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itv Editor Main 7070. 3ftfl-95 t
Sunday Kditor Main ?070, 560-13 i
Advertising Dept Main 770, 560-95
Sunerfntendent of Bid.. Main 7070, 560-95
subscribe with the following agents at
our summer resort, to secure the most
promp delivery of The Oregonian. City
.atrs. Subscriptions by mail are payable
nt advance.
Rarview, Or Mrs. Georgia
Bay City. Or O. E. Shelly
Bay Ocean, Or F. O. Mitchell
Breakers, Wash J. M. McArthur
Brighton, Or A. W. Rowe
Cannon Beach, Or. . .Cannon Beach Mc. Co.
Carson. Waxh Mrs. M. St. Martin
Canon, Wash Shipherd's Hot Springs
i 'arson, Wash . . .
Chiiook. Wash. .
Krola, Or
u.iribalui. Or. . . .
, carl K. smun
Cannon Beach Merc. Co.
D. C Kills
J:L. Kidder
tiartbaldi. Or. .
liearhart. Or W.J.Robinson
Hot Ilce. Or .. . Hot Lake Sanitarium
llnaco. Wash A. C. Pesco
Uns Beach. Wash W. K. Strauhal
Manhattan Beach, Or L. Stalnaker
Manzanita. Or E. Kardell
McKcnzie Bridge, Or. .Swartz McPherson
Moclips. Wash Mrs. I-. L. James
Nahcotia. Wash H. J. Brown
Neah-kah-nie Beach, Or. . .'.A. C.Anaerson
Nehalem, Or. . .
. D. C. Peresoy
Neskowin. Or
Newport. Or
Ocean Lake
Ocean Park. Wash...
Oceanside. Or. .......
Pacific City, Or
Pacific City. Or ... .
Rockaway. Or
Seaside. Or
Seaview. Wash .
Tillamook, Or
Twin Rocks, Or.
Wheeler. Or
Whteler. Or
. . .Alexander Rod:
J. E. Sharp
I,. Stalnaker
. . Emma Campbell
. . Rosenberg Bros.
ti. W. Ward
. . . 1. F.. Edmunds
L. Stalnaker
. . . . Roth Drug Co.
Ueorge I.. Putnam
J. S. Urnur
. . L.. Stalnaker
R. H. Cady
. . . J. F. Hamilton
HIPPODROME (Broadway at Tamhill)
Vaudeville and moving pictures con
tinuous daily, 1:15 to 11 P. M.
PAXTAOES l Broadway at Alder'
Vaudeville. Three shows dally, J:30, 7
and 9 P. M.
THE OAKS (Amusement Park) Picnic
grounds, bathing and summer diver
sions. Take cars at First and Alder.
COLl'MBIA BEACH (Amusement Park)
Bathing, dancing and rides. Cars at
Fifth and Washington.
Masons to Institute Lodge. W'a
luga lodge of Masons, which was or
ganized last February by Oswego
members of Milwaukie lodge and
new members from the Oswego dis
trict, will be instituted tomorrow
night at a meeting in th Oddfel
lows hall there. Guests of honor
will be grand lodge officers of the
state and visiting members from
neighboris? lodges. The original
Oswego lodge was moved to Mil
waukie some years ago as a matter
of. accommodation to the greater
number of members living in the
latter town.
Trading at Home Agitated. Com
munity problems occupied the atten
tion of the Milwauku Real Estate
and Development association at its
last meeting, held in the high school
auditorium. A "trade at home" pol
icy was presented by George Ha-
zelton. The aims of the association
were explained by H. . Fletcher,
other speakers were J. W. Grasle
and N B. Harvey. M. A. Behman,
chairman of the organization, has
Announced another meeting for , S
o'clock tomorrow night at the high
Balloon Ascension Tomorrow.
Surprises are in store pr the boys
and girls at the Oaks tomorrow aft
ernoon, as Professor l.e Strange,
aeronaut, is booked tq go up in his
big balloon in honor of the little
folk. He expects to return to earth
in three parachutes. The special
added attractions will be a free ride
on one of the park concessions
which one will be a secret until the
children arrive at the gate. Admit
tance to the park will be frep.
