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.S0 g - W. Wilbur
aY t
1 "o -
Let Me Alone.
Leng I haveain la iny narrow led.
With day awl jnarble above my head
I am 4oae -with love and hate and stnfe,
And al tbe fouy that men call life. "
"Disturb me not In my rest profound;
"Lat lao sleep my sleep here In the ground.
"What to me Is jour hne or your hate?
Talk not to me of your light with "fate."
Onoe you -were mine. Tour llpa and your eyes
I kissed with passion; but passion dies
"Whi we oteep in the cold and quiet bed,
Asa awn to their pride say v e are dead.
"Get ate alone. I fain "would sleep;
Xove If ymx -will, and laugh or weep.
"Why do you trouble me? Xt me be;
Tour Sove and your folly are naught to me.
Xettg I have lain In my narrow bed.
With, clay and marble above my head;
I am done -with life, my peace I "would keep;
Xefc me alone, I fain -would eleep.
-Louts T. Hodges In Atlanta Constitution.
irounjr People's Clnl Give a Second
Larg-ely Attended and EnjonbIe
Friday Mgkt Party.
The second dance of the Toung People's
Oiufe took place last Friday evening at
IP-arsons hall, and like the preceding one,
it "was a very smart affair. Tho hall was
decorated in a very artistic fashion, tho
stage being a mass of palms and ver
greens, behind which was stationed the
orchestra. Pending from the celling -were
garlands of holly, whose crimson berries
made a very -pretty effect against the
dark green leaves. To carry out the holi
day idea, the walls were decorated with
evergreens. The patronesses of the occa
sion -were: Mrs. J. K. Kollock, Mrs. J.
"Wesley Ladd, Mrs. J. K, McCraken and
Mrs. Ed Mays. Much taste was displayed
in. the decoration of the dining-room. Tho
, tete-a-tete taWes -were brightened by
&ua6iara, with rosy-tinted shades. At
ftie end of the room was a handsomely
decked table, at which the patronesses
presided. The supper was dainty and de
licious, and the service was excellent.
The committee Is loud la Its praise of
Mrs. KoHock, whose untiring efforts con
tributed so largely to the success of the
evening. Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. 3. K. KoUoclr, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wes
ley L&dd, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mays, Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. McCraken, the Misses Imo
gen Stuart, Hattie Tallant, Brentz,
Daisy Brewtz, Kathleen Burns, Frances
Xrewis, Estelle Klllen, Marion Jackson,
Henrietta Elliott, Camille Dosch, Bullock,
Gove, Titiow. Bertha Tongue, Lucy Sit
ton, Ruth Scott, Fannie Brown, Amy
Hedtshu, Linda Mauzey, Bess Barker.
Helen Lamson, Rebecca Catlln, Kate
SlttoH, Helen. Eastham, Alice Andrews.
Carrie Smith, Carrie Flanders, Elsie
Smith, M. Louise Flanders, Olga von Des
tinon, Malel Macleay, Laurie King,
M'llsa McCraken, Julia Sprague, Eliza
beth Tongue, Daisy Freeman, Helen Y111
Schuyver, Innis, Thompson; Messrs. Jor
dan Zan, Morris Whltehouse, Frank
Dekum, Lewis Woodward, Walter Beebe,
Carl D. Lewis, Maurice Cheal, Ned Bar
rett, George Brown, Clarence Sewall,
Frank Freeman, Ed Sterling, Clarence
King, Lynn. Baker, George Cherry, Amo
Dosoh, J. E. Lumgalr, Irving Rohr, Piatt
Randall, SethCatlin, Jack Sprague, Burke
Tongue, David Kerr, George Gerllnger,
J. Ernest Laidlaw, Robert McCraken, G.
Auger, Eugene White, H. A. Futcher,
Fred M. Gilmore, Scott Brooke, Bertram
Mackay. Lansing Stout, H. B. Tronson,
Dr. Thomas Barrett. Dr. George Marshall,
Dr. James Zan, Lieutenant P. M. Olm
stead, Lieutenant W. A. Sweeney and
Captain. C. A. von Egioffstein.
Miss Van Selmyver Very Pleasantly
Entertain ainny Friends.
Miss Van Schuyver celebrated the an
niversary of her birth in a very charm
ing manner last Wednesday, evening by
giving a card party at her home, the
Hotel Portland. Black Lady" was
played, and the successful ones w ere Miss
Steele and Mr. Lee. .Mr. Muehe and Mr,
Cheal delighted those present with songs
and ragtime music, after which delicious
refreshments and punch were served.
