Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 21, 1922, Page 10, Image 10

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A NUMBER of the sub-debutante
set called at 'the home of Miss
Anna Louisson yesterday when
she was hostess at a charmingly
appointed tea. The rooms were gray
with bright holiday decorations of
holly and red ribbon bows. Presid
ing at the tea table, which was most
r.ttractive with its centerpiece of
holly and poinsetta, were Mrs.
Arthur Goldsmith, Mrs. Joseph Feld
man. Miss Clementine Hirsch, Mrs.
George Black and Mrs. Allen E.
Miss Winona Roberts, society maid
of Seattle, is the guest of Miss Eliza
beth Kirby.
Mrs. Alexander R. Lundgren of
Spokane, who has been the guest
of Miss 'Katherine Graham, enter
tained a group of her friends at the
Hotel Portland yesterday.
Miss Katherine Miller is visiting
Miss Amy Munday in Seattle. She
will be an attendant at the Crawford-Brown
wedding December 27.
Miss Lurline Brown, the bride-elect,
is well known in Portland, where
she visits frequently.
A brilliant affair of Saturday, De
cember 30, will be the New Tear's
party at the Waverley Country club.
This will b'e a dinner dance and
many reservations are being made.
The club will hold open house on
New Years day from 2:30 until 5:30.
Mrs. Luis Abelli, who has been
visiting in Portland for a number
of weeks, has been the inspiration
for much entertaining. Mrs. Andrew
Porter gave a large dinner recently
and Friday afternoon she was hon
ored at a smart bridge party given
by Mrs. Bruce D. Stewart. Mrs. I
F. K. Moore complimented her witn
a bridge party last Saturday, which
was followed by a buffet supper and
dancing. Mrs. Harvey Nicol Black
was hostess for a charmingly ap
pointed luncheon Tuesday for Mrs.
Abelli, and Friday Mrs. Neagle P.
Sealy will entertain with a bridge
luncheon. Mrs. Abelli will return
to her home in South America in
HOOD RIVER, Or., Dec. 20.
(Special.) The wedding of Joseph
Horn, great war veteran and son
of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Horn, and
Miss Ethel May McCloud, daughter
of Mrs. May McCloud of Forest
Grove, took place yesterday at the
Btudy of Rev. W. H. Boddy, pastor
of Riverside community church, who
officiated. Donald McCloud, brother
ByBarcld PonaldsoaEberlem
The Use of the Valance. .
THE valance is primarily to carry
the color of the side drapery
across the window so as to make a
frame. The color of the drapery
should, of course, be so related to
the color of the floor covering as to
carry a part of that color up the
wall. The valance finishes it at the I
A valance is not always used. Cur
tains are sometimes .hung on a cor
nice made to match the wood trim
of the room and sometimes, wiere
light is the prime consideration, cur
tains are merely hung at either side
of a window and the top is left
clear. But from a decorative point
of view the valance is very import
ant. It may be severely piairi and
stretched over a . curved . frame,
trimmed perhaps with band or gal
lon, or it may be box-pleated evenly
across the window. It may be straight
or shaped but the only rule which
must be followed is that the wider
the valance the lower the room will
appear. In a very low room- the
valance should be so narrow as to
be merely a connecting note of color.
Ten to 12 inches for the ordinary
window will be found satisfactory.
If a decorative effect is desired,
with plain drapery a figured val
ance is often used, or a plain val
ance connecting plain furniture with
figured drapery
'"( il r i st Itm in h' 1 ll ii a n ii'u 1,'1-jt" ic
the title of a most humorous play to
be given in the auditorium of Sell
wood school next Friday at 2:30
I M. A strong cast of characters
has been selected from tlie class that
graduates in January and all are
taking a lively interest in the re
hearsals. The chorus work, under
the supervision of Miss Lelah Chase,
is exceptionally good. The play is
sponsored by the Parent-Teacher
association and directed by Mrs.
Emma Richards.
