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Parties desiring offices In The Oregon
Jan building, may Inquire of Portland
Trust Company o Oregon, No. 123 First
street, or the superintendent In the build
ing. "Mk. Cohen's Statement. Mr. David
Cohen, who was recently arrested for vio
lation of the alien-contract law. and upon
examination yesterday was held to appear
before the United States grand Jury, be
lieves that he is the victim of misplaced
confidence. Mr. Cohen is a ladies' tailor
and is very well known in this city, where
lie has been In business for years. One
lutratH-e branch of his business is among
the Japanese of the city, and when a.
well-to-do Japanese customer came to him
a few days ago, and asked him to take
as an apprentice a bright Japanese girl
who was desirous of learning the busi
ness, he thought that he would give offense
if he refused, so, although he really had
rco place for the girl, he consented to give
her a trial. Mr. Cohen says that he
thought that the girl was in Portland, but
gave very little attention to the matter,
aa he thought It could make no differ
ence what section of the globe she came
from. As Mr. Cohen cannot write Eng
lish, his wife drew up the contract, and
he affixed his signature. The customer
said that he would soon have the girl on
hand, and Mr. Cohen thought no more
of the matter, until a United States dep
uty marshal placed him under arrest, and
told him he had contracted to bring a
Japanese girl from her native land. Mr.
Cohen feels that he has been imposed up
on, and desires to make this explana
tion to set himself aright. Cohen was
held to answer in 5100 bonds.
Failed to Pay as Promised. The fail
lire of John O'Leary, a drug clerk, to
keep his promise and pay Mrs. Minnie
Gusky a stipulated sum on account of re-j-ponsibillty
for an accident befalling her.
brought him before Justice Gelsler yester
day on a charge of assault and battery.
In December last O'leary, while driving
down Sixth street, ran over Mrs. Gusky,
who is employed at the Opera laundry,
severely injuring her. O'Leary promised
to pay the woman a sum equal to that she
had been earning at the laundry, but not
only failed to do so, but also abused the
woman when reminded of his promise.
O'Leary was arrested and placed under
550 bail, which was declared forfeited
yesterday. A few moments after the de
fendant appeared in court, stating he was
ignorant of the time that court met, and
seemed greatly depressed over the forfeit
ure of the $50, which a friend had fur
nished. Regarding his refusal to pay
Mrs. Gusky as promised, O'Leary said it
had been impossible for him to do so, as
he was hardly getting enough wages to
support himself. Hearing of the case was
Teset for Monday, and a revocation of the
forfeiture of ball may be ordered.
Police "Well Pleased. Chief of Police
Mlnto and members of the city detective
force feel well satisfied over the prompt
conviction of J. D. Burke and Frank Sel
der, the latter best known as "Denver
Dutch." Both are ex-convicts, and were
hardly out of the penitentiary before again
engaged in crooked work. They, with an
other pal and ex-convlct named Knapp,
robbed an old man named Tiffany, but
Knapp escaped by turning Informer. The
chief and detectives only hope that the
two convicted men will get a term of
years that will keep them in close quar
ters for a long time to come. Another
source of gratification to the police Js the
jMTnntarcpnYiciionWbCiiAlbrF"Holly7j .One
week ago -today he wa3 arrested for burg
larizing the office of Dr. Norris Cox, sine
which time he has been Indicted, found
guilty, and sentenced to two years in the
penitentiary, all within a week,
Remember. Tins. If you leave Portland
Sunday over the Northern Pacific railroad
via St. Paul and the Burlington route, you
will arrive In Chicago Thursday morning
at 9 o'cloclc If you leave Portland Sun
day via the Union Pacific, you will ar
llve in Chicago Thursday morning about
the same time. But if you leave Portland
on the Northern Pacific and Burlington
route flyer via Billings, you will arrive
in Chicago Thursday morning at 7:55. Or
if you are going to any point in Kan
sas, Nebraska or Missouri, and take the
Northern Pacific and Burlington route
flyer, you will reach your destination a
number of hours in advance of any other
route. For through tickets, sleeping-car
accommodations, etc, apply to A. C. Shel
don, general agent, Burlington route, No.
