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vineif?niti!i nwr nrtTfAinrr ninnlh Wa
may reasonably expect, 1 think, farther ap
propriations by lite Genera! Government,
Jor Hie erection oi iigni nouses mid other
I would allude Iq the cause of Education.
rThe integrity and perpetuity of our Repub
lican iustituiiiins, depends upon the dissem
ination of knowledge among the people.
(Those whose ;ood lorttine it i to ejijoy an
education, value il above nil price, while
(hose whose misfortune it is lo bo without
: r.I uln.. Iki. JKn..l... . ..... I ..
ii, itci jiriiiujia hup iiij.n4iuuu liimw nvr;i-.i
ly than all others. IWrer was nn. adage
more true than that "kuoujedge is power."
Jl invoke your most earnest at u-nlioir lo this
The inconvenience experienced by pub-
lie functionaries as well as" the people at
Urge, for the want ol suitable buildings in
.wliich lo iranpnct ihe public business, ren- denl's House in Washington City, on the
denUhe permanent location of the seal of ninth day of July of the present year. To
Gorernmeul ol no little importance. This attempt a eulogy were vain. Forlv-two
subject is well cajcnlated to excite the pub-. years spent in the .service of his country,
lie mind, therefore, great pains should be 'with a fidelity, wisdom, and succes, so per
laken to meet the just cxpeclnl ions of all. feet, aj to defy criticism: commencing with
jiarts of the Territory. . hm humble Lieutenancy n the army,.nud
1 SEfte odnnWige.-tli 'pectmiary point of terminating in the most exalted pnriiiou
Hirwvoflhe location, to lbe place selected which il ha evrr been ihe fortune of anv
is rather imaginary ihan real. As, there-. 'human being to occupy, and that, too, de
fore, there canbe but little individual gain rived-from the uncofroptcd source of a free
nr iw63, nt-ouujcbi imo MU ii.ijTM. mute in una .
Wnse, but ihe public sfl largo have a deep
interest, mai a juuicious selection oe ma tie.
.'fKero now in iny bifhdi $5000 for the
iyirpose of eroding suitable public build
iipfo iihieli may be added" 40,000 ap
irbprialel al the late cession of Oongrere.
(The want of a secure place of confinement
fbr persons convicted of high crimes) rcn
iters your .ptompl action in regard to I bo
erection of a penitentiary indispensibly ne
cessary, to Ihe faithful execu'ion of the land.
Oltr cmmtf3'men are now engagml in. the
ipalrfolic and laudable enterprise of erecting
s national monutneiit al Washington City,
'commemoralivo of ihe illustrious deeds of
itlro Father of his countrr. The slates and
territories are invited each, to contribute a
Mock or slat of stone with suitable inscrip
tions thereon, lo form n part of the monu
ment. In recommending an immediate
'acceptance of this invitation) I feel sure
(that J am expressing (he wishes of every
itruo hearted Oregonian.
Jn relation to (hat portion of the Indian
tribes who are within thesettlcd pari .of the
(Territory, a high ond. sacred duty belongs
lo the Legislature. The protection of thepe
people in Iheir home and persons, the
i:iurdianhi'p of their moral being ; the be
ptowal upon (hem of t uch cultivation as lh?y.
are caiwble of receiving, in a great measure
necessacily belongs lo the General Govern- I
ttneul. The Govrrnn.eut has appointed
!a erson whose especial duty it is to attend
to Indian adair, and a Board of Com'mis-
'pioners lo treat wilh ihe lodions for the re-
IliuquiFhmenl of IhOlr right lo the soil. On
Uv. uarl. oJ li'jLefllsLunr , tJT'V
nwrrRffe to timV, olsulh moasdresas lie
within its province, calculated to further
tho objects of justice and humanity towards
this-fading race, should in like manner be
kept in view. Among those which appear
ttonioTo promote advantageous results, is
the ias8ge of an act authorizing the ap
'premising of Indian children to useful
I trades and occupations, where the consent
of the parents can be obtained, and under
jproper safeguards for their good treatment
and Education. It is probable, at least in
the beginning, their own prejudices willp-
pose an oosiacie to ine pian, oui wnn judg
ment in managing the system, raiuable re
culls may possibly be Obtained. The natu
ral traclabilily of the tribrs in this portion
,qI Oregon, their habits of fixed residence,
'and great unwillingness to lean their old
grounds, thp ingenuity dnp! ed byjhem in
many arlicle of'tnanufacture, indicate the
'direction in uhich Ihey thqidd be-inttrucl-Vd,
not ouly as farmer?, but as enrpenters,
'cmilhs, and other mechanical pursuits, (boy
tnighl be -made useful- to the community, as
well jislo ihcmselves. Should Ihe experi
ttent be deemed wortny o trial, -(and as
rodh only I suggest,) provision should be
caiefully mado ill it, fbr the protection of
the apprentice iu his rights, and authority
ciwft to the agents of Government to rn
force-thV fulfilment of the contract on the
barl of the employer,
1 would inoet earnestly invito your im
mediate intention to the condition ol the
laws ol the Territory. It has been -snid of
ftn ancient tyrant, lhat he po.led his laws
K high that none of his subjects could read
them." No mart'n f, libeyy,or property,
should be subjected to ihe operation of laws
yf whirl. Jie is wholly iguorant, or of
jrhiclt he might r.ot easily ubtaifi informa
tion, and ycl, such is essentially the condi-
linn nf llrn tMnii! nl lliisc TtTrilnrv
' V t . 1 . ,- T , .