Later in the evening the game of "Mem
ory" was played, the prizes beingwon by
Mi Shortelie and Mr. Lee. Miss Van
Schuyver received some beautiful flowers
and a number of presents. The party
"was a most delightful one In every respect
and continued until the wee sma' hours
of the morning.
Those who enjoyed Miss Van Schuyver's
hospitality were: The Misses Shortelie,
Bess Barker. Ivy Barker. Helen Eastman.
Steele. Andrews and McCraken, Messrs.
J30b McCraken, Harry McCraken, Beeks,
Dekura, Cheal, Van Schuyver, C. Van H
King, Muehe and Lee, Mr. and Mrs. W.
J. Van ehtiy'er, Mr. -and Mrs. Allen A.
Wright and Da and Mrs. A. E. Mackay.
Tlie 3ises Eliot Give a Very En
joyable Entertainment.
The Mteses 'Eliot gave a very enjoyable
"Hearts" party at the residence of Rev.
T. L. Eliot, in honor of Miss Hattie Tal
lont, of Astoria, on Wednesday evening.
After number of games had been played
a delightful supper was served. The
luoky prize winners were: Hiss Edwlna
Hammond and Mr. Frank Freeman.
Among those present were:
The MfcseesHammond. Sutherland, Sit
ton. Ir ogen Stuart, Rhoda Failing, Julia
SpragL Florence Hammond. Rebecca
Oa " Frances Lewis, Lucy Sitton, Hattie
TJ" Tt and Ace Strong; Mrs. Wilbur:
Messrs. Frank Freeman, Herbert Lee, R.
eth Catlln, Lewis Woodward,
Jack Sprague, Frank "Warren, X Ernest
Laidlaw, Robert Strong and Dr. Jefferds-.
Weddings of llie Weejc in Portland
.nd at Other Points.
The marriage of Mies Martha Mary
Hxon to Mr. Alexander A. Wayne, of San
Francisco, CaL, was solenvmzed on Thurs
day afternoon, January 4, at 4, o'cloclc, at
the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs.
H C. Exon, In thfs city. The ceremony
was performed by Rev. John Flynn, m the
presence, of tho immediate relatives. "Mr.
and Mrs. Wayne left the same evening for
San Francisco, where they will be at
home to their friends after February 1,
at 312 Fillmore street
A quiet wedding was solemnized on Sun
day evening, January 7, at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Porter, In Sellwood, when
3Ir. Edward Lyons, of Lents, and Miss
Cora Griswold, of MuliTiomah4county,.wero
united In matrimony by Rev. W. S.
Wright, pastor of the Presbyterian church
of Sellwood, Tho wedding was strictly
private, ana the young couple left on
Monday morning for a visit to their friends
at Lents, after wSich they will make their
residence on the Lower Columbia,
A pretty home wedding took placo
Wednesday evening, January 10, when
Kate, second daughter, of Mr. and Mrs.
Johan Poulsen, 4S3 Hassalo- street, was
united in marriage to Mr. George Wdtson
Thatcher, Rev. Dr.. Hill -ofliciating. The
wedding march was played by Mrs. Otto
Erdmann. The home" wras beautifully
decorated with smilax, palms, and cut
flowers. Miss Agnete Poulsen -was
maid of honor, and Miss Thora
Poulsen bridesmaid. Mr. Leonard W.
Thatcher was best man. The bride
looked charming in white silk, with
lace overdress, and carried an arm bouquet
of lilies of the valley and ferns. A de
licious supper -was served in the dining
room. Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher wilL be at
home after January 20, at East Ninth and
Weidler streets.
Engagements Announced.
The engagement of Mr. William O. Van
Schuyver and Miss Helen J. Shortelie is
Mrs. J. M. Burgoyne, who is visiting
friends In Victoria, B. C, Is reported to
be engaged to Mr. Kernan, a mining man
from Alaska. The wedding is announced
for June. Mrs. Burgoyne "was formerly
Mrs. W. K. Scott, "of this city.
Social and Other Events Past, Pres
ent and Prospective.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Forbes
Presbyterian church gave a very success
ful reception Monday night to the new
members of the church who were received
last Sunday. They were made the guests
of honor, each receiving a bouquet, as a
distinguishing mark, and were seated with
the pastor and his wife and the elders and
their wives, at a beautifully decorated
table, and served with a delicious lunch
eon. Rev. Mr. Forbes leaves Tuesday
for Moscow, Idaho, to remain two weeks,
assisting in special meetings Rev. D. O.
