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    I hl P ortland O bserver • D ecember 6, 1995
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Production Begins On Thriller: Deadly Voyage
♦ Danny Glover is an executive
producer of the film, based on
the chilling true story of the
life-and-death struggle of eight
that combines the excitement o f a
thriller with searing insights into hu­
man nature,” noted Colin Callender,
senior vice president, HBO Show­
“ This is a story o f people strug­
gling to find their dreams,” said
Danny Glover. “ It’s a story o f surviv­
al. As filmmakers, it is also our chance
to forge an important alliance with
the Ghanaian film community and to
work on the African continent. I ap­
plaud HBO and the BBC for initia t­
ing this union”
Deadly Voyage is the second
film (follow in g October’s “ The A f­
fair,” executive produced by Harry
Belafonte) o f a major long-term pro­
duction agreement between the BBC
and HBO Showcase. Executive pro­
ducers include Danny Glover and
George Faber, head o f single film s
for BBC Drams. Producers are Bra­
dley Adams (“ An Ungentlemanly
Act” ) and John Goldschmidt (“ Uts,”
The B A F T A -w in n in g “ Spend,
Los Angeles, Nov. 6, 1995 -
Filming has begun on Deadly V oy­
age, an HBO Showcase/BBC thriller
executive produced by Danny G lov­
er, it was announced today by Bob
Cooper, president, H BO Pictures and
HBO Showcase. Deadly Voyage
draws from real-life testimony and
interviews given by Kingsley Ofosu.
O f eight African stowaways on a
cargo ship, seven were murdered —
only Ofosu survived the tragic ship­
board ordeal Deadly Voyage, which
began production Nov. 4 in ghana,
stars Omar Epps (“ Higher Learn­
ing” ), David Suchet (“ Poirot” ) and
Joss Ackland (“ Lethal Weapon 2” ).
“ This is an amazing example o f
where true stories are more unbeliev­
able than fic tio n ,” said Cooper.
“ Deadly Voyage is a gripping tale
Spend, Spend” ). Deadly Voyage is
directed and written by award-win­
ning filmmaker Stuart Urban (“ An
Ungentlemanly A ct” ).
Struggling to support his family
in Ghana, 21-year-old K ingsley
Ofosu decided to travel overseas and
learn a trade, returning home to build
a better life. He knew it would be
d iffic u lt to leave his fam ily, but had
no idea o f the terror awaiting him
when he and seven friends stowed
away on a cargo ship. New, more
stringent “ carrier lia b ility ” laws, de­
signed to punish ships carrying m i­
grants without visas, imposed s tiff
penalties for harboring stowaways.
The result in this case was a murder­
ous rampage that Ofosu barely man­
aged to survive. The other seven men
-- including Kingsley’s brother Albert
-- died at the hands o f the crew.
Three ofthe real-life ship’s crew
members have pleaded guilty, and
await sentencing in France later this
Dorothy Danbridgc's Historg Goes To Film
♦ Whitney Houston Acquires
Film Rights To D orothy
Dandridge Biography
Donald Bogle’s book w ill give me
the opportunity to bring the elegance,
dignity and richness o f Dorothy to
the Screen.”
Dorothy Dandridge. A Biogra­
phy traces the trailblazing career o f
the talented and sultry star who be­
came the first African American to
receive an Oscar nomination for Best
Actress (forCarmen Jones), and who,
1 ike her contemporary Mari lyn M on­
roe, achieved cult status that remains
vibrantly alive today.
Bogle chronicles her life from
her early years as a childhood per­
former to the hit films Carmen Jones
and Island in the Sun in the 1950s;
thought her troubled and debilitating
love affairs and marriages; to her
shocking and tragic dec I ine and death
in 1965 at the age o f 42.
Whitney Houston has acquired
the motion picture rights to the forth­
coming book, Dorothy Dandridge:
A Biography, by Donald Bogle, to be
published in the late Spring o f 1996
by Amistad Press. Houston w ill pro­
duce the film with Debra M artin
Chase and w ill star in the title role.
“ I have always been intrigued
by Dorothy Dandridge and the tri­
umphs and tragedies o f her life,” said
Houston from her Los Angeles o f­
fice. “ She was an enormously talent­
ed African American whose gifts,
like those o f Josephine Baker, B illy
Holiday and Paul Robeson, were
never fu lly appreciated because she
was quite simply ahead o f her time.
"Professional Manicurists ”
6804 Martin Luther King Blvd., Portland, OR 97211
(503 735-3792)
Specialize In Long And Curl
Full Set
EXP. 13 1-95 ,
y J J.
EXP 12-1-95
r ■
EXP 12-1-95
L .
EXP 12 1 9 5 ,
Donald Bogle has based his book
on more than seven years o f exten­
sive research, including interviews
with the late actress’ fam ily, friends,
agents, associates, arrangers, direc­
tors, lovers, choreographers, costum­
ers and co-stars.
