Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, July 28, 1921, Page 9, Image 9

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JT7LT 23, 1921
! -
City Editor Main 7070. 560-95
Sunday Editor Main 7070. 50-85
Advertising Department. .Main 7070. 560-95
Superintendent of Bldg .. Main 7070. 500-85
HIPPODROME (Broadway t Yamhill)
Vaudeville and moving: pictures. 2 to 5,
6:4S to 11 P. M.. Saturday!. Sundays and
Mondays continuous. 1:15 to 11 P. M
PASTAGES (Broadway at Alder) Vaude
ville. Three shows daily. 2, 1 and 9:05
P. M.
THE OAKS Amusement park. Parisian
Follies in "A Chinese Festival." Take
cars at First and Alder.
Subscribe with the following; agents, at
your summer resort, to secure the most
prompt delivery of The Oregonlan. City
rates. Subscriptions by .mail are payable
In advance.
Barview. Or W. A. Slpprell
Bay City. Or O. E. Shelley
Bay ocean. Or F. D. Mitchell
Breakers, Wash J. M. Arthurs
Brighton. Or A. W. Rows
Carson, Wash. ...... ...............
C. R. Smith and Mrs. M. St. Martin
Chinook, Wash. R. Knutson
Ecola, Or. Cannon Beach Merc. Co.
Garibaldi. Or..D. C. Ellis and J. L. Kidder
Gearhart. Or. . W. I Robinson
Hot Lake, Or. Hot Lalte Sanitarium
Long Beach. Wash W. E. Strauhal
Manhattan Beach. Or Sarah F. Angel!
Manzanita. Or. .............. ..E. ICardell
Nahcotta. Wash .....H. J. Brown
Neah-kah-nie Beach. Or... A. C. Anderson
Nehalem, Or. ..............D. C. Peregoy
Newport, Or. O. F. Herron
Ocean Lake, Or. ........ .Nettle Tomprett
Ocean Park. Wash. ....Emma S. Campbell
Pacific City. Or. E. F. Edmunds
Rockaway. Or. ............ .Frank Miller
Seaside. Or. ,C. W. Alward
hlpherd's Hot Springs. Wash
Shipherd's Hot Springs Hotel
Beaview, Wash. G. N. Putnam
Tillamook, Or. ............. .J. S. Lamar
Wheeler, Or..Jaa. Hamilton and Leo Sohler
Los Angeles Writer Here Todat.
John S. McGroarty, well - known
magazine and newspaper writer of
Los Angeles will arrive here today
and will be the guest of the Cham
ber of Commerce, on an extensive trip
over the Columbia River highway and
about the city. Mr. McGroarty is
gathering material for a number of
special articles on Portland and the
highway. The committee from the
chamber who will entertain Mr. Mc
Groarty is composed of Walter "War
ren, Sydney Vincent, Sam Gorman
and Judge Munley. Mr. Gorman and
Judge Munley are personally ac
quainted with the writer. In addition
to the magazine and newspaper work,
Mr. McGroarty is the author of the
San Francisco mission play.
Bootlegger Is Fined. Anton Covich
was fined $50 in the federal court
yesterday for violation of the prohibi
tion law. Covich was caught pour
ing out a drink of moonshine for a
customer in his soft-drink place
while a government agent was in the
establishment to return a borrowed
flashlight. Word was received by
the officers yesterday that Pete Rea
has been arrested in Baker on a
charge of operating a still. A deputy
marshal will be sent to conduct him
to Portland.
Boise to Get Convention. Execu
tive committee members of the North
west Electric Light & Power associa
tion met in Portland this week and
decided upon Boise, Idaho, as the
place for holding the 1922 convention
and the time is June. Portland en
tertained this year's convention last
month. W. R. Putnam of Boise, presi
dent, and J. F. Orr, secretary-treasurer,
also of Boise, came to Portland
to decide on the convention city for
next year.