Ghormley, D. D., formerly pastor of the
Third Presbyterian church of this city. -At
the tea given "by the ladles of the
Forbes Presbyterian church, at the home
of Mrs. J. P. Menefee, the other evening,
the following named officers were elected
for the ensuing year: President, Mrs.
Alice Barchus; secretary, .Mrs. Belle Arm
strong; treasurer, Mrs. Johanna Vree
Wcll-Known Portland Conplc Cele
brate the Event In Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Loomls, of Portland,
celebrated their golden wedding anniver
sary Wednesday at the home of their
daughter, Mrs. J. W. Wentworth, in Spo
kane. They were married in Ohio and
the state of Minnesota Tvas their home,
but they have lived in Portland for many
years. u?he Wentworth residence was
decorated "with evergreen and cut flowers
for the occasion. In large letters of gold
the datest 1S5O-190O -were Included in the
decorative scheme.
Mr. and Mrs. Loomls received their
guests, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Went
worth and Mr. and Mrs. BIgelow, there
being a company of 50 present. PcJems
written for the happy event were Tead by
J. F. Brown and Mrs. E. P. Galbralth. A
musical programme was given during the
evening by, the grandchildren of the host
and hostess. In the refreshments served
tho prevailing colors were yellow and
Pleasant "Hop" Arranged.
Invitations have been Issued for a re
turn "hop," to be given to the officers and
cadets of the Bishop Scott academy by
some of their women friends, at Parsons
hall, on Tuesday evening next The hall
will be especially decorated, a fine orches
tra Avill be in attendance, and the affair
promises to be one of the events of the
season. '
Minor Happening.
Mrs. R. H. Weeks, assisted by her niece,
Miss Ruby Tompkins, entertained a num
ber of friends Thursday evening last. Drive
whist was tbe order of the evening. Miss
Neta ' Cornell and Dr. Wilson won the
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore NIcolai were the
recipients of a pleasant surprise at their
home, 433 Holladay avenue, Thursday
evening, tendered by the Larmend Whist
Club. Mr. and Mrs. NIcolai being about
to take their departure for California on a
pleasure tour.
A very pleasant evening was spent last
Wednesday at the home of Miss Ray
Kin, in honor of that young lady's 17th
birthday. The features of the, evening
were singing, dancing and games, after
which a supper was served, Mr. D. Mos
sesson acting as toastmaster.
The friends of Mrs. A. Worslev assem
bled at her rosldence, S55 Harrison street,
Friday evening, the occasion being a pleas
ant garden party, given by that lady. The
rooms were tastefully decorated with ferns
and hot-house plants, and the exercises
were of a very pleasant nature.
A reunion of Mrs. J. T. Hayne's former
art students was held, in her honor, at
the lovely home of Mrs. P.J". Bannon, on
Thursday -last. Mrs. Hayne" exhibited
quite a number of Alaskan views, ana
"flower personalities" was played, tho
prize (a bust of Wagner), "being won -toy
Mrs. Hayne. Luncheon wasf served, '
Ebli and Fiotv of the Social Tide- in
antt About Portland.
Miss Laura "Siegl has returned from a'
visit to San Francisco.
Mrs. S. Chaskel and daughters have re
turned from a visit to San Francisco.
Miss Blanche Sorenson has returned
from San Francisco, where she has" been
visiting friends.
Mr. Joseph C. Raas arrived from San
Francisco' yesterday and is visiting his,
sister, Mrs.. Charles Rueff, - ,
Mr. and Mrs. L. ,W. Rivers and their
daughter, Hetta, leave fpr Salt Lake City,
their future, home, the coming week.
Miss Estp. Ramsey, of Salem, who has
With1- a vnew floor, new operav chairs,
new drop curtain, new scenery and the
entire interior completely renovated, tho
Metropolitan theater will reopen tonight
as practically a new ' house. The work
of renovation, was carried out sn a large
scale. The new hardwood floor is hand
somely stained, and is much neater than
tho former painted floor. The nrtw opera
chairs are ball-bearing the only chairs
of the kind In the city, and are roomy,
noiseless and comfortable. They are of
maple, with rosewood finish, and aie con
sidered much superior to tho upholstered '
chairs that are generally used in theaters.
Eight now loges have, been put inland
been visiting .Mrs. H. C. Leavitt, at 141
Union avenue, north, has returned to her
On Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. A . L.
