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Page 12 Portland Observer, January 21,1962
T.R. Dunn doing well
by UUysses Tucker, Jr.
.. A*’ **'
T .R . D unn #23 drives again st the Blazers in D en ver's 125-121 v ic ­
(Photo: J im m y Robinson)
As quietly as it is kept. T.R.
Dunn, the former University o f Ala­
bama and Portland Trailblazer bas­
ketball standout is leading his Den­
ver nuggets in rebounding from a
guard position which is rare in the
land o f giants.
Against the Blazers, Dunn
grabbed seven rebounds (his aver­
age) and scored eight points in
thirty-six minutes o f play. He also
displayed his defensive wizardry on
the Portland guards which often re­
sulted in a rushed shot, bad pass, or
a turnover. Denver won 125-121.
“ T.R . just does it night a fte r
night and he doesn’ t look fo r the
shot,’ ’ said Doug Moe, Head Coach
o f the "ru n and gun" Nuggets who
trail San Antonio in the Midwest D i­
vision o f NBA.
“ We don’ t need him to score be­
cause o f Dan Issel (31 points), Alex
English (35), and K iki Vandeweghe
(26 points). So, he does all the things
that the other players are weak in
like rebound, pass, play defense, and
he is great at it. When he is with the
first team, they run very smooth and
play well together.”
Dunn, whose physical stature re­
sembles that o f a body-builder, says
that the only time he is conscious
about going to the boards is when
they play bigger and stronger teams.
"When we play Philly I ’ m always
aware o f crashing the boards,” he
said. “ I have to so that I can take
the pressure o ff o f the other players.
Otherwise, some games they fa ll
your way and other games they
don’t. 1 have my highs and lows but
somehow I still manage enough to
lead the team. It ’s amazing.
“ I ju st feel good being able to
contribute to the team in any possi­
ble way. I f I can’t contribute in one
area, I ’ ll try my best to help in an­
other area and it ’ s working out all
Do you miss Portland? “ I used
to,” he laughed, "b u t not anymore.
I t ’ s hard once you’ re traded to a
new team because you have to build
your fort all over again and it was
rough. I enjoyed the fans when 1
was here, they are unlike any others
in tne league. Now that I ’ m getting
established in Denver with the busi­
ness community, things are starting
to look up for me. I ’ve also learned
to ski."
W hat’ s it like playing fo r Doug
" H e ’ s a very em otional g u y,”
said Dunn. “ I f you sit behind the
bench you’ ll know what I mean.
Doug’ s a fair coach and he is very
easy to play for. He treats everyone
as equals and he respects everybody
as a human and a player.”
The native o f Birmingham, A la­
bama, says he has seen a lot o f tal­
ented athletes come in and out o f
the National Basketball Association
and is happy to have stuck around
for five years.
" I ’ m th a n kfu l fo r the time I ’ ve
done," he said. “ I only hope that I
can stick around for five more years
because this is one o f the best jobs in
the land.”
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Sport Talk
by Ron Sykes, Sports Editor
The Oregon State Beavers
cracked down hard on the Oregon
Ducks last Saturday night at the
“ P it."
W ith silver quick guards Les
Conner and W illiam Brew setting
the pattern, the Beavers paralyzed
the Duck offense limiting them to 45
shots, forced 22 turnovers and won,
65-51, their fifth victory without a
loss in the PAC-10 and twelfth in 14
Conner, the only senior starter,
scored 18 points and had a team
leading ten assists.
"When I play well, we play well,”
said Conner, the only starter left
from last year’ s 26-2 team that was
ranked number one in the nation.
A .C . Green, OSU’ s talented
freshman, scored 10 points and had
six rebounds.
Oregon played well and at the
half was only down by three 46-43.
But it was the quickness o f
Conner and the rebounding o f
Charlie Sitton and Green that even­
tually wore down the young Ducks.
Ironically, it was the poor first half
shooting, 0-6, o f the usually reliable
John Greig that kept Oregon from
going into the locker room with a
firs t h a lf lead. “ I decided that I
would just keep putting it (the ball)
up, said Greig. However, it never
really changed for the Senior Cap­
tain from Olympia. John finished
the night with only six points, far
UPI Top T w e n ty
I . North Carolina
2. Missouri
3. Virginia
4. DePaul
5. Texas
6. Minnesota
6. (tie) Iowa
8. Idaho
9. Kentucky
IO. Oregon State
11. Georgetown
12. Tulsa
13. San Francisco
14. Arkansas
15. N. Carolina
16. Kansas State
17. (tie) Louisville
17. (tie) Alabama
19. Villanova
20. Fresno State
below his season’s average o f almost
“ Defense on the ball is what we
wanted,” M ille r said. “ And when
Lester and William are applying it it
sets our break into gear.”
