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pp-at p rrri nmtlfk I s
Home Team Scores firs
Shutout Victory of Year.
Portland Heaver lias Visitors at
Plate Watching Ball Go, By
Without Blinking an Eye.
Facifie -Coast league
W. L. P C
W. L. P.C
8. Franc'o 19 8 .679'Oakland..
tiaerame'o 18 9 .67I Vernon. ...
Z. Aneeles 14 12 .!)38 Salt Lake
12 12 .500
11 13 .4-';
8 13 .381
I Seattle... 13 12 .520 Portland..
6 19 .240
Yesterday's Kesults.
At Portland 3. Oakland 0. -
IB-. Vrniimn ft Sacramento 8.
At Seattle. Vernon game postponed,
Iteama traveling;.
At Los Ajineles. Salt Lake game post
poned. Salt Lake traveling.
While hia team-mates were col
lectins three runs on a combination
c-t swatting in the pinches and poor
enemy fielding-,. Sam Ross and his
change of pace eimply rocked the
I Oaks to sleep yesterday, in conse
quence thereof the Beavers scored
thlc f rat shutout victory or me
I vear. They deserved it. too, ior imj
played hangup ball ail the way. Port-
Land 3. Oakland 0.
That rabbit's hoof of Sam's is just
bitt'ng its stride. Last Friday for the
first time since the Chinese built
their celebrated wall the boys scored
some runs behind him and brought
him out on top in a 7 to 6 duel. Yes
terday they continued their hitting
and run making. Sam did the rest-
For only fve safe blows did the Oaks
nick him and one of those, a puny tap
toward the box by Pinelll. was
mighty scant. As Sam dashed in to
ecoop it he slipped and fell. Other
wise Pinelli's hide would have been
nailed to the old cabin door with all
the other trophes of the day.
'" Sam Haa Oaks Baffled.
Sams slow southpaw curve was
hooking across the plate so unerring
ly that Co less than even Oaks
watched It flicker past for a third
I titriks and went back to the bench
for a drink. Three of these Sam
whiffed In succession and several of
the men he fanned didn't so much as
get their bats off their shoulders for
the last one.
Old Honus Mitze beefed himself tc
the clubhouse on one such occasion.
Sam opened the third inning by strik
ing out Alten. Then he hooked a
couple across on Dennis Wilie. who
begged Umpire McGrew to make him
quit" it. Out trotted old Honus to
horn in on the-talk, but after he had
chewed around a while Sam finished
the Job on Wille and administered
some more of the same to Brubaker.
Honus simply couldn't stand it. He
asked McGrew where on earth he
grew up and McGrew retorted that
it wasnt in Oakland, you bet. and
would Mr. Mitze kindly retire to the
clubhouse. Mr. Mitze did, after de
laying a decent interval to blow out
the lights.
Third Base Strange Place.
In the pinches Sam was invulner
able. Only once in the game did the
Oaks even get a man to third. ThRt
was in the first inning, when 'Wilie,
leading off, crashed a two-bagger to
right and went to third on Brubaker's
sacrifice. Cather rapped to Willis
Eutler. who held Wilie to the sack
while he threw out Cather at first.
.Hack Miller was up with his 42-centt-meter
bat but Sam kept the ball on
the corners, finally walking him, and
then turned loose on Knight and
strucK mm out. -
Never again did the Oaks really
threaten, though in the seventh a
nifty double play. Butler to Krug to
i-ooie, puuea aown tne curtain on
them after Pinelli had gained first on
his scratch and Koehler had walked,
with one down. "
' The Beavers made one in the first
and amassed their other two in the
sixth. With two down in the opener
Iko Wolfer caught one of Alten's left
handed fast balls for a stinging single
to left. Cox responded in the pinch
with a smashing drive over Cather's
head In center for two bases, on which
Wolfer tallied. It was a terrific poke
but Cather misjudged it badly. He
rushed in on it, whereupon the Intelli
gent pellet crossed him by rising and
shooting about five feet over his bean.
Wolfer Again Starts Party.
