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    P age B4
“(go Out Into ‘Lie dtighways and diedges
A n d CornpebThem Lo Come‘
a l t e r n a t iv e s
Defining The Age (Times), Article 2
-L u k e 14:23
Powerhouse Temple
C.O.G.I.C., Inc.
4525 N. Williams Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97217
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Training Institute
4725 N. Williams,
Portland, OR 972 1 7
‘Religion and Crime ‘E xamined by N jdbR
When the relationship between
religious commitment and criminal
behavior was statistically analyzed,
only one aspect o f religiosity - reli­
gious behavior - was found to have a
significant relationship to lower lev­
els o f criminal behavior. In other
words, simply holding religious be­
liefs or values was not found to be as
important in deterring crime as was
regular participation in religious ac­
tivities such as attending religious
services, listening to religious broad­
casts. or reading religious materials.
Why might religious behaviors
provide such a strong deterrent to
participation in crime? First, due to
their frequent attendance at religious
services and activities, the religious­
ly active may be more frequently
exposed to moral messages against
crime and other types o f immoral
behaviors than the less religious.
Secondly, frequent participation in
religious events introduces the reli­
giously active to a community o f
believers who reinforce religious
teachings and behaviors, thus de­
creasing an individual’s tendency to
fall into criminal behavior. The re­
searchers commented on this occur­
rence, stating that "continual rein­
forcement o f religious moral values
and policing o f behavior are more
likely when one is embedded in such
a community o f fellow believers.”
E vans, D .T ., C u llen F T .,
Dunaway R.G.. and Burton V.S., Jr.
(1995). "Religion and Crime Reex­
amined: The Impact o f Religion,
Secular Controls, and Social Ecolo­
gy on Adult Criminality.” Criminol­
ogy 33(2): 195-217.
M ayor’s Prayer Ereabfast
Members ofthe political, pastoral
and business communities under the
executive leadership ofthe Full Gos­
pel Business M en’s Fellowship In­
ternational have combined efforts to
sponsor the I Ith Annual M ayors’
Prayer Breakfast o f W ashington
County The Breakfast will be held
on May I, 1996 at the Greenwood
Inn, near Expressway route 217 at
1 0700 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton
The breakfast honors all mayors
and other chief executives o f munic­
ipalities in Washington County and
serves as a nondenominational, pub-
I ic prayer forum for al I of the citizens
within the metropolitan area.
This year’s theme centers around
the Scripture text (Isaiah 6:8), “Here
Am I, Send Me.” Two widely-ac­
claimed speakers are scheduled to
make presentations and give testi­
monies. Featured speaker will be Mr.
Mel Renfro. He is a humanitarian
and founder o f Bridges Ministries
operating in North and Northeast
Portland and is an Inductee into the
Professional Football Hall o f Fame.
A d rian n a C a rr, c o -h o st on
NightLight program, will present her
personal testimony and Christian
witness. In addition, the Joyful Heart
duet, noted for their music ministry,
will provide special music. Mr. Rob
Drake, Mayor o f Beaverton, is the
principal host representing all ofthe
chief executives o f municipalities
located in Washington County.
The public is invited to participate.
This two-hour event will begin shortly
after 7:00am and close at 9 :15am sharp.
Tickets, which are $ 15.00 including a
delic ious breakfast, are avai lable from
the Registrar (777-6116) at 52 I5 S E
70th Avenue Portland, 97206.
Visitors to Portland’s historic Pi­
oneer Courthouse Square on April
26. 27, and 28 may be surprised to
find the plaza under a huge, festive
tent. They will quickly realize that a
religious revival is in progress, but
an unusual sort - a liberal religious
revival. Eight local Unitarian Uni-
versalist congregations are joining
forces to publicly celebrate their faith
and proclaim their liberating mes­
sage to the world, in Unitarian Uni-
versalists on the Square: A Liberal
Religious Revival! They will be
joined by religious cohorts from
around the Northwest.
This free public event will fea­
ture lively m usic, lay w itnessing,
inspired preaching, and o f course,
energetic singing. B ecause they
are w idely know n for affirm ing
Jerome G. Tanner
A. Funeral Director
2736 NE Rodney, Portland, OR 97212
Church School:
Bible Study:
Radio Ministry:
Imam W. Deen Mohammed
(M uslim -A m erican S p o k esm an For H um an
Check Listings For Thues & Dates
ijln rtlan b
8501 N. Chautauqua Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97217
(503) 240-PRAY
Worship Services:
ple n o w .”
Friday evening and Saturday will
highlight liberal evangelist Rev. Tony
Larsen o f Racine, Wisconsin and
singer/songwriter Jim Scott ( former­
ly of The Paul Winter Consort). The
weekend will culminate on Sunday
morning in what could be history’s
largest gathering o f Unitarian Uni-
versalists west o f the Mississippi.
Rev. Marilyn Sewell, o f Portland's
First Unitarian Church, will address,
"What Makes Us Different.” And
Rev. Mark Bell will preach on, "Live
Your Faith, Find Our Voice.” A com­
bined choir from the eight participat­
ing congregations will perform.