une 01 uie uigr.csi compumenis ciue to : ! ' .j"iu.i.ri,r.iju;3uii wk
tJje people of Oregon, is his love of good 'rights and privileges for which he never h
prderand Iheir strict rrgarij to lhlsrlghtstbore(, Thus the speculator gets improved
of each other. Iiut, as the country jopu-nll,t cultivated land at the mear price or
laic.-lieu- interests will orise. and the ne-!ncar,y of uncultivated, an act of injus-
cessity or well known lules, by which ,ice ot almost daily occurrence j and al
these iiitererts can be regulated and prolec f though sales are ollen delayed yeurs be
ted, must be obvious to all. Some of the yona theUiine of mnhitig the pre-cmplious,
. laws now on the Statute L'ook, arebheved
liy many 10 ueen piaceu mere in vio
lation of their chartered rights, whilst oth
ers openly refuse obedience to them lor the
came reason These difficulties should at
utu.e be gotten rid ol, and a code( instituted
' that would command the respeel'of aH our
Thc subject of taxation, alwats a delicate
one, demands your early attention. The
ference, 1 would recommend the
people utll cheeriully pay such taxer, as ngainsi tne mrKing neast and stcaiiny in- ,,ation of notice from the government here
tire wants of thc territory require, provided Idian.and encounter the diseases inaiVnt to an( lV(tuIih therefore ure upon voqr con
IheV are equitably levied. With greni de-! I,ew countries, away from medical slvill z: sldejaiion the "proprietvol the most liberal
of a law by means of which, the value 0f;"us,, l'r'ak "Pi ftnre ami pbnt his land,;;ng llU u,al ,j,e wi5,ini of Congress will
each person property, of ewy descrip- '" li5 lliswc!li ani1 provide many otlu'r-jacijnawli-ge the n-cct.ity oruch liberality
lian.irrayvbe oscertajued, and impose a things which arc abIutely necessary, so n fa parf antlsome license to their brelh-
reasonablcad-torem tax upon it afirr dca
ductingrhis in.hflilni-s?u
The unexpended balance of five thousand ; poorly supplied, and comforts and luxuries
dollar appropriated by Congres for -the j scarcely ever known during his lite
purpose ol" purchasing a library, teas placed j Ypt there men nrv the pioneers of the
in my hands, and ha been nearly aH ex-illation entering its grandeur, and f.hould
pended under my direction. Th? hooki ! hnvp , and arc entitled fo every facility,
have been placed in a room ..handsomely J which k is in the power of Ihe central go
fittcil on, ami 1 submit to youcwiyJom such refitment to bestow, nnd Cohgre.-s there-
ucuon in relation lo iiiem es rou think
If it is your de.ire fo pro vine" fo'r I heir.
use and tale keeping at the Territorial ex
pense, they re at your disposal, otherwise
win enueavor to see
I t Ml I
the" law faithfullv
j Since your last meeting it pleased Al.
J mighty God to bring to a close lh long
J and useful life of the President of the Uni-
ted Slate, Zichary Taylor, whose last words,
i were, 1 havu done my duty, M am mil
'afraid to die," breathed hit last at the Pres-
nrome, i8 nis ruiogy, anu is glory enough
for one "man
"I congratulate you upon the safe deliver
ance of our glorious Union from the dan
gers which appeared lately to surround rt.
The admission of California into the Union,
the establishment of Territorial governments
for Utor and New Mexico, and ihe propo
sition to s-ttle the "Texas boundary question
which I have no doubt will bo occupied bj'
that Slate, has scattered to the winds th
oft repealed declaration of monarchists,
M thai there is rib capacity in man for self
government," and is n timely rebuke lo
fanaticism both North and South.
I invoke ihe Divine blessing on all your
cfTorts to serve Oregon, and lender yoii my
hearty Co-operation
Washington City". )
Doc. 20, 1819.
To His lixcrxLCNCY, Tnii PncslDcxT or the
Ukitet Statis,
Sir ; Previous to my departure for the
Territory of Oregon, where I contemplated
permanently residing with my family, and
over which, by your partiality, I have been
called upon to pre.-idc. 1 desire lo present
to your consideration, such information as
1 have been able lo obtain Iroin leliable
sources; of llic wants and wishes of my fel-:
low citizens, in oruer mat congress may ,
anticipate in its action, the lime which ; ai thing., and under all circumstances, he
must necessarily intervene before 1 can'Fj,an regard u as his friend and protector
communicate any thins from my own ptr w,om h? enn safely rrly, but fbt every
sonal obrvalion. gri orfdijIilesfUT"' !u,-HfJ'ly:-.-lrn:nj)i-ji,n.
