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Pennsylvania., today., playing, the .fastest"
game of baseball seen here this- year, the
score being .9 to O. Clark struck out 12
' R.H.E.I 'R.H1S.
Harvard 9 13 Pennsylvania.. 0 2 8
Batteries Harvard. Clarkson and Qulg.
ley; Pennsylvania. Grover and Carisch.
Lundbom Pitches the Gfeen
- gages to Victory.
Seattle Was Helpless Before
Browns5 New Pitcher.
C-Hta OS Orenaaa a the Home. Plate
After Malcfngr & Fast'- B-aatilas:
CatcU of Stnnley'a Drive
to Center.
"yesterday's Scores. ,
Portland. 3; Seattle. 2.
Eaa Francisco. 7: Butte, 6.
.Spokane. C; Taeoaia, -.5.
Helena. ; Los Angeles.- 3.
Standing of ifio- Clubs.
"Won. Lost. P. C.
Los Angeles S3 19 .635
Seattle 33 21 .588
Spokane 30 21 .6S8.
3utto 2S 22 .560
San Francisco s 25 28 .472
Tacoma 22 28 .431
Portland ... JS , 3? .3(50
Helena .....Vi."."..i8 32 .390
"Willie Lundbom was pitching the Green
gages to victory at National Park yester
day afternoon. Willie Ubgp, the Browns'
new Blab artist, was doing the same thing
In Seattle, and the result Is that both
Portland teams tooK a leap In' th6 per
centage column. " Opp6sIng"Euhabom was
Buchele, and from" the" caH 6f:tlnie the
game was a' pretty Infield and - pitchers'
battle, with great .chunks, of credit duo to
"Chicken" Fisher,' -Donohue ' arid Lund
bom. Lundbom's credit conies to him because
he twirled a clever game, and beoause he
kept the six hits that the Chlnooks made
so well scattered that they were only
productive of two runs, and theso came
In the second and fourth innings, when
Hurley's long hits became' earned runs
as the play progressed. The reason for the
great credit due Fisher and "Shamrock"
Donobue is because they were kept on
their toes xnorgulng Chlnooks all during
tho session.
Hanley's Great Play.
Hanjey, however, was-the lad who sent
the Seattle baseballists to their soup and
black -coffee In a rush. Runs were as
ecarce as proverbial lien's teeth, and the
three last men up for Dugdale's- crew put
It up to the big center-fielder in fast
style. Drennan was the first to slam a
fly deep Into his garden. Hanley was hot
after it, and, by a hard chance, he ran
under the sphere and speared It. The
play called out a glad hand and consid
erable noise. Hanley had Just got his
skypleco adjusted when Babbitt hit Into
the same territory, but, if anything, ten
or a dozen Xeet farther out. Hanley ex
tended his digits, but they Just kissed the
"Victor, and the fumble allowed Babbitt to
romp around the bases until he was side
tracked at third. Catcher .Stanley came
next. He also thought the center -garden
would be the better for a blngle, so he
slammed out what looked" good for a
Texas leaguer. Hanley was Itching to
redeem himself, and at the crack of the
hat ho came towards second, crouching
like a lion bent upon a kill. Hanley was
on the kill, all right, and, by his fact and
extremely clever play, was also a lion,
for he caught Stanley's fly Just as it was
about two feet from the ground. Dren
nan was -waiting at third, and as the ball
struck Hanley's glove he broke for the
rubber. He had supposed that Hanley's
hard running catch was all tho center
fielder could pull off, but he counted with,
out figuring In tho cost, for, without
checking his mad flight, Hanley whipped
the ball to Anderson, and Drennan was
caught at least three feet from the home
Games will be played on that diamond
all this Summer, and perhaps many Sum
mers to come, but' if is safe to say that
there will never bo a faster or a more
cleverly executed double play than that
which Hanley pulled off. When' he made
his long running catch he met the ball
Just a couple of yards beyond "Chicken"
Fisher's garden plot.
Anderson Scores Winning: Hun.
