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wira la cn- I
SI V they won't fade or stretch. dmon with one of our JPhil- J1 ff , V $- s
ill ,No Summer garden is com- adelphia mowers easy run- mere are so -clr -r , I - I
manv tnines I : -l - . ii , 1
K thingfor these warm days. In the basement. UW "1C wvc ucau"f iuaiicuiC iiCo v c ZAWr U
. ; character we give you, representing tne largest varieties.
oletefcwithout one.
thmgffor these warm
- Outing Gloves
Ladies' Outing Gloves, plain and leather palm, gauntlets
with leaiher palm, regular vac and $1.00 values to
close at j the special price of, pair . -
.Ladies' Wrist Bags, assorted leather, just the handy As
thing for the beach, special, each vO
Bathing Suit Materials
Alpaca is the materialised for the bathing costume. "We
have it in black at 50c, 60c, 75c, 85c, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50
per yard; and in the colored for 60c, 85c, $i.00, $1.25 and
$1.50. per yard.
necessary under the above heading that reliable news of the
character we give you, representing the largest varieties,
best qualities and lowest prices in all kinds of Summer mer
chandise, is very gratifying. We have scores of splendid
items that should be looked over very carefully and taken advantage of this week
Used in decorating
during the "June
White Days" will be placed on sale
each morning, commencing tomor
row at 8 o'clock and until 9 A. M.,
until sold, at special price, ea.,
Center aisle. C
Our grocery department
is the most complete in its
assortment of necessities and
luxuries One must eat to
live and why not have the
best? Basement.
Books for Summer Reading
10,000 Books in paper binding, 500 titles, in
cluding all the standard and many popular
authors. Send For a list ot titles,
special per copy
Cheap editions of some of the copyright
books Graustark, Choir Invisible, Pris
oner of Zenda, By Right of Sword,In Cffc,
the Palace of the King & 75 others . JvC
Silk net gloves are fash
ion's latest decree for Sum
mer costumes. We also have
all the novelties in kid gloves,
embroidered lisle and lace
mlttS. (First Kloor.)
Grocery Spec'Is
Vasn Camp's Assorted
Soups, 3 for.-.- 25c
Van Camp's two-pound
Pork and Beans, 2 for 25c
JelMD, 3 packages for . .25c
Libby's Chipped Beef,
half-pound cans, '2 for 25c
Libbys Chipped Beef,
pound cans 20c
Libby's Chipped Beef,
pound jars 25c
Libbys Veal Loaf 10c
Libby?s Ham Loaf 10c
Libbyfs Chicken Loaf.. 15c
Libbyfs Deviled Ham, 6
for.. 25c
Table' Peaches, 2 for 25c
Table Pears, 2 for 25c
Pie Peaches, 3$for 25c
Swiss Cheese.. 20c
Eagle Milk 15c
Fiff Prune 20c
Postum 20c
Grape Nuts, 2 for 25c
P. C. Parlor Matches, 6
for 25c
P. C. Press Matches, 6
for...v. ...25c
'Walnuts, per pound.. 15c
Paper Shell Almonds, 2
ft pounds for 35c
Clover Oysters, 3 cans.2ac
Neptune Sardines,3 cans 25c
Rising Sun Polish 5c
Malta Vita, 2 packages... 25c
Three 3-pound cans of
Sliced Pineapples 50c
Alpha Salad Cream... -20c
'Gurney"and "La Belle"
refrigerators need no intro
duction to the public. Dur
ing these warm days you
will soon discover the need
of one in your household.
Call and inspect our stock.
It is the good old Summer
time and every household
needs an ice cream freezer.
You need one and we have
them in all Sizes. (Daiement)
We are offering specials in
our crockery department:
Knives and Forks, set of
6 54c
White Dinner Plates, set
of 6 45c
White Pie Plates, set of
6 30c
WhiteCups and Saucers,
set of 6 45c
Covered Vegetable
Dishes, assorted dec
orations, each 49q,
Odds and ends in Plates,
Bakers, etc., at reduced
prices. (Basement.)