ment by '.ongrefs, the citir.rns ot Oregon,'ctinlly to crry liui so denmhle a puli
for their mutual 'support nnd protection, ,-y, allow me lo "suggest the Heredity of
formed a Provisional Govprumcnt, chosen ,norP strinrnl laws against those who, re
by tlu whole people, among whose .acts gartHou of all propriety and humanity, .tf
was one donating to .each male citizen or r-ur0 j;v supply h'ini with sjiirituous ifqurrs,
eighteen years and upwards, a section of am u;s ;nrtead of striving to elevate h vn
land.-and they desire" that Congress may froni barberism to civilization, sink him'1)
confirm said act, and farther lo exleiid thc ,he l-Jct of the beast, and il should be ifr
same lo all who may hereafter emigrate lo fading aim o( the government that rhe
ihe territory -within s reasonable term of hiding chiefs should be made to rompre
years, or Until all the land in the territory hend Ihe motive and object of -htselaws,
may be selected, provided said citizen shall tj,at u,nv n,jg, aid the conrlhoied aulhor-
seiue upon anu.cunivaie ine same. , ijK , bringing such ofTentler? Injustice.
It is well known that in all new cnun-; The growing' importance of Oregon and
tries under pur present land system, there me great influx or emigration, would lea'
are many who are altogether unable lo pay ro .the natural desire that all facilities
for their lands aper making tho necessary should be exte'nded lo the people consistent
improvements, and providing ijie simplest wj,h ihe magnitude of tho interests con
and mnsf economical living for their &m- nt-drd" tlrerewih. Itis therefore rxtremr
ilic, and that at thf- regularly established y drsTrable that rhe exlra postage on let
publjc sales, numbers of speculators..' arcVr from the Slates to- Orecon should be
rouud ready either to advance money toJhe,jspPnst.d with, leaving the rales no higher
......b. w....v ,.. ...(. ....... .. ru.v.uwn.
the land outright after tho inability of th'e"
settler is cstablUhed, aid-who receive, osi-f
Blly, large premiums forHheir atTvances, nnd
take mnrlgagea on. Ihe properly, or when
more cautious, buy and sell on mortgage to
the settler, in order to avoid nay claims for
luxurious inierest,which transaclion,though
apparently made in good faith, and as n fair
business transaction, is' a miserable subter-
fuge, decpplionond frAtid ending in the
ejection 01 ine. prison wno mauo me loca
tion, and concluded the improvements, nnd
the installing of a new man of capital in the
owneishipof land,
Thus he w Ho expends hisliuip, labor, and
intelligence, in the noblest of all pursuits,
the reclaiming Ihe land aYid making il fruit
ful, is ejected with t)is family from t.he
home he iud earned by the sweat of his
brow, and compelled to beyin the world
I anew, whilst the heirilew sifculator who
I lil-atf linnn ilia (nit nfAflitiM. uVI..m nil tf...
yl numerous arc the trials of the fron
tier settler, qnd so senrce and hardly to be
obtained is money currency, lhat thousands
are found unable to pay for their lands at the
time of sale. Persons not accustomed, and
unfamiliar to frontier life, can but slightly
conceive llje ve.xalion, toil, and labor, iil
the deprivations and trials of the pioneer in
in i-iviiizauun. lie nas not only unainet!
and atone, to guard his flocks and health,
,nal W,J V"nosi care ami unccamg ia
1 .(titniTiiicintr inuring rvfti rtu hsi lAhmM ti . ..! ..
w, ." miti.:uiv l - 3,"";u -
. lore; in roniirining tne law ol Uie i'rovi j. more rehatile intorinaliyii-Oti llitue iunjrcts fore tne aMticmeal cowincncrd, tben within lhrwiulJ " incoccraaijoi v ar m cau-v me vame i-j
nanal GoVtrnmenl of Oregon would t.til Ih.-m I mi-hl o'fnr.- " ,oMh frdm this comAeftdcment of uch aeli'e- 'uch imprnveiiiMiu i. be .crHaineJ. an-l tho.
fvndcf ,i,hp.e junlceto ihoSe hoha de- Jf in your opinion thi aboe. will - Z? "W, XESZJFJZSJSSi
voted Uirir time add mean, in protecting duce lo the prompt action or Congress and (ho" ,irecisc cr trB calfnrj hj thttil tCf. appPruted.
J and upholding the honor end intesrily of meet votfr approbation, von will ub!iTt? the t,vtirMv m..! ihi law. dm! in nil mk si IIOWelI, COBD.
our common countrl':
Undersell a wise, just and salUtnrj? aS
rangement, the settler would feel secure .in
his knd, which is the first great object of
his emigration, hi improvements will be
nmre cheerfully nnd rapidly made, for he
would then know that no rapacious specu
lator could wrench" f he m from him, and the
country will grow up with actual tillers of
the soil, nnd Oregon will thus be peopled
with a strong, hard, and" industriousare,
ready in a few years to increase the wealth
of the nation, or if necessary lo defend its
people and its ohars from the eggr s ibis of
It is extremely desirable lhat Congress
should as early as possible, mnke an appro
priation sufficient lo defray all the expenses
incurred by the late Provisional Govern
ment, and incident lo the Cayuse war. The
circumstances under which that govern
ment was called into exisirnce, in the ab
sence of all protection by Congress, the ab
solute necessity which then existed, for the
people to organize, protect, and legislate
for themselves, cannot now b denied.
