Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 11, 1922, Page 9, Image 9

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City Editor Main 7070. B0-B5
Sunday Editor .Main 7070, 560-95
Advertising- Dept Main 7070. 560-fiS
Superintendent of Bldg. Main. 7070. 560-95
BAKER Eleventh and MorrHon) Ly
ric Musical Comedy company. Alter
' noon only.
HIPPODROME Broadway at Yamhill)
Vaudeville and. moving pictures con-
. tinuous daily. 1:15 to 11 P- M-
VANTAGES (Broadway at Alder)
Vaudeville. Three shows daily. 2:30.
and 9 P. M.
MrKiiiBrrrine- Party Tonight.
The Minnesota State society will
celebrate Columbus day tonight at
t.,,- v.roin hall. Thirteenth and
Main street, at 8:15 o'clock. An ap
propriate and interesting programme
has been prepared in nonor
4?,nth anniversary of the discovery
of America, consisting o an addres
by Mrs. John R. Murphy, a characte
sketch by Mrs. Mary K. Robinson
nri a (anci dance in military cos
turn. v.v ntH Miss Helen Walter,
ttr knnwn as the "miniature Mar
iivnn Miiur." The. hall has been
annrnnrlatPlV PCOrated for the OC'
casion, and the programme will be
iollowed by the first social aance ui
..inn There will also be card
frames, prizes and refreshments. All
former Minnesotans and members
of other state societies of the city
and their friends are Invited.
Woodmere Parent-Teachers Ac
rrvrc Additional school grounai
recently provided for the Woodmere hi thA school board have
been secured as the direct result o
the activity of the Woodmere t-ar
nt-Tacher association, accordin!
to a recent report made before the
reerular meeting of that body Dy
committee appointed for the pur
inneo Th lareelv increased mem
toership of the organization has
caused a greater interest to be taken
in school affairs in tne district, a.
big social meeting to take the form
of the annual halloween masquer
ade ball and pumpkin festival is now
being arranged for the evening
Saturday, October 28.
Art Association Exhibit Open.'
Th. inhibition which is to follow
that of the child artist. Pamela-Bi
anco. now on at the museum of art,
Is the annual local exhibit of the
wnrir f Oree-on Daintera and sculp
tors. Work intended for this local
A-rriihit xhnnlri presented at th
museum on October 20 and 21. Oil
and water-color paintings, drawings
in anv medium and sculpture will be
litrihlo The iurv is composed of
thA fnllnwlns professional artists
r T-nwrence Barnes. Sidney Bell
"Wade Pipes, Clara J. Stephens and
H. F. Wentz. Full information may
be obtained at the museum of art.
Mr. Gillespie Strong for Prohi
rnoN. That the activities of th
Association Against the -Prohibition
Amendment is a "conspiracy to
thwart the will of the people and to
trample upon the fundamental law
of the land and is worse than rob
bing the mails" is the declaration
of s. K. Gillespie! local attorney, in
a letter to G. C. Hinckley. Washing
ton, D. C, national Secretary of that
association. The letter was sent in
replv to an invitation to join the
organization received by. Mr. Gil
AD Club Meets Todat. The plan
for brinfdng the Old Oregon Trail
from Missouri to Oregon will be dis
cussed by prominent speakers from
eastern Oregon at the luncheon o
the Ad club at the Benson hotel to
dav. Sneakers will include Walter
E. Meacham of Baker, president of
the Old Oregon Trail association and
secretary of the Baker chamber of
commerce, and others7 connected
with the- movement. George M. 01
sen's orchestra will give a pro
gramme of the latest in music
Women are invited.
City Emplote Injured. James A,
Marshall, 41, an employe of the city
water works, was struck by a truck
driven by Frank Saso, 567 East Sev
enteenth street, yesterday at Twen
ty-seventh and Thompson streets,
where he was at work marking
pavement for a repair crew. Saso
Is 'said to have struck him when he
backed his truck around a corner.
Marshall, who lives at 473 Emerson
street, was taken to St. Vincent's
hospital. His injuries are confined
to cuts and bruises on the legs.
Stranger in City' Loses Money.
C. W. Cristwell arrived in town from
Canada Monday, met two obliging
men who showed him a large part
of the city's sights in the north end,
and woke up in the Oxford hotel.
