Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 13, 1922, Page 9, Image 9

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City Editor Main T070. 560-95
Sunday Editor Main 7H0. 50-BS
Advertising Dept Main 7070. 580-95
Superintendent of Bldg. .Main 7070. 560-95
HIPPODROME (Broadway at TamhlH)
Vaudeville and moving pictures con
tinuous daily, 1:15 to 11 P. 4L ,
PANT AGES (Broadway at Alder)
Vaudevilie. Three showa daily, J:3u.
and 8 P. M. - ;
Bathine. dancinK and rides. Cars at
Fifth and Washington.
Bishop Brent Will Speak. Th
KiSht Rev. Charlea.H. Brent, bishop
of western New YoTk ana ex-cnap
lain-eeneral of the American ex
neditionary forces, will speak at th
luncheon of the Ad club at the Ben
son hotel today noon. .Arthur H.
Ueute, ex-Portlander and now sale
manager of the Borden Sales com
pany of New York, also will speak
takine as his subject "The fcunn
Side of Salesmanship.". Frederick
Steiwer of Pendleton will be presen
to give the late '"dope' on tn
Round-up and he also will touch up
on the "Umatilla. Rapids powe
Project." There will be special vocal
selections by Nina Dresseil, ton
Reputed Drug Vendor Held. Ah
Jim, reputed drug- vendor, recently
arrested at The Dalles by W. U
Shaffer and R. H.- Burdrck" of th
narcotics sauad. was held to the
federal grand Jury under $3000
bond yesterday, after a hearing be
fore United States Commissioner
Krazer. In default of bond the
Chinese was Vodged In the county
jail. The federal agents not only
witnessed the sale of several cards
of opium by Ah Jim, but themselves
made the purchase of three cards.
' Two other Chinese, arrested at The
Dalles by the agents, were handed
over to the local authorities for
prosecution on similar charges.
Woodmen Visit Tillamook. A
large number of Portland Woodmen
were In Tillamook last week, when
50 candidates were initiated Into
'Aider camp, Woodmen of the World,
at that place. The visitors from
Portland included: E. P. Martin, deQ-
tity head consul: J. O. Wilson, head
manager; F. A. Beard and J. A. Pate,
district managers; John Beard, es
cort of camp No. 77. The member
ship campaign was In charge of
Howard W. Brooks. Peter Nelson
and John Carroll of Tillamook. .
Snake Has Two Perfect. Heads.
A perfect specimen. of two-headed
snake was discovered recently by
Victor Mason of Metzger and was
displayed yesterday in Portland.
The snake, of the common garter-
snake variety, possesses two per
feet heads joined together at thl
neck, or rather where the neck
would be if a snake had one. The
reptile, about six inches lnlengtli,
operates both heads at will, eating
with either or with both at the
earae time.
Constitution Dai to Be Observed.
Constitution day is to be observed
throughout the country in the
schools, churches and courts Sep
tember 17. The Sons and Daughters
of the American Revolution are en
deavoring to attach signal Import
ance to this day and are asking for
the preservation of law and order in
all communities. Services will be
held In the public schools at. times
during the week due to the day fall
.ing on Sunday.
Social -Smoker Planned. A big
social rneting and emoker has been
arranged for next Wednesday, by
the members of Milwaukie camp, No.
S39, .Woodmen of the' World. A
membership campaign soon will be
launched in the district and the
emoker has been arranged as a pre
liminary. Several good entertain
ment features are planned and a
committee on attendance is working
hard to bring out a record gathering
of the members.
