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    BSfS "' w I
Ens xnvi fuevail.
Elaborate Programmes, Commemora
tive of the neanrrection of the
Christ, Ilare Dcen Arranged.
At Taylor-street M. E. Church Dr. Kel
logg will preach on "Why Galilee?" A large
chorus under the direction of Professor W.
H. Boyer win render the following musical
"Laus Deo" (organ) Morrison
lira. Warren Thomas.
"Oh. Joyous Easter Morning" Schuecker
Mrs. Uushong. Mr. GUIlland and choir.
'Easter Vows" ......... ............Woodman
Dr. Wm. CummlnK-
Testa D!r" U. M. Bartlett
Children's vetoes and choir.
"Hosanna" Granter
Mln Mae Dearborn.
Bolo. quartet and chorus "
Miss Dearborn, Mrs. Hamilton. Miss Pr-ehn,
Messrs. Glllllond and Idleman
and choir.
Triumphal march organ) Owta
Evening '
"Kyrle Elelson" (organ) Haydn
Sanctus Gounod
MIm TVurhnm and choir.
The Earth Is the Lord's" Schuecker
Miss Emma Allen.
Easter chorus Maseagnl
"March llerolque" (organ) Maxaon
W. II. Borer. Director.
Grace Methodist.
Easter In Grace SI. E. Church trill be
appropriately celebrated.
Moraine service
Organ prelude "Laus Deo" Morrison
"Holy, Holy, Holy"
Re?ponslie reading TSralm xvl
Doxology .., .......................
Anthem "Sing AV Alleula Unto Hlm"..Adams
Hyran 230 "The Day of Hetjurrection"
Anthem "O Joous Easter Morning
Scripture lesson "Phlllpplans 11:8-15; Co-
lostlqns 111:1-4.
Offertory "Communion" Batlst
Soprano solo "The Light of the World"
MLss Iloberg.
Hymn, 22-"Rise. Glorious Cowjueror,
XvlSC " ""
Sermon "Ripen With Christ."
Hymn. 24S-"AU Hall the Power of Jesus
30t?i ............................. .
Benediction ....
Organ rosslude "Christ Is Itlsen Today."
.... .............. Armstrong.
In the afternoon at 5 o'clock P. SI. the
follow ins programme will be rendered by
the Sunday school, assisted by the choir
and Oregon male quartet:
Organ prelude "Easter Prelude" Shelley
Hymn Vo. 2G0 .................
Imocatlon ....................... Pastor
Anthem Praise Te the Father" ...C Gounod
Recitation Primary clam
"Learning of Jesus". .,..... Hazel Xoonan
"A Child's Easter" Mean Richards
Tenor solo "The Dawn of Hope."
................ ..C M. Krogmann
Mr. E. Drake.
Recitation "Easter" Grace Cawtnorn
Solo and chorus ...... .....Primary department
"The Easter Altar Cloth" Julia D. Thayer
Miss Bertha Matlock.
Recitation "Lepend of the Christ" .Fred Krutl
The Chlld Offering" Francis Hard
"Mar'" E. W. Gillespie
Miss ChriRtlne Xllftvm.
Recitation "Easter Flowers" . -Jlelen Atchleton
Seng Senior primary
"Message of the Flowers"
Hazel Itlgra. Florence Johnson. Anabelle Foster
"'An Easter With Parepa"....Myra S. Delano
Hire Athelene Deltz.
Baritone alo "The Palms" Faure
H. KuxKll Albee.
The Joy of Earner" Zens. West
Pantomime "Jesus, Lover of My Soul'....
Myra Pollard
Ml- Lillian BIsbee.
Address ................... Pastor
Organ "Offertolre In F" Munra
Anthem "The Lord Is Rlen". F. C. Fairbanks
Oregon Male Quartet.
Benediction ......
Postlude Coronation March" Meyerbeer
First Ilnjitlst Church.
At the First Baptist Church Rev. Alex
ander Blackburn. D. D., the pa'stor. will
conclude the series of sermons on "What
Jesus CId Do." 10:30 A. M.. "He Rose
From the Dead." 7:30 P. SI., "He As
cended to Heaven." Sunday School at
noon, John G. Slalone, Superintendent.
Young People's meeting at 6:30 P. SL, W.
SI. Hart, leader. Baptism at the opening
of both the morning and evening service.
A musical programme "of unusual rlch
ress has been arranged toy Professor Wil
der, Organist and Director, as follows:
Preludlum a "In Eplendor Bright"
(From "The Creation") I.Haydn
Preludlum (L) "The Hcaiens Are Telling"
(From the Creation) Haydn
Hymn Anthem Chorus of male voices
Offertolre "My Love as a Father" (From
"The Redemption") Gounod
Tenor solo ....
Mr. Fortman.
Postludlum With Verdure Clad" (From
Oratorio, The Creation") Haydn
Preludlum Grand chorus (from RIenzl)....
.................................. It. Wagner
Hymn Anthem ....Male voices
Oflrto!re Vox Celeste Andante Batiste
Tenor solo ....................,.,.
Mr. Fortman.
rostludlum "Hope Marche Rellgleuse"
.................................. Baumann
Iljxms, old and new
Choir and Congregation.