'Episcopal, Vicar Resigns. Tht
resignation of Rev. John Krian Mc
I'ormick. as vicar of the Church of
Oar Savior, at Woodstock, and of
- St. John's Episcopal church at Sell
wood, has been ahnounced by the
diocesan office. Rev. Mr. McCormick
will take up work in Alberta. Can
ada. Jay -. Black. archdea on. has
been appointed '. y Bishop Sumner
as general overseer of tin missions
after September 1.
Street Improvements Progress.
East side street improvements in
clude work . in East Stark street,
which is being hard-surfaced from
Twenty-eighth to Forty first streets:
in East Clay street, from Forty-first
to Forty-second streets; in East
Twenty-seventh street, from Harri
son to Stevens streets, and the
newly completed paving !n East
Thirty-eighth street.' from Yamhill
to Taylor streets.
Auto Hits Pedestrian. A. Gold
son. 1500 Albina avenue, was run
t down yesterday at Sixth and Alder
streets by an auto driven by Clar
ence Larsen, 1927 Division street.
According to the driver, the man
walked in front of the car as he was
crossing Alder street at about the
rate of six miles an hour. Goldson
was slightly bruised and walked
away without assistance.
Tailor Sentenced for Theft.
Tracy Hatch, tailor, employed in a
local department store was sen
tenced to 30 days in the county jail
by District Judge Bell yesterday
when he pleaded guilty to the theft
of a coat. Hatch, who lives at 252
McMillan street, found a claim check
lost by 'L. Carlot Meier, organist, at
a moving picture house, presented it.
and walked away with a $13 coat.
Mothers and Chapbrones. To
morrow (Wednesday) is children's
day at Oaks park. Every boy and
girl will receive a free admission to
the park and a free ride on one of
the park concessions. Professor J.
t.e Strange will give a special ex
ibition in his big balloon with three
parachute drops. Bring your lunch
baskets and enjoy a glorious day.
.New Spinach Recommended as hot
weather food for children. Chil
dren enjoy King's Dehydrated Spin
ach and it keeps their systems in
proper condition and tone, during
the hot weather. King's Spinach is
thoroughly washed and entirely free
from grit. Get it at your grocer's.
Ex-Residents of Union to Meet.
A party for former residents of
L'nion, Or., will be given at 2 o'clock
today at the home of L. J. Davis at
, .l.'fG East Fortieth street North, in
honor of Mrs. Effie Foster of that
Divorce Suits Filed. Divorce
suits filed in the circuit court yes
terday were: .Emma against Harry
Shelley. Hattie against Eugene
Hicks and Letitia Wood against
Iory G. Moyer.
Onte Child in Evert Five needs
glasses. Your child may be that
one. Don't guess make sure. Dr.
Wheat, optometrist, 207 Morgan
building Adv.
The Allen Preparatort School
opens September 5. Office hours
10-12. 535 East Salmon street. Tele
phone East 2791.
Tired, Achino Feet can Be re
lieved. See our foot specialists for
relief. . X-ray service free. Knight
Shoe Co.. 342 Morrison. Adv.
Sensational Triple Leap from
balloon at the Oaks, Wednesday
V. M. Come out and be thrilled.
Oriental Rugs stored and insured.
Cartozian Bros., Inc., Wash, at Tenth.
Dento De Temple Co. moved to
3 0 Pine St., at Broadway. Tires and
repairing. Adv.
Tublat makes good clothes. 0
Failing building. .Adv.
Campers Take Up Collection and Poor Man's Loss Will Be Dis
tributed Among 'Auto Owners.
THE first theft of any moment
noted at the camp grounds oc
curred Sunday night, when a
prowling thief fished a pair of
uaiiittiuons iut di u tern, w nuc me.
owner was asleen and extracted the
owner was asleep, and extractea tne
sum of 320 from a pocket. No clew!
; . , , .. . . , ,.
IIAO ' " It I J II 111. fc l1 liVL I I 111 ,' ailj ,
will be. The owner of the money
is apparently a poor man. and the
campers took up a collection, in;
which way the loss will be dis-j
tributed among the auto owners. I
' Saturday and Sunday were big
days at the camp, the Sunday ar
rivals of machines being 118. mak
ing itone of the bigges't days for
arrivals. The number of arrivals
for the season passed the 7-DOO mark
baturday afternoon, and Monday at!