Anderson blngled safely in the second
Inning, and it was, Fisher's timely hit
that brought in tho first run for the
Greengages. In the third inning,. Har
mon, who seems good, enough " to pitch
one day and then play a right garden the
next, clammed out a liner to left that
was good for three cushions. He scored
on a wild pitch The third and winning
run came in the sixth inning, and was
mainly due to Babbitt's error. Anderson
got to first on a fumble, and he was well
sacrificed to second by Slats Davis. Han
ley moved -Anderson borne on a.- single,
but lio "himself was . afterward mowed
down by almost every man on the Seattle
team between home and third base. This
one run was enough, although "a glance
at the box score would indicate that they
should have had twice as many, for there
were errors enough made by the visitors
and Buchelo was hit hard enough to have
been productive of at least three more
runs. Lundbom was twice caught off the
switch,, and both of. his outs prevented
There nt tho Bat.
Hurley was the only Chinook who
seemed able to poke the sphere. The
first time he faced the Swede he smashed
out a double, and on his appearance in
the fourth Inning he Jammed out a triple,
and he was able to make them both good
for runs later on. In fact, ho was the
only visitor who graced the rubber with
his. .footprints,
"Chis afternoon, at 3 o'clock, the Green
gages will make their last appearance for
three weeks, as they leave tonight for
Helena, playing Butte and Spokane before
returning to Portland. The work of the
nine during the home engagement has
been very creditable, taking the series
from Tacoma and San Francisco, and to
day, with good luck, will .cinch lhe Seat
tle series. Toda,y Quick and Maupln will
pitch. Tha score:
ab! k. IB. po a. e
Donohue.-2b 4 0 ,0 2 8s 6
Deisel. 3 b 4 0 2 0 1 0
Parrott, 1. f. 4 0 0 0 0 0
Anderson, c 4 2 1 2 1 o
Davis. 1 b 3 0 l 12 l o
Hanley, c f. 4 0 2 3 l i-
Fisher.,., s. 4 .0 3l 7 2 l
Harmon, r. L. i q n o
Lundbom, p. ...i......-2 , X) 1 i -3 0
Totals : 1....22. 3 "10.27 is "2.
McNichols. 3 b.:...... f T1?' Ei
Hulen. 2 b.. ... 3 .,0. .0 3 4 1
Freeman. T. b.v. 3 0 1 ' 9 0 1
Treadway, r. 4 0 0 2 0 0
Hurley, 1. f. ;. 4 2 2 0 1 0
Drennan, J. f........... 4 0. -l'. ,4. 0 0
Babblu, s. 4 -'0 -1 -J- 4 1
Stanley. x 401130
Buchele. p. -3 0 '0 0-3 0
Totals 32 2 6 24 17 "4
... 1.2 3 4 5" 6f7 S 9 .
Seattle 0 1 0 1 0 0-0 002
Portland 0 UOU'OOS
Bases on balls Off Lundbom -2jt
Base. -from being hit by.fpitched'ball By
Buchple.L -
Struck out By Lundbom Buchele 1.
Two-base-hlt Hurley.
Three-base hits Harmon. 'Hurley.
Lef tari basest-Seattle "4, Portland 5.
Sacrifice hits Davis, Freeman. -
Stolen bas"e Anderson,
Double plays Fisher to Davis; Hulen to
Freeman;. Hanlev-to Anderson.
"Wild pitch By Buchele.
Time of game 1:20.
Umpire Huston.
Helena Dovrns Lot Angeles.
HELENA June 13. Helena defeated
Los Angeles yesterday in an exciting con
test, winning the game in the ninth inning
when Puttmann drove the ball over the
fence and brought in the winning runs.
Both, teams played star ball. Score:
Los Angeke 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 03 S 2
Helena 0 0010100 2-4 9 1
Batteries Puttmann and Carisch; Leeb
hardt and Hlldebrand.
Spokane Win From Tigers.
SPOKANE, June 13. By clever batting
Spokane won today's game from -the Tig
ers. Nichols and Blewett pitched masterly
games. McKIbben. for Tacoma, made a
home run. Attendance, 1000. Score:
Spokane 10 0 4 10 0 0 6 7 C
Tacoma 0 0014000 05 8 3
Batteries Nichols and Zalusky; Blewett
and Byers.
Bnttc Lose to San Franclnco.
BUTTE, Mont., June 13. Butte today
played a comedy of errors, netting 10 to
its credit, and- losing the game to San
Francisco. Dowllng pitched good ball, but
his support was of the worst kind. At
tendance, 4000. Score:
San Francisco 21020020 0 7'10 1
Butte 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 3 0-6 13 10
Batteries Pfeister, Glendon and Zear
foss; Dowllng and Donahue.