150 Washington street. Portland, Or.
Who "Wants Bots or Girls? Superin
tendent Gardner would like to call the
uttentlou of the readers of the Sunday
Oregonian to the fact that there are now
on hand at the home of the Boys' and
Girls' Aid Society quite a number of boys
ranging In age from 6 to 17; several il,
12 and 13 years of age: also one or two
girls 12 to 13 years old. "As we have
so many applications for admission," ho
says, "I would be glad to place these chil
dren out on indenture; that is to say, to
work for tueir board and go to school.
"We have also under our charge a girl
baby aged about 2 months. Applications
from respectable persons will be thank
fully received and acted on at the city
board of charities between the hours of
9 and 10 A. M."
Chinatown Breaks Loose. For some
miexplainable cause, the Chin faction of
the Chinese colony found it necessary to
raise a most unearthly din last evening
by exploding SOO.000 firecrackers. None of
the crowd would explain just why the
fupilade was made, other than that the
Chinre were having a good time, and the
expenditure of $500 for firecrackers was
the least part of the outlay. Pon See. tho
court interpreter, wanted it understood
that It was no celebration for any Japan
ese victory, but entirely a Chinese family
affair, with no politics in It.
I'NivKnsiTr Point, comprising 13 acres,.
jxing ociween university building and
t e Willamette river, the grandest and
most commanding building site in Oregon,
has been laid out Into tracts of lVi acres,
ca-h having a river frontage of about 123
feet. It is the only high land facing on
the Willamette, rising ISO feet above the
r.vcr. with no low land In front, and ship
channel within stone's throw of the bank.
Going to be sold for one-half its value.
Call or adress Sherman D. Brown, 2714
Crand avenue. East Side. '"
A Large number of Portland's best peo
r'e will be pleased to know that Messrs.
Bergman, SaHb & Llden, for the past
seven years connected with Fullam, have
established themselves at 3MH Washington
street, where they will be pleased to meet
customers, and will make hand-sewed shoes
to order from $7 up. These gentlemen
have made shoes for Portland's most
1 romlnent lvople.
The Northwbst Fjre & Marine In
f ranch Compant having gone into the
ands of a receiver, the policy-holders of
that company can have the same substi
tuted for policies in the Fire Association
of Philadelphia by presenting same to
James E. Davis & Co., agents. No. 247
Stark street.
The Complete Line of Knox world-renowned
hats, as will be shown In New
York city for spring and summer, 1SK,
are now on sale at Bttffum & Pendleton's,
I"3 First street, sole agents. '
First Spiritual Socibtt,. G. A. R. hall.
Firt and Taylor streets. Conference. 11
A. M. Lyceum, l:. Trance lec-tre and
tests by Mrs. Prior. 7rfS.
Grand Social Dancs at Nenesler's
Falmea Garten, corner Eleventh and
"Washington streets, this evening.
Sherman. Clat & Co.. corner Fifth and
TamhllL Most extensive piano-dealers on
the toast
The Poor Farm's Expenses. Referring
to strictures of the last grand jury about
the expenses of the poor farm. County
Accountant Pope states that there may
have been a misapprehension as to what
the expenses really are. The average bill
Is a little over $700 a month, for keeping
100 inmates, which the poor farm has
contained for a long time past. This Is
$7 per month for each inmate. This in
cludes the hospital, medicine, the salary
of the county physician, who also attends
prisoners in the county Jail, the salary of
Superintendent McBride and assistant,
and the boarding of all of the Inmates,
who receive three meals a day. The past
two months the bill of the poor farm
has been a little larger than usual, by rea-
f son of bills for building materials, used in
building additions to the houses.