10 A. M. stood at 7171. -
Three cars left San Jose. Cal..
July 3. and are now at the camp.
The owners of the first car are
r. v . rien lie anu wue, wun iiivir;
daughter. Dolores, aged 11. In the
second car came Len Wolfe and wifeCamp from Seattle, with their son
with two children. Leonard, aged 11
and'Clare. 7. The third car brought
Ira Fox and wife. All of the men
folks are owners of orchards in the
vicinity of. San Jose. They seem to
be getting along fine on- their trip,
as the fox and the wolf are agree
able. The party has had a splendid
time. They have visited Yellow
stone park. Salt Lake City and the j
cities In Washington on their way
from Spokane to Tacoma. From
here they will go to Eureka. Cal.,
for a short visit, and then to their
homes. i
From Alhambra. Cal.. arrived
Charles W. Young and wife, with
their friends. Walter H. Weyrath
and wife, and two children. Dorothy,
aged 14. and Gladys. 10.- Mr. Young
is the manufacturer of a screw ma
chine. Mr. Weyrath is a civil
engineer. From here they go by!
easy stages to Detroit. Mich., where
Mr. Young will stop. Mr. Weyrath
will there buy a machine and motor
down to their real home at Dayton.
O. They have been in California
for the past year.
From Graybull, Wyo.. which place,
from its name, must be in the live -
stock or cattle country, arrived two
Prisoners Face Further Penal
ties. Two persons, who have just
completed payment to the state .for
various offenses. fll into the hands
of federal authorities yesterday to
answer to the United States for vio
lations of national laws. Chester
Harness yesterday completed a
three-year sentence at the state
penitentiary for burglary committed
in eastern Oregon. He has also
been convicted of perjury in a fed
eral court and sentenced to serve
three years in the United States
prison on McNeil's island. As that
institution is filled to capacity. Har
ness will be taken to Leavenworth.
Carl Munson. who has just finished
a county jail term, was rearrested
by federal authorities on an indict
ment recently returned by the fed
eral grand jury at Seattle, charging
violation of the narcotics act.
Bot's Body Found. The body of
John Zimmerman. 15-year-old son
of L. W. Zimmerman, 4t6 East Alder
street. who has been missing since
last Thursday, was found yesterday
morning by three small boys, who
discovered it- floating in the Wil
lamette riv"T just south of the Sell
wood ferry. Relatives of the boy
were notified and the body identi
fied. Last Thursday young Zim
merman left home saying he was
noine to the Oaks. He has been
missing ever since. it is tnougnt
that the boy went into the river for ,
a swim and was drowned, as his ,
body was clothesless when found.
art. eta Residents Protest. Resi- '
dents in the Ar.eta district, particu- j
iarly owners and users of automo- :
biles, are complaining about the I
rendition of Foster road, which has I
been so torn up in the work that
has been done upon -it that it can
not be crossed from Forty-firtst to
Seventy-second streets, a distance
of a mile and one-half. Indications
that such a condition will continue
until the work has been completed
and the obvious ease with which
temporary platform crossings could
be constructed have nettled Arleta
folk to the point ef hfated expres
Mayor Back on Job. Members of
the city council switched around
yesterday. Mr. Baker resjumed the
mayoralty chair, while City Com
missioner Mann, who served as act
ing mayor for one week, became a
mere commissioner again. Commis
sioner Barbur left for a two weeks'
vacation at Seaside and Commis
sioner Bigelow. who has been in
San Francisco attending the inter
national convention of fire chiefs,
was back on the job. Commissioner
Pier, who has been ' among those
present the last few weeks, was on
duty and is not contemplating leav
ing soon, he said.
Festival Film Shown. As an aft
ermath pf the Rose Festival. Queen
Harriet'and her maids and directors
of the association to the number of
about 30 attended the performance
at the Hippodrome theater last night
as guests of. Manager Ely. The party
was much interested by the showing
on the screen of the most import
ant events of the Rose Festival in
June last, such as the landing and
crowning of the queen and many of
the beautiful floats in the parade.