St. David's.
will be of considerable Interest. The
musical numbers for the day trill be ren
dered by the large chorus choir under the
direction- of E. S. Sillier. The music te all
telected as being particularly appropriate
to the Easter services morning and even
ing. The special features will be a so'.o
In the morning by Sirs. Anna, Pollett Clif
ton, entitled. "Tho Light of the World,"
by Stephen Adams.
First Unitarian.
At the Unitarian Church this evening
there will be the extra programme of
Easter music with other services appropri
ate to the day. At 10:40 A. SL there will
be a dedication (baptism) of children. AH
persons wishing to witness this servlca
should bo In their seats at that time, as
the doors will be kept closed during the
ceremony. At 11 o'clock will begin, the
organ voluntary, followed by the first
anthem. There will be a specially
prepared responsive service with an
Easter sermon by the minister. Rev. Will
iam R. Lord, on "Immortality." Tho re
ception of new members, a hymn In mem
ory of those who have died since last
Easter, followed by a communion service
conducted by Dr. Eliot. Immediately after
the communion service thero will be a
Today," by Henry A. Lewis; the sub
ject of the pastor's address being, "If Te
Then Be Risen "Witt Christ."
Miss Eleanor Wesco will leefl the Young
People's meeting at 6:30 on the topic, "The
Bread of Life.
Unitarian Church.
Musical programme, for Easter morning:
Organ Voluntary "In Paradlsum" .....Dubois
Anthem "Jesus Lives" ...Farmer
"Glory to God" .". Pergolesl
Anthem "Speak Te Comfortably".... Shackley
Response "Give Ear to My Words; O Lord"
. Shelley
Offertory "If With All Tour Hearts"
Mm. Jennie NorellL
Anthem "O Death, Where is Thy SUncr" -
....... Stalner
Postlude "Allegro From Fourth Sonata"
Taylor-Street Methodist.
Programme of special exercises to be
rendered by -the Sunday school in the aud
itorium of tho Taylor-Street Methodist
Episcopal Church Immediately following
the morning service on Easter Sunday,
April IS, 1300: Hymn, No. 243: prayer. Rev.
H. W. Kellogg; recitation, "Greeting."
Georgia Newbury: anthem, "Christ Is
Arisen" (Ware"), choir; recitation, "An
At St. DavId'R the services for both
morning and evening promise to be most
attractive. The church will be very
"handsomely decorated. Appropriate ser
mons will be preached.
The following programme of mus'.c under
the direction of Mrs. George F. Telfer
"will be rendered by the vested choir:
rroceralonal 1S5
Anthem "Christ. Our Passover" (E Flat)
"Gloria Patri. F" Shuey
Te Deum, G" Starkweather
"Jubilate. D" West
X1 1 1 1 111 Ikl ...--"
'Kyri-e Elelson" ..........GoiitjckS
"'Gloria TJW" ........... ..Tuckennaa
inn a i .................... .-1 -
"'Gloria" ............................. Aldrtch
Anthem "To Illra Be Glory Simper
'SanctwtV (English chant) ,
J nn .j) .. ..........,... .
"Gloria In Excelsls" (old chant) .
Recessional KM
Processional 390
Anthem "Jesus Christ Is Ru-en Today"
............... .................... Barrett
'Gloria Patri" ................... .......Shuey
"Magnificat" ................... Simper
"Xunc Dlmlttls" j Simper
Hymn 122
Anthem , Simper
Hymn 111
Recessional 3M
Calvary Presbyterian Chnrch.
At Calvary Presbyterian Church, Rev.
"W. S. Gilbert, the pastor, will preach
morning and evening. The morning sub
ject. "Slore Than Conquerors." Evening
subject. "The Easter Night of Old." The
musical programme follows:
Morning service
Organ prelude "Allegro Pomposo"....IIarrlss
Anthem "Lift Tour Glad Voices".. Schneckei
Male quartet "Abide With Me" Schilling
Boy choir and chorus "Jesus Christ Is
Risen Today". ......... ....Homer Bartlett
Offertory "Reverie" .................. Himmel
Soprano solo "I Know That My Redeemer
Llteth" ("Messiah") Handel
Anthem "They HaTe Taken Away My
Lord" Harrington
Evening servtoe
Organ prelude "Grand Fantasle" In A nt-
nsr Blumenthal
Anthem "Unfold. Te PortaW ("Redemp
tion") ..................... ..... Gounod
Anthem "Alleluia. Christ Is Risen".. Burdette
Soprano oolo "The Day of Resurrection"
(violin obllgato) Hanscora
Anthem "They Have Taken Away My
xOTu ................. Sstalnef
Offertory "Arioso," for violin and organ.
.... Miller
Carol "Christ, the Lord. Is Risen". ..Shackley
Centenary Methodist.
Thero will bo Easter eervrcei at the
Centenary Methodist Church throughout
the day. In the morning the pastor, Dr,
L. E. Rockwell, will preach an opproprlate
6ermon. Special music will be a feature
of the services.
Tho Sunday School exercises will be. In
charge of Miss Maude Ivenworthy and
The bells, this blessed Easter morn.
Make Joyous music Yet, alas!
A nameless somethlnu seems to pass
A formless shadow on the grass
That dims the gladness of the day.
And somehow of their splendor shorn.
The Easter lilies droop forlorn;
A gray mist steals across the sun.
