Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 28, 1922, Page 16, Image 16

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Just Received!
Imported Bead
Tunics $9.98
Were designed to be sold at
$15.00. On foundations of ex
quisite black silk net, these
tunics display elaborate motifs
and patterns in black, black
and sapphire, black and green
and black and American
Beauty beads. A slimly cut
underslip is all that is needed
to create an evening gown.
Meier & Prank's: Main Floor.
Marcel Hair
Come in and see the special dem
onstration of Marcel Hair Wavers
the kind that curl the hair in
two minutes and maket beautiful
lasting wave. Especially desirable
for bobbed hair. Each 35c or 3
for $1. '
Meier &' Frank's: Main Floor.
i4tA .ESTABLISHED '1867 ' f
The Quality store
of Portland
All Charge
today and balance of month will
go on the August bills which are
- .
Dated Sept. 1
Union Suits 89c
i Friday Swpr
Regularly $1.50 to $1.95. A clearaway of 250
women's athletic union suits, the famous "Seal
pax" brand. Mercerized tops and nainsook
bottoms. Flesh and white. A few with striped
voile tops. Built up shoulders. Broken sizes.
Meier & Prank's: Main Floor.
Linen Kerchiefs 25c
Package Goods 14
An assortment of package goods in a line being
closed out. Included are gowns, combinations,
novelties, children's dresses, etc. Both the ma
terials and the finishing of these articles are of
the best. Were $1.10 to $3.50 now 5o( to $1.75.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Were 35c to 50c. Women's fine linen hand- . ''
kerchiefs in a varied assortment of hand-em- YrtYTi 1 fif
j ah 1.:- l J . tf f IW.
Droiaerea styles, ah wuuc vr wiui uuiuicu
corner designs. Attractive colored hand-block
print sport handkerchiefs in solid colors and
with allover figured patterns, -inch hem
stitched hems.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Yarns suitable for making hats, ecarves, slip
pers, sweaters, etc. Many discontinued colors.
. Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Needlework 69c
Camisoles 95c
Regularly $1.50. Attrac
tive camisoles with bro
caded and dresden ribbon
tops and plain bottoms.
Elastic at top and bottom.
Ribbon shoulder straps.
White, flesh, pink, blue,
rose, brown, navy, coral.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Ribbon Remnants 10c-
5000 ribbon remnants accumulated during the
' past few weeks of busy selling. Included are
satins, novelty ribbons, striped ribbons, picot
edge, grosgrain and brocaded wash ribbons in
lengths from to 5 yards. ,
Meier & Frank's : Main Floor.
Ribbon Novelties 50c
Hand-made ribbon novelties that have been 75c
to $1.25. Included are garters, vanity bags,
powder puffs and puffs on sticks, trimmed
with ribbon roses and rosettes.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Fruit Jar -Holders 39c
Regularly 60c. Wire
jar racks for use in
canning fruit, vegeta
bles or anything that
is cooked in a jar.
Will fit No. 9 boiler
and will hold 8 quarC
or pint jars.
$1.00 holders, more
substantially made, will fit either 'No. 8 or No. 9
boiler, special at 69$.
Meier & Frank's: Basement.
Child's Sox 25c
Sample line of children's half and three-quarter
lisle sox in all sizes and colors but not all
sizes in any one color. Some less than' HALF.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Flouncings 49c
Regularly 59c to 75c yard. Cambric and long
cloth embroidered flouncings, 12 to 27 inches
wide, in eyelet and conventional designs. For
children's dresses, summer underthings, etc.
' Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Surprise Clearaway
of Luggage
Clearaway of odds and ends of wardrobe
and box trunks including: some of the fa
mous HARTMANN make, also fiber suit
cases and leather kitbags. Savings in some
cases as much as half. Some of the values :
$30.00 Hat Box Trunk. ....... .$15
$35.00 Hat Box Trunk. ....... .20
$59.50 Steamer Trunk. ..$35
$47.50 Steamer Trunk ...$32
$45.00 Three-Quarter Trunk... $30
$32.50 Steamer Trunk....;.... $26
$27.00 Auto Trunk . .$20
$24.00-$38.00 Everlasto Box
Trunk ... .1-3 OFF
$6.50-$6.75 Fibre Suitcase. .. .$4.95
$35.00 Leather Kitbag. . . . . .$25.00
Meier & Frank's: Sixth Floor.
