The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, June 14, 1903, PART TWO, Image 13

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PAGES 13 TO 24
NO. 24.
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the Toreador
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Four and Twenty Little Men
Come Little Girl and Tell Me
Two Eyes of Blue O S
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The Chicago Girl
Please Don't Move
Oh, Thou Art Fair, My Dove
Everybody Wants to See the
Better Late Than Never
In Dreamland
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Sale of
H a nd K r c Kief s
Slightly Mussed
Ladies' All Pure Linen Plain White
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, Qr
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Handkerchiefs, regular 18c
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Handkerchiefs, reg. 35c at..
All Handkerchiefs at reduced prices.
Sale of Laces
8- inch wide Antique Lace, y r
regular $1.00 at IJK,
12-inch wide Antique 1 A Z
Lace, reg. $1.85 at....qlr5
9- inch wide Antique Lace, tfA.r
regular 85c at KJf
16c Cotton Applique
20c Cotton Applique
at x .
25c Cotton Applique
Delegation Debates AH Day,
but Decides Nothing.
Senators antt Representatives - Ad-
ioara to' Meet-Again Those Who
Plae Xer PlaBasCoolTkeir
Heels 1b. Corridors. i-
Nothing dropped from the Federal plum
tree yesterday, and the anxious gentlemen
who loitered outside the privy council -will
have to sweat all over again. The Con
gressional delegation didn't shake the tree
at all; only received a heap at applica
tions and placed them on file, -without
saying a word about them, except per
haps to talk them over.
Senator Mitchell was there; so was Sen
ator Fulton; also Representative "William
son and RepresentaUve Hermann. The
Big Four went Into conclave at 2 o'clock.
Three o'clock came, and still they were
at it; then 4 o-ciock, and next 5. Gentle
north breeze3 floated through the open
windows into the council chamber to cool
the Intense ardor of the work within.
Room 500 it was, In Hotel Portland; ele
vator boy knows the place. Sometimes a
devoted, admirer of one or all of the Con
gressmen would butt In, but he would
stay only a few moments.
Public interest in the council was in
tense. The cerebral batteries oa the out
side were all highly charged with expec
tancy. Several of the best and meetest
aspirants were In the city, and they made(
their legs very Ured walking- lmpauentiy
up and down the hard pavements. Real
ly they perspired, even though the day
was cool. But nobody will yet inherit his
inheritance not yet a while. Next week
the delegation wlU meet again, perhaps
Tuesday, or mayhap "Wednesday. Then
may come the finale of the great dream
fugue, and yet maybe not. It is a con
solation, at least, that no lives were lost
After the meeting all hand3 went to
dinner. Senator Fulton then hied, to As
toria and Mr. Hermann returned to Rose-
burg. Mr. "Williamson will probably turn
back homeward today.
Many Shovr Interest.
Georee C. Brownell. candidate for DIs
trlct Attorney, came down from Oregon
City in all his glory, attired In a stunning
blue suit, cuffs, collar and a fresh dun
colored hat. The Clackamas gentleman
was vcrv attenUve to the members of the
delegation before the council took -up.
Judge Moreland, his rival, was spry. w.
havintr trot ud with the sun. John Hall,
who continues to hold office until his sue
cessor Is annolnted. was quite willing fo;
the rivalry between Brownell and More-
land to continue indefinitely.
A throne of respectable gentlemen
loitered about the public places. John
Fox, of Astoria was in town, and so was
"Walter Robb.. of the same city. w. it.
Ellis,- of "Pendleton, was in evidence, Ex
State Senator "Tod" Cameron, of Jack
sonville, though of the minority party,
had his ears open for news. State Sen
ator K. V. Carter, of Ashland, was con
spicuous in a bright, new straw hat. G.
B. Dlmick, of Oregon City, came down to
see how his friend. George Brownell. was
making It. Ex-Governor Geer looked
down from on high with the appearance
of a man who was sightseeing only. Ira
B. Riddle, of Douglas County, was in the
city attending to business connected with
his candidacy for one or tne iana omces
at Roseburg. Asa B. Thompson, who
was recently appointed to the La Grande
Land Office, was taking in the sights, u.
"W. Klnnalrd, of Clackamas, was on hand
to congratulate successful aspirants
Frank Grant, candidate for Deputy Dis
trict Attorney, was seen In several places.