British Society to Meet. The
' SiT?rrAV Srnnftr a 'Pr.jrr-r At the! Wtitk'r Pt.ka Tattji Mirhs pi P1a.
convention of the Multnomah county I cas is out $a0 just because his wife
Sunday School association, which I needed wine to ameliorate her phy-
was in session all day yesterday, sical condition. So at least Mrs.
election of officers for, the coming .Plecas told Municipal Judge Ekwall
year was held. - L. R. Marvin was re- when the couple appeared before
elected .president, J. P. Faust was, him yesterday to answer charges of
elected vice-president. Ruth Clement I possession f liquor. Their- estab-
secretary, G. D. Garrett treasurer. I lishment at 63 North Second street
The superintendents of the various
divisions were Mrs. S. Earle 3u Bois.
children's division; Earl Marks, boj's'
division; Louise Hunderup, girls' di
vision; Harley Hallgren, adults' di
vision; W.-F. Daut, administrative
division,, and Dr. George H. Young,
educational division. The conven
tion closed last night with a ban
quet at 6 o'clock and a musical pro
gramme rendered by the combined
orchestras of several Sunday schools
Angora Journal Moves. New lo
cation has been taken by the An
srora Journal, which has been pub
lished in Portland for the past 11
years. . For years the publication
had offices in the Oregoian build
ing, later in the Board of Trade and
is now established In th6 Exchange
building at North Portland. A. i-
Gage, who has been the editor and
publisher for the past seven -years,
has been entered at previous times
by the morals squad and each time
Mrs. Plecas, the officers say, places
her four small tots behind- a glass
door in such a' position that they
would be hurt should the agents of
the law attempt forceful entrance.
The sink in a back room in the place
has foiled the law on several oc
casions, the morals squad men say.
The fine was for possession. v
-Bio Robbery. $11,000 worth of
jewelry,, silverware and furs taken.
Protect your valuables. Phone At-
water. 2391 for a burglary and theft
policy 'which "protects you against
such losses.- -W. R. McDonald Co.,
Yeon bldg. Adv. ' ,.
Dr. 1 H,' E. Shoot returned. Adv.
co Vtix ties
11A.M. to 11 P.M.
reports the production of mohair- in eo Friede to Spread Exposition
Oregon well maintained, shipments
from this state in the present season
having exceeded 800.000 pounds.
There is remaining unsold In Oregon
more than 125,000 pounds, some ot
which was held over from 1921 to
realize a better price,
Masonic Lodge to Build. Con
struction work on the new annex to
the Washington Masonic lodge is ex
Dected to start about October 1, ac
cording to membere of the building
committee who are completing tne
details. The plans have been com
pleted and figures will be asked for
next week, with actual work to be
started before the winter season
sets in. The annex will cost approx
imately $75,000, and will provide
twice as much room as Is now avail
able, including a new auditorium
and ball room.
Water Systems to Be Discussed.
Plans for the new Parkrose water
system for which the people of tne
district will be asked to vote a bond
issue September 30, will be laid be-
Inforniation in South America
Leo Friede, who has been ' ap
pointed the state representative
from Oregon, and a special, represen
tative of the Oregon 1925 exposi
tion to the Brazilian Centennial ex
position, will leave Friday to ful
fill his commission. Mr. Friede will
deDart from" New York. SeDtember
30 on the steamship American Le
gion for Rio Janeiro. After a
visit to the Brazilian exposition he
will proceed on a personal tour of
South America."
From Rio! de Janeiro he will go
down the eastern coast by rail to
Montevideo, Uruguay, and from
there to Buenos Aires. Then he
will cross the continent to Santiago,
Chile He intends to visit what is
reported to be an interesting coun
try eouth of that point, and then
will go north by rail to Valparaiso,
and on to Antofagasta, whence he
will travel Inland through Bolivia
to Lima, -Peru. He will go home
ama canal to New Orleans. He will
be absent on his trip three or . four
fore the residents- of the entire area I .hrnns-h R.ihA. ,r,x th- t.-
anectea, at an open meeuug a-i tuo
Parkrose community house Monday,
September 8. The water commis
sioners of the district recently de
cided that It would cost $50,000 to
install the system to supply 400
users of the district, and it Is pro
posed to bond the district for that
amount at 5 per cent interest
Canadian Investigator Here. On
a tour of investigation for-the de
partment of agriculture of Canada,
S. McGillivray, chief inspector or
the (department, visited In Portland
yesterday. Mr. McGillivray, wno
makes his headquarters at Ottawa,
the Canadian capital, spent the en
tire day investigating methods of
dehydrating fruits and vegetables
and examining dehydrated products,
The data which he collected will be
sed for the purpose of fixing cer
Hunters and Angler Punished
I Under Oregon State Iaw.-"
A number of arrests and convic
tions of violators of the state game
laws were reported to the state
game commission's office yesterday.
