Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 13, 1922, Page 15, Image 15

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Handsome Prima Donna Off
to Hollywood Lures.
Bout Abandoned After Officials
of Fistiana Hold Seance With
Joe at Liondon Club. -
The Joe BenJamln-Jlmmy Sacco
bout is off. Another thrilling epi
sode of the "off again, on again"
film, featuring the handsonje and
temperamental Benjamin, was en
acted at the London club.
In aome unknown manner the
railbirds caught the rumor that
Handsome Joe was to do his stuff
yesterday afternoon. This attrac
tion acting aB a magnet filled the
training Quarters to the; roof with
. hangers-on eager lor a glimpse of
th matinee idol. Joe breezed in
about 2:30, nattily attired in a light
checkered suit. He was preceded
by Willie Bernstein, who some
times travels under the nom de
Dlume of Jack Kearns" western
Mystery Enter Into Plot.
Stennlnsr liehtly SO aa not -to
throw his housemaid's knee out of
gear, Joe passed through the crown
into the dressing room where the
door promptly was bolted to keep
out the curious. The crowd was
satisfied for the time being, for was
nnt thft trrpai Joe Benjamin him-
, self on hand ready to work outT
Then came Drs. Tom Koss ana
Cenrare Parrlsh. the former a mem
ber of the Portland boxing commis
sion, the latter city healtn nicer,
After giving the mystic rap and
password they were admitted to the
prima donnas own dressing onaia
The railbirds began to buzz. What
was up? Was Joe to have the Knee
amputated and go in on crutches
against Sacco Friday nigntr
Matchmaker Also - Appear. .
Thpra wa another stir when
Matchmaker Hanson appeared on
the scene. Surely the matchmaker
would know what was going to
haDDen. but it developed that he
was as much in the dark as any
one. He also joined the conclave
In the star chamber session.
Another wait of several minutes
and then the aces got busy. Even
money at first was offered that the
Benjamin fight was off. There
were no takers. Then odds were
offered but still no one felt like
risking anything on the housemaid's
knee of temperamental josepn.
The tension was relieved a little
when Bernstein slipped out of the
dressing room and went bustling
through the crowd. He declined to
commit himself, but was back in a
minute with a calendar and a couple
of almanacs.
Fight Declared Off.
Aba! Then the secret came out.
They were to postpone the bout.
Another wait of a half hour and
then Dr. Ross issued a bulletin stat
ing that the fight was off indefi
nitely. The knee la still on.
Handsome Joseph, the boy prima
donna, is off to Hollywood to cool
his heels and his knee in the con
genial and sympathetic company of
movie stars and staresses. He ven
tured the opinion, but wasn't sure,
that the knee might be ready by
October 10 and then again it might
not. .
Clinton -to Meet Sacco.
In the meantime, though deprived
of the presence of the great Benja
min, the boxing commission will put
on a show Friday night.
Johnny Clinton will fight Jimmy
Sacco in the ten-round main event.
Clinton has fought Leonard two
ten-round no-decision bouts, has
done the same with Lew Tendler,
and he won a close decision over
Sacco some months ago in Boston.
From all accounts he is a real
scrapper, not a motion picture one,
and he is not temperamental, neither
is he handsome.
Finals of JlA's Singles of City
Tennis Tournament Will Be
Played This Morning.
Catlln Wolfard. by his victory over
Walter Goss yesterday in a four-set
match, earned the right to play
Rogers MacVeagh today fh the finals
of the city championship tennis tour-
nament on the Multnomah club
courts. The match is scheduled for
10:38 o'clock.
Welfard won the first set 6-3 and
the second 6-0, but lost the next 3-6.
He won the last set 6-3. Because of
tha intense heat both playera tired
. quickly, neither showing his cus
tomary aggressiveness or speed.
In the men's doubles James Mackie
and A. S. Frohman defeated A. D.
Wakeman and Ferd C. Smith; 6-3,
9-H, 6-2. Mrs. W. I. Northup and
Stella Fording reached the finals in
the women's doubles by their vic
tory over Mrs. Rogers MacVeagh and
Mrs. J. P. Mulder, 6-0, 6-4. Besides
the Wolfard-MacVeagh match only
two others are scheduled today.
