Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, August 21, 1922, Page 7, Image 7

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i, 1 -. r-m
City Editor : Main T07. r.BO-9S
Sunday Editor Main Tt'IO, 5iO-W5
Art vf rttsinn Dept Main 7070, T60-U5
SuperintenUeut of Bids. .Main 7070. SJ0-85
Subscribe with the following agents at
your summer resort, to teure the most
promp- delivery of The uregonlan. -Lity
rates. Subscriptions by mail are payable
In advance.
Barvlew, Or Mrs. Georsia Flsk
"i-Sy Citv. Or. . .VC O. K. Shelly
Hay Ocean. Or. F. D. Mitchell
Breakers. Wash J. M. McArthur
Brigmon. Or A. W. Row
Cannon Beach, Or. . .Cannon Beach Mc Co.
Carson, Wash. .. Mrs. M. St. Martin
Carson, Wash . '. . . . Shlpherd's Hot Springs
Carson. Wash Carl R. Smith
Chir.ook, Wash R. Knutso.i
Ecola. Or Cannon Beach Merc. Co.
Oarlbaldl, Or D. C. Kills
Garibaldi, Or J. L. Kidder
Gearhart, Or W. J. Robinson
Hot I-ake. Or Hot Lake Sanitarium
llwaco. Wash l . ..A. C. Pr-sco Beach. Wasrt W. E. Strauhat
Manhattan Beach, Or - L Stalnaker
Jilanzanita. Or E. Kardell
McKenzie Bridge. Or. .Swartzi Mcl'hers-on
Moclips, Wash Mrs. L. I.. James
Kahcotia. Wash H. J. Brown
Ke.-ih-kaa-nie Beach. Or A. C Anderson
Nehalem. Or D. C. Peregoy
Neskowin, Or Alexander Reel:
New-port, Or J. E. Sharp
Ocean Lake 1- Stalnaker
Ocean Park. Wash Emma Campbell
Oceanside. Or Rosenberg Bros.
Pacific Citv. Or G. W. Ward
Pacific City. Or D. F. Edmunds
Roi kawav. Or T. sralnaker
Seaside. Or Roth Drug Co.
Seavlew. Wash George L. Putnam
Tlllamo6k. Or 3. S. Lamar
Twin Rocks, Or L. Stalnaker
Wheeler, Or R. H. Cady
Wheeler. Or J- Hamilton
HIPPODROME (Broadwa at Yamhill)
Vaudeville and moving pictures con
tinuous daily, 1:1.3 to 11 P- M.
PAXTAGES (Broadway at Alder)
Vaudeville. Three shows daily, 2:30, 7
and 9 P. M.
THE OAKS (Amusement Park Picnic
grounds, bathing and summer diver
sions. Take cars at First and Alder.
COLtMBIA BEACH (Amusement Park)
Bathing, dancing ana riaes. wars at
Fifth and Washington.
i-nn v rK SmrflrtT. RrsHED. Work
on the new Catholic parish school
for the Blessed Sacrament parish
Is being rushed to completion and
-will be ready for the opening f
the winter term on September 6.
I"ive sisters of St. Francis from Du
hnnnA Tnwa rA exnected to arrive
next week to take charge of the in
struction wont in me lnsinunuu.
rY- .;.-.. .nlnna ova hpinsr made for
the dedication ceremony for the ne-w
school building to oe neia un r
tember 3.
2ixrrAci PTTr-n 1 TlRrKKES PARTT
(Residents in the vicinity of Third
and Mill streets were treated 10 a
bit of early morning excitement
Sunday when an automobile load of
drunken men and women were made
the target of a pistol held by Police-
t Th inv nartv had been
driving about the neighborhood, and
wtien called to halt by the bluecoat.
refused to obey. Two shots fol
hue the -offenders refused to
lialt and made their escape. '
Methodists to Picnic. A picnic
will be held at Laurelhurst park
Friday under the auspices- of the
Methodist Deaconess auxiliaries of
the city and their friends. Hot cof
fee will be served with the lunch at
12:30. The programme will Include
a;nra . i- Vina Ruth Miles and a
dramatic production. "Mrs. Jarley's
Wax-works," wnicn win oe given'"
women of the society. An invi
tation has been extended to all who
care to be .present. '
rotaeian Picnic Tomorrow. ine
...... 1 ninio thA mAmhpr of
the Portland Rotary club and their
M,i,., ,nH frianiiB xc-in h held to
morrow at Crystal Lake park near
Milwaukle. The affair will . begin
at noon and last until almost mid
night. In addition to the basket
luncheon there will be swimming,
boating, dancing and a -programme of
. tv7ac, will Vt offered in all
events. Fred A. Easch is chairman
of the committee in charge.
