista
A J Cooper. Ft StevnsjTbos Carmlcaael,
X L Cooper, Corvallisj Gaston
A C Gage, Cottage GID M Miller, Colombia
Q J Mismee and wf.l Frank Johnson Spkn
Brooklyn. NT A C Smith. 9as Fraa
J' H Sooth, Rosebrg H A Albright, city
W L Roberts. St Ls Geo Cuslter, Silvertoa
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Chamber of Commerce
Mrs R Gilbert. SalemlM' O Tr. tnn sttti
Miss E A Irvine CorvliJ T Welch, So Bend
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iC F Lansing. Salem.
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Mrs Buettner, Salem
J M Hays, Boise
c E Gord. Los Angeles
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John Mollman
W M Seward, city
J J Mays. Glencoe
W Kraus, Aurora
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Mrs Raynes
D Holden, Lebanon
J B Yeon. Rainier
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J L Wood, Albany
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Ed Russell, Rainier
R L Smith.
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M M Duke. La Center
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Howard. San Fran
W Illiir. Kind's VI
O W Boring. Boring
J Bowland. clt-r
J w Thomas. Molalla
J J Lewis, Master
C Dunham - Indnnr
A Brown, Lexlngtn
Tacoma Hotel, Tacoma.
American, plan. Rates. $3 and up.
Hotel Donnelly, Tacoma.
First-el aes restaurant in connection.
The Marconi system of wireless tel
egraphy has had a nhenomenal crowth '
Few, even among the best-posted men
ot me aay realize tnis iact xne ilar
coni system is now in dally commer
cial use all over the world, and its fa
cilities for service are being extended
as rapidly as is physically possible.
xi nas oeen t ih h ii m a i ,i .v adopted by
the leading governments of the world.
It has been OFFICIALLY adopted by
the great trans-Atlantic steamshln
It has been OFFICIALLY adonted bv
It has been OFFICLALLT adopted by
by the. Associated Press.
It ha3 been OFFICIALLY employed
by Reuter"s News Agency, by the Lon-
oon Times ana tne ssqyt xorK nerald.
It Is OFFICLLLY co-operating with
the Western Union and Postal Tele
graph Companies.
xne uritisn government has con
tracted to use the Marconi system for
all vessels of the navy for 14 years,
and Is using It in connection with its
life-saving service and in the army.
The City of London has OFFICIALLY
adopted It for fire-alarm service.
The British government has stations
in China. In Formosa, at Malta, at Gib
raltar, at Suez and Bermuda.
The securities of this company are
considered a better investment than
those of the Bell Telephone stock, or
any of the great radical inventions of
the present age, and are bound tp in
crease in value month after month. On
January first tho wireless system
across the ocean opena up. Now' is the
time to secure an investment In thi3
stock on either a cash basis or on our
easy payment plan. Correspond with, us
at once for fullest information and
lowest market price of these securities.
Dealers in high-class stocks, boads and se
curities. 614 H. W. Helunaa Bdldiaj-,
Los Angeles, California.
Cid 'Eli.
We Charge Ne Iaterestfer
Carrying Long Stock
General Office S SM
Z. X. Aides, CoiTespoTirtff
Xoom S, Ground Floor,
Chamber of Commerce.
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It he cxnnot supply the
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lustrated book itilt ziTes
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SoMilMTbuiSla.Kt York.
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msiM Shr Fartfcmten, Tgcttianlto
Leaving Boston In January for Egypt
The Nils as far as Second Cataract; Pales
tine, Greece, Italy, etc. Baity limited to
5. Everything first class. Address
Nahant St. Lynn, Mass.
Our Band Sook on Pa-terite, Trade-Xsrks,
etex,sBtfree. Paten lp procured tarouKa.
Moan fc Co. , receive free notice in the
8CT.,1Tin" AxrarprriATr
MTJITN' Sc CO., 861 Broadway, NY.
Sraxch Omcx : MB F S L, WssblagtOB, D. C
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..aiinyhts eta Jjnmnw Katare, oa healtk,
disaaaa, love, aaarriags and pareataga. Tells
waat yea'd aalc a. doctor, but don't Ilka to.
340 pages, llluatrated, 25 ceats; bat to iatra
dsca It wa sad om oaly to any adult far
pestage, 19 ceats. HTT.L UK. CO, 2M
Xat Mtii street. New York.
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