Children are welcome at all times
during the Revival, with special ac­
tivities for them on Saturday from
11:00am to 6:00pm.
Building Strong Families
Based On
Biblical Principles
div erse re lig io u s paths and being
relu c ta n t to e v an g elize, this kind
o f public ou treach is a radical
d e p a rtu re for U nitarian U niver-
“ C o n tem p o rary A m erica d e s­
perately needs a nondogm atic yet
sp iritu a lly n o u rish in g way o f re ­
ligious life such as ours. It feeds
the so u l, s tim u la te s th e c o n ­
sc ie n c e , and p ro v id e s g enuine
com m unity w ithout dem anding a
narrow c o n fo rm ity ,” said Rev.
M a rk B e ll, o f th e M ic h a e l
S ervetus U nitarian U n iv ersalist
F ellow ship in V ancouver. W ash­
ington. “ So m any peo p le leave
th eir first ex p e rie n c e w ith us sa y ­
ing, I f only I had know n e a rlie r
that relig io n could be like th is ! ’
We are reach in g out to those p e o ­
Is Coining To
Cable Television
/. ^ o l i v e t
Baptist Church
Mortician & Funeral Director
The Loss o f a loved one
is always a traumatic
experience. But it can he
made easier if you contact
a facility that has your
interest at heart.
our God will gather others also unto
that spawn o f satan. that anti-christ,
whose time is high; w hose watchmen
are greedy dogs which can never
have enough, and they are shepherds
that cannot understand; they all look
to their own way, everyone for this
gain, from his quarter'. "Come ye,
say they, I will fetch wine and we w ill
fill ourselves with strong drink.”
(Isaiah 56: 8 -12).
"But draw near hither, Ye sons o f
the sorceress, the seed ofthe adulter­
er and the whore. Against whom do
you sport yourselves? Against whom
make ye a wide mouth, and draw out
the tongue? Are ye not children o f
sin, a seed o f falsehood, inflaming
yourselves with idols under every
green tree, slaying the children in the
valleys under the clifts o f the rocks?
Should I (God) receive comfort in
these? The righteous are perishing
and no man cares; and merciful men
are taken away, but no one knows or
considers that the righteous are taken
away from the evil to come.” Isaiah
Cox Funeral Home Inc.
A. Funeral Director
persuaded that the end is eternal life.
(St Luke 9:62).
Many shall preach a doctrine of
demons, teaching access to God by
other means than Jesus Christ. This
teaching being another ploy o f the
evil one to gain access to many minds
and hearts through a "new age" with­
out Jesus, the Christ Jesus said, "I
am that bread o f life. (St John 6 :5 1 ).
Verily, verily, I say unto you. he that
believeth on me hath everlasting life".
(St John 6:47.). “ I am the living bread
which came down from heaven; if
any man eat o f this bread, he shall
live forever; and the bread that I will
give is my flesh, which I will give for
the life o f the world".
We are assailed with Gay rights; a
feminine spirit pervades the earth;
and it brings home to us the power of
demon spirits in this land-w hen sanc­
tions are given for males to marry
The abomination o f it is a stench
in the nostrils o f God. as in the days
o f Sodom and Gomorrah. (Genesis
18:20; Genesis 19: 3 - 11 ) The Lord,
‘L ight Local Congregations Mold
Ft Liberai ‘Religious Lent Revival
Sign up Now
Monday through Friday
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
We have free Computer Service
I p the war against crime, a newly
published study in a leading crimi­
nology journal suggests a unique
weapon - participation in religious
activities. According to the research­
ers, the greater an individual’s in­
volvement in religious activities, the
lower theirchancesofbeing involved
in a wide range o f crimes.
In order to examine the relation­
ship between religious involvement
and criminal behavior, the research­
ers surveyed over 5 50 adults living in
a Mid-Western urban area and asked
how many times during the past 12
months they had committed any one
o f a variety o f criminal acts. Each
respondents level o f religious com­
mitment was also measured using
various questions dealing with reli­
gious denomination, religious beliefs,
religious values, and religious activ-
tn M. I saacs
Despite the global trend to resist
the knowledge and w isdom o f God;
the followers of"T he Way" which is
Jesus, the Christ, the Anointed One
of God. his Father, knowing full well
that it will lead to a taking away of
possessions, with no nest or hole or
home in which to lay their heads (St
like 9:57), continue to praise His
Holy Name and seek his wisdom; for
they have no fear o f anything Jesus
has already overcome. The dead in
Christ are not mourned, but rejoiced
over; for they already have their re­
ward. Thus, the followers o f Christ
heed not the dead, nor even adult
children, nor father, nor mother; but
they heed the calling o f Christ and
preach the kingdom ofGod. (St Luke
9 :6 1), T hese true followers ofChrist,
without fear, face the signs ofthe end
oftime with patience, peace and love.
For having put their hands to the
plough, they will not look back
Shored up with faith and covered by
grace, they suffer all things, even
death, for they know and are fully
C h an n el 3 3 Fri.- April 5th-6:00P M
C h a n n el 11 Mon.- April 8th-6:00P M
Sun. - April 14th-9:00A M
Muslim-American Media Initiative
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6th Floor, Ballroom 4
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