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Final Score of Basketball
Game Is 22 to 10.
Dan Tipple, Latest Acquisition, No Bush League Sapling, But an Ex
perienced Player Term Served With New York Yanks.
. Ross Strongest Man of College
Combination California to Go
to Eugene for Series.
rarute Coast Conference Bafckrtball
alirornia a 1 .(WT
tanfonl ................. 1 .857
renn 2 .''
aab.nrton 4 4 .60
HJthinzton State Collrre 1 5 .187
refon Agricultural CoUece....O 10 .000
EGE. Corrallis. Feb. 1. (Special.)
-After gecting oft to a slow start, in
hlcb the players could not locate the
xsket, the University of California
asketball team settled down to busl
ss in the second half of the frame
1th the Oregon Agricultural college
jintet here tonight, with the result
at the visitors won by the score of
J to 10.
Scores In the first half were few,
though California time and again
parent!? had easy shots. The Ag
es, while they did not try as many
lots at the Bears, made most of the
ots count. The first half ended 8 to
In favor of California.
The second half saw a decided re-
rsal of form on the part of both
ams. California settled down and
ecan to make the shots count with
gularity, while the Aggies could not
t the ball through the net.
Fggleston again stood out as the
ost brilliant player of the game and
orked the floor well from a running
uard position. Synes of California
as- high point man with It, despite
s fact that he was held scoreless
the first half of the close guarding
Hubbard of the Aggies.
A. Ross was the strongest man of
Aggie combination. Stlmson, for
Aggies, converted four out of
ven free throws, while Synes of
'alifornia hung up a perfect score
ith nine out of nine. Coop, also of
alifornia. converted one out of five
California will leave for Eugene
iraorrow, where the team plays the
niversity of Oregon Friday and Sat-
rilay. The University of Idaho will
ii-nish opposition for the Aggies Frl-
27 and Saturday.
The lineup:
California (22) Oregon Arrfes (10)
-nes, 13 ..........F... 4, Stinson
op. S ..K. Arthur
rkrr C 2. 8and
TKlrston. S 0 2. A. Rosa
Han. 4 U Hubbard
Substitutions: California Donibat for
-op. Atta-ie F. Koaa for Ralph Cole--an.
Vhitnian Five Takes Basketball
Game bj 1 7-to-l 1 Score.
Valla, Wash., Feb. li. (Special.)
oacti Borleske's Missionaries scored
second victory over the Willamette
asketball team here today by the
:ore of 17 to 11. The victory gives
v'hitman a strong hold on third
lace in the northwest conference and
elegates the Bearcats to the fifth
Reynolds of Portland, nlavinir for
Whitman, proved the star of the
ame, caging three field goals. But
ive were scored during the entire
ame. In the first half Wapato reg
nered the only Willamette basket.
:he fifth field goal Gurian. also of
ortland, registered in the last
erlod. The score of the first half
.as o to 4 for Whitman.
Willamette will play the Walla
vana x. 1. (j. A. tomorrow.
alo Alto Quintet Wins Second
Game Over Washington State.
riLLMAX, Wash.. Feb. Is. Stan-
ord university's basketball aauad
on its second vlctorv nvr Wn.h.
WJ'-n State college nere tonight. 38
j iu. -Kignter and Davis, Stanford
orwards. were the Individual stars
t r the game.
The score at the end of the first
r.aix stood 12 to 9 In Stanford's favor.
rrruE decision this week
DD another to the 38 ball play
ers on the Portland roster and
make it 39. The latest acquisi
tion to the ranks of Beaver athletes
Is a big right-handed pitcher with a
thirsty name, Dan Tipple, who tele
graphed Judge McCredie yesterday
accepting terms.
Tipple is no bush league sapling,
but an experienced flinger. A1q
says. Walt, he isn't half as thirsty as
he sounds, though be may have
thought, at that, that Vancouver
B. C, had joined the coast league cir
cuit. He has been flinging In the
American association and the Inter
national league, with a brief visit to
the New York Yanks, for the last
five or six years and in that perio
has been rated as quite a pitcher. If
he is fast enough for that company be
ought to get by in this.