And through the chiming of the bells
A note of walling sadly swells
A scarce-heard moan of human pain
That sobs, and swells, and sinks again.
O Thou, new-risen from thy tomb,
O Thou, who for Love's sake was't slain.
Christ! how thy wounds must bleed again.
Behold the horror and the gloom
"Where Afric's battle-fields are red, '
"Where India's millions cry for bread
And men for lust of gold are mad
Behold! Can'st Thou in heaven be glad?
And yet, we know, somehow, some day.
These ills 'shall surely pass away; ,
That Mother Earth, so wondrous fair,
"With Illy garlands in her hair.
And emerald robes that turn to gold
In August's languorous, sultry hold.
Shall nourish on her fruitful breast
A brotherhood no more unblest
By strife and want and gnawing care;
That every land beneath the sun
"Where'er the sons of men are bora
In bonds of love shall be as one
In Christ's full resurrection morn.
LIschen M. Miller.
short Easter service by the Sunday School
children. The offering on Easter S.unday
Is for the Homo Sllsslon work, the only
offering of the kind In the year.
Upon Wednesday evening of this week
will occur the regular monthly meeting of
tho Social Union In tho chapel. Rev. W.
D. Slmonds, of Seattle, will lecture upon
The Richest men In tho World." Sir.
Slmonds is noted as an orator, and the
members of. the Union aro anticipating
hearing him with great pleasure.
St. Stephen's.
The Easter services at St. Stephen's
Episcopal chapel, corner Thirteenth and
Clay streets, will be of special Interest.
Tho chapel is to bo beautifully decorated,
for which purpose 1200 California callas
have been obtained, and to this will be
added abundantly of native flowers. The
music will bo rendered by an Increased
choir, assisted by a string quartet. The
sen-ices will bo holy communion at 7. A.
SI., morning prayer and sermon at 11 A.
SL, followed by a second celebration of
holy communion. At the 11 o'clock serv
ices the dedication of n handsome altar
"cross, recently presented to the Chapel,
will also take place. The usual evening
services will be held at 7:30. Tho following
Is the musical programme:
Processional hymn, 112. From "Lyra Davldlca"
Easter anthem A. F. Rudd
"Te Deum" George M. Garrett
"Jubilate Deo" J. F. Field
Hymn SCO "Ransom" E. Bunnett
Hymn 41S "Song of Songs" J. B. Powell
Offertory "But the Lord Is Mindful"
a.......... . From "St. 'Paul
Mr. J. Herbert Preston.
'Ter Sanctus" .....................Tuckennan
"Gloria In Excelsls" Ellwanger
Recessional hymn 45& "Creation" Haydn
Church of the Good Shepherd.
At tho Church of tho Good Shepherd,
comer Sellwood and Vancouver avenue.
Alblna, Rev. E. T. Simpson will conduct
the Easter service. Prayer and sermon at
11 o'clock, holy communion at 12. Special
musical talent has been obtained for tho
day. Following Is tho programme for
this morning:
Organ Voluntary .Mendelssohn
Miss Winnie Hayes.
Procesflonsl "We March to Vlctory".J. Bamby
Hymn "He Is Risen" J. Xeander
Chant "Christ. Our Passover, Is Sacrinced
for Ub" Momlngton
"Te Deum Laudamus" H. Lawes
"Benedlctus" w. Crotch
Soprano solo "Rest" Handel
Hymn "Victory" From "Pa.estrlna."
Offertory "Chrlet Has Won the Victory"
(Baas solo, soprano and alto duet, soprano
solo and quartet.)
"Kyrle Elelson" J. J. Elvey
"Gloria Tlbl"
"Sursum Corda and Sanctus" J. Camidge
j.ucnarisi.c nymi "ijreaa or ln world
............ ................. Hodges
"Gloria In Excelsls" Zeuner
Hymn "Jesus Lives! Thy Terrors Now"
First Presbyterian.
The choir of the First Presbyterian
Church has been preparing for their 'an
nual Easter praise service for several
weeks. Professor R. L. Hidden has been
eecured to assist the choir, and a most
attractive programme has been arranged.
It will be rendered as follows:
Organ prelude "Offertory, op. 20". ...Batiste
Easter anthem "Awake, To Saints,
Awake" Schuecker
Easter anthem "Rodemptloa's Day". .Shackley
Postlude "Recessional" Berg
Ofgan prelude "Offertory In A-Flat" Read
Easter anthem "Lift Tour Glad Voices"
................................ Schuecker
Easter anthem, with violin obllgato. "O
Light That Breaks From Yonder Tomb"
.......... ................. ...... Dresfir
Easter anthem "Jesus Is Risen".. Schuecker
Offertory for TloHn "Adagio" Bruch
(From "First Concerto")
Easter anthem "The Choir Angelic".. Ilansccm
Postlude "March" Clark
The choir Mrs. Fletcher Linn. Mrs. Amadee
M Smith. Lauren Pease. M. L. Bowman: vio
linist. Reginald L. Hidden; crgaalst. Edgar
E. Coursen.
Sunnyalde Conjtrejn-tlonnl.
Services of special appropriateness to
Eastertide will be held at the Sunnyslde
Congregational Church both morning and
evening. vAfter a brief sermon by the pas
tor. Rev. J. J. Staub, on the subject. "In
Remembrance of Me." the morning service
will conclude with the celebration of the
Lord's Supper, the right hand of fellow
ship to four new members, and tho bap
tism of children.
