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March 23, 2016
Crowds Pack Sanders Rally; Clinton visits for Hillary
Vancouver has been historical-
ly overlooked during presidential
campaigns, but not anymore.
More than 7,500 people turned
out to support Democratic presi-
dential candidate Bernie Sanders
at Hudson Bay High School in
Vancouver Sunday; while former
President Bill Clinton appeared at
smaller gatherings in Portland and
Vancouver on Monday to support
Hillary Clinton.
Sanders is taking his campaign
to Washington and other West
Coast states that he hopes will
help him make up ground after
a solid delegate lead built up by
Hillary Clinton, the Democratic
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Bill Clinton at Powell’s Books
(KOIN photo)
front-runner, former Secretary of
State, U.S. Senator and First Lady.
In Vancouver, the longtime
U.S. senator from Vermont de-
clared to a packed gymnasium that
the nation’s economic, campaign
finance and criminal justice sys-
tems are “rigged” and criticized
pharmaceutical companies for ris-
ing drug costs.
Sanders applauded the progress
for gay marriage, efforts to enact
a $15-an-hour minimum wage and
his intent to implement univer-
sal health care and fight climate
“In my view we have a moral
responsibility to leave this planet
to our children and grandchildren
in a way that is healthy and habit-
able,” he said.
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks in
Vancouver Sunday drawing more than 7,500 people to Hudson
Bay High School for a rally. Sanders urged his supporters to vote in
Washington’s Democratic caucuses on Saturday. (AP photo)
Bill Clinton surprised folks
with a visit to Powell’s Books in
downtown Portland Monday af-
ternoon, escorted by Oregon Gov.
Kate Brown, who announced her
endorsement of Hillary Clinton
the same day.
The former president also ap-
peared early Monday night at a
rally at Clark College in Vancou-
ver with Washington Gov. Jay In-
slee, another endorser of Hillary
Clinton’s campaign. The former
president talked about his wife’s
agenda for creating jobs, clean en-
ergy, making college more afford-
able and how she can bring people
Week Review
Terrorist Attacks in Brussels
The Islamic State group, also
known as ISIS, claimed responsi-
bility for the attacks at the Brus-
sels Airport and a subway termi-
nal Tuesday that killed at least
34 people and hurt 230, which
include a U.S. service member
and their family. The deadly ex-
plosions were condemned by
Belgium Prime Minister Charles
Michel as “blind, violent and cow-
President Visits Cuba
President Barack Obama urged
Cubans on Tuesday to look to-
ward a hopeful
future with the
United States,
historic visit
to the commu-
nist nation as a
moment to “bury the last remnant
of the Cold War in the Americas.”
The address was carried live on
Cuba’s tightly controlled state
television, offering him a rare,
unfettered opportunity to speak
directly to the country’s citizens.
HIV Research Stuns OHSU
Researchers at the OHSU Primate
Center say they are stunned by the
results of an experiment using a
massive dose of human antibodies
created in a lab to eliminate HIV
from newborn monkeys. “We’re
very excited about this study be-
cause we think it opens some doors
for alternative therapies that could
be used to prevent infection in
babies and children,” said Nancy
Haigwood, the lead investigator.
Great Finish at Indoor Meet
The United States finished with
23 medals, the most in U.S. Track
and Field history and five times
more than second place Ethiopia,
at the 2016 World Indoor Cham-
pionships held last weekend at the
Oregon Convention Center. The
American women led the way, pil-
ing up 13 medals.
Marijuana Brings $3.5 Million
Oregon officials say they’ve col-
lected about $3.5 million
in taxes from recreational
marijuana sales in January.
The 25 percent-tax on rec-
reational pot sales began
at the start of 2016 and
the state began collecting
the taxes from dispensaries last
Bus Fares Out of Town
The Portland City Council ap-
proved a new program to combat
a housing emergency last week
that offers bus fare and other sup-
port services to homeless people
who have lined up another place
to live. The effort is directed at
people who volunteer to leave the
city to live with family or friends,
or land a job but have no means of
TriMet Fares Stolen
A man who worked inside the Fe-
dEx distribution center in Troutdale
was charged last week with steal-
ing over $10,000 in TriMet passes
and tickets that were scheduled for
shipment to area retailers. TrMet
said it started a criminal investiga-
tion a year ago, after noticing that
some retailers were not receiving
their full allotment of fares.