Directors Elected. The stockholders
of the Portland Speed and Driving Asso
ciation met last night and elected the
following directors for the ensuing year:
A. G. Ryan, P. J. Mann, Woodson Scog
gin, W. W. McGutre, S. W. Aldrich, Ed.
Long and A. C. Lohmlre. The directors
will meet Monday and elect officers, and
start immediately on preliminary arrange
ments for the spring meeting. The pres
ence Is expected of noted California and
Montana horses. It is the purpose of
the association to make the spring meet
ing the most notable racing event in the
history of the Northwest. The purses
will aggregate from $20,000 to $25,000. the
largest ever offered. The length of the
meeting will be 15 days.
Held for Larcent. George C. Leland,
a dissolute young man, was found prowl
ing about the Coeur d'Alene lodging
house yesterday morning, and is now held
at the central station on a charge of
larceny. When searched several pawn
tickets were found on his person, one of
them being for clothes stolen from F.
Cunningham, one of the lodgers in the
house where Leland was found. The
clothes were found In'a Third-street pawn
shop. Last July Leland forged the name
of parties in Portland on a bank check,
for which he was indicted, but for some
cause that was the last heard of the mat
ter. Just Simply Lett Home. George Wil
cox, the 18-year-old son of J. E. Wilcox,
a. Mount Scott, who turned loose his mules
from his wood wagon and disappeared, the
other day, has been heard from. His
father has learned where he stopped for
the several succeeding nights after he
left, and the facts seem to be that he has
simply concluded to strike out for pastures
new. Probably the young man will turn
up some Christmas eve, 40 or 50 years
hence, with the load of wood under his
arm, and astonish his parents by Inquiring
if the mules came home all right.
Notice to policy-holders of the North
west Fire & Marine Insurance Company.
Arrangements have been made with the
German-American Insurance Company, of
New York, for the protection of policy
holders of the Northwest Fire & Marine
Insurance Company. Parties having
Northwest policies can have the same re
written in the German-American at re
duced rates. Credit will be given for the
Northwest premium. Morse & Breyman,
resident agents, room No. 22, Sherlock
building, corner Third and Oak streets.
Northwest Fire & Marine Insurance
Company. The efforts of the Northwest
Fire Insurance Company to re
insure its business was unsuccessful. Mc
Farland & Clemens, (273 Stark street,
chamber of commerce), are to be com
mended for saving their patrons from loss
by accepting Northwest pojlcles at full
value. They are agents for the Norwich
Union Fire Insurance Society (assets $50,
000,000). Northwest policy-holders are call
ing upon them by the score and are tak
ingadvantageof theirmagnanlmous offer.
Given a Fine Badge. Mr. G. F. John
son, of the police force, acting as jailer
at the city prison, was Friday evening
presented with a handsome gold past con
sul's badge by the members of Multnomah
camp,(,No,i 77; Woodmen of the World.
The badge Is handsomely gotten up, ap
propriately designed and engraved, and
will prove a highly-prized souvenir by the
recipient. Its presentation was wholly
unexpected, the members of the lodge
seeking thai way to attest their apprecia
tion and regard of a brother craftsman.
Cort Bound Over. John Cort, who
stopped the United States mall running
to Damascus and Sycamore, by seizing
for debt a horse belonging to the route
agent, Louis Roth, was held to answer
yesterday before the United States grand
jury, and his bonds were fixed at $200.
Before he committed the offense, Cort
tried to stop the money coming to Roth,
and was told by Deputy United States
District Attorney Schnabel that he could
not enforce a Hen against the United
It Will Astonish the ladles of Portland
and vicinity when they learn that J.
H. Going & Co., MS Third street, will
sell for this week only. No. S. copper bot
tom teakettles at 45c; No. 8 wash-boilers,
copper bottom, for $1; wood frame clothes
wringers, $2 25; iron frame. $1 75; flour
sifters, 10c; firelighters, 10c; clothespins,
2c dozen; eggbeaters. 5c; Rising Sun stove
polish. 5c; mlnclng-knlves, 10c; fire shovels,
5c; new and second-hand stoves, 75c up.