Among the teams for which Tipple
has pitched are Indianapolis. Toronto,
Jersey City and Syracuse. He comes
here as a free agent from Syracuse,
to which be was shipped by the Yanks.
His record with Syracuse last season
of three games won and 10 lost.
wasn't especially Impressive, but Wal
says Syracuse had a rotten team and
that consequently his pitching aver
age doesn t mean much.
Anyway, Tipple was a bear or
pitcher a couple of years ago. Wheth
er he still has the hop on his fast one
remains to be seen, but as he Is only
26 or 27 years old he ought to have
plenty of stuff.
Speck Harkness, who was a great
pitcher when he was with the Beav
ers several seasons ago and later
with Cleveland, from which he re
turned to Portland after a year or
two In the big show, dropped In to
chin around the hot stove with the
judge and Walt yesterday. Speck
does hit pitching with a hardwood
cue nowadays, being the proprietor
of a pool and billiard hall somewhere
out in the Alberta district.
"I eet a great kick out of the sal
ary demands 'of some of these ball
players of today, said bpecn. vt nen
a bird nobody ever beard of horns In
with a call for MOO a month or he
won't Play, I think of the days when
Jack Graney and I Joined the Port
land club back in 1908. e got
a month. Later we were raised to
3250 a month, and, believe me, we
thought we were millionaires.
"Not many players got uu a mourn
even in the majors In those days, yet
tbey played better ball than tney ao
today. It's all right for a ballplayer
who Is worth It to ask for the dough,
but when every young blood off the
pralrlee and sand lots wants major
league pay to sign a contract I want
to laugh."
so long as the- money bag holds out.
though It has had the effect of mak
ing players on every other team dis
satisfied. However. Seattle made a
great drive last season and packed
'em into the park, so that's her busi
ness. But recently there have been
signs that the prodigal policy of last
year Is making a deal of trouble
right at home.
This la evidenced by the number of
holdouts on the Seattle club 'and the
loud squawks that have arisen in sev
eral quarters of the compas3 from
players not pleased with the contracts
tendered them. The ball players fi
ured that this open-handed liberality
would last forever, but it seems that
is not the case. Some of the high
priced stars have been tendered ex
tensive cuts in their remuneration and
they don't like it one bit.
Red Baldwin's 3500 of last season
has been chopped down to 3400
month In his 1921 contract, which is
major league pay, at that, but Red has
been gnashing his teeth and shrieking
to high heaven and sobbing that
never, never will he play for any such
picayunlsh sum. Carl Zamloch is an
other to whom has been offered a less
attractive contract, and he, too,
yowling and wailing.
Rivals in Basketball. Clash.
Score Is 31 to 20.
All of which has caused the new
Seattle manager. Bill Kenworthy. now
In California, to come out with an
alibi for himself in the Oakland
"They shouldn't blame me," Is Bill'
alibi in effect. "I don't have anything
to do with their contracts. That's all
handled by Bill Klepper, president of
the club. I signed as manager, with
the understanding that I am to be
absolute boss on the field, and with
full power to hire and fire,, but
haven't anything to say about sal
Kenworthy announces, also, that
several players have signed up all
right and that he thinks all the hold
outs and dissatisfied ones will even
tually come into line. Those who
have signed, he says, are Carter
Elliott and Rod Murphy, lnfielders
Roxey Middieton, the aged right
fielder, and Paul Strand and Lang
hardt, outfielders; Jack Adams, catch
er, and Harry Gardner, Bob Geary and
Socks Diebold. pitchers, besides
Swartz, another pitcher obtained
from Cincinnati
Seattle was the orodlgttl son of the
pvifi Coast league last season in
the way of salaries paid to ball play
ers. The Seattle club spent money
right and left and paid almost any old
salary that was asked. For Instance,
when Hatcher Red Baldwin held out
on San Francisco. Seattle took him on
and paid him 3500 a month. In another
case a slipping big league pitcher
bought by the club demanded 3100
more a month than he was then re
ceiving in the majors, and what is
more, got It. And there were others.
