Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, November 06, 1922, Page 11, Image 11

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Titv Editor Main 7070, r,RO-n"
Sunday Elitor Main 7070, 51)0-95
Advertising Dept Main 7070. 5B0-flo
Superintendent of Bids. .Main 7070, 560-85
OliWIEOM (Broadway at Taylor)
Vaudeville, afternoon and night.
BAKER (Eleventh and Morrison) Ly
rie Musical Comedy company, 7 and
a it.
HIPPODROME (Broadway at Yamhill)
Vaudeville and moving pictures con
tinuous daily, 1:15 to 11 P. M.
l'ANTAUES (Broadway at Alder)
Vaudeville. Three shows daily, 2:30, 7
and 9 P. Jf.
Fair Essay Tests Finished.
Work of examining and passing on
the essays submitted by puP'ls of
the seventh and eighth grades of
the public schools in the 1927 ex
posit'on essay contest was finished
Saturday night and the awards will
be made at 8 o'clock tonight at a
public meeting in Hall J, Labor
temple. Announcement of the win
ners' names will not be made until
that time, but It is given out that in
the list of tiO boys and girls all the
elementary schools of the city are
represented. About 200 essays were
considered by the committee of
awards appointed by the woman's
branch of the exposition board. This
committee, of which Mrs. Charles E.
Runyon is chairman, is composed of
Jlrs. O. 11. Clark, Mrs. Edith Knight
Ilill, Mrs. George Rossman. Rev. Mr.
Oswald W. Taylor and John C. Hen
derson. The prizes, Jo savings ac
counts for each of the winners, will
he given out personally by the
donors. Who are Franklin T. Grif
fith. George I... Baker, Emery Olm
steatl, H. H. Hayncs, Charles F. Berg
and William F. Woodward. It was
estimated that 4000 pupils took part
in the contest.
Autoist Dhunk, Is Charge.
Clarence Kay will appear in muni
cipal court this morning on a
"drunk" charge to explain how he
happened to crash into a mail truck
at Broadway and Hoyt streets Sat
urday night. His car was badly
damaged and he was thrown from it
and cut by flying glass. He was
treated at the emergency hospital.
C. J. Taylor escaped a charge of
driving while intoxicated because
traffic officers did not see him
crash through a fence and into a
yard at Fast Twenty-second and
AVasco streets late Saturday. They
did find him, however, at the wheel
of his straying machine much the
worse for liquor, they said. He was
charged with being drunk.
Bazaar to Be Given. "Main
Street" will be depicted at a bazaar
to be given at the First Congrega
tional church Tuesday and Wednes
day in the afternoon and evening
by men of the congregation. A
courthouse and a postoffice will
terminate the village street. Judge
M. C. George and Judge George
Rossman will preside at the court
house. Comic sheet celebrities will
be present. Dr. W. T. McElveen will
run a bakery and other features are
Runaway Boys in Custody. The
wanderlust which took Raymond
Booth, youngster of 17 years, from
his home in Lawrence, Mass., and
which impelled Earl Ellinger, Se
attle boy of like age, .to leave the
family hearth nded the two in the
county jail late Saturday night.
They were picked; up by the police
when they admitted that they were
beating their way south to Cali
fornia and that they were penniless.
The juvenile court will handle the
Observance to Be- Triple. Armi
stice week, Father and Son week
and Music week will be observed at
the luncheons of the Kiwanis club
at the Multnomah hotel tomorrow
noon. Dr. Charles AV. MacCaughey
will give the address on "The Price
of a Nation." There will be a Music
week talk by J. C. Henderson and a
series of musical numbers. Every
member of the club is supposed to
bring his boy.
MacDougall, Will Speak. Wil
liam MacDougall, a prominent edu
cator and lecturer of Washington,
P. C, and a 33d degree honorary
Scottish Rite Mason, will speak for
the compulsory education bill today.
Meeting for ladies only will be held
at. 2 o'clock this afternoon and for
Masons only at S o'clock this eve
ning at the Scottish Rite cathedral,
, Fourteenth and Morrison streets.
Admission free. Adv.