Men's Clothing
Men's Ali-Wool Blue Serge Suits, double and
single breasted, all sizes. Reg. $12.50 Special
Men's Fine Blue Serge Suits, single and double breasted,
hand-padded collar and shoulder extra well made, best of
trimmings. Regular $15.00 CM''fc
Men's Fancy Tweed and Cheviot Suits, brown
and gray mixtures. Regular $18 Special -.
Outing Suits, a large assortment to d Q Q I ? Sf
select from flannel and homespun k ojsj
Men's Wear
French Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers, French necks, self
fronts and well finished, all sizes, reduced from flf
75c special price "r
Men's Golf Shirts in new stripes, made of good qual-
ity of madras cloth, reduced from 75c to "O'
All $1.00 Colored Bosom Shirts, in figured and JPQ
stripes, reduced to
Men's Fancy Striped Half Hose, all new and desir- l q
able, reduced from 25c to
Light Weight Suspenders, just the thing for this Q-
warm weather, reduced from 25c tp
Men's Shirt Waists, in white and colored
stripes, prices from . V W
Wash Goods
Swiss Plumetis fancy stripes,
in all new and desirable
patterns and colorings on
sale Monday at the Qn
special price of
10,000 yards Lawns, Dimi
ties and Batiste on sale
Monday at the f
ial price of vC
Shirtwaist Suiting in a good
assortment of patterns and
colors on sale Monday at
the special price of, A,
per yard. . IHfC
New arrivals in good quali
ty of Ginghams, all new
and desirable patterns on
sale at the special q
price of
Best quality 32-inch Madras
Cloths, all new and desira
ble patterns and colors, on
sale Monday at the Qn
special price of
Ladies' Flannel Nightgown
We have a large assortment of Ladies' Flannel Gowns
which we have divided into four lots and will place on spe
cial sale:
LOT 1 Assorted stripes, lace trimmed, neck. SPE
CIAL LOT 2 Assorted fancy stripes, trimmed in solid'col
ors and fancy braid. SPECIAL
LOT 3 Solid colors and fancy stripes, trimmed & i r9
in fancy braid. SPECIAL 1 .U
LOT 4 Solid colors, white, pink and blue; also d a
assorted stripes. SPECIAL P 1 mA3
Picture Department
We have a special lot of matted pictures, suitable for dec
orating your cottage at the Beach you will be surprised at
what a splendid showing you can make for a little money.
Fine Picture Framing to your order. 200 new patterns just
received making our selection not only the best but the
largest in the Northwest. (Second Floor.)
Boys' Clothing
Boys dark blue Percale Blouses, stripes and polka
dots, sizes 2 to 8 years, special. ,
Boys Khaki Suits in Military and Norfolk styles, .
good quality, special P
Boys' Washable Suits, in heavy crash, with blue
or red trimming, special P
Boys all-wool Sailor Suits, in blue serge, "brown &
and gray mixtures, special tjM.
Young Men's Suits, all the newest $1Q tO $!6,
shades and styles, special v
Children's fleece-lined ribbed cotton- vest
and pants, ages 2 to 14yrs. SPECIAL, ea.
Ladies' hemstitched cambric handkerchiefs, A
i to 1-inch hem. SPECIAL, each
Ladies5 Underwear
Ladies' ribbed combination Suits, cream color
only, low neck, sleeveless, knee length e
pants. SPECIAL, suit
Ladies' lace white ribbed cotton pants.
Suit Department fi-
Special reductions on the remainder of our stock of
Ladies' Tallor-Made Suits:
Regular price, $14 to $16, special '. . .$ 9.45 -
Regular pricev$18, special 14.45
.Regular price, $20 to $22, special 16.25
Regular price, $24 to $26, special 18.25
Regular price, $28 to $32, special.. 22.25
Regular price, $34 to $38, special 26.85
Children's and misses' Tailor-Made Blouse Suits in
black, blue and tan, sizes 14 to 18 years:
Regular price, $12, special $5.95
Regular price, $14 to $15, special 7.95
Extra good cotton blankets, full size,
will be placed on sale at tf fQ
the special price, pair . . v
Gray all-wool blankets, just the thing
for your outing, per ce
Mottled all-wool blankets, QJP
Feather pillows, covered with blue and
white striped ticking, special 29(J
Portland is to be the city
of roses and beautiful flow
ers. You must do your share
towards making it so. Get
a good garden hose, guaran
teed new rubber, and your
roses will look beautiful all
Summer. (Basement.)
