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Portland Observer
Thursday. October 2. 1975
SfitMtOlMWtt Gttuk
by Altea Jee»«
Entertainment Ratia««
• Fata- -
Good -
W oo dcutting ta u g h t
Home repair aid available
windows, minor furnace repairs, etc., not
to exceed a total of $200 00 per home.
For a person or family to qualify for
the Emergency Energy Conservation
Program they must:
1. Meet CSA income guidelines.
2. No resource to purchase necessary
supplies to winterise their home.
3. If the person or persons in the
household are able, they must be willing
to assist in winterizing their home.
Since the funds are limited, priority
for services will be given to owner
The Portland Metropolitan Steering
Committee - EGA l Incorporated I re­
ceived a $14.000.00 grant award from the
C om m unity Service» A d m in is tra tio n ,
funding an Emergency Energy Conaer
vation Program.
This program is
designed to reduce individual and family
heating and energy consumption up to
thirty percent for eligible low income
persons. It will provide a wide range of
services such as; attic insulation, wall
weather shipping,
occupied dwellings and second to rented
property (subject to certain conditona).
Once determined eligible for the pro
gram, persona or familiea will be
considered in the order they apply.
Outreach workers will be assigned the
responsibilities for determining the need
of individuals seeking assistance and
following them through the system to
insure that services are actually pro
For more information, contact
Housing Specialist
288 8391.
Where to look for firewood, how to
choose it, and how to cut it will be
demonstrated by woodsman Hill Criapien
in a class sponsored by Portland
Community College.
“Woodcutting" is scheduled from 7:00
to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday. October 7th, in
the shop at Alameda School, 2732
Northeast Fremont, Portland.
sion is f l
Crispien will discuss the selection,
care, and sharpening of axes and saws
for various woodcutting jobs, what types
of wood to rut for sp«>rifir purposes and
where to find it. and demonstrate how to
use equipment safely, even for splitting
Review: An Evening with George Shearing
The last time I saw George Shearing and his Quintet was
»even years ago at the Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles with
Lou Rawls.
It was truly a night to remember.
performers received standing ovations for their perfor
mances that evening.
Closing night at the Benson Hotel was no exception.
Shearing, the sightless wonder on piano along with Ted
Ptlsacker on vibes: Rusty Jones, drums: Andy Simpkins,
bass: and Billy Rogers on guitar had the entire audience
eating out of their hands. They started off the set with
"Eleanor Rigby,“ followed by “The Way We Were," the
melodious "W inter Wonderland" his classic "Lullaby of
Birdland" along with a vocal or two. Shearing, one of the
most repsected jazz musicians in the world today, is just as
polished, just as refreshing and just as thoroughly
enjoyable as he was seven years ago!!
Review: Ms. B' -k America Pageant • ••
Since the inception of the Ms. Black America Beauty
Pagent eight vears ago. It has given America a bird’s eye
view of the versatility to some past and present beliefs,
that Black women have always been the backbone to her
man's (as well as her own) continued progression in
America the past 400 years.
Even when the man isn't
present in the home, undaunted she gets up at 6:00 a.m.
and prepares breakfast for the kids, runs to the bus stop to
catch the 7:10, to make the 7:30 “clock in” at the factory.
A t 3:30 p.m. she's running for the bus stop to catch that
already crowded 3:42 back across the track, so she can go
and put the clothes in the washer while the food is cooking
for dinner. After the washing and dinner is completed, she
helps the kids with their homework while she's rocking the
baby to sleep. The children are in bed by 9:00 p.m. and she
flops into the old chair that needed upholstering a year ago
to contemplate the day while analyzing tomorrow. By 9:30
she wearily makes her way to the lonely bedroom and
resets the clock for 6:00 a.m.
Yes Black women have come a long way and they have a
long way to go.
The Ms. Black America Pagent was
extremely entertaining from start to finish but as far as I
was concerned, they were all Ms. Black America's.
September 30th to October 4th the Upstairs Lounge
presents Bobby Blue Band.
