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    P age B5
T he P ortland O bserver • A pril 17, 1996
Defining The Ages (Times), Part 3
by M. I saacs
A lthough the world and especially
the A m erican people are resisting
the know ledge and w isdom o f G od,
yet He says, “ incline your ear, and
com e unto me, hear, and your soul
shall live; and I will m ake an ev er­
lasting covenant with you, even the
sure m ercies o f D avid.” Isaiah 55:1-
3. “Let the w icked forsake his way,
an d th e u n r ig h te o u s m an h is
thoughts; and let him return unto the
Lord, and He will have mercy on
him, and to our God, for he will
abundantly p ard o n .” Isaiah 55:7
“For I will not contend (with men)
forever, n either will I be alw ays
w roth; for the spirit shall fail before
me, and the souls which I have m ade” .
Isaiah 57:16.
C ease your lying and sinning
against the Lord. C ease speaking
oppression and revolt. Jesus is the
intercessor betw een Jehovah G od
and sinful man; only he is salvation
and his righteousness sustains us. If
the follow ers o f the evil one would
repent of their w icked ways and learn
to fear the Lord and learn to love as
Jesus loves all m en, then they will
partake o f his redem ptive pow er; for
love w orketh no ill to his neighbor,
therefore love is the fulfilling law
(R om ans 13:10) "Y e cannot drink
the cup of the L ord, and the cup o f
the devil, ye cannot be partakers of
the L o rd ’s T able and o f the table o f
the dev ils” . ( I C or. 10:21). You c a n ­
not have tw o m asters, for you will
hate the one and love the other. T his
is a FREE choice, w hich no m an can
deny T hese w ords are spoken to
wise men, for there are those unw ise
men, w ho will continue to choose
the doctrine o f dem ons, and those
will feel the ju d g in g p o w e ro f G od in
the Day O f T he Lord; and their fruits
will be corrupt and there will be no
com fort for their troubled hearts and
no hiding places when Jesus com es.
They will not drink o f the O ne Spirit
nor will they know the peace o f G od
They will w orship angels and spirits
o f the dead, intruding into those
things w hich they have not seen,
vainly puffed up by their fleshly
T hese are the tim es, already upon
us; o f w hich it is w ritten in
the W ord o f G od. “ For w hich
‘Daniels fytemoriedChurch
o f Qod in Christ
th in g s ’ sa k e th e w ra th o f G o d
c o m e th on th e c h ild r e n o f d is ­
o b e d ie n c e " . C o lo s s ia n s 3 :6 . W e,
o f th e C h u rc h o f th e L iv in g G o d ,
so b e rly w atc h the h e a v e n s , a w a it­
ing th e c o m in g o f J e s u s C h ris t,
o u r L o rd an d S a v io r . “ P u t on
th e re fo r e , as th e E le c t o f G o d ,
h oly an d b e lo v e , b o w e ls o f m e r­
c ie s , k in d n e s s , h u m b le n e s s o f
m in d , m e e k n e s s an d lo n g s u f f e r ­
ing, fo re b e a rin g o n e a n o th e r and
fo rg iv in g
a n o th e r.
(C o lo s s ia n s 3 :1 2 -1 3 ). C o lo s s ia n s
4 :2 ,5 . C o n tin u e In P ra y e r, A nd
W a tc h In T h e S am e W ith T h a n k s ­
g iv in g . W a lk in w is d o m to w a rd
th em th a t a re w ith o u t (G o d ) , R e ­
d e e m in g T h e T im e s.
Women’s auxiliary-YWCC presents
“Holy Women of the 90’s seminar”
Guest speaker Evangelist Missionary
Marlyne Roundtree of Dallas, Texas
(motivational speaker)
Saturday May 4,1996
1234 NE Killingsworth St
Portland, Oregon
Buffet luncheon to follow
Aprii Vespers and Sieaiing Service
Trinity is please to announce that
Fr James G alluzo will be ourhom ilist
for April 21st V espers and H ealing
service. The service includes the lay­
ing on o f hands with special inten­
tions for those affected in anyw ay by
H IV /A ID S disease.