C. E. Kenyon, of Burns, who would like
to be receiver of the Burns Land Office,
was a frequent figure. William Miller, of
Ontario, State Prosecuting Attorney of
the Ninth District, surveyed the ground
from the high places. And these were
onlv a few of the personages whose brains
secreted political thoughts while the privy
council upstah-3 was supposed to be cut
ting pie.
Mr. Hermann was a little short of breath
when he lolned the council. He was late
and had hurried. He had left the Im
nerlal Hotel amply ahead of the appointed
hour but had been stopped a score of
times in, his walk of. three blocks to tho
PorUand HoteL The persons Whosaccost-
ed him were choice friends, who must
have a handshake before they would let
him go on. Mr. Hermann found the two
Senators and Me. "Williamson waiting for
him. Thereat all hands, Senator Mitch
ell's private secretary Included, got down
to business.
Many candidates' were up for appoint
ment. Their applications made a great
big heap of papers. Senator Fulton and
Mr. Williamson were somewhat discour
aged at first when they looked, from the
long Ust of applicants to the short list of
jobs. But Senator Mitchell ana nepre
sentatlve Hermann are old at the busi
ness, and started, right In. The names as
they came up were classified as to the
offices. -The merits or demerits of the can
didates were not discussed, at least the
members of the delegation say so, nor
were any recommendations to the Presl
dent decided upon.
Those "Who Hangrer for Pie.
-Following are the gentlemen who hun
ger for pie:
TJnited States District Attorney Geor;
C. Brownell- Oregon City; J. C. Moreland.
Portland; A. S. Hammond, Medford, and
John H. HaU, Portland.
Roseburz- Land Office J. T. Bridges and
J. H. Booth, who are af present Register
and Receiver, respectively; Ira B. Riddle,
Riddle; James Hemenway, Cottage Grove
S. L. Moorhead. JuncUon City, and E. E,
Parker, Oakland.
Lakeview Land Office E. M. Brattain
and Harry Bailey, at present Register and
Receiver; C. U. Snider, Lakeview; C. D,
Sessions, Klamath Falls; J. O. Hamaker,
Klamath Falls: A. Castel. Lake County
Dick. J. "Wilcox. Lakeview; John N. "Wat
son, Paisley, and Cushman Cunningham,
Burns . Land Office Receivership)
Charles Newell, present incumbent; Har
rison Kelly, Burns; J, J. Donnegan
Burns; Sam R. Stott, Sumpter; O. H.
Byland, Vale: C. E. Kenyon, Burns; Dan
J. Lavery, , vale; A w. Gowan, Burns,
and A. N. Soliss. Ontario.
Roseburg Postoffice C. "W. Parks, Simon
Caro. John Hammond and "William A.
Frater,. present'lncumbent.
Recommendations of all the aforesaid
gentlemen were read by the delegation
and then, were put away in -envelopes
one envelope for. each -Job. The envelopes
, were, next stacked up7 one upon, the other
and the whole bundle was bound wIt
red tape. The precious bundle was tin
placed upon Senator Mitchell's dressir.
table, where Is reposed all night. The Se;
ator's working table was so cluttered i
with other papers and documents thai
it had. no space for the recommendaUon
Senator Mitckell Is Amased.
There." said Senator Mitchell, after tr 1
conventicle, "there are all the recosimer
dations," and patted the Bundle tenderb
The -Senator was amused" to knqw thu
political gossip had been so terribly cei.
tered. in the delegation meeting.
"Is that so?" he remarked in a men
tone. "Is that so? "Well, we didn't c
anything worth mentioning. "We didn't d.
clde "upon a single recommendation to U.
President, only went over the applica
tions. Nearly all of the time we devote
to the. consideration of Congressional bus
ness. We discussed the improvement t
vSIuslaw River and sent a telegram to tt
War Department asking for immediav.
'work there. "We also talked over the ma.
ter of a , Lewis and Clark' approprlaUo
and decided to confer wltfi the managt
ment of the Exposition to ascertain whi
we are expected to do In Congress for tt
Improvement of Slaslavr.
The last Cpngress appropriated $35,0"
for Sluslaw River, but a special board c
army engineers iiaa held up the lmprovi
ment by advising against the plans und.
which the. Improvement was projecteu
This board, has proposed new plans.
"The Improvement, said Senator Miter
ell, "Is urgently needed. "We have rc
quested that it be begun right away c
as soon as possible either under the ol
plans or under the new. Delay might mea
indefinite postponement of the work.
The war Department usually -stands b
its engineers and the protest of the del'
gationls not likely to- have much ;'effec
But Senator Mitchell would not admit this
wen iry anynow, ne saia.