Yesterday s results:
Men's singles Catlln Wolfard defea;
ed Waiter tjoss, 6-8, 6-0, 3-6, 6-3.
Men's doubles James Mackie and A.
6. Frohman defeated A. D. Wakeman
and F. C. Smith. 6-3. 9-11. 6-2.
Women's doubles Mrs. W. I. Northup
and Stella Fording defeated Mrs. Rogers
MacVeagh and Mrs. J. P. Mulder, 6-0,
Today's Schedule. . "
10:30 o'clock Wolfard. versus "Mac
Veagh (finals).
4 o'clock Mrs. Irwin end A. B. Aic
Alpin versus Beatrice Phipps and Harold
5 o'clock Helen Hald and Ted Steffen
versus Mrs. H. Wentworth and James
Bush League Notes.
Although without the services of their
regular pitcher, the Portland Independ
ents, with Shortstop Crump in the box,
defeated Pacific Fruit, 4 to 3, last Sun
day. Klein won the game for the In
dependents with a home run. Score:
R. H. K.
Independents 4 ? 2
Pacific Fruit 3 7 2
Batteries Crump and - R. DeMott;
Krug and Gohlson.
The Columbia club of Astoria won
the Twilight league championship by
defeating the All-Stars, 6 to 0, Sunday
afternoon at Astoria. This makes the
second champloh.ip' in as many years
for Columbia,
- m -
Wauna. Or., won from the Montavilla
team of Portland. 11 to 7. last Sunday
at Wauna. Irvine, "he winners pitcher,
yielded only six hlia..
m m ' a
Two football leaguea will be organ
ized tomorrow night at Spalding's .Btore,
when, representatives o several teams
will meet. The leagues will be divided
Into 125 and 140-pound - classes. . The
meeting will start at 7 o-' clock
. -
AI Zwelfel, ex-Portland hurler, ' who
pitched for Billy Speas' Regina team
last year, returned yesterday trom Den
ver. He pitched for Denver this sum
mer and had a successful season.
- -
Bandon won a double-header Sunday
from the Salem Senators at Salem.- The
score of the first game was 8 to 5, and
of the second, 3 to 1. rJ,efty. Schwarts
of Portland pitched the first game' for
Salem and Carson the second.
Hap Miller, ex-University of Wash In it
ton football star, has been engaged to
coach the- Omega team of Vancouver,
Wash.; which has entered in the newly
formed Independent football league. Mil
ler also is coaching the Vancouver high
school. -
- . . i . . . y -' - ' -, - - -.-
C. Williams Enters Championship
Flight, Carrying Roy Sloe
Into First Division.
Several changes have been made
in the original-pairings for the
first elimination round of the city
championships at Eastmoreland,
After working several hours Sun
day night completing the draw, the
committee found several qualify
ing scores next day that hatt no
been figured in on the original
draw. This made It necessary to
rearrange several matches.
m C. Williams, who turned in a 78
in the Qualifying round, but whose
card was not discovered until af
ter the pairings had been made,
has been placed in the champion
ship flight. This change forces
Roy Moe, who was last on the list
of the 16 qualifying scores, into the
first flight. Williams plays John
Rebstock in the first elimination
round Sunday.
In the first flight Moe playa Eddie
Allwenn. Those were the only
changes necessary In the champion
ship and first flights but in the sec
ond flight there was a complete re
vision of the draw. The second
flight as it now stands is R. Tag
gesell versus F. E. Harrigan; T. E
Cummings versus bye: P. C. McDon
ald versus R. Tasker; T. E. Bowers
versus bye. t
Other changes ' in the additional
flights are: Fourth flight, R. A.
Camp versus V. Perry: tenth flight,
T. A. Duthle versus Chester Amos;
11th flight, T. Osmund versus T.
Knobal; 12th flight E. R. Hawkins
versus H. W. Hamilton: 13th flight.
T. B. Hardy versus E. D. Plerson.
In the absence of King Shanks,
chairman of the handicap commit
tee, who is out of the city, the
changes in the first round pairings
were made by A. K. Trenholme, one
of the directors of the, Eastmoreland
Matches to Be on Irvington Club
Courts; 32 Entries Received
by Frank Harrigan.
