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Real Reason for Her Decitrion to Re
main in Her Own Dominions
IrlaU Are Excited.
XrONDON, March 10. Queen Victoria's
decision to stay in her own dominions in
stead of going to Italy and all the Jubila
tions in England in consequence are not
entirely due to the causes attributed by
the press. It is learned that the Italian
Government had dally been growing more
nervous as the date of the Queen's visit
approached, and finally notified Her Ma
jesty's Government that it would not care
to accept the responsibility of the sov
ereign's safety, owing to the strong re
crudescence of the anarchistic movement
throughout Europe. Reports from other
powers confirmed the Italian impressions.
This apparently was the chief factor
In the Queen's sudden change of plans,
though doubtless many of her ministers
always thought it would be better policy
for her to remain at home while the na
tion was in the throes of war. In any
case, the result, with the accompanying
celebrations and the announcement of the
Queen's coming trip to Ireland, has had
the most beneficial effect on the United
Kingdom. Gaiety reigns, though perhaps
it is tinctured with some undercurrent of
the nervousness that Thackeray described
in the ball before Waterloo. Trade has
revived, and shopkeepers, especially those
of the metropolis, look forward to big
business. It has long been a standing
grievance that the Queen so seldom vis
ited London, but her present stay is fully
atoning for her past neglect.
As for society in Ireland, it is in a
state of hubbub and excltemont such as
has not been seen for many a year. Re
gardless of politics, the Queen's visit to
Dublin will doubtless be made the occa
Blon for unprecedented festivities, though
throughout Great Britain there will be
some tension until the Queen has re
crossed the channel in safety.
The drawing-rooms promise to be spe
cially Interesting. Among the debutantes
Trill be a daughter of Mrs. Arthur Paget
and the daughter of another woman equal
ly well known to the American public,
Mra. Laogtry- Mrs. Cornwallls West will
be Miss Jeanne Langtry's social god
mother. Other debutantes are Lady Sybil
Grey, daughter of Earl Grey and niece
of Earl of MInto, Governor-General of
Canada; the Marquis of Cholmoldy'o
daughter. Lady LetUce Joan, and Lady
Margaret Sackville, daughter of the Coun
tess de la Warr, while among the brides
are the Hon. Mrs. Charles Coventry, who
recently changed her American name ot
Whitehouse to that ancient English patro
nimlc, and the beautiful and rich Coun
tess of Cromarty, who recently married
Major Blunt.
Major Chllde, who was killed after lead
ing Squadron E, of the South African
Light Horse, In a victorious assault, and
whose own epitaph was "Is it well with
Childe? It is well," has been succeeded
in the command by Sir Bryan Leighton,
who served with the American troops
against Spain and wrote a book about it.
This adventurous young baronet, who is
, a cousin of the late Major Chllde. and
who was standing behind the latter when
Chllde wag killed, went out to South Af
rica as correspondent of an Illustrated pa
per and obtained a commission in the
South African Light Horse. He has now
been made a Major, commanding a squad
ron. "While he fights the Boers, the youth
ful Lady Leighton occupies the unique
position In England of master of the
Somo confusion is being caused in so
ciety by the fact that there are no less
than four Ladies Queensbury now living,
the reigning Marchioness being formerly
known as Lady Douglas of Hawick. It
Is now said that the late Marquis shortly
before his death was visited by the wife
who divorced him in 18S7, a pathetic recon
ciliation taking place, not only between
husband and wife, but with the sons, who
had also been estranged. Young Lord
Alfred. Douglas can be seen dining in
more or less fashionable company at well
known restaurants.