Mills, Miss Sallle Lewis, Mr. Hunt Lewis
and Mr. Rpderlck Macleay departed for
the Eastern states.
Frank J. Meyers, , of Thet Dalles, 'has
returned from a trip to San Francisco,
and is visiting his sister, Mrs. 1L C.
Leavitt, on the East 'Side.
Another Pretty Song.
"Bird Notes" is the title of avery pret
ty song, the -words and music by Mrs.
June McMillen Ordway, and dedlaated to
Mme. Jennie Norrelli. All lovers of music
will bo pleased to learn that Mrs. Ordway
has again take up her pen, which -was
temporarily stilled by the death of her
brave son. A great sorrow has been
known to add sweetness to 'the singer, and
this last effort of Mis. Ordway -would bear silent testimony to the truth
of this assertion. This talented woman
has written a number of beautiful songs,
both patriotic and sentimental, but It is
safe to say that "Bird Notes" has a
sweeter and more sympathetic strain than,
is shown In any of lver qther productions.
The words and music have bsen published
by the "Wright Music Publishing Company,
and will be found on sale at all music
stores. l
Shakespeare Class.
By .request, Wednesday, 1:30 P. M.f
also King Arthur's class Tuesday, 10' A.
M. Membership,' $L per tmonth., Mme. J.
H. Bauer, 475 Main street. Telephone,
Black 134L .
See display of elegant hand-painted
china In Feldenheimer's -window. ,
Messrs. A. Meierancr Ludwig Hirsch;
of Meier & Frank Co., leave for the East
ern markets this evening. They will be
busily 'employed during the next" two
months, placing orders i'or stocksof spring
and summer goods. , ; f n
Mrs. E. J. Oliver, who has recently
'v " ' "1' " . J" . , '
taken charge of the millinery department
for Meier & Frank Co., "leaves for New
York, thjs evening. She will spend the
next "two months studying styles fin tho
metropolis and baylng"a millinery? stock
for "the coming season.
Events ol the Weelc at tiie State
- University Elsc-ivliere.
At the state university, college reopened
Monday, with all ihe students in their ac
customed places. Everybody seems to have
enjoyed the' holidays, and all are busy
preparing for the final semester "exams,"
which como early in February.
The GleeGlub tour was a most suc
cessful one. Nine concerts, mostly in the
larger cities of Eastern Oregon, weie
On Wednesday morning, at assembly,
Professor C6ndon offered a resolution ,ot
thanks to the glee boys, which, was prompt
ly adopted. Next Tuesday evening the lo
cal alunlnj association and Dr. and Mrs.
Frank Strong will tender a reception to
the -club, The affair will be held in Villapd
hall... ' , i
Mr.""B, iJchwaHzchlld has' presented the
university -jvith a bronze cast of "Hcsea,"
as creafed in Sargenfs fainting, "The
Prophets." It will be placed n Villard
Last Thursday evening, after the con
cert vby" the University of California Glee"
Club' the Berkeley boys were given a re
ception, at Conser hall. The affair was
tendered by tho student body.
J. The Sjocietas Quirinalis on Tuesday even
these are provided with elegant oak
chairs, as are the boxes. The drop curT
tain Js ireally a work of art, and repre
sents a scene on the Bosphorus, "with a
Moorish castle in the background. Man
ager Jones decided, while the work of
renovation was going on, to procure an
entire new lot of scenery. All "the scen
ery is of tho latest and best .designs.
The entire interior effects have been al
tered. "The -wall's and ceiling are In dark
colors, and the interior woodwork in deli
cate .light shades. This doe away with
the ban,n-llke appearance that formerly
suggested Itself to one on entering tlie
theater. Tho work of renovation has
been carried to the box-ofilce, the stage
lng heard an address, by Professor E. K
McAllister, who discussed "Mythology of
the Stars."
Tho Y. M. C. A. delegates whb vlef t
for the stato conference at Monmouth Fri
day -wero instructed to invite the? conference-
to meet in Eugena in 1901.
It is quite probable, that the universities
of Oregon and Califoni.a will meet In de-J
Date this, year, efforts now oeing made to
bring the affair about-
A call has been Issued for a meeting of
those Interested in Indoor baseball. Some
desultory practice has been had already,
and a strong team should be raised. It is
hopetT that games can be arranged with Al
bany or Corvallis.
Events of Interest Occurring Among
Faculty sutil Students.
At the .last regular meeting of the Gam
ma Sigma 'Spcioty, officers-- for the; ensu
ing iterm 'were- elected as follows: A.