This film will be shown at the Hip
podrome theater all this week.
Farm Home Gets J800. Eight
hundred dollars was pledged yester
day by the congregation of the East
Side Baptist church to help in the
building of cottages at the Woman's
Christian Temperance union farm
home near Corvallis. The pledge
was called for by Rev. W. B. Hinson,
pastor of the church.
Women to Hold Picnic The an
nual picnic of the Ladies of the
Grand Army of the Republic, in
which all circles in the city will
participate, will be held tomorrow
at Peninsula park. Rain caused the
postponement of the affair from
last week.
Dr. Hood, glasses. Morgan bids
Dr. SilTjN. e. asses. Swetland blda.
McXeil Island Timber May Be"
Burned to Get Fugitive.
.TACOMA, Wash.. Aug. 21. Fred
erick H. Delage, 34. sentenced last
May to a two-year term for stealing
automobiles in Seattle, escaped his
guards at the federal prison on
McNeil island this morning. An
armed 'posse was at once sent in
pursuit, and if the prisoner is not
apprehended within a short time the
woods where he is thought to be
hiding will be burned.
Delage, who was a trusty, was
working with a wheelbarrow when
he fled into the woods where Roy
Gardner made his escape.
j - r" . . i
families in one car, S. J. Vanderburg
and wife, and D. M. Hohe and wife,
the latter couple having a sweet
3-year-old daughter, Jeanne. Jeanne
is noted for her beautiful hair,
which in color Is about Schenectady.
, . . . . . , . su.
whlch 1S 3ust bevon1 Auburn. She
f ne seotjon
7 . . . i.
iwnere sue uvea. ner ituiti is
traveling salesman. They head for
home from here.
Seattle is represented at the
camp by F. W. Phelps and wife,
with their little daughter, Frances
Belle, age 7. Mr. Phelps is a writer
by occupation, and is editor and
publisher of The Picific Coast Me
chanic. They are simply on a trip
to this city.' and will return in a
day or two.
Raipi, c. Miller and wife are from
i Cleveland. O.. where Mr. Miller is
Ian automobile mechanic. With them
I little daughter. Marjorie,
They are all bound for L,os
AnRC,e9 for the winter
John AUeman and wife are at the
and daughter, the young man being
of age and the young lady in tnat
vicinity. Mr. Alleman is a Car
penter contractor. They are on their
return trip from Long Beach. Cal.,
and from here will return io, their
Seattle home via the highway,
Yakima valley route.
From Long Beach. Cal.. arrived
j A. P. Bunn. an auto machinist. Cal
H. Widman. a !ather. Paul Bond,
also a lather, and Tom Gleason,
lather number three. Four fine
looking young men. worthy the at
tention of many .of our Portland
young ladies, and there will" be
plenty of time to get acquainted, for
all four of them will hereafter
sign Portland after they register.
They are fed up on California, and
are going to make a stand in
If any of the Kiwanians should
chance to pass the camp they ma? see
what the avenue which it was prom
ised to be given their name looks
like cleared of the brush and other
j impedimenta, for the park workers
j nave ciearen it, tnanK you, as tar as
the grounds reach south, which is
to Ainsworth avenue, without help
from old man Kiwanis.
Department Store Official Says
Improvement in Business
Conditions Is Evident.
"Women are still bobbing their
hair in the east." said Will F. Lip
man of the Lipman, Wolfe & Co.,
who has just returned from a
month's visit to the east with his
staff of departmental buyers. "De
spite the fact that bobbed hair is
being decried as inharmonious with
the Grecian lines of the latest wom
en's gowns, the women with shorn
tresses-are increasing all tlfe time.
They argue that only by bobbing
their hair can they keep themselves
looking young when they don the
modish long dresses for style.
"Long dresses are going to prove
the vogue this fall and winter," he
said." and with them women are
going to wear battleship gray
stockings. Sandals are failing into
the discard. Women's oumns are
being cut down to show little heel
and almost no sole this year. The
high heel is to be no more for those
vyho would' ke&p pace with the
"Women's hats are to be fashioned
along oriental designs for the fall
styles." he told. "We have already
,n our store model entitled the
Sphinx. The headwear Is not to be
as large as it is beautiful.