413 M Washington street, minus t-0
In his report to the police yesterday
Cristwell said that he paid all ex
peruses for the party, both for his
companions and himself. He i!
broke now, he 'says.
Milwaukie Warehouse Progress
Ino Work on the new building for
the Milwaukie Warehouse company
Is being rushed to early completion
Excavation has been completed and
the foundation is being erected this
week. The building is the first of
several new structures which have
been planned for the business sec
, tion of Milwaukie during the coming
Sneak Thief Robs Woman's Desk.
A sneak thief entered the office
of the Northwest Auto Supply com
pany at Nineteenth and Alder
streets at 11 o'clock Monday night
. and made off with a vanity box con
taining 128.50 in cash, a watch and
other articles, the property of Miss
E. M. Jenkins, who was in a back
room at the time. The front door
of the establishment was open.
Thieves Steal Clothes and Arti
cles. Thieves who entered a bed
room window in the home of Fred
E. Alder. 468 East Thirty-eighth
street North, made off with a suit of
clothes, a watch and a diamond
stick-pin. Alder said in his report
to the police that the entry was
made sometime Monday night.
Hoac Burned, Only Half Insured.
If you had a fire tonight would
your insurance replace your prop
erty and personal effects? It is bet
ter to be insured than sorry. Why
take a chance? For rates and fur
ther particulars phone Atwater
2391. W. R. McDonald Co., Yeon
bldg. All kinds of insurance. Adv.
Indicted Man in Custody. Frank
Zuermer. secretly indicted by the
Multnomah county grand jury,
charged with a statutory crime, is
under arrest and awaiting return
here, according' to advices received
at the sheriffs office from George
"W. Lewis, sheriff of Josephine
county, Oregon.
Social Worker to Speak. The
regular . noon luncheon of social
-workers will be held at the Seward
grill at 12:15 today. Pr. R. R.
Reeder, member of the child com
mission of Serbia and superintend
ent of the orphanage, Hastlngs-on-Hudson.
will speak.
Campbell Hotel Chicken Dinner.
Best in the city for 85e. Hotel on
Twenty-third and Hoyt. Special
menu tonight. Dining room open at
6:30. Call Atwater 0SS1 for group
reservations. Adv.
Notice to Our Customers. The
Dundee-Fruit & Walnut company's
dryer and packing house at Dundee
is closed on Sunday. Come week
days or mail orders. W. H. Bently.
Congregational Bazaar. The la
dles of the First Congregational
church will hold their annual bazaar
on Tuesday and Wednesday. Decem
ber 5 and . Further details later.
Office, suitable for doctor or dent
ist. 304 Selling bldg. Adv. ,
Watch Is Stolen, Fur Lost. Yio
let Smith, 1541 Williams avenue, re
ported to police yesterday that
someone seated next to her in the
Majestic theater Sunday night took
a gold watch which hung from her
neck on a ribbon. She did not dis
cover the loss until after she had
left the theater. Mrs. Alice Bagu
ley, 490 East Forty-second street,
reported the loss of a mink fur
cape, valued at 8800, which she be
lieved was left In the Highway thea
ter on Sandy boulevard, at Fifty
second street, last Thursday night.
Dr. Reeder to Speak. Dr. R. R.
Reeder, member of the child com
mission of Serbia and formerly su
perintendent of the orphanage,
Hastings-on-Hudson, will address
the first assembly of the Portland
school of social work of the Univer
sity of Oregon in room A. central
library, this morning at 11 o'clock.
The assembly will be a weekly con
vocation, and will be addressed by
various people Interested in social
work during the year. Dr. Philip A.
Parsons is director of the school.
Hunter Pleads Guilty. Though
Vern Jacox is back at Flint,' Mich,
attending his duties as truant offi
cer for the public schools there, he
was allowed to plead guilty in the
local federal court yesterday to a
charge of killing migratory birds.
He was fined $15. Jacox, while vis
iting relatives in Baker county last
summer, shot and killed a mudhen
and a bittern in violation of federa
game laws. He said that he knew
of no law against the killing of such
Smallpox Is Found in School.-
Glencoe school, at East Forty-ninth
and Belmont streets, was closed yes
terday for fumigation following the
discovery of a case of smallpox it
one of the classes. The pupil suf
fering from the disease is Janet
Stockley, 7 years old, who lives at
1384 Tabor court. All pupils of the
school will have to be vaccinated or
remain out of school for 21 days.