Standing: of the CInba.
"Won. Lost. P.C.
Boston 2S 17 .622
Philadelphia .27 18 .COO
Cleveland 23 19 .548
Chicago 22 20 .524
St Louis 19 18 .514
Detroit 20 22 .476
New York ..19 22 .452
Washington 11 33 .250
Philadelphia 12, Cleveland 1.
PHILADELPHIA, June 13. The banner
crowd of the American League's career
in this city today, 22,247 people, saw tho
champions defeat Cleveland in the last
game of the. present series.. Dorner was
ineffective and retired after the first in
ning. Score:
Cleveland 1 6 3jPhiladelphla. 1215 0
Batteries Dorner, "Wright and Abbott;
Bender and Powers.
IVaahlnston 10, Chicago 0.
"WASHINGTON. June 13. Orth's fine
pitching enabled "Washington to score an
easy victory today, "White retiring in fa
vor of Dunkle at the end of the first
inning after a home run and four singles
were made off his delivery. Attendance,
1400. Score:
Washington. 10 13 0Chlcago 0 4 2
Batteries Orth and Drill; "White,
Dunkle and McFarland.
- Beaton 7, St.. Louie O.
Boston, June 13. Boston had no
trouble in batting Powell today. Young,
on the other hand, was very effective. At
tendance, 7000. Score:
Boston 1 15 SjSt Louis 0 4 0
Batteries Young and Crlger; Powell
and "Xaboe.
Xcvr York 3, Detroit 2.
NEW YORK, June 13. New' York de
feated Detroit today, scoring the winning
run in the ninth. Elberfeld made his first
appearance with the local team, playing
against his former clubmates. Attend
ance, 2100. Score:
New York.... 3 7 TJDetroit.... 2 3 2
Batteries" Chesbro and O'Connor; Deer
ing. and McGuire.
Colanthia University Defeats Mora,
MORO. Or., June 13. (SpecIaL) Colum
bia won the second game from Mora by a
score of 8 io 7. J. Carmody pitched a fine
game for, Columbia, despite the heavy rain
in the 'last two innings. He allowed the
home team but eight hits. Columbia
pounded out 15 scattered hits off the Moro
pitcher, making a total of eight runs.
It was an exciting game from beginning
to end; but the superior team work of
Columbia showed Itself throughout the
Engrene "Wlas From Albany.
ALBANY,. Or., June 13. (Special.
Eugeno ' defeafed Albany today in a very
exciting game of baseball. Eugene; won
out in tho last two inplngs.
"R.'H.Bj R.H.E.
Eugene .... 5 6 .3JAlbany .........2 5 5
Batteries Eugene, Strnb and ilahoney;
Albany, McFarland. and Kiel.
Aberdeen Gets a Good Player.
ABERDEEN. Wash., June 13. (SpeclaL)
Will Campbell, who Jumped the Seattle
Coast League team today, arrived here to
Join the local team. Campbell has been
offered good money to play with other
teams but finally decided to play here.
This will greatly strengthen the Aberdeen
contingent who play OlyHapia. tomorrow. '
O'Keefe Fights Him Twenty
Rounds to a Draw.
Sheriff of Bntte Enters the hlng in
the Third Ronnd and' "Warns
Him That the Battle iluet
Be Fair.
BUTTE,.. Mpntk June. 13. This after
noon, before at least 7000 people, mostly
miners on a holiday celebrating Miners'
Union day, Jimmy Britt, the crack Call-
lornia lightweight, and Jack O'Keefe. In
. a battle for the white lightweight cham
j pionship of the world, fought to a draw
I after 20 of tho fastest and fiercest rounds
I ever witnessed in the Northwest. Britt
I declares that he fractured a small bono
in nis ngnt hand early In 'tlftr- second, and
that the Injury prevented, him from
knocking out the Chicago lad.
Many Cries of Fonl.
In the early part of the fight many cries
of "foul" against Britt were heard from
the audience, and Sheriff Qulnn Jumped
dramatically into the ring and warned
Britt to be careful. Britt had made a
vicious left Jab at O'Keefe's stomach and
landed, and as the latter tried to ward it
off he threw Britt's hand so low that
when they clinched It looked as if the
blow had struck the groin.