Card Party Set. The Progressive
Business Men's club will- hold a
dance and card party for its mem
bers and families at Christensen's
hall on Friday. The affair will be
strictly informal and free. George
W. Stapleton, president of the club,
has promised that it will be a big
event in the club's social activities.
The committee on arrangements is
headed by A. S. Robinson.
William .MacDougall, a prominent
educator and lecturer of Washing
ton, D. C. and a :;:id degree hono
rary Scottish Rite Mason, will speak
lor the compulsory education bill at
the following places: Monday after
noon to ladies only at the Scottish
Rite cathedral, Fourteenth and Mor
rison, at 2 o'clock, and Monday eve
ning at S o'clock to Masons only at
the Scottish Kite cathedral. Adv.
Harry F. Atwood to Lecture.
Harry F. Atwood, nationally known
author and lecturer and a former
member of the bench in Chciago,
will give a lecture on Americanism
at the central library tonight under
the auspices of the Manufacturers'
and Merchants' association of Ore
gon. The former jurist will also
speak at the noon luncheons of va
rious civic bodies during the week.
The American Life Insurance
Company of Detroit. Michigan, has
merged and reinsured the American
Life Insurance company of Des
Moines, Iowa, and assumed all
liabilities of its Insurance con
tracts. Combined assets now nearly
$7,000,000. Paul H. Sroat, state
agent, 402-403 Oregonian bldg.
Progress Club to Meet. Captain
A. E. Burghduff, state game warden,
will be the main speaker tomorrow
noon at the weekly meeting of the
National Progress club, to be held
at the Chamber of Commerce. His
subject will be on state game con
ditions and the present duck hunt
ing season. James Morris will bs
chairman of the day.
Burglar Gets 5. A burglar en
tered the. home of A. Davidson, 430
-Mill street, while the family was at
dinner Saturday night and made off
with J5 in cash and a valuable hand
bag. -Neighbors saw him jump from
a bedroom window and called the
police. The shotgun squad investi
gates, Dut found no trace of the
Stock Show Men on Programme.
O. M. Plummer and a group of ex-
niDitors at tne Pacific International
Livestock exposition will be on the
programme today noon at the mem
bers xorum of the Chamber of
commerce. what the exposition
means to the development of Port
land as a livestock raising and ship
ping center will be told.
Burglars Busy. Daily papers are
run or reports or robberies and
hold-ups. Protect yourself against
such losses with a burelarv theft
and hold-up insurance policy. For
particulars phone Atwater 2391, let
us teiryou aDout it. w. R. McDon
aid company. All kinds of insur
ance. Adv.
Everything Is New at Hotel Mor
bison, Corner 11th St. Clean, con
venient, comfortable, transient and
permanent rooms and suites, high
class, at moderate rates. Main 4987
Women's Unit to Meet. The
women's progressive unit of Laurel
hurst club will meet Tuesday at 10
o'clock for luncheon. Dressing
kewpie dolls will be on the pro
gramme for the afternoon. The
dolls will be furnished by the club.
"Please bring scraps of material for
the dresses," says an announcement.
"A prize will be awarded for the most
cleverly dressed doll. All women
members of the club and prospective
members are invited. Please in
clude in your basket lunch a cup,
saucer and plate. Coffee will be
served by the unit."
Driver Is Released. When police
found that it was a. pending wed
ding ceremony which urged Homer
Chilstrom, 557 Madison street, to
break the speed limits Saturday
night and in so doing' strike and
damage a machine driven by H. F.
Norbek for the Hazelwood company
they release.d him. The accident oc
curred at the intersection of
Eleventh and Salmon streets. No
one was injured.
31 People Killed, 1410 Seriously
Injured in traffic accidents in Port
land in 1921. Proteot yourself against
such hazards. Phone Atwater 2391,
let us tell you about Accident Insur
ance Policy. W. R. McDonald Co.,
Yeon building. Adv.
Juvenile Orchestra Will Play.
Hal Webber's juvenile orchestra, will
be the big feature at the luncheon
of the Rotary club at the Benson
hotel tomorrow noon. There will
also be speakers on the programme
representing Music week.
Investigate Birchfield Steel
Heating Boilers, Booth No. 3.15, Ex
position. Stop heat loss. Adv.
63. Opposed to the school bill. Adv.
63. Opposed to the school bill. Adv.
Dr. E. A. Sommer returned. Adv.
