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Portland Observer
Thursday. December 4, 1975
Malaysian ambassador
(Continued from p. 1 col. 2)
to. but that Japan is their biggest trading
partner. "Japan has paid out moat of its
liquid capital in debt service it simply
cannot do this any longer. If Japan
collapses, so do we. Ko do you."
What The Third World Faces
Investigate 4c misuse of federal funds
The e m p lo ye e s o f the A lb in a M in is te ria l A llia n c e
Fam ily Day a nd N ig h t Care Program have been
n o tifie d that the p ro g ra m w ill close D ecem ber 31st.
A p p ro x im a te ly 150 ch ild re n w ill be d e n ie d c h ild care
and fifty d a y care m others w ill be w ith o u t
e m p lo y m e n t.
w e re fu n d e d by M o d e l Cities, a n d the o nly o ne that
p ro vid e s care fo r ch ild re n u n d e r th re e years. The
N orth P ortland C h ild C are C enter, located at N ew
H ope Baptist C hurch, has bee n closed.
In fo rm a tio n a nd R eferral C enter, w h ic h once
p ro v id e d su pp ortive services w ith a s ta ff o f tw e n ty ,
now have th re e e m p lo ye es, w h o n ow face
im m e d ia te te rm in a tio n .
M o d e l C ities p ro v id e d the fu n d s to establish the
4-C C ou ncil a nd p ro v id e d m ore th a n h a lf o f the
a d m in is tra tiv e costs fo r the tri-c o u n ty p ro g ra m fo r at
least th re e years. N ow that th e M o d e l C ities m on ey
is no lo n g e r a v a ila b le , 4-C has no c o m m itm e n t to the
c h ild care p ro g ra m in the M o d e l C ities a re a
W h ile 150 ch ild re n are to be d ro p p e d a nd a
p ro gram is to be closed, 4-C h olds a p p ro x im a te ly
$400,000 in unused m o n e y fro m p re vio u s years, most
o f w h ich was M o d e l C ities m oney. A lth o u g h th ere
have been h e a te d discussions a b o u t this m o n e y fo r
over a ye a r a n d no decisions h a ve been m ade fo r its
use, p ro gram s have b ee n closed a nd c h ild re n
d ro p p e d fro m care w h ile the m o n e y rests in the
W ill the M o d e l C ities Board a nd the A lb in a
M in is te ria l A llia n c e see this p ro g ra m closed -- or
snatched a w a y a nd a d m in is te re d fro m d o w to w n —
under the g uise o f lack o f funds? Or w ill The parents,
the sta ff, a nd the b o a rd m em bers d e m a n d a share o f
th a t $400,000 to o p e ra te this m uch n e e d e d p ro g ra m ?
W e m ust q ue stio n the h irin g practices o f 4-C,
w h ich fo u n d it necessary to te rm in a te Black
e m p lo ye e s w h o w o rk e d in its M o d e l C ities o ffic e ,
w h ile h irin g w h ite s to f ill s im ila r positions in its
d o w n to w n o ffic e
W e m ust a lso ask w h y M o d e l
C ities, w ith o ve r o n e -h a lf the 4-C c h ild re n , lost
m ost o f its sta ff w h ile o th e r areas, w ith fe w e r
c h ild re n , have a d d e d staff.
For m onths the th re e Black m em be rs o f the 4-C
C ou ncil Board o f Directors h ave asked these
questions, a nd fo r m onths have a tte m p te d to o b ta in
a fa ir share o f th a t $400,000 to o p e ra te the M o d e l
C ities c h ild care program s
N ow xjne tim e fo r ta lk is over. W e a re re q u e s tin g a
fu ll in v e s tig a tio n o f the use o f fe d e ra l a nd state
fu n d s a n d o f h irin g practices o f HUD, the U.S.
D e p a rtm e n t o f Justice, a nd the G o v e rn o r's o ffic e .