Fr. G alluzo is the pastor o f St. Eliza­
beth Ann Seton Catholic Community
in Aloha. He is deeply involved in
social justice work locally and interna­
tionally. He founded “A llies: People
to People,” a group that is com m itted
to w orking for hum an liberation and
en d in g all fo rm s o f o p p re ssio n
through a healing and educational
model. He is involved in peace nego­
tiations and conflict resolution. Fr.
G alluzo was a teacher and principal
over a 19 year period and is also an
artist. He attended G onzaga U niver­
sity, Reed C ollage, Portland State
U niversity, Lew is and C lark College
and Catholic U niversity o f A m erica.
T he next H ealing Service will be
held on Sunday, M ay 12th, 1996 as
part of the M ay V espers Service.
T hat service will be the last in this
seaso n 's series o f Healing Services.
The V espers and H ealing Services
with special intentions for those af­
fected in anyw ay by H IV /A ID S d is­
ease will resum e again in the fall on
O ctober 13th. 1996.
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is located
on the comer of NW 19th Avenue and
Everett Streets (the church with the red
doors) and is served by several bus lines.
a ten-year period, he w orked in radio
and television as an announcer, news­
caster and program producer-host.
F riday’s storytelling program at
Portland C hristian School was ar­
ranged by Clancy T ieszen, business
adm inistrator for the school.
"T h ere’s currently arev iv al in the
popularity of storytelling across the
country,” W oodard said. “D espite
all our high-tech m ethods o f packag­
ing and presenting educational and
e n te rta in m e n t p ro g ra m s, sim p le
storytelling is re-em erging as a highly
effective com m unication and educa­
tional medium.
“ T h a t’s g o o d n ew s fo r k id s.
T h e y not on ly lo v e to lis te n to
g o o d sto rie s , it e n c o u r a g e s th em
to rea d m o re an d it h e lp s th em
b u ild a w e ll-ro u n d e d v o c a b u la ry .
A nd th a t w ill e n h a n c e th e d e v e l­
o p m e n t o f all th e ir fu tu re c a p a ­
b ilitie s , in sc h o o l an d b e y o n d .”
W oodard is a regularly featured
storyteller at the Reagan Presidential
Library in C alifornia, am ong other
assignm ents. H e is an active m em ber
o f the National Storytelling A ssocia­
33rd A n n u a i H\eg io na i Convention Sciieduied
M em bers o f the O regon and
southw est W ashington C hapters of
the non-denom inational Full G os­
pel Business M en’s Fellow ship In­
ternational have com bined efforts
to sponsor the 33rd A nnual Pacific
N orthw est C onvention to be held
May 2 through May 4, 1996. The
three-day event will be held at the
Holiday Inn and T rade C enter lo­
cated near Interstate 205 and the
Portland International A irport at
8439 N E C olum bia Blvd, Portland.
This year’s theme centers around
the Scripture text (Isaiah 40:31),
“T hose who wait upon the Lord
shall renew their strength; they shall
mount up with wings like eagles.”
Seven w idely-acclaim ed speakers
are scheduled to m ake presenta­
tions and give testim onies. Included
are Rev G race Lee from New York
state, Rl. Rev. Stephen Barham a n d
Mr. Vern Jackson from California,
Rev Ron M ehl, Rev. Mark Strong
and M r Rick D ancer from O regon,
and Mr. Gil M ulder from W ashing­
ton state
T here will be separate luncheons
leader in W om ens A glow , will be
the featured speaker for the L ad ies’
Luncheon. Mr. Rick D ancer, N ew s
A nchor at Eugene T elevision S ta­
tion KEZI will address the men.
The Rev. M ark Strong, P astor at
Immanuel C hurch in Portland, will
be the featured speaker at a special
Breakfast to honor all clergy sch ed ­
uled for 8:30am on Friday m orn­
ing, May 3.
Thursday and Friday evening
program s (no m eals) will feature
Rt. Rev. Stephen B arham and Mr.
V ern Jackson, respectively. The
C onvention will close with a V ic­
tory Banquet on Saturday at w hich
Rev. Ron M ehl. noted author and
P astor at B eaverton F o u rsq u are
Church, will be featured.