Taken all in all. the Seattle payroll
last year probably was higher than
that of any other club In the league
and that includes San Francisco. More
than that, so gossip among the play
ers goes. If a pitcher hurled an ex
ceptionally good game, or if a batter,
smashed out a drive that won a bat
tle Via nrnhnhlv would be SliDDed a
nice fat bank note or federal reserve he yielded 4.68 runs a game. Warner
bill as a reward for his efforts. I was a holdout last season and didn't
All of which is very well and good i play at ail.
Dartmouth, having lost Coach Clar
ence Spears to University of west
Virginia, Is trying an experiment for
next season. She has signed Jackson
Can n ell. a youngster of only 24. as
head coach. Cannell Is a Dartmouth
man who made a great record as a
player but hasn't been tried at all as
coach. Many wanted Larry Bankart,
former great Dartmouth star, but
who now plays professional football.
but there was a lot of feeling against
him because of the fact that when
coaching Colgate in 1919 he almost
licked his alma mater. The score
was a tie, but that didn t assuage
the feelings of Dartmouth.
The Chicago Cubs have Just re
versed the usual procedure of giving
hree or four players for one minor
league star by taking two minor
leaguers in trade for one Cub. They
have agreed to send Pitcher Nick
Carter to the Kansas City Blues In
exchange for Pitcher W eaver and
Hoke Warner, third baseman. Weav-
r Ditched for Oakland in the Coast
league in 1919 and part of 1920, and
his record wasn't Impressive. Neither
did he do particularly well with Kan
aas City. Judging from the fact that
Jrcgon Five in Running
Championship of Coast.
ene, lea. lo. (Special.) The two
ames to be played between Califor
nia and Stanford this week-end will
lecice whether California will return
-o the south as coast champion. The
iears were able to take the first
:arae of the series between Stanford
ind California by a score of 36 to 34.
There are two more games yet to be
played but as California was able to
win by such a decisive score, and, ac
ording to reports of those attending
the game, outclassed the cardinals in
all departments of the game, the Bears
should be able to win in the two
xamea to come.
The California quintet defeated the
Aggies last night in the first battle
of the Corvallis series by a score of
.1 to 19. The second game will be
clayed tonight. The score Is not so
much an Indication of the game as is
he fact that the Bears started their
second team against the Aggies in
nrder that the first string men might
to In shape for the battles with Ore
gon this week-end.
California is out to make a strong
bid for conference honors this year.
Coach Bohler of Oregon took, his mei
over to see the Bears work last night
and will take them to Corvallis again
oclght. So far the Bears have won
hree games from Oregon Agricul-
urai college, two at home ana one at
orvaliis. One game was taken from
Stanford and on the southern trip of
aldington the series was split, one
game going each way. The cop
sheet gives an advantage to Califor
n!a over the university, as Washing'
on took two games from Oregon by
large scores.
Last night the Cardinals were able
defeat the Cougars by a score of
2 to 37. The second game of that
eries will be played tonight. Stan
ford has been the choice cf the field
or conference honors this year until
he loss of one game to California.
That is the only defeat suffered so
ar by the Cardinals. They won two
games from Oregon Agricultural col-
ege. and two from washing-ton when
hose two teams made their southern
Oregon comes next in line with six
wins and two defeats. Four games
were taken from Oregon Agricultural
college, two from Washington State
college and two were lost to Wash
ington. If Oregon can beat California
this week end and the Bears are able
to take Stanford Into camp in the
other two games of that aeriea, Ore-
gon will otlll be In the running for
the coast championship.
Washington. Washington State col
lege and Oregon Agricultural college
follow in order. Washington has won
four and lost four, Washington State
college has won one and lost four.
and Oregon Agricultural college has
won none and lost nine.
Washington may be able to beat
Stanford at Seattle this week and If
the Cardinals lose there It practically
puts them out of the running. This
week end will probably settle the
question of the coast championship.