Yoder, '02, president, and W.v' FJetpher,
'00, secretary.
-Mr. Hanna, traveling secretary of Y.
M. C. A. -for the Pacific Northwest, ad
dressed the students Sunday afternoon, m
Marsh hall.
Mrs. Heartford, president of the W. C.
T. U. ofOregon, addressed them Tuesday
Tuesday night, at Marsh hall, occurred
the "try-out" debate for the selection of a
debating team, to represent Pacific univer-'
slty m the Inter-collegiate debate. The
judges selected Messrs? Lancefield,
Schock and Fletcher as the teanx They
are all members of the senior class "and
also of th Gemma Sigma Society!,
On Friday, evening the university united
with the citizens, of the town in giving a
reception to Dr. Brdwn, who has but re'
cently returned from the Philippines,
where he served as a surgeon In the
First Washington regiment.
, K t r Monmonth 2Votja.
The annual convent'on of.' the Y.'M. C.
A. of Oregon is' in session -at the Mon-
V "
mouth school. Delegates, are present from
all the principal schools of the state. -Students
are preparing for the February
i examinations. -
Professor R. C. French spent a few days
this .week in Portland purchasing appa
ratus for tho tralning-3chooi library and
"Willamette University.
On Wednesday evening, in the society
halls, occurred the local try-out for places
on the debating team. The Willamette
team has chosen the English side in the
Pacific-Willamette contest, which occurs
In February.
The Salem Chqral Society was x reor
ganized xon Tuesday evening, under the
leadership of Professor Seley. The soci
ety will take up the study of the "Crea
tion," in preparation for the May fes
tival of the Willamette. Valley Choral
Union, which vvlll be held in Salem next
-spring. .
Various Events of. tbe Weelc in the
sWe of Washington.
Mrs. Anna WIntlen gave a very enjoy
able evening party to a few friends last
Tues"day, evening, in honor b the Misses
Gordon, of Forest Grove.
A "Cobweb Social" was given by tHe la
dles and young people of the Presbyterian
church, at the residence of the Rev, Hugh
Lamont last Friday evening.
Miss. Gordon and Miss Stella Gordon, of
and the dressing-rooms, where many im
provements have been made. Elegant
new carpets have been placed In all parts
of, the house, anew coat of paint put on
the woodwork, and the frescoing re
touched. In fact, there is nothing old
about the Metropolitan but the building
and Its name. A large sign, 45 feet long,
has been erected in frontf of the theater,
extending, entirely across Third street,
with "the words, "Metropolitan Theater,"
formed of incandescent lights in frosted
globes on It. The opening of the house
under the new regime occurs tonight,
when tho first performance In Portland
of the comedy, "A Cheerful Liar, wilfi
be given.
Forest Grove, Or,, who have been guests
of Mr. and Mrs. G. ,H. Steward for two
"weeks returned home on Wednesday.
' The Vancouver High Five Club met with
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Marsh on Thursday
evening of this week. Last week the cIud
met at the residence q Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Sutton. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Caples were given a
very oleasant surprise at their home last
Friday evening, by a number of their
friends, the occasion being the anniversary
of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Caples.
Walla Walla.
' Mrs. John B. Catron has gone to Yakima
to visit relatives.
Harry Jtiffle- and wife have returned
from a trip to Philadelphia.
The.High Five Club met at the home ot
Mrs. D. McGillivary, Friday afternoon.
James Dacres, who has been on an ex
tended visit to San Francisco,' Is home.
Miss Louisa Louga has returned from
Portland, where she has been visiting her
sister. ,
Edward Parker, son of Colonel -F. J.
Parker, has gone to Calif ornia' to enter d
naval school.
Professor Edgar S. Fischer, the new
violinist of Whitman college, has arrived
from Philadelphia.
Dr. W. B. Clowe and wife, who left
here" for Oakland, Cal., some months ago,
have returned to remain In Walla Walla.
Thomas Mosgrove, receiver of the land
office, and family, have moved into tne
elegant new home he has built' on Nob
Mrs. William J. Dyer, of Salem, who
spent the holidays with Hon. B. L. Sharp-
stein and family, has returned home, with
her young son.
The 19th annual ball was a great- suc
cess, socially and financially. The addi
tion to -the coffers of the Ladles' Relief
Society w,as ?320.