In the sixth it was again Wolfer
who started the party. Ike pasted a
screecher past Alten for a single and
immediately stole second. He prob
ably had the bag anyway, but to make
dead certain of it Koehler threw the
ball into center field. Cox then
dumped one for a sacrifice. The bunt
was so perfectly placed that he beat
it out and got a hit for his pain.
Jimmy Poole then came through with
a sacrifice fly so deep into center that
Cather didn't try to throw to the plate
and Wolfer strolled in standing up
But that was onlv half of it. Rut.
ler drove such a hot one through the
cox tnat Alten tried to climb a step
ladder to get out of the way of It.
Cox. running from first, kept right
ion when he reached second, and
Cather's throw to head him off at
third eluded Pinelli. Another run
would have tallied then and there but
for the lamentable fact that the fly
ing apple bounced Into Del Baker on
the coaching line, so Cox had to pull
Tip. His stay was only temporary,
thongh. for Pep Toung lifted a short
sacrifice fly to right, on which Cox
just did beat Wilie's rather wide
throw to the plate.
That was all the runmaklng. but
It was a-plenty. Kremer replaced
Alten for the Oaks in the next in
ning and the boys couldn't do much
with his overhand curve. Socks Sie
bold or one of the Oaks' numerous
left-handers will try to curb the
Beavers today. It looks like Syl
.Johnson or Poison for our side.
The score :
a n m (i
o 2
O'Rmira-.r. ,
l;Krwlt.2. .
O Cox.m. ..
O'Poole.t. .
0! Younff.s.
4 0
1 44 2
I aker.s
Alten. p.
o o
4 0
4 2
4 1
8 0
5 0
S 0
8 0
S 0
2 3 0
2 0 0
n in o
S 1 4
0 0 s
0 T 1
10 4
O S. Rosa p
o o!
0 1
Te.tals.29 0 5 24 51 Totals. St 8 1027 14
Oakland 0 O00O 0 0 0 0 0
P ortland 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 3
Error. Cather. Atten. Struck out, by
Sam Ross 7. by Alten 1. by Kramer 2.
7,taes on balla, off 8am Ross 3, off Alten
I. Two-fcase hlta, Wilie. -Cox. Double
play, Butler to Krug to Poole. Sacrifice
bit. Brubaker. Poole. Toung. Stolen base.
"Wolfer Hit by pitched ball. Brubaker.
Innlnga pitched by Alten 8, runa S. hlta
f, at bat 28. Losing pitcher. Alton. Runa
responsible for, Aiten S. Tim of game,
3:83. Vmplree. MoGrew and Caaey.
Sacramento Defeated, 6 to 3, Game
- Being Clinched in Seventh.
Francisco batted Its way Into first
place, again today by defeating- ac-
TYa Tva- '
tva a fl
i jpow t Know!
OF order!
ramento, 6 to 3. The Seals tlincnea
the game in the seventh inning by
landing- on Prough for five hits and
three runs. The Senators' three runs
were presents, Katn giving two oi
them by missing McGa.rfian s
grounder in the fifth, while Cav
eney s wild tnrow to ursi in tne bhui
allowed Compton to score. Score:
Sacramento 1 San Francl:
3 1
0 4
3 4
1 3
0 1
1 15
2 1
1 1
0 0
wflTn ! 4 0 0 5 SlSchick.l 4 1
Kopp.l. 4
0 1 ORath.2.. 8
0 2 2lC'v'n'y,s 4
1 12 OlAsnew.c 4
8 2 OlFzg'ld.r 4
2 0 O'Elllaon.l 3
1 0 4Kelly.m. 4
1 2 2 Walsh. 2. 2
1 0 4,Lewis.p. 2
Pick.3.. 4
Co'pt'n.r 4
Ryan.m 4
Orr.a... 4
Elllott.c 4
Pr'ugh.p 3
Totals. 35 3 0 24 151 Totals. 30 6 11 27 20
Sacramento 00U0J.1?J u ?.
San Francisco 0 0 1 1 0 1 3 0 x 1
Errors. Rath, Caveney. Ellison, stolen
base, McGaffigan. Three-base nit, comp
ton. Two-base hits. Ryan, Caveney. Walaa.
Sacrifice hlta, Walsh. Lewis. Baae on
balla, Prough 2. Lew'.a 0. Struck out.