In tho eighth round O'Keefe caught a'
hard Jab on Britt's left eye, and "when the
latter went to his corner at the gong bis
face was covered with blood. From that
time on both men were bleeding,- Britt
from his eye, -which was badly blackened,
and O'Keefe- from the nos and mouth,
both pretty -well-swollen.
O'Keefe Goes to Ills Knees Twice.
O'Keefe went to his knees twice, once
in the Hth round, when Britt landed a
terrific left on the "face, and again in the
16th round, in which honors were even on
that score. In the 16th round the two
men were mixing It up, both going at It
as if after, the knockout, when O'Keefe
suddenly shot out his right hand and
landed on Britt's Jaw wUh force enough
to knock him to the ropes. As Britt hit
the ropes O'Keefe grabbed him and pre
vented his falling, and the crowd cheered.
Britt, however, returned the compliment,
and as O'Keefe went to his knees sprawl
ing, Britt reached down and kept him
from lying' on the mat.
In the 12th. round Britt got after his man
and bad him almost going. One punch
landed In the stomach, and O'Keefe
stooped as If In pain and tried to claim a
foul. The 20th round ended with Britt
hanging onto O'Keefe. following a. hot'
Sheriff Warns' CaUfornlan to Quit
Fonllngr la Third Ronnd.
BUTTE. Mont, June 13. The Brltt
O'Keefe fight, by rounds, was as follows:
2:42 P. M. Men are entering ring. Abe
Cohen has tried to read articles of agree
ment, but the crowd will not listen to
him. Pugilists are fighting their way
through the crowd. Britt entered ring
first at 2:43 and took the southeast cor
ner. O'Keefe took the northwest corner,
after first shaking hands with Britt. The
crowd cheered both men. In O'Keef&ts
corner Is Sig Hart, tols. manager. Jack
Daly and Abe Pollock, in Britt's .corner
is Willie Britt, Doc Flynn and Mauro
Herrera. Dune McDonald Is to ferere'e.
Round L McDonald calls the men to th&
center of the ring and instructs them.
They shake hands and return to theft- cor
ners. Time called at 2:51. The men come
quickly to tho center of the ring and
fiddle. O'Keefe puts his left to face. Tbey
clinch. Britt blocks left to face. O'Keefe
puts hard right to head. Britt lands bard
left on wind. They exchange,rlghts.
Round 2 Britt is- cautious. They fight
fast and clinch. Britt lands bard left to
stomach. The crowd howls foul, but the
fight continues. They fight .fast, ex
changing rights and lefts. The crowd
claims foul again. O'Keefe lands right
and left to face.
Round 3 Britt lands left to face ana
Tight to body. They exchange left to
face and clinch. They exchange hard
rights as they come to the clinch. Refe
ree cautions them. and. O'Keefe lands
left fo face: Sheriff Jumps In the ring
and warns Britt to cult fouling. It was
fast round, but closed with honors even.
Round 4 They come to tho center and
fiddle. Exchange lefts to face. Britt
lands left to face in clinch. Britt lands
right to body and O'Keefe left to head.
Britt swings right and left to body,
&ndx O'Keefe J&bs left to face. They
clinch. Hot mix-up In which honors are
even. They are fighting as the gong
Bound 6 They exchange lefts to the
neck At the ppenlng of the roundr O'Keefe
misses left swing, and Britt puts right to
stomach. Brijt mixes but O'Keefe blocks
well. They exchange hot lefts to head,
and fight furiously, rights and lefts to
the head and body. Britt ducks a swing
cleverly. Betting is 1100 to 575 that Britt
will win.
Round 6 Britt misses hard swing for
head. They exchange lefts. O'Keefe puts
left Jab to face and then again. Britt
puts left to head, and O'Keefe counters
to head. They clinch. Britt puts left
and right to Jaw, O'Keefe puts hard right
to ribs. They exchange hard lefts as the
gong sounds. Neither has the better of
the round.
The Fight Grows Faster.
Round 7 O'Keefe lands right to face at
the beginning of the round. O'Keefe
swings hard, but misses.- They fight furi
ously, but break at the call of the refe
ree. t Britt leads to face and O'Keefe left
to head. Britt hits low swing to body.