Thursday evening a large party of
young ladles and gentlemen "surprised"
Mrs. "Albert Goldman and her nieces, the
Misses Koshland, of Portland, and had a J
jpjly time with dancing in the- lacge, new-dining-room,
cardplayins and refresh
ments. Mrs. Duncan McGillivary, assisted by
her daughters, Mrs. Edward Garland and
Mrs. Henry B. Kershaw, and her sister,
Miss fielle Durry, entertained" a large
number of ladles Thursday afternoon with
progressive euchre. The prizes were won
by Mrs. Captain B. H. Cheever. U. S. A.,
Mrs. Harrie Burford and Mrs. George W.
Lewis and A. F. Schere started Friday
for Dawson City.
Miss Annabel Donahoe entertained the
Young People's Card Club Friday evening.
The Hillside Card Club was entertained
Wednesday evening by Mr. and Mrs. H.
Stuchell. . "
Mrs. A. ,C. St. John returned this week
xrom a. visit to ner parents in Qlympia.
Her sister, Miss Rose Marr, accompanied
her. '.
Mr. and Mrs, Ed Sloan, of Townsend,'
Mont., and Wirt Cournyer, of CHestnut,
Mont,, are visiting Chehalis friends and
relatives. , .
.The Woodmen of the World had a pub
lic Installation Wednesday 'night, with the
Circle as guests. , A spread, dancing and
other features followed.
Mrs. J. 'G. Startup, of Seattle and Mrs.
M. E. "Van Aelstyn, of Chehalis, started
Wednesday for California, where they
will remain about four months.
Rev, W.J. Dickson returned this week
from Orcas island, where he and Mrs.
Dickson were called last week by the ill
ness of Mrs. Dickson's aged1 father.
Mr. , and Mrs. A. Donahoe entertained
a company of friends at "high five"
Thursday evening, in honor of the" Misses
-Smith, , sisters o Mra. D,onahoe, who
stoppe'd, here on their way to Seattle.
Ccnalia. ,
' Professor 'D. MTDaum, after a short
visit, witli friends-' In this city, has re-.
turned to Elma.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Campbell will leave
in ashort time for Tapoma, where they
will make theilr home. "
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Robinson, who
have been visiting relatives in this city,
have returned to Olympla.
Harry Gilchrist, after spending the holi
days, with his parents, has returned to
Portland, where he Is attending school.
VarlonnrXvents or the Week in the
s State ot Oregon.
Miss Faye Martin returned last week
from Portland.
Miss Clara Irvine is visiting relatives awl
friends in Corvallis.
Miss Jennie Snyder and William Gilbert
have returned from a visit to Dallas.
Carl Shortridge has returned to his home
at Dolphr after spending several weeks
with friends in McMInnVille. -
Clifford Daniels gave a merry party to a
number of his young friends at the home
of his parents, "Wednesday evening.
The social given at the jlecture-room of
the Cumberland, Presbyterian church
Thursday evening by the Y. P.tS. C. E.
was very much enjoyed by all present.
Mr. and Mrs. William De Haven pfeas
antlyrentertalned at whixt in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. B. Dresser, who axe to leave
soon,, to make their home in Portland.
The entertainment given at the opera
house Friday evening. January '5, by the
Christian Endeavor of. the -Christian
church, was largely attended and proved
a very successful" affair.
Mrs. J. W. Hdbbs entertained 'a number
of friends Friday evening. Whist was
the principal feature, and it was folttmed
by several musical selection.;. Refresh
ments were served. Misses Elsie and
Maude Hobb3 and Ethel Harris received,
and assisted in entertaining the guests.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. F. W.
Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Hodson, Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Apperson,Mr. and Mrs. W.
D. McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Bakar,
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Heath. Mr. and Mrs:
Jacob Wortman, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Con-nei-,
Mr and Mrs. E. M. Brledwell and
Mrs. Evenden.
Baker City.
Colonel J. T. Grayson returned from
New York Monday.
Mra. Ruckman, of Anatone, Wash., is
tho guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Moore.
Hon. D. J Thompson and ex-United
States Senator Mitchell, of Portland, were
in this city during the week.
President F. P. Hayes and P. A. Gil
bert, of the Bonanza Mining Company, re
turned Monday from Warren, Pa.
On Wednesday evening. Rebekah lodge.
No. S, I. O. O. F., Installed new officers,
a lunch following the closed-door cere
monies. C. C. Goodspeed- and his mother, Mrs.
D. F. Moore, of Carson, Union county,
are guests of Mrs. Moore's daughter, Mrs.