The simplicity of their lawp, the prompt
ness of (heir action, and the ability and gal
lantry of their defence, are known to the
world, and as the government would and
should have borne the expenses had .they
been organized into a territorial "govern
ment, and as their action has been the es
tablishment of law and order on the Pacific,
it is but jut and reasonable that the nation
should bear-the burthen of the expenses in
curred for the good of Ihe whole, nud in
defence ol the integrity of the Union
Il would afii-rd roe extreme pleosurp to
be authorized at the earliest practicable mo
ment, to make tUch treaties with Ihe various
peighboring Indian tribes as will he" for the.
mutual interest of each. The Indian is the
original owner and proprietor ol oil our.
lands, and -5 a nation we ow him some-
thing more Ihan blow?, and oppression.
M- .tw,..M lw tr-i,l ic fr nnA -iml
'" i..- - " , ......
.-.iM , ll,t,.rt,-ri,t niwi rninnrnliMnil. tlvit l
though moie nowerful than he, our Very I
renl, j.I,0ii ! he his svfelv. and Hurt in
jjjjji) inose cuargea ueiwrcn -ais-ani oiaies,
-r.d that the maiIB mav oass lo Orecron at
j,ail(dS 0len as once joevery Iwo weeks,
ami that post roads, routes, and offices, may
be.immedialely established in :he I efrilory.
It will be greatly to the advantage of
the people of Oregon and lo .the mercan
tile interests of the nation that suitable
and. liberal appropriations should be
made for Ihe iu-provenienl of rivers and
harbors on the Pacific const, particularly
al the mouth of the Columbia and .ip the!
...r,, , , ,' , ,
vv iiiaineue, anu tnai certain lowna snouiu
he designated as port uf entry, the md.J
prominent ol which wnulil keem lo be Uie
fT l 1 I . IL . ' 1
town 01 roiuann, u Ofinjjme nearesi noun
to Oregon City accessible to large veerels.
Thv appropriations for ihe capitol, otfi'
ce, pemjMitiary, &.c, hou! made as-Jib
eral .us possible with a due regard to the
.prices of labor and material in lh country.
In regard lo ihe defence of thn country
too much can hardly be suit! I with a large
frontier almost entirely ejcpnsvd it is de
sirable that the neonle of Oregon should
b idaceil in a position to meet any
Ihousli circums'ances may compel him to ncyca mwmp "h '"
l , ? .-. i tti , imiiner, and in occordancc with the laws ot the
fed his present infeiiorily. we should deal j UnJtcd Statcj wbIch mav bo in forcef thc j;slr5cl
wilh Iil in a? I'tir enual. and he should be! nr-n.,rtrtr tvinT tintu-n tl.e sti:nmit of thc Cas-
emergency winch- mnv arise, tor ihisl"n, ""'" ' ,uw ":
purpose generous aptfropri lions are dt-sireil," " .. lialhMjM lh!. ffran, and lho ireutv.n'J
r- ,. : k.. .. 1. iil..
necessary, and for the building of posls,
an-l the maintenance of a suitable number
of troops.
The great extent ol cousi and still mure
extended Irnntier con.iantly exposed, the
great distance from Washington, and the
diflicully -of rapid communication, it will
be seen that emergencies mav arise when
it-will he necessary for ihe. Territory lo
mvel danger, and incur expenses in antici
rt.n wj,n are Iocattl on the extreme wc-
ior uie u.-iunp ai m roau-s uiui uie con ,,ut mfroiy t0 secure tunra Uie letion, and con
struction of such military roads as may be fins them to nsinslc grant of hud.
1 have io'.entinuaily.nVoTdetl asking" any 'soever-receive a patent for mora thin cue !o- the anilwriiy o'fihe Preside nt or ilia United .Surtr
specific appropriation, in consrqueuce of. nation of lam? h said Territory ife 1i or hrT.furftirM, magazines, arenai,'Kek yards, and other
the Vriy Ihuited and itlirfrrl kmiwfoW OWB rjs&,- Pnh'etL. T:ialnorniiK;j-Hnk-sliaH'Vlfulprft'Ufc"tis,iftaH b reserved am! ercfte.1
which 1 Hieor the cnuntrv and Ft K VnteJ wiJcr the ,io-iA,if lUfiooi ih. option oUmncr: Prided, That .J
wauls j and hare therefore only cnHi-il your . .(j. Am jj, fvthfr PnaPl , Tfotbo Prudent, to lnclrjv into ocb Narration
attention to Uie llWKl pron.llienl nit Jinmc
oiaie, oeiieviog inai uie iiepar.mem liavo
I remain, your nnrdient &rrv-uit,
Ororon Land Bill.
AN ACT to create ttieplfiee of Furrcr-Geneta!
oi me ruoiic j-anuyn urr-joii, auu w jiroTjuei
fur (be aurvey, and in make tlonittims to settlers
otUie said public land--.