J. Vincent of Central Point, ar
rested September 6, by Deputy War
den Daily , at Evans creek for kill
ing er doe, was fined $50 at Medfo-rd
September 11.
Rudolph Bessbart of Warrenton.
arrested September 10 hv Dniitv
tain standards covering dehydrated Warden Smith on the Lewis and
food in Canada. . I Clarke-riverv for killing ducks dur-
Artisans Initiate Class. With ing closed season, was fined $75 at
delegates from every United Artisan I Astoria, September 11.
assembly on the Pacific coast in at- I Joseph A. Santell of Portland, ar-
endance, one of the largest classes rested. July zi at -bilk lake by War-
ever to -be initiated into the Al-Azar den Adams for angling In closed
took the solemn obligation last
night in the Women of Woodcraft
hall. More than 30 assemblies were
represented and the ceremony was
declared- to be one of the finest ever
put on by any fraternal organiza-
on. Carl Winkler, assisted by su
preme Master Hudson, was In charge
of the ceremonies. .
Winter Supply" Held Too Plen
tiful. Harry J. Wilson, 110 Twen
ty-first street north, apartment 45,
was fined $50 for manufacture of
beer and $100 for possession of beer
nd moonshine by Municipal Judge
Ekwall yesterday. He Insisted that
the liberal supply of both beverages
found in his rooms by the morals
waters,- was fined $25 at Bend,
July 24.
Charles Knight of Klamath Falls.
arrested September 1 at Diamond
lake by Warden Walker, for acting
as a guide for deer hunters without
a license, was fined. ,$25 at Roseburg
on September 7.
omiaj ... 1 1 hi. 'winter aiinnlv " Th
montniy meeting or tne untisn cen-f judge wag of the oplnlon that tne
supply was rather iore than plen-
evolent society of Oregon will .be
held tonight at 8 o'clock in room A,
public library, Tenth ' and Yamhill
streets. Sot the consideration of
business and the transaction of such
other business as may properly come
before same. Members and friends
are requested to attend. After the
conclusion of business a musical
programme will be rendered.
Lecture on Healing Sunday.
There will be a free lecture on the
history and practice of metaphysical
healing at the public library next
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. A
special invitation is -extended to
everyone interested or who is auf
fering from organic or functional
diseases to come and learn how to
get well and stay well,
. "Changing China" Lecture Topic.
"Changing China" is the title of
an illustrated lecture to be given by
Dr. W. T. McElveen, at the First
Congregational church tomorrow
evening. Thirty-five , stereopticon
pictures will be shown, illustrating
the recent political social and re
K ligious changes in the celestial re-
I X public. .
Dr. Bowman to Address Men. Dr.
H. L. Bowman, pastor of First Pres
byterian church, will speak on
"Eastern Affairs at the Men's Re
sort tonight at 8 o'clock. Mr. and
Mrs.-Fred Parka will sing and give
.musical numbers. In addition there
will De an illustrated , song and a
set of motion pictures
- The Waverly Baby Home - would
like to have a donation, of pears,
peaches, prunes and tomatoes for
canning. Much fruit is permitted to
go to waste by growers and would
be ; appreciated. Phone Automatic
542-34 or Sellwood 2793. Location
of baby home, 1064 Woodward ave,
Adv. '
Woodcraft to Initiate A home.
coming of Montavilla circle, No. 400,
Neighbors ,of Woodcraft, will be
held at the Oddfellows' hall in Mon
tavilla . Friday evening. An initia
tion oeremony will be conducted and
a special effort is being made to
bring out a record attendance.