"I have found the men growing
more and more fastidious in their
dress. Men's wear ceases to be a
staple and is more faddish. Knit
t'es in conspicuous colors are stylish
and men will find themselves wear
ing woolen sox this year more than
ever before.
"On the whole -there is a spirit
of optimism among the merchants
and buyers throughout the United
States. Those who went to New
York to attend the annual Buyers'
week there were all of the opinion
that by the middle of September
business would be 100 per cent nor
mal. Buyers are taking their stocTt
in conservative quantities, but are
looking forward to a general in
crease in business volume."
Mr. Lipman passed, about four
weeks in the east. He said that
New York appears much better than
it did for some time in a business
way. The railroad strike is tying
up trade to some extent, but the
east is looking to a hasty settle
ment of the strike. With this im
pediment to traae'out of the way,
the public is expected to come for
ward and buy in greater quantities
than it has for a long time.
General Enlargement of Sections
and Extension of Judging Are
Planned for Coming Show.
"""" t
General enlargement and im
provement of departments and
judging methods are planned for the
Clackamas county fair, which will
be held September 19-22. Strieter
rules will cover competftion and
augmented classification of exhibits
is being arranged.
Grange prizes this year will be
$100 for the best exhibit; second
prize. $75: third prize, $50: 'fourth
prize. $25, and fifth prize, $15, and
in addition a special prize to the
grange entering the most beautiful
and artistically arranged booth. -
In the improvement club displays
the first prize will be $75. the sec
ond $50 and the third $25. Any
neighborhood organization , is eli
gible for entry.
Livestock again will be the fea
ture of the juvenile department, but
each regularly organized club will
be restricted to one judging team
of three members. Judging will be
limited to one lot of one breed of
cattle, one lot of one breed of sheep
and one lot of one breed of swine.
First prize will be $9. second $6,
third $3, fourth" $2 and fifth $1.
Judging in this and the poultry de
partment will take place Septem
ber 21.
Special prizes will be given in
corn and potato growing, vegetable
gardening, pork productton. sheep
raising, calf raising, the keeping of
dairy herd records and in canning
and sewing.
rr.Tr-r- irnnvrm nnrfnVTIV TTTT?OTliT A TT. TTST 22. 1 022 -
xxiru jiUJviu a uiiutaj.! ' - - - - -
Five Experts Are Expected to
Agree in Selection of
Miss Portland.
Judges of The Oregonian beauty
contest asked for more time yes-,
terday in which to arrive at a de
cision. It is expected they will
bring in a verdict within a day or
It had been hoped by the judges
themselves, as well as all others
interested, that the award would
have been made yesterday at what
was hoped to be the final -meeting
of the judges. This was found to
be impossible, although the jury
went into the task with all the
vigor possible. It was realized that
further consideration of the most
formidable contenders for the beau
ty crown would be absolutely essen
tial. The great care the judges are tak
ing, to choose the very loveliest of
Oregon girls to bear the proud
title of Miss P ortland at the Atlan
tic City pageant of beauty next
month is complete evidence of their
fairness1 and desire only to make no
mistake in the ultimate picking of
the winner.
The five experts named to elect
Miss Portland want to be in com
plete accord in making the. award
and it is believed that with fur
ther consideration this will be pos
sible. It is expected that Miss Port
land will be introduced to The Ore
gonian's readers within a very short
time, possibly tomorrow. ,
Xew York Alan Declares Oregon
Ports Would Suffer Should
Government Back Scheme.
Should the government take up
and develop the St. Lawrence ship
canal and expend $500,000,000
through rivers and harbors appro
priations, as is proposed . Oregon
ports will suffer. This was the
warning given to members of the
Portland Chamber of Commerce by
Henry W. Hill of Buffalo. N. Y., at
the forum luncheon yesterday.
Mr. Hill is touring the United
States in opposition to the St. Law
rence project. He said that the tak
ing of such a large sum of money
from the rivers and harbors budget
would make almost impossible the
appropriation of money for the
-needed improvements of ports on
the Pacific coast.