O'Keefe puts right to body as they .come
to the clinch. The fight grows faster.
The hard fighting continues as the gong
Round 8 They como up quickly and
fight fast as the gong sounds. They
clinch. Both land right and left to face.
They fight so fast It is hard to follow'
the blows. They mix it furiously, with
honors even. They exchange hard lefts.
Britt puts left to neck. Both are going
fast and willing to mix. , O'Keefe puts
left to neck and follows by right to head.
Both men are bleeding badly. .
Round 9 They came up quickly, and
started the fast gait again. O'Keefe has
Britt's head bleeding. They are exchang
ing rights and lefts to the face. O'Keefe
misses a swing for the head. Britt lands
a terrific right to the ribs. They fight
furiously as they come to the clinch.
Britt swings his right but O'Keefe count
ers again. They clinch as the gong
sounds. This was a shade Britt's round.
Round 10 They fiddle and clinch. Britt
ducks left to head. Britt lands left to
neck. O'Keefe lands a left hook to face.
They both miss swings for the face.
Britt Is doing the leading. They clinch,
with honors fairly even after mixing up.
O'Keefe straightens Britt up with a left
They are fighting fist O'Keefe lands
hard left to neck. Both men are a little
tired. They mix It with rights and lefts
to head. They are fighting furiously as
U19-gong 'sounds. Tbey have to be sep
arated and brought to their corners. Hon
ors even In this round.
Claim of Fonl Xot Allovred.
Round 11 The crowd cheers for O'Keefe
before the gong sounds; They exchange
lefts for the head as they come to the
clinch. They do fast in-fighting. O'Keefe
puts a fierce right to head. Britt puts
right to low. body. Britt, after a clinch,
puts another right to body, low. O'Keefe
goes down, and claims foul, but rises
again, and they fight They arer fighting
fast McDonald, refuses to allow, the claim
of foul. '
Round 12 O'Keefe puts right to Britt's
face They swing and clinch for a sec
ond time. Britt puts" a hard left to neck
and then to body. O'Keefe hooks a light
left to head. Britt leads left to body
again. Britt lands left on face as they
clinch. O'Keefe puts hard right to body
as the gong sounds. Tho round is even.
Round 13. Britt Is the aggressor. Each
tries left for face but falls short Jimmy
puts left to O'Keefe's cheek and right to
head. O'Keefe puts right to head. They
exchange awful lefts to face. They clinch,
both working hard. Jimmy puts hard right
to body and left to face. They exchange
hard rights antl are mixing it as the gong
counds. Thi3 Is Britt's round.
Round 14. They come up quickly to cen
ter. Britt lands hard right to face and
O'Keefe light left to neck. They are again
fighting fast O'Keefe puts right to neck.
Jimmy puts left to face and follows by
left uppef-cut to chin. They exchange
lefts to face. Jimmy lands one 'of his
haymakers on the ribs. Jimmy misses left
awing and O'Keefe lands hard right to
face. They are figtiting in the clinch. This
was a shade Britt's round, as he was the
O'Keefe Has the 'Best of It.
Round 15. O'Keefe puts hard Tight -to
face as the round begins. He follows it
by a left Jimmy ducks left, for head.
They exchange hard . lefts and rights.
O'Keefe blocks left to body. They mix It
up fast. Britt misses left for head and
OKeefe Jabs him in the face with left
Britt leads right for Jaw. O'Keefe lands
leffr-on the head. They-are mixing it In
the clinch and exchange left jabs. Jimmy
puts light left to body. The crowd cheers
foir'Keefe, who had a shade the best of
the .roundi
Honors Even In Last Three Roands.
Round 16 Before the round, began
Britt's seconds urged .him to go in and
finish the fight Britt puts left to face
and right to body" as they come to the
center. O'Keefe put left to face and fol
lowed it by left hook, to face. Britt goes
into the ropes, and O'Keefe helps him
tip. O'Keefe lands left on face. O'Keefe
goes down and Britt helps his up. They
slip. They start furiously at once. Britt
lands left to face. O'Keefe lands right on
head. Britt lands hard right to mouth.
This was a shade in Britt's favor.