Prough 2, Lewis 3. Double play. McGaf-flgan-to
Mollwltz: Caveney to Rath to
Ellison. Runa responsible for, Prough 6,
Lewla 0.
Basebi.ll Summary.
National League Standings.
W. L. P.C.I W. L. P.C.
Plttaburg. 13 8 .813 Cincinnati. . 7 10.412
Brooklyn, la o.a'onosion o n
New York. 10 8 .25' Philadelphia 4 10 2Mi
Chicago.. s 7 .402181. ioma.... o v
American lagne Standings.
Cleveland 12 5. 706! New York.. 7 7 .oou
Washington 11 6 .847; St. Louis... 6 9.400
Boston.... B .ouwnicaKo.... ; o ojo
Detroit... 8 8 .oouirnuaaeipnia o iv .ooo
Southern Ascoclntion Results.
At Mobile 1. Little Rock 5.
At New Orleans 9, Memphis .
At Atlanta-Birmingham, cold.
At Chattanooga-Nashville, cold.
Wrutern league Keaolta.
At Sioux City 0, Oklahoma City 3.
At Des Moines 7, Tulsa 3.
A( St. Joseph 5. Wichita 8.
At Omaha 8. Joplin 10.
American Association Results.
At Minneapolis 4. St. Paul 2.
At Toledo 2 Columbus 5.
College Baseball Results.
At' Missoula. Mont., Whitman 4,
tana 5. -
At Princeton. ri. J., jrennsyivanm
Princeton 8.
How the Series Stand.
At Portland one game, Oakland no game;
at San Francisco one game, Sacramento
no game.
Where the Teams Play Next Week.
Vernon at Portland. Oakland at Seat
tle, Salt Lake at San Francisco, bacra
mento at Los Angelea. ,
Beaver Batting Averaxes.
AB. H. Ave. AB. H. Ave
Baker... 55 20 .363 Bourg 27
6 .222
Wolfer... 10S 33 .So2-Krug
Cox 103 85 .338lGenin. . . .
Ross, Sid 7 2 .2S8 Young
Poole. .. 98 27 .275 Klng
PUlette . 12 3 .250 Johnson..
08 21 .218
S6 IS .200
77 18 .208
10 2 .200
1 3 .187
11 2 .182
9 1 .111
H a .-no, poison....
105 26 .247 Hallio
17 1 .235, Hk key. . .
Ross, S
1 0 .000
Team Av.891 2"36 .283
Ball Proceeds for School Fund.
PHILADELPHIA, May 3. Part of
he proceeds from the Washington-
Philadelphia American league base
ball game today were given to the
public school health fund which sup
plies milk and other nourishment to
school children. k
i N v - l
I if.- . ,y rsfi..d
1 1 I s ' s - , " t
Action picture of Arthur Tuck, win er of tae pentatmon for Oregos In
the recent relay carnival at Seattl e, who U expected to be a point win
ner In the coast conference trae k meet tbia month. Tncfc bolds the
coast Javelin record ot 183 feet, an d in an inter-fxaternlty meet at En-
a-ene recently allot tne spear 1!MJ I
Tl rAS. IT
ts ? '
' FOR The
Lovie or ,
W K E. .
TELL me. The TtrAEf
T6-U- TimE ,
Cwrriikt R T. THkn. In.
CCMISTflrlQ WflM IM TrMTHlw0eM0hr?dNot0odther gtmesVcheduTed!
ULi.muuu mil in i liii ii
4 TO 2.
Keefe Fitches Brilliant Ball for
Athletics Despite Support.
Moore Knocked From Box.
PHILADELPHIA. May 3. Judge's
triple to right field with two n bases
in the tenth won the last game of
thtt series for Washington today.
4 to 2. Moore was knocked out of
the box in the second, but Keefe
pitched briliant ball for Philadelphia
until the tenth, despite mediocre sup
port. ' Score:
R. H. E. K. H.E.
Wash'gton.,4 10 liPhila 2 10 3
Batteries Zachary and Gharrity;
Moore, Keefe and Perkins.
Tigers 13, .TkVhite Sox 1.