Kindergarten Is Opened. A com
munity kindergarten was started
this week in the primary room of
the x riends church. East Thirty
fifth and Main streets. Children of
all denominations are invited to at
tend the school, which is in session
from 9 to 12. each morning.
New Librarian Selected. Mrs.
Caroline McCulloch hasH- succeeded
Mrs. Chester Pierce as librarian. at
the Lents branch library. Mrs.
Pierce will devote part time as sub
stitute librarian in the future, out
side duties having forced her to re
sign as head librarian.
Bad Check Operations Get Set
back Bad check operations in
Portland suffered a setback last
rnontn. iineiy-tnree cases were
cleared - up by Inspector - Tom
Swennes and but 79 reported, ac
cording to Captain Harms' monthly
report to Chief Jenkins. .-'
Dean of College Chosen. Dr.
W. P. Evans,, professor of anatomy
at the Oregon' State College of Chi
ropractic, has been made dean of the
college. The college opened for the
fall term Monday.
High School students groups will
be formed at Temple Beth Israel
Sunday at 10. All are welcome.
. - -' " -"'J i r. c i ri will OS
Abetter if made by the plate special
ly 1st. Dr. Roasman. Journal bldg. Adv.
One Room makes two rooms with
OaciUating Portal WaU Beds. Cress
& Co., 96-98 Front street Adv.
Rheumatism. Jack King cures it.
07 Dekum bldg. Adv. i
Complete renovation of the in
terior of the Wichita Evangelical
church has been accomplished by a
new and novel plan under the di
rection of the pastor. Rev. E. . C.
Farnham. The men of the congre
gation donated their Individual serv
ices while the women prepared din
ner for the workers. The lawn
about the building was also placed
In better shape and a fine new
drinking fountain installed.
To Clothing Dealers. Fixtures
now being installed in our new store
enable us to sell the following: Four
revolving , suit cabinets; 4.4x7.6 feet
and 51 inches high; two oak clothing
tables, 5x8 feet by 29 inches high;
four oak tables, 8 feet by 26 inches
by 31 inches high; 50-foot wall
clothing cabinet, open front;' four
leather upholstered oak chairs; de
livery at any time. Winthrop Ham
mond Co., 127 Sixth street. Adv.
Sellwood Festival September 30.
Members of the Sellwood Better
Business club are making arrange
ments for their fourth big bargain
festival, to be held In Sellwood Sep
tember 30. The festivals have been
meeting with great success" among
the- business men and the residents
of the district, and it is planned to
make the coming one more unique
than ever. . :;; -
Tax Probers Meet' September 18.
Discussion of taxation of corpora
tions and intangibles money, notes
and accounts will be conducted by
the state tax investigation commit
tee at a hearing September 18. The
hearing will be held in the green
room of the Chamber of Commerce.
The proposed Income tax measures
will also be considered at that time.
Ex-Judge KaVanaugh Speaker.
"Constitutfonal week" will be ob
served by appropriate ceremonies in
the court room of Presiding Circuit
Judge Stapleton next .Saturday at
which John P. Kavanaugh, former
judge of the circuit codrt, wll be
the speaker. The meeting will be
held in the forenoon and the public
Is invited to attend. . ....
Salary Sued For. Salary to the
amount of $8250 is brought by U. L.
Upson, former manager of the Pa
cific Co-operative Poultry Products
association, in a suit filed against
the association in the circuit court i
yesterdaj He avers that he had a
three-year contract, signed in 1920,
at $6000 a year, which was abro-1
gated last July. . I
Wood Thefts Reported. Contin- I
u'al thefts of wood from the base
ment of her home at 1041 Sherman
street have been reported to the
police by Norma Dixon. Her com
plaint added that locks placed on
the basement door have been re
peatedly broken off by the nightly
Woodmen of World Begin Cam
paign to End December 16.