Mr. Thompson's Lecture. Mr. D. P.
Thompson last evening delivered an Inter
esting lecture in the Methodist church at
St. John's. His subject was the "Court of
Turkey," and the entertaining manner in
which Mr. Thompson told of scenes in the
diplomatic life of the wily Turks showed
he had been an observant person while
representing the United States as minis
ter to the sublime porte.
The Ladies op the Unitarian church
will receive their friends at Arion hall
February 14. "Vignettes From 'Life' " and
other funny papers. Gibson's swellest girls
in their swellest gowns. After a short
programme, dancing. St. Valentine will
be present to deliver messages. Single
tickets. $1; two for $1 50. On sale at
Stuart & Thompson's. J. K. Gill's. Wood
ard. Clarice & Co.'s, and at the door.
Teachers' Examination. The third
quarterly examination for teachers' cer
tificates will be held at the Goodnough
building. Third and Yamhill streets, Port
land, beginning Wednesday. February 13,
at 1 P. M. AH permits expire on that
date. Examination for state papers will
be held at the same time. J. H. Acker
man, county school superintendent.
Mr. Thomson's Funeral. The funeral
of the late William A. Thomson, the drug
gist, will take place today (Sunday), at
2 P. M., from Holman's undertaking es
tablishment. By error, it was yesierdav
announced in the local columns that ft
would take place Saturday. Doubtless
many friends will attend.
Mr. Edward I. Fairfax, of New York
city, has opened a piano studio in The
Oregonian building. Mr. Fairfax will be
assisted by Carl Aughlenbach. harmony;
H. L. Greene, thorough bass; W.' H.
Greene, technique; Mrs. E. I. Fairfax, cor
rect phrasing. The studio is located on the
second floor.
For Sale. The line residence and
grounds of the late Levi White, situated
on Twentieth street, between Gllsan and
Hoyt streets. For particulars apply to
Russell. McLeod & Blyth, Third and Oak
The Complete Link ox Knox world-renowned
hats, as will be shown in New
York city for spring and summer, 1SS5,
are now on sale at Buffum & Pendleton's,
15S First street, sole agents.
Nortiiwest Insurance Co Policies will
be replaced by policies of strong old-line
companies on very favorable terms. Call
on James Manner & Co., room 10, Wor
cester building.
Parties desiring oflksos in The Oregon
ian building, may inquire of Portland
Trust Company of Oregon. No. 133 First
street, or the superintendent in the build
ing. All Brother Elks desiring tickets for
the opening of the Marqaam theater Mon
day evening are requested to call for theln
tickets today at Secretary Ockerman's.
Do not forget the social hop at G. A.
a. anil, on Tuesday. February 12, given by
Women's Relief Corps No. 19.
The Complete Like of Knox world-renowned
hats, as will be shown In New
York city for spring and summer, 1S93,
are now on sale at Buffum & Pendleton's,
153 First street, sole agents.
J. Polivxa & Co. have removed from 213
to 223 Morrison street, between First and
Second streets.
Don't Forget the letter-carriers' ball
at Arion hall St. Valentine's eve, Febru
ary 13.
Coal and Wood. Dry and clean. Brown
& Hicks, foot of Yamhill st. Phone 715.
Citt Water Works Office is now in
city hall. Fourth and Madison streets.
De- Newcastle, dentist. Marquam blk.
A Burglar Eaters Gan-Trap Smith's
Grocery Store.
The grocery store of W. S. Smith", on the
northeast corner of East Sixteenth and
East Stark streets, was broken Into Fri
day night and robbed of about $15 worth
of hams, bacon and sugar. Mr. Smith and
a friend, a Mr. Ilansil, came to the store
yesterday morning- at the usual hour of
opening, when they discovered that a
window in the door of the annex on the
east side of the main building facing on
East Stark street had been broken open.
