Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 11, 1922, Page 16, Image 16

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Home Sewing
the annual Fall event of utmost im
portance to home sewers and dress
makers continues in the various de
partments. Today
Special emphasis is placed on these Oppor
tunity values in the Notion Shop: '
Cotton Elastic, white and "black, and fT
-inch, yard Jl
Bias Tape, white, widths 2 to 7, 6-yard Q
bolts, 2 for 15, bolt OC
Brass Pins, all sizes, 160 count
paper Ul
Rickrack Braid, Maid of America, white, as
sorted sizes, 3-yard pieces, 2 for 15, Qn
bolt O-'
, Eock-a-Bye Safety Pins, rust-proof, sizes rj '
0 to 3, card
Cotton Sanitary Pads, 6 in box, 2 boxes OCn
45, box UJ
Meier &"rank's: Main Floor.
Candy Special 22c
Eegularly 50c pound. Two popular Meier &
Frank confections walnut fudge and choco
late and vanilla creams offered for Wednes
day. 2500 pounds in all. No deliveries.
Main and Ninth Floors, Basement Balcony.
Casseroles $3.98
Eegularly $5.95. Silver-plated casseroles in
Butler finish, pierced designs, fitted with
Pyrex glass lining. Bound shape 8-inch size.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Boys' Corduroy Suits
Boys' all weather corduroy
norfolk suits in dark brown.
Coat and knickers have alpaca
lining. Sizes 6 to 18 years.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
Kay nee Shirts 69c
Boys' madras and sateen Kaynee shirts in
stripes, checks and plain colors. Attached
polo collar. Sizes 13 to 14.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
Imitation Ivoryware
$3.50 dresser trays $1.75. The
$3.75 Du Barry puff boxes or
hair receivers $1.88. The $4.00
mirrors and hair brushes $1.98.
Other items at half price.
v' Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Vases $4,95
Eegularly $7.00. Silver-plated flower vases,
Butler finish, 8 ;nches high, pierced, flare
top design.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Electric Curling Iron
Eegularly priced at $4.00. Heats
to just the right degree in one
minute will never injure the
hair. By removing the clamp you
have a waver rod. Guaranteed."
Meier & Frank's:
Basement, Sixth Street.
Regularly $2.00. Size 72x90-inch comforter
batts, of fine long staple cotton.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Great Handkerchief
60,000 handkerchiefs for men, women
and children offered in a -special pre
holiday selling at one-third to one-half
less than regular.
We list here only a few of the items featured
in this typically great Meier & Frank disposal:
Women's Lawn Handkerchiefs, novelty hand
blocked, printed sports styles, solid J
color lawn handkerchiefs, special Jl
Men's Lawn Handkerchiefs, plain white,
full size, special JVr
Women's and Misses' Sheer Lawn Handker
chiefs, fancy colored effects, some pongee
and printed crepe de chine handker- "I flA
chiefs, special -LUC
Men's Sheer Lawn Initial Handker- - pT
chiefs, white and colors, special -LeJU
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Sale of
Fox Scarfs
Meier & Frank's: Fourth Floor.
rrf The Quality Store
yj of Portland. Opeson
Linen Crash 25c
Eegularly 35c yard. 16-inch all-linen crash,
a good heavy quality in white with red and
blue borders.
-j-Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Novelty .Wool Hose
Eegularly $3.95 and $4.&5
pair. Women's sports hose
in many fancy weaves and
color combinations. Some
solid colors, some open
work clock and boot effects.
-Meier & Frank's: Sports Shop, Third Floor.
Pillow Cases 25c
Eegularly 35c each. 42x36-inch pillow cases,
free from dressing. Good values.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Union Suits $2.95
Eegularly $3.75. Women's heavy weight,
Swiss ribbed Swan brand union suits in tight
knee style with band finish top. Medium
sizes, 5 and 6.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
A Sale of Curtains
-'$1.57, $2.05, $2.95
Eegularly priced at $2.10, $3.0u and $4.00 re
spectively. 187 pairs of mercerized marquisette
curtains hemstitched with imitation silk thread.
White, cream, ecru. 2 yards long.
Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor.
