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Portland Observer
Third World Wrap-up
Peggy Joseph
by Kay Harvey
that’s polite for 'mass
"Triage" is a term used in military
• medicine, develop«! during World War
H When there is a limited supply of.
anything (food, water, medicine), the
authority segregates the 'salvagable"
humanity from that to be discarded
" .the concept of triage' is darkly
fashionable ..one making the rounds of
the inner policy circles here Washing
ton," writes Georgia A. Geyer in her
syndicated column (Oregoniaa, October
5th| Triage is currently being planned
for thoae
I hird World rountriea
considered expendable
which have been forced out of the
world's reproductive process,
course, triage cannot end with the
humane withholding of food" from the
I hird World populations
Triage is the unwinding process of
international trade and development Its
advocates accept the notion that human
progress is no longer arhieveable
even worthy of achievement
finds no takers in the Third World
Third World countries: it is policy
where payment is non industrial linked
banks lakes precedence over maintain
ing social services (medical, education,
sanitation, fire and police, etc).
During 1973 74 the triage disciples
were allowed out of their "dark corners"
to push the 'humane' termination of
credit and fond for the "basket cases'*.
Garret Hardin, the brothers Paddock
It amine
1975), and 'moderate' la-ster
Brown et a I were being slipped in as
State Department policy. But the Third
World countries objected. For a while
triagists retreated to their inner
sanctum in Washington, though unpad
locked. According to the triage bible,
1975, Haiti, Egypt and India,
for example, should receive no food or
credit (the book lists 108 countries on
its critical list).
But India has just
unpegged its rupes from the British
pound sterling and has tied its currency
to a group of currencies, including the
ruble and the yen: a move toward
continuing India's increased trade and
productive investment
Georgia Anne Geyer offers her
readers what is known as a 'reesian
that is, no choice at all The
title of her article puts it nicely:
"Forced Poor
Country Cooperation
Better Than 'Triage' Treatment". Arbeit
macht frei Hey, you might ask, ain't
there something else'* Forced 'coopers
tion or death?
The seventy seven
non aligned nations asked this question
too, and they came up with an answer
Bather than triage (starvation, pla
gue. nuclear war, etc ), Geyer offers the
moderate' (¿eater Brown's plan: "forced
cooperation" via a food bank, where
food and credit will go to the countries
obediently paying their dollar debts,
limiting their population, and producing
the assigned crops or raw materials at
prices dictated by the IMF. the World
Bank, the ( hase, etc. Such is the stuff
But triage is not being confined to the
The Guns of White America
of fascist economics, {¿ester Brown. Il
Why triage
are there too many of
maintains that there is a surplus of us'.'
people It maintains that only force will
Advocates of triage
or “forced
be effective in limiting the growth of cooperation'* such as Geyer, omit the
populations. It maintains humanity to notion of human progress from their
be an ever increasing burden and Reesian choice Bather than progress,
liability ("useless eaters") rather than slated sections of humanity are to
the creative potential and reality undergo "voluntary sterilization"
humanity is.
Roger Freeman of Stanford University
Zero growth advocates such as Lester advocates that welfare mothers be
Brown do not in fart analyze how bribed with rash in order to undergo
populations increase.
Population sterilization Queens University biology
growth is commensurate with the professor (Ontario) proposes that "ate
nature of the economy: more children rilization should be psychic rather than
are essential to an agrcultural economy physical," that is the "Clockwork
than to a family in an i> dustrial one; the Orange" method.
rate of maturation (amount of time it
Robert Malthus (1798) maintained
takes for the children to develop the population increased geom etrically,
skills appropriate to the technology) is while food production incn^ised only
much lower, in general, in the Third arthimetirally.