Mickl-e Quits League. J. D. Mickle,
former state dairy and food commis
sioner and since January 1 connected
with the organization work of the
Oregon Dairymen's Co-operative
league, announced yesterday that he
had resigned and would take up other
work. M. S. Shrock, organization
manager of the dairymen's league,
caid that no successor would be ap
pointed to fill Mr. Mickle's place
since the league was not pushing Its
organization work at present.
Commissioner Ajtchison to Speak.
Clyde B. Aitchison of Washington,
D. C, a member of the interstate
commerce commission, will be the
speaker at the regular meeting of the
City club tomorrow. His subject will
be "The Present Duties of an Inter
state Commerce Commissioner." The
speaker will be introduced by Joseph
J. Teal. The club meets in the Crystal
room of the Hotel Benson at 12:15
o'clock, noon.
Train Has New Equipment. New
equipment throughout for the North
Coast Limited, crack passenger train
of the Northern Pacific, will be pro
vided and hereafter the last word in
steel coaches, Pullmans, dining cars
and baegage and mail cars, will be
used. The North Coast Limited leav
ing St. Paul today will have the new
equipment and the train leaving Port
land August 1 will be equipped
Thieves Ransack House. Three re
Tolvers and a to bill were stolen yes
terday afternoon from the residence
of J. E. Hailey, SIS Haight avenue,
during the absence of the family.
Hailey reported finding the front
loor open when he returned about 3
P. 'M. and the house ransacked. Bureau
drawers were turned upside down on
the floor, clothes presses emptied
and the clothes searched.
band of Abd-uhl Atef temple. No. 117,
Dramatic Order Knights of Khoras
san, the sunshine rank of Fythianism,
will hold a picnic and band concert
at Crystal lake park Saturday. Be
sides the band concert there will be
dancing all day and games and sports
for which prizes will be given. All
Pythians and their friends, as well
ts the general public, are invited
Classes Honor Teacher. The psy
chology classes of Dr. Samuel C. Kohs
of the University of Oregon exten
sion division will give a dinner In
his honor tonight at the Seward hotel.
Tenth and Alder streets.
Do Not Forget to call up East 3088
when you want the Salvation Army
auto truck to call for cast-off cloth
ing, magazines, newspapers, furniture,
etc. Address 24-26 Union ave . Major
John Bree, district officer. Adv.
Str Iralpa. for Astoria. $1; Seaside
one way, $fi0; r. trip, $3, inc. tax;
passengers only; leave Portland Tues.,
Thurs.. Sat., 9 A. M., Alder-st. dock.
Main S323. Leaves Astoria .Man., Wed.,
Fri., 9 A. M. Adv.
Str Georgiana, 5 hours to Astoria.
Special excursion to Astoria and way
points, SI, down trip only. Tues..
Thurs. and Sat. Leave Portland, S
A. M., Alder-st. dock. Adv.
Str. Undine. Astoria to Portland.
special excursion, up trip only, $1.
Leaves Astoria daily except Sunday.
Monday, 9 A. M-, passengers only.
O.-W. R. & N. dock, Astoria. Adv.
Students' Entertainment Art Mur
GEt'M. Rosso summer class "Jinks"
xhibition, paftitomime. dancing. Fri
day, July 29, 8:30, everyone invited.
Admission $1. Adv.
Astoria and Seaside stage leaving
New Houston hotel. 72 N. 6th st.
Hdwy. 16S, 2 A. M., 9 A. M.. 12 M.
3:30 P. M. Adv.
Hotel Seaside Seasie, Or.
Ocean Beach resort, excellent meals,
dining room faces ocean. Open all year.
Close Out Sale. D. C. Burns com
pany, grocers. Watch for our ad July
SO. Goods to be sold below cash. Adv.
Tired, aching feet can be relieved;
ills. Knight Shoe Co.,
Jroadway. Adv.
Kegs, hardwood, new and 2d-hand.
Panama Cooperage, Front and Salmon.
Kemmerer Coal. Carbori Coa Co.,
mine agents. East 1188. Adv.
Lumber Conference Planned.