Round 17 They get to the center fast
and counter with lefts to head. They are
fighting in the clinch. O'Keefe lands
light left to body. O'Keefe lands right
to bead. Britt swings' heavily but misses.
In-fighting follows. Britt is getting in
the greater number of blows with his
right, but O'Keefe evens matters np with,
his left O'Keefe puts right to head.
Britt puta left to body as they clinch.
Both are fighting as the gong sounds.
It was a trifift Britt's .rouud.
Fjound IS They counter, hard right and
left to head. Britt lands left to face, and
a moment later stiff left to body. They
clinch. O'Keefe puts" light right to head.
They exchange and come to a clinch.
Britt lands left to neck. They mlv in
the clinch, but do no damage. O'Keefe
lands right to head. Jimmy misses left
swing. O'Keefe puts left to head. They
exchange rights to face.. O'Keefe hooks
left to .face as the gong sounds. Honors
even this round.. At this stage O'Keefe
looks strong.
Round 19 O'Keefe leads right for head.
Jimmy puts right to neck. They mix It
and clinch. O'Keefe puts stiff left' to
face. O'Keefe blocks prettily. They ex
change rights. O'Keefe leads for head
but goes over. They mix and O'Keefe
puts right and left to head. They mix it
in the clinch and exchange hard lefts to
face. Round closed with honors even.
Round' 20 The crowd Is yelling for
O'Keefe as they come up for the last
round and shake hands. They exchange
lefts for the face and clinch. O'Keefe
puts right to head and Britt right to neck
and again clinch. Jimmy lands light left
They exchange rights to Jaw. Jimmy
misses left for head. O'Keefe puts right
to body In clinch. They exchange lefts
to face. O'Keefe puts right to body In
clinch. They exchange lefts to face.
O'Keefo puts hard left to face twoce and
Jim left to neck. O'Keefe puts left to
neck and Jim hard right to head. O'Keefe
misses right swing. Britt tries for knock
out but misses. Britt puts left to neck
as they clinch and fight In the clinch.
They exchange hard lefts to face. O'Keefe
tries for knockout but misses. Jim puts
left to body and O'Keefe right to face.
A furious mlxup, though men show evi
dence of being tired. The round ended
at 4:15. So furious and wild were the"
cheers that the decision could not be
heard for several seconds.
Dune McDonald announces that it Is
a draw a .decision which pleases the
crowd Immensely, though O'Keefe was
the favorite In the fighting.
Bat Portland Men Still Believe Britt
Can Whip Him.
Jack O'Keefe's showing against Jimmy
Britt was a general surprise to Portland,
flghtifollowers', and they are now Inclined
to believe that Sig Hart was telling the
truth when he stated after the fluke fight
between Britt and O'Keefe that he had
not allowed O'Keefe to wade Into the
Callfornlaii. When 'the two men met in
Portland, Britt until he fouled the Chica
gqan, seemed to have the fight all in his
own hands, and there was general regret
when the fight was awarded, to O'Keefe
on a foul.
While there were a few people in. Port
land who thought well of O'Keefe's
chances, for the most part they did not
expect to see Jack stay longer than ten
rounds, but the fast fight that he put up
against the San Francisco lad has made
them think differently. While the reading
of the fight by rounds would Indicate that
Britt landed most of the telling blows. It
will also be ' noticed that O'Keefe wa3
ever ready to mix matters, and did not
seem to fear Britt The Sheriff, It seems,
took a hand In the battle and jumped Into
the ring and warned Britt This would
have a tendency to keep Jimmy from
fighting at his best It Is hard to believe
that O'Keefe, since his battle here with
Britt has so greatly improved that he
has better than a look In with Britt
It will take another battle between
these two men. to decide Just who is the
better man. In San Francisco, where
Britt's style of fighting is understood, he
will have no trouble In whipping O'Keefe.
In one of the rounds, it will be noticed.
Jack flopped to the canvas and tried to
claim the fight on a fouL Brltf can beat
O'Keefe in spite of tho result -of yester
day's, battle.
Y. M. C. A. Boys Enjoy Good Sport
The boys 6t the Y. M.- C. A gathered
at a very entertaining social at the As
sociation club rooms at Fourth and. Yam
bill streets last Friday evening. The
young members participated in all sorts
of games, and every style of amusement
was well patronized.