Coach Bohler has been working on his
men all week and has them In good
shape for the California games. The
games with Oregon Agricultural col
lege were not as hard last week end
as the previous and Oregon has also
had a week to rest. The California
team will have played two games and
will not be in as good shape as
Bohler was satisfied with the play
ing of his team last week and hopes
to eat the Bears.
Med ford Takes Extra-Period Game
MEDFORD. Or, Feb. 16. (Special.)
Medford high school was victorious
over Roseburg high school here to
night, 24 to 23, in a basketball con
test. The score was tied 22 to 22 at
the end of the regular time and in
five minutes' extra play the score
was still tied, but at the end of the
second five-minute period Medford
Vancouver to Play Walla Walla.
VANCOUVER. Wash.. Feb. 16.
(Special.) Vancouver high school
basketball team and Walla Walla
high school will play here Saturday
evening, February 19. It Is hoped
that the winner of this game will be
matched with Belllngham to Play off
the state championship.
fit. Louis Outfielder Signs.
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 16. Bert Shotten.
outfielder, today signed a 1921 con
tract with the St. Louis Nationals,
and it was announced he again would
act as field captain.
France Files Cap Challenge.
NEW YORK. Feb. 18. France filed
a challenge for the Davis cup at the
headquarters of the United States
Lawn Tennis association here today.
Entries close March 15.
Coach of Losers Uses Even Dozen
Players, but Falls to Head
Coach Pander's Five.
Hirh School Basketball LeagaenStandlnrs.
W. V. Pet. I W. U P.
Franklin ..4 0 looOITefferson ..1 2 .333
Wash 3 0 10) pore merce ..1 4 .IMO
Benson 2 1 .867:Lincwln ....0 4 .000
J'mea J'hn2 2 .600!
For the first time since the two
schools have been competing In high
school athletics, the Commerce high
school holds a victory over Lincoln
high. It happened yesterday after
noon on the Washington high school
floor, when the basketball team rep
resenting Commerce defeated the Lin'
coin quintet by a score of 31 to 20.
Considerable rivalry has sprung np
between the two west side schools
and the contest yesterday was by no
means a pink-tea affair.
Neither team had been able to win
a game in the Portland high school
circuit so far this season, and yester
day's conflict practically decided the
cellar championship.
Lincoln started with a rush and
managed to shove over the first score,
but It wasn't long before Coach Pan
ders atblates got under way and
jumped Into the lead. From then on
there was little doubt as to the out
Coach Campbell of Lincoln used an
even dozen players. The squad re
sembled a gymnasium class more than
baskteball team. Out of the 12 play
ers Johnny Faust and Brownjohn
made the best showing. Faust scored
half of his team s 20 points.
Mix Grlder, for Commerce, was go
Ing strong until he injured his leg
In the second half. At that, Grlder ac
counted for 17 of his team's points.
Ted Gurian played his best game of
the season for Commerce. The line
Commerce (311 T.lTirrt1n f"VM
Gurian (8) F. (4) Habie
ifLonneu r- 121 Hodman
Kepplnger (4) ...,C Beeves
;rldr17) U -Moses
'ahsee (2) U... Walker
Substitutions: Lincoln J TPanst 10:
Childs. 2; Flynn. Hushaa Urownjohn,
vvaiapoio, l. Kauirt. 2.
ttefaree Leon Fabre.
Jefferson and Benson will be the
opposing teams this afternoon on
Washington high floor. Both teams
are evenly matched and a fast game
expected when the quintets clash.
Philadelphia Boxing Promoter Ac
cepts $33,000 for Bout March 31.
Lippe, Philadelphia boxing promoter.
tonight announced be had accepted
offer of 335,000 for Jeff Smith,
contender for the world's middle
weight championship, to box Georges
Carpentier 20 rounds to a decision in
Monte Carlo, March 31. The offer,
according to Ltppe, came from Lanier
f Paris. ,
Smith and Carhentier boxed 20
rounds In Paris Just before the world
Boyde W. Cornclison to Have
Charge of Student Activities.