Tho evening service will be Interspersed
with exercises by the Sunday School, and
especially attractive music by the choir,
offcrlrir such selections as "Crown Him,
Lord of All." by M. L. SIcPhall. "Awtke.
for Golden Glories Break." by William J.
Klrkpatrlck; "Christ, the Lord. Is Risen
Easter Daffodil," Evelyn Baylor; recita
tion (selected)), Bernlce Lakln; vocal so
lo, "Land Where the Sugar Plums Grow,"
Delberta Stuart; recitation. "The Best Sho
Knew," Lelah Baker; recitation, "The
Dying Indian Girl." Marlon Humble; vocal
solo (selected), Ramona Rollins; recita
tion, "Small Potatoes," Daniel Qulmby; missionary collection; exercise,
"Our Little Sisters," Nora Laue, Georgia
Newbury, Marlon Humble, Lelah Baker;
recitation. "The Sunken Rock." Fred Ba
ker; vocal solo. "The Holy City" (S. Ad
ams), Miss Evelyn Hurley; recitation,
"The Silver Sixpence." Ruth Duntway.
St. Marks.
At St, Marks tho following music will bo
sung on Easter Day:
At 10 A. M.
Processional "The Strife Is O'er"
"Christ. Our Passner"
Te Deum" Van Boskvlck
Hymn "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today"..
.Hymn "Angels Roll the Rock Away"....-
Doxology "Hark I Ten Thousand Voices
sbouxuzing .................. .
Recessional .....
At 11 A. M.
Frocesslonal "Th Day of Resurrection"..
"Gloria TIbt" Gilbert
"Xtcene Creed" ... ....r. ..Gilbert
Hymn "Jesus Christ 'Is Risen Today".. Gilbert
Hymn "Angels Roll the Rock Awuy" ...
Offertory anthem "King of IUngrf'. .Simper
UOXOIObjt .. ..... ......... , "
"General Confcaiton" ,.. Gilbert
"Sursum Corda" ...Gilbert
"Sanctus Gilbert
"Benedlctus" ... Gilbert
"Agnus Del" Woodward
"Gloria in Exeelsief' Old Chant
"Xunc Dlmlttls" Barnaby
Reoe&slonal "The Strife Is O'er." .
At 7:30 P. M.
Processional "Christ tl Lord Is Risen
"Magnificat" ...... Simper
"Nunc Dlmlttls" Simper
Hymn "Jesus Christ Is Risen Today" ...
Hymn "He Is Risen"
Anthem "King of Klngsf' Simper
Recessional "The Strife Is O'er"
First Christian.
Today at the First Christian Church the
services will bo in keeping with tho reason.
Rev. J. B. Lister, of Eugene, will preach
at 11 A. M. In the evening Rev. 3. F.
Ghormley will preach, taking for his
theme, "Tho Power of His Resurrection.'
The music will be appropriate and of a
high order. Tho following are the musical
programmes for tho day:
Morning -
Organ Voluntary Mrs. Ella Jones
Hymn "Crown Him With Many Crowns"
Soprano oolo "Resurrection" Holden
SIUu Maud Springer.
Anthem "Jesus Has Risen" Straub
Double quartet "My Redeemer Llreth".Noes
Organ Voluntary Mrs. Ella Jones
Hymn "Our Lord Is Rleen From tho Dead"
.......... aJ urucp
Soprano solo "First Begotten of the Dead"
.. Blumenschetn
Miss Viola Gilbert.
Anthem "Christ. Our rajoover" Sheppard
Alto solo "So Shall It Be In That Bright
Morning" .'. .
Mini M. Btanton.
Sunn side Methodist.
Sunnysldo Methodist Church will cele
brate Easter Sunday today. Service will
begin In the Sunday School at 10 o'clock
this morning, Mr. C. A. Gatzka, Superintendent-
At 11 A. M. the pastor. Dr.
9. A. Starr, will preach a short sermon,
and will raise the benevolences for this
church for the entire year. Tho choir will
render "Praise to Thee," William J. Kirk.
Patrick. The organ prelude will be. "Un
fold Ye Portals," Gounod. The offertory
will bo a vocal solo, "Glory to Heaven's
Eternal." Erick Sleyer Helmund. by SUsa
Mary Thomas. Pontludc, Sullivan. Mr.
I$nry Crockett, organist. The evening
service at 7:30 will bo under the auspices
of the Sunday School. The Sunday School
exercises will consist of songs, recitations
and concert speaking by the children. Rev.
S. A. Starr and C. A. Gatzka will also
make appropriate remarks. The music by
the choir, ur.d:r the leadership of Professor
C A. Walker, and'the Starr-Walker quar
tet will bo especially fine.
Trinity Methodist Eplscopnl Chnrch.
At Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church,
Sunday school will be at 10 A. SL, H. H.
Glass, superintendent. Preaching at 11 by
the pastor. Rev. Mr. Hawley,
Tho morning services will be of special
Interest. The Fox Orchestra will furnish
several numbers, besides special music by
the choir. A quartet will also render a
number, and Miss Alice Thayer will sing
a solo.