Chapter E of the P. E. O. sister
hood will be entertained at its an
nual Christmas party at the home of
Mrs. Vernon Wessler, 544 East Forty-sixth
street North today. Lunch
eon will be served promptly at 1
o'clock. (Take Rose City Park car.)
Woodstock W. C. T. U. will send
its usual Christmas gifts of baskets
to the county farm. All articles for
these baskets should be taken to
the home of Mrs. Tha Tefft, Sixty
sixth avenue and Forty-fourth
fn; Lilian Tittqlp
ASTORIA, Or. Doar Miss Tingle:
How can I ,make cottage cheese out of a
ciuart of milk? Have you a recipe for
bran cookiea using oatmeal and white
flour? Thanking you, MRS. E. F. H.
COTTAGE cheese is made by heat
ing sour, well-clabbered (but
not stale-tasting) milk to about
blood heat. This is beet done in a
double boiler, if a small quantity is
used. Over heating will make the
curd tough. Heat only long enough
to have the whey separate, then
hang up in a double cheesecloth bag
and let drip.
The whey can be used like sour
milk in making biscuits, cake or
. fcread, Xhe dripped curd should be
Rill." ' N r 4 M
I "IF ' - - 7
Fink Photo.
Mrs. Walter H. Evans, wbo In a pntroness for the Kappa Kappa asnma
benefit dunce, December 27, at the new Woman's club. -
of the bride, was best man and the i
bride was accompanied by Miss
Helen Brosi.
Mr. and Mrs. Horn, who will make
their home in the Oak Grove dis-
tender and well flavored. Add salt
to taste and break up or press for
slicing as desired. To the broken
curd a little cream is usually added.
To the pressed curd a little butter
and flavoring material, such as
pimento, sage, paprica, Spanish pep
per or finely grated dry "nippy"
cheese may be added. Mix and fold
in a cheesecloth bag pressing be
tween two places until firm enough
to slice.
The broken curd may be used
plain in sandwiches or with fruit or
jelly or jam, or in salads, or in
cheese pies or English or German
cheese cakes, or cheese custards,
cheese sausage and. many other
I hope the following is what you
had in mind:
Bran and Rolled Oats Drop Cook
ies 1 cup shortening, 154 cups
brown sugar, 1 scant tablespoon mo
lasses, cup sour milk, ( 2 eggs, 1
teaspoon each cinnamon, ginger,
alspice, nutmeg and salt, teaspoon
cloves, teaspoon eoda, 1 teaspoon
baking powder, 1 cups rolled oats.
2 cups bran, 1 cup stoned chopped
datse or raisins, cup roughly I
chopped walnut meats, about 2 cups
of flour to make a drop cookie con
sistency. ,Creajn the shortening and
sugar, beat in the eggs and sour i
milk .with two or three tablespoons '
of the flour to preserve the "creamed '
butter" consistency. Add the rolled I
oats, bran, fruit and nuts, then fold
in the flour sifted with the other i
dry ingredients. Drop from a spoon
on a well-greased inverted baking
tin. Bake in a moderate oven.
The amount and kind of spices,
fruit and nuts can be varied to suit
personal taste.
2747 GIVEN TO iSTfli
TOTAL TO $53,121.
Response One of Splendid Spirit,
Says Treasurer "Appointed '
for Relief Funds.
Neither the lapse cf t"me nor the
turmoil of Christmas activity serves
to abate contributions of Portland
citizens to ine Astoria relief fund,
supervised by the Chamber of Com
merce. Additional subscriptions in
the amount' of $2747 were received
yesterday by W. H. Crawford, treas
urer, forcing the grand total up
ward to $53,121.
"The response has been one of
splendid spirit," said Mr. Crawford,
"and testifies to a neighborly feel
ing that reflects much credit upon
the donors."