Exakikers Compile Report. The
State Board of. Engineering exam
iners OI VrCRUE IS wmimuift
its second oienniai report to
legislature. Tills report win irun-
tain a list of all registered en
gineers who are In good standing,
ffiuinir t a ms' addresses, and branch
of engineering in which they are
qualified, r our applicants toon tn
examination for registration as pro
fessional engineers at tne last meet
1 ' r t- 13 TTCIT.T T.AUKCH PARTT.
The annual launch party of the
Portland Willamette club, consist
ing of former students of Willam
ette University now living in Port
land, will Be neitt tomorrow even
ing. The party win leave me r a
vorite Boat house at the foot of
! n Uirini at rft hriHerA at 6:30.
Lunch will be served on the boat.
Invitations have been sent out to
abont 200.
tTtjwww TV TTttt. to Speak Hpnrv
TV. Hill, president of the New York
Historical society ana director or
the National Rivers and Harbors
congress, will speak on the subject
vj. T.aTx-rp.TfA Canal Prnlect"
at the members' forum of the cham
ber of commerce today noon. J N.
flcclctsnt eBcrelHrv rtf the
United States Department of inter
ior, will also speaK.
Vftvnr.v MrrTTVf: to Rksttme.
Regular monthly meetings of the
Parkrose Community ciuo win oe
resumed In SeptemDer. i ne organ
h abandoned all reerular
sessions in August and will meet
only in special session at tne can
, v. nFAsifipnt If ncrAston de
mands. So far no special meetings
have been held and none are scheduled.
William C. Sullivan, who was ar
rested at a filling station at East
S2d and Division streets, late Sat
urday, was returned to The Dalles
yesterday by Sheriff Chrissman to
face charges of grand larceny which
axe pending against him there. Sul
livan, who is married, has been em
ployed at the filling station for some
time past.
Dr. Ljndell has returned from
her wedding trip and is again in her
office from 10 to S. Adv.
Wht Rent? For Sale. 4-room
bungalow M250: 250 down, $35 per
month. G 934. Oregonian. Adv.
Etb Strain Relieved, no glasses.
Good Sight Institute, 306 Alisky
bldg. Adv.
Doctor Ella K. Dearborn- re
turned, 800 Union ave., near Veatch.
DentOX De Temple Co. moved to
8-0 Pine sL, at Broadway. Tires and
repairing. Adv.
Dr. J. E. Anderson, osteopath. 915
Selling building, has returned. Adv.
.Summer prices on coal. Phone Dia
mond Coal Co., Bdwy. 3037. Adv.
r- ; ;
THIS regular inncnewii mcciuis
the Business Women's club will
be held next Thursday at 12:10
jn Y. W. C. A. social hall with Miss
Bertha McCarthy, vice-president
presiding. Samuel C. Lancaster will
deliver an illustrated lecture on the
Columbia highway and Lancaster's
Columbia gorge camp. Dr. Grace
Keith Will be hostess. Walter Jen
kins will sing.
Members of the club are planning
a trip to the Lancaster Columbia
gorge camp for Saturday, September
? tPA many, of -Lho -mem bec-r
Mrs. Samuel E. Halstead of
Riverside, CaL, who are the
house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will
iam MacMaster, are being enter
tained at many delightfully in
formal affairs. ' Today Mrs. John
Latta will preside at a luncheon in
their honor. Covers will be placed
for Miss Wright, Mrs. Halstead,
Mrs. William C. Alvord, Mrs. Will
iam MacMaster and the hostess.
Mrs. L. A. Anderson entertained
with a tea on Thursday afternoon
at her home in Rose City Park, com
plimenting Miss Mildred Bartholo
mew, who will leave next week for
Columbia university.