DETROIT. May 3. The Detroit
Americans batted hard behind ef
fective pitching by Leonard today
and defeated Chicago, 13 to 1. The
locals gained four runs from Faber's
delivery in the first inning, forcing
his retirement. Score:
R. H. E. R- H. E
Chicago.... 1 9 31Detroit....l2 14 1
Batteries Faber, Davenport, Mc
Sweeney, Wilkinson and Schalk. YaT
ayan; Leonard and Bassler.
Yankees 2, Red Sox 0.
BOSTON", May 3. A scratch infield
inrlo hv Ward in the third, ioi
lowed by Schang's double, Piercey's
single to right, a pass to twin anu
Pecklnpaugh's sacrifice fly to Collins,
D-nv New York two runs today and
the irame. 2 to 0. Schang had a per
fort dav at bat. with two doubles
nnH two staples. Score:
R. H. E.I R. H. E.
v-pur York. .2 9 OIBoston 0 10 0
Batteries Piercey and Schang;
Fennack, Russell and Ruel.
Last Game of Series Won From
Boston by 7-to-2 Score.
NEW YORK. May 3. The New
York Nationals made It four straight
from Boeton today, winning me last
game of the series, 7 to z. Benton,
starting his first game of the season,
held Boston to three hits. Score:
R. H. E.I ' R. H. E.
Rnston 2 8 2iNew York.. 7 9 3
Batteries Watson, Oeschger and
ONelll; Benton and Snyder.
CHICAGO, May 3. The Pittsburg
Chicago National league game was
eet oyi incnes oy siouiciai
' Stopped V
. .
Big Crowd Sees Yakima Defeat
Home Team, 6 to 3.
. TACOMA, Wash., May 3. Sixteen
thousand fans, reputed to be the
largest number ever in attendance at
a baseball game in the northwest,
watched Yakima take the opening
Pacific-International league gme from
Tacoma, 6 to 3. The game was played
in the stadium here. Catcher Stevens
of Tacoma hit a home run in the
fifth 'inning. Score:
, R. H. E. R. H. E.
Yakima... -6 8 5Tacoma 3 5 7
Batteries Williams and Cadman;
Abrams, Cross, Edwards and Stevens.
Red Sox Map Out Defense to Cut
Down Effective Hitting.
BOSTON'. Mass.. May 3. Infielders
of the Boston Red Sox think Babe
Ruth's hitting can be cut don. To
this end they have worked out a de
fensive scheme of play that proved
The deployment, said to have been
conceived by Stuffy Mclnnes, puts
all the lnflelders back on the grass
beyond the diamond-. The third base
man plays a bit to the right of hs
usual position. The short-stop is
almost back of second base and the
second and first basemen play what
is virtually a short right field. The
pitcher is assigned to cover first ba-se.
Golf Tournament Planned.
EUGENE, Or., May 3. (Special.)
Plans for the entertainment of . a
number of golf players from Corvallis
and Salem here Sunday have been
worked out by members of the Eu
gene Country club. The first go in
the three-cornered valley champion-'
ship tournament will be held that
day. Twelve-man teama from 1 each
of three clubs will participate in the
tournament, In which the trophy will
be a silver cup. A dinner wiH be
served in honor of the visitors at the
Harding to Join Golf Association.
NEW YORK. May 3 President
Harding has agreed to become an
honorary member of the United States
Golf association and the executive
committee, and to present the prize to
the winner of the national open Cham
pionship at the Columbia Country
club July 22, it was announced to
night. N
Tennis Independence Asserted.
LONDON, May 3 New Zealand has
given notice of Its withdrawal from
the Australasian lawn tennis associa
tion, it was announced here today.
This means New Zealand in -future
years will compete for the Davii cup
as a separate nation.
Notes of the Game.
Willis Butler had a gran day in the
field and at bat. In four trips to the
plate he drew one walk and the other
three times reached first on solid safe
paps. Th first was a line drive into left
center that Cather trapped on the bounce
and trte'd to palm off as a fair catch, but
the umpirea had seen it. Butlcr'a other
two blows were hot grounders. He started
the only double play of the game, which
wiped out the last Oak rally In the
Sam Ross finished the game under
wraps In the ninth. He struck out Knu
got Al White on a fly to right and
whiffed Pinelll.