A membership campaign has been
started in the city by-the various
Woodmen of the World camps and
the affair will- culminate in a big
gathering of Woodmen at the mu
r.icipal auditorium December 16, at
which time 1700 Woodmen, of dis
tricts Nr. 1 and No. 2 will particl
pate. .
Representatives of all the camps
of the city met Sunday in- the Wood
men temple and outlined plans for
the campaign. E. P. Martin, deputy
head consul, called the meeting to
order. Reports were read and the
following chairman of committees
named: J. O. Wilson, publicity;
Herman shade, in charge of teams
M. A. McEachren, in charge of
ritual; George Tabler, side degree;
H. L. Barber, street parade; J: A.
Bowen, refreshments, and W. A.
Trout, music.
John Pattison, head manager at
Spokane, Wash., was a guest of the
day. '
Auction Sale . to Get Delinquent
Taxes Scheduled by City.
Final notice was sent yesterday
by City Treasurer Adams to prop
erty owners affected by sales pro
posed to recover delinquent assess
ments. The property, which will be
sold at public auction unless re
deemed by the owners, Is situated In
the following districts:
City Homestead, Westmoreland,
Bartsch Park, Hancock Street addi
tion. Wheeler's addition, Waverly,
Green's addition. Vernon Couch's
addition, Irvington, Southport, East
Portland. Latzhahn, Simon's addi-
From the Famous Novel,
By Katnerine Hill. i
A King Vidor Production. .
Toirether With
- Greatest Comedy Hit -
' In
WE'LL ;tjaraivtee it
50 LAUGHS 50
Or You Money Back.
,. Also
' and
' Same
(Including War Tax)
No Cost
A 10-Day Test is Free
The coupon will bring to
any homo a ten-day test of
That test will be a revela
tion. It will show yoa the way
to new beauty, new aafety to
results that all people desire.
Mail the coupon now.
:Tor--iamtv-' reoote
For careful people A new way to brush teeth
This is far people who want prettier
' teeth,' cleaner, safer teeth. It has brought
those results to miTlinns, the world over.
. It is fast displacing old and ineffective
methods. Dentists everywhere are urg
ing its adoption. In some fifty nations
careful people use this method sow.
Find out what it means to you and
yours. There are few things more im
portant. . ' v.
The yrax on film '..
Dental science is conducting a world
wide war on film. This new method is
the way employed.
Film is that viscous coat you feeL It
clings to teeth, gets between the teeth
and stays. It becomes discolored, then
forms dingy coats. Tartar is based on
film, That is why teeth lose their luster.
FHm also holds food substance which -ferments
and forms adds. It holds the
adds in contact with the teeth to cause
decay. Germs breed by millions in it.
They, with tartar, axe the chief cause of
pyorrhea. Thus most tooth troubles are
now traced to film.
49 in 50 suffered
The ordinary tooth paste does not ef
fectively fight film. So, despite the tooth
brush, all these troubles .were constantly
increasing. About 49 -in 50 suffered. And
glistening teeth were seen less often than
Dental science has long sought ways
to fight that film. Two effective methods
have been found. One acts to curdle
film, one to remove it. And this without
an Ql effect or use of harmful grit
Able authorities, by many careful tests,
proved these methods effective. Now
leading dentists everywhere advise their
daily use.
A new-type tooth paste was created, '
based on modern research. Then those
two great. film combatants
bodied in it. The name of that tooth
paste is Pepsodent.
x - Two great mistakes
It was also found that old-type tooth
pastes involved two great mistakes.
They were due to soap and chalk. They
decreased the starch digest ant m the
saliva. That is there to digest starch
deposits which may otherwise ferment
and form acids. They decreased the alka
linity of the saliva. That is there to
neutralize the acids which cause decay.