Beanbags, Shuffieboards, quoits, ping
pong, ten-pins and nigger-baby were the.
principal forms of amusement and lem
onade and popcorn were sold for Asso
ciation money, each member being
equipped with $1 worth of the currency.
Professor W. J. Standley's fife corps
rendered several selections, and later in
the evening all enjoyed a swim In the
ColHnVbla Second. Teasa Wins.
Yesterday afternoon the Columbia sec
ond team won a 13-lnning game from the
Blancbet institute 'by a. score of 2 to 3.
The features ot the game .were the pitch
ing of Douglas for the institute and the
fino batting of Smith for the sicond .team.
Tho score: K
123 4E6 7S310111213
C. U. sec. teairi..O 00 012000 0 0.0 2r-3
Blanchet lnst....0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-2
Umpire Walte.
Rsla Stops Cricket Hatch.
LONDON, June 13,-rThe visiting Phila
delphia, crieket players today bad -scored
SS runs for eight wickets down, in their
second inning against Oxford, when rain
stopped the play and" 'the match was
Injunction Keeps Hnrlbari Oat of
the. GaxneTvro Rnns Scored la
the Seventh on an In- -.
field Hit
Yesterday's Scores.
Portland.' 4: Seattle. lv
Los Angeles. 5; San Francisco. 1.
Sacramento. 7; OaKland, 3.
Standing: of th'e CInbs. .
Won. Lost. P. C.
Loa Angeles 44 22 .606
Sacramento j. 39 25 .600
San Francisco .... 38 31 .551
Seattle -. 16 37 . ,113
Oakland 2S 43 .304
Portland 21 3S .356.
SEATTLE. Wash.', June 13. Speclal.H
Hogg showed better form. today than hel
has at any time this season, and the io
eals were helpless before him. He had so
much speed that Denny Shay had a
hard time holding- him, and with men on
bases he was almost Invincible. '
An Injunction was served on Hurlburt
Just before. the game began, so Sammy
Vlgncux had to go out In right field
again. He got down on his knees trying
to catch a little ppp-up fly, and then,
dropped It but when a long drive was
sent out In the ninth, with two men on
bases, he hung onto the ball and ended
the same.
Until the sixth inning Hogg allowed but
one hit, and that was made by Zeigler,
the. first man who faced him. Portland
broke Into the run column In the fourth
on Anderson's three-bagger and Vlg
neux's single. The latter scored on a
couple of outs. The other pair came, in
the seventh, Hogg and Van Buren scor
ing when Nadeau beat out an infield hit
Wilson thought he had the runner and
rolled the ball to the pitcher. Tan made
a dash for home,, and landed safely.
Tho scorer
Seattle 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-1 6 3
Portland ...0 O0200200-4 3 4
Batteries Hogg and Shay; Kllnkham
mer and Boetteger:
' Seraphs Aealn Defeat the Saints.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., June 13. The
Seraphs repeated yesterday's .dsfeat of
San Francisco by the same score, 5 to 1.
Both Corbett and Llndsey were In fine
form, the former allowing four scattered
hits and the latter live. A bunch of er
rors by the San Francisco Infield in the
third Inning, aided by a double from
Cravath's bat yielded three runs for the
locals. Cravath and Corbett were In bat
ting form, and hit the ball when hits were
needed. The locals played a much bet
ter fielding .game than the visitors. At
tendance, 2500. Score:
San Francisco .......0 000 0010 01 4 4
Los Angeles .....103 000010-5 5 1
Batteries Llndsey and Leahy; Corbett
and Spies Umpire Levy.
Sacramento Takes Oakland In.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 13. Two costly
errors by Oakland gave Sacramento the
game today. In the fourth Inning Gor
ton's mlsplay gave two runs, and a bad
throw to the .plate by Devereaux also al
lowed a couple ot runners to score. In
the seventh three hits and errors gave
Oakland three runs.
Sacramento 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 37 7 2
Oakland 000000300-3 3 3
Batteries Cutter and Graham; Herr
and Gorton.
Tigers Have One Tally the Most at
the End of the Game.
NEW YORK. June 13. A crowd of 0000
persons saw Princeton's baseball team de
feat Yale by a score of 7 to 6 on the Na
tional League grounds here today. Score:
Princeton 713 9Yale 6 8 o;
Batteries Princeton, Stevens and. Reid;
Yale, Shevlln and WInslow.
