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Bank of Jacksonville, for a change
of venue on the ground of alleged
prejudice preventing a fair and Ira
partial trial In this county. At the
same time all the defendants In the
bank cases who have not previously
done so will enter pleas before the
The grand Jury for the spring term
OI court will meet next Monday and
the petit jury the following Monday.
Among the petit jury cases the re-
trial or Lark fc-vans. charged with the
kidnaping and robbery of a Grants
Pass jitney driver in September. 1919,
was attracting almost as much atten
tion as the bank cases.
While the court terra docket has
not been arranged, it was thought
Landholders Paying . Up, but
Under Protest.
"Where Will It All End?" Plain!
of Many Pioneer Families
Hit Particularly Hard.
Multnomah county is paying ,the
tax roll, but not without con
siderable grumbling about the high
cost of taxes and the ruin which
faces land-holders if the upward
trend continues. A millage Jump
from 36 8 to 41.8 is making Itself
felt even by the small taxpayers and
many do not hesitate to express their
Buyers Waiting for Prices to
Work Lower.
Only Arrivals Are Three Loads ol
&Iieep and Tliey Go Through
to Pugct Sound.
The livestock market was a quiet af
fair. Only three loada of sheep arrived
and they were sent through to the sound.
u, Busi. neii 11 a ii, i c.j inpir oion. . ,tca(jy, but hoss failed to bring the ex
kj me ouuging cierm in me treme top or the preceding day. The
Wt. Price.i Wt. Price
9')0 0 im: Ihor... Sin .'m
Il'51 I hoc.. 4J0 8 00
400 5IH Shom.. 1H7 10 10
)7 5 7 j 4Iioks.. 0 10 0
.-.'i (i .Mil 6 hons.. IKS 10 .85
ItiHU 5 00 1 hoK... HO 10 110
1M0 4 0(1, I hm... 160 10 00
llf.x) 3 5i! 4hOKS.. lbO 11.00
1SI 1 1.00 7 hoKS. . 304 11.00
IMS 11 00: 1 hoa... 3!0 9.00
6::0 9 00 3 hogs.. 1'HO 10 00
174 11.00 32 hoc.. S:t4 10 75
200 8 7.VJS4 lambs S3 8 00
1!I0 11 00 S7 lambs. 62 6 00
78 U.OOiUS Inmbi f.7 5.00
111 11 00 '..-. I am ha. 00 3 00
73 11. If) llt lambs 71 6 00
"0 11.80' IDS lambs 6 00
(7 11.00 257 lamhs 6J 7.00
l'.'S 9 0 201 lambs Ml 7 40
43 8 00 21 bucks. 180 S.Ot
22 9 00 27 mixed 135 3.50
124 10.751 lhoK... ISO 11.00
171 11.10: 2 nous.. 250 10.50
210 li ooiin hogs. . 2:6 li.oo
2!10 10 001 Shoes.. l'.lO 1100
155 1100. 2 steers. 1145 5 00
1! 11 00. 14 steers. 1008. 5.50
250 10 00.
lection department of Sheriff Hurl
burt's office.
Pioneer families whose chief source
of income is the property they re
ceived for a song in early daya are
hit particularly hard by the new roll.
"What In the world are we coming
to?" mourned an elderly matron, de
scendant of Oregon pioneers, yester
day. "Why. 4',S per cent would be
good Interest on money. " The gov
ernment used to pay less than that.
A property-owner in East St. Johns
stepped up to Eugene Willis, deputy
"What's the tax on my three It sT1
he demanded, handinz the deputy a
slip with the description.
Statement Slaacerlnar One.
"Good Lord!" ejaculated the St
Johns resident when he scanned the
amount, "that's what we used to pay
on a whole addition in St. Johns.
A somewhat similar comment came
from a Jit. Taborite.
When he glanced at his tax state
ment, a somewhat incredulous iook
crent over his countenance.
"Sure that's miner' be wanted to I Choice steers
know. "1 have onlv one lot and it I Medium to icood steers
. :1 v. ik. lair to medium steers
seems lo me mai i s " '"' Common to good steers
tax ought to be on the whole darned choice cows and helfen
block!" I Medium to Kood cows, heifer.
An apartment-house owner on the " to medium cows, heifers
1 -i, . . . . . . .h h Common to fair cows, hellers
ncai biuc k ' nnncu ma t .... .. . . . . I t anners
saw the figures on trie slip nanueu Buiis
"Might as well come and take my
property." he said.
"He musta been kidding," com
mented a clerk when the man had
left. "I gotta friend what lives in one
of his apartments and that bird sure
gets his taxes back in rent."
Robbery, Some Declare.
Some taxpayers had been reading
the newspapers and were more or
less prepared for the shock when
they were handed tax statements.
Others apparently thought something
had happened while they slept.
"What's the big idea? This Is rob
bery!" wailed one.
"Where's it going to end?" demand
ed another of ail within hearing.
"Whew! pretty steep this year,"
was a rather common comment.
Many tax-payers of long standing
received their statements without
comment, and paid them without pro
test but their expressions of resig
nation were eloquent.
Child Attacked by Vicious l'owl Is
lirigured for Life.
MAH-SIIKIELD, Or., Feb. 13. (Spe
cial.) A young daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert A. Olson of this city
met with a peculiar accident, which
will disfigure her for life.