Among the young society maids
who will serve as pages during the
Episcopal church convention are
Mrs. Robert O. Morrison, Mrs. Wil
son B. Coffey, Mrs. Severin Hark
son, Mrs. Harold D. Gill. Mrs. George
Archibald Kingsley, Mrs. Henry
Clay Judd. Miss Nadine Caswell,
Miss Suzanne Caswell, Miss Frances
Page, Miss Mary Helen Spalding and
Miss Frances Spalding," Miss Janet
House, Miss Margaret Johnston, Miss
Rhoda Burpee. Miss Ruth and Miss
Marion Jenkins, Miss Susan Taylor,
Miss Louise Thompson, Miss Mignon
Eliot. Miss Mary Gill. Miss Gladys
I . an,ia ra I'.Cr'ini'Pr
1 1 1 1 V til. Jlias v., .... i ..... . ' ' '
.!ias Jldl Jul 1C i
McCleod, Miss Anna and Katherine
Wheeler, Miss Frances White. Miss
Eleanor Adsit, Miss Adaltne Ken
dall, Miss Anna E. Barker. Miss
Louise Dorsey, Miss Suzanna Piatt.
Miss Katherine Forbes, Miss Mar
garet Biddle, Miss Virginia Biddle,
Miss Virginia Mears and Mis3 Bar
bara Stanfield
Mr. and Mrs. William D. .Wheel
wright are passing a few days at
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Hart and
Mrs. Arthur Minott are among those
who spent the week end at Ecola.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Hunt Lewis left
on Tuesday morning for Crater lake.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Holman and
their daughter. Miss Florence Ho
man, are enjoying a visit in Vic
toria, B. C.
Miss Elizabeth McGaw entertained
Captain and Mrs. C. H. Naulove of
Manila. P. I., for tea recently, wher
the guests included besided th
visitors Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Blohm
Miss Elsa -Sill, Miss Marjorie Silver,
jhorne. Miss Gladys Dobson, Mis
Margaret Creech and Miss Zelpha
Henry Cabell spent the week end
as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. Allen
Lewis at their summer home at
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kerr left this
week for Wedderburn, where they
will spend some time.
MrJ and Mrs. W. A. Montgomery,
their eon, Richard G. Montgomery,
and their daughter. Miss Nan Mont
gomery, are spending a short time
at the beaches.
Mrs. David T. Honeymant is the
house guest of Mrs. Jordan V. Zan
in Victoria. B. C.
m m
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Morrison
are spending some time at Seaview.
Mrs. Thomas Sharp is conva
lescing from her recent operation,
and is the guest of her parents, Dr.
and Mrs. A. A. Morrison.
Mrs. G E. Grelle left Thursday for
a three weeks' trip to California. At
Pebble Beach she will be joined by
Mr. Grelle.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Bennett were
recent visitors at X.og La Barre.
. -A - " -
" , t ' t t
1 -1 -A-, - f? - - I
Bushnell photo.
Among others at the resort' were
Mrs. W. J. Patterson, Mr. and Mrs.
David Caufield, Miss Catherine
Friedman. Mrs. W. E. Essick, Mrs.
A. L. Holden, Miss Agnes Beth Smith
and Miss Mae B. Smith.
Mrs. Harry A. La Barre was host
ess at a dinner party at Log La
Barre recently honoring Roy La
mont Smith of Chattanooga Tenn.,
and Mr. and Mrs. W.- E. .Essick of
Los Angeles, Cal who are visiting
Mrs. Essick's-parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. H. Bennett of . Portland.
A card party is set for Wednesday
night, when the Neighbors of Wood
craft will entertain in Arleta Wood
men of the World hall.
Plans for entertaining visiting
bishops, lay delegates and visitors
who will be in Portland for the
Episcopal convention next month
are interesting society.
The housing committee consists
of Mrs. J. J. Panton, chairman; Mrs.
R. P. Foster, Mrs. Harry W. Sharp,
Mrs. J. A. Littlehales, Mrs. George
Gerlinger, Mrs. John S. Parke, Mrs.