Closer examination showed that the door
had been forced open by the bolt on the
inside being drawn. This could be done
very easily by putting an arm through
the hole in the window in the door and
pulling the bolt upward, when the door
w6uld come open. On the inside the glass
was scattered over the floor for a dis
tance of about 10 feet from the door,
showing that in order to break the win
dow a sharp blow had been struck.
The door leading from the annex into
the main store remained locked, and no
effort seemed to have been made upon it.
Mr. Smith made an inventory of his loss
by the burglars, and found four large
hams, a side of bacon and a sack of sugar
had been taken, the whole being valued
at about $15. The store is not occupied
and the burglars had everything their
own way. A light was burning in the
main store, but In the annex, where the
robbery was committed, it was perfect
ly dark. Mr. Smith stated that before
"losing Friday evening he made a tour
3f the entire building, and investigated
every portion, as he had the impression in
some way that an attempt would be made
to rob the premises.
This is the third time this store has
been robbed. The first time occurred
about a year ago, when the annex was
entered through a rear window. After
that Mr. Smith determined to set a gun
trap for the next man who should at
tempt to rob him. The gun was set In the
main store commanding the door leading
into the annex, and set in such a way
that whenever the door of the annex was
opened it would be discharged. Mr. Smith
always contended his object was to
frighten or malm whoever broke Into the
store for felonious purposes, and killing
was an idea furthest from his inten
tions and desire. However, the unex
pected happened in this case. Mr. Smith
expected that any one breaking into the
store would enter the annex first and
then open the door leading into the main
portion of the building. He had pointed
the gun so that If it dicharged it could
do no harm to any one entering the main
store from the annex. It did not occur to
him any one would pass from the main
portion into the annex. This actually oc
curred, only the man never got through
into the annex. This attempt was made
last summer, and Mr. Smith found when
he entered the store in the morning the
stiffened corpse of a man named More
house lying on the floor. The gun-trap
had worked better than was expected.
Morehouse had entered the main store
first, and In opening the door of the an
nex was shot in the leg and bled to death.
It will be remembered, that Mr. Smith
was bound over to -the grand Jury on a
charge of manslaughter, but was after
ward exonerated by that body. Whether
the burglars who broke Into the store
Friday night thought the deadly gun
awaited them on the inside of the main
store can only bo conjectured, but they
appeared to have no inclination to find
out this fact by opening the door. Mr.
Smith states, however, they could have
entered the store through the door with
perfect safety as the gun-trap was per
manently laid aside after Its first suc
cessful operation.
A Small Blaze.
A spark from the chimney started a
small blaze on the roof of the buildings
of Mr. J. D. Lee, on Union avenue and
Belmont street yesterday afternoon. The
department responded very promptly to
an alarm, but the fire was extinguished
without its aid. The building is occu
pied by Mrs. Gladding. It was a lucky
excape from a fire.
Miscellaneous 'Solon.
The Centenary church has been annoyed
for some time by the presence of a lot
of young fellows who persist In hanging
around the entrance, making remarks
about people entering. Captain James
has detailed Officer Jackson to look for
them and put a stop to the annoyance.
Chief Buchtel states the new truck
house on Holladay avenue will be ready
for the truck company by the first of the
month. There is considerable work to be
done before it will be ready. The plas
tering is badly cracked and will have to
be repaired, and, in fact, a good many
changes inside of the building will have
to be made to get it ready. Work is in
progress on the addition in the rear of tho
The Holladay & Irvington Women's
Social Club will give an entertainment at
the residence of Mrs. Theodore Nicolal,
4f5 Holladav avenue, on Tuesday evening,
February 12, 1S93. The evening will be de
voted to music, games and dancing. A
cordial Invitation to all. Proceeds to be
applied in furnishing a room in the Pat
ton home for the friendless. Admission,
25 cents.