Classes will probably resume Thurs
day morning.
First Train of Loos Dumped.
The first train of logs over the
newly opened Portland, Astoria &
Pacific railway, subsidiary of the
Spokane. Portland & Seattle, was
hauled from Vernonia and dumped
into the Nehalem boom at Burling
ton yesterday. It was the date of
opening the line to logging traffic
and general freight will be accepted
between Portland and Vernonia Oc
tober " 16, while passenger service
will be started November 1.
Boys Are Accused of "Rolling"
Drunks. With Hugh Edwards, 18,
in custody, the trial of four youths
said to have been "rolling" drunks
in the north end for the last few
months, will be held in municipal
court today. Edwards was picked
up by inspectors late Monday night
at Second and Burnside streets. The
other reputed members of the gang,
L. B. Ford, Lloyd Preston and Ed
ward Cline, were arrested early
Monday morning.
Community Dances Arw Resumed,
Weekly community dances spon
sored by the entertainment commit
tee of the Hawthorne Parent-Teachers
association will be resumed Sat
urday, October 1-1, at the Washing
ton high school gymnasium. East
Thirteenth and Alder streets. The
regular meetings for the fall and
winter have been resumed by the
organization and the social pro
grammes are being outlined for the
British Society to Meet. The
monthly meeting of the British Ben
evolent society of Oregon will be
held tonight at 8 o'clock, in lecture
room A, public library. Tenth and
Yamhill streets, for the transaction
of business. Friends and members
are requested to attend. After the
conclusion of business a musical
programme will be rendered under
the direction of Miss Mackenzie.
Bakery Plant Visited. Members
of the Chamber of Commerce made
heir- weekly industrial trip yester
day to tlrfti-plant of the Pacific Coast
Biscuit company, where cakes, can
dies and other delicacies were
served the visitors. The operations
of the plant were viewed and con
siderable knowledge gained about
manufacturing crackers, cookies and
other products.
Two Fugitives Returned. James
Oliver, accused ,of having stolen
postal money orders in his posses
sion, and Jesse B. Welns, accused of
violating the prohibition law. both
of whom were arrested at Baker,
Or., were brought to Portland yes-
erday by Deputy United States Mar
shal Wells and lodged in the county
jail. Both will face the federal
grand jury which is now in session.
Eas"B Side Gets Raper. A new
east side community newspaper to
be known as the Portland Review
has just made its Initial appearance
n the central east side district. L. S.
Slner & Sons, of 11 East Morrison
treet, are publishers of the paper.
which is to be issued weekly on
Fridays, and Miss Nina M. Johnston
s the editor.
Albert E. Cole Sought. In a
message received by the Veterans
f Foreign Wars. Portland head
uarters. yesterday, from B. R.
Taylor of Donnellson, 111., inquiry
was made as to the whereabouts of
Albert J3. Cole. The letter stated
hat his father had died and he was
wanted at home. He is supposed to
in this city. j
Woman in Auto Injured. Mrs.
Andrew Aro, 26, 772 Interstate ave-
ue, was cut above the eye and suf
fered other injuries when the auto
mobile she was driving went over
the curb, at Delay and Lombard
streets yesterday morning and
truck a telephone pole. She was
taken to St. Vincent's hospital.
Mrs. Clark to Speak at Library.
Mrs. Mariella Clark, who has been
Washington and New York city
four years engaged In work for the
ational woman's party, will speak
t the public library, room A, Satur
day at 8 P. M., on the work and
accomplishments of the woman's
Stanfield Asked to "Stump."
ebraska and Colorado republican
state committees have requested
R. N. Stanfield, United States sen-
tor for Oregon, to take the stump
n those states. The request has
been made by Horace Ellis, repre
senting those states.
Addict Sentenced to Jail. John
urns, narcotics addict, was sen-
enced to- 60 days in jail yesterday
charge of possessing a card of
plum and a hypodermic outfit when
e was arrested Monday night in the
Coast hotel near Second and Burn-
ide streets.
George B. Cellars is Indorsed.
eorge B. Cellars has been indorsed
for city commissioner by the execu-
ve committee of the progressive
party. The committee has also in
dorsed Gus .L. Erickson for state
ubifc service commissioner and
George N. Cosmos for city auditor.
Dine This Evening at Campbell
Twenty-third street, at Hoyt. De
licious fond, served right for less
money. Big chicken dinner tonight
85 cents. Adv.