Mrs. Stephen Crane, wife of the Ameri
can author, who is now residing In Eng
land, is getting up a bazaar in aid of
the families of the British soldiers at the
A curious romance comes from Chester,
where there was recently admitted to
the wornhouse a Captain Salisbury, son of
the late member of Parliament for Ches
ter. Though only 4 years old. he has
had a remarkable career as a soldier, war
correspondent and author, finally falling
upon very hard days. It seemed as if this
distinguished pauper were doomed to spend
the rest of his life in the poorhouse, when
there suddenly appeared on the scene
an apparently rich woman, described as
Miss Emily Cunningham, of Ireland. The
sequel occurred Thursday last, when Cap
tain Salisbury was married to his visi
tor. They departed for Chester in great
style and amidst no end of sensation.
The offenwpostponed marriage of the
Crown Prlnc&s Stephanie, of Austria, to
Count Lonyay, seems to be on the eve
of occurring at Trieste, where Count
Lonyay has taken a residence and whither
Princess Stephanie departed from Vienna
Thursday. Neither the Vienna nor the
Brussels courts are any more favorably
disposed toward the groom than when
the marrlago was first mooted. King Leo
pold thinks it a scandal only a little less
terrible than that of his eldest daughter,
while Queen Henrietta hides her head with
shame. But Princess Stephanie, regard
less of it all, throws up her court life,
diamonds and gold-embroidered robes, has
her income reduced from 00.000 to 200,000
crowns and goes to live with a poor coun
try gentleman.
The people of Vienna, it Is said, scarcely
talk of anything but this great sacrifice
for the sake of love.
There Is a good deal of chagrin displayed
over what Is termed Lord Roberts' too
generous treatment of General Cronje and
the tendency in some sections of the press
hysterically to overrate Cronje's bravery.
Many references are now made to Cronje's
alleged dishonesty in the former war, in
accepting the surrender of the British gar
rison at Potechefstrom when a general
armistice had been proclaimed. Vanity
Fair ays:
"There Is a vein of sentimentality in
th Anglo-Saxon nature which sometimes
trangresses reasonable limits. Just at
present It Is engaged In elevating Cronje
to the level of a hero."
The Government is contemplating send
ing the Boer leader to the Island of St.
Helena, but no definite decision has been,
reached. On this subject the Morning
Post publishes a letter Ktylng:
"In vlew of the fact that the very name
of St. Helena causes a passionate ebulli
tion in France, it would be foolish for
England to arouse this feeling by select
ing Napoleon's place of banishment for
According to the newly appointed sur
veyor of "Westminster Abbey, that ancient
edifice Is fast crumbling to pieces owing
to tho act on of the fumes of manufactories
on the opposite side of the river on the
weathern-worn stones. This contention is
illustrated "by photographs of whlto
patchez on the interior and on the ex
terior parts of the Abbey, indicating
Queen Victoria brought hef visit to Lon
don to a close this evening, and returned
to Windsor after the inspection of two
Throughout the day vast crowds gath
ered outside Buckingham Palace and along
the advertised route to the railroad sta
tion, and when the royal carriage finally
started for Hyde Park on Its way to Pad
dlngton, the enthusiasm broke out into
cheers, which were unbroken until the
train departed. Previous to leaving tha
palace,' there was a brief but Interesting
ceremony on the grounds. where2000 khaki
clad Guardsmen. In full marching order,
were drawn up for final Inspection before
their departure for South Africa Wednes
Even at St. Helena He Regarded Hla
House as II In Caatle.
In the second Installment of extracts
from the unpublished diaries kept at St.
Helena by Napoleon's physician, Dr.
O'Meara, there appears In the March Cen
tury a characteristic anecdote of the de
throned Emperor's insistence on his right
to regard his house as his castle.
Took a drive with N. in his carriage.
Told him what Sir Thomas Reade told
me, viz., that the Russian commissioner
did not take any part In the letter written
officially to the Governor to see hlra. That
It was only the French and Austrian Com
missions who had applied; that tho Rus
sian would be very proud of being intro
duced to him. not In an offlclal capacity.