Regularly $1.00 to $1.50. 500 pieces including
bath towels, combing jackets', laundry bags,
white and ecru scarves, centers, etc.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Pillow Slips 98c
Were $2.00. Pillow slips of firm muslin tubing,
'stamped with effective designs. 42x36 inches
in size. To be finished with crocheted or seal
loped edges. &
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Silk Bags
Bags that we have sold up to
now for $5 to $12. Rich black
and navy figured silks (some im
ported) fashion them and the
inner fittings and linings are un
usually rich and distinctive. Com
. plete with mirror and coin purse.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
U sola Cream 69c
$1.00 Usola cream special 69c. Also 50c Usola
cream at 39c. Cotys small size toilet water,
assorted odors, regularly $4.00 special $2.98.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Edges, Bands 15c
1000 yards of Calais val, imitation cluny and
. . plat val edges and bandings, 1 to 3 inches
wide. Regularly 25c yard.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Cretonnes 49c
1500 yards of cretonnes in 2 to 8-yard lengths,
regularly $1.00 "to $2.00 yard. Extra heavy
weight. Attractive patterns. !
Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor.
Summer Frocks
Frocks of domestic and imported ging
ham in checks, brilliant or delicate, to
gether with linen dresses in tan, blue
and rose make up this remarkable group.
There are only seventy-five dresses shown
at this low price and as the styles and color
ings are most varied,, early selection is ad
vised. Meier & Frank's: Fourth Floor.
Blouse ClearaWay
Included are some colored organdie
blouses that have sold for ,$5.00.
Also blouses of voile, batiste and
dimity. A few of crepe de chine in
small sizes only. An exceptional
opportunity to purchase an attrac
tive blouse for a nominal price.
Meier & Frank's: Fourth Floor.
Sale of Women's
Pumps,, Oxfords
Fifteen styles of wom
en's attractive pumps
and oxfords at this ex
ceptionally special
, price. Sports and lace
oxfords in washable
pearl elk with black saddle, smoke elk with,
brown saddle and tan with brown saddle straps.
Also black satin pumps, patent and black kid
pumps, gray suede one-strap pumps, tan one
and two-strap pumps with low, baby French
and high heels. All sizes in the lot.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
Camisette Guimpes $1
Were $1.25 to $1.50. Fashioned in gilet styles,
these camisette guimpes are of net combined with
val and venise lace effects. The ideal vestee for
sweater or suit. Some trimmed with cluster
tucks and buttons. Cream and white.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Shirtings 29c
30-inch white madras shirting, regularly 50c
yard. Only 800 yards to be sold at this price.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Women's Hose 59c
Were $1.00 to $1.25 pair. Women's imported
full fashioned lisle hose in black and cordovan.
Regular and outsizes. 8 to 10. '
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Comforts $2,95
Were $4.00. Comforts, covered with silkoline
in dainty patterns of blue, rose, pink or yellow
and with the best white cotton filling. For
large size beds.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Combs and Pins $3.49
Were $5 to $10. High Span
ish combs and glittering pins
set with many-colored stones,
whose vivid beauty will en
hance the charm of the mgst
simple coiffure. Limited
number but fine variety. '. . '
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Sale of Black Sateen
59c SS...39C
Was 65c.
Now Yd. ;
Was 50c.
Was 45c.
Now Yd..
Was 39c.
Now Yd..;.
Now Yd.
1000 yards of serviceable black sateen. Yard wide.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Shirtings 49c
Curtains Half Price
Regularly $2.00 to $10.00, now $1 to $5 pair.
100 odd pairs of curtains, only one pair of a
" ' kind. The materials are voiles, nets and filets.
Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor.
Dictionaries 75c
New revised Webster's dictionary, for one day
only at this special price. Published originally
to sell at $4.00 a copy. ,
Meier & Frank's: Fifth Floor.