E. N. Weinbaum, representative
of the chamber, who spent a week
in the coast city conferring with
officials and committees, returned
to Portland yesterday to make his
final report to the local organiza
"Business is gradually being re
sumed in Astoria," said Mr. Wein
baum, "and among the scores of
temporary frame structures that
have sprung up west of "the fire
area there are several that already
have installed stocks and are open
for trade. Too, the excitement in
cident to the disaster has passed,
and the citizens are bent upon com
mon constructive effort."
Contributions to the relief fund,
received yesterday by Treasurer
Crawford, were as follows:
Mrs. CharlPS E. Shaw S 2
Albera Bros. Milling company 500
Western Waxed Paper company loO
Willamette Iairy Products company 50
R. G. Ronser 5
I.ouis Schneir . . . . : 25
George W. Joseph 100
Union Oil Company of California.... 600
The A. J. L,enon company 15
Miller. Calhoun, Johnson company... 100
Automobile Dealers' Association of
Portland 50(1
Portland Flouring Mills 500
James, Kerns & Abbott 100
Henry Jenning & Sons 2C0
rolicc Hunt ex-Banker.
TAKIMA, Wash., Dec. 20. Federal
officials here yesterday were seek
ing for Spencer Conrow, formerly
assistant manager, of the Bank of
California of Tacoma, who, they say,
was seen here December 14. At that
time he registered under an as
sumed name at the leading hotel
and spent some time in the Elks'
temple, they declared. Sheriff Bear
and his deputies were also in the
i field.
ll iui, tvucic no la aoiswi-iavcu uu
brothers in operating a lumber
I manufacturing plant, left , at once
following the wedding for Portland
I nn a "hrxnavmnnn trin
I By Helen Decie 1
in SOCIAL correspondence it is not
good form to use numbers for
dates, trains, etc., as is correct in
business letters. ' The words and
numerals must be spelled out, thus;
"December twenty-fifth."
The difference between the busi
ness and social codes in this mat
ter is very pronounced. In business,
for example, "JiMfth Avenue" is
shortened to "5 Ave.," but in so
cial letters "Jan. 2" is "January sec
ond," "$2.00 is "two dollars," "4:30
P. M." is "half-past four o'clock in
the afternoon," and "8:15 A. M. on
the P. R. R." becomes "a quarter
after eight in the morning on the
Pennsylvania Railroad." The busi
ness method makes for speed; the
social code implies leisure, and each
is correct in its own circle. It would
be quite as unbusinesslike to write
"January the fourteenth, Nineteen
twenty-three" in a commrcial let
ter as it would be undignified to ab
breviate it into "Jan. 14, '23," or "1-14-23"
in social correspondence.
Correct English:
TTTHAT is an atelier?
W How is at pronounced?
Is it correct to say "The two
women had a mutual interest in
What is a.mis5 with the sentence,
"The Rev. Roy Lee is a D. D."?
What is the plural of pailful?
Answers to Wednesday's Questions.
Say "Each of the students has his
own room," not "have their own
rooms." -
The accent falls on the second
syllable of adjourn and on the first
syllable of sojourn.
Since per cent is an abbreviation
of "per centum," it is preferably
followed by a peripd.
ihe Markets
T'RKEYS, which have been sell
ing in meat markets for 50 cents
a pound, dropped yesterday to 45
cents. Tamhill markets are still
selling at 38 cents a pound. Eggs
took a drop of two cents yesterday
and top quality eggs are selling to
day at 50 cents wholesale. Stores
are asking about 5o cents.
Some of the stores are showing
good looking California mushrooms
at $1.25 a pound. Alligator pears
are $1 each and good looking
bananas are selling at 15 cents a
pound. Emperor and Malaga grapes
For Infants,
Invalids &
I The Original Food-Drink for All Ages.
! QuickLunchatHcme.OfficefcFountains.
i RichMilk,MaltedGTainExtractinPow-
der&Tabletforms. Nourishing-Nocooking.
i (AToid Imitations and Substitutes
iftff Milk
are in the markets at 15 and 20
cents a pound. ,
Cauliflower is selling at 20 and
30 cents a head, and good, red win
ter radishes can be found at three
bun,ches for 10 cents. Cranberries
sell at 25 and 30 cents a pound.