Class meeting at 12 M E. A. CoUlns,
Tho Sunday school will hold Us Easter
services at 7dOP. M.. and the regular
Easter missionary collection will be taken.
The public is cordially Invited to attend
these services.
The sacred cantata, "Under the Palms,"
which was so well rendered by the choir
last month, will be repeated In Taylor
Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Fri
day, April 20, at 8 P. M.
Forbes Presbyterian Chnrch.
The services today at the Forbes .Pres
byterian Church will be of special Interest.
In connection with the morning service
thero will be the public reception of new
members, and the ordination and instal
lation of the newly elected elders of the
church. The pastor. Rev. W. O. Forbes,
will preach In the evening. On Monday
evening there will bo a reception at tha
church, at which the officers, the new
members and all strangers will bo the
guests of honor. This will be under lh
auspices of the-Ladles' Aid Society, whose
officers, Slfs. O. P. Church. Mrs." H. S.
Loomls and Mrs. M. B. Godfrey, assisted
by a reception committee appointed by
them, will be In charge. The decorations
will be appropriate to Easter, and will
be tastily arranged.
Cumberland Presbyterian. .
Rev. G. A. Blair, pastor of Cumberland
Presbyterian Church, will fill the pulpit
as usual today. All the services will bo
approprlato to Eastertide. Morning sub
ject: "Tho Resurrection Is a Fact.
Though Shrouded in Slystory." Evening
subject: "Christ Is Risen: Some Easter
Reflections." At the morning service SIlss
Anna Grace Samuels will read "Pilate's
Tho musical programme will be as fol
lows: Anthem. "Christ. Our Passover,"
choir: solo, "Jerusalem." F. E. Bishop.
Evening programme: Quartet, selected.
Mrs. SIroonton. Mrs. Deaver, W. D. Deav
er and W.'O. Munsell; solo, selected, Mrs.
Deaver; music by Professor F. H. WaU,
St. Francis.
Tho Easter services at St. Francis
Church, corner East Eleventh and Oak,
win be of wo usuar solemn cnaracxer. At
tho 10:30 mass Fathar Black, the pastor,
will preach. The music at this mass will
be as follows:
"VIdt Aquam" Gregorian
"Kyrle," In Bb..... ...-.. Millard
"Gloria" St. Cecilia mass Wels
"Vent Creator" Warren
"Credo In Unam" Millard
Offertory "Sanctus Benedlctus Millard
"Agnus Del" Millard
"Regtna Coell" Werner
Organist, Miss Pauline DeWltt.
Violinist, Emll Thellhom.
Young Men's .Christian Association.
Tho programmo for the T. M. C A. at
S P. M. follows:
"American Cadet" R. B. Hall
Somj "Christ Is Risen". ...George C. Stebblns
Congregation, quartet 'and orchestra.
Grand march from "Tannhauser"..R- Wagner
Song The Lord of Life Is Risen Again"..
Oregon Male Quartet,
Address "Moms, a Study of tho Power of
Right Choice" ..... ........ ...
President H. L. Boardman .
Song "I Shall Be Sattaaed"-Jas. McOrananam
Congregation, quartet and orchestra.
A. 31. E. Zlon Chnrch ,
Services at the A. M. E. Zlon Church
today will bo Interesting. At 11 A, M.
Rev. Erving Swan win preach. The theme
will be, "Christ Arose." At 8 P. M. there
will be a programme rendered by the choir
and Sunday School opening hymn by the
choir; Scripture lofson; prayer; Scripture
lesson; solo, "Calvary," W. H. Carter;
Easter anthem, "Allelulah," by choir;
solo, "Christ Arose," Hester Crawford;
solo, "Calvary's Brow," Miss Mamie Lee.
First Unlversallst Chnrch.
Special Easter services at the First Unl
versallst Church, Rev. Hervey H. Hoyt.
pastor. First service will be held at 6:30
A. M.; subject. "Tho Risen Lord." A
preaching service at 11 o'clock; subject,
"The Resurrection; Its Hopes and Joys."
Sunday school at 12:15. Y. P. C. U. at
6:30 P. M.; subject. "Newness of Life";
leader. Miss Grace Duncan. Preaching at
7:30; subject, "If a Man Die, Shall Ho
Live Again?"
Trinity Lutheran.
German Trinity Lutheran Church, corner
Sellwood street and Williams avenue, will
have special Easter services both morn
ing and evening. Holy communion to be
celebrated in the morning service, begin
ning at 10. For the first time the newly
confirmed class will also partake of the
Lord's Supper. Special music will be ren
dered by the choir both at morning and
evening services.
Second Baptist.
The services Sunday at the Second Bap
tist Church will be of unusual Interest.
The pastor. Rev. Ray Palmer, will preach
at 10:30 on "The Threefold Power of
Christ's Resurrection." Special music
by the choir. Evening theme, "The Resur
rection of the Buried Treasures of tha
Heart." Young people's meeting at 6:30,
of special Interest.
Second United lrancellcnl Chnrch.
The morning sermon at the Second
United Evangelical Church, Alblna, will
bo by Rev. L. M. Boozer, of Corvallls.
Dr. C. C Poling, the presiding elder, will
preach In the evening. The Lord's Supper
will bo administered in connection .with
tho evening scrvlco.
St. James' Lutheran.
At St. James' English Lutheran Church
there will be services in the morning at
11 o'clock by the Rev. Charles S. Rahn.