Grenadines 39c
An Opportunity in
Distinctive Dresses
Opportunity Day brings this exceptional
offer a disposal of 100 unusually smart
twill and tricotine dresses at $25.
Pleated panels, brilliant touches
of embroidery, cut leather work and
- metal buttons form -ornamentations.
Draped lines mark some of these dresses
while others are noted for their graceful circular
skirts or their straight hanging slenderness.
Navy, black and brown. Sizes 16 to 44.
" . Meier & Frank's: Fourth Floor.
Eegularly 60c yard. 1200 yards of good qual
ity white dotted grenadine curtaining.
Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor.
Curtain Voile 29c
Eegularly 35c yard. 980 yards of fine quality
mercerized cream voile curtaining, appropriate
for any room in the home.
Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor.
Dainty New Bracelets
An extra special value for Oppor
tunity Day. A wide variety of
new bracelets set with rhine
stones and others in combinations
of colors.
Meier &-Frank's: Main Floor.
Underwaists 25c
Eegularly 35c. Children's taped underwaists
with reinforced shoulder straps and hose sup
porter attachments. 6 to 12 years.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Bloomer Cloth 53c
Eegularly 65c yard. 36-inch bloomer cloth in
striped patterns rose, navy, green, henna,
yellow, peach, sky, pink and lavender.
Meier & F rank's: Second Floor.
Glove Sale
Four exceptionally good values are featured
for Opportunity Day. Choose Fall and Win
ter gloves from these :
Famous Kayser Gauntlets
Kayser chamoisette 'tab-wrist gaunt
lets with Paris point and contrasting
embroidered backs. Mastic, pongee,
sand, covert, gray, black and white.
Sizes 5 to 7.
Bacmo Capeskin Gloves
Eegularly $2.50 pair. Women's one
clasp capeskin gloves with embroid
ered backs. Pique and P. X. M. sewn.
Brown, beaver, covert, tan, gray and
black. All sizes in the lot.
Double Silk Gloves
Regularly $1.75 and $2.00. Women's
two-clasp double silk gloves with I
Paris point and embroidered backs.
Gray, brown, beaver, mode and black.
.Sizes 5 to.8.
Strap Wrist Gauntlets
double silk strap wrist gauntlets with I
.fans point ana contrasting emDroia
ered backs. Mode, gray, brown and
black. Sizes 5 to 8. .
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Corset Talks By
Mrs. A. L. Craig
Meier Frank': Third rioor.
i Remnants 10c
Ribbon remnants each or by the bunch, 10c.
Chosen short lengths from our regular stocks
of satin, moire, fancy and brocaded wash rib
bons, to 3-yard lengths. All colors.
Meier Frank's: Main Floor.
Novelty iWool Scarfs
Regularly priced at $4.95 to
$5.95. Novelty wool and home
spun scarfs for street, motor and
golf wear. A big assortment of
desirable color combinations.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
Luncheon Sets $1.39
Regularly $2.50. Stamped lunch sets of white
art cloth showing applique designs. Sets con
sist of a 54-inch cloth and 4 napkins to match.
Meier A Frank's: Second Floor.
Stamped Doilies 19c
Eegularly 35c each. Dainty white doilies
stamped for colored embroidery work. 18
, inch size.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Stamped Needlework
Half Price
Eegularly $1.00 to $2.50 now 50 to $1.2..
An assortment of, stamped needlework that in
cludes scarfs, pillows, centers and squares. Pieces
for dining room and living room use.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Needlework 98c
Eegularly $1.25. Limited number odds and
ends of stamped needlework including white
and orchid gowns, Indian Head lunch cloths,
cooking sets, dresser scarfs, etc.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Stamped Cases 95c
Eegularly $1.35. Pillow cases of good quality
linen finish tubing, stamped for embroidery
in attractive designs.
Meier A Frank's: Second Floor.
New Beaded Bags
An extraordinarily low price for
: genuine HAND -MADE beaded
fbags. Many color combinations.
f uraw-sinng lop. r misnea witn
fringe. Neatly lined.
Meier Frank's: Main Floor
Daisy Outing 20c
Regularly 25c yard. First quality white Daisy
outing cloth, in short lengths from 2M to 7
yards each.
' Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Clearaway of Men's, Young Men's and Boys'
Knitted Coats and Vests
Regular Meier & Frank $4.50-$10.00 Qualities
THE biggest value in years to put it
mildly! Garments for every occasion
for which a sweater is worn. For work
and play for golf, hunting, motoring,
hiking, fishing, for every outdoor occa
sion, for around the house and everyday
wear. Worn by women and girls as well
as men and boys.
154 were $4.50 213 were $ 6.00
152 were $5.00 162 were $10.00
PURE wool khaki slip-over cardigan
jackets with V-neck fine knitted
coats in black and oxford roll collar
slip-overs in high school combinations
fancy pure wool vests in heather mix
tures. Eegularly $4.50 to 410.00 on sale to
day, while the quantity lasts, at $3.95.
The Sale of New
Fall Silks
In connection with Home Sowinjr Work
the Second Floor Daylight Silk Shop of
fers 5 extraordinary values:
We direct special attention to these exceptional
Opportunities in Fall Si'.ks (the other values
also continue).
$2.50 Satin Radiant Charmeusc, 40 inches wide,
navy and rrydnight blues, medium and dark
browns and black, lots of 1 ght D1 QQ
colors, yard OL.OJ
$2.50-$3.00 Novelty Chiffon Taffetas, :it inches
wide, navy, sorrento, copen, brown and b'.ark,
with combination stripes and C
plaids, yard Ol
$3.50 Silk Canton Crepe, 40 inches wide, of
fered in a complete assortment of Qf) OQ
wanted colors, yard 0-.0J
Meier Frank's: rrond F.nor.
Books 25c
Regular 75c to $1.73 original editions. A splen
did assortment of books popular fiction and
Melrr Frank's: Fifth Fl"r.
Picture Books 15c
Regularly 25c to 40c. Children's cut-out pic
ture and Fairy books.
Meier Frank's: Fifth Fl"nr.
Women's High Shoes
Exactly half price for Oppor
tunity Day only. Three styles of
women's soft black kid lace shoes
with Cuban or French leather
heels. All sizes in the lot.
Meier Frank s: Third Floor
Dresses $1.49
Eegularly $1.95 to $.1.r.O. Little girls' h
dresses of checked gingham, chamhray and
crepe. Sizes 2 to 6 year. Some have match
ing bloomers. All color.
Mrler Frank's. Hrnn4 Flo!.
Smart New Neckwear
Regularly prired at t'Z.lO
to $.1.50. Ve:ce, cas
cade veotees, cmiette
and tuxedo vetce with
cuffs to match. Vari
ously trimmed. An ex
cellent value at f I. !".
Brief Fr!"k'
Main I- l'..t
New Neckwear 59c
Two pieces $1. Regularly 7."c to S.'ic eaih.
Camisettes, tuxedo vestees, bromlty collars
with cuffs to match and tuxedo collars.
Meier Frank's: Main Fl-v.r.
Full Fashioned Hose
Women's full fashioped stock
ings some are all silk with
fancy lace clocks, others have
lisle tops and feet and have
embroidered clocks. A few
pairs are imperfect.
Meier Frank's: .Main Floor.
Kimonos $2.79
Specially priced for Opportunity Pay are thee
warm eiderdown kimonos in pretty figured de
signs. For little girls 6 to 14 years.
Meier Frank s. tirond F'mr.
Crib Blankets 98c
Regularly $1.60 earh. Soft fleecy crib blan
kets, double size, with border at each end. ixa
30x40 inches.
Meier rrtnkV: Kee- f w.
Octoher Sale of
Laces for linpori house drtf cos, aprons,
children's and infants' wear, curtains,
art work, etc., reduced for the Octo.x-r
In addition to th 7 sperial offering's adver
tised yesterday, these new values are brought
forward for the second day:
25c Wash Laces, plat val and imitation rlury
edges and insertions, 2 to 4 inrhes H f"
wide, yard special AJlr
$3.75 Ruisian Filet Hand-Tied for li
brary scarfs, door panels, bedpreH and
dresser scarfs, 12 to 18 inches 09 (Q
wide, yard special ).JO
Meier Frank's: Min Ft"-r
1 a
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.