Thomas G. Hailey, Mrs. W. B. Buf
fum. Mrs. George N. West. Mrs.
William Whitfield, Mrs. William
Gabriel, Mrs. A. J. Browning, Mrs.
J E. Anderson, Mrs. J. R. Dickson,
Mrs. Minnie B. Haworth, Mrs. War
ren Keeler, Mrs. F. H. Crosby, Miss
Leila Mooreand Miss Virginia Wil
son. '
Coming as a complete surprise to
the host of friends is the announce
ment of the engagement of Miss
Stella Sommer, daughter of Mrs.
Bertha Sommer, 680 Hoyt street, to
Mr. Max Nayberger of McMmaville.
Miss Sommer is widely known in
Portland as one of the talented mu
sicians. She is a'-graduate of the
Zurich conservatory of music, Zu
rich. Switzerland. j
Mr. Nayberger is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Nayberger of Mc
Minnville. He , was educated in
Portland and has a wide circle of
friends in this city.
As yet, no date for the wedding
has been set other than that it will
occur some time in the early winter
SILVERTON, Aug. 20. (Special.)
Alvin Hobart of Silverton and Miss
Phyllis Lyne of Creston, B. C. were
married August 17 at, the home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Lyne of Creston. Mr. and
Mrs. F. A. Hobart, Miss Anne Ho
bart and Clarence Harwood -of Sil
verton were members of the wed
ding party.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hobart were
both members of .the 1921 graduat
ing class of the Oregon Agricultural
college. Mrs. Hobart was a member
of the Delta Zeta sorority at col
lege. During the last year she has
had charge of the home economics
department of the Woodburn high
school. Mr; Hobart is a member of
the Kappa Delta Digma fraternity.
Mr. and -Mrs. Hobart will make
their home at Silverton after their
honeymoon at a Canadian lake re
sort. Mrs. James Sturgis ef Pendleton
has returned to her homte after a
pleasant visit at Seaside.
planning to spend the night at the
camp.' Automobiles will leave Mult
nomah hotel Saturday afternoon,
September 2, at 2 o'clock. Reserva
tions should be made by letter ad
dressed to Emma Christman, North
western National bank, or to Eliza
beth Barry, United States National
Women of trie Trinity church are
requested ot meet at the par'Sh
house Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock to make final arrangements
for the tea to be given at the audi
torium during the Episcopal conven
tion in September.
Members of the Portland chapter
of the American War Mothers are
to meet today at 1:45 P. M. at Ken
worthy's chapel to attend the fu
neral services for Mrs. Julia Ste
vens, which are- to be held at 2
o'clock. Mrs. Stevens was a gold
star mother and a prominent mem
ber of the war mother organization.
Mrs. Thomas W. Kirby is chair
man of the stirty classes for the
Episcopal convention. Those on the
committee who will assist Mrs. Kirby
are: The Misses Mulheron and Ea
ton and Mesdames J. B. Heselton.
James Jones, W. P. Jenkins, A. J.
Peel. St. Helens: F. C. Taylor, Asto
ria; D. G. Bottum, J. O. and E. Black,
L. D. Roberts, Sara Blue, T. N.
Strong, James McQueen and Mrs.
Its. Grande Iegion Plans Fete.
LA GRANDE. Or., Aug. 20, (Spe
cial.) Determined1 to have the big
gest celebration ever held in gast-
21 3 ..- ':!. ' .: :;i "-' -V1.--''.: :;,:'L'. '- ' ;:.:-.: '' ? '': '....:'.' .; ': .'...a, ' .jjir-.- ji-.'.'-''.!.': t
M? &e "4 - ' ' Hi
ill -v' il
hi y;J ' v - ,v hi
nit ' 7 III
& $ &
Photo Copyright by Bain.
It's an oyster -white cape, with hat to match, pretty Mary Anderom, the
wearer, displays It to excellent advantage. It'u simple, but ita nifty,
too, and report arer-hat thQe--ho her in it liked it, .
ern Oregon, the American Legion
post of La Grande, will meet to
morrow evening and select commit
tees to work out details of the cele
buration. According to Commander
Ray Murphy the "40-8" society will
be organized at this meeting of the
legion, which will function to a
lArge extent In the future of the
local order. .