Ralph H. Burnside, chairman of the
committee on lumber activities of the
Portland Chamber of Commerce, is
handling the arrangements for con
ference of Oregon lumbermen and
forestry officials with the forestry
policy commission of the United
States Chamber of Commerce which
will be held here tomorrow and Sat
urday morning. The visiting com
mission is made up of about ten
members with David L. Goodwillie of
Chicago as chairman. Discussions of
many pertinent questions affecting
the lumber industry here will be
taken up by the conference, and a
complete discussion of all phases of
logging, lumbering, timber preserva
tion and reforestation is called for
on the programme.
Poultry men to Come Here. Ore
gon poultrymen are preparing to par
ticipate In the convention of the
American Poultry association, which
will be held In Seattle from August
8 to 13. At this meeting delegations
from all parts of the country will
be in attendance. Many will come
from Canada. Following the conven
tion, the delegates will come to Port
land, an Invitation extended by the
Portland Chamber of Commerce and
the Oregon Poultry and Pet "Stock
association having been accepted by
the president, Thomas F. Riggs of
Iowa Falls, la. The delegations will
be taken on a trip over the Colum
bia River highway and otherwise
Deputt Sheriff Is Grandfather.
Charles L Doty, deputy in the office
of Sheriff Hurlburt, has ordered a
larger hat, ripped up a, new shirt
through increased chest expansion,.
and taken on a smile that has a
permanent appearance. While he was
busy at work yesterday afternoon
the telephone rang and Doty was in
formed that his ambitions to be a
grandfather had been reached. "It's
seven-pound boy," he excitedly ex
claimed to fellow deputies. "I"m a
grandfather after 23 years of expecta
tion." The child has not been named
yet, but Is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Byron De Young.
Citt Puts Up Cash for Telephone
Fight. An appropriation of $5000
from the general fund "to aid in pro
curing relief from excessive tele
phone rates, poor service and obsolete
equipment,'" according to the word
ing of the ordinance, was passed yes
terday by the council. The ordinance
was introduced as an emergency
measure by Mayor Baker to enable
the city to continue its fight for
lower telephone rates at the hearing
before the public service commission.
The council pledged Itself to spend
310.000 In the fight. The first toOOO
was appropriated when the rehear
ing was first urged.
Four Escape From Rolling Car.
A narrow escape from injury was ex
perienced by four men early yester
day morning when a front wheel on
the car driven by W. B. Taylor col
lapsed and caused the car to roll
over several times at Stanton and
Delay streets. All of the four men
riding in the roadster, whose names
are Taylor. William Reuhl, V. V. Davis
and Leo Owens, got off with slight
bruises which were dressed in the
emergency hospital. Taylor was ar
rested on a charge of reckless driving.
but was released on the grounds of
insufficient evidence.
Postmaster Tests Set. Applicants
for postmaster at Portland and Pen
dleton will be examined August 16.
Applications of aspirants must be in
the hands of the postmaster-general,
Washington. D. C, before that date.
This information was received in
Portland yesterday. Examination In
sofar as Portland is concerned, will be
more of a questionnaire. The three
highest will be winnowed out and the
postmaster-general can select any one
of the three for the appointment, after
he has consulted with Senator Stan
field. Father Is Missing. Juvenile offi
cials of San Diego county, California,
have asked T. J. Hewitt, chief proba
tion officer here, to assist them in
locating Charles Griffeth, whose
daughter recently died in the county
hospital in San Diego. Mrs. Landing,
the daughter, left several small chil-
dren and the small estate which she
left cannot be probated and dis
tributed to her heirs until her father.
whose disappearance took place short
ly prior to her death, is located.
Salvation Army Meetings Today.
Brigadier and Mrs. Frank Waite of
the Salvation Army will conduct two
special meetings today at the hall of
Corps No. 1, 243 Ash street. Open-air
services will be held at 7:30 P. M. and
an indoor meeting at 8 P. M. Briga
dier Waite is noted in the Salvation
Army as a singer, poet and orator.
