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    Portland Observer Section H Thursday, February 12, 1976 Page 18
Bishop Bryant leave mark on Fifth
Atkinson M em orial
Harrison J. Bryant, Bishop of
the Fifth Episcopal District of
the African Methodist Episcopal
Church, will leave the Fifth
District this August. The Church
requires that Bishop serve no
longer than eight years in a
Bryant was bom 75 years ago
in South Carolina. After achiev
ing adulthood, he began his
persuit of an education. After
rapidly achieving the standing of
high school graduate, he entered
Allen University in Columbia.
After earning his B.A. degree, he
boarded the train from Wilber
force, Ohio, where he later
earned his Bachelor or Divinity
degree from Payne Theological
Bryant met the charming Edith
Holland, whose hand he would
take in marriage.
Bryant served as Dean of
Jackson Theological Seminary in
Little Rock, Arkansas from 1935
to 1936 Then he accepted the
pastorate of St Paul Church in
l,exington. Kentucky and was
selected as a trustee of Wilber
force University, a post he Filled
We Salute You
United Church
of Christ
6th A M u Adams. Oreguu Cfty
Reverend R- K
from 1941 to 1944 He then
moved to the large St. John
A.M.E. Church in Baltimore,
where he served until 1949
His next move was to Bethel
Church in Baltimore, where he
served for fifteen years. Bryant,
was elected to the office of
Rishop during the General Con
ference of 1964 After serving in
South Africa for four years, he
was assigned to the Fifth Dis
trict. the Church's largest
Many achievements have come
to the Fifth District under
Rishop Bryant's leadership The
Bishop has injected new life into
the Church with the expansion
program of housing for senior
citizens, social centers and day
rare buildings. Bry ant Butler
Kitchen Skilled Care Center is a
monument to his leadership.
From the rice fields of South
Carolina to the highest office in
African Methodism he came,
and he left his mark on all who
have known him
O ur Greetings
n observance of National Black History W eek
The United Presbyterian Churches
in the U.S.A.
The Presbytery of the Cascades
W c “Share the Decani", as
involved in Lave as
Visit a aear-by Prcabyfcriaa Cbnrcb
-O p e a te A l-
Presbytery Office far I
0245 S.W. Baacreft St., Portland. Oregaa 97201
The Reverend Rabert Hogb Reed
Area Execative
Methodists pledge support
jack M. Tuell. Bishop of the
United Methodist Church made
the follow ing statement on Black
History Week
“The Bicentennial is a time
when all of the peoples of
America ought to join in affirm
ing our life together as a nation
We have passed through many
stresses and strains in our
history and we have often fallen
under the judgement of God in
the way the majority has treated
m inority races and ethnic
groups But the ideal of America
still remains the same: a nation
under God in which we genuinely
seek liberty and justice for all.
•One of the neglected aspects
of our history has sometimes
been the contribution of Black
people to our nation Hopefully,
this is being remedied and will
continue to be remedied in
history books of the future. Black
History Week is a time for all of
us to he reminded again of the
necessity to continue this effort
'Answ ers to the Dove Counter
balance General Intelligence
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“We in The United Methodist
Church affirm our solidarity with
the Black community and with all
communities of people in the
continuing struggles for free
dom. liberty and justice "
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