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Portland Observer
June 1«. 1»76
Good people get the job done right
H elp ’ Alvenice
B ro w n ’s pride
As with most Pacific North
west Bell managers. Alvenice
Brown has had a variety of
experiences. Since coming to
the telephone company in
1963. she’s advanced through
positions as a service repre
se n ta tiv e. in s tru c to r, and
business office supervisor to
her current job as Public
Office Manager.
A lvanice supervises the
daily activities of several
service representatives
ones who solve your problems
when you call to straighten
out your bill, or order new
telephone service. She's also
responsible for a group of
customer bill payments in the
office -- and, a receptionist
who’s there to help you find
the right office, or help you
place long distance telephone
We're here to handle peo
p ie’s telephone p ro blem s.”
says Alvenice, “and we per
sonnally assist customers who
come to us for help. It may be
only a misunderstanding of a
bill, or an elderly person upset
over their phone service.
Whatever it is. that's why
w ere here."
Service first on
Don F o rem an ’s
'm a rk e tin g ’ list
A /w n ic e B rown, public o ffic e m a n a g e r an d Don Forem an, com m unication»
beS' W° y * ’°
cu” om efs
P re p a re for future
Foley Gordon is coach; on the field , on the job
In ad4ition to helping coach k
a kids baseball
Gordon coaches some 357 long
distance operators
1 ortland area. And, he over
sees the work of an additional
25 or so supervisors.
After graduation from Port
land State University in 1965
(with a degree in Sociology),
Foley began his Pacific North
West Bell career.
Foley says the most fulfill
mg aspect of his job is
‘ working with my people _
watching the growth
development of the people I
deal with everday.”
He also sees definite career
possibilities with the telephone
company. ’I ’ve met some good
people and made some good
friendships within the coni
pany." he says. "and. I know
the company is definitely
serious about trying to find
qualified minorities and wo
men employees.”
I f you ve ever dialed your
dortor and reached his ana
»ering service instead, you
have something in common
with Don Foreman. Communi­
cations Consultant for Pacific
Northwest Bell.
lion travels the state assist
ing and advising many of
Oregon s telephone answering
services, radio telephones and
other related services.
He started his career with
the telephone company as a
"pole climber ". That was in
Don’s latest responsibility is
in the Marketing Department,
"a hub of activity." he says.
Marketing is. more or less,
the hub of activity in the
company because the depart
meni is responsible for seeing
that the telephone service we
provide the customer is exart
ly what he needs.”
Don is a college graduate,
holds a business degree from
Oregon Technical Institute in
Klamath Falls.
N ancy Fuller 'steers' bu dget
Nancy Fuller's biggest head
ache is staying within the
budget She’s a plant assistant
in the telephone company’s
construction budget program
forecasting needs f„r furnish'
special twits and equipment
She joined the company
196.1 as a member of ,
typing pool She's also been
t u l i clerk
in the public
Joyce M cM ah o n ’s m a n y hats
For Joyce
Jovce McMahon,
M c M llh n n
Ik ..
telephone company was "A
gowi opportunity to earn some
money and go to college at the
n in e time.” when she was
hired nine years ago Today,
Joyce is personnel staff assis
U nt in the Administration
H «rb A m .n o n
service all of the business
phones in the city." Herb says.
"A couple weeks ago. a
businessman from out of town
called to say he would need
telephone service. When he
got to Portland.'he called us.
and by 2 p.m. he had phone
service. That s one of the ways
we help."
Herb enjoys working with
people. And. that feeling is
obvious as he moves through
his office. “I try to create an
environment that helps them
to do the job,” he says. "I try
to help them perform / that's
the name of the game."
programs as they come along
• Job she says "requires
wearing .
ha L a
helping the company get ,
"The economic i
ation is hurting us now.
opportunities are extren
limited." she said
situation improves wy’ll
able to be more encourag
about employment."
Foley G o rd o n
Herb A m erson’s e n v iro n m e n t’
Herb Amerson, says of his
iob. “I ’m here to see that we
provide good service to our
customers and that we collect
the revenue for the service we
Herb is Business Unit Man
ager at the Fourth Ave. office
of Pacific Northwest Bell. He
joined the company in 196b as
a coin consultant, traveling the
company was providing good
service through its several
thousand coin operated tele
; phones.
.She represents the company
at career days and job fairs,
and handles special recruiting
Joyce h.s
hrr pyp
technical work, "somethin
see a . , very rp, ,
’* * » “*
„f thp
encouragement to get ,
ployees involved in mi
fields. It makes us bet
manager, and better peopl
Joyce M c M a h o n
And. prior to com
Plant Department, i
staff assistant in tl
She calls
If, ,
balancing your check
cept the numbers art
Pacific Northwest Bell
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