The boys champonship tennis
tournament for the Percy "W. Lewis
cup will start at 3:30 o'clock this
afternoon, on the Irvington club
courts. Thirty-two entries have
been received by Frank E. Harrigan,
in charge, making it the largest
tournament of Its kind ever held
All the first round matches will
be played today. Mr. Harrigan said
that all who do not report at 3:30
o'clock will default their matches.
Although there are not enough
courts to play all the matches at the
same time, arrangements have been
made and the schedule so arranged
as to enable all scheduled matches
to be played this afternoon.
Today's drawings fololw:
Ernest Gabriel versus Allinc Goss;
Carl Beaudry versus Imboden ParrlsT;
Rayford Hall versus Pete Murphy; Philip
Dick versus Jack Caplan; Elwood Harrl-
ean versus Alfred Taylor; William Swett
ersus Melvin Cohn; Bob Knight versus
William O'Donnell; William Powell ver
sus Rex Burton: Fred Jobelman versus
Mayer Swett f Bob Yoke versus Jack
Murphy; William Glvler versus Rosser
Atkinson; Charles Burton versus Cable
Hunt; A. Lawrence versus Bob Hoogs;
Maurice Simmons versus Stanley Faloff;
Robert Smith versus Wallace Shearer;
Al Brunn versus Al- Goldblatt.
Baker Has Only 4 Letter Men.
BAKER, Or., Sept. 12. (Special.)
With but four letter men in
school and with none of the 3-0-odd
candidates who .answered Coach
King's call on . the gridiron today
possessing weight or experience, the
outlook for a championship foot
ball team for Baker high school this
year appears gloomy. It Is apparent
that Coach King must rely on speed
and open formations unless heavier
talent can be located.
Infant in Family Dead. -
OREGON CITT. Or., Sept. 12.
(Special.) The infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. James A. Helsschnelder, of
route 6, Oregon City, died Monday.
Besides the parents, four other chil
dren survive. Interment will take
place at Zion cemetery at Canby
Wednesday. , .
Edlefsen's can deliver now. Adv.
New Blocks
Have you seen the new
- Hardeman Hats?
Just try one on.
Made on the Pacific Coast
TiUfWII MIIJ II , ! " 1
V " - V"'-tr't J
f -
"1925" special;
Rivalry Springs Up Between Civic
Bodies to See Which Will
'" ? Mate Best Showing. ' '
"We'll fill one coach, possibly two,
with Ad clubbers.. - That '1925 sper
cial' is going over big," ' declared
George L Rauch, ' president of the
Portland Ad club, yesterday at
meeting- held with Mayor Baker,
director general of the -exposition
campaign- committee, and William
P. Merry, In charge of the excursion
to eastern Oregon " cities. Several
members of the club were presen
and .enthusiastically " backed up
their resident's promise.
Rivalry sprang up between the
different civic bodies of the city
after a series of meetings held at
the . office of Mr. Merry. Each is
determined to make the best show
inir Jn closing - ur the reservation
list for the "1925 special," which is
going to spread exposition informa
tion among the people of eastern
Oregon. Leading in the race Is the
Ad club, the Realty -hoard and the
100 Der cent club.
The train will leave Portland at
midnight September 18 and already
more than one-half the reservations
are spoken for, but the committee
in charge finds it necessary to close
the list Saturday at noon, and in
order to accomplish this prompt ac
tion is , necessary. The railroad
company has placed a limit of 125
passengers for the special and more
than that number nave expressed
desire to go, but have held back
from signing up for business rea
Special Patrolman - Whiteside Is
Exonerated by Coroner's Jury
From Blame for Killing. ;
Mystery that has shrouded the
youth killed while prowling in the
Im. A. LewlB home, 70s jfark avenue.
Sunday night, September 3, promises
to follow him into the-grave. His
identity is still hidden and official
dom knows him only aa the "boy
After the Inquest held, by Earl C,
Smith, coroner,' at the courthouse
last night, identification was still as
apparently impossible as ever. The
jury found that the youth came to
his death as the result of pistol
wounds inflicted by Robert L. White
side,' special patrolman, who came
upon him while the boy was In the
Lewis home, from, which the family.
was absent.
Whiteside was exonerated In the
jury's verdict from all blame in the
circumstances and was "commended
for tils vigilance in the performance
of his duty.