The scientific and
World agricultural ecnomies enforcing industrial revolution reduced Malthus'
large family size. So even from the scribbling to so much hysteria
most bitter reductionist zero population wise the contemporary Malthusians do
growth standpoint, if z.g. advoctes could not envision human progress, as typified
think clearly they would advocate by the development of controlled
expanding non inflationary production thermonuclear fusion technology (not to
and international development.
be confused with the fission) and hence,
October 5th United States Treasury for example, the liberating food produc
Secretary William Simon told the New lion capacities through energy intensive
York Times that some form of debt hydroponics, through energy intensive
moratoria must be worked out regard
de salienating processes which will
ing New York City debt.
This reclaim desert lands for agricultural
statement gives the green light for recreational use
and so on.
Third World calls for debt moratoria,
I he Third World countries, led by
which through the proposals of the
Iraq, Algeria, India, Mexico and others
International Development Bank (IDB) have opted toward development rather
will have the effect of restarting than accept the Reesian choice: triage
production: in the first, second and
(the polite name for mass murder) or
third world
'forced cooperation'.
African nations support peace
seems nonsensical on its face for
anyone to advocate gun control in White
America Guns are as fixed a part of
the "wild west" and "compulsion of
complex in the American
personality as the proverbial taste for
apple pie
Hence, when apparent
assassination attemps are made, such as
the recent fiasco in Sacramento,
California, it would appear as nothing
more than idle talk to speak of stricter
control of guns
Black Americans have a tremen
dous stake in keeping down the
incidence of the misuse of deadly
Black Americans cannot
afford to engage in the effectively idle
talk of so much of the American gun
control debate
I here s an old expression which we
all know and which may be helpful to us
as Black Amerienns eon<s>rned with a
realistic or workable approach to the
White American gun craze or pathology.
The expression is: "Monkey see;
monkey do." All we have to do is to see
how the British and the Scandinavians
keep down their murder rate.
Here's what they do.
discourage the use of deadly bullets,
even for the military, except in actual
warfare. They encourage the use of
rubber bullets, which stop persons and
animals "cold in their tracks," rendering
them dazed and powerless but not dead
Perhaps every Black newspaper in
America should help in a steady
campaign for the outlawing of hard or
steel bullets and encourage the use of
rubber bullets instead
All of us can write to our own
Congressmen or women, telling them of
our concern that non death dealing
rubber bullets may he the most
workable approach to the handgun
A number of surveys have
indicated that the American public
emphatically is not going to give up its
Indeed, our state police, as well as
local ones are adding more deadly steel
King Neighborhood Facil
ity is seen during con
Funded by
HUI), the center will
house a variety of social
Mayor Gold
schmidt and other officials
held opening ceremony on
October tilh (See page I)
bullets to their current hard bullet
arsenals. They are adding steel bullets
which explode inside their target,
making death almost a certainty It is
within the province of the police to
detain for trial, not to mete out a
summary execution
Even in their policing of Northern
Ireland, the British troops use rubber
bullets We should have legislation on
our national books outlawing the use of
hard bullets by anyone within the
territorial limits of the United States,
except in wartime
Our army target
practice can do quite well with rubber
The outlawing of metal bullets and
the mandatory use of rubber bullets
would allow a "gun happy,” White
America to shoot to their heart's
content. But few would die, including
Presidents in shooting plots.
penalty for the keeping or carrying of
hard bullets would have to be severe.
But that should lx- no problem.
Advocates of the use of guns could
still more than adequately protect their
homes Sportsmen could still hunt but
have the choice of killing their prey
after stunning it or of taking it to the
forestry service or humane society for
patching and release. Rubber bullets
emphatically would not kill the joy of
the hunt
Forty four Black African countries
support the world peace movement,"
said Romesh ( hzndra. Secretary
General of the World Peace Coucil and
Nobel Peace Prize nominee for 1975, in
an exclusive interview Tuesday by an
National Newspaper Publishers Asso
ciation representative.
Africans support it strongly not only
because they need to use their
resources for economic development
rather than arms, but also because the
cause of peace is in keeping with their
long tradition," he explained.
This same tradition among Blacks in
America, the fifty six year old con
tinued, grows out of the Black
Haas asks
Multnomah County District Attorney
Harl Haas has requested Governor Bob
Straub to appoint an ombudsperson to
represent the victims of felons. The
District Attorney revealed his request
before the Annual Ranquet of the
Seaside Chamber of Commerce Thurs
day night.