He has charge of the Salvation Army
orphanage at Lytton Springs, Cal.
School Director Returns. After a
three weeks' trip through the east,
during which time he attended the
National Education association meet
ing in Des Moines, la., George B.
Thomas, school director, has returned
to Portland. While attending the
meeting in Des Moines Mr. Thomas
was made chairman of an important
committee of the national association.
Boys Plan Walking Trip. Eart
Henry, son of Mrs. G. Henry of 5505
Thirty-sixth avenue, and Jack Reid,
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Reid, both
about 14 years old, will walk to San
Diego, Cal., leaving Portland next
Monday. A side trip will be made to
Carson city, Nev. . Young Reid has
Just returned from a walk to Van
couver, B. C.
Sewer Contract Let. The contract
for building a sewer on East Fifty
third street north from a point 125
feet south of Hassalo street to a
point 111 feet north of East Irving
street was awarded yesterday by the
city council to the Portland Realty
Trust company. The contract calls
for $895.30, an amount $512 under the
estimate of the city engineer.
Broker Held Swindler Charged
with larceny by bailee by a woman
he is alleged to have swindled out of
$250, C. E. Reedy, alleged curbstone
real estate broker, was arrested by
Deputy Constables Watkinds and
Druhot yesterday. He was released
on bonds and will have a hearing
R. K. Whitings Have Daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Whiting,
963 Front street, are receiving con
gratulations on the birth of a baby
daughters. Mrs. Whiting and the
infant are at St. Vincent's hospital.
Parties having repair jobs at Port
land Leather Co., 226 Wash., please
call for same. Adv.
S. Jfc H. Stamps
Ut frt y
1 1 FT At
See Fonrth
"W indowi
Help Out That Old Suit
It can be matched;
we can match. It.
Special Reductions
Blue Serges
Included ,
$ -$7
All wool, all patterns,
sill colors, all sixes.
I FortLand'a Only Knppenlielmer
I House
Lodge to Be Installed. El Karaz
grotto. Mystic Order .of V e il e d
Prophets of the Enchanted Realm,
will be instituted at Salem about the
last of August. - This lodge is to the
Masonic blue lodge what the Shrine
is to higher degrees of Masonry. The
new Sii-lem lodge will be installed
under the guidance of Charles Min
singer, grand venerable prophet of
the national body, who was largely
responsible for obtaining 'permission
to form the organization at Salem.
Dr. Youngson to Speak. Dr. Will
iam Wallace Youngson, superintend
ent of Portland district of the Metho
dist Episcopal church, will be the
chief speaker at the luncheon of the
Progressive Business Men's club at
the Hotel Benson today noon. He will
tell of his observations on a recent
trip through Alaska, accompanied by
Bishop Shepard of the Portland area.
Tariff Act Is on Hand. W. Spliidl
manager of the foreign department of
the State bank ef Portland, has an
nounced that he can furnish mem
bers of the foreign commerce club
with copies of the booklet contain
ing the emergency tariff act of 1921.
AUG. 1
Thereafter. 2:15, 8:15
Limited Engagement
Fire, Which Proves Stubborn One,
Believed to Have Been Due to
Spontaneous Combustion.
Spontaneous combustion is thought
to have been the cause of a fire which
did about $5000 damage in the Ladd
addition garage, operated by the Laf
faw Motor company at East Thir
teenth street and Hawthorne avenue,
shortly after noon.
The garage, which was. formerly oc
cupied by the Francis Motor Car com
pany, faces on Hawthorne avenue and
is a two-story stone building. The
I fire originated in the paint shop on
the second floor, where two automo
biles and several bodies were being
refinished. Chief Young, arriving' in
response to the first alarm, sent in a
second call for additional apparatus
as soon as he ascertained the in
flammable nature of the contents of
the room.