In fact. In any manner which would not
constrain him. He appeared surprised at
this, and said that he had been told that
tho Austrian and Russian had applied, and
not the Frenchman. He made me repeat It
to him again. He said that they, the two
who had applied, had taken their measures
very badly if they wanted to be presented
to him. That all the Powers of Europe
could not force him to receive them. "It
Is true," said he, "they can brenk open
the door or level the house down, and
then find me where, where? ... If they
are not satisfied with the Governor's re
port that I am here, cannot he cause them
to come up when I am walking in the gar
den? They can see me from tho other side
of the ditch walking, if they do not credit
this Jailer of a Governor, this chief of
He then remarked what coglloneria (non-
ervncol it vmt i (wnfl siiri n. Rfit out with
out any official authority, unreclgnozed
even by the Governor, and again said no
swwsrs should force him to see them
against his will; that 2,000,003 of men in
arms should not make him do it. l toia
him that the Russian was a man of talent,
and very much esteemed by those who
knew him.
R F Allen. San Fran C G Jacobs. Oregon C
S R Flint, San Fran
Thos Doyle. Tacoma
Wm Plccott. Seattle
iL. B Merton. San Fr
,V W Bryan & wf. S F
H E Coleman, Toledo.O
E Detrlck. Jr. San Fr
DeLancey Stone. K Y
A L Dowler, Chicago
Geo Buffum. St Louis
J J Feuge. N Y
Leonard George!. S F
Col W E- Scott. San Fr C H Park. Bohemia
J H Slegel. X Y jA Stodaart. St Paul
J B Clayton. USA jCbas D Xorthrup. S F
Mrs 31 t Clayton, doJL McMahon. Chicago
MlnsClajton. doiW O Brldgman. SaltLk
J H Hellbronner.BuUejRev D Day. Helena
Mrs H Hellbronner, do, Rev Francis Vile, Bill
H McLean. Vancv. Bq lngp. Mont
Chas Pollock, Clnclnn (M J Grammont, Chgo
Edwin Hofstad & vr.dojG E Bower, Vancv. BC
M Grondal & wf, do C Mathews," Anacortes
Mr Brun & wf, do Jas Fowler. Vancv. BC
A R Jacobs, Oregon" C V R Laudraln. S F
G A Adams. Portland Taylor Hill, Crook Co
LMausur, Knappton jj D Holton. Boise
E H For. Olympla iH Dale. Baker Clt
J D Heibler. Olympla Mrs H Dale. Baker C
A D Chaoe, Oakld. Cal,C E Moulton, Tacoma
P L Thompson. New iV H Miller, Astoria
8outh "Wale.1 Guylord W Cook, S F
D D Kennedy, Ash- iC M Cramer, Ashland,,
land. Wis j "Wis
D B Kelley. PnnevllleJS H Hanna. do
McKlnley Mitchell. Frank Wood. Chicago
Gervals .'E Waldman. San Fran
Mlra Minnie Palmer, W H Smith. Tacoma
Palmer lA Chrlstensen, Seattle
F E Adklns. Palmer J TV Spencer. San Fr
Daisy Stewart. Pcndtn Mrs Pohle-, Astoria
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Ferry. "Wash J U' McGowan. Astoria
A L ucott, St Louis jA Ormmette. Butteill
M G Llsher. Vncou-r;j W Anthony, Fort Gf
H H Elgan, Rock Si.'H H Eveneon. Butte
F Menefee. DalUfl F J Dunbar. Butte
H C Rlggs. LewUton E N Hill. Ft Stevens
Mr H C Rlgga. do IJ L Miller. Milton. Or
A J Runsell. San FrarJAnna Mannack, Salem
T G Hathway. TacomtyJas "Williamson, Spokn
A A Nlcol. South Bnd H Jaekeon. Arlington
J H Williams. Chicago O.aa Butler. Pt Townd
J P Huffmann. St PaulC F Clapp. Forest Grv
Perry De Lapp. Gol- Mike Johnson, do
dendale. Wash Wm M Duller. San Fr
E E Ellsworth, Gray's, J L Stockton, Indp. Or
Harbor Mrs J L Stockton, do
H Taylor, Prlnevllle John J Miller. Baker C
C W. Knowles. Manager.