Incidentally. Sam's rabbit's font
him a pot of money yesterday, as well a
the ball ca'nie. By pitching the first
shutout victory for a Portland pitcher he
gets the $"J0 in caeh hung up for that feat
by Ray Barkhurst, the tailor.
The mighty Hack - Miller had three
chancea to drive in Oak runs yesterday
He came up In the first with WUle on
third, but - Sam was tailing) no chancer
with him and kept the ball on the cor
ners. He did get a strike across bu
finally walked Hack rather than give
him a fat one. In the fourth with Cathe-
on first. Miller lifted a high but. easy flv
to .Wolfer. . and again in the fifth he
popped out to Butler. Hack got a hit in
the sixth, a singing line drive that hit the
left field fence. -but nobody was on at the
time and Wolfer held him to a single by
fast fielding.
It haa been many a day since left field
has bem handled for Portland as Ike
Wolfer la handling It now. Ike not only
covers miles of territory and Is off like
a ahot when the ball leaves the bat. but
he can turn his back to the ball, run with
It. and have It Judged so well that when
ha turns around again he is under It. He
hand lea line drives against the fence so
fast that twice yesterday he held hits of
that kind to singles that ordinarily would
be sure doubles. And how the little fel
low Is hitting! .
Umpires Phyle and Casey have gone to
Seattle for a coupla of weeks and Umpires
Mc(?rew and Bason are handling the pres
ent series hers. It waa McGrew, by the
way,1 who discovered Jimmy Poole and
recommended him to McCredle.
Speck Harkness, who used to pitch for
Portland. Is out In a Beaver uniform tc
see if he can come back. Speck volun
tarily retired In 1818 to get married. H
Is only 29 now, and If he has any of his
old stuff, will be a whale of a pitcher
No reason why he shouldn't have it', lot
aia arm was good when he retired. .
oh Marge:
VJMrvr Time is .-
it ev The Clock ' ,
mv watch stopped
AMD So Tine
3?AY S
Successful Trapshooter Eliminates
Oponents In Shooting Off Tie
Score of 47.
H. B. Newland woi the first con
test in the O. N. Ford challenge handi
cap shoot at the Portland Gun, club
Sunday. Newland, J. B. Troth and A.
Blair tied with 47 targets each and 'n
the shoot-off Newland put 25 straight
in his game bag.
Newland' will be open to challenge
until Wednesday, May 11. The second
contest will be held May 15, and the
winner at that time will receive the
Manager Ford of the Portland club
has everything in shape for the big
northwest shoot, which will start this
Saturday at Everding park. Ford
has 60.000 targets on hand for the
event and it is expected that the
greater portion of this number "will
be trapped in the three-day shoot.
A practice shoot will be staged
Thursday, when 100 targets will be
thrown. A prize is up for the high
gun on the 100.
The score3 turned in Sunday follow:
Fifty Targets.
H. B. Newland.... 4"tr. Keelev 43
A. Blair 47E. Yf. Gibson 43
J. B. Troeh 47IDr Elliott. 42
P. Van Atta 4!V. J. Legs 40
T. Zachrlsson 44IH. C. Berg 35
O. C. Mapes 44B. S. Smith 31
P. V. Rexford 44
Shoot-off, Twenty-five Targets.'
H. B. Newland 25 J. B. Troeh 22
A. Blair 23
Professionals, Fifty Targets.
P. J. Holohan 48jw. C Block 44
Ed Morris 4S
A new system of choosing athletic man
agers, based on tbe plan for rating army
officers, Is to be adopted by Harvard unt-
varsitv nit fall fanriiHafPH will he ruled
re'labil'lty. efficiency and scholarship.
eal Daylight
Wo men and meii everywhere now in
every trade and profession are using the
Overland to speed up business and save
daylight for recreation. ,
It eliminates lost motion from their
labors and leaves them more time for their
business, and more devotion at home.
And it is so economical to run that it
saves money as well as daylight.
It Uih Surprisingly Littlt GascBne
Thi Tim Payment Plan Is Vtry Easy
Willys-Pacific Overland Co.
Washington Is" Second and
Jefferson Third.
Of 8 Events, Quakers Grab Four
Firsts, Ttvo Seconds In 6enior
Events and Third in Junior.