Be it "enacted b the Spnate and House
bf Representatives of die United Stales -of Amer
ica, in Centres! sucniMe.O, Thalra-Srveyo.' Gen
ertlsMfl ue BpTnorBT'fbr'nis'.Tewujjy'oriJrrn-"
jron, who shall 'bave the came aqtborii, erArro
llt umo dutiea respecting thcpublie landa ami
privato land claim, jn the Tcrritoiy of Oregon,
at are- vested in and .required of .the aurveyor of
the bnds of the United SSiatcs northwest ot the
Ohio, except as hereinafter provided.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That
tho said Surveyor General shall rstabliih his office
at.such place within tho said Territory as the Preo.
idenl of the United States may from time to time
direct ; he shall be allowed .an, annual ralary of
two mousanu nvc:nunureu uouaii 10 oc paiu quar
ter yearly, and to commence at uch time as ho
r-hall enter into bond, with competent security, for
the faithful discharge of tho duties of his office.
There shall be, and" hereby Is, appropriated the
earn of four thousand dollars, or as much thereof
as is necessary for clerk hire in his office; and the
further sum of xno thousand dollars per ansum
for office rent, fuel, books, stationery, nd other in
cidental expenses of bis office, to be paid out of the
appropriation-for surveying the public lands.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, Thai,
if in the opinion of the Secretary of thp Interior, it
be preferable the surveys in said Teirrtory shall be
made alter what is known as tho godelie method
under such regulations, and upon such terms, as
may be provided by the Secretary of the Interior
or other departments having charge of the surveys
of the public Iandisi and that said godetic surveys
shall be followed by topographical surveys as Con-
1 btvn may from time to lime authorize and direct
huiif ihe present mode of survey be adhered to,
,!.4mUbe theduty of sold surveyor to cause a
!mf line nnd meridian to be urrcTcd. marked and
established, in ihe mual manner, at or near the
Willamette river : and he shall also cause to bo
- .
.u ,nm,i,tair mi the Pacific ocean, and smth
and north of the Columbia river : Provided, bow-
errr. I nni none omcr man lownsmu nncs uun
be run wbrrc the land is deemed until for cultiva
tion. That no deputy surveyor shall charge for
any line except such a may be aclua'Jy run and
marked, or for any line not necciary 'o be run ;
-,1 .t4-4hggw4n'tHLiae:n3Li.rj.ulC,y ' -
J rent tha .ate w- .olubt doller.ncf mile lor every
mile nnd part of mile actually surveyed ind mark-
Sec. 4. And'be it further endcldj That
thrreshall beand hereby is, granted to every ect
Urror occunant of the public lands, Amerisan
hjlf breed Indiana included, ubove the o;c of
eighteen years, being a ciuztn ot thc United
States, or having made a declaration according to
law, of his inlention lo become a citizen, or wno
shall m'ikc such declaration on or before tho Cm
day of December, eighteen Loudrcd and fifty, end
who shall have. resided upoji and cultivated Uie
same for four consecutive years and shall other
wise conform to the provisions of tins act, the quan
tity of one-half section or three hundred and
twenty acres ofland, if a single man, and if a mar
lied man, or if he shall become married within
onetjea: fnm the first day of December, eighteen
hundred and fifiy, the quantity of one section, or
six hundred and forty acres, one half lo himself,
and tho other half to his wife, to be held by her
in her own right, and Uie Surveyor General shall
des'gncta the pirt inuring to tho husband nnd
that to the wife, and entef thc aatne on the rec
ord nf his ofTico; and in all cases where such
married persons have complied withthc provisioni of
this act, so & to entitle them to thc grant as "above
provided, whether under the Tate Provisional Gov.
ernment of Orrgup, or since, and either shall
hove Jied before patont issues, tho survivor and
children, or heir, of tho deceased shall bo enti
Ucd to the sharo or interest of the deceased in
equal proportion, except,whcn thc deceased shall
otherwise dispose of it by testament duly nnd
properly executed according to the laws of Ore
gon : Provided lhat 1:0 alien shall be entitled to
a patent to land, granted by this act, until he shall
produce la the Surveyor General of Orcjon, re
cord evidence that Ins natuuhzaUun as a citizen of
the United Slate has been complete!; but it any
i nlien navinz mauc 111s ucturauun 01 iiiicimuu ,
, . ,-. .i.., ; e : :
hmB n ..: of tho Unil.j Sutca aflCr the pas-
MS)J 0f this act, ahull die before his naturalization
liall b eo.npiote-i.tna possessory ngnt scqmreu oy
lL!. . -1...k flta nvAttijSnna ..T ti rtd fin ft 1 1 lift
i uu,-s ,u i vwM' w v -r. , .
scend to his heirs at- la, or pa to hi. devisees,
tn whom. .. the case mav be. the patent shall
jay uc, iuc r,.. .,
. ...... .. . , . - -
"t ... ...-11 1-1 -j -..1. :-.-.! i. ih-
... ,k P IrriLT fi,X Tt ml all luiure
settler ihcremi: Provided farther. J hat all luiure
eonu.ei.Vany i,er or person, cutitted 10 thc
benefit of this net, for the nlo of the land to
which he or the may be entitled und.-r this act
b h i SJhTJ Reived . paicnt therefor,
: ii,.n h void
this section shall not
'J " - f . . -'
Sec. 5'. And be it further enacted, lliat
to all white male ciuzena of the United States, or,
persons Vino snail nava niaue a uccinrauon 01
inlention to become s'urh, above ihe age of twenty
one years, emigraUng to and eetUiug insaid'Trrt
torv .between the 1st day of Decende,l83U,nnd ihe
1st day of' DecemW, 1833, and to nil white-inaleJ
American citizens, not hrrciiibi'i"ro provided lor,
becoming 21 vr-ara of age in said Territory and
sculing thero lietweeu tho times last aforesaid, who j
ly with the foregoing!