C H Parmelec. Spokn Wm Bronson. Dalles
A N Harrison, Hunt- jR B Smith, Tacoma
lngton jMlss S Remage. city
F K'Lovell, Salem B H Salfbury. Ilwaco
A S Gunderson, city M P Callander. ICnaptn
Mrs A X Gllbert.Salem1Mrs Callander, do
Miss Agnes Gilbert, do J C Corcoran, Rainier
H H HallowelLEugcne C H Carey, city
C S Moore. Salem T Cellky. city
M S Woodard. N Yan iE A Baldwin, city
G W Williams. Spokn JW H Carpenter, Vancv
W H Cunnlngham.ThejB J O'Bryan, Loul-
Salles -J vllle, Ky
M S Feder, San Fran JF Abrahams, do
H S Chrlstenson.Dertt J Sexton. Spokane
C H Thompson, Astora E D Klngsman, Uma
Mrs Thompson, do i tllla. Or
F A Arundel. LlUleFIEddle D Allen, Spokan.
Ivy Miller, Cal iJ A MIckel. Spokane
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G R Bate. Hart. Mich) dleton. Or
Mrs Bate, do jH S McGowan. Astoria
Edward Hall. S F ,H A Borland. Sprague
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H A Blanchard, Bak C
R B Flemmlng. Salem
Mrs Alice Spooner, St
J S Foster. Salem
James S Bulfington.
F F Plowden, San Fr
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J S Atkinson. Chicago Mrs G C Flavel. Astora
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B D Wentworth,MounL A Conn. Ft Steveni.
tain Home jW H Godfrey. Rossland
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enworth J O Tamlesrte. M D,
A B Leckenby, Rainier, HUlsboro
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burg. Or IF M Malone. Miles Cy
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Wyo Frank H Holmcs.Mlnpl
Edwin Woollnrton, iL B Gecr. Salem
Drummond T T Ger. Snlem
Scott Davles. Salt Lk IMro Cooper. Salem
Mrs A J Merrltt. Mis- (Mrs Downing. Salem
soula. Mont
Dr Houne. Heppner
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Hoyt Sherman. Salt Lk
M H Smith, city
JDr Crockett. Long Crk
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M K Williamson,
E Vivian. Spokane
Wm .Murphy. Crock- jMro Crockett,
rs Lako .J H Williams. Long Cf
JaniM Wlthycombe, Jj T Ronald. Seattle
Corvallls jDr R F Johnson, Castle
Harry Edwards, Cas- I Rock, Wash
cade Tunnel i
F H Van De Caee jMra Peterson. Et Louis
Deep River JA B Seller, St Louis
R P Spath, Janesvllle A C Latham. Cedar M
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W r Kemble. Stella tTed Guyer, Glemwood.
"W L, Levens. Amity
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Ed Elliott. Dalles
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TA'm Bryant. Chco
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W H Chatten. Loj AngjMrs Innls. Boise
E H Cralsan. Salem iMlcs InnLn. Bole
C T Humphrey, Wood- (John O "Woodruff,
J Campbell. Verona
Jack Smeer. Taccma
John Smith. Tacoma
P P Green, St LouU
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Max Cohn. St Louis
V "W Breeman. Indp
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C H Aldrldce, Hunt
ington tJ H Cooper. Baker Cr
'.Mrs Copper. Baker Cy
C H aicKenzie. vaie.Or
Mrs C H McKChzle. do
O it McFarland. Brlds
port, Or
Hotel Donnelly. Tacoma.
Enronenn plan; headquarters for com
mercial men. Chllberjj's restaurant la
ICnoTvledsre of the Breed.
Hartford Courant.
We want to make a prediction right
now. The Congressmen and the papers
that are loudest in demanding the forti
fying of the canal will (If tney carry their
point) be also the loudest, a few years
hence, in opposing the necessary appro
priations for the army and navy, and In
denouncing them as wasteful extrava
gance and "militarism." "tt"c know the
A Day In June.