It has been hot and is go
ing to be hotter, and you
must have shades to keep
cool and comfortable. We
carry window, porch and
hammock shades, and with
these comforts in your home
you will not need to dread
the hot weather. sa Floor.)
It is not necessary to ad
vertise our trunks, but it is
just as well to state that we
have them from the simplest
zinc to the most elaborate
and commodious wardrobe
trunk. If you intend travel
ing this Summer, come and
inspect our stock beforej
making your purchases. -
Children's Waists
Children's Nazareth Waists, ages 1 to 12, gj
Ladies' Bathing Corsets, in white and as
sorted colors. Reg. $1 values Special . .
. Hosiery
Ladies' Heavy Black Ribbed Cotton Hose, e
just the thing for the coast Special pair.
Boys' heavy two and one ribbed Cotton iff
Hose, sizes 6 to 10 Special, pair JC
Misses' and Children's one and one ribbed Black
Cotton Hose, sizes 6 to 10 c
Special, pair - lC
Neck Ribbons, in all colors, will be placed on spe
cial sale, hour-inch tanetas
at, yard
We recognize the demand
for stylish and serviceable
bathing costumes and carry
a complete assortment with
all the accessories caps,
slippers, etc. If you Intend
going to the beach this Sum
mer, a stylish bathing suit
should be included in your
Ladies' Wrap'rs
Ladies' Percale Wrappers,
best quality, fancy trim
med yoke, front and back
trimmed in embroidery
and stitched, regular val
ues $2.25 and
$2.50, special.
Croquet is always a popu
lar game, exhilarating and
enjoyable and now is a good
opportunity to secure a fine
set. Our stock is complete.
Third floor. '
Ladies' Silk Petticoats in black and colors, deep
pleating and flounce, with tucks or five small ruf
fles. Regular price, $12.00 and a v o C
$12.50. SPECIAL $V.CO
Ladies' Black Sateen Petticoats, Ruffles or tucked
flounce pleating, with ruffle. Regular tf f
values $2.50 and $2.75. SPECIAL. . . $
The Peninsular stoves are
the acknowledged best.
Ranges, heaters and cook
stoves are carried by us, also
the Perfection and Blue
Flame oil stoves, which we
consider a credit to our
housefurnishing department.
Plain black taffeta,' 26-inch
umbrella, with case to
match, cord and tassel,
Paragon frame, Dresden
metal, gilt, horn and plain
handles, regu- 1 fQ
lar$1.50 values vvO
Kitchen Necessities
Specials for Coast Use.
Tin Dish Pans, 12-qt., each 19c
Tin Cups 3c
Tin Coffee Pots, 2-qt 14c
Tin Tea Kettle, copper bottom 32c
Tin Pie Pans,9-in 3c
Tin Sauce Pans, 4-qt 17c
Tin Tea Spoons, heavy, doz 16c
Tin Table Spoons, heavy 32c
Frying Pans, 9-in 15c
Great line of Outing Shoes
at Reduced Prices.
Cloak Department
Ladies' Pongee Monte Carlo Jackets, regular val
ues $10 and $12, special
Ladies' black taffeta box Monte Carlos, regular AS
values $7.50, special pJJ
Ladies' black taffeta and pcau de soie Coffee Jackets, regu
larprices $11 and $12.50, spe- JJP
Dress trunks, canvas covered, full
steel bound, steel fittings, heavy front
clamps, Eagle lock, two steel center
bands, canvas lined, extra dress tray
and secret drawer A trunk that is
priced low. Note our special prices:
Size 30-in., reg. $10.50, special. .$ 8.77
Size 32-in., reg. $11.25, special . . 9.35
Size 34-in., reg. $12.00, special . . 9.87
Size 36-in., reg. $12.75, special. . 10.45
Size 38-in., reg. $13.50, special. . 10.93
Over 50 styles of trunks from $3.25
to $85.00 each.
Canvas and Basket Telescopes
for picnics and Coast use, from 25c
to $3.50.
Meier & Frank Company
Meier & Frank Company
Meier & Frank Company
Meier &. Frank Company
Meier & Frank Company
Meier & Frank Company
Meier & Frank Company