The paints and oils stored there cre
ated a stubborn blaze, throwing off
heavy fumes to hinder the firemen in
their work. The fire was confined to
the room in which it started, cars and
accessories stored in other parts of
the building being saved. The two
machines and the bodies in the paint
room suffered considerable damage
Other machines 6n the first floor were
damaged by water.
Booth at Fifth and Yamhill.
Cream that really wh'ps and butter
that claims none better. Users of
this butter can now obtain it at this
convenient location. Adv.
Not a Mere Photoplay, But
A Cinematic Road Show With Its Own
In Full Thematic Score
Has Triumphantly Toured This
Continent Amid the Plaudits of a Nation
Wop 101
The Picture the World Has Welcomed!
NOTE "Owing to cost, length of production and
ironbound contracts, 'Way Down East' posi
tively never will be shown anywhere at less than
first-class theater prices." David Wark Griffith
All Seats Reserved Mail Orders Now On Sale Friday
Lower Floor $1.50
Balcony, $1.00 Gallery, 50c
Plus 10
War Tax
Lower Floor. ...$1.00
Balcony, ,77c and 50c
N. B. Owing to the unusually heavy demand for seats, make your reservations early. Engage
ment positively limited. Make mail order checks payable to Heilig Theater.
' (PORTLAND 1925) .
the best food
products the mar
ket affords.
For instance:
Swift's Premium Hams and Sinclair's
Fidelity Bacon exclusively
Maid o Glover Butter always
Pure leaf lard in our. pie crusts
Absolutely fresh eggs in our custards
Pure, unadulterated Whipping Cream
and right on down the entire bill-of-fare it's
the same QUALITY FIRST all the time.
Enjoy a meal today in one of our
Three Convenient Locations
Washington Street 291 Washington St.
at West Park Bet. 4th and 5th
For Your Convenience. We 'Sever Close
dais" fo women will be the fashion I 40 years old. who died last nisht at a
of the fall. Straps for clippers will !
be correct and heels will be all styles,
but the' lower heel will predominate.
The Sally sandal and the Grecian san
dal will be greatly in evid-ence. The
cut-out sandals will be somewhat like
the children's barefoot sandal, only
they will be more elaborate and flain
ty and attractive. In addition to be
coming: acquainted with the shoe fads.
Mr. Knight took time to attend, the
Uempsey-Carpentier fight.
local hospital, was shipped to Port
land today for interment. Miss
Heald went to Parkdale a month ago
for her health. Suffering a relapse,
she was brouerht here. Hr brother.
Ernest Heald,
was with her at the
S. & H. green
Hoiman Fuel Co.,
Main 3S3: 560-21.
stamps for cash.
coal and wood.
Body Sent to Portland.
HOOD RIVER, Or.. July 27. (Spe
cial.) The body of Miss Clara Heald.
Sandals to Be Style in Kali.
W. A. Knight of the Knight Shoe
company has returned from a trip
throughout the east and has brought
with him the news that "cut-out san-
Tired, aching f
consult Dr. Ingal
Morrison, near Br
Miss Catlin's School
opens Tuesday. September 6.
Now occupies its new building on
An Ideal Location Basketball and
Tennis Courts.
Prepares fcirU for eastern as well as
western colleges and schools, under a
faculty of able eastern teachers. Num
ber of Primary. Intermediate and High
School Jjepartments Boys Accepted in
Primary Grades.
College Preparatory and Special
Music. Art. Physical Training
and Science.
French Taught Throughout th Sohool,
Boarding department Special Feature.
Cutalogu Sent I pon Request to
Wentover Terrace, Portland. Or.
Phone Auto. 5 12-7 -i.
Five passenger, just like
new, with six good cord
tires, bumper, spotlight,
motormeter; newly paint
ed; car in perfect condi
tion. Owner leaving city.
Price $2850. Phone
Broadway 398, or eve
nings Main 5080.
Watch for Our Ad.
Sacrificed to Make a Quick
. Clean-up.
We Are Coins: to Save Yon
Money on Snrsr, Too.