W e ch a rg e ra c ia l d is c rim in a tio n in h irin g a n d in
a llo tm e n t o f funds.
Volunteer compliance fails
A ll m in o rity p e o p le in the Portland a re a sh ou ld be
g la d that the H om e Town Plan has bee n te rm in a te d
by the U. S. D e p a rtm e n t o f Labor. N o w th e v o lu n ta ry
c o m p lia n c e is o ver a nd e n fo rc e m e n t can b eg in .
The Labor D e p a rtm e n t fo u n d that in the b u ild in g
trades, m in o ritie s com prise o n ly 1.9 per cent o f u n io n
m em bers, in spite o f the fa ct that m in o ritie s are
a b o u t tw e lv e per cent o f the p o p u la tio n in the
m e tro p o lita n area. O n ly tw o unions had over one
p e rce n t m in o rity m em bers, the Laborers Local 296
a n d Painters Local 10, w h ic h had six per cent each.
W h e n laborers are e xclu de d, m in o ritie s m ake up
o n ly 1.5 per cent o f the u n io n m em bers.
O u t o f 15,300 u n io n m em bers, o n ly 228 are
m in o ritie s .
C le a rly the H om e to w n Plan, w h ich is a v o lu n ta ry
p ro g ra m in v o lv in g contractors a nd unions, d id not
w o rk . M in o ritie s w e re not b ro u g h t in to the b u ild in g
N o w each contractor w ill be resp o n sib le to m ee t
his o w n o b lig a tio n s . Those w h o w illin g ly h ire
m in o ritie s w ill no lon ge r e n a b le those w h o d o n 't to
g e t by just by m e re ly saying that they a re co ve re d by
the H om e Tow n Plan. Federal h irin g re g u la tio n s w ill
go into e ffe c t, and it w ill be up to th e fe d e ra l
a ge n cie s to e n fo rc e the req uirem en ts.
W e do not b e lie v e it w ill be im p o ssib le fo r
contractors to fin d m in o rity e m p lo y e e s w h o are
s k ille d or w h o are rea dy to lea rn . For d ecades Blacks
h ave been b a rre d fro m unions a nd re le g a te d to the
lo w e s t p a id jobs, no m atter w h a t th e ir skills.
The contractors a nd the u nions m ig h t h a v e a to ug h
tim e fo r a w h ile , b ut they have b ro u g h t th e s itu a tio n
on them selves. Had they m ade an honest e ffo rt to
inclu de s Blacks in recent years, they w o u ld not have
to w o rry a b o u t b e in g fo rc e d to obey th e law .
turmoil..." (Oregonian, November 22nd).
Johari comments that this presents “no
problem." In other countries, moves
toward debt moratoria and expanded
East West trade has seen a renewed
destabilizing effort by the CIA. Asked if
such destabilizing might occur in Malay
sia through the use of CIA instigated
Ambassador Johari is not one of the
prime movers of the new economic » 1
system, but the UNCTAD group and the
Committee of seventy seven non-aligned
nations have unified as a block (the
exceptions being Iran and Zaire Johari
referred to those countries as 'beholden'). «
The reasons for such unity ran be »
understood by quirk reference to the
ecological breakdown conditions the »
Third World faces. The questions osi »
epidemic disease in South East Asia »
clearly put Ambassador Johari on the »
defensive. "We have no disease
no »
plague, no cholera," Johari initially »
stated. "What paper are you with?" »
Satisfied the discussion would not get ■
wide coverage, Johari said the plague and
cholera had been stopped bv "intensive #
■ migration procedures" and "by innoru
lation. of course." Bubonic plague. Johari »
explained, came from Cambodia. But
Malaysia stepped up its immigration »
checks, stopping the influx of Cambo
dians. Johari conceded that pandemics
can not be stopped by such procedures, »
but only by a commitment to develop
proper nutrition and sanitation measures
The pandemic (Southeast Asia wide »
epidemic) began in 1963. in South
Vietnam; by 1965 the number of rases of
bubonic plaque in South Vietnam had »
risen to 4.500, By 1972 the plaque had »
spread to Cambrxlia and Thailand. »
Cholera. Johari stated, was the other »
major problem.