of this law there khall '
sau in omer rcqiccu comply
section and Uie provisions
be, and heroby is, grunu-d tho quantity
I tho quantity uf one-
quMter secthm or lt0 acres of land, if a single
,nnn;or if married, or if he hall become roamed
Jpr-nhinona vmr from the ime of arriviutf in said
Tetdury, or within one mr wfter becoming 21
yraw of age as nfuriwaiu, ihcn the quantity oT
one-bait seetion or o'in acres, ono-hu 10 tuo nus
baitd and Uie other lulf 19 the wile irV brr own
right, to be designalcd by the-Purveyor Oeneral
periple whose interest J draire to aeive, ball lc in a compact forms and whem it u prats
by cOiumunicatin" ihe same. : double lodoi tho faml aoctatinoj slut! be m
With sentimei.Ts Ul re.pvcl nnd Vsteetn, ' .nrarI '? ),7e,ief' b? W'ff;
1 hut where that erf unit be dnno it r.iall be did
I'mvided. further, however.
be eoniliue.1 ns lo .now , ; ,, ' . nr n,rm.n. ' II The eunnesina in business
i aforwjivlX l'rovdWalwjixTliai gevsoajrf 6a pablic: littJt m be Jc.:gnatcd e.d
Vinnn three months afW the eurvcy . hat been;
mWci or nbtfc the Burrcr harboeo itmSe b&-
dntv of ibo wtij Suivevni Cracrut lo -.unrey anil
. matk each cljtftri with th buumfarirs cluime.1.41
the rrqund drij expense oTthc clatnfanl. (He c!taf'&
fur thd tUme in kuc!i cue not ro exceed the prk-o
paid for surveying the public! larfdi; The Sur
veyor General fhall enter a de-scripiiori of such
cja-mJ jn tt u,, ,0 he-ke'-Jt by h?rH fofthat pur
p0 aniI noU, temporarily on t
the township plate
the tract or tracts so designated, with he boun
daries; and whenever a c'orifllcl of boundaries
shall arise prior to issuing the patent, tho same'
shall bo determined by- tha Surveyor Ochefal :
Provided, That a.Qrr,thc Asj oT DeccnJwT next,
rflrchlins ahaU'townOetTby line rulmincast
and went, and north and south : And provided
further, Thrt after the. survey is made, all claims
.shall be made. in conformity to the same, and in
compact form.
Sec. 7. And be il further enacted, Thai
within twelve months a'fterlhe survey have been
made, or where the survey has been maie before!
uie sememes;, men wtioin twelve monins irom
ihe time tha'scttlement was" commenced, each per
son claiming a donation right under this act, shall
prove" to tho naUsfaetion of the Survejoj- General,
or bf such other officer as may be appointed by
law for Uial pprpow, that ihe settlement and cul
tivation required br thh act had been commenced,
specifying the lime ot tho commencement ; "and
nt any lime after the expiration offour years from
the -date of such settlement, whether mxJe under
the laws of the lalo Provisional Government or not,
shall prove, in like manner, by two disinterested
witnesses, th'c fact of enntiaued residence and cul-J
iivauon required, uy tne lounn section oi m:s ac. ;
and upon auch proof being made, ihe Surveybr
General, or other ofllccr appented by law rr tnat
purp03C,sha!I issue crtificalc,uni?crsach rules and
regulations as may be prescribed by the Comuiis.
sioner of tho General Lifni Officer seltina' forth
the facts in the case, and specifying the land td
which tho parties are entitled. And the" said
Surveyor General shall return the proof co taken
lo tho office of iba Comnmsioner of the General
Lend Office, and if the. said Commissioner shall
find no valid objection thereto, palonts shall issue
for the fcwdi according to the certificates aforesaid.
updn tho surrender thereof.
Sec. 8i And be it lurflier enacled, That,
uporl the death of any sctttsr before the expiration
of ihe four years' continued poifctMon, required
by this act, all the rights of thc deceased under
this act, shall descend to tho heirs at law of such
seMler, including the widow, whoro one is left, in
cqusl pirti ; and proof of compliance with tho
conditions of this act op to the t"ine of the death
of auch settler shall be sufficient to cntitlo them
to tne patent.
Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That
no claim- to a donation right under tho provisions
of .his net. upon sections etxtecn or thnty-six
shall be valid, or allowed, i.Cj'Se residence andcul-
iiTuuuii upon wuicn 1 11c bsditi3 luunucu minu iiDvn
commenced alter the" survey .of Jthe sSnie ; nor
snail sucn claim cimen 10 3117 uaci or parcel 01
land cclccled for n ratlitary hV of within one
mile thereof, or io any other linJ reserved for
governmental purposes, unless thc residence or
cultivation thereof shall have commenced previous
lo the selection or reservation of thc same for such
Sec. 10. Ard be it further enacted, Thai,
thero b"e,and hereby is.grautrdto tho Territory o!