"Why waste millions in the waste
ful waters of the St. Lawrence and
leave unimproved the waterways of
the United States, or there are not
now and for a generation there will
not be sufficient Yunds to take care
of both?" Mr. Hill asked.
He stated that the St. Lawrence
scheme was one the expediency of
which is doubted by any navigator
or owner of an ocean-going vessel.
Mr. Hill is a member of the state
commission of New York appointed
to fight the St. Lawrence project.
Government Prepares to Malrket
Huge Areas of Timber.
B. E. Hoffman, logging engineer
for the United States forest service,
has returned from a general survey
of a mammoth stand of timber In
the Cascade national forest, par
ticularly that n the watershed
north of Oak Ridge, on the north
fork of the middle fork of the Wil
lamette river. Mr. Hoffman said
yesterday the stand is one of the
largest of untouched fir in the counr
try, and that he has been conduct
ing cruising and survey work with
a crew of men for the purpose of
blocking, off the areas for timber
There are between four and five
billions of feet of beautiful stands,
which are easily accessible by the
railroad to Oak Ridge, and will be
made more so when the Natron cut
off is completed.
Mr. Hoffman has also been doing
some survey work in the pine tim
ber lands in the Burns area, where
large sales are being contemplated
by the forest service. He is of the
opinion that large lumber interests
cannot afford to pass up the oppor
tunity to seize upon some of the
valuable stands which will be re
leased by the government.
Ruth Stonchouse and Associates
Stricken With Mai de Mer.
Seasick and looking anything but
heroes and heroines, the members
of the recently organized second
company of the Premium Motion
Picture corporation, with headquar
ters in this city, reached Portland
about 8 o'clock yesterday morning
from Los Angeles and heaved a sigh
of relief when they at last stood on
something that was stable and not
given to nauseating movements.
Picture work will begin soon here.
The company, which was in charge
of John J. Fleming, president of the
corporation, included Ruth Stone
house. Lura Anson, George Larkin,
Carl Silvera, William Gould, Frank
Whitson and Al Ferguson.
J. C. Cook, the cameraman, proved
a good seaman. In, order to while
away the time, he mounted his
camera on the bridge of the vessel
and, every time any of the woe-be-gone
looking members of the cast
timidly put in an appearance on
deck he relentlessly recorded on
celluloid their unheroic actions. ,
Miss Muriel Matthews of Rogue
River Writes Best Essay.
J. J. Handsaker, state director of
near-east relief, announced yester
day that Miss Muriel Matthews of
Rogue river is the winner of the
Henry Morgenthau prize offered for
the best essay or oration on the
near-east situation written by an
Oregon high school junior or senior
and read or delivered at a public
meeting of some kind.
The state contest committee, Miss
Margaret Reid, Marshall Dana.
Walter Gleeson and Dr. R. F. Scholz.
with ten years' actual experience
selling lumber and other building
materials to Portland contractors,
would like to hear from established
firm needing high-class salesman.
Drivel own car. For interview ad
dress AJ KS4, Oregonian,
l 1 u .
Bwy. at -Taylor. Pfc. Main 1OO0
II A. M. TO II P.M. '
nrx an 3 ITP A TTTI.P!
Together wltb uol hlg-h-clasa
rnnlnrllniy f TJ T
FVFftlsiGS AFTER 6 - - 35c
a-uiw nnmv lrNI)KR 12 - - 10c I
have forwarded Miss Matthews' es
say to New York, where prize es
says from all states will be. judged
by a national committee and the
national prize offered' by .Mr. Mor-
genthau awarded. t
The foremost scientific institute
of the world developed "fly-tox"
to kill flies, mosquitoes, moths, bed
bugs, cockroaches and other house
insects; no dust; harmless to peo
ple. Sold by all retail dealers.
Yakima Rex Spray Co., Yakima,
Wash., distributors. Adv. t -"
The Oregonian publishes practi
cally all of the w"&nt ads printed in
the other three Portland papers, in
addition to thousands of exclusive
advertisements not printed in any
other local paper.
S. ft Ix. green stamps for casa.
Holman Fuel Co., coal and wood.