Pepsodent corrects those mistakes. It
multiplies the starch digestant, multi
plies the alkalinity. Thus every use gives
manifold power to Nature's great tooth
jprotecting forces in the mouth. In five
important ways, Pepsodent is bringing
users a new dental era.
It also polishes teeth so film less easily
tion, Fulton, West Irvington, Dosch
er's second addition Tilton addi
tion, Woodlawn Heights, North Port
land, Southport, ' Laurelhurst, Ala
meda Park, East Portland Heights,
Mead's addition, King's second ad
dition, Olmstead Park, Sellwood,
City View Park, Caruthers' addition.
Glencoe Park,- Terminus addition,
Madeline, Tibbetts' addition. Dune
din, Waverleigh Heights, Broadway
addition, Hancock addition, Blu-
mauer's addition and Holladays ad
dition. ,' -
New Beauty Appears
Delightful results appear quickly to people
who use Pepsodent First cleaner teeth, then
whiter teeth. The glistening teeth you see every
where now are largely due to Pepsodent.
You should use it always, for beauty's sake
and safety's sake. And you will when you know
what it does. Then teach your children to em
ploy it, to avoid the troubles yoa may . have
Send the coupon for a 10-Day Tube. Note
how clean the teeth feel after using. Mark the
absence of the viscous film. See how teeth
whiten as the film-coats disappear. '
Then dedde your future course by what yoa
see and feeL Cut out the coupon now.
( J PAT.OFF. m
The New-Day Dentifrice
A new-type tooth paste, made to meet
five new requirements. Now advised by
leading dentists the world over. All
druggists supply the large tubes.
Portland Leads All Cities With
50,000 or More Population.
Portland led all cities with 50,000
or more population in low lniant
mortality during 1921, according to
information received by Dr. George
Parrish, city health officer, from the
American Child Hygiene- association.
Portland's" record in citi-es with
250,000 or more population was 48
deaths the 1000. San Francisco is
next with 51 deaths the 1000; Seattle
third with 52 deaths, and Minneap
olis next with 55. Charleston, S. C,
has the highest record, with 158
infant deaths the 1000.
Get Edlef sen's Dest coat. Adv.
Edlefsen's supply best coal. Adv.
Be safe -Ediersfnh roar Adv.
10-Day Tube Free "
Dept. F-S 1, 1 104 S. Wabash Ave, Chicago, m.
Mail 10-Day Tube of Pepsodent to
Onlr one tub to a family.
a ft H. green tiamt ror caslv.
Eolman Fuel Co., coal and wood.
Broadway 6353: 560-21. Adv.
Peacock Kock Springs coal. Dia
mond Coal Co.. Bdwy. 3037. Adv. .
Get your coal at P-diefsen's. Adv
I intruder.
egro Escapes From Rockpilb.
Sixteen days on the rockpile seemed
enough for A. Z. Obart, negro, 40.
He escaped yesterday afternoon
from Kelly Butte by creeping away
among the boulders. H;s sentence
was 180- days . for selling opium.
Police and county officers began
search Immediately. .' - J
Three Divorce StnTS FiLEb. Di-J
voree suits filed In the circuit court
yesterday were: Mildred P. against
Jefferson C. Crandall. Celesta Clara
against Arthur Galland Andrus. and
Marion against Arthur N. Brodersen.
Shoplifter Pleads Guilty. Mary
Petronl, shoplifter, was fined $25 by
District Judge Hawkins yesterday.
She pleaded guilty to thefts from a
local department atore.
Dr, H. Ji, Patton returned. Adv,
At the Gas Salesroom
at Only
Factory prices going up. Ours not not while
our supply holds out.
The earlier you get yours, the sooner it can
be piped and installed.
Gas Rates Reduced Sept. 1
Hazel wood
Crab Louis
Prepared in the Hazel
wood way from choice
.'selected crab meat,
and c o'v e r e d with
Thousa nd Island
Dressing, this salad is
delightfully appetiz
ing. : r
Try it for
luncheon today.