Cholera breeds in
imputations with a low protein intake and »
poor sanitation. A healthy, productive »
human being is protected from cholera »
and other enteric diseases (dysentery, »
A multitude of parasitic, »
bacterial and viral diseases combine with
malnutrition to produce nightmarish »
conditions. According to reports from
the World Health Organization (WHO
et al). this holocaust process is locally »
irreversible. Further international col *
lapse of production will lead to a global »
scale collapse cycle of spreading disease,
fall of production, fall in consumption, and »
further spread of disease. "You are not »
free of this plague." Johari said, citing »
some twenty rases this year of bubonic
plague in the United States.
A War Economy -- Minus War
In times of war, Johari reasoned, »
populations can be mobilized to engage in
full production. This industrial produc­ a
tion is primarily war material, but also
food and machinery essential to run the
war. This is the kind of global effort that
Japan wants to mobilize, minus the war
machinery. Only an institution that
centralizes the allocation of credit,
guaranteeing the meeting of real produc
tive potentials on a global basis ran stop
the spread of disease
the ecological
deterioration now in process. Epidemio­
logist Dr. Ned Rosinsky estimates that
the minimum food level for building up
populations that have been severely
depleted is about 2.400 to 2.500 calories
and thirty grams of animal protein per
day. To meet these requirements, grain
production must be increased approxi
mately thirty to thirty five percent
(about 300 million tons of grain); likewise
some 100 million tons of fertilizers must
be produced in the immediate future;
tractor, combine, and other farm ma
chinery and machine tools are required.
Only the centralized credit institution
and an orderly debt moratoria the new
economic order
so the Committee of
seventy seven non aligned nations argue,
ran stop the international collapse The
alternative, they argue, is more disease,
more production breakdown.
At this
moment some thirty one percent of the
Third W'orld urban dwellers have no
access to safe drinking water; for rural
Third World dwellers, the figure is
seventy two percent; seventy five per
rent of Third World rural dwellers lark
access to any form of sanitary excretia
disposal facilities.
Mr. Johari is in the position of the
Venice city officials in Thomas Mann's
Death in Venice. In Mann's book. Venice
during the 1900’s wax dependent on
tourist trade, so information about the
cholera outbreak would be bad for
business. Consequently no one, citizens
nor the tourists who were dying of
cholera, could be told of the epidemic and
to properly treat the population would
'arouse suspicion' and bring a halt to
trade Such cover ups of epidemics are
notorious in Brazil, Banf'ladesh, Thailand
and other 'weak points' tiiat will serve as
the breeding grounds for an unstoppable
global pandemic if such a new economic
order is not implemented, according to
Dr. Rosinsky.
Another problem for Johari’s govern
menl is the Malaysian communist party,
which informed sources say is controlled
by British Intelligence (MIS). The Far
Eastern Economic Review (November
7th) reports that three CIA intelligence
bases and two United States military
bases are located in the Thai Malaysia
border* area. "Terrorist bandits" have
reportedly assassinated teachers in their
classrooms (et al). Such terrorism has
provided the pretext for a reimposition of
the anti subversion legislation of 1948 62,
allowing the military and police to arrest
anyone suspected of being a 'communist'
sympathizer and holding them indefi
nitely without trial or formal charges
"Officials fear (Prime Minister Tun
Abdul) Razak might have gone overboard
Experts feared the anti communist mea
sures could lead to disastrous racial
terrorism (for example, the CIA funded
Kurds in Iraq see Muhammad Speaks.
November 28th). Johari said he hoped
not. "What is moat important is that we
fare the future squarely, with a de
veloped plan that restarts production
Miki's plan."
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