Two years ago we were In the garret
and pn the roof now we're in the cellar
and in a year or so will be on the roof
again. Somehow we can't seem to under
stand when It is storming that it will ever
do anything but storm, and when the sun
is shining no thought is ever given that
perennial sunshine will not last always.
One-hnlf the time we are down in the pit
with the bears gnawing our vitals, and the
other half we are' on the mountain top
being hoisted in mld-alr by the elevating
horns of the bulls. This is always so in
a growing community; it advances, then
recedes, and then advances again, and
each time it reaches higher stages, than
ever before. We have just had our fever
and are nowexperiencing the reaction.
Then we were all millionaires; now we are
all paupers, so to speak. But good will
come out of it; all the while our growth
and general prosperity are going forward.
Even now the general tone of public ex
pression is exercising Its influence by daily
salutations more and more encourag
ing. This is an omen that always pre
cedes better times, and it is a condition
precedent to them. Better feelings make
better times. Our aim is to make better
feelings. DeLASHMUTT & SON.
You can save many hours to Chicago
from Portland by taking the Union Pacific
system. Best service, no change of cars
en route. Fast time.
Call at 135 Third street for inforaa
tlea as to rates, time of trains, etc
Ladieo. attention Dr. Henley's cele
brated Oregon Kidney Tea is guaranteed
to cure leucorrhoea; $100 forfeit will be
paid If It falls. For sale by all druggists.
Sufferers from general debility can And
Immediate relief by using Dr. Henley's
Celebrated Oregon Kidney Tea. Every
package Is sold on a positive guarantee.
1 Emerson Pianos Shenncn, Clay . Co.
An Attendance of Over OOO of Port
land's Representative Ladles
and Gentlemen. Yesterday.
It Is Indeed gratifying to the manage
ment of "Pharaoh's Daug-Mer" to know
that their efforts in the amusement line
have met with such public favor. The at
tendance has been far In excess of their
expectations, and the class of patrons has
consisted of the best people of the city.
To those who have not as yet witnessed
the performance, we wish to state that it
is strictly moral and essentially respect
able, and an entertainment that appeals
to the ladies in particular. Imagine, if ybu
can, seeing a full-size marble statue trans
formed into a beautiful young lady before
your very eyes. She descends from the
stage, renders a pathetic ballad In a beau
tiful and artistic manner, again returns
to her pedestal, and Is once more trans
formed Into the statue of marble. It is
next to Impossible to ably describe this
wonderful Illusion: it must be seen to be
appreciated. We have a year's lease on
the premises we now occupy, and it Is
our purpose to from time to time change
our programme so as to have new and
novel attractions to meet the demands
of our patrons. However, it might be well
here to call attention to the fact that the
transformation of "Pharaoh's Daughter"
is our best attraction; for that reason
we exhibited it as our opening card, 'so
as to gain the confidence of the public,
as it undoubtedly is the most wonderful
Illusion ever presented to the world. As
an extra attraction in connection with
"Pharaoh's Daughter," we will, commenc
ing Tuesday, give a series of living pic
tures, having engaged Mr. Paul Saroni,
the celebrated living-picture artist of New
York, to arrange and put on for us some
of his best studies. Mr. Saronl's pictures
were visited by swelldom of the East, and
the most conservative of his audiences
indorsed his exhibitions to the extent that
they attended frequently with their fami
lies. In truth, it is an art exhibition in real
life. The price of admission, notwith
standing the extra attraction, will remain
the same 10 cents. The prizewinners for
children in the word contest will be an
nounced In Monday's paper. Washington
street, opposite Olds & King's.
Free of incumbrance, to trade for Port
land property. It is in the very best por
tion of the city and rented to permanent
tenants. La Grande is in the Grand Ronde
valley, on the railroad, and is one of the
most prosperous towng in the state. The
owner wishes to exchange for property
worth from $8000 to $10,000. Party will be
at our office for a few days, where people
wishing to trade will find him.
207-200 Stark street.