Dlcalt to Help the fair.
"It's going to be difficult," went on th-
Senator, "very difficult to get an apprc
priation for the Lewis and Clark Fair. J
don't know how much money we shr;
sk for. "W.e shall make up our mind
after we have conferred with the Expc
sltion management."
The "Warner "Valley matter has been pre
sented to the delegation but. no actio
was taken on It yesterday, andtit was no.
even discussed. .
"Wife of Founder of Rnsklm College
Secares Decree of Separation.
TRENTON. Mb..June 13. Mrs. Vroo
man, "wife .of Walter Vroomani the notci.
socialist, promoter of co-operative- colo
nies and founder of Ruskln College, Ens
land, was granted a divorce here toda;
from her husband. Mrs. "Vrooman late
collapsed, and it was necessary to admin
ister restoratives before she could t
taken from the courtroom. The evidence
presented declared that Mr. Vrooman ha.
declared that he would, marry a woman
whose name was cited in "the petiUon
Vrooraan's attorneys presented instruc
tions withdrawing from,, the case. Mrs
Vrooman was a Miss Graft! n. and' belongs
to a prominent Baltimore family. ,
Mrs. Vroomin on the stand told that
she was married to Walter Vrooman at
Baltimore In 1S97, and had lived with
him until March 31, 1903, when she said
she learned that he had been living with
young woman who had worked for
him in New York.
John W. Breidenthal. ex-Bank Com
missioner of Kansas, testified that Mr
Vrooman had told! him that he expected
to marry the corespondent as soon as the
way was clear.
Mr. Vrooman started out on his ca
reer as a reformer when he was IS years
old. While making a campaign In the
East he met and married Miss Annie L.
Graffln, an heiress. Soon thereafter
Vrooman started the Western Co-oper
ative Company sX Trenton, and Ruskln
college, which was moved recently to
Glenellyn, near Chicago, and has passed
from his control. His plan was to. re
form the business world by a. system
of co-operation. 1
Matos "Will liorr Appeal to Venesaela
for Mercy.
CARACAS, June 13. General Matos
published yesterday in Curacao a mani
festo addressed to the Venezuelan peo
ple, confessing that the revolution la
crushed and terminated, and saying he
will ask President Castro to- guarantee
the safety of himself and all his followers
so they may be able to return to their
homes and work for the peace and pros
perity of Venezuela. The announcement
of this news "has aroused much Interest
Confirmed" in Dutch.' Indies. .
WTLLEMSTAD", Island of Curacao, June
13. The report that General Matos has
Issued .a manifesto here announcing the
collapse of tho Venezuelan revolution is
Creiv Is Still Safe, bat Their Posi
tion Is Very DangeroHS,
OLD ORCHARD, Me, June 13. It was
evident tonight from wreckage washed
ashore that the new five-masted schooner
Washington B. Thomas, Captain William
J. Lormond, bound from Norfolk, Va., to
Portland, Me., was wrecked during the
gale on Stratton Island, and is very rap
Idly breaking to pieces. The crew were
reported safe-at darky-although huddled
together In, the fprward part of the ves
sel, the" stern' having broken away. The
weather- was bad'-all day7 and no Im
provement came tonight and It hardly
seems likely that tugs sent out will be
able to reach Stratton's Island before day
- . v -
Mexican Archaeologist Makes an Im
portant Discovery In Paelila.
CHICAGO, June 13. A dispatch to the
Inter-Ocean, from the City of Mexico
says: "The ruins of a large city have been
discovered in a remote part of the .State
of Puebla, by Francisco Rodriguez. an
archaeologist, who has just made a re
port of his find to the government au
thorities here. The city contains large
pyramids and extensive fortifications- It
Is situated In the mldse of a dense forest,
and a large, amount of excavation will be
necessary to learn its true extent and
Importance. A" commission will be ap
pointed, by the- government to explore the.
Havralian Hoase Kills a
It Believes Is Part of
Bill Whleh
a Scheme.
HONOLULU, June 13. (By Pacific ca
ble.) The lower house of the Legislature
has stricken from the appropriation. bUl
the clause providing for a commissioner
of immigration.
Representatives Beckley, Kanilo and
others strongly opposed the- measure, de
claring it to be part of a sebem to
bring Americans here in sufficient "aum
bera to outvote the natives. The de
bate was a Heated one. and the voU sr&s
on-Tace lines.