The Hazel wood
388. Washington St.
127 Broadway.
Guaranteed to be Cured
Without Operation
x MAN I be cured and will ,
I remain cured," is the
constant thought of suffer
ers from Piles.
You can be cured and will re
main cured under my notv
surgical treatment. No knife,
no operation, no anaesthetic, no
pain, no confinement and pos
itive money-back . guarantee of
cure, no matter how chronic or
evere your Piles may be.
If you are a-sufferer from
Piles. Fissure. Fistula or
Itching, call or twrite today
for my free booklet.
Alkali in Shampoos
Bad for Washing Hair
Most soaps and prepared sham
poos contain too much alkali, which
is very injurious, as it dries the
scalp and makes the -hair brittle.
The best thing to use is Mulsified
cocoanut oil shampoo, for this is
pure .and entirely greaseless. It's
very cheap and beats anything else
all to pieces. You can get Mulsified
at any drug store, and a few
ounces will last-the whole family
fo-r months. i ' . '
Two or three teasponfuls of Mulsi
fied .in a cup or glass with a little
warm water is all that Is required.
It makes an abundance 'of rich,
creamy lather, cleanses thoroughly,
and rinses out easily. . The hair dries
quickly and evenly, and Is soft, fresh
looking, bright, fluffy, wavy and
easy to handle. Besides,- it, loosens
and takes out every particle' of dust,
dirt and dandruff. Be sure .your
druggist gives you Mulsified. Adv.
On Geary St, Jnst off Union Squar
Close to best stores, cafes, theatres.
Good accommodations at moderate rates.
Best known meals in the United States.
Breakfast, BOe, 60c, 76c; Lunch, 6bc,
(Sundays, 75c) ; Dinner $1.25, (Sun
days, $1.50). Municipal car passes door.
Stewart Bus meets trains and teamer.
Advise making reservations in advance,
Dr. Fred Mellish
108 y2 Fourth Street
Opp. J. C. Penney Co: Store
Phone Broadway 3769
Your Shiny Suit!
LEKEEMA will make your old
suit or skirt look new. Simple
to use.
Price 10c
At All DruggtHia.
No More Gas in
Stomach & Bowels
If you wish to b prrncann My re
lieved of it ft in th itnmirh and bowel,
take Baalmann'i Gas-Tablets.
Baalmann's Gas-Tablet are prepared
distinctly for stomach . and fufull
the bad effect comma; from raa pres
sure. That empty and nrjhwltig feeling at
pit of your 8tomch dlxuppenra, tht
an jcIoum, nervous f nir with heart pl
pltation will vanish, and u will aa-airt
be able to take a deep breach, bfu-n pre
vented by K4S pri-aniiitf aunnt your
heart and lungs.
Tour nnths, arms nd f l Hirers n't
feel cold and go to p he, a use It 1 1
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after using Baalmann's Gas-Tablet.
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age from the Uwl Iruif Co., or any Ti
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Abdominal Supporters.
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A Woman's Way
"I tried for four months to tcM my
wife to try Mayr's Wondi-rful lioin
edy, which I know had he!ii.-d
friend of mine who also sulf-ieil
from stomach trouble. She iiioiwtcrt
her case was different. I flna!!
had to bribe her with a new ilr.
The first dose produced remnrktiMu
results, clearing up her complexion
and restoring hpr appetite sin r,u
now eat thlnsrs)he hadn't bci-n abli
to for many years." It Is a nimpfv.
harmless preparation that r-movi-!
the catarrhal mucus from th intn
tlnal tract and allays the Inf diminu
tion which causes practically ul!
stomach, liver and Interning ail
ments, including appndicitix. One
does will convince or money refund
ed, for sale at all druKRlut Adv.
Pain In the Stomach and
Bowels. Intestinal Cramp
I Colic. Diarrhoea,
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