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Peppered steak quick, delicious
When you think of quick and easy
dinner entrees, do you also think of
plain and simple? And dull and
routine? This doesn't have to be the
case as the recipe Quick *n Easy
Peppered Steaks proves This entree
can be made in minutes, yet will
excite and delight the most discrimi­
nating palates.
Beef cubed steaks are the key to
this recipe's speedy preparation for
they cook in just three to four
minutes per side. For easy flavor
enhancement, the steaks are rubbed
with garlic and freshly ground
pepper is pressed into the surface
before quickly browning in butter.
The flavorful pan drippings are used
to make a special sauce that’s laced
with brandy and features mush­
rooms and green onions.
You’ll find cubed steaks not only
easy to prepare, (hey are also easy to
shop for because they are individu­
ally sized. Since the steaks do vary
in size, you can select them to match
individual appetites.
Cubed steaks will also help you
stretch the budget for they are cut
from less expensive sections o f beef
such as the round. Although these
sections are naturally less tender,
cubed steaks can be quickly cooked
by dry heat methods for they have
been mechanically tenderized. This
is done by putting the steaks
through a machine that cuts the
muscle fiber and connective tissues
with a series o f blades, making them
more tender and giving them a
cubed appearance.
W hile the cook appreciates the
speed o f cubed steaks and the family
enjoys their fine flavor, all will
benefit from the nutrients they pro­
vide. Like all beef cuts, cubed steaks
are an outstanding source o f the
high-quality protein needed daily by
the body. Beef is also a good source
o f the B-vitamins thiam in, ribo­
flavin, niacin, pantothenic acid.
pyridoxine and
B -12
minerals iron and zinc.
4 beef cubed steaks
I dove garlic, cut in half
H teaspoon freshly ground pepper
1 tablespoon butter
M teaspoon salt
1 can (4 oz.) mushroom stems and
pieces, drained
14 cup brandy
2 tablespoons chopped green onion
14 cup water
1 teaspoon cornstarch
2 tablespoons h alf and half
Rub both sides o f cubed steaks
with cut side o f garlic; lightly press
pepper into both sides o f meat.
Brown steaks, two at a time, in
butter in large frying pan to desired
doneness (3 to 4 minutes per side).
Season with salt. Remove steaks and
keep warm.
brandy and green onions to frying
pan and cook 2 minutes, stirring
occasionally. Combine water and
cornstarch; add to brandy mixture
and cook until thickened. Remove
from heat and stir in half and half.
Spoon sauce over meat. Makes 4
Since timing is an important
factor when planning this meal,
serve the cubed steaks with other
hurry-up dishes. Instant rice is u
good choice as are frozen peas or
beans since they can be quickly
cooked. For an easy salad, arrange
tomato slices on lettuce rafts and
serve with a favorite dressing. A ll
are sure to enjoy chocolate sundaes
for dessert.
p ffiS flPink Grapefruit
Valley G ro w rn i T
No. 1 Baking Yams
Meeting explores
nutrition program
Y o u are in v ite d to a m eeting
sponsored by the O reg o n State
Health Division to gather comments
on the W IC Program. The meeting
will be held in Portland on M ay 31,
1983 from 1:00 p.m . to 3:00 p.m . at
the State O ffice Building, 1400 S .W .
3th, Room 310 (3th floor).
We want to have your suggestions
on how we can im prove W IC serv­
ices and encourage comments from
W IC participants, local W IC staff,
c o m m u n ity
w orking w ith women and children,
retailers and other interested people.
Your ideas w ill be used in the de­
velopm ent o f the 1984 W IC State
Plan. The State Plan includes such
areas as:
• plans for program outreach
• local agency application
• funding formulas
• certification procedures
• W IC food package inform ation
• fair hearing procedures
A copy o f the current State Plan
is available fro m the O regon State
Health Division on request.
I f you are unable to a tte n d the
meeting, w ritten comments may be
sent to the W IC Pro g ram , Oregon
State H e a lth D iv is io n , P .O . Box
231, Portland, O R 97207 until June
10, 1983. C a ll the S tate W IC
P ro g ram i f you have questions
ab o u t the m eeting: in P o rtla n d
229-3697; fro m Salem 378-3131; all
other areas I -800-432-7813.
These Golden, Milky, Well-Filled
C oachella Valley Grown
Ears Are So Sweet & Tender
That "Corn-licous" Is The Only
Way To Describe Them!
Saladette Tomatoes
Red Ripe
Sweet Springtime
Van Camp’s
Pork & Beans
Town House
Dill Pickles
Chiffon ì
Alw.i,'- A Holiday favorite
16 Ounce Can
Lay’s Potato Chips
Grapefruit Juice
Pitted Olives
Cheese Food
Whole Fryers
Sunbright Reg
Or Pink 46 Or
School M enu
M ay»
M a y 31
Turkey and Gravy
Whipped Potatoes
Celeiy Chunks with
U S D A Grade A Plump tender
limit 6
Valencia Smail
6 Ounce Can
Kratt American Slices
1 ? Ounce Packaqe
Peanut Butter
French Bread
Sliced Peaches
M ilk
June 1
Beef-Tomato Pizza
Carrot Coins with Ranch Dip
Pear H a lf
Honey Oatmeal Cookie
M ilk
H o t Chickenwich
Tater Triangle
Apple H a lf
M ilk
Fish 'N Tots
Tossed Salad with Italian Dressing
W arm W heal Roll
Orange H a lf
M ilk
Boneless Ham
fully Cooked Whole Hams
Wate. Added to Assure Tendewes'
\ Fnlll
* ■ **
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lig h tw e ig h t
Igloo^Playmate Ice Chest r.’ss.
* a s*»«
- ’14"
Blue Ice Soft Pack
... 99*
Safeway Briquet Lighter Fluid
tx *149
Bic Twin Pack Disposable Lighter
Blue Action Pad
’4 "
Top Sirloin
@ e £ 3 28
Sliced Bacon
@ » i H 48
»I *«
Sales Limited To Retail Quantities Only.
Price Effective 5/25 Thru 5/31/83 At
Safeway In The Portland Area.