Work for Washington Maeonic
Lodge to Start Soon. . ' i
That excavation work for the
new $75,000 annex, to be built for
the Washington Masonic lodge ad
joining the present structure on
East Eighth and Burnsido streets,
will be started this month was the
hope expressed yesterday by mem
bers of the building association.
Plans for the new building have
been drawn and approved by the
members of the lodge and construc
tion work is pending the arrange
ments of a few minor details.
The cornerstone ceremony prob
ably will be held in October, for it
is not planned to lay the stone
until the execavation work has been
completed and the foundation and
basement walls constructed. 1 When
completed the Washington lodge
will have one of the finest exclu
sive lodge buildings In the city, for
it Is planned eventually to equip a
modern gymnasium in addition to
the fine club-room facilities and the
auditorium and ballroom which are
included in the specifications.
The Oregonian publishes practi
cally all of the want ads printed in
the other three Portland papers, in
ta-ddition to thousands of exclusive
advertisements not printed in any
other local paper.
Proof of a "Inan's
realization . of the un
certainty which lies
ahead jn life is his
willingness to v
Make a will,
Own a home..
Carry life insurance.
Home Office, Portland, Or.
is already protecting
Northwest families to
the extent of 28 million
Can yours afford to be with
out protection?
Names Are Disregarded and At
titude of Fairness Toward All
Candidates Is Impressive.
What may be. and is hoped will be,
the final and decisive meeting of the
five judges of The Oregonian beauty
contest will be held today. ' They
will consider with the utmost care
the entries and will make every ef
fort to arrive at a verdict. It is ex
pected that the beauty crown of
Oregon will be awarded before
nightfall. '
Entire fairness! has been the dom
inant aim of the' judges throughout
their work. In all cases they have
done their judging entirely without
reference to names of candidates, so
that there could be no possible
charge of prejudice or bias.. The
Judges are so entirely fair that they
needed no instructions on this point;
it was their own natural inclination
to disregard the coupons marked
with the names of entries, pasted
upon the back of the photographs,
and they concerned themselves oHly
with the pictures themselves.
The judges have, in fact, gone into
their work with such a detached
viewpoint that they at once estab
lish the highest confidence in the
mind of every contestant, and it Is
believed that when the one girl shall
have been chosen from among so
many all the others, knowing of the
utter fairness in judging, will forget
whatever personal disappointment
may be felt and be convinced that
the best choice of a state beauty
was made.
We buy and selNall issues of Lib
erty Bonds and U. S. Certificates.
Portland Trust Co., Sixth and Mor
rison streets. Adv.
S. fa. green stamps for cash.
Holman Fuel Co., coal and wood.
Broadway 6353: 660-21. Adv.
H Bain, at TrOr. Fk. Mate 10OO 3
ma r- u r
HI a r .PART
rIer - b-xmU blli"
(Including War Tax)
AFTEIWNS TO 6 - - 25c
wnu xr-i jj-
Pioneer Square,
200 Large, Clean, Airy Rooms,
Newly Carpeted and Re
decorated. Rates: $2 Single, $3 Double.
With Bath: $3 Single,
$450 Double.
First-Class- Cafe in Connection.
Club Breakfast 30c.
Lunch 60c, Dinner $1.00
R. L. HODGDON, Manager.
Note; Owned and operated by
1' 1
Something extra good
served with
Our breakfast menus
feature a great num
ber of appetizing
E 388 Washington St.
E 127 Broadway E
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1
Use Your
JOY will make
your suit on
Easy Payments
and it will, cost no
more than if you
paid cash.
104 4th, Near Stark
6 Stores in Portland
Catholic Citizenship
So many calumnies against the citizenship of Catholics are di
rected at our attitude -on Christian education, that a statement of
principles will doubtless be welcomed by fair-minded non-f"10!
brethren. Our "Creed" or position on this subject may be set lortn
in what, with due reverence and respect, may be styled
the ten precepts of which we . expect to treat in subsequent articles
of this series. ,
' Let There Be Universal Educatron
so that every child born or reared in the United States may have
Hpnpe. free. ODen-
Lto-the-public schools must be made available everywhere.
