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    Portland Observer, May 18. 1983 Page 7
Chicken One dish dinner
C h icke n h a i become a fa v o rite
food fo r a number o f reason«: it is
versatile, can be used w hole or in
parts, cold or hot, spicy or plain. No
w onder it is so w ell liked by most
In ad d itio n to its c u lin ary a ttri*
butes. chicken is relatively economi­
cal, especially in one-pot chicken
dishes. A m ong the legion o f good
chicken recipes are the w on d erfu l
stews which we sometimes tend to
fo rg e t. T h e y pay o f f handsom ely
for fam ily dinners, entertaining and
even for small households on a "use
some, freeze some” basis.
Here are recipes for two interest­
ing, delicious chicken and vegetable
dishes. Both chicken stews are easy
to make and guarantee predictably
good results because they are based
on condensed soups. A n d each
requires only one cooking pot.
Try Ragout Poulet when you have
some fresh m ushroom s. A m b e r
slices o f sweet potatoes and a pack­
age o f frozen green peas complete
the vegetable trio . A fte r chicken
parts are brow ned, they simmer in
condensed cream o f chicken soup, a
q u a lity fla v o r in g red ien t which
enhances the taste o f the other stew
ingredients. The canned soup pro­
vides a hearty and convenient base
fo r this stew and requires no addi­
tional thickening.
V e lv e ty C h icke n Rosem ary is
an o ther d is tin ctive stew, this one
fea tu rin g three staple vegetables:
ca rro ts , sm all w hite onions and
fro zen green beans. T h e velvety
sauce based on another condensed
soup — condensed creamy chicken
m ushroom soup — is com bined
with white wine or chicken broth. In
addition to rosemary, which has an
affin ity for chicken, the seasonings
are thyme and parsley.
Ideal fall dishes, but good for any
time o f year, these stews are hearty
a n d , depending on how many
people are to be served, can provide
a m arvelous second meal fo r
another day.
M cup water
H cup chopped onion
W teaspoon marjoram leaves,
Vt teaspoon poultry seasoning
2 cup« whole medium fresh
mushrooms (about VA pound)
2 cups thickly sliced sweet potatoes
1 package (10 ounces) frozen peas
In large heavy p an , b ro w n
chicken in shortening; pour o ff fat.
Add soup, water, onion and season
ings. Cover; cook over low heat 23
minutes. Add remaining ingredients;
cook 20 minutes more or until done.
Stir occasionally. Makes 6 servings.
3 pounds chicken parts
2 tablespoons shortening
2 cans (10 V. ounces each condensed
creamy chicken mushroom soup
Vt cup chablis or other dry white
2 tablespoons chopped parsley
Vi teaspoon thyme leaves, crushed
V. teaspoon rosemary leaves,
1 package (10 ounces) frozen whole
green beans
2 cup« thickly diagonally sliced
8 small whole white onions (about
In large heavy p an . b ro w n
chicken in shortening; pour o ff fat.
Add soup, wine, parsley, thyme and
ro sem ary. C o ve r; cook over low
heat IS minutes. Add beans, carrots
and onions. Cook 30 minutes more
or u n til done. S tir o ccasio nally.
Makes 4 servings.
Red Snapper
Lb. I
Ground Beef
Approx. 5 L b . Pkg
Lim it 1 Pkg.
(Additional Or
Smaller Pkg.
Lb. * 1 *
3 pounds chicken parts
2 tablespoons shortening
2 cans (1014 ounces each) condensed
cream o f chicken soup
One-parent kids
role different
C h ild re n in one-parent fam ilies
successfully assume more responsi­
ble roles in the home, but the parent
needs to be the adult figure "repre­
senting security and who give the
e m o tio n a l support and caring all
children require."
M a rc e lle S tra a tm a n , O regon
State University Extension human
development specialist, points out
that while the loss o f one parent is a
serious reversal fo r c h ild re n , it
doesn’ t appear "perm anently detri­
m e n ta l." Parents and children can
form successful partnerships w ith
advantages for all.
H o w eve r, she is concerned that
c h ild re n liv in g " in a p artn ersh ip
w ith a single parent should not
become substitutes for the missing
mate. They are still children needing
continuous a tte n tio n and loving
from a significant ad u lt.”
Living in a one parent household
means that children have to grow up
" a little faster,” the specialist said.
A single parent working full-tim e
finds sharing household responsibil­
ities with the children a necessity if
the household is to function success­
fully. Children in one-parent house­
holds appear to have developed
"m ore independence, responsibility
and other skills more advanced than
ch ild ren fro m tw o -p aren t house­
T h a t's because it really is neces­
sary for them to be more responsi­
ble, Straatman said, because, unlike
two-parent fam ilies, it ’ s im portant
that children complete their house­
hold tasks i f the fa m ily is to keep
In tw o-p aren t fam ilies children
may be consulted on inconsequen­
tial matters, but the final authority
and action lies with the adults.
In c o n tra s t, c h ild re n in one-
parent settings often gain rights and
responsibilities not too d iffe re n t
from the adult.
" G ro w in g up fast has mixed
v a lu e s ," S tra atm an p oin ted o u t.
"S h a rin g adult problems and joys
helps children recognize parents are
people just like themselves w ith in­
securities and strengths.
" A t the same time, many children
envy those from two-parent families
w ho have a m ore carefree c h ild ­
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