Electric Treatments by an ex
pert, no shock, burn or sting. Dr.
Sherman. Atwater 3155. -Adv.
One Room makes two rooms with
Oscillating Portal Wall Beds. Cress
Co., 9S-9S Front street Adv.
Try Roman Meal Bread. Your
grocer. Baked by Log Cabin Bakery
company. Adv.
Doctor's Suitb of three reams for
rent. 822 CorbeM bldg. Adv.
Aitkb, the children's photographer.
organ bldg. Main 0J39. Adv. ;
Old Employe of The Oregonian
Succumbs at Home, 1294
East Twelfth Street.
Benjamin F. Morden, one of the
veterans of The Oregonian's com
posing room staff, died at his home,
1294 East Twelfth street, as a re
sult of an attack of Bright's dis
ease. He was 65 years of age and
had been a resident of Portland
since 1901.
' Mr. Morden was a prominent
member of the Centenary-Wilbur
Methodist Episcopal church, and a
reception which was to have been
held at that church last night was
postponed on account of his death.
He was born at London, Ontario,
February It, 1858. From there he
moved with his parents to Nebraska
City, Neb., when he was but 10 years
old. He learned the printer's trade
and worked on the Nebraska City
Daily News for 30 years previous to
coming to Portland.
In Portland he was employed first
In the composing room of the Tele
gram and later with The Oregonian.
He was a member of Oregon Fir
court Modern Woodmen of America
and of typographical union No. 58.
Mr. Morden is survived by his
widow, Elizabeth J. Morden; three
sons, Earle Morden of New York,
Parks Morden of Astoria and Her
bert Morden of Portland; two
brothers, C. A. Morden, manager of
The Oregonian, and G. Parks Mor
den of Hood River, and two sisters,
Miss L. M. Morden of Waterbury,
Conn., and Miss Mima Morden of
Pacific Grove, Cal.
Funeral services will be held this
afternoon at 1 o'clock at Flnley's
chapel. Interment will be at the
Mount Scott cemetery.
Kiwanis club at Its luncheon yes
terday at the Multnomah.
Mr. Meacham is here to interest
Portland business men In a cam
paign to preserve the trail as an
interstate highway and to under
take its Improvement and comem
oration by suitable - memorials on
Uie Oregon section of it, as Idaho
and Wyoming on their part have
already taken steps toward doing it.
The luncheon was held especially
in honor of Admiral Henry T. Mayo,
ex-commander of the Atlantic fleet.
Yesterday was the anniversary of
his entry into the club.
Clancy of Philippines
Portland for Visit.
Doctors Fear That Vincent Cook
Will Not Recover.
Vincent Cook, pioneer Portland
business man, is seriously ill at his
residence, 426 Fifth street, and it
was said last night that the at
tending physicians had given up
hope of his recovery. Mr. Cook has
been unconscious for the past 24
hours, it was said, and was appar
ently growing weaker. . He has
been ill for three months.
Mr. Cook has been a resident of
Oregon since 1854, when he arrived
from the east by the Nicaragua
route. Shortly after arrival here
he engaged in the' manufacturing
business with a brother.
He successively engaged in the
dry goods and the salmon canning
and mining business. He is a mem
ber of the Oddfellows' lodge.
That education of the masses in
the Philippine islands will solve this
country's Philippine problem was
the declaration of D. E. Clancy of
the bureau of education in those
islands, who has been ' visiting
friends in this city. He announced
that there are at present more than
.one million pupils enrolled in the
public schools of the islands out of
a population of 11,000,000 persons.
Mr.. Clancy is on a year s leave of
absence and while in this country
will make a study of educational
problems. In Portland he was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Crofts. He left Portland last week
and will visit New York, Washing
ton and other eastern cities during
a three-months trip. He will then
return to Portland again.
During the past three years Mr.
Clancy has been division superin
tendent of schools in the province
of Ilicos Sur in Luzon.
Are Now Selling at Sherman,
Clay & Co.
On account of the great demand
for $1.50 tickets for the -Farrar Con
cert. Thursday night, at the Audi-
r i
torlum, Steers & Coman will place
stage seats on sale this morning.
Prices 12.50, $2, $1.50, $1. War tax
10 per cent extra. Adv.
Preservation of Famous Route
Urged TJpon Klwanians.