Noting the Governor's recent ap
< ongressman John Conyers, chairman pointment of a third ombudsperson for
of a congressional sub committee on inmates in the Oregon State Correc
firearms should lx* contacted by every tional Institutions, Mr Haas urged
concerned person in this regard His
consideration of the appointment of at
address is: Congressional Office Build
least one ombudsperson to represent
ing, Washington, D.C.
the victims of those inmates."
Truly humane legislation and reforms
The ombudsperson would present the
must come most often from oppressed victim's perspective to those corrections
or alienated minorities, "power cor officials involved with decisions on
rupts,' so Lord Artion has reminded us. inmates' eligibility for work release
Hence we as Black Americans have a programs and parole.
The District
trust to fulfill in many ways, including Attorney blamed a preoccupation with
the continuous bombarding of the the rights of offenders for the tragic
( ongress anil the education of the neglect of the victim's plight.
public concerning the need for rubber
In the last twenty years a growing
zeal for those accused of crime and an
increasing tendency to lay the blame of
crime not so much upon the criminal as
on the society have combined to create
a severe imbalance in favor of the rights
of those accused of crime over the
rights of those of the public."
As the extent and seriousness of
America's crime problem continued
unabated the chances for arrest,
conviction and punishment diminish
Statistics indicate that there is only a
one in seven chance for an offender to
get caught, and an even lower
probability of being punished.
"Not only does the growth of violent
death taint the whole society but the
increase and spread of crime engenders
a fear that constantly overshadows
nearly all of us, denying our right to
venture forth at night for recreation,
prohibiting us from many areas in our
cities, and raising the cost of goods and
The impart of this fear has been
compounded by a cruel system which
concentrates its attention upon the
offender "All too often the victims of
crime have become a vast class of
forgotten Americans overlooked in
official proceedings, generally ignored
by the public, the bureaucrats and the
In the Multnomah County District
Attorney's Office. Mr Haas has ini
tiated the state's first and only program
providing assistance to victims of
serious crime.
In a little over a month sine»« the
program began it has provided over
$10,000 worth of referral services,
personally aided over sixty victims of
crime, and kept over 700 vicitms and
witnesses informed of the progress and
results of their cases.
For all area* of
Life Insurance
Family Financial Planning
Health Insurance and
Group Insurance
Page 3
• -
-’ i '. s
39.33 N.E. I mon
Washington, D.C.: $9.66 an hour
by Dr Nathan Wright. Jr
Thursday, October 9. 1975
experience here.
Throughout, Blacks
have struggled in a very real sense for
peace, he added.
Secretary Chandra, a native of
Punjab, is heading a Peace Council
delegation which will confer with peace
committees in more than a dozen
communities across America, including
Chicago. San Francisco, and New York.
"We are receiving a tremendous
amount of leadership from American
groups," he said.
The tour will end in New York at the
United Nations where the delegation
will press for a UN Disarmament
"We are working for
detente, disarmament, and develop
ment." Secretary Chandra pointed out.
"Above all, we want an end of the
arms race and a ban of all nuclear and
other weapons of mass destruction.” he
said. Chandra, a Cambridge graduate
and a former newspaper editor in India,
has been secretary general of the World
Peace Council since 1966
It is
headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.
In addition to Chandra, the members
of the delegation are: James Lamond.
member of the British House of
Commons; Harald Edelstam. Swedish
ambassador to Algeria; Dr. Carlton R.
Goodlett, president of the National
N ew spaper Publishers A ssociation
Mrs Puravhi Mukherji. secretary-
general of the Congress Party of India;
Ralph Abernathy, president. Southern
Christian Leadership Confeience; Jacov
laimko. editor in chief of Moscow New s;
Ms Karen Talbot. American secretary.
World Peace Council; and Howard
Parsons, a professor at the University
of Bridge port.
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