C o n v e n tio n is
nondenom inat-ional and open to
the public everyone is invited and
w elcome. W hile there is a charge
for the meals, all sessions are open
upon paym ent o f one $3 reg istra­
tion fee For additional inform ation
o ra brochure, contact Peter Reding,
Convention C o-chair at 503 292-
at 1 2 :3 ()p m o n M ay 3 fo rlad ie sa n d
men. Rev. G race Lee, a national
2161 or Larry Thorne, R egistrar at
503 643-9984
All welcome
for more information please call
503 284-3721
Advertise In
jL ln rtla n h
(O bserver
Call 503-288-0033
Storyteiiing ‘Programs In Port [and/ Vancouver
The age-old practice o f storytelling
will echo across the cam puses of
Portland C hristian S chools on Fri­
day (4/12).
Jim W oodard, a seasoned story­
teller from southern C alifornia, will
present program s at the school’s three
cam puses. Featured stories will range
from folk tales and fables to bio­
graphical stories, including tw o sto­
ries about little-know n incidence in
the lives o f past U.S. presidents.
The presentations will start at 9:00
a m at the M arket Street cam pus in
tPortland, and will conclude at the
school’s cam pus in V ancouver in
m id-afternoon.
, W oodard started his storytelling
avocation when w orking as a coun­
selor at Boys T ow n, N ebraska. D ur­
ing the past five years he has pre­
sented hundreds o f program s in C ali­
fornia and the M idw est. This is his
first p rese n tatio n in O regon and
W ashington.
W oodard also w rites a nationally
syndicated new spaper colum n and
freelance features, focusing on sub­
jects related to real estate, general
business and youth developm ent. For
The accessible to the physically chal­
lenged. For further information please
contact the Cathedral office at 222-9811.
David L. Payne
D avid Leroy Payne died Friday
April 12, 1996 at Southw est W ash­
ington M edical hospital. He w as 53
years old. He enjoyed sports, horse
racing, and being with his family.
He was a loving father, husband,
and friend.
D avid Payne, the son o f Ethel C
and O rville J Payne, was born on
April 6, 1943 in Salem
Payne m oved to Portland with
his family as a youth, and graduated
from Benson H igh School in 1961
He then w ent to Clark C ollege in
V ancouver for 2 years A fter school
Cox Funeral Home Inc.
he enlisted in the A rm y where he
played ball and was stationed in
Thailand. He w as honorably dis­
charged and began w orking for
M oore O regon Kiln.
Payne was m arried on July 31,
1973 to Y vonne Fisher, and began
to work for L um ber System s Incor­
poration, now C olu n b ia Steel, in
V ancouver in 1974.
He and his fam ily m oved to V an­
couver in 1975 In 1994 he began
w orking for O regon S andblasting
in Tualatin.
D avid is survived by his wife,
Y vonne. T hree D aughters, M ieta
Payne and A licia Payne of Portland
and Crystal Bonner o f C olum bus,
GA. and a Son, Darryl Payne of
A nchorage. He has tw o brothers
Russell Payne and D ennis Payne
both o f Portland and a sister K ather­
ine Johnson o f R ichm ond, Va. He
left four grandchildren
A funeral will begin at 1:30 PM
W ednesday at Daniel M em orial,
C hurch o f G od in Christ, 1234 N.E.
K illingsw orth, with burial in Rose
City C em etery, both in Portland.
T he Little C hapel o f C him es in
Portland is in charge of arrange­
A. A. COX, SR.
Mortician & Funeral Practioncr
Professional Funeral,
Memorial & Graveside
Jerome G. Tanner
A. Funeral Practioner
Cremations available start­
ing at S 395.00 stop in for a
service brochure & visit our
beautiful Chapel.
2736 NE Rodney, Portland, OR 97212
Imam W. Deen Mohammed
(Muslim-American Spokesman For Human
Is Coming To
Cable Television
Check Listings For Times & Dates
J ourney
Channel 33 Fri.- April 5th-6:00FM
Channel 11 Mon.- April 8th-6:00PM
Sun. - April 14th-9:00AM
Searching? So Are We.
Muslim-American Media Initiative
St. Stephen’s - Corner S. W. 13th & Clay - Portland, OR
Qrace Covenant fellowship
1021 NE Grand
6th Floor, Ballroom 4
Sundays at 11:30 AM
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