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    Portland Observer
Know your Rights . . .
Are you running out of money for
groceries.1 Or perhaps you may be
O r are you a single
parent raising children by yourself' You
could be eligible for government bene
fits, such as food stamps, unemploy
ment. or welfare.
The Community Education staff of
Multnomah County l^-gal Aid has de
veloped a series of articles describing
eleven different government benefit
This week we will be
describing the food stamp program. In
the weeks that follow we will rover the
following programs: Aid to Dependent
( hildren (A D C , and General Assistance
(GA); Supplemental Security Income
(SSI) and Oregon Supplemental Income
Program (OSIP); Social Security, Medi
care, and M edicaid; unem ploym ent,
workman's compensation and veteran's
Legal Aid now has an office which
exclusively handles problems with gov
ernment benefits: the Northeast office
at 517 Northeast Killingsworth la-gal
Aid has also started the Welfare Hotline
to answer questions and solve problems
concerning welfare, food stamps, and
For more information about
these three agencies, call the Hotline,
282 5512. Monday through Friday, from
1:00 to 5:00 p in
For people living on savings or with
minimal income that just barely covers
rent and utilities, food stamps ran be a
small gold mine
Hut if your expenses
are greater than your income, your
caseworker will probably not believe
that you are a separate economic unit
and will assume that someone elae is
contributing to your support Therefore
Task Force
studies children
your worker may not certify you as a
separate household
If you state that
you have no income at all. he or she will
be especially doubtful
To get food stamps, almost all adults
who are m em bers on non w elfare
households must be either working or
registered for work.
You should
register at an Oregon State Employ
ment office. Given the present unem
ployment rate, it is unlikely that the
State Employment Service will refer
you to a job. However, if they do find a
job for you, you ran be rut off O mm I
stamps if your worker feels that you
have no justification to refuse Hi-mrm
ber that you have the right to refuse a
job that is inappropriate to your
training or skill and that has lower
wages or longer lor shorter) hours than
is customary to your occupation. When
you register for work, you should be
very specific about the skills you
possess and the kinds of jobs that you
are looking for
Maximize your deductions!
forget to count all your rent and utility
payments, medical and dental bills,
educational expenses, work related pay
ments and taxes if you are buying your
own home. Payments made for health
insurance should be counted.
unusual expenses caused by a disaster,
such as a fire, a flixul, or theft, ran also
be deducted.
Welfare families have to buy their
food stamps out of their grant.
means that welfare benefits are con
sidered income
Deductions are still
allowed for work and educational ex
pensea (remember child rare), dental
bills, and disaster expenses.
If your income and household corn
(Mention are stable, ask to be certified
for six months or a year. If you don’t
have much money, you can buy half of
your stamps at the first of the month
and the other half in the middle.
The food stamp office has the right to
investigate and pay you a home visit
Hut if you are visited at an inconvenient
time, you can ask that the worker make
an appointment for another visit.
If your food stamps or purchase card
are lost or stolen you can get them
You will have to go to the
fiMxi stamp office and sign an affidavit,
but you usually ran get more stamps
that same day.
Who is eligible?
Food Stamps are
given to households whose income is
low enough A household is a group of
people who buy and cook their food
An individual can be a
household if s/he buys and stores food
Monthly income is deter
mined by adding all incomes of the
household to g e th e r and su b trac tin g
various expenses tuition, medical bills,
child support payments, child care
payments, and a percentage of rent and
You are also allowed certain
Resources are the things
you own or money in the bank.
household may own up to $1,500 per
One car, the house, life
insurance policies, and a few other
resources are not counted.
Where do you go?
Call for an
appointment lit will usually be made for
two or three weeks after you call) or
you can walk in. wait a long time, but
usually get seen in the same day.
you can verify all the information that is
needed, you will usually be certified the
same day.
Otherwise, your eligibility
must be determined within thirty days
of the date of your application. Go to
the food stamp office in your area:
5022 North Vancouver, 260
0635. Southeast: 4406 Southeast Wood
stock. 236 6211. West and Northeast:
311 Northeast Oregon, West: 229 5265.
Northeast: 229 «267. North: 7201 North
Interstate, 263 5665 East: 1390 South
east 122nd, 257 4.336
What do you bring?