Let There Be Compulsory Education
so that neither the poverty, nor, the ignorance, nor the indifference
of parents can halt our war upon illiteracy. Oregon, like most
states, already has such a law upon the statute books, and it is
being enforced everywhere. No new legislation is therefore neces
" Let a Uniform Language (English) Be Used
that in this "melting pot" of Americanism innumerable races and
nations may be molded into one; In some parochial schools in
Portland the children of a dozen nationalities mingle freely to
gether, speaking a common tongue, imbibing a common patriotism.
Let Our Text Book of Patriotism Be Truly American
That is, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the
United States and of Oregon, which text book the wordy sophisms
of klans, rites and bigots would mutilate beyond recognition.
Let There Be State Supervision of Educational Standards
not, however, dictation as to whatx shall be the color of every school
house, the garb or dress of every teacher, the religion of every
instructor. ,
Let Our Schools Aid Mightily in "the Perpetuation of Our Free In
stitutions" the first of these being religious liberty and protection of inalien
able rights, which our free institutions are supposed to safeguard
rather than destroy. But klans, rites, bigots, who simulate such
anxiety about our "free institutions,"- would "save" them by de
stroying them.
Let No Religion Be Forced Upon Children Whose Parents Object
We must give to others what we demand for ourselves liberty of
conscience. In this respect Christian, Jew, Mohammedan, Buddhist,
Atheist are all equal. Neutral or public schools must be kept neutral
in matters of religion.
Let Parental Rights Be Kept Inviolate
" "State ownership" of children may meet approbation in Soviet
Russia, but will Oregon adopt this principle, contrary to the laws
of every civilized nation that pretends to be free ?
Let Our Democracy Be True and Real, Not False and Delusive
Because schools are supported by "general taxation," does not
endow them with a peculiar sanctity, which others EQUALLY GOOD
do not possess. State monopoly in education was the strong point
of Prussianism; like all monopolies, it leads to abuses. Healthy
competition stimulates effort and perfects both systems.
"Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me and Forbid Them Not.
(Mark 10:14)
Shall the teachings of the decalogue and the golden rule to
children in private schools be considered a crime m Oregon?
Religious morality is an asset to good citizenship. But teaching
it daily to children would be subject to fine and imprisonment did
the pernicious Anti-Religious, Anti-Private School bill now pending,
become a law. ,
The above may be considered the platform, statement of prin
ciples of Catholics and others upholding the rights of private and
denominational schools. Truth-loving non-Catholics will instinct
ively recognize its accuracy and justice. Above decalogue will
be studied in detail in subsequent articles, the next one of the series
to appear in this paper Monday, August 28.
Correspondence solicited, Drawer K, Milwaukie, Oregon.
By E. E. Eberhard, Secretary.
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Take a ,20-Pay Life
Policy With Us
The United
608 Artisans' Building
Assets over $1,500,000.00
Your Home Society for 27 years.
Well-known, long-established
house has opening for two
additional salesmen for city
and Willamette valley terri-1
tories. The ' right men will
find attractive opportunities.
ettersto Joe
What a wife writes her husband,
when she is .visiting , the city.
No. 1
We got here all right. This morning the
air was like winter, but the house as cozy as
could be. I asked Mary: is the Gasco furnace
going? No, she said, it was. .Well, who shut it
off, I asked, as she hadn't, been. out of the
room, Why, that thermostat on the wall. 'Now
what do you know about that!
' When we sell the ranch, Joe, and move to
Portland, we must sure get a Gasco. It's
almost. human; I never saw the like. And
Mary says it costs no more to run than
1 Wand I
I Brewing - I
O 2
jf eta-far
, V
Make good salads better. It's
the "just made" flavor. Deliv
ered fresh to your grocer every
week. Get a jar today.
Portland, Oresron
A Conservative Custodian .
Money buried in tomato cans
or stuffed in mattresses or in
your pocket subjects you to
hoVdup or theft.
Member Federal Reserve System
"Better Salads Better Health'
X. W. Jenkins Co.. IUtrllutor.
And All Kind of Cooptraw at
Finke Bros. Cooperage Works
254 Front St.. Went End Haw
thorne Bridge. Main V143.
rr.r i