Whiteside told his story of the
shooting at the Inquest. He had no
ticed a man' about the Lewis home
and made 30-minute calls there dur
ing the evening, knowing the family
io do away ana me nouse unoccu
pied. Late at night a side door was
found open and the patrolman en
tered the house, he said. Going up
stairs he - heard a noise and the
burglar ran into a bedroom. White
side followed and the prowler turned
a riashllght upon the officer and or
dered him to throw up his hands.
Whiteside fired' and the burglar's
.career ended in the darkness.
Jewelry and other loot was found
in the dead youth's pockets that was
identified as taken from the Graham
Glass home, and the Earl Shea apart
ments at ArDor court the night be
bore. A Belgian pistol, identified bv
Mr. Glass as" his own property,- was
found in the burglar's shirt pocket.
It was unloaded, but shells were tin
the pocket,
This completed the recital of facts
at the official hearing conducted by
Coroner Smith. .The story was am
pllfled'by statements by Lieutenant
Thatcher and Inspectors Ackerman
and Tackaberry of the police bureau.
It is understood a church at Lenta
has agreed to defray the expense of
runeral. Arrangements have not
been completed, however, and the
time has not been fixed for services.
These details probably will be de
cided today.
Cases Ready for Grand Jury.
SALEM, Or ... Sept. 12. (Special.
Thirteen criminal cases will be pre
sented to the Marion county jury
which meets here next week. The
mast important case is that involv
ing John Inman. rancher, who is ac
cused o assault with intent to kill
in connection with the shooting of
Charles Witte. Witte and Inman's
wife, wlvo had been ' awav from
Marion county for some time, -had
driven to the Inman ranch just be
fore the snooting.
The Addition of larp;e lots. Adjoins Alameda Park and
Olmstead Park.
Take Broadway car to Bryce Avenue, g-o 4 blocks east to
Branch Office, or motor out Fremont street
to 33d street, and go north 2 blocks.
Free Plats Showing Prices and Terms
. This addition is near two schools, also the new proposed Northeast High School.
J. L. Hartman
8 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. ;
Liggett & MrtM Tobacco Co.
Discussion of Advisability of Pre
senting Measures to Be
Taken Up by Council.
E"iv nrooosed charter amendments
may be presented to the voters of
Portland at the general state elec
tion on November 7. Discussion of
tha advisability of presenting the
measures will take place in the city
csuncil chambers next Monday night
before the charter revision commit
tee. Members of the city council ana
dock commission will be invitea to
attend this meeting.
The measures that will be consid
Assessments to Assume
-S2 cek
Let Fatima smokers
ered for submission are as follows:
Moriffvlnr tha no-called Zleerler amend
meat, pertaining to vacation of streets
adjacent to the waterfront or railway
Exemntinsr the water bonda now is
sued, or that may be Issued, from con
sideration when reckoning the city's gen
eral bonding capacity; in fact, making
the water bonds a lien solely on toe
wntfrvnrkR nronrties.
Authorizing the city cotmci! to appoint
one or more additional municipal juuees.
Tilnn rift wt-int. th muntcirja.1 dock com
mission to lease lands for a period of
80 years.
Simplifying the procedure in changing
grades of public streets, so as to open
the way for development or tne iaur
... votarfrnnt nlnn. &.nd also re
quired in connection with the proposed
DriUge PUIiains pifiummi.
Special Communions Arranged.
Arrangements were completed
yeBterday for' special communion
services far the bishops attending
thA Rnisconal general convention.
to be held each Wednesday morning
of the convention period ai at.
David's" church. On next Wednes-
Uav. which will be an Jumper aay,
the service will be one especially
Broadway 6034
is no
cigarette of
quality at
Always' slightly higher in price than
ether Turkish Blend cigarettes but
Just taste the difference!
devoted to the problem of increas
ing the size of the ministry. Plans
for a devotional service for all at
tending the convention, to be held
each morning at . 9 o'clock in the
south hall of the auditorium, were
completed and announced yesterday.
Salem Old-Timer Feted on Occa-
sion of 74th Birthday.,
SALEM, Or., Sept. 12. (Special.)
The combined ages of George Eoff
anrt six guests in attendance at a
Nash Leads the World
IT is only when you
have weighed the
performance of the
Nash against its re
. markably low price
that you fully appre
; ciate its great value.