Spinach is 20 cents a pound and cel
ery hearts are priced from 15 to 25
cents a bunch. Green and red pep
pers are offered at 30 cents a pound
and pimentos are 35 cents. Squash
sells at 5 cents a pound for select
qualities. Nuts of all varieties are
Small Canines at Hippodrome Are
Clever Impersonators.
With dogs doing impersonations
of Charlie Chaplin, Doug Fairbanks
and Eva Tanguay, Jule BuSse and
her partner at the
Hippodrome this
week are bringing
a novelty animal
act over the cir
cuit. Rope jump
ing, balancing on
the rims 'of wine
glasses, working
on slack wire and
doing somersaults
are some of the
unique tricks by
the tiny canines.
Durinsr the en- &V
tire turn the man LSiassssas
in tne case stages
some daredevil acrobatic stunts,
while Miss Busse does her share
with the dogs. These animals are
considered the smallest trained dogs
in vaudeville. Miss Busse has ap
peared all over the world with her
act, and has made a decided bit at
each engagement.
I A Convenient Way ot Opening a
Cereal Box.
IT TERE is a good way to open a
IT cereal box so that it will pour
I easily and at the same time be
closed tightly when not in use. With
sharp knife make a slit one inch
below the top edge of the box.
When you wish to pour out the
I cereal squeeze the box slightly, thus
forming a sort of mouth. When you
let go of the box it will take its
natural shape. The cereal is there
fore kept, virtually airtight.
Hardware Clerk Topples Over
Railing to Floor.
In a fall from a balcony in the
Marshall-Wells Hardware company
Mrs. Charles Patterson, 52, a 61erk,
suffered injuries yesterday which
necessitated her removal to St. Vin
cent's hospital, where attendants
found several ribs on the right side
fractured and a serious injury to
the right heel.
' Mrs. Patterson lives at 1185 East
Twenty-sixth street North. The ac
cident occurred just before the noon
hour and half the employes in the
place saw her topple over the rail
ing and to the floor below.
A fall on the steps of her home.
461 East Forty-first street North,
resulted in a fractured right ankle
for Rona Barrett. She was taken
to Good Samaritan hospital.
Ten-year-old Edgar Miller of Ore
gon City, was brought to the Good
Samaritan yesterday with a badly
fractured -leg, sustained in a coast
ing accident Sunday, when an auto
mobile struck his sled.
Corvallis Creamery's Case Against
Food Commissioner Attacked.
SALEM. Or., Dec. 20. (Special.)
Motion to dismiss the case of the
Corvallis Creamery company against
the state dairy and food commis
sioner, which has been pending in
the .United States supreme court for
several months, has been stipulated
by the opposing attorneys. This was
announced By the attorney-general
here today.
The suit was brought by the Cor
vallis creamery to enjoin the state
dairy nnd food commissioner from
Mother Gets Day Off
for Christmas ,
"Say, Sue, haB it struck you that
mother doesn't seem so terribly
keen about this Christmas-dinner-in-a-hotel
idea? I thought she'd be
tickled to death to go to a big hotel
with soft njusic and all that sort of
thing, because she always works
herself to death cooking. I wanted
to please her when I invited the
family and I wouldn't have the din
ner away from home for the world
if she doesn't like it."
"Well, Tom, to tell you the truth,
I think mother would be tickled
pink if she only had the clothes.
She hasn't had much of anything
new except a hat for a long time and
she's a bit timid, you know. She
shrinks from a lot of. people if she
hasn't a lot of confidence that she's
dressed properly."
"Well, I don't blame her. That's
true with us all. I guess mother
hasn't had a lot of extra money for
clothes with all those notes coming
due. Well, why don't we ask Frjd
and Harriet to go in with us and
get mother a pretty coat and dress
for Christmas? You say she has a
new hat?"