The holy communion will be administered
during this service. In the evening the
Sunday school will hold special services
at 6:30 o'clock. Sunday school at 12:15.
Shlloh Mission.
Rev. JT. H. Allen, superintendent, will
preach at Shlloh Mission morning and
evening. The morning subject will be
"The Resurrection." Tho evening theme
will be "Footprints of the Angels in the
Field of Revelation."
' Third Baptist Chnrch:
Rev. Ray Palmer, of tho Second Baptist
Church, will preach at 3 P. M.
At the Second Baptist Church. Sunday
school at 10 o'clock; George iL Jamison,
The First Spiritualist Society meets in
Artisans' Hall, Third and Washington
streets. Conference, 11 A. SL Evening,
T:5, lecture by Colonel Reed; poem by
Sirs. C. A, Dean.
Home Mission.
Evangelist George Newton, of Califor
nia, will preach In the Portland Home
Sllsslon at 3 and 8 P. SL
Howe of Truth.
Home of Truth. 363 Thirteenth street.
Easter services for children at 11 A. SL
Regular services at 8 P. M.
i ' rnr7rytr?i
No. 9130. $8.00.
No. 307. $13.75.
We have
60 different
styles of
prices range
$10 to
$90 each
100 different
styles of
Enamel Beds
$3.25 to
$60 each
In the city.
Steel Ranges from $25.00 to $55.00
Cast Soves from $7.50 to $30.00
Call and see our enormous stock and Inspect our prices'
Chnrch Xe-vs.
Evangelist George Newton will preach
In tho Portland Home Mission, on Davis
street, at S and 8 o'clock P. M.
Tho services at tho First Congregational
Church will be, as usual, public worship
at 10:10 A. M., with special Easter music
and a sermon by the pastor. Rev. Arthur
W. Ackerman, on "The Telltale Splcos"
and an Easter musical service in the even
ing, with an address by the "pastor on
tho "Testimony to the Sacrifice of Christ."
' CHURCH DinccTonv.
Second Rov. Ray Palmer, pas
tor. Preaching at 10:30 and 7:30; Sunday
School, 12; Junior, Union, 3:30; Young
people, 6:30; prayer, Thursday, 7:20;
Christian culture class, Thursday, S:30c
Calvary Rev. Eben M. Bliss, pastor.
Services, 10:30 and 7:30; Sunday school.
U:5: B. T. P. U., 6:30; prayer. Thursday.
Grace (Montavllla) Rev. N. 8. Holl
croft. pastor. Services. 7:30 P. M.; Sunday
school, 10; prayer, Thursday, 8.
Park Place (University Park) Rev. N.
S. Hollcroft, pastor. Services, U; Sunday
school, 10; Junior meeting, 3.
Immanucl Rev. Stanton C. Lapman.
pastor. Preaching, 10:30 and 7:30; Sunday
school, 11:15; Toung People's meeting, 6:30.
Third Sunday school at 10, Georgo E.
Jamison, superintendent; .preaching at 3
by Dr. Alexander Blackburn, of the First
Baptist Church.
Rodney-Avenue Rev. A. D. Skaggs, Pas
tor. Services, U and 7:30; Sunday school.
9:45: Junior T. P. S. C. E, 3; T. P. a
C E., 6 JO; prayer. Thursday. 7:30.
First Christian Church, corner Park and
Columbia streets Rev. J. F Ghormley,
pastor. Sunday school 9:45 A. M.; preach
ing, 11 A. M.. and 7:43 P. M.; T. P. S. C.
E.. 6:30 P. M. Strangers made welcome.
Woodlawn (Madrona) Rev. A. D.
Skaggs, pastor. Services, 1P.U
Christian Science.
First Church of Christ (Scientist), 317
Dekum building Services at 11 A. M. and
7:30 P. SI. Subject of sermon, "Probation
After Death." Children's Sunday school,
12; Wednesday meeting, 8 P. M.
Portland Church of Christ (Scientist),
Auditorium Services. 11 and 8: subject,
"Probation After Death." Sunday school,
12; Sunday and Wednesday evening meet
ings. S.
German Rev. John Koch, pastor. Serv
ices. 10:30 and 7:30: Sunday school. 9:30;
Y. P. S. C. E., Tuesday, 7:30; prayer,
Wednesday, 7:30.
Sunnyslde Rev. J. J. Staub, pastor
Services. 11 and 7:30; Sunday school. 10;
Young People's Society, 6:30; prayer.
Thursday, 7:30.
Hassalo-Street Rev. R. W. Farquhar.
pastor. Services, 10:30 and 7:30; Sunday
school, 12; Y. P. S. C. E, 6:30; prayer,
Thursday, 7:30.
Slisslsslppi-Avenue Rev. George A. Tag
cart. Dastor. Services. 11 and "7:30; Sun
day school. 10: Juniors. 3; Y. P. S. C. E,
6:30; prayer. Thursday, 7:30.
First Park and Madison streets. Rev.
Arthur W. Ackerman, pastor. Services.
10:30 A. SI. and 7:30 P. M.; Sunday School,
12:15 P. M.; Y. P. S. C. E.. 6:15 P. M.
St. Stephen's Chapel Rev. Thomas Nell
Wilson, clergyman In charge. Morning
prayer and sermon, U; evening services.