. - Fours and Sixes
' Prices range from $1115 to $2495 f. o. b. Portland
Portland Motor Car Co.
,:v- Tenth at Burnside.
Broadway 0521
NOTE: LJko tho few other big-selling brands,
Fatima is s Turkish Blend cigarette
blend of both Turkish and Domestic to
baccos. But Fatima differs from the others
. in that it contains a greater quantity and
finer quality of Turkish tobacco the rea
son both for Fatima'i lightly higher cost
and its greater delicacy of tasto and arooia.
surprise .party given him here today
on the occasion of his 74th birthday
anniversary totaled 617 years. The
function was arranged by his grand
daughter, Mrs. Beulah Koff.
The guests Included W. A. Taylor
MacLeay, 68; Marian Taylor, Me
hama, 74; Newton Savage, Salem
76; Frank Savage, Salem. 73; William
Short, Salem, 73, and T. T. Geer of
Portland, 71.
Mr. Eoff, the honor guest. Is
uncle of Mr. Geer, although there
is only three years' difference in
their ages.
Mr Eoff and his guests were boys
together in this vicinity many years
in Motor Car Value
II tVBaoAtroAY at
Continuous Show 1 to It P. M.
Children All Times 10c v
Well Known Moalrat fomrdr StM
la "A BnUt of OriKtnalitire."
Wll'rld DuIhimi Morion ( 11 re
Johjuv Mrvln rllt A Tvanrcoa
Foertk WasblBrtoa.
Cpm Iran tf o'olock la ih mormtaf
cdui eciuck taa foUswius bvuii.
. Phone your want ads to The Ore-
gonian. Main 7070.
Id orrf(r U earn th mort than a
time rut, advrtum muut rum im
conecutiv Lne
One time 12o pmr fin
Two ttmea (each lnue)..lla pr line
Throe tlma eacb U-u)..luo pr lme
Seven times eca iaeue) Ho per line
One to mix mo n til a. per
month $350 par Una
Six to twelve montha per
month 4 J-5 per line
The above ratea apply to all bead
Inge wiLA the Xo.lowm axceptleaai
flltaaOone Wanted.
Each Inieruun wo par Una
Hrlp Wanted. ATopoaaie Invited.
l,ot a nil Jiwuad, tiiei! etkeee.
l'erMMuti, fcauertU Notice.
One lime lie pur ttne
Two tunes (each Issue).. Ho pur hue
Thre timet teach l.lo pr line
bven units leach issue X2o per Una
una uwenia 4 pr liae
NEW TOO AT. 1 er laue.
Wily. 8undr
One time loo 2a
Two times per iesue) . ..l&o lvo
Three times (per issue).. 14o lw
fcvtmi ims (per Issue).. l&o 17
One month, daily and Sunday . ... .la-atf
Ceant five wards to the Umm.
Jse ad token tar lete than two II nee.
Ada run biuHLays auiy harsa
ur-tirue rate.
Advrrtleeiuenta Cexeept "Peraenal"
ana "mtuaUona W amed") will be
taken over tlie telephoue If the ad
Vtrliser Is a subscriber to phone.
1 he OrfKcnutu will twfie atlver
Uaiiis: by mail proviad sulflten re
UMtiMtive tor tiv&utite number of teeuea
ts sent. AcknuwiMijciuent Will be lur
uaturil ptontpLly.
AdvertieuieuLa are taken for Tna
Deny urrtiuuiuu uuttl tiAv 1. Al., lor
Itoe huiiOay ur4iwauea until A, at.
Thone Your Want Ads to
The Oregonian
Telephone Main 7070
LOST In Kmnt yesttrday, leiiy s Utat u
pattern lath'r bait; finder kt-p cenh
and phone Walnut 0175 where purse
can b procured.
KOKD delivery, & tirea, martyr; Al tuii
dUion. Call at once, tSHU trhyler m.