Broadway 6353: 560-21. Ady.
Summer prices on coal. Phone Dia
lond Coal Co., Bdwy. 3037. Adv.
gesr mm
Puff Pastry I
Made of the finest
creamery butter; E
crisp and flaky. S-
Palm Leaves, dozen 80c
Patty Shells, dozen 70c E
Cheese Straws, doz. 30c
Banana Cream Tart,
two for . . . . i 25c
E Napoleon Slice, two E
for . .... 25c
Eccles Cakes, three
for 25c E
E Banburry Cakes, three E
for ,25cE
E 126 Tenth Street
1 hazel wood
Pastry Dept. I
E 127 Broadway
In Portland's Business Center
Rates from ,
$1.00 with detached bath
$1.50 with private bath
I II . 1
Nine cases out of ten you'll find that he is
the njan who prepared for the job by educa
tion. You, too, can hold a position of respon
sibility if you prepare yourself by training.
Every man who comes here with the desire to
accomplish the big things in life will be given
every encouragement.
Last year over 2,000
ambitions men prepared
themselves in the day
and evening schools of
. this Institution. Small
plaaaea and Individual
Instruction are art aaanr
nnce that here you will
learn quickly and thor
oughly. Cherk the course
x you are Interested In,
fill In the coupon at the
' bottom of the page and
start "Suceeaaward"
- Tear off this coupon and mall NOW!
Gentlemen. Please send me full Information about the
school or course I have marked
Name . . .
Boarding and Day School for Girls
Thirty-ninth year begins September 14, 1922.
College preparatory and general courses.
Special advantages in French, Music and Art.
Elementary Department.
BISHOP KEATOR, President Board of Trustees.
it ' U 'Z. A
... on fm the heart of
s- !3g
wo.-, TlmiGB
in New lorK, Lnicmii, x-,i,,au;.K"..
wn r.lrls from 0 to zu years,
torv ' music, art. supervised calisthenics,
all communications to Mother Superior.
by Gas
If it hurts
don't pay
Charges Reasonable
Reduced Prices on All
Plate and Bridgework.
All Work Guaranteed.
Dr. Harry Seraler
Dr. A. B. Stiles With This Office
d Floor Alisky l'hone Main 6578
BuildiiiK Open Kvenine
w. Corner 3d and Sundays by
and Morrison Appointment
Next to Rex Theater on Morrison St.
Next to Skidmore Drug Store on 3d.
Pioneer Square,
200 Large, Clean, Airy Rooms,
Newly Carpeted and Re
decorated. Rates: $2 Single, $3 Double.
With Bath: $3 Single,
$4.50 Double.
First-Class Cafe in Connection.
Club Breakfast 30c.
Lunch 60c, Dinner $1.00
R. L, HODGDON, Manager.
Note Owned and operated by
t ,v. Sfatps- the MOtrier nouhe i 'i"iu" . . .nui.
in the United t,a,"is:.lnI;V.rjL.v.4. sffo-n N v.: Massachusetts and Chpv-
Day, Xlght and Corres
pondence Courses
Storage Battery
Business Administration
College Preparatory
Mechanical .
Elementary School
Radio Telegraphy
Mechanical Drawing
Academy of
64tn to 57th. between Sandy Boulevard
and Alameda Drive, rortland. Or.
Delightfully situated on the main ar
tery lcadingr to the wonderful Columbia
the city. This is one of the ten convents
t lnr
...V' -, L.'v . ii
aciosi us m .B Vx r
Catalogues sent on request'. Address
j 201-202 Wilcox Building
Abdominal Supporter,
-lind for Prices and Meas
uring Blank. Postage
Paid by Us.
j Trnas Expertj,
173 TtaLrd street. Portland,
For Particulars Call
MRS. j. F. MYERS. EAST 733.
Primary, Intermediate and
Academic Departments
Fall Term Opens September 18
Write for Catalogr
' 821 Marshall Street
'hone Atnatcr 018S
Special preparation for college
entrance examinations for all lead
ing eastern universities and tech
nical schools. Accredited to all
western universities. Thorough and
efficient training. Circulars.
Phone East 2701. 535 E. Salmon St.