7;30; Sunday school, 9:45; holy communion,
after morning service on first Sunday In
the month.
Church of the Good Shepherd Services
at U by Rev. E. T. Simpson.
St- David's Church. East Slorrlson. be
tween Twelfth and Thirteenth street. Rev.
George B. Van Waters, rector. Holy com.
muclon 7, Sunday School 9:43, morning
prayer, holy communion and Sermon 11,
evening prayer and sermon 7:30 P. M.
St. Matthew's Rev. J. W. Weatherdon.
clergyman in charge. Holy communion.
8; Sunday School, 9:45; morning service
nnd second celebration. 11: evening serv
ice 7:30.
St. Marks Rev. J. S. Simpson, rector.
Holy communion, 7:30 A. SI.; morning
prayer, 10; holy communion (full
choral) with sermon, 11 A. SL; evening,
prayer, 7:30.
Trinity Sixth and Oak streets Rev. Dr.
A. A. Morrison, rector. Services: Holy
communion, 7 A. M.; morning serv
ice, sermon and holy communion. 11; Sun
day school festival, 3 P. M.; evening serv
ice. 8.
St. Andrew's Sermon. 3:13, by Dr. Judd.
Emanuel (German) Hev. E. D. Horn
schucb, pastor. Services, H and 7:30;
Sunday school, 10; prayer, "Wednesday,
7-30; T. P. A., Friday. 7:30.
First (German) Rev. F. T. Harder, pas
ter. Services, 11 and 7:30; Sunday school,
9:30; Y. P. A., 6:43; revival services all the
week at 7:30 J". M.
Memorial Rev. R. D. Streyfcller, pas
tor. Sunday services, U and 7:30: Sunday
school. 10: Y. P. A.. 6:30; Junior Y. P. A..
2; prayer meeting, Wednesday. 7:30; young
people's prayer, Thursday, 7:30.
EvanKellcnl (United).
East Yamhill Mission Rev. Peter Bltt
ner. pastor. Services. 11 and 7:30; Sunday
school 10; K. L. C E. 6:30; prayer.
Thursday, 7:30; Junior League, Saturday,
2:30. '
First United Rev. C. T. Hurd, pastor.
Services, 11 and 7:30; Sunday school, 10,
K.L. C.E., 6:30: prayer. Thursday, 7:30.
Second Rev. H. A. Deck, pastor. Serv
ices, 11 and 7:30; Sunday school, 10; Key
stono League, 6:30; prayer, "Wednesday,
Friends (Quakers).
Friends. East Thirty-fourth and Salmon
streets Rev. A. M. Bray, pastor. Serv
ices. 10:43 and 7:30; Sunday school. 12: Y.
P. 8. C. E. 6:20; prayer. Wednesday. 7:30.
German Trinity. Alblna Rev. Theodore
Fleckensteln. pastor. Preaching, 10:30 and
7:30; Sunday school. 9:30.
Immanuel (Swedish) Rev. John W.
Skans, pastor. Preaching at 10:30 and 8.
St. Paul's Evangelical (German) Rev.
August Krause. pastor. Preaching. 10:30
and 7:30; Sunday school. 9:20; Bible study,
Thursday, 7:30.
Zlon's (German) Services. 10 and 7:30;
Sunday school, 9:30; Christian day school,
Monday to Friday.
St. James's (English) Rev. Charles S.
Rahn, pastor. Services, '11 and 7:30; Sun
day school, 12:15.
Methodist Eplscopnl.
Second German Rev. Charles Prleslng.
pastor. Services, 10:43 and 7:30: Sunday
school. 9:30; prayer. Thursday. 7:30.
Taylor-Street (Flrst)-Rev. IL W. Kel
logg. D. D., pastor. Services. 10:30 and
7:30; Sunday school, 12:15; Epworth
League and prayer meeting, 6:30; Subordi
nate League, 5.
Centenary Rev. L. E. Rockwell, pastor.
Services, 10:30 and 7:30; Sunday school, 12:
Epworth "League, 6:30; prayer, Thursday,
Central Rev. W. T. Kerr, pastor. Serv
ices. 10:45 and 7:30; Sunday school. 12:15;
Epworth League, 6:30; prayer, Thursday,
7:30. "
Mount Tabor Rev. A. S. Slulllgan. pas
tor. Services, 11 and 7:30; Epworth
League, 6:30; Junior Epworth League. 3;
prayer, Thursday, 7:30.
Sunnyslde Rev. S. A. Starr, pastor.
Services, 11 and 7:30; Sunday school, 10;
general class, 12:15; Epworth League, 6:30;
prayer. Thursday, 7:30.
Trinity Rev. A. L. Hawley, pastor.
Services, 10:43 and 7:30; Sunday school,
9:40; Epworth League, 6:30; prayer, Thurs
day, 7:30.
Shlloh Mission Rev. J. IL Allen, su
perintendent. Services. 10:30 and 7:30.
Mlzpah Rev. W. T. Wardle. pastor.
Services, 11 and 8; Sunday school. 9:43;
Y. P. S. C E.. 7; Junior Y. P. S. C. E.
3:30; prayer, Thursday, S.
Third Rev. Robert McLean, pastor.