James Russell XowelL
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Skirmish "With the1 Doers at Help
makaar He May Enter the Trans
vaal Via Znlnland.
LONDON, March 10. The only import
ant change In the general situation in
South Africa is that General Buller is
again on the move. The news comes in
a dispatch from the Boer ca'hvp at Blg
garsberg, dated Thursday, saying:
"Twelve thousand British are threaten
ing the Boer posItlQn from the direction
of Helpmakaar, while a party of British
scouts was encountered at WaschbanK
on March 8."
This force was probably General Hunt
er's division, and it is considered quite
possible that ait attempt may be made to
traverse the neck of Zululand into the
Transvaal, thus effecting the double pur
pose of outflanking the Boers at Blggars
berg and threatening Vryheld and
Utrecht. The Boers are reported to be at
BIggarsberg In considerable numbers, but
It is said they are already sending their
stores to the rear.
General Joubert appears to have left
active service to take charge of the War
Ofllco at Pretoria. Lourenco Marques
stories attribute his action partly to the
alleged fact that he has lost both con
trol over and confidence in the burghers,
and partly to his wish to push the prep
arations for tho siege which are supposed
to be being made at the capital.
The military authorities are of the opin
ion that General French must be neaxlng
The War Office is unable to confirm the
rumors of the relief of Mafeklng, but
tho trend of -belief is that the relief will
be effected within a few days.
Charles Williams, the military expert
of the Morning Leader, says today:
"General Frederick Carrington's staff
has been selected, and the names turn
out to bo those of retired officers. Now
there is no longer any need to conceal the
fact that he is going to South Africa by
arrnngoment between the Government
and the Chartered Company, to take com
mand of tho force which the company will
pay for, though he may be some time oc
cupied in policing the territory of the -wo
Republics which may fall Into our hands
pending a political settlement. It is hoped
to begin re-embarking the bulk of the
British forces in South Africa by July 1.
"It is said that General Buller still ex
pects to see- the Derby run, but that Is
4oo good to be true. Yet, many things
may happen in 11 or 12 weeks, as things
are going."
This, taken In connection with Cecil
Rhodes' statement that the Chartered
Cdmpany would buy artillery for Klm
berley, shows conclusively that the
company intends to have arms and on
army of ita own.
The Xctvh From Boer Soarces.
berg, Friday. March 9. Shots were ex
changed this mornimy near Helpmakaar
with a small body of British, who retired
hastily. Scouts report that the British
main advance is coming from Ladyemlth
toward- Sunday River.
PRETORIA. Friday. March 9. The
President has returned .from Bloemfon
teln. General Joubert is expected here
shortly. Fighting commenced in the di
rection of Helpmakaar this morning.
RcnssisrnmentB of General O nicer.
NEW YORK. March 10. A dispatch to
the Tribune from London says:
There are very many surmises respect
ing the future operations of Buller's
army. There were contradictory reports
yesterday of the occupation of farms near
Van Reenen's Pass by British troops, the
withdrawal of "Warren's division from
Natal, and the assignment of General
White to command the forces advancing
from Stromberg. Whjte outranks all the
Generals in the field except Roberts and
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Buller, hence it Is likely that he will be
assigned to command the forces now op
erating below the Orange River prepar
ing to Invade the Free State. Warren Is
senior In rank to all the other division
commanders, and his appointment was
due to his own qualifications as a Gen
eral trained in South Africa.
She Will Study the Homes and Home
Life of the People.
SANTIAGO, March 10. Mrs. Theodore
F.oosevelt and her sister, Mrs. Caro, who
sailed from New York on Wednesday, are
duo here today. It is quite natural that
San Juan Hill should be the subject of her
greatest Interest. She will, therefore, land
here, and under the guidance and direction
of United States officers, climb the hill up
which her husband led the Rough Riders.