Luncheon Sets 95c
Were $1.50. 44-inch cloths and 4 napkins,
stamped on linen finish Indian Head. The de
signs are strikingly effective.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
32-inch madras and fiber silk shirtings, regu-
larly 65,c and 75c yard. 1000 yards in the
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Knit Waists 25c
Chocolates, Lb. 39c
Regularly 35c. Children's medium weight cot
ton underwaists with reinforced shoulder strap
and hose supporter attachments. Sizes 2 to 12.
years. 300 garments in all. 4
, Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Outing Tables $2.98
Less than 'factory cost for these combination
table and running-board boxes. When open the
table measures 60 inches long and 26 inches wide;
closed 26 inches high and 10 inches wide. Com
plete with four camp stools with canvas tops.
Limited number.
Meier & Frank's: Sixth Floor.
Blankets $3
Large Society Chocolates Jarger than- our
regular Society Brand chocolates. Vanilla,
lemon, orange and maple flavors. Also -lb.
boxes for 20c.
-Meier & Frank's:
Main and Ninth Floors-, Basement Balcony
Table Cloths $2.39
Regularly $3.25. Mercerized table cloths, 2x2
yards in size. Of extra heavy material,
hemmed, ready for use. - .
Meier & Frank's; Second Floor.
Were $6.00. Just half price for chese heavy
single blankets. Reversible colors of gray and
pink, blue and pink, brown and tan and blue
and heliotrope. Sizes 66x84 inches. Bound
edges. Limited quantity.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
The August Sale of Furniture
Rugs, Curtains, Ranges
The Sale of Men's, Young Men's
All-Wool Suits S25
The Sale of Our Entire Stocks
Manhattan Shirts
Men's Union Suits
: ; sr.'
Regularly $1.50.
Men's North Star
union suits famous
for their satisfac
tory wearing quali
ties. Short sleeve,
ankle length style.
White and ecru.
Silk Sox 50
Regularly 65c to $1.00. Men's pure thread
silk sox in a broken line of colors and sizes.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Handkerchiefs 7c
Meu's and boys' plain white lawn handker
chiefs with hand-loom embroidered initials in
long block styles. White and colors, -inch
hemstitched hems.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Handkerchiefs 18c
Regularly 35c. Men's white cambric handker
chiefs with hand-block printed figured designs
in colors, -inch hemstitched hems.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Boys' Kaynee Blouses
Regularly $1.25. Boys' Kaynee
blouses made of excellent pop
lin, oxford, madras and per
cale. Made with attached
sports collar. Long and short
sleeves. Desirable plain col
ors and handsome striped ef
fects. Sizes 6 to 16 years.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
Boys' Union Suits 69c
Regularly $1.00. Boys' athletic style (sleeve
less, knee-length) union suits of self-striped
madras. Elastic insert in back. Sizes 6 to
16 years.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
Bpys' Caps, Special 95c
Regularly $1.25. Made of tweeds and home
spuns in light and dark colors. Full leather
sweats. Buckram visors. Silk lined. Sizes
.1 6 to 7Ys-
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
3 Boys' Collars 25c
Regularly 15c each. Boys' white soft collars
in many desirable styles. Limited number at
3 for 25c.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
Electric Percolators $13.25
Regularly $18.00. Nine cup
colonial style "Hotpoint" elec
tric coffee percolators in an
unusually attractive design.
These coffee urns are made
of high-grade materials. Some
may be subject to slight de
fects. Guaranteed for one
year. Limited number.
Meier & Frank's: Basement, Sixth S
5 Stamped Articles $1
Regularly 35c to 65c each. An assortment of
stamped needlework that includes tea aprons,
pin cushions, dresser scarves, card table covers,
pillows, children's things, etc.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Gloves 39c
076 pairs of women's short silk and fabric
gloves in 2-clasp style with Paris point, spear
point and embroidered backs. White, sand,
beaver, buck, gray and black. Were 50c to 85c
pair. Broken line of sizes and colors.
' Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Last Two Days to Buy a
New Sewing Machine
$10 Less
Select any sewing machine in stock and
purchase it at a reduction of $10.00. In ad
dition we will make a BIG ALLOWANCE
Eldredge Console Cabinet
is easy to run, simple in construction and has
the two-spool feature which eliminates bobbins
and bobbin winding. A slight pressure on the
pedal guides the operation at any desired speed.
Shown 'in walnut and brown mahogany in the
Elizabethan period style.
Your Own Terms in Reason
' Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
(Mail OrderFilled.)