'Services. 10:30 and 7:30; Sunday school. 12;
Boys' Brigade. 5:30; young people's meet
ing, 6:30; prayer, Thursday, 7:43.
Cumberland Rev. G. A. Blair, pastor.
Services. 10:30 and 7:30; Sunday school, 12;
Junior Y. P. S. C. E.. 3:30; Y. P. S. C. E.,
6:30; prayer, Thursday, 7:30.
Grand-Avenue (United) Rev. John Hen.
ry Gibson. D. D., pastor. Services, 11 and
7:20; Sunday school, 10; Y. P. S. C. E.,
C-30; prayer. Thursday, 7:43.
Calvary Rev. W. S. Gilbert, pastor.
Urs. Mann, soprano soloist and director
of chorus; Miss Fisher, organist. Serv
ices, 11 and 7:30.
Roman Catholic.
St. Mary's Cathedral Most Rev. Arch
bishop Christie, .pastor. Services, mass
and sermon, 6, 8 and 10:30; mass for chil
dren, 9; Sunday school, 9:30; vespers and
sermon. 7:30; questions answered at even
ing services; week days, mass, 6:30 and 8.
First Rev. W. R. Lord, minister; Rev.
T. L. Eliot. D. D., minister emeritus,
worship, 11; Sunday school and confir
mation class, 12:30; Young People's Fra
ternity, 7.
First Rev. H. H. Hoyt, minister. Serv
ices. 11 and 7:30: Y. P. C. U.. 6:30.
does not reserve fine manners for special
people and special occasions. Ladyhood
Is not an outside veneer or polish which
may readily be rubbed off by contact
or attrition with tho world, but is in
grained, and is the result not only of good
breeding, but of gentle blood and Inher
ited, rather than acoulred tendencies. It
j takes several generations of refined an
cestors to produce tho natural gentle
woman or gentleman.
Acquired good manners aro better than
none, but unleft) there Is a solid founda
tion of gentleness and kindness behind
them they are apt to wear badly when
subjected to strain. When unpleasant
dilemmas arise, blood tells. The woman
who is to tho manner born proves It by
never forgetting what lc due to herself
and others under tho circumstances; sho
does not lose her temper and make uso
of language to be regretted afterwards;
she also makes allowance for the trans
grtfwor, and causes herself to bo respected.
Vhnt Constitutes a "Real Lady."
A lady la a gentlewoman on every oc
casion and under all circumstances; she
Time's Ilnlm, ,
When flmt I met the fair Slarte.
My smitten heart at once surrendered.
And la a week, with eager haete.
Ht !oe and all I have I tendered.
Marie was ery calm and cool.
Though I was greatly agitated.
And when I came away refused!
To endless anguish I felt fated.
But oh! Since then no many girls
l'e seen, far prettier, sweeter, brighter.
That all their loveliness has made ,
My load of woe distinctly lighter,
la fact, since she said "No," fe met
A lovely girl whom I like better.
And now, -whene'er I meet Marie,
I think. 'Thank Heaven. I didn't get her!"
Somervllle Journal.
True nnoufili.
Jflblack It's hardly right to Judge a
man by his clothes.
Krusty That's true. There are any
number of men wearing golf suits today
who have too much good sense to ever
play tho game. Catholic Standard and
t Make Lazy Liver Lively
Yon know very well how you feel when your liver don't act.
Bile collects in the blood, bowels become constipated and your
whole system is poisoned. A lazy liver is an invitation for a
thousand pains and aches to come and dwell with ypu. Your
life becomes one long measure of irritability and despondency
and bad feeling-.
I Best for the Bowels ,
R 13 n
Act directly, and in a peculiarly happy manner on the liver and
bowels, cleansing-, purifying, revitalizing, every portion of the
liver, driving all the bile from the blood, as is soon shown by in
creased appetite for food, power to digest it, and strength to
throw off the wasfe. Beware of imitationsl 10c, 25c All
There Is
For the woman whose nerves are weak.
There is relief for the woman who suffers
with headaches, Fig. i; sunken eyes and
dark circles under eyes, Fig. 2; pale and
thin face, Fig. 3 ; a coated tongue and of
fensive breath, Fig. 4; fluttering of heart
(palpitation), Fig. 5; disordered stomach,
Fig. 6.
HUDYAN is the help. HUDYAN
helps because it strengthens the nerves
and nerve centers.
Other symptoms of nerve weakness are
dizzy spells, tendency .to faint, costive
tiveness and general weakness. HUD
YAN corrects all these symptoms.
Nerve weakness in women is usually due to female complaint.
HUDYAN reaches the seat of the trouble. HUDYAN cures
pain in back, bearing-down pains and all chronic inflammations
and ulcerations. HUDYAN, you see, removes the cause, there
by making the cures permanent.
HUDYAN is for weak, pale, emaciated, suffering women. It restores to such
women a glow of perfect health: it cures permanently.
HUDTAN is for sale by druggists Wc a package, or six packages for 1150.
If your druggist does not kesp HUDYAN. send direct to the HUDYAN REM
EDY CO.. corner Stockton. EUIs and Market streets. San Francisco, Col.
Consult Free the Hsdyia Doctors,
j irii u-f&Di.i5 afe'g".t--r'-4g'-we.Jd.
. niKii&a&in$L . ;. t
mM . - . -r .At ! ;.
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