A. P. Weller.
The High Five Club was entertained on
Tuesday evening at the Fourth-street
home of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Robblns.
Lunch was served.
On Tuesday evening the new Iodgerooms
of Baker lodge, No. 33S, Benevolent and
Protective Order of Elks. In the Haskell
building, were dedicated by Deputy Grand
Exalted Rulor R. E. Moody and Exalted
Ruler H. E. Griffin, of Portland ledge,
No. 142, assisted by the local lodge. A
banquet was seryed. . ,
Miss Fannie Day has returned from a
.C. , Jackson has gone East for a
At dinner on Tuesday evening. Dr. and
Mrs. F. W. Vincent entertained the fol
lowing - named people- Mr. and Mrs.
,Leon Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Taylor.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Baruh, Mr. and Mrs. H.
F. Johnson.
A very enjoyable coaching: party and pro
gressive dinner was given ifrlday evening,
by a number of Pendleton .society people.
At 6 o'clo'ck oysters were srved by Mr.
and Mrs, C. S. Jackson. The party then
proceeded by coach to the hpme of Mr.
and Mrs. H. F. Johnson, for. the soup
course, and thence to the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Leon Cohen, for the .fish. At
the Vincent home. Dr. and Mrs. F.
W. Vincent and Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
Guernsey served turkey, Mr. and Mrs.
F. E. Judd gave the salad course and the
finale was reached at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Roosevelt, .where dessert was
The Dalles.
Miss Bessie" Lang Is In Portland for a
few days.
Mrs.' Thornbury, of Portland, Is visiting
her daughters, Mrs. O. KInersly and Mrs.
T. A. Hudson.
Mr. and Mrs. Carey Jenkins, who visited
relatives at The Dalles during the holi
days, returned to Portland Monday.
Mr. and Mrs, Frank, Sommerville ar
rived here yesterday from the south. Mr.
Sommerville will go to Montana, and Mrs.
Sommerville will visit at Tho Dalles and
Portland a few weeks before joining him.
Mr. and Mrs.'H. W. French left Sunday
for Portland, from which place 'they will
go' to San Francisco, accompanied by Mrs.
Russell Sewall. They will spend most
of the winter with Mrs. A. M. Williams, of
that city.
, Oregon City.
- Mrs. L. L. Porter returned Wednesday
from Corvallis.
Mrs. Willis Kramer and daughter, of
Myrtle Creek, wrho visited relatives h?re
for three weeks, returned home Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Stevens and daugh
ter, Miss Muriel, left Friday for a month's
visit to Mr. and Mrs. Harley Stevens, at
San Francisco.
Mrs., C. D. Latourette entertained the
members of the Ladles' Aid Society of .the
.Congregational church, at her home, Wed-
nesday afternoon, the occasion being fa
annual nveetlng and eleeMon of the soci
ety. The .following-named were re-elected:
President. Mrs. J. M. Mark. ,cc
president, Mrs. C. D. Latourette. spce
tary, Mrs. H. C. SUvana; tseaaurer, M-s.
C. H. Caufieidi, Mrs. L&t&urette waa as
sisted in receriataS and entertaining Irr
guests by Mra se McKean, M -3
Scott, of Portland: Mrs. C. W. Pope, aru.
Mrs. T. W. Pope,, ilrs. Feutsr. Lunch waa
Mrs. Rosa Bernard! and children have
gone to California for Jt six months' vis't.
It is announced that oa nxt Wednesd iy
evening Miss Stella. G esaer. of this c-t. ,
will be married to Mr. Arthttr Hodges o
Tha wedding of Miss Ftaraaee Wells to
Mr. S. B. Davis Is announead for the fl'st
of February. Both wtra formerly con
nected with the Chemaifva. Indian school,
but are now teachers Jit Warm Springs
The largest and best dauKdmr party gven
by the "44" Club this son was th.V
which took place in Tio-ga hall last
Wednesday evening. It wo the last of a
series of flvet dances, but the members of
the club contemplate giviag smother series
this winter."
The "Friday Night Club"" ba been re
organized by the election of Dr. W. T.
Williamson, president; WJHtam, Brown,
secretary, and Claud Gatth, traaaurer. Tiie
club save its second lass. Friua
evening, and will give bl-weekiy dances
the remainder of the season. Th is
Salem's- oldest social organisation, an 1 '3
composed exclusively of mart led people.
Its dances begin early and end about U
o'clock P. M. "
Mrs. A. L. Khlder has ratwened from a
trip to San Francisco.
