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Portland Observer
Volume XIII, Number 28
April 27, 1983
Section II
G R O W P O T A T O E S IN A B A R R E L !
Remember what potato*» u trd to b* like
hot and »teaming from the oven. lull
of fluffy w hit* meal, and with an earthy flavor that didn t need the help of butter or
•our cream ’ Well, you can raise your own »pud» and recapture that special flavor, and
Alaska crab rings tw o kinds of pasta to form main maal for dinner party or special occasion.
Alaska crab, pasta easy party dish
Want a dinner party idea that's in­
teresting and not time-consuming?
The Snow C rab Party Pasta is just
right. It features two kinds of pasta
and tw o easy sauces paired w ith
Alaska Snow crab clusters. The cas­
ual style o f this entree is guaranteed
to please guests and it's easy enough
for even a novice cook.
Here’s how it works: A basic white
sauce, made w ith shredded Swiss
cheese and half-and-half, plus a meat­
less version o f a prepared red sauce
are put together in minim um time.
T w o kinds o f fettucine noodles are
cooked separately, then arranged on
a serving platter and each is topped
with one o f the sauces. Convenient
Alaska Snow crab clusters, cut into
M rv in g -size pieces, cracked and
steamed to perfection, are arranged
around the noodles. The results —
c o lo rfu l, festive and delicious. (A
good supply of napkins an d /o r bibs
suggested when eating this one.) A
crisp green salad and garlic bread,
and a light dessert o f a fresh fru it
bowl or ice cream complete this cas­
ual but enjoyable party.
Alaska Snow crab clusters, which
include portions o f the shoulder with
several legs a tta c h e d , com e fu lly
cooked and cleaned and are available
frozen year-round, tiood idea to keep
some on hand. Enjoy!
216 to 3 pounds frozen Alaska Snow
crab clusters
!6 cup water
6 ounces spinach fettucine noodles
6 ounces fettucine noodles
Swiss Cheese Sauce
Red Spaghetti Sauce
Swiss Cheese Sauce: Saute I clove
minced garlic in !6 cup butter. Add
Vt cup half-and-half, I cup shredded
Swiss cheese. 16 teaspoon salt and !4
teaspoon pepper; cook and stir until
Thaw crab clusters. Cut into serv­
cheese melts and sauce thickens. Stir
ing-size pieces; crack. F ill pot large » tn I tablcspoon chopped parsley.
enough to hold steam basket w ith
Serve over cooked spinach noodles.
water to depth o f 34-inch. Place steam
Makes about 136 cups.
basket in pot; bring water to boil.
Red Spaghetti Sauce: Saute 36 cup
Place crab in basket, reduce heat and
each chopped onion and sliced mush­
steam, covered, about 5 minutes or
rooms in I tablespoon o il. A d d 2
until crab is thoroughly healed. Cook
cups prepared meatless spaghetti
noodles in separate pots according to
sauce and 16 teaspoon basil, if de­
package directions; drain. Arrange
noodles and crab on large p latter.
sired; sim m er 20 m inutes. A d d I
T o p spinach noodles w ith Swiss
tablespoon chopped parsley. Serve
Cheese Sauce and regular noodles
over cooked noodles. Makes about
with Red Spaghetti Sauce. Makes 8
2 cups.
you won't have to do a lot ol backbreaking digging, either You ran grow potato*» in
a barrel - placed in any sunny part ol your patio, back yard, or apartment balcony
and that container can be filled with sawdust, dirt, mulch, or rotting leave* Here » how
it s done
First, get a barrel, a discarded whiskey keg. or even a metal or plastic trash can. (The
larger the container, the more spuds you II eventually harvest so make your selection
accordingly.) To prepare your growing bin. punch several holes, spar ed about sis inch
es apart, in the bottom ol the container The drainage these pros irle will help keep your
crop s feet dry. which is an important consideration Then spread a layer ol large
pebble* in the bottom of the barrel, and put about six inches of soil over that Neat,
put in a four inch layer of well rotted (not fresh) sawdust, and you ran also add some
soil if you'd like Now you re ready to plant.
Potatoes, unlike moat vegetables, aren t usually raised from seed
they re sprouted
from the eyes of fully grown tubers that are known as seed potatoes If you. or someone
you know, grew a crop ol spuds last year and set some of th r beauties aside, you're
ahead of the game as these can be your source of new potatoes Hut if you don't have
this advantage, you II need to visit a garden shop, nursery, or farm supply store that
sella seed potatoes Those store-bought spuds that may he hibernating in th r pantry
won t do These commercial tubers have usually been sprayed with an antisprouting
chemical, so even the ones that do pul forth new growth will do poorly
Slice your seed potatoes so that each chunk contains two eyes, and let the piece» sit
for a day or two while their cut surfaces dry Next, take the seeds and push them
down into the layer of planting medium in the barrel -just far enough so they re
covered- and dampen the soil In only a few days you should find little plants sprouting
through Each time these sprouts grow a couple of inches, dump in enough well rotted
sawduat (possibly mixed with soil) to rover them up. and give the crop a soaking Since
the new potatoes form above their parent eye. you are - in effect t reating room for
more down home delicacies each lim e you bury the plant By the time the container
I* full, you'll have two or three fr rt of barrel grown beauties to harvest
Come September, when it's time to gather your May planted crop, you can forget
about your spading (ork Simply tilt th r barrel over on its side, give it a shake or two.
and pour out the moat beautiful spuds you've ever seen!
— —---- — _ — —-
-..„ » ..I.,
m,,1,10 1
L ta s i 1 « Sloner Mountain Road M»nd»,Bonv,ll> N C J s rs i o, in cars o ' in ,, i,ana,
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