E. AV. Barnes Has Higtt Praise
for Results Obtained by Ore
gon Delegation in Congress.
Oregon's congressional delegation
has done wonders in Washington
with regard to the development of
the central and southern Oregon
country, said E. W. Barnes, a local
man who has been acting as emis
sary of Harney and Grant counties
in obtaining recognition of their
"Since coming back to Portlahd
where I usually make my home, I
find a terrific fight is being waged
against Representative McArthur,"
said Mr. Barnes. "Viewing this is
sue in Portland from a state stand
point and in the light of my ex
perience the past 12 months, I am
frank to say I am amazed that the
people of Portland should jeopard
ize effective service at Washington
at present by such a campaign as is
taking place. Surely the develop
ment of Oregon and the bigger de
velopment of this ctiy that must
follow is of more importance than
any of the issues that are being pre
sented in connection with the fight
on Mr. McArthur.
"On the whole I am constrained
to say that the state's interests are
being protected now in an excep
tionally good manner and out of
this team work that I observed in
Washington are coming greater re
turns for Oregon and Portland. I
might suggest that the magnitude
of these returns is only lightly ap
precitade now because their cumu
lative value will be manifest in
greater and greater form every
month of the coming two years.
Man AVho Befriended Stranger Is
Beaten Over Head.
Tarfomr onfl a fla-ant Violation
of one of the oldest and most thor
oughly revered canons in the code
of every man is charged -to a stran
ger by George Slaughter, 31 'A West
Twenty-fourth shreet.
Slaughter told police yesterday
that he took a destitute stranger
to his room Saturday nigni oruy to
wake up during the night to find
a hMw shn noised over his head
in the "hands of the man. whom he
had allowed, to share lus bea. A
fight resulted, he said, in which
Ua inirrala hrnkfi JL fhalr OVW his
benefactor's back. Then followed
a period of insensibility from which
Slaughter awoke, he said, to find
cash amounting to H78 and two
checks totalling $300 missing and
the stranger departed.
Police are looking for the man
described as about 35 years of age
and five feet nine inches tall.
Morals Squad Busy (in Chinatown
and South End.
Moral squad raids. late Saturday
night netted five Chinese behind
barred doors at 82 Second street
and six at 80 V4 Second street. At
the Spokane hotel, 28 North Second
street oficers found 12 men disport
lng in the kitchen and 14 or more
pints of moonshine, together with
serving materials. G. W. Evans was
arrested on a charge of maintaining
a nuisance and violating the prohi
bition law, and Sam Armstrong on a
vagrancy charge.
At 248 First street, R. Bnino was
arrested on a dry law charge, and
Joe' Ferrio and Sam Vigna for as
sisting in the maintenance of a nui
sance and Vito Delego on a prohibi
tion charge.
If elected will you continue the
present policy of awarding city con
tracts to your favorite contractor,
even though the highest bidder?
For .example, lubricating oil. Union
Oil company, 32 cents per gallon;
Associated Oil company, 40 cents;
Marshall Wells Co., 63 cents, October
25, 1922, awarded to Marshall Wells
Co. for six months at 63 cents and
upward on recommendation of S. C.
2. Will you observe the charter or
will you split orders so as to avoid
advertising for bids and then buy
direct from your favorite hardware
Address reply to Tax Economy
League, Geo. Rae Secty., 443 Wash
ington street. Adv.
That Walter G. Gleeson, the grand
keeper of records and seals of the
grand lodge of Knights of Pythias,
of the domain of Oregon and who
resides at No. 1171 Vancouver ave.,
is not the democratic nominee for
the office of district attorney of
Multnomah county.
Adv. Harriet Lane Richards, Sec
"Vote fob Louis P. Hewitt for circuit
judge dept. No. 5.Ballot No. 31. Adv.
Table d'Hote Dinner
Served 5 to 8:30 P. M.