Mrs. Roosevelt Intends to make a per
sonal inspection of the homes, the home
life, the opportunities and conditions of
the people and to spend a month In the
prosecution of her studies. From here she
will pursue her investigations aTong the
coast of Guantanamo, one of the most
conspicuous points in the naval battles,
and If her present policy be permitted by
the conditions of the weather, she will
proceed overland through the various
provinces of the interior to the city of
Mrs. Roosevelt Is one of the first of
American women to undertake such an in
vestigation, and It Is not improbable that
the results of her observations will -eventually
be communicated to the Federal
Government. Not alone because of her
husband's achievements, but because of
her own individual efforts In the behalf of
humanity, her report will receive delib
erate consideration.
Admiral Knutr Ordered to the Cen
tral American Coast.
NEW YORK, March 10. A special to
the Herald from Washington says:
Orders have been telegraphed to Rear
Admiral Kautz, commander-in-chief of
the Pacific squadron, directing him to
proceed with the Philadelphia to the Pa
cific Coast of Central America for the
purpose of protecting American interests
there, and to endeavor to prevent hostili
ties among the republics. Admiral Kautz
will not start until next week.
The Lighthouse Board hopes to obtain an
appropriation from Congress which will
enable it to provide lighthouses with the
wirelees telegraphy system. The amount
asked for is 525.000. Secretary Long has
decided not to adopt Rear-Admiral Brad
ford's recommendations looking to the use
of the system by the Navy until after tho
experiments which the Lighthouse Board
will make are completed.
For the convenience of commerce Secre
tary Long has approved the recommenda
tion of Rear-Admiral Bradford that n
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"It th TOlce hutfcjrT"
"Do yon aplt up lime?"
"Do you acht all overr"
"Do you enor. at night V
"Do you blow out scab at nlxbtf
"Is your nosi itopped up 7"
"Doei your note discharger '
"Does the noee bleed easily 7"
"Is thtrt tlckllnr In the throatt"
"Is thin worse toward nlghtr"
"Does tfc. nose Itch and burn!"
"Do you hawk to clear th throatt"
"Is thr pain across the eyas?"
"la there pain In front of head?"
"Is your senss ot smell le&vlncT"
"I the throat dry In th morning T"
"Are you losing your sent of taste T"
"Do you sletp with your mouth open?"
"Dots your nose atop up toward nlghtf
Deafness and ear troubles result
from catarrh passing along the Bus.
tachlan tube that leads from the
throat to the ear.
"Is your hearing falltajcT"
"Do your ears discharge T"
"Do your ears Itch and burn?"
"Are the ars dry nd ataly?"
"nart you pain behind the ara?
"Is thsre throbbing in tha ears?"
"Is then a buxring sound hearitr
"Do you have a ringing in tne earn?"
"Are thr crackling wunda heard?"
"Is your hearing bad cloudy days?"
"Do you have faracht occasionally?"
"Are there sounds like steam escaping?"
"Do your ears hurt when you blow your
"Do you constantly hear noises in the ears?"
"Do you bear better soms days than others?"
"Do tho noises in your ears knp you
awake r
""Whan you blow your soae do th sars
"Is hearing worse when you bars a cold?"
"Is roaring Ilka a waterfall n the haad?"
Write for Information of New Home Treatment, Sent
w. rr. corEifAXD, ai. d.
branch hydrographic office be established"
in Manila. Under orders given by the
department, the gunboat Bennington and
other email vessels of Rcar-Admlral "Wat
son's command will begin to survey the
Formal orders have been Issued by tho
Navy Department to Rear-Admlral Mc
Cormlck, detaching him from the com
mand of the "Washington Navy-yard, and
ordering him to duty as second in com
mand of the Asiatic station.
Qualifications of Candidates.
PORTLAND, March 10. (To tho Editor.)