Office ot the motor transporlstloa
officer, the Armory. 1'ortlund, or . bfp
temkr M, 1H'J2. There Will be suld ut
publio auction at the Armory (en
trance at 11th and Davis atrectn) Port
land, Or., bginnin at 8 P. M , Hp
tember 15. 122, th following public
Payments must be mad by rash of
certified chftt-k on date of aale. fci uc
crtmful blddurs will be r-4ulrd l re
move animals from the Armory within
two hours af tr Pile. Ruccemf ul bid
ders will be required to lurniPh their
own haltfrs to remove animals. L. A
Alllner, Captain, Jnfuntry Mutor Trans
portatinn u:flcr. IMwy yi4.
At Wilson's Auctlou House. 10
Furniture. ltiO-171 Second atrseu
ar VAter&nn, G. A. K. ntl
tiit'lr auxilmrl are rrqiifft
ci to ut tend the funeral
itfrvlce of our lte roiiiral-, ,
T. b Hnmmfri, w ho mr rl
In Company C, Ktvcnth anl
Twcnty-nixrh Indiana ravti- -ry.
la wan a mrmbvr of
Gordon C.raimcr I'ott. .o. 4.1 "
Funerul nTvie will be hUI
at It. T. Jyrne funeral-
hom, Thursday. iSTtmltrr
14. at 2 In tha artarnunn.
001 ' avenu.
K. K. COVEY, Commander.
A. S. CAFFS, Ad'ulant.
Wednesday luncheon. Wash
ington llailwnnd, Judita
Hlrhard Iifich will irlv an
interesting talk, a treat T"U
will pur rj rt tn ni
Munlr and a nrd (ini fur
al). Announcement of luncheon prliv -Coma
and bin a brethren witft you. In
formal dunce Thursday, H pt. XS, I'ythian
tmple. C rani on la I hat urrtay, Ort. SI,
I'ubiio auditorium. The Grotto auto "i
auto win. Ho nt buy and tuatl In your .
petitions, wl! aPprecUtn urf aui in
the iirutto News, Order of monarch.
11AHKV A. Mi: 11 A K. He
NO. 1, K. T. Smi'tj ron
rlave Thursday, Spt. II, at
7:30 P. M. (rd.r of the
Temple. Official viflt of ih..
Tnsitectnr General antl Grand Cummand
ery officers, Drill rorpa will meet
promptly at 6 o'clock p. M. The attend
ance of all Hlr KnlirhtP will be apprv-
C. F. WIK.iAND, Kecorde
Emp1oyri nllnc h r nf .
nx description, t!pphnr J
Broadway b2:H Only
onle hfln turnl.h.j m
th! orflc. No chart, to cmployar or
employs. N. H. Atchison, manaior. ala
suuio PtadQuarKr. Muuoomab Jjota.
1H0. A. F and A. M., M. M
cli-gri-o Wrrt. .Srpt. IS. -JJ
K 67th and Sandy Road.
NO. 4IS, A. r. AND A'. M
Special communlratlona lhl
.1 Wednesday ev, bealnnlnfl
8 o'clock, KaKt 8th and liurn..
aide. K. C. Dcgrea. .
Ti ITS I H K nnal I Inn f nr tn n
who baa recrrd of 14 vera
UtJj,) blda-. aupt. and,
jSyll gnt. Can jou e!p?
JJA.. n K.U L.Oi Jir-.M
42, A. F. A A. M Stated
communication Wednesday,
7:30 P. M., Tythlan Tempi
M. M. ngree.
134. O. K. B Ktatci Com
munication thia (Wednea.
(lay) evening. H o'clvtk, V
verly Hall, U L'Oth and Clin
ton. Take Woodstock or
Kichmond car. i..Kre.e. By '
. Keoreiary.
hold lt reula busineBM
meetlnf Wed. even in g, hepr li. All mvfflbeu wei
rm NO. 1, I. O. O. V ,
F confer the flrt degr-e ih.m
( V'dn-idiiy ) evnnig at t
o'ciock. at H North llth
St., near Ptark. Memhera and vinit nac ,
broth-rH urgid to b present and wuiicm
the work of the new deer- tain.
WlLhlAM f. t M H Aa, .N. O
JKSSt: T. JUNKS. Itec. tiec.
Meets every Wrdnda
night at tai-t Side Ituum
Vien'a iiali. 114 Grand aa. . fourth Wednesday each motta -t
accepted lor oancing parnea ut iMiniaa)
Hail. K. J. baliaaO, lr., JCaat
artier "w. M.