Is the old Oregon trail, most im
posing and picturesque nistoricai
highway that America possesses,
which still traces its pristine route
across the prairies and mountains
of Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming
and Oregon, to the Pacific at the
outlet of the Columbia, exactly as
it led when Ezra Meeker, its famous
sponsor, was a tow-headed pioneer's
son, to remain intact, or to be
broken up into separate and dis
organizing state highways? That
the query that Walter Meacham,
president of the Old Oregon Trail
association, presented before the
Crater Lake and Columbia River,
Set to Music, Captivate.
Crater lake and the Columbia
river, set to music but not the
music of the firs will bring to
thousands of eastern stay-at-homes
a realization of the scenic wonders
of Oregon this season. Such is the
purport of a letter received by Jo
sephine H. Forney, director of pub
licity for fhe chamber of commerce,
from Branson De Cou, whose unique
and beautiful travel lectures are not
unfamiliar to Portland people.
In his series of "dream pictures,"
now appearing before eastern lec
ture audiences, Mr. De Cou is featur
ing views of Crater lake and a new
set known as "Guardians of the
Columbia." both the product of the
Kiser studio. The various views are
displayed to an accompaniment of
musical selection, in harmony with
the subject, and enhanced by brief
descriptive readings.
Adjutant - General White and
Lyman G. Rice Leave for Bend
to Close Up Business.
George A. White, adjutant-general
of Oregon, and Lyman G. Rice of
Pendleton, representing the world
war veterans' state aid commission,
left yesterday for Bend for the pur
pose of closing up pending loans
to soldiers which have been held in
abeyance for several weeks as a
result of Investigations of the work
of the Deschutes county appraisers,
J. B. Overturf and O. B. Hardy, who
were removed by the commission.
General White and Mr. Rice have
been empowered to close the loans
on the spot for Deschutes county
veterans who have been compelled
to wait for their loans until the
tangle could be cleared.
The two commissioners will in
spect every case where the ap
praisal has not been completed, and
their work will include the clear
ing up of some 40 cases where one
of three appraisers has rendered
no report for more than two months,
thus blocking the work of the com
mission and preventing the ex-service
men from completing their loan
contracts with the state.
Candidates Increased to Five.
LA GRANDE. Or., Oct. 10. (Spe
cial.) The list of candidates for city
commissioner in La Grande was in
creased to five when C. M. Hum
phreys filed Just before time for the
certification of the nominations.
Rural Mail Route Extended.
ALBANY. Or., Oct. 1I Sr.e-!!
C. H. Stewart, postmaster, today
announced that rural mall route 1
out of Albany will be extended tK-to- ;
ber 1 three miles to render better'
service to patrons in the Orleane ,
community. Petition for this j
tension was made las April. E. IV j
Cornett 1- tn. carrier.
New Electric
Makes a Wonderful
Change in the Old Home
Figure Your Lighting Problems
Electrical Devices and Wire Installations
Everything Electrical Repaired
If convenient, phone early in forenoon
and we will give service same day
Bdwy. 5781
Sales Rooms 106 Fourth
Street Carniva 1 Staged to Get
Ready for Silver Jubilee.
. Preparatory to their silver jubi
lee, which they will hold In the
armory October 27 and 28, the Mod
ern Woodmen of America, Oregon
branch, staged the first night's
programme of their street frolic
last night on the grounds adjacent
to the armory. It will be continued j
every nigm mis weett. tne it one,
which is put. on by a carnival com
pany picked expressly with the re
cent Investigations at the state fair
in mind, is a brilliant one, including
merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheels,
game booths, sideshows and sundry
variations from the usual run of
bazaars. A street parade preceded
the opening.
M r .
Aim mm
Good Health
Is Your
Inaure Better Health
Peclde riaht now to h '
teeth put in prft-t rf-ftl'inn.
You will h fll riM in (ulure
health T ilviti'mr r.f in
hlh 'n1rd qui I'v dn!ltrr
me offr-r ou at lie h lw f
You'll finrl our iM-t-ntifie m'thorla
ara ahflutely r-ai.e. mjr
ell'knon promt's guarantee.