MOSCOW, Idaho, Feb. 16. Boyde
". Cornelison, a Benlor In the college
of arts and sciences, has been chosen
graduate manager of student activi
ties at the University of Idaho, It was
nnounced at the university today.
He will succeed A. J. Priest, resigned,
on March 1.
Cornelison was student manager of
thletlcs In the college year of
ggle Nine Must Do Without Serv
ices of Palfrey.
LEGE, Corvallis. Feb. 16. (Special.)
mmy Richardson, coach of the base
ball team, received a hard knock when
he found out Monday evening that
Captain Palfrey of the team would
ot be back in school this year. .
Richardson was planning strongly
on having Palfrey at his old position
on first base. H may be necessary
now to change Speck Keene from the
box position to take care of the first
Nine letter men will be back this
season. Most of the men turned ont
In the enow Monday for the first
practice of the season. More than
50 men have answered the early call
for practice, and It Is possible that
even more may respord.
Sage Brush Maids Will Invade Cor
vallis Basketball - Lair.
LEGE, Corvallis. Feb. 16. (Special.)
The Oregon Aggies' girl casaba-
tosBers will play the University of
Nevada girls' team on the local floor
February 26, according to arrange
ments just completed by Ruth Winl-
ger, coach.
A practice game has been arranged
for next Friday afternoon with the
Albany high girls. Zetta Bush, for
mer Aggie varsity "O" girl. Is coach
ing the Albany aggregation. Two
other games will be played before the
end of the season.
Next Saturday the team will Jour
ney to Salem to play the girls of Wil
lamette university. The date of the
annual Oregon-Oregon Aggie game
has not been set, but probably will be
March 5 or 12.
Valley and Alex Trambitas to
Hunt Big Game.
Boxers Feel They Have Exhausted
Local Field and Want to
Try Big Leagues.
The next Pair of local battlers to
try to break Into the big leagues will
probably be Alex and Valley Tram
bitas. The latter is now known to
the Portland ring fans as Jimmy
Darcy. Jack Fahle has carried his
B'NAI B'RITH VICTOR LN GAME two proteges to the top of their class
on the Pacific coast, ana nas auoui
Fast T. M. C. A. Basketball Team
Downed by 3 0-to-l 8 Score.
The B'nai B'rlth Intermediates bas
ketball team defeated theY. M. C. A.
Swastikas last night on the B'nai
B'rith floor by a score of 30 to 16.
The Swastikas team is one of the
strongest met by the Intermediates
so far this season and the victory is
a big boost.
Hollman of the Intermediates was
the outstanding star of the game. In
addition to playing the floor well, be
marked up 14 of his team s points
Scallon, also of the B nal B'rith team.
got away nicely several times and
ent for either of the
brothers, iahie nas Deen conteiiiv""
inar a trin-east for nearly a year.
Eastern boxing dabblers who have
seen Alex and Valley In action have
assured Fahle that they can more
than hold their own with the ma
jority of the boys at their weight
throughout the country. ia easieiu
and middle western sections of the
country present a lucrative field for
worthy mittmen. If a boxer Is un
able to land big money he can at
least fight every night in the ween
if he has a rugged enough constitu
tion. The boxing centers are only
a few miles apart, and with the game
legalized or getting by within tne
scored eight of his team's points. For I iaw in Dractically every state In the
the losers 4aruett scored ail Dut two
of his team's 16 points.
union there is little chance of a
boxer who can fight at all going
without plenty of ring work.
Jack "Midnight" Edmundson. the
southern California welterweight who
ha. hAan In Pnrtlan. A. week or so.
Hawthorne Quintet Defeats Beaver received a telegram from Tommy
Juniors' 148 to 2.