Franklin High school athletes car
ried off the honors in tbe first annual
interscholastic relay carnival held
yesterday afternoon on the Multno
mah Amateur Athletic club field when
they rolled up a total of 26 points In
the senior events and two pointa in
the junior races. Washington was
second with 17 and Jefferson third
with 11. Lincoln and Benson Tech tied
for fourth place with five points each.
The meet was a decided success.
Eight events were listed on the pro
gramme, seven being running races
and one a shotput relay.
Out of the eight events Franklin
trackmen grabbed four firsts and two
seconds in the senior events and took
one third in the junior races. The
880 yard relay, two mile, 440 and
medley .races were won by the Frank
lin flyers. The shotput relay and one
mile relay went to Washington.
' Jefferson Juniors Stronjr.
Jefferson was stronger In the Junior
events than la the senior, the blue
and gold runners winning the 440
yard junior and 880 junior but could
not land a first in the senior events.
Practically all of the events were
closely contested between Jefferson,
Washington and Franklin.
The shotput relay was open to four
man teams with the total distance
of the four men to count. Washington
won the event with a total of 152 feet
5 Inches. Franklin was second with
151 feet 11 Inches.
Sledley Lively Affair.
The medley relay, the last event of
the day, was a lively affair and was
won by Franklin after a spirited
fight with Washington, Jefferson and
Benson, who placed in the order
named. In the medley event the
first runner traveled 110 yards, sec
ond 220 yards, third 440 yards and
fourth 880.
Some of the time made in the events
was exceptionally good and on a fast
track would have been much better.
The track, due to recent rains, was
The results follow: -
iSO-yard relay, seniors Won by Frank
lin (Mullen, Selfrldge. Blake, Polaon):
second, Jefferson; third. Lincoln; fourth,
Washington. Time, 1 minute 88.2 seconds
Shot-put relay Won by Waahlngton
(Haak, Liebe, Tasker, Mauta) ; second,
Franklin; third, Benson :fourth, Jefferson.
Distance 152 feet 5 inches.
Two-mile relay, senior Won by Frank
lin (Ooets, Butts. Bliss. Peak): second,
Washington: third, - James John; fourth,
Jefferson. Time, 8 mlnutea S5.1 seconds.
440-yard relay. Juniors Won by Jeffer
son (Renahaw. Blazler, Morgan, Bracher);
second, Benson; third. Franklin; fourth,
Washington. Time, 80. 1 seconds.
440-yards, seniors Won by Franklin
(Mullen, Selfrldge, Blake, Hobaon); second.
Lincoln: third, Jefferson; fourth, Benson.
Time, 48 seconds.
One-mile relay, seniors Won by Wash
ington (Wlnslow, Allard. Myers. Carlberg);
second. Franklin; third. Jefferson: fourth.
Benson. Time. 3 mlnutea 47.1 seconds.
&Uryard relay, juniors Won by Jeffer
son (Renshaw, Blazler, Morgan. Bracher);
second, James John: third, Waalilngton ;
fourth. Lincoln. Time. 1 minute 44.3 sec
onds. Medley relay Won by Franklin (Blake,
Mullen, Poulsen, Peake); Becond, Washing
ton: third, Jefferson: fourth, Benson. Time.
3 minutes 41.4 seconds. t'
Intramural Series at Agricultural
College Delayed by Rain.
LEGE, Corvallis, May 3. (Sipeclal.)
The first ,week of the Intramural
baseball championship series resulted
in a tie in each of the divisions.
The college has been divided Into
four divisions National fraternities
Broadway at Davis Street
Phone Broadway. 3535
local fraternities. Poling hall clubs
and Independent organizations.
Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Theta,
Sigma Phi Epilson, Kappa Pst and
Sigma Alpha Epsilon are leading the
national fraternity division, with the
Kappa Theta Rho, Kappa Delta Sig
ma, Beavers, Alpha Phi Delta, Gamma
N.u and Waukeena club leading the
local fraternity league.
. Willamette, Wastlnea and West
erner clubs are tied for first place
in the Poling hall league. On ac
count of the rain it has been impos
sible for the Independent organiza
tions to play any games so far.