Harvard Shut Pennsylvania Ont.
CAMBRIDGE. Mass;. June 13. Harvard
completely overwhelmed the University of
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Siaadlag: of, the Clab'a.
Won. Lost P.C
New York 34 13 .723
Chicago 33-- 15 .673
-Pittsburg 35 17 .673
Brooklyn 24 23 .511
Cincinnati 26 .436
Boston IS 2S .391
St Louis 14 35 .238
Philadelphia 12 32 .273
X"evr York 4, Cincinnati O.
CINCINNATI. June 13. Hahn was ef
fective up to the eighth inning, when he
was touched up Sot a single, a double and
a home run by Bresnahan. Attendance,
4000. Score:
Cincinnati.... 0 7 lNew York.... 4 9 3
Batteries Hahn and Bergen: Matthew
son and Bowerman. Umpire Johnstone.
St. Loals 4, Boston 3.
St Louis. June 11 The St "Louis team
won a ten-Inning game from Boston to
day. In the last part of the tenth, with
two men on bases. Brain knocked the ball
under the bulletin board, driving In the
winning run. Both pitchers were hit free
ly. Attendance, 7000. Score:
St. Louis 4 4 fliBos-ton 3 9 1
Batteries Dunleavy and J. O'Nell; Pit
tlnger and Moran. Umpire Holliday.
Pittsburg: a, Chicago 2.
CHICAGO. June 13. Two wild throws
gave- the Visitors today's game In the
eighth - Inning without the aid ot a base
hit Attendance, 6500. Scora:
Chicago 2 7 4Pittsburg. 3 7 3
Batteries Sparks and Kllng; Taylor and
Roth. Umpire Moran.
Game at Orcgcon City.
The Monograms journey to Oregon City
today to meet the Oregon City team for
the first time In the Interstate League.
Both teams are' evenly matched, and good
baseball will jio doubt be the result The
batteries will . be: Monograms. Hoyt
and Brown; Oregon City. Lettlo and
Kreitz. Charles Glels will umpire the
The Schlllers and Vancouvsrs play at
"Vancouver today.
Aberdeen Downs Honalam.
ABERDEEN, Wash., June 13. (Spe
cial.) The Aberdeen baseball team de
feated Hcqulam today in a slow and un
interesting game by the score of 10 to 3.
Aberdeen took the lead and kept It all
through. Ford's catch In right was a
feature, and Harlow's catching and
throwing won applause. The batteries
were: Meade and Barlow; HulL Collins
and Ford.
Played and Quarreled Till Dark.
The baseball teams of the Ladd & Tllton
Bank and of the Clearlng-House met on
Multnomah Field yesterday afternoon and
proceeded to do things to each other. Af
ter several hours of rapid playing tho
members of the opposing nines fell Into an
altercation In the sixth Inning, and by the
time the squabble was settled It was too
dark to play any longer. No one remem
bers what the final score was.
L. Connell Takes Six Firsts; F.
Smlthson Ranks Next.
The Y. M. C. A. field meet at Irvington
race track yesterday afternoon was suc
cessful in every way. Some good records
were made, and the association athletes
are to be commended upon their good
showing. L. Connell was easily the star
performer, winning six firsts, and F.
Smlthson was second, with one first and
six seconds. Following is the summary
of events:
50-yard dash L. Connell first. F. Smith
son second, H. Livingston third; time;
5 seconds.
Throwing baseball L. Connell first, F.
Smlthson second; 265 feet 6 inches.
Twelve-pound shot put L. Connell first
J. F. Roberts second; 37 feetl Inch.
, 100-yard dash L. Connell first F. .Smith
son second. J. F. Roberts third; time,
10 2-5 seconds.
Running high jump W. Backus first F.
Smlthson second; 5 feet 3 Inches.
One-mile run L. Connell first J. O'Con
ner second; time, 4 minutes 57 seconds.
Running- broad jump L. Connell first
F. Smlthson second; 20 feet 2 inches.
440-yard dash F. Smlthson first. J. F.
Roberts second; time, 5S 3-5 seconds.
New York and Chicago Races.
Direct wire's. Commissions accepted.
.Portland Club, 130 Fifth street
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