G. R. Child and wife have returrel
from an extended visit to San Fraoicsco.
Mrs. E. P. Long and steter. Lillte Gil
lette, have returnd from a. visit to their
parents In Pendteton.
A.- T. Morian left this week for Fre
donln, N. Y., where he was ealled by the
sickness of his father.
WednesSay night. Mr. and Mrs. H. Wol
lenberg gave a party to their numerous
friends; the house being beautifully deco
rated for the occasion. Miss Lulu Willis
and Tt R,. Sheridan were the winners of
the whist prizes'. Refreshments wen
servedV after whuch dancing was indulged
Miss Harriet Tallant is th guest of
Mi3 Eliot, of Portland.
Miss Nan Reed has returned from a
visit td frientte in Portland.
Miss Celena Bloch, of Portland, has- been
visiting at the homo of Mayor Bergman.
Miss Young has gone to Eugene for t 0
purpose of pursuing some special
at the university.
Mrs. Elizabeth. Ogden Maloney, of Wash
ington, D. C, wife of th Uto Dr. J. A.
Maloney, many years president of tha ex
Confederate Association of the District of
Columbia, accompanied by her daughter,
Marie, is visiting her daughter, Mr. Ar
thur D. Marshall, at Astoria.
Mrs.. G. R. Farra entertained the Ladles'
Whist Club. Tirorsdoy afternoon.
A pleasant box party waa given at tha
home of 'Mrs. PyjpaK, Friday evening.
T,. F. Langiey and family, of Taylorvi'le,
III., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. JoKa
MIiis Leona Smith, who has been in San
Francisco for tb past few months, ar
rived home Sunday night.
At the jofcit installation of the G. A. R.
and W. R. C. lust Saturday evening, a
meat enjoyable time was had by theso
present. Songs were sung, addresses wera
made and a bountiful lunch waa served.
M. J. Matson is visiting relatives in
Oafcsdale, Wash-
Miss Dorsey, of Dayton, is visiting her
sister. Mrs. L. F. Belknap.
F. A. Ford, of Por,tlnnd. vteltsd Wood
burn friends Frkhty and Satucday.
, Miss Mngj-ie McNaroara, of Butte,
.none, is ine guest ot .wwws otwuo vaacj.
Mrs. Hawkins, of Totede, Or., was a
guest of Mrs. W. L. Tooze Tuesday ar.d
Forest Grove.
J. B. Martin has returned from Portland.
O. Brown has returned, after a year 3
absence In Tillamook.
Mrs. W. A. Cole, of Portland, is spend
ing several weeks with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. D. D. Martin, in this city.
Device of Nctv Orleans Man to RliI
Himself of Them.
"The time 01X almost every man In active
life is terribly taxed by useless visitors,"
said a busy Ne-w Orteaag shipper to tha
Times-Democrat of that city. "I mean
people who como on foolish errands;
tedious friends wlio drop In to chat and
don't know when to go, and the small
army of agents, canvassers, solicitors and
the like, who, "in th aggregate, coqsuma
many precious hours jsvery day I have a
scheme for disposing of such bores that
works to a charm.
"The whole secret lies- in that chair be
side my roll-top desk. It Is innocent-looking,
as you will observe, but it has soma
marked peculiarities. To begin with, It ia
firmly attached to the floor, and is bo
placed that whoever sits in it face3 a
flood of light, while I myielf am In tho
shadow. Then, aain, the back is straight
and narrow; It has- no arms, and the seat
pitchea slightly forward., the front pelnjr.
half an inch lower than the rear.
"It is utterly impossible for any boro
to sit in that chair four consecutive
minutes. With female book agents it la
peculiarly efficacious, for tha simple rea
son that such callers are generally C3
or over, and no woman of that age can
sit quiet In Che glaring daylight under
the calm scrutiny of a marn in the shadow.
The coolest of them lose their self-poa-sesslon,
twist, wriggle antl soon fly tho
spot. Then, again, the strafght back and
the absence of arms prevents the occu
pant from assuming that graceful side
long attitude without which no woman 13
able to converse.
"With male bores It Is equally deadly.
All garruluos men either tilt toack whn
they are talking or lean forwaid impas
sively with elbows on the arms of tho
chair. The two poses seem to be essen
tial to a flow of language, and neither ot
them is possible here. When thy find
that the legs are attached to th floor
and search in vain for a rest for their
elbows, they lose the thread of their story,
look miserable for a moment and then
bent a retreat."
Is Passing Quickly.
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