Oregon, the quantity of .two townships of land in
said Territory, west of thc Cascado mountains,
and to bo solected in Jcgil suir-divisions after the
same has been surveyed, by tht Legislative Awem-
uiy Ol SS1U 1 Cllliury, ill out" uiuuci as il utj
deem proper, one to be located north, and tho other
south of thS Columbia river, tjiaiJ in the estab
lishment of a University in thc Territory of Oregon,
in such manner as the said Legislative Asrembly
may direct, the selection to be approved by the
surveyor General,
Sec. 11. And be il further enacted, That
wjnt is known as the." Oregon City claim," ex
cepting tho Abcrnethy Uland-, which n hereby
confirmed to the legal assigns of the Willamette
milling and trading company, shall beset apart
and bo at tho disposal of tha Legislative Assembly,
to the establishment aotl endowment ot a liniver
aity,.to be located, at such place in the Territory
as .ho Lcgid'.ativn Assembly nUy designate : Pro -
vided. however. That nil lots and Darts of lots In
Slid claim, sold or granted by Dr. John McLaugh
lin, previous to the fourth day of March, eighreeu
hundred and forty-nine, hatl beconfirmed to iho
purchaser or donoe. or thrir assigns, In be certified
lo the Commi&tsoner of the Ocnc.ral Lin-1 Office
.by the Surveyor General, and patent to mue nn
said certificate as in other ewea: Provided, fur-
j ilicr,Tlm nothing in this act cont lined shall be
so cousiruru or execuieu ait in any way to urcvov
or elfect any right l-j land in said rcrrito'ry, holJon
or claimed under UV prov'tKious of the treaty or
ti cities existing bclneen this country and ureal
1 g And be il further enacted That
P"0 minj .anu unuer any or ,nc pro,
wn? . v rtuc ofrsettlemcnt and c .!-
,....v ', ... -. .... -.., f ,,
i:tuiiuimcum'nra'c;i luwruucu'u-iio ui-iui u i
shalKfirst mako affidavit befure fhc buvdyor.
I Gn. '' hfby aulborixed to adminutcr
j 1
! cams or aiiirmauon., or ocu c soma. pnurmn orgvnt.emen can By nppiy.
"" impetent officer, thu the land claimed by j- in Ht fuo Astor House ohtim BoJ hJir8l,
then. U hr their own use and cuIl.vaUon ; lhal'by paying .eight dollar, per week.
they arcnot acting dirccil, or imirecUy as agent ,U ,f JOHN D. Wff P. .
lur or in u.e employment 01 otnera in maK.nj
j,r ., ti.r ...r-n. a.1ii .rri.i,:i. ruoml
by'thu act shall be enured on rcco.d by Ibej
Surveyor General hi a book to kept b7 hi.n for
Uut purpovj; and on proof befurs a Court of.
competent jurisdiclion, lhat any of such oaths ot
Ifirmalions are faUc or fraudulent, tin: peTsous
making such false or Tranduleut nalhs or stRrtiwi
tions slia'lt be subject Ui nil the pains and penal
ties of perjury.
Sec. J 3. And he il further enacled, That
all questions arwsisr under thi- act shall lie d-
I indeed by ihe Surveyor Gcnrfal, as preliminary
t0 a ,ina' decision according to taw; and iishallj
e lit duty of Ibo Surveyor General, undr tho '
n-cuon ol tne Commissioner ol the ucneral L
Odiee. to caii proper tract books lobe opcueJ
, ? hdi Oregon, nnd to do ond perform
I iirh t alma n,l Ihl lkv hitv tnjilA nn an It "-w(aw
ngnu unuer ineireuy 7; ; v ? , between tho imdcrs-rfuo.l. un.
. I,. tl, flrornn Trrrlla-I D,1J,-unua;cr, m jjiiiuoiuiu ui uir. aihd, u, --.,,... .,..u..v,' -
bvi 11 1.11 inn biii it.ii'1 nni innrp wr will. I -"
,. .u- -;, , u-, 1 .- .1.. . -oi .Mill 1 u.t tx. ur.AA su.i. li in
all ,
! oilier ads and things nece.iTr Mid proper to carry
j""."" i -' v w
' P'J DC " luriner
fnncled, Thai
mi lands, norland rrenr.I for valine,
shall be hablo lo any cLmn.undt.ranJ by virtue
tlio pf ovwioiKiof thii at; ami llwt ru.'i jiioi i
l'e improvement f anreiltcf mmlc j.rriou u
"ie iwwsw i.,ui-a:i iaucncae,io
Speaker of die IIoue of Rrprcxent ilnre
WIi.i.AM 1:. Kt't;,
P.fMidMt tft 'ihe Scmuo pro tempore,
Apptdved Septmber $Tt 18U.
as??? &Saa?a-!4 '
AFKRSiU stock of goods dicec't fJtfi.l tha
States, consixfitig irf pari ef-
U 1 O G A K S , ,
liailleVnifjchiklren shoes, sheeting and drill.
dncd peaches and apples, hcxrucliCaUy sealed pro-
u ions, consisting of freshTomatos, Uearu, Green
peas and Lobster, fine; l.erpool Salt, keg rWa
powJer.fine brandies aHJfti .JiXMlaJQast la-iff'-Afe,
win Jow ntJlTjoorr-Siia "BKt WmtrJ
sash, window frames and GXQuldirir rcJy tub
put together, and window blinds to fit ihe'aSove.