"Yes, and a beauty. Tom, you're
an old sport, aren't you? We'd love
to do that, but can we afford to
pay out all that money right now?"
"Of course, but whydon't we get
them at Cherry's at 349 Morrison
street, second floor. That's where
I buy my clothes? I have noticed
a women's department, too. We
could have six months to pay and
the four of us could manage it
e..-.ily. They are open every evening
till eight o'clock this week, so we
could go there on our way to lodge
Thursday night." Adv.
slick with spaghetti
; . . J (J
5 Pimento Cheese
8b ! ! !!
I" J N
t A E
fiere are
fbod cooks
who jast happen so
by guess, and some who are
so because of mental effort
and good judgment. To
the latter class belong the
women who choose wisely,
and for a reason. You'll
find this class using Crescent
. Baking Powder because it
is a scientific product made
to stand every kitchen test.
And it's economical. Wom
en of the West have proven
this by many years' test.
At all grocers
Crescent Manufacturing Company
Seattle, Washington
Baking Powder
enforcing a law prohibiting any corf
cern that deals in adulterated or
artificial dairy products from hav
ing the words, cow, milk or butter
as a part of its name. A demurrer
filed by the dairy and food commis
sioner in the district court in Port
land was sustained.
to Mate
Kiddies Love Hankies All Their Own
THESE kiddy hankies are easy to
make. Buy or make plain hem
stitched or rolled edge handker
chiefs. Cut small animal forms of
colored linen or lawn. Applique
them in the corners of the handker-
Daily Specials
The Oyster Loaf
Chicken Fricassee. .75c
American Goulash, ,40c
Lamb Curry and Rice, 45c
Potted Sirloin of Beef with
Potato Pancake . . 45c
Roast Virginia Ham with
Sweet Potatoes. .50c
Boiled Salmon with
Egg Sauce. .50c
Com Beef and Cabbage, 45c
Wthm easy reach
or all points
ot interest in jk
southern, jl r
-For 8 YEARS
the Hospitable and
Homelike Atmosphere of
appealed to travelers
from all parts of the
ALL TRAINS. For folder,
rates and reservations, write
F. M. Dimmick, lessee. Hill
Street, bet. Fourth and Fifth.
lough llig
F o r 8 YEARS
T.rA. S
Here's All the Credit
You Want for Your
Christmas Purchases-
Store Open Tonight Till 8 P. M.
For Men-
Sport Coats
Leather Goods
Smoking Jackets
Or if still in doubt give an Eastern Outfitting Co. Mer
chandise Order. Good here or at any of our Pacific Coast
Branch Stores.
chiefs. Very attractive results can
be attained by combining: different
' Hi
Conserve your cash for your other
necessary expenditures. Come to our
store, select all the merchandise youll
need for yourself or for gift purposes
and arrange to pay us next year in
small amounts convenient to your own
For Women
Lounging Robes
Embroidered Kerchiefs
Negligees -Petticoats
. Umbrellas
ashington at Tenth Street
colors to form the animals or flow-
I era appliqued. Two or three of
to make 24 Kiddies Happy
Christmas Day
'A special Christmas Price on Little Sun-j
Maids, luscious little seedless raisins 24 five
cent packages in one carton for $1 !
Put one package in each Christmas stocking
for your little folks.
: Then let them give the others to their little
friends, as little presents tokens of youthful
See how delighted all will be.
Take $1 to the nearest store and get two
dozen little bright red boxes now full of
. healthful seedless fruit-meat9 that are both
good and good for them any day.
u Christmas Raisins"
So Everywhere
For Children
Boys' Suits
Boys' Overcoats
Boys' Shoes
Boys' Sweaters
Boys' Stockings ,
Girls' Coats
Girls' Dresses
Children's Bath Robes
Girls' Rain Capes
Girls' Stockings
Girls' Umbrellas
these handkerchiefs In a pretty box
1 will delight any kiddy. FLORA.