Considerable Is being said both In and
out of print about the qualillcatlons of
voters at the school election on Monday
next. I think it tvould be well to ascer
tain whether either candidate has the
qualifications required by law to serve as
director, if elected. Any elector may be
a director. The only question seems to
be with referenco to the assessment of
Mr. FInlay. A. recent statement made in
The Oregonlan Is to the effect that a
voter's name must appear on the last
preceding assessment roll, and he must
be assessed on property In the district In
a sum not less than $100 before he can
vote: and that no member of a partner
ship who Is assessed only in the partner
ship and under tho partnership name, is
a qualified voter. If this is so, it would
appear from the assessment roll of 1859
that Mr. FInlay is not eligible for direc
tor. So far as I am ablo to learn from an
examination of the assessment roll for
1S99, it fails to show the name of Mr. FIn
lay on said roll for property In this school
district, unless It be that It is included
in the assessment of "J. P. Finlay &
Son," found on page 6027, line 9, of said
roll for said year, which assessment is as
follows: "J. P. FIndley and Son. No. 273
Third St. Merchandise and stock In trade
(presumably coffins), $200. Machinery,
wagons, etc (presumably hearses), J5C0.
Two horses, $50. Total, 5730."
If the statement made In The Orego
nlan that such an assessment does not
constitute a resident of the City of Port
land a voter at the school election, how
can ho be eligible as a director?
is known all over the world. It will be found in
. almost every family medicine chest.
For half a century
Stomach Bitters
Dyspepsia, . Indigestion, Constipation,
Liver and Kidney Trouble, Fever
and Ague, and Malaria.
It has never failed to cure we don't believe
it can fail.
Sold by all druggists and dealers generally.
See that a Private Revenue Stamp is over t$e
top of the bottle
known under various specific names,
are really of n catarrhal oripln and
nature. Every part of the mucous
membrane, the none, throat, eyes,
ears, head, lungs, ''stomach, liver,
bowels, kldncrn and bladder are
subject to disease and blight by
catarrh. The proper course for suf
ferers Is this i Read these symptoms
This condition often results from
catarrh extending from the head and
thront, and, if left unchecked, ex
tends down the windpipe into the
bronchial tubes, and in time attacks
the lnngs.
"nave you a cough?"
"Ar you losing flesh?"
"Do you cough at night?"
"Have you a pain In aide?"
"Do you take cold easily?"
"Is your appetite variable?"
"Have you stltchts In side?"
"Do you cough until you gag?"
"Ar you low-sptrlted at times?"
"Do you ralsa frothy material 7"
"Do you cough on going to bed?"
"Do you cough In tha morning?"
"Do you spit up yellow matter?"
"Do you spit up little cheesy lump?"
"Is your cough short and hsoklnrt"
"Hava you pain behind the breastbone ?
"Have you a disgust for fatty foods?"
"Is there a tickling behind tha palate?"
"Do you fatl you art growing weakir?"
"Is there a burning pain !.: the throat?"
"Do you cough worse night and morning?"
"Do you have to alt up at night to gtl
The liver becomes diseased by ca
tarrh extending from the stomach
into the tubes of the liver.
"Ara you fretful 7"
"Ara you peevish?"
"Do yo'u get dlxxy?"
"Do you feel fatigued?"
"Do you feel miserable?"
"Do you have cold far?"
"Do you get tired easily?"
"Is your eyesight blurred?"
"Can't you explain where?"
"Constant oenea of depression?"
"is there a bloating after eating?"
"Constant sense of pain In back?"
"Hava you gurgling In bowels?"
"Do you have rumbling In bowela!"
"Hava you pain under shoulder-blade?"
"Is there throbbing In the etcmachT"
"Do you have sense of heat In bowels 7"
"Do you suffer from pains In temples?"
"Do you have palpitation of the heart?"
OFFICE IIOUTtS From O A. 31. to 12
EVENINGS Tuesdays and Fridays.
liver (2), pains in stomach or disordered digestion (3), fluttering
of heart (4), pale, wan face (5). hollow, bleary eyes (6), head
aches or dizziness (7), coated tongue (8)? Are you weak, ner
vous, melancholy, gloomy, is your sleep disturbed? Do you lack
confidence in yourself? These are all weak-nerve symptoms
that Hudyan cures.