Merchants aro requested to call and onmina
bpfore purchaiing elsewhere as the subscri'icr is
determined to sell alt snult profit.
PorlLind. Pec. 4th IS 10. tf,
TrfB subscriber His just received a mU
invoice of India Robber Goods .direct from
the mariufctory, comprising Ru!ber Ponchos,
Tarpaulins, Hiding' Ciitrrj, Rubber BofiUi, Rub
ber Blankets, Rubber Saddlo Bag-, &ct
Portland, December 4, 1830. 3)
Sv WATCH IDS' and Clocks Gleaned and
&.:-& RepaircJ in a workmanlike manner, and
Rings and Pins mads to order, out of -California
Portland, Drc4, 1S50. tf.
Ilotjcrt Tlioiupsoia,
--JcaIer in
Ware, provisions, &c.
AGENT for CLEnca ?t Wubelbii,
mannfacturers "of Furniture and Cabinet
work of all descrip'ions all of which will always
be found at my store, or made to order,
PoriliEd.Doc, 1850. tf.
Shubrick Norris. JdUriI Winter! B. G. Littimct.
N&. CO. fire constantly rcct-Iving aupptiet
of fresh and desirable Goods by almost
every arrival from Crtl'irni-i, and havo made ar
rangement fur rcgr U supplies. Jirr-i fxaiab
HaslerA StMes, by w."nica"lJioy will be enabled tj
Yurnih tbeir fricrrfa and cujtoincrs the (rest
goods at low hSir Dy Ihe steamer Sea Gull,
daily expectrd from 9tn Francisco, they wiR i
celve it fine supply of
at which they invite the country trade to lake t
look before purchasing eUe where.
Norris & Co. having responsible connection"
i.i both California and tho East, are enabled It
draw drafts on all tho principal cities of tha
Union ; also to forward Gold Dust to tho East-,
ern Slates on most favorable terms.
Money received on deposit. Exchange on Uaa '
Francisco, Cat..' d4 2n
TjpnE tsubicribers aro now prepared to fumlik ,
I, all kinds of Leathotof the best qxalily at.tbeij
near Portland, at tho lowest possible rate.
Cash paid for Hides.
PorUand, dee. 4, 1850. if.
THANKFUL for past favors, wa
would inform 'our friends and ihs
public that wo are daily expecting ft
large supplv of Dnrrs. Medicine.. &c
and would ba hnppy to servo them in our line.
-On hand. Sands' SaraappaTilla, Baiemsns'
drops, Godfrey's conlil. Hoaspman's cough drops
U.iilcy's tonic, DaileyV nyrnp of wild, cherry,
Scidlia ponders, Brilitb oil, iJorllngton'a balsa,
S;oah ton's blttijra. sto-Jisch bill en, lemon sa
car, CooVs pills, rc's. pills, copavla capsules
Perry Davis'aTpafnkillei.and many fancy artictec
and drus generally. Flnue (rive us a call.
Physicians and SurgMhN
AYING mmle an addition tn my Loose,!
rtm prepared to take a few more boardcra
Individuals wuhinx rood board aud lt0iiix.'
-nill please call on Mrs. J. G, Apperson, on
street between WaahtMton -and Suirlt-sUscts
Portlanrl dec 4- tr. .
heretifdre tt'
ler trie nairl I
is djv discofr.
eu ny muiuu conwuu ftn ino oitsibr-h 01 ui
tJrm will MadmataOst tbtf old stand on th.
Levetf.b, Z C. NllR 1 ON, wHo afne la author.
rl imi tn u ,h nnma nf iIyi. firm 111 ftMt!fnnt
Portlanl.Pfor. I). I8:0.
Sp4!int Xottcc
A I'L Persons indebted to tho Iatoilrm of NOTN
h TOX & DP.NN1SON. are called upon w
' make immediate pnjrnieat to the undrrstgneii, and
' those having bills jigainit the mio will pnrseitt
them fir sell lemeni. Tha subscriber will continue
in-CJuiy on ot hi spacious New Warehouse 0
" the I.cvee, the
Harcantlle ani Commission Buslnew '
iu various bm'iichfs. We now olfer for aalo al
t,e Jowert. rates,-2 ,t awoTtmeirt of lip
ona r.ins.y uowu; aiJ, Jioiasses. ougar
, &yrup. Salt, Pork, Butler. Fiuur, itico, Uunuui
Sji and Gltn, Doors, and osbrr articles In n.
of merous to lUJiiu'un. Dualurs and other will iM
wll id ive IniQ e cja., .. U, nOUTU."
r- dJu