The book includes frank discus­
sions with the actress’ sister, Vivian
Dandridge, the late Otto Preminger
and Laslo Benedek, director Herb
Ross, D andridge’ s firs t husband
Harold Nicholas ( o f the Nicholas
B ro th e rs ), her c lo s e s t frie n d
Geraldine Pate, m usician Bobby
Short Maria Cole, Brock Peters, Ivan
Dixon and scores o f others. Also
included are perceptive comments
on Dandridge from Sidney Poitier,
Diahann Carroll, and Sammy Davis,
Jazz Pianisf
The Jazz Society o f Oregon pre­
sents noted New York Jazz Pianist
James W illiam son Friday, Dec. 8 at
the Red Lion, downtown.
W illiams w ill perform in a trio
featuring internationally acclaimed
drummer Alan Jones. Tickets are $ 10
in advance at Fastixx ticket outlets
and $12 at the door.
Originally from Memphis, Tenn.
W illiam s started piano at age 13,
playing gospel and rhythm and blues
while studying classical music. A t
21, he became an instructor at the
Berklee College o f Music in Boston.
He has worked with many o f the
jazz greats and recently performed in
Oregon at the 1994 Mt. Hood Festi­
val o f Jazz.
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M LK B lv d
Give Thanks This
Holiday Season!
she has been a professor o f drama at
Stanford University. Her film roles
include appearances in Philadelphia,
Dave, and The American President.
Smith’ s Portland Arts & Lectures
presentation w ill be her first perfor­
mance in Portland.
Other speakers in the 1995/96
Portland Arts & Lectures series are
novelist and essayist Tim O ’ Brien
(January 10, 1996), historian and
Open 6 Days- MON-SAT 9:30 AM - 7:30 PM
Open Sunday by Appt. Only
Photo Credit:
Janette Beckman
Through her contributions
to academia, her film
roles, and her original
approach to play writing,
Anna Deavere Smith has
established herself as one
of the most important
figures in American
theater today.
biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin
( March 6, 1996), novelist and essay­
ist John Fow les(A pril 2 4 ,1996), and
naturalist Edward O. W ilson (May
15, 1996).
Single tickets are available for
most recent installments o f On The
Road grew out o f interviews Smith
conducted in the aftermath o f two
race-related tragedies: Fires in the
M irror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn
and Other Identities, winner o f the
1993 Kesselring Award for best new
play and a Pulitzer Prize nominee,
and T w ilight: Los Angeles 1992,
nominated for Tony Awards for best
actress and best play.
A graduate o f the American Con­
servatory Theater, Smith has taught
drama at Carnegie-Mellon Universi­
ty, U C LA , and Yale, and since 1990
I With Full Set Charm I
Portland Arts & Lectures is
pleased to present an evening with
playwright, actress, and educator
Anna Deavere Smith on Wednesday,
December 13, 1995 at the Arlene
Schnitzer Concert Hall. The program
begins at 7:30 pm. For her presenta­
tion, titled, “ Snapshots: Glimpses o f
America in Change,” Smith w ill per­
form segments from her plays, and
offer commentary about the work.
Smith appears as part o f the 1995/96
Portland Arts & Lectures Series, a
six-part series sponsored by Oregon
Council for the Humanities, Pacific
U niversity, P ow ell’ s Books, and
BOORA Architects. Tickets for the
presentation by Smith can be pur­
chased in advance, or on the night o f
the event; Advance tickets are $18,
and available through the offices o f
Literary Arts (720 SW Washington,
#745, Portland, OR 97205, ph. 227-
2583). On the night o f the event,
tickets are $19, and w ill be sold out
ofthe Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
box office beginning at 5:30 p.m.
Through her contributions to
academia, her film roles, and her
original approach to playw riting,
Anna Deavere Smith has established
herself as on. if the most important
figures in American theater today.
For the past twelve years, Smith has
been exploring and inventing new
theater forms with an award-winning
series o f one-woman plays. On The
Road: A Search for American Char­
acter, a project that combines her
interest in language, theater, and the
diversity o f American experience.
With her nineteen on the Road pro­
ductions, Smith has developed a
un ique documentary approach to dra­
ma; by recording interviews and re­
enacting them, verbatim, she “ em­
bodies” characters-playing as many
as 46 roles in each production-and
comments on actual events. The two
all o f these events, and five-part se­
ries tickets (fo r Smith, O ’ Brien,
Goodwin, Fowles, and W ilson) are
available for $70.
Portland Arts & Lectures, a pro­
gram o f Literary Arts, Inc., is a non­
profit arts organization located at
720 SW Washington, #745, Port­
land, OR 97205. For more informa­
tion about the 1995/96 series, or any
other Portland Arts & Lectures event,
please contact Ken DuBois at (503)
Ad veri ¡se In
Call 503-288-0033
M O N D A Y - SATURDAY 1 0 : 0 0 - 6 : 0 0
(503) 331-1101
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