Hudyan's effect is unlike that of any other remedy. Hudyan
makes one hearty, robust, strong.
illCT 141 inVAN From your druggist. 60c a package, six packages for J2.50.
VIC I rHJliin if your druggist does not keep it, send direct to the HUD
YAN REMEDY CO.. corner Stockton. Ellis and Market streets, San Francisco. Cal.
Consult Hudyan Doctors About Yor Case Free of Charge. Write.
These belts are the genuine Dr. Sanden patent, and
are so guaranteed on a bond, of $5,000.00.
They are the belts with 30 years' reputation. As we
have no connection with others claiming to sell Sanden
Belts the genuine can only be obtained of me at
reduced prices.
Call or address :
DR. S. S. HALL, 253 Washington St., cor. Third,
Portland, Or.
If you cannot call send for book
carefully over, mark those that ap
ply to your case, and bring; this -with
you to Dr. Copelnnd. If you live
away front the city, send them by
mall, and ask for mall treatment. In
either Instance, and whether by mall
or office treatment, the patient may
be assured of the speediest relief
and cure possible to medical science.
This condition may result from sev
eral causes, but the msual cause in
catarrh, the mucus dropping dowa
into the throat and being swal
lowed. "Is there nausea?"
"Ara you ccstlvar
"la thare vomiting?"
"Do you beloh up gas?"
"Hava you Tratrhr""
"Are you Mghtneadad?"
"Is your tongua coated V
"Do you hawk and spit?"
"Is there pain after eating?"
"Are you narvoua and weak?"
"Do you have sick headaches r
"Do you bloat up after eatlng-7"
"Is there disgust for breakfast?"
"Have you distress after eating?"
Is your throat filled with wtlme7"
"Do you at tlmea :.av diarrhoea?"
"Is there rush of blood to tha head?"
"When you gat up suddenly ara you dlssyt
"la there gnawing rtnaatlon In stomach V
"Do you feel as If you had lead In stomaehj '
"Whan stomaoh la mpty do you feel falntr'
"Do you belch material that bums throat r
"If stomach Is full do you feel oppresatdt"
The majority of nervous diseases
are caused by poisons in the blood.
Poison circulating in the blood
harasses the brain and nerves, and
such symptoms as these followt
"Do you feel giddy?"
"Is your mind dull?"
"Are you easily dazed?"
"Do you have headache?"
. "Are you easily exclted7"
"Do your handa tremble?"
"Does your heart flutter?"
"Are you easily Irritated?"
"Are you always anxious?"
"Do your muscles twitch?"
"Is your temper Irritable?"
"Suffer from eleepleseness?"
"Does not sleep refresh you?"
"Do you start In your Bleep?"
"Do you forget what you read?"
"Do you suffer from neuralgia?"
"Do you have horrible dreams?"
"Have you lost power In limbs?"
"Are you easily frightened?"
"Do you have pain on top of head?"
"Do your legs and arms go to sleep?"
"Is there a rush of blood to the head?"
"Do you have a languid, tired feeling?"
"Doc a lump come up la your throat?"
"Do you fee queer things In the dark?"
"Do you have pain in the back of head?"
Free on Application.
M.j from 1 to 5 P. ai.
SUNDAYS From 10 A. af. to 12 31.
Results In "debility" "exhaustion." Not only
exhaustion of the body, but exhaustion of
the mind as well.
The nerve-cells of the body are robbed
of their vital forces (their life); therefore
all the organs of the body suffer from lack
of nerve control, and the blood vessels that
supply these organs are not in proper tone.
Hudyan corrects the evil. Hudyan pro
vides the nerve force that is lacking. Do
you suffer with pains in limbs (1), torpid
Three Classes of Men," mailed free.