Plantation Bean Soup
Picklea Bavarian Cabbage
Radishes and Green Onions
Choice of
Shrimp, Chicken, Cottage Cheese and Pineapple with
Jelly, Crab Louis or Head Lettuce with
French Dressing
Choice of '
Halibut, Sauce Holstein
Ham Hocks and Cabbage
Hungarian Goulash and Noodles
Irish Lamb Stew with Dumplings
Chicken Giblet Saute with Mushrooms
Roast Lamb with Mint Sauce
Roast Veal or Prime Ribs
Buttered Beets Spinach Stewed Tomatoes
Shell Beans Cabbage Baked Squash
Mashed or Baked Potatoes
Choice of
French Pastry, Pie or Pudding
Tea Coffee Milk
388 Washington Street
127 Broadway
First Municipal Concert
Is Success.
Large Audience fastens to Enter
taining Programme.
ular Sunday series held yester
day afternoon in the municipal audi
torium drew a large audience and
presented musicians in a varied and
entertaining programme. The con
certswhich are under the direction
of Signor Roberto Corruccini, will
feature bands, orchestras, singing
societies, clubs, soloists and the
auditorium pipe organ. "
Neal H. Begley, tenor, of Seattle,
sang three numbers from "Pagliac
ci," by Leoncavallo, and wore the
clown costume of white with black
decorations. His selections, "Un
Grande Spettacolo," "Un tal Giucco"
and "Vestl la Giubba," were dra
matic and his voice was well suited.
With Mrs. Mae O'Neil Feldman, dra
matic soprano, Mr. Begley sang the
grand duet, finale of act four of
"Aida." Both appeared in costume.
The number was the most brilliant
of the programme and brought pro
longed applause. Mrs. Feldman's
solo numbers ware also lovely and
were highly favored with applause.
Lucien E. Becker, organist, played
several numbers. His "Carmen Fan-1
tasie" (Bizet) was excellent and
demonstrated the vast resources of
the large pipe organ. Fred L.
Brainerd, pianist, and Mrs. Becker
gave the final number, the grand
march from "Aida."
Mrs. Katherine Corruccini. dra
matic contralto, appeared in two
solos and again in duet with Miss
Genevieve Gilbert, lyric sopTano.
Her solo. "Ah, Though the Silver
Moon Were Mine" (Lohr) was espe
cially notable. Miss Gilbert was at
her best in "Quando Men vo" from
"La Boheme." '
Edward Moshofsky, bass, appeared
in two solo groups. "I'm a Pilgrim"
(Johnson) and "Gypsy Love Song"
(Herbert) won favor with the aud
ience, and were beautifully sung.
Charles B. Hurley Pays $25 at
Tacoma for Five-Mile Excess.
TACOMA, Wash., Nov. 5. (Spe
cial.) Charles B. Hurley, well
known Tacoma and Portland con
tractor, was fined $25 and costs in
police court here by Judge Hackett
when Mr. Hurley admitted he had
driven his automobile 35 miles an
hour on a business street.
"I was stopped about a year ago
by a policeman and was told that
no one was arrested who drove 30
miles," Mr. Hurley told Judge
Hackett. "Thirty-five isn't much
more than that, is it?"
"Only five miles," said Judge
Hackett. "Twenty-five dollars and
Police Receive Dozen or More
Complaints In Week.
The lawn mower thief, whose ac
tivities in borrowing lawn mowers
and then failing to return them to
their owners yesterday brought a
dozen or more complaints to the po-
An Oregon Life
pvONT wait to be sought
out for life insurance.
Invite it to come to you.
Any evening: yoa may de
sire, an OREGON LIFE
representative will call
and discuss the subject
with you and the family
around the fireside. Then
you can more carefully
consider the benefits and
the costs.
Over $1,000,000 paid
without a contested
Home Office Portland, Oregon
Vegetable Soup
lice in the past week, appeared twice
on Saturday.
F. S. Gillespie, 534 Morrison street,
reported that he loaned his machine
Saturday afternoon to a man who
said he lived several houses down
the street and would return it
shortly. Mrs. O. Baker, 801 Sandy
boulevard, loaned her machine to a
man whose description tallies with
the fellow who appeared at the Gil
lespie home. Neither lawn mower
was returned.
Reports of the thefts led William
Stanton, 697 Thurman street, to be
come suspicious of a second-hand
cutter which he purchased Friday
from a man whom police think Is re
sponsible for the numerous thefts.
Wormy Fruit Sold.
ALBANY, Or.. Nov. 5. (Special.)