A record in local basketball scores
was made last night by the Haw
thorne grammar school quintet, when
the team defeated the Beaver Jun
iors, 148 to 2. This is 26 points more
than the Amlenia club made In a re
cent game which was Dreviousty cited dently made a big hit with hira. "Mid
as a scoring record. night" knocked Jack McClelland for
Lauder, with 52 points, and Cox. a goal in a nvnute s time in uamana
Simpson, who Is in New York, yester
day telling him to come on to the
Empire city. Simpson is in New
York with Battling Ortega. The
Battler is signed to box George Chip
at Madison Square gardens February
2L Edmundson fought for Tommy
several times in Oakland and evl
fastest that has been played on the
camnus during the intramural series.
These contests are being conducted..
by Ralph Coleman, bead of the intra
mural department.
The championship of the independ
ent league will be determined Tues
day when group 4 will play the
Wastlnea club of Poling halL The
winner of this game will then play
the Phi Delta Thetas for the college
Smoker Programme Completed.
ABERDEEN. Wash., Feb. 16. (Spe
cial.) The bill for the next Randlch
Druxman smoker February 21 was
completed yesterday. The events are:
Main event, six rounds. Frankle
Rogers va Roy Sutherland; semi
windup. six rounds, Vern Seroy vs.
Jack Edmonton; preliminaries. Kid
Johnson vs. Jack O'Brien and Ken
Crisp vs. Kid Jennings.
with 37, starred for the victors. Fr.
day night Hawthorne plays the Wil
lamette grammar school for the title
of the Willamette valley.
Albany Club Plans Shoot.
ALBANY, Or, Feb. 16. (Special.) March 4.
The Albany Gun club will inaugurate
the 1921 shooting season with a shoot
hereon Washington's birthday. Sports
men from Salem, Eugene, Corvallis
and other cities in this section of the
state are being Invited, and a big
event is in prospect. The shoot will
take place on the club's grounds at
Hackleman's grove. Just southeast of
this city, and will begin at 10 o clock
In the forenoon. The local club
staged a number of successful shoots
last year, and plans an active season
in one of bis scraps. McClelland is
now going over big in New York,
Edmundson is boxing Verne beroy
In Aberdeen next Monday night, and
may battle Johnny Boscovitch in the
semi-windup of the Portland boxing
commission card at the Armory
Talking of Johnny Boscovitch, why
not shorten his name to Johnny Boss
or something like It? Johnny has
been fighting his way to the front
with rapid strides in the past year,
and with a few more victories under
hs belt will be making a bid for
main event honors soon. Johnny Is
a tough, rugged boy who can . sock
like a heavyweight. A large percent
age of his tights end via the knock
out route. The fans like to see him
during the coming spring and sum- in action, as they know that they will
get their money s worth every time
be starts.
Rules Meeting Postponed.
A meeting of coaches, referees and
porting writers of Portland set for
onight has been postponed until next athletic officer at the barracks. Is
Johnny and Bud Fischer are slated
to box ten rounds at Vancouver bar
racks March 2. Lieutenant Burger,
putting on the card In conjunction
with Walter Morlarlty of the Van
couver Athletic club. Fischer has
been boxing around Tacoma for sev
eral months, taking on Eddie Ham
mond, Jimmy Storey and others with
success. The remainder of the card
will find soldier boxers tangling with
Sprints Championship Lists Close. Vancouver maulers.
LOS ANGELES. Feb. 16. Entries Dave Shade, the Concord, Cal.. wel-
closed today for the sprints cham- terweight. Is one of the niftiest-look-plonship
to be run on the Los Angeles Ing pieces of fighting machinery that
Thursday night at 8 o'clock in the
office of T. H. Gawley. physical di
rector of the Young Men's Christian
association. It Is Intended to discuss
further basketball rules and regula
tions with a view to preventlngdiffl-
ultles In Interpretations next season.
speedway next Wednesday, n'ne driv
ers having entered. They are: Tommy
Milton. Alton Somes, Ralph Dg Palma,
John A. Thiele, Ira Vail, Roscoe
Searles. Eddie Miller, Jimmy Murphy
and Eddie nearne.