The Intramural series will con
tinue until about a week before the
end of school, at which time the win
ner will be awarded a large silver
loving cup and the league winners
will be presented with placques.
Uoine-and-Honie Match, With Two
Legs Apiece, Promises to Be
Hotly Contested Saturday.
Waverley Country club golfers are
busily engaged preparing e-for the
first Inter-city golfing event of the
season a bome-and-home match with
the Seattle Golf club mashia swingers
at Seattle next Saturday.
The match will be the first of
series to decide the winner of the
Walter J. Burns trophy. Both Wav
erley and Seattle have . two legs
apiece on the cup and the result of
the famous leg-pulling contest will
be the source of much interest both
here and In Seattle. Another match
will be played at Waverley In the
In the past Waverley always has
put up a team of better players than
Seattle, but the unfamlliarlty of the
course proved the undoing or tne
local stars. This year things ought
to be different, and It Is probable
that Waverley will break the prece
dent and win the coming match.
C. H. Davis Jr., captain of the Wav
erley team, has announced his lineup
for the match, as follows:
B. C. F. Astbury, A. C. U. Berry. Ellis
J. Bragg. C. Hi Davis, Jr., Hugh C. Oearln,
Jordan V. Zan, Arthur O. Jones, Walter
Lane. C. Hunt Lewis. J. H. Mackensle,
Dr. Joseph L. McCool. Wirt Minor. Clark
E. Nelson, waiter K. Fearson, lr. bam
Slocum J. R. Straight. H. O. Thompson,
Dr. J. H. Tuttle, Forest Watson, Carl L.
Wernicke, Rudolph Wllhelm.
Rudolph Wllhelm, captain of the
Portland Golf club teams, has corn-
Dieted arrangements for taking
team of 15 players north to meet the
Seattle Golf and Country club and
Tacoma Golf club teams in inter-club
The match with Seattle will be
played Saturday, June 4, and at Ta
coma the following day. June 5. This
will be the first time that the Port
land club has sent a team to the
sound cities for a match.
Saturday. May 14, will find the
three Portland clubs Portland, Wav
erley and Tualatin meeting In an
lnter-club event at Waverley for the
J. G. Clemson trophy. This will be
an elimination match. The finals will
bo played Saturday, May 2i. tap
tains of the teams will announce
their lineups this week.
Portland Golf club will hold a di
rectors' cup tournament over Its
Raleigh station course next Sunday.
Sixteen men will qualify in the first
flight, the rest of the players going
into eight-man flights. There will
be prizes offered to the winners of
each flight. The first elimination
round will be played May 22. Other
flights will be played the Bame day
Sam Hirsch. chairman of the hand
icap committee at the Tualatin Coun
try club, has not announced any spe
cial event for th's week-end as yet,
but it Is probable that rome kind of
a tournament will .be arranged.
Forest Watson, formerly of the
Waverley Country club, was low med
alist In the qualifying round of the
annual championship of the Jefferson
Park Golf club, Seattle. Watson
turned in a card of 77.
Hood River Has Shoot.
HOOD RIVER. Or., May S (Spe
cial.) The Hood River Gun club has
begun preltminHry contests, fittlna
THERE'S plenty of
hope and ambition
in the stylish spring
clothes we are designing
for the progressive men
of this community. You
know that our clothes
have the reputation of
"standing up" under a
lot of wear.
V J 1 1 1
themselves for a tournament next
Sunday with The Dalles Gun club.
At a shoot Sunday local sportsmen
made the following- scores, shooting
at 25 pigeons: William Marshall so,
H. Dumbolton 21. K. Kami 17. Karl
Franx 17, O. Schner 16. Oiorge I'oe 16,
A. Howell 14, F. Bishop 16 and Al
Davenport 15.
Chick Candil Anxious for Trlul.
CHICAGO. May S. Arnold (Chick)
Candil, former first baseman f f the
Chicago American league baseball
club, who was Indicted In connection
v.Tth the alleg-ed throwing- of the
world's series of 1919, appeared In
court here today and Rave bond of
S000 for hl appearance. "I am
ready and anxious for trial." he said.
"Tomorrow my attorney will file a
demnnd for an Irnmorllnle trial."
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v . r i