Fruits showing worms, scab or San
Jose scale are oeing marketed in
Linni county against the law, accord
ing to R. F. Wilbur, county fruit in
spector. As a result of these find
ings by the inspector, dealers are
co-operating in an effort to prevent
the sale of the fruits thus infected
and. thus prevent the spread of the
S. & H. green stamps for cash,
Holman Fuel Co.. coal and wood.
Broadway 6353: 660-21. Adv.
To My Friends:
I ask your first choice vote for City Commissioner.
Because you know my qualifications.
To Friends of Other Candidates:
v," 'T''
Candidate for City Commissioner
(Paid Advertisement)
Do You Know Joy
Joy the Tailor?
Here's what Joy will
do for you, if you're will
ing to be well-dressed:
make to your measure
a suit or an. overcoat at
as low a price as a ready
made garment;
allow you to pay for it
at times and in sums con
venient to you.
Joy means just. that!
It's an offer that
stands alone unique!
Get acquainted with
Joy at
104 Fourth Street
Bet. Washington and Stark
Do People Like
to Be "Fooled?
P. T. Barnum said so, but Lin
coln said: "You can fool some
of the people all the time and
all the people some of the time,
but you can't fool all the people
all the time."
Both may be correct, but we have preferred to
hoodwink nobody, believing it better business
to give one hundred cents' worth of optical serv
ice for every dollar we receive-
We are thankful in this month of Thanksgiving
for the great opportunity to make, by our optical
W. W. Wheeler,
Baker Hotel Raided.
BAKER, Or., Nov. 5. (Special.)
Burrell Wright and Pete Dean' were
arrested charged with the possession
of intoxicating liquor and 16 ptnt
bottles of whisky were confiscated
I ask your second choice vote.
Because I am trained in account
ing, engineering, law and business;
I am a registered engineer; I have
visited1 and studied in thirty-one of
America's largest cities, such prob
lems as the efficiency of railroad
terminals; co-ordination of rail and
water transportation; street car,
electric, gas and water service and
other civic matters. For ten years
I have been the technical expert on
public utility matters for the Rail
road and Public Service Commis
sion of Oregon. I have one of the
largest private libraries in the
west on these subjects.
So, with your friend and myself
as city commissioners, you will be
well served.
I say this sincerely for I am allied
with no faction.
' I WW
when the Baker hotel was raided
yesterday afternoon. The prisoners
pleaded not guilty when arraigned
Quite a while ago we received
notice of an advance in the price
We have not advanced our prices,
preferring to give our customers
the benefit of our purchases.
But the stock is decreasing rapidly.
Get yours NOW at the GAS CO.'S
Salesrooms, Alder near Fifth, Main
floor or Lower floor.
New Perkins Hotel
A Conservative Custodian
Don 't take chances-a thief does
not steal a check book. Carry
a checking account with the
Hibernia. Safe, convenient.
Member Federal Reserve System
e. w.
skill and our energy, thousands
of people happier and better
and more useful.
Quality Glasses Perfectly
i '
Second Floor Oregonian
before Judge Allen last night and
were placed under ?500 bonds, which
were furnished.
Wheeler, Optometrist
Machinists 70c per honr
Blacksmiths 70c per hour
Sheet-Metal W'rk's. 70c per hour
Electricians 70c per hour
Stationary Engineers:
Various rates
Stationary Firemen:
Various rates
Boilermakers .... 70-70J4chour
Passenger-Car Men 70c per hour
Freight-Car Men... 63c per hour
Helpers, all classes 47c per hour
Mechanics and helpers are al
lowed time and one-half for time
worked In excess of elRht hours
per day. Strike condition pre
vail. APPLY ROOM 312
Take a 20-Pay Life
Policy With Us
The United
608 Artisans' Building
Assets over $1,500,000.00
Your Home Society for 27 years.
The Fuel Problem
You can heat 'your house bet
ter with gas, and do It cheaper.
too, if you use
(It is made in Portland)
Office and Show Room
304 Oak St. BRoadnay 5261.
Warms You
rough and Through
Bad. Old colds worse. Stop
your fresh cold at once. What's
the answer. AYER'S CHERRY
PECTORAL? tJi&&tfSx.