We have completed our Inventory and
closed our books for 1834. We wish to
thank our friends for their kind patronage,
and take pride in stating that our trade,
since removing to our new store, corner
Third and Oak streets, has been far ahead
of our most sanguine expectations. It
proves that the publlo appreciates honest
values and fair dealing. Our aim has
been and will be to give good, reliable
clothing at reasonable prices. We are
making at our mill In Albany lines of
neat, desirable patterns in cheviots, cassl
meres and tweeds for spring and summer
trade. Wo have also placed our advance
orders for the latest effects In imported
fabrics. These, as well as our own make
of goods, will be made In regular, short
and stout, long and slim, and extra sizes,
enabling us to fit any one. Our country
order trade by samples has Increased so
that we were obliged to open a separate
depart.-nent for same,, and we send sam
ples and cuts of all, with plain rules
for measurement, fre to any address.
This coming season we Intend to devote
more attention to our boys' and children's
department: and 6h&llsrry full lines of
novelties and slapIe&aCmr unlorra de
partment has been a great success. We
equipped the Oregon National Guard, Port
land military band, Oregon Soldiers'
Home, American District Telegraph Com
pany, Pacific Postal Telegraph Company,
reform school, United States llfesavlng
service and many others. We are pre
pared to submit bids for uniforms for any
organization, as our electric factory is
complete In every respect. We employ
white labor at both factory and mill, and
the money paid us for clothing remains
on the coast.
To make room for cur spring stock, we
have decided to allow a discount of 10 per
cent on every article In our stock, Includ
ing four lines of Steln-Bloch Co.'s blue
and black extra-long kersey overcoats,
which were delayed In transit. As our
prices were reasonable before the cut.
an extraordinary opportunity Is offered
for a short time. For the same reason we
offer in our custom-tailoring department
to make suits to order in cheviots, tweeds
and cassimeres for $18, and pants for $4 60.
J. M. MOYER & CO..
Wholesale and Retail Clothiers,
'Agents Albany Woclen Mills.
Nos. 81 and S3 Third st.. Cor. Oak.
Emerson Pianos Sherman, Clay & Co.
We will show
Newest s
Marabout Lawns and VfC
Irish Lawns, 39 inches i.ij
Wide, in colored grounds, AND
Neat designs, llC
Very pretty.
The new Turkish Crepe,
Very latest effects in
Ail the
Desirable colorings
India Dimity,
White and tinted grounds,
In an endless variety of
Choice and dainty colored
Figures, spots, dots and
Dresden eliects
Real French Organdy
(Koschlin Freres) in
Elegant floral effects
Embroidered Swisses
Figured and dotted, white
And colored grounds,
In a grest variety cf
Pretty effects
New things arriving daily.
Having been appointed for the, .
ortfa-aicst Fise and
laarine Insurance Company
it will be expedient for its policy-holders
to transfer their insur
ance to companies whose contracts
Security and Pi?ofceetion
Northwest policies will be exchang
ed for those of other companies on
very favorable terms, if applied for
immediately, at the office of
PftilklP S. BSTES
246 Stark Street"
Portland, Or. .
Fifth and Yamhill Streets.
A. P. Armstrong, Prin. J.A.AVesco, Secretary
Open all the Year. Students
admitted at any time. College Journal free.
53" Our Business Course includes Spell
ing, Grammar, Writing, Arithmetic, Corres
pondence. Commercial Law, Bookkeeping,
Banking, Business Forms, Business Practice.
The Shorthand Course is equally complete
A scholarship, valid for two years, may be
paidforin easy installments.
Cor. 1 ltri and "Yamhilll
A school of thorouEh practical business training.
Business improving; and we are beginning to
find employment for our students.
Indeoendent.of all FiraJnsiirancB Combinations.
Eleven years of unparalleled prosperity. A
dividend paid to Its stockholders annually since
A flattering Increase in assets and net surplus
during 3831.
The only Oregon fire insurance company ever
managed on scientific lire insurance principles.