ID; Social
Security number, rent or mortgage
receipts, unem ploym ent re g is tratio n
card; paycheck stub; bank book; proof
of medical costs; tuition and mandatory
fees, and child care payments if you are
working. Also, have in mind the name
of a person whom Food Stamps can call
to verify that your stated residence is
What do you receive? Food stamps
are coupons that you can use to buy
your own food. Each month, one person
will get $4« worth of food stamps; two
people will get $90.
What you pay
depends on your income. For example,
one person may pay anywhere from $0
to $38 for $48 worth of food stamps.
Once you get your food stamps, you can
buy whatever food you want; they are
vour stamps.
(Its been turning out higher bills, lately. Why?)
( itizena in all areas of Oregon are
being asked to participate in the work
of the Governor's Task Force on Early
Childhood. Development, according to
chairman. Clay Myers
Task Force members will travel to six
regions of the slate in October to gather
citizen comments on the needs of
"Eighty percent of the people we
surveyed said children were the state's
most inqiortant resource." Myers said,
"but only twenty four percent said they
felt their community was committed to
helping children when it comes down to
The Task Force, established by Gov­
ernor McCall and encouraged and con
tinued by Governor Straub, consists of
fifteen citizen volunteer members. Five
state agencies have each contributed
200 hours of executive time to staff the
group which is funded by a grant from
the United States Office of Child
The Portland area conference will
begin on October 27th at 6:30 p m at
the Dunes International Restaurant,
E d g e w a ter Inn . 1900 C lackam ette
Street. Oregon City.
It will be
continued on October 29th from 9:00
a m to 5:00 p in at Marylhurst College.
SIndia Ixiunge
The meetings are open to the public
at no charge.
Interested persons arc
encouraged to contact the Early Child
hood Development Task Force at 775
Court Street. Salem. Oregon 97510 or
phone 378 4185 to receive preconference
State publishes
The State Department of Revenue
has released a new information circular
about income tax treatment of political
contributions The sheet includes infor
mation about changes made by the 1975
It is now possible for married couples
to claim deductions of up to $200 and
credits of up to $100 for political
contributions to candidates and political
Copies of the circular are available at
offices of the revenue department and
the Secretary of State, Elections Divi
sion, in Salem, The Elections Division
will l,e mailing the circular to political
organizations throughout the state and
to candidates who have filed for office.
Gates joins board
Osly ,1. Gates, Executive Director of
the City County Committee on Aging
for Portland Multnomah County, has
boon elected to a one year term as
director of the Oregon Trail Chapter of
the Red Cross.
He joins newly elected hoard mem
hers: W alter McKinney, General Man
ager of the Hillsboro Argus; R R,
Mitchell, President. II.S . National Hank
of Oregon; Ray Godsey, Superintendent
of School of St. Helens; Greg Leo,
Account Executive, Pihas, Schmidt and
Westerdahl; and Mrs. Elaine McGhie.
Manager, I. Magnin Company.
Lofton L. Tatum, Portland attorney,
has been named chairman of the board
of directors.
The People at Pacific Power.
‘l - W
Thursday, October 16, 1976
Page 9
H e w do yew ap p e a l a decision? I f you
are denied food stamps and think you
are eligible, or you disagree w ith a
proposed food stamp action, you can
demand a review of your case at a
hearing Send a request for a hearing
to the Food Stamps office within th irty
days of the notice of action. If you send
your request within ten days of their
notice, your food stamps will be con
tinued until the hearing
However, if
you were denied eligibility for food
stamps, you will not receive food
stamps until the hearing determines
that you are eligible.
I f the hearing
determines that you are eligible, you
get retroactive payment
Here is the basic information Remem
ber that individual cases are frequently
more complex than can be covered in
this short summary-Welfare regulaions
fill volumes, citing numerous exceptions
and special cases.
The data in this
article has been prepared by workers at
Multnomah County l-egal Aid Service.
For more information please call the
Welfare Hotline, Monday through F r i­
day. 1:00 to 5:00, 282 5512.