Victoria Bests Seattle in Hockey.
SEATTLE, Wash.. Feb. 16. Vic
toria took a one-point lead over Seat
tle In the hockey game here tonight
and maintained it to the end of the
contest, the final score being 4 to 3
for the Aristocrats. It was 2 to 1 for
Victoria In the first period and 3 to 2
In the second.
Sunday Sports Target.
ordinance designed to prevent Sunday
Bports here, backed by the Minister
ial association, is being considered by
the city council.
rcp wu.2l rNX ll -i lTTTV f Bill-- im -so Poor-
Gee VrVJKLZ. wt i m , 3Tock M 40 Poor i can t J
Nv- y '- 2ASSOI.'
RILL- MY EPFNSE5 "X BILL" Y6U Hsve no) ' ' S
AR6 50M6THIW6 1 ,DEA TE SOUGH iwCLt- (ScOBSe ( C A
IM IN A) J1VE LOS 1 - I'M liJ V-m I-- BUT YOU If ,fr ' J .Fl I
avufw. Fin- TmS ( TERRiBte shavPe ; DoioT see M6 3 1-
JQvjaoe 1 DofjT Kmouj N S cpyifj' my e ygS A J
. , J s , -' out Sxy You ? it
( WHERE- InA COb f ' I Jo66M'T PAY- - BE C
the fans have had an opportunity to
watch step in the gymnasium. Shade
Is of the aggressive type and slugs
every minute. He has the honor of
fighting more main events In San
Francisco and Oakland than any
other boxer around the bay section.
There are few boys of any class whom
he has not fought and he Is still a
youngster, just topp nt the 20-year
mark. His brother. Billy Shade. Is
middleweight champion of Australia,
and the reigning sensation of the
Antipodes. George Shade, another
brother, Is boxing around New York.
The Portland boxing commission
had been figuring on using Shnde and
Jimmy Duffy, the Oakland flash, on
top of a card this month, but as all
shows for February were canceled
Duffy was notified that the match
had been postponed.
A ten-round setto between Shade
and Duffy would be a regular match
for the Portland fans and there would
not be any hit-and-miss there. Duffy
Is the class of the boys at his weight
on the coast without a doubt, and
Shade is one of the few who figure
to give him a real tussle.
Matchmaker Frank Kendall Is busi
ly engaged in completing his card for
the MilwauKie arena next Wednesday
night. Bud Ridley and Babe Herman
will box ten rounds in the main
event, while Neal Allison and Stanley
wiuis win tangle in the eieht-round
semi-tinai. Kendall Is considering a
six-rouna pout oetween Jimmy Bren
ton and .tsaoy Blue for the six-round
special event. Johnny Fiske will meet
some boy at his weight In one of the
two lour-round matches on the bill.
Frankle Monroe has returned to Los
Angeles. The Angel city scrapper
got nomesicK, so Jack Russell out
mm on me rattier neaced south.
Eddie McGoorty said sroodbve to all
his friends the other day and was
among those present on the outbound
train for t-nicago. McGoorty has
matches with Johnny Wilson and
arry ureD m the offine and did not
feel like waiting for action here. With
McGoorty'e going the last sieht of
an opponent) for Jimmy Darcy went
Kappa Theta Rlios Lose Basketball
Championship at O. A. C.
LEGE, Corvallis, Feb. 16. (Special.)
The fraternity basketball cham
pionship of the college was won Mon
day night by the Phi Delta Thetas.
who defeated the Kappa Theta Rhos
18 to 16.
The Fhl Delta Thetas were leading
th national league division of the
intramural contests, and the Kappa
Theta Rhos were the winners in the
local fraternity league. Glenn C.
Ackerman of .Salem, who played for
ward for the winning team, was the
star of the game. Ackerman was a
member of the Salem high' school
championship team for two years and
was a member of last year's . fresh
man team. Ferry and Garber starred
for the losers.
During the first half the Kappa
Theta Rhos had the edge on the Phi
Delta Thetas, but were unable to hold
the lead. The gajne waa on of the
Jackson. Williams and weaver
Hear Extracts of Alleged Confes
slon Read in Courtroom.