October 2nd the Paramount Northwest presents Bonnie
October 4th the Model Cities Task Force presents M artin
Luther King Benefit Dance at the Sheraton Hotel, for
reservations call 229-4475.
October 4th the Paramount Northwest presents La Belk,
one show only.
October 5th Jazz De Opus presents Jack De Johnette.
two shows, 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
October 13th the Civic Auditorium presents one of
Am ericas greatest contemporary soul groups. Andre
Crouch and the Disciples.
October 17th Paramount Northwest presents Oakland
California’s own Tower of Power.
October 19th Jazz De Opus Presents Bobby Hutcherson,
two shows, 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
Jan tzen
S p o flife on fiv e
New discovery made
about Vitamin 'C
o u t o f 8 0 fin e stores
Caramel Carousel
Carousel Donuts
Center Com Printing
Chown Showcase
Clark Jr.
W atch
for this
each w e e k
Zhe Complete Stylists
Style cu ttin g to fit you.
Rick W ells,
Steve Potts,
Jim Jasperson
ca ll
No. 3, J.B.C.! Peter Van Dyke. Jantzen
Beach Center Mgr., and Rubye Hiltenbrand rut
a cake for the Center’s third anniversary.
2 8 9 -3 3 2 2
or 283-2111 Ex. 188
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 8am - 6pn
Appian Way
Low er le v e l, T h u n d e rb ird M o to r Inn
Good thru October 21, 1975
Good for one free ride
for the family
an the merry-go-round
at Jantzen Beach Center
Dr. J. Rupert Picott,
A SA LH executive director,
convention, being held at
the Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Hotel, will be the largest
history of the Association,
which was founded in 1915
by the late D r. Carter G.
Woodson. Mure than 3,000
persons registered in each
of the Association's last two
annual meetings - Phila
delphia, 1974, and New
York City, 1973.
“We are elated over
ASALH's pending meeting
in Atlanta, where so much
Black history has been
made and'where one of our
former presidents, the late
Dr. John Hope, worked to
make this history meaning
Under the chairmanship of
Dr. Inwrence D. Reddick,
Temple University, Phila
delphia. a twelve person
program com m ittee has
formulated forty odd work
shop sessions which will
involve more
scholars, Black and white,
from throughout the United
States. A SA LH innounces.
vitamin C to neutralize the
ill effecta of insect venom
and other runtaminanls en
termg the human body,
many thought the vitamin
would also neutralize or
interfere with the good
effects of antibiotirs.
It has now been dis­
covered that just the oppo
site is true. When vitamin
C is taken along with an
antibiotic, it makes the
drug do its work far more
In fact, when
some antibiotics are teamed
with vitamin C. they ran
knock out tough infection
that the anitbiotirs can't
counteract by themselves
Gary Luckey, owner snd manager of Mr
Luckey’» Hair Designs.
Styling that aims at
the look of 'softness’
History group m eets
Listed as a convention
highlight is “The Crisis of
the Black Scholar.” Ways
and means of increasing the
number and
training of Black scholars
will be debated.
session will bring together
representatives of predomi
nantly white and Black
universities, the large white
as well as smaller Black
several of the philanthropic
Another headline topic
will be “New Light on the
Black Family.”
A t this
session reports of a twoyear
research project that was
supported by the Carnegie
Corporation will be made.
There will be an exten­
sive report on plans and
prospects of the participa
tion of Blacks in
nation's Bicentennial cele­
The director of
this project is Dr. Helen
Edmonds, North Carolina
Central University at Dur
A t other sessions a wide
variety of topics will be
discussed, including the
History of Jim Crow in the
U n ited S tates M ilita r y ;
Blacks in Politics, North
and South; Blacks in A g ri­
culture; the teaching of
Black history in colleges,
and elementary and secon
dary schools: Black protests
during the 1930's and '40’s;
An eye-witness account of
the growth of Black busi
ness in Atlanta; Personal
histories of the growth and
spread of interest in Black
history; Black pioneer set
tiers in the Far West.