Oregon State had 10 fastbreak
baskets while the Ducks could mus­
ter but five.
Greg W iltje n (the Beavers 6-11
center, who has missed six games
with a sprained ankle, was ready but
again Ralph M ille r decided not to
use him.
“ Danny Evans is playing well, so
I see no need to make a change
now,” said Miller. “ Greg w ill play.
I haven’ t lost confidence, but re­
member Danny was a starter during
the early season u ntil A C. earned
the jo b .”
Evans, the sharp shooter from
Michigan, scored 10 points on 5-10
“ I ’ ve got the rhythm , my shots
are falling and I feel good about my
defense,” beamed a happy Evans.
OSU will get a test this weekend
from the surprising Washington
Huskies (6-0 adn 13-2).
★ ♦
The Cincinnati Bengals move the
ball up and down the field with all
the precision o f a good Swiss watch.
They score points both on the
ground and in the a ir. On the
ground gigantic 250 pound running
back Pete Johnson is as devastating
Portland Observer Top T w n t y
I . North Carolina
2. Missouri
3. Virginia
4. Oregon State
5. Minnesota
6. DePaul
7. Iowa
8. Georgetown
9. Tulsa
11. North Carolina State
12. Villanova
13. Kentucky
14. San Francisco
15. Wichita State
16. Arkansas
17. St. Johns (N Y.)
18. Georgia
19. Louisville
20. Pepperdine
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as a Mack truck. Johnson, 27, had
by far the best season o f his five-
year career in 1981. He rushed for
1077 yards, a 3.9 per carry average,
and he scored 16 touchdowns, third
highest in league. When they go to
the air quarterback Ken Anderson
usually depends on Chris Collings­
worth, the Bengals’ 6-5 205-pound
rookey wide receiver. San Franciscos
inside linebacker Jack Reynolds will
be mainly responsible if the 49ers
are to contain Johnson. Reynolds,
34, is in his 12th NFL season. The
first 11 with Los Angeles, he led the
49ers in tackles w ith 117-28 more
than another player. Reynolds is re­
sponsible for adjustments in the de­
fensive line and linebackers to stop
the run based on his knowledge and
his extensive studying o f films. Rey­
nolds is always the last to leave the
practice field and studies films each
night for hours. This week during
all the media hype, where most play­
ers were being hounded fo r in ter­
views, Jackson Reynolds would po­
litely beg to retire to the film room
to continue his untiring viewing o f
Cincinnati. Reynolds is one o f the
hardest w orking players both on
and o ff the field. Lack o f speed is
his only weakness, therefore the
49ers try to keep him out o f passing
Johnson is not a good pass re­
ceiver, he’ s used mostly fo r short
outlet passes where he can use his
bulk to gain yardage. Hacksaw will
have to be at his best on Super Sun­
Collingsworth will find the going
tough against the 49ers’ talented
secondary. And the most talented
49er defender all-pro Ronnie Lott
will be inside C h rir’ s jersey all day
long. L o tt is the firs t o f the new
breed cornerback. Ronnie stands 6-
0, weighs in at 200 lbs., and runs 4.5
in the 40. The ex-USC all-American
is given a lot o f credit for the 49ers
1981 turnarounds. In the passing
game that C incinnati plays, Lott
w ill be a big influence. During the
regular season the 49ers handled the
Bengals easily w inning 21-3 at
Riverfront stadium. That was the
only loss Cincinnati suffers over the
last 10 games.
San Francisco is a 2 ‘/ i point fa­
vorite to win the Super Bowl. It will
come down to a battle o f defense
(S.F.) against offense (Bengals) the
guess here is that the 49ers will win
by six.
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The stormiest place in the world is Santa Ines Is­
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American State
, vatin
/ T 1 VS
1 • 4
T T v J 1
Fai .
Bruins second
The Salvation Army Moore Street
Community Center Bruins, a local
basketball team, traveled to Modes­
to, C a lifo rn ia to play in the Red
Shield Modesto Invitational Basket­
ball Tournament January 15th and
16th. Six teams played in the tour­
ney and the Bruins represented
Portland very well by placing 2nd.
Two individual players also received
very high honors. Jay Craig was
named to the A ll Tournament Team
and Ken Wesson was high point
man, scoring 40 points in a single
game and averaging 27 points a
game throughout the tournament.
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S u p erb ow l Sunday
The Portland Observer feels that
the Superbowl was last week. The
game between Dallas and the 49crs
was just the two best teams in the
League. We see the 49ers by five
points over Cincinnati. How do you
feel? Let us know how you feel
about Observer sports. We’ ll be
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