Grocer for 40 Year.
zx 32
Appetizing and - E
Seasonable Specials
Served Daily in
Both Restaurants t
: Larch Mountain Straw- '
berries 25$
: Strawberry Shortcake. .. .350
i Raspberries and Cream.. 2o0
: Honey Dew Melon 20
: Crab Louis and Thousand E
i Island Dressing. .2o, oO
j Iced Watermelon 2O0 :
j Head Lettuce, Roquefort . E
Cheese Dressing. .2o, 500
j Cracked Crab, Mayon- '
naise 5O0
Fried Spring Chicken with
: Country Gravy 750:
Hot Chicken Biscuit 400 3
: Old Fashioned Steak. E
: Hazelwood 550 E
: 2 Lamb Chops .400 E
: 3 Lamb Chops 600 E
E Tenderloin Steak with
E Mushroom Sauce ......750
E New Peas and Potatoes. .250
E Hazelwood French Pastry ..150
French Ice Cream 250
! Broadway 1
Hazelwood 1
j The j
Hazelwood I
388 Washington St. :
Vacations at the Ocean
The people of Portland have the .finest salt water re
sorts in the land Clatsop, Cannon and North beaches,
on the Pacific Ocean reached by a short, delightful
trip on fast trains of the North Bank Road along the
Lower Columbia River.
oiy w oays
Till October!
Have you arranged for your Gasco Furnace?
The Fall Rush is already making itself felt.
Please don't wait until we are swamped.
Complete display at the Gas Co., Alder Kear Fifth.
$4.50 Week-ends
Tickets on sale Friday, Saturday
and Sunday. Return limit Monday.
$6.00 Every Day
"Return Limit October 31
War tax 8 additional.
To Seaside, Gearhart and North Beach points trains
leave Portland : Limited, 8 :30 A. M. daily and 1 :45 P. M.
Saturday; Express, 6:20 P. M. daily. Similar service returning.
Tickets, Parlor Car Seats, Etc., at:
Consolidated Ticket Office, Third and Washington;
North Bank Station, Tenth and Hoyt Streets.
Use HI-LIFE and have
no more motor troubles;
carbon eliminated. Price
$1.00. Treats 100 gallons
of gasoline. Money-back
Ankeny St. at Broadway
If you are troubled with pains or
aches; feel tired; have headache,
indigestion, insomnia; painful pas
sage of urine, you will find relief in
Formerly Automobile Club
18 miles east ot Portland, on Colum
bia River Highway and Base L,ine road.
Dinners served for $l.f0. meals a la
carte, private dining rooms for paritea.
Special arrangement can be made for
private da-nclns: and dinner parties. For
reservations phone Tabor 1.
Mrs. Erma Delmas
Communicate with River
News, Rio Vista, California.
C. W. Flodin, publisher
GRAPHS l,a ref lnlsbr I br i
new and bttr pracu.
for kss money. Tuning
and action rerulatla.
ikl V am kill btreot
rianua Bauskt. ftcates). ftoU.
Wanted Chairs to Cane
and Pianos to Tune
by School j or Blind
For Particulars Call
MissHarker'sScliool for Girls
Resident and day school; favorable climate
ana misw " ...... - -
all the year. New ymnaium in process
or construction.
ITincipal Catherine Harker, A B., Vaasar,
A Moderately-Priced Hotel mt Merit
East Msrrlsra St. ssd Bast Sixth.
SlJU Day. Per Wa J
Phone Your Want Ads to
Main 7070 Automatic 560-93
The world's standard remedy for kid
ney, liver, bladder and uric acid trou
bles and National Remedy of Holland
since 1696. Three sizes, all druggists.
Look for the name Gold Medal on every
box and accept no Imitation.
it II For Three Generation
Have Mada Child-Birth,
Easier By Using
all other rectal conditions, except
cancer, treated without surgery.
11; method or treatment saves the
tissue Instead of destroying It. j.t Is
painless, requires no anesthetic and
is permanent. There is no confine
ment in -ed. no intereference with
business or social engagements.
Call or writ for booklet.