Can vitamin C help or
deter the healing effect of
For example
should a person give up
vitamin C after
ampicillin or a similar anti
to clear
up an
Bill Buss, Bette Thomp
son and the rest of the
friendly staff at the Health
customers to information
concerning some good ef
frets of vitamin C.
For several years medical
knowledge relating to the
exact effect of vitamin C on
antibiotics has been vague
Please note: Last weeks Review on the "We Too Duo"
consisting of the Rivers and Henry Estell received a two
star rating
A broad spectrum of
subjects relating to the life
and history of Blacks will
be discussed at the 60th
anniversary meeting of the
Association for the Study of
Life, and
History, scheduled for A t­
lanta. G eorgia. October
15th-19th. according to an
announcement by D r. Ed­
gar Allan Toppin. A S A LH
president. Virginia State
College. Petersburg.
C enter
“We want our customers to rereive more than
fashionable hair styling." said Gary Luckey, owner and
manager of Mr. Luckey's Hair Designs "Their hair should
be properly conditioned as well."
"In other words," Gary said, “we offer our customers a
pleasingly styled precision cut. and we also strive to give
their hair a look of softness and lustre that relecta a natural
condition. We don't want the hair we style to have an
artificial look."
"W e prorta« our custo­
mers' hair chemically so as
to give it the effect of
natural curls as well as
color highlighting that basi
rally compliments our rut
ting techniques."
A hair stylist for the past
ten years. Gary has worked
in England and Spain. His
experiences include working
in Ixindon for the well
known stylist Vidal Sas­
According to Gary,
all thirteen
operators in
the busy Jantzen Beach
Center shop have been
trained through the Sassoon
M r. Luckey's features a
patronizing our boutique, as
• • • • • • • • • • • • • •
• • • • well as the salon,” Gary
said, “the female customer
Ttly scented body
pow der in a lovely shaker
can enjoy a totaj fashion
bottle your«, ax our
hair styling, rlothing
com plim entary gift with
this coupon a n tfa n y l b
and her other grooming can
M erle N orm an cosmetic
be coordinated
to fully
urchase* Plus, a IS
compliment her beauty."
hristmas G ift ( Certificate,
applicable to purchase of
The staff of M r. Luckey’s
Chatelaine Perfume or
salon are ronrfhually briefed
Eau de Toilette between
Nov I and Het 2S ,M7S
on the latest fashion trends
O n ly at your
in New
York and San
• c o s m F T i P ^ f i i r S n : r r " n,',’,ro
ro r
For example,
How Many Ways
Can you love
'The Moon Chair’s’
total comfort.
. . . let the Bag Shoppe co un t the
w ays:
This soft,
a d a p ta b le
lu n a r
d e lig h t can be p o s itio n e d to serve yo u r
needs as an in trig u in g “ Love S e a t", a
c o m fo rta b le hig h back, an e n jo y a b le
lo u n g e .
"X -R a te d " o p tio n .) This list is in c o m ­
p le te , b ut w h y sh o u ld w e te ll a ll?
T irai Y nirSclf
Lovely ( MJcrs
See the M o o n C h a ir’s
m a n y possibilities for yourself.
Also see our b e a u tifu l :
H om em ade
lam ps,
o rig in a l
p a in tin g s , w a te rb e d s, d in in g room s e i.,
stereo stands
• N»k J jlllt I IQ, STUDIO • Stephan Conguista, styles
H a p p y 3rd A n n iv e rs a ry J a n tz e n B each Conte«
1442 Jantzen Beach
285 1535
283 2279
•< K ief g,«»l
supplie« I m i , g| l»eitH
ipeting «turfwis
R edeem able only
“ " ‘
<4 pun hase
director for Kendal's of New
nn elite department
•tore, visits tyr . Luckey's
Hair Designs twice s year.
Another consultant from
San (Francisco visits the
shop every three months.