Portland policyholders contemplating a change
In companies will consult their best interests by
applying for special rates at the agency,
014 Chamber of Commerce.
E. L. KEED..
JESo policies lsud on mills, factories
or extra hazardous risk.
Superfluous hair, moles, pigmentary
naevl, port-wine marks, etc., perma
nently removed by Electric-Needle
operation, without pain or scars.
I also guarantee to remove wrinkles
and lilt out hollow cheeks with my
Hydro Massage and Derma Skin
! Food, in combination with Electricitv. Per
sonal references furnished from the most prom
inent socieiy taaics wno nave Deen cured in
tills city, l graduated in J SHU from the In
stitute Dermathclog!;ue of Dr. Th. Leclanche.
of Paris. France, and am also a certilied pupil
of Dr. I. H. Woodbury, the world-renowned
dermatologist, of New York. Jly diplomas
can be seen at my parlors. Terms reasonable.
Office hours, 9 to Vi. A. M.; 2 to 6 P. M. Tel. 530.
The Paris and New Tork Electrolysis Institute.
1S3 10th st, cor. Alder.
We will show
In an endless variety
Of pretty elfects, rich
All at
Color combinations and Q
( Newest weaves, just the "OpUlar
Thing for Waists,
! Siouses and Costumes.
Correct st3'Ies of
Tailor Made Costumes
Single Skirts
New Silk Waists and
! Blouses
Royal Piques,
Tiuted grounds,
Striped and
Figured effects
iTadras Cloth,
Woven chpcks and
Stripes, fast colors
A grand line of
Domestic and Eagiish
Percales in a
Great variety
See our 9 windows.
As this is the last week, and we still-have
many medium and heavyweight Suits and Over
coats on hand, we will give the elothing-buyers
"wonderful bargains.
We have a line of medium-weight Over
coats suitable for spring wear which we will,
during this week, sell at Clearance Sale Prices.
R3iu ember, It (s Hie Lait Week - - - Take Adrantap,
"" W- v',jZ .
Cor. First and.
Galatea Cloth
In plain and stidpes
Figured and Plain
Ctdmpaline ; something
Very handsome.
Fine line of Petfeales
Fast eolops; suitable fotf
Ltadies' Waists.
Ne-wr Laces, Veilings,
That's the way a good many tales are
manufactured out of nothing; but our
suits are made from the very best mate
rialsheep's clothing-. Tou are fleeced like
a sheep when you wear one of our all
wool suits, but you'll be fleeced the
wrong way if you go somewhere else
and pay all-wool prices for a worthless,
shoddy mixture that'll look seedy In no
time. The material and make-up of our
clothing are both above par. That's just
the reason why it always pays to get in
side one of our all-wool examples of the
current style, that offer unequaled value
In quality and wear.
A. B. CROASfrlAN, 165 TH1RDST.
Celluloid and Aluminum Plates for Artificial
Teeth. Call and see sample. Vitalized air anil
a new process for painless extracting. AH work
at lowest rates. Dr. Chas. T. Frehn. Dentist.
Hamilton bulldinc 131 Third at.
JLS2, KjZhiffD.ETfzssr
how Windows
Spt-incj Styles
HATTFRS&ni othu
Morrison Streets.
Best Quality Seoteh
Ginghams, fast colons
tffomie Ctfepe
In JSed, Blaek Blue, Pink
Vellotxt and all shades
Stidped and Figured
Duek, Piques and
Embroideries and Gloves.
100 lbs. Dry Granulated Sugar. W.75
Best Family Flour. bbL . . . $2.15
Sugar-Cured Hams, lb, . . . lOJic
Fresh Sweat Butter, rolls
Country Orders Promptly Filled
Grocers. 146 Front St Nest Esmond Hotol
Wssile Butsbers and Paokars
Siiielij Brand of Hams, Bacon
Strictly Pure. Kettle-Kea-dered
in Faney Shipfcs
Cpr Second
i Uorrisoi?