A Moderately-rriced Hotel of Merit
E. Morrison St. and E. Sixth.
S1.25 Per Oar. S6 l'r Week Up.
Made Strong and Well by
Lydia ELPinkham's Veg
etable Compound
St. Paul, Minn. "I took Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for
la tired, worn-out
feeling and pain
ful periods. I used
to get up with a
pain in my bead
and pains in my
lower parts and
back. Often I was
notable to do my
work. I read in
your little book
about Lydia E.
Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound
and I have taken it. I feel so well
and strong and can do every bit of
my work and not a pain in my back
now. I recommend your medicine
and you can use this letter as a testi
monial." Mrs. Phil. Masee, 801
Winslow St., St. Paul, Minn.
Just another case where a woman
found relief by taking Lydia E.Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound. Many
times these tired, worn-out feelings
and pains about the body are from,
troubles many women have. The Veg
etable Compound is especially adapt
ed for just this condition, The good
results are noted by the disagreeabla
eymptoms passing away one after
Lydia E. Pinkham's 'Vegetable
Compound is a Woman's Medicine for
Women's Ailments. Always reliable.
You are both
foolish and
blind to con
viction if you
deny that:
cure pilea
land other
r rectal condi
tion without
an uiciakivu,
without first
and learning the truth.
My methods are painless do
not confine you to bed; do not
require an anesthetic and are
permanent. I ELIMINATE
If you are interested and wish
to know more about my methods
Free Booklet
2d and Morrison Fits., Portland. Or.
Mention this paper when writing-.
It's Neuritis!
Not Rheumatism
That sharp, Btabblng puin In the upper
arm, about the shoulder blade. In th
nape of the neck, along the forearm or
down the thigh and leg, la often Neu
ritis not Rheumatism.
If you have severe frontal headache
with a feelinjr that somnthinjr Is twith
lnf or pulling at the eyeballs h dull,
aching pain in the back, accompanied by
an occasional shooting pain in the side
numbness or tingling in the fingers or
"sticthes" of pain here and there, the
chances are that your trouble is Neuritis.
No matter where your pain is located,
you can get prompt relief without takitiK
bromides, narcotic.-N or other dope. Take
a few Tysmol Tablets tn hot water ac
cording to directions. Tysmol is guaran
teed harmless. Jt helps to soothe and heal
the weak, inflamed nerves.
Don't suffer any longer. Get a $1 paek
age of Tysmol Tablets from Woodard
Clarke, owl Drug Co., or any reliable
Tysmol Co., Mfg. Chemists, 400 Suttr
Street, baa Francisco. Adv.
Squeeze the juice of two lemona
into a bottle containing- three
ounces of Orchard White, wJtlch any
drug store will supply for a few
cents, shake well and you have a
quarter pint of harmless and de
lightful lemon bleach. Massage this
sweetly fragrant lotion into the
face, neck, arms' and hands each. day.
then shortly note the beauty and
whiteness of your skin.
Famous stage beauties use thla
lemon lotion to bleach and bring"
that soft, clear, rosy-white com
plexion, also as a freckle, sunburn
and tan bleach because It doesn't
irritate. Adv. .
Apply Zemo, the Antiseptic
Liquid Easy to Use.
From any druggist for 35c. or 1.00
for large size, get a bottle of Zemo.
When applied as directed It effec
tively removes Eczema, quickly stops
itching, and heals skin troubles, also
Sores. Burns, Wounds and Chafing.
It penetrates, cleanses and soorties.
Zemo is a clean, dependable and in
expensive antiseptic liquid Try it.
as we believe nothing you have ever
used is as effective and satisfying.
Remedies for all
d 1 i e a i rl mad
from th h a r m
Herbs, Root,
and Bark, these
well-known cure.
for Nervousness.
Stomarh. Lunns.
Kidneys. L.1V
Tf er. Rheuma
1 tlim Bladder.
Blood, O a 1 1
stone and all
disorders of Men. Women and Chil
dren Try Blnic Choon' wonderful
Verne "ies. Quick result will sursly
BING CHOONG. 284 Flanders St.
3! OllWlfe
rsr-s"'" i " t vr