CHICAGO. Feb. 16 The Indicted
baseball players who are to be tried
on March 16. in connection with the
1919 world's serlee. today won their
first preliminary move, when Judge
William E. Deyer granted them
bill of particulars.
Three of the players, Joe Jackson
Claude Williams and George Weaver,
were in court ana neara Assistant
State's Attorney Gorman read ex
tracts from a confession which Jack
son and Williams are alleged to have
made to the grand Jury.
A statement by Jackson In which
he was alleged to have said that he
was promised J26.000. but only re
ceived $5000, was read to the court
by Prosecutor Gorman, which read
In aroused the defendants' attor
neys, one of whom asked: "Why
don't you Indict them for perjury!
Are you arguing to a jury?"
The prosecutor exclaimed loudly
T want to tell you that they are
running dangerously close to the bor
der line of Perjury."
It was said that counsel for wea
ver will ask for a separate trial for
that player
Team Match at Sandwich, England,
on 3Iay 5 Suggested.
NEW YORK. Feb. 15. Captain W.
P. Matthews of the Royal St George
Golf club. In a letter to the United
States Golf association, states that
May 7 has been decided on for the
annual St. George's cup competition
at Sandwich, England. He suggests
a team match between eieht Ameri
cans and eight Royal and Ancient
players to be decided over the Sand
wich links May B.
A. T. Kemp, representing the Fon
talnebleau Golf club. France, has
written to the United States Golf as
sociation that the club at Fontaine
bleau is desirous of having as many
American and British women as pos
sible to compete In the women's
championship tournament of France,
to start June
University of Washington Regatta
Opens Practice Season.
Seattle, Feb. 16. (Special.) Winning
by less than a length, the Junior crew
took the class races at the University
of Washington in the annual regatta
this week. The sophomore boat was
second, the seniors third, and the
frosh last.
The race was rowed over a mile and
a quarter course In Lake Washington.
The time was 7 minutes. The sopho
mores, favorites In the race, led-from
the start halfway down the course,
rowing the fast stroke of 38 to the
minute. The pace told on the men
and the juniors were able to pass
them and maintain their lead to the
A varsity crew and second varsity
will be chosen In a short time by
Coach Leader. Seven weeks of prac
tice remain before the race with Cali
fornia over the Oakland estuary. With
only three letter man in school,- a
A Continual
Up from your table to dance to
the charm of bewitching music,
then back again to enjoy more
of an excellent dinner
Thai is yours at
Ye Oregon
Dinner Service
Table J'Hote$l5
or a la Carte
Music and Dancing1
during dinner and supper hours
Noon-IIonr Lunches
number of places in the boat will be
filled from the class crews which
were made up of last year's "scrubs"
and frosh crews.
Death of narry Hamilton Declared
Result of Overexertion.
BROOKFIELD. Mo.. Feb. 16. Harry
Hamilton. Brookfleld lightweight
boxer, who was knocked out In the
eighth round of a scheduled ten-
round bout here last night, died
Attending physicians said death
was caused by overexertion curing
the fight, and not as a result ot the
knockout blow.
Immediately after Frank Dean of
Kansas City landed the knockout
blow to the Jaw, Hamilton was car
ried to his corner. After taking his
seat he collapsed.
Dean has not been arreMea.
0 Wh y
Most cases of headache are due
to defective vision, which pro
duces eyestrain.
Let tne scientifically examine
your eyes, find out the defect
and overcome it with a pair of
Perfect-Fitting Glasses help
you to be "headacheless."
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Richmond -
a name to remember
The name Richmond on a union suit U an
index to its character. It means comfort to a
superlative degree. It means that your to p-
clothes will fit cleanly and well. It means long,
honest -service.
Richmonds will give you better fit, more
wear and more comfort Remember the name.
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Richmond Union Suits. All seams are double lock
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This is only one of eight exclusive Richmond features.
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