" It Hurts,
Don't Pay Mc
met t in ii hum
H It
My Charge Average
About a Others Charge
tk'ktii t;Tn Tr-.n nv
Dr. Harry Seraler
nrrmm Flor ll.k, flallalaa
Tlf aa Morrlana Mala U74
Dr. A. B. llla mllh lata ffk-
rwn6shtp that
tloivs trom the
hcarl cannot be
frozen hy a6i;ersihf f as
the water that flows
from the spring cannot
congoat m unnten
J.Fenimore Cooper
4i pr
fr.!'!-!!-?": tr n n re? 'ri; nr-,:. j
Peacock Rock Springs coal. Dia
mond Coal" Co.. Bdwy. 8037. Adv.
The Portland
Institute of Music
and Dramatic Art
solicits your co-operation
to induce
Ivan Baiikoff
the great dancing mas
ter now at the
to return and teach in
Communicate with us
at Broadway 7262,
7th Floor Eilers Bldg.
Stephen Juhasz, mgr.
Seal of Trioi)6sbip
Make Somebody Happy
October 14th
f "r; ; is i
-rrz : as n
An attractive Toox of
Hazelwood Candy
will appeal to the most discriminating taste.
We send candy by parcel post to all parts
of the world.
The Hazelwood
388 Washington Street
Broadway Hazelwood
127 Broadway
1 1 IKK . i
MUST 'a w
ll sgMgaaa .ii
Machiniala 70 pr hour
Blacksmiths 70c prr hovf
Shret-Melal Writ's. 70 per hour
Electrician. 70c per hour
Stationary Enfinrerai
Various ratra
Stat orary Fir'mra:
Va -ioua ratra
rol'crmakcm . . . . 70-JOJ'je hour
fararnfrr-Car Men 70c prr hoar
Freight-Car Men. . SJc pt hur"
Helper, all claaae 47c per hoar
allra llm aaa-fcalt -
flaw rfca la vara W lal
aoara prr tlM. airlaa vaaallMas
ArrLY room sn
UV t r j ' 1 'V
A delightful
assortment of
hard mad soft
Every pteco
dipped by
band to insure
thickness of
W'aSMaaa lii i I liirjrt - -
S3L m a is of; '
-Util, . S - JF il r M : -
i rV A.. ;fl C r - A!
p'-w- fn Ostein;.- IpJtJ
te, p .VJ'Twin'Bf tji f? -
Cured without Surgery
MY guaranteed cure for
Tiles is a non-turglcal
method, eliminating knife,
operation, anaesthetic, rin
and confinement. 1 have
never failed to cure a cat
of Tiles in the history of my
practice, proof of hlch may be,
haj by obtaining the lrng I tat of
prominent fJorthwett people
horn I have treated.
I nam alt a.t aa ta fawaha W
aaiaaias a rWaal raar f It I fall
to an raar Pila. WrMa ae a ta
aay far ar TRUl aaaalat.
tNO AMD MOnarlOH r-OHTl.An n. amt a
7 r"
Joy Series No. 3
U A i A' .'.. . a l
0 . a m M . F.
Wish l lived
Socrrn SEA .
r.tJ. ) furnaces! yr
Whitney Hoys' Chorus
Ml Ml ll'a Al IIITIIHM .
naear KeU. 0,t. It. T. H.
nil. I. BaicTT.
Pecond Xiahrai Voir, in World.
Bat By hol'rtr-l VS .( nf I 'hlcMarft.
IMkrr BeaiarfcahU fly rralcla.
aa4erfwl lliimiiM a4 aalaalla
Urlll-leaaa Maarala.
nrv.l aaata rKhrrran riar'a
after 10 A. XI. Tuly. l-lihr 10.
lta. seata 7Sc. G-nral iflmlwon too.
. . '- . , 1 '
1 11 I ' 1
Antiot-nce openinr of thtT
Newly Dworitfd Grille.
I.unrh from .11 n 1
Ta from 2 X
TMnnfi" fmm i
Supper from .......... 3 t 11
CeorRe Olscn and
His Orchestra
WtJEH you ao TO
a Care St.. Jnrt mil tTn!n Srir,
1n mart of l.t murm. eaf.a.
Ooo4 acirRUBiMlauea at my mo-i.n'.
ratal, aert kaova ai.,i la tia Vn.i-4
Btaua. IiinUit KM-. "--.
Ltinrh, a Ik- ann-Ur. T"' D'aaat.
II 25. Boadair". 1 0. KuBiftp.l ..r
Pihm door. twart ! tr.i.'f
and luinin. It la aaaaUia ta iaaa
liMmUnu la ad.aaca.