The child was playing about the
Olson premises and was attacked by i
a large rooster, which seemed to I
dispute her rin'ht In the yard. With
his spurs and beak he tore the child's
cheek so badly that a number of
stitches had to be used by the doctor
who attended her to close the wound.
The " girl was rescued from the
rooster's onslaught by her mother,
who, hearing; her cries, beat the
fowl off.
largest turnover wis in the Jamb division
at prices ranging from $6 to $8.
The day a sales were as follow
1 cow . .
1 cow..
1 cow . .
4 cows. .
2 calves
1 bull..
1 4)ull. .
1 buil..
47 hogs. .
49 hogs..
1 hog...
5 hoga.
1 hog...
1 hog...
10 hogs. .
24 hOJIS. .
14 hogs. .
1 1 hogs.
hogs. .
hogs. .
3 hoss. .
6 hogs. .
2 hogs..
1 1 hogs. .
0 hogs. .
1 hog...
8 hoga. .
1 hog. ..
1 hog...
The tollowina Drives are current at the
local yards:
cattle Prices.
. .$ 7.Mii 8.uO
.. 6.7.r 7.50
. . S lNJ'is 6.75
.. 5 WW 6 00
. . 6.1K1W 6 73
5.50 m 6.00
5.50W 6.00
4.00 'r b.O'J
2.0U94 00
5.00 J 6.00
Choice dairy calves 12.00013.00
Prims light calves 7.; So 'v 10.00
Heavy calves tt.oj a
Best leeuers 6CMl sou
Fair to good feeders 3.000 6.00
Prime light
Smooth, heavy
Rough heavy
Fat pigs
Feeder pigs
East-o-mountan lambs ....
Valley lambs
Heavy lambs, 90 lbs. and up .
Feeder .amba
Cull Iambs 4.00 3.00
Light yearlings V . 7.00
Heavy yearlings 5.1 6 50
Wethers 3. WW 6 00
Ewea l.oow 4.00
English Dealers Say Cnited States
Using British Market as Dump
ing Ground for Poor Fruit.
10.50 '411. 00
10.0O 10 50
6.50 s 9.01
10.00 to 11.00
10.00W 11.00
7 30 If 8.00
8.00 W 7.0O
6 SOW 7 00
5.5 W 6.50
Bunk or Jacksonville Cases Will
Come Up in Med ford.
JIEDFORD, Or.. Feb. 15. (Special.)
Judge t'. M. Calkins will hear ar
guments and give a decision in the
circuit court at Jacksonville next
Thursday on the motion of R. D.
Hines. formerly vice-president of the
Chicago Livestock Market,
CIirCAUO, Feb. 15. Cattle Receipts,
8004) head Best grades beef steers strong
to 2ao higher; others steady, SO. 00 bid.
Bulk - beet steers, 37 7599.23; butcher
cows a:id heifers steady to strong; bulk
3$i6.50; canners and cutters s'.ow, weak;
buik, 12. toto 3..10; bulls alow; bo ngnaa and
beef grades mostly SI.75W5.50; calves
steady; bulk vealera, $9,50110.50; stockeru
and feeders strong
Hogs Receipts ot.OOO head. Market 10c
to 25c higher than yesterday's average,
medium and heavyweight up most; top
110 35; bulk 200 pounds down. Jlo'o 10.25,
buik 220 pounds up. IU.15'9.50; pigs
steady to strong.
Sheep Keeeipts. 15.000 head. Killing
clause steady to strong; small lots handy
iambs to shippers. IS.75; some he:d high
er; buik early, S5!rSi.50; top ewes, II. &5;
bu'k $1.&4.50; choice 122-pound wethers.
Omaha Livestock Market. I
OMAHA. Feb. 13 Ho;s Receipts, 18.000
head. Mlly steady. Spots 10c lower
buik medium and light butchers. 48 7
i0.23; top. SO 35; bulk strong weight and
packing grades. SS.25& 8.,.
Cattle Receipts 5soo head. Beef steers,
fat heifers and bulla, steady to strong
heavy cows weak; veais steady; stockers
and feeders steady to 25ti higher; beat beef
steers $7.'.
Sheep Receipts. OOO head. All classes
fully steady; bulk heavy iamhs, $5.7
6.50; bu:k heavyweight iambs, S6.75W7.
top $7 75 paid by packers: best wethers,
(4.75; ciloica 64-pound feeding laiuba.
The local demand for apples Is slow,
but prices are holding steady at a range of
$1 50 to 3. according to grade, variety
and size. The cheaper sorts are being
taken by peddlers and medium-priced ap
ples by grocers, but there is little call for
extra fancy fruit. While storage atocks
ar still large, growers' holdings In the
country are rather light. There Is ne In
dicatlon of any early cbange either way
in values.
In the interior markets, apple prices are
holding at the same range as for the past
few months and not many carlot sales are
reported. moved early fancy
Wineaaps, medium to large, at $2.-, ana at 2. Yakima Wlnesapa. lancy.
medium to large, sold at Il.SJSf-. ana
choice medium to IsWire at 1.75. In other
districts extra fancy, medium to largs
Wlnesaps brought 12. 25. fancy 12 and
choice $1.75.
The eastern markets were steady with a
moderate demand for the best large stock.
At New York northwestern apples sold
to Jobbers at the following range of prices:
Spitzenburgs, extra fancy, large, 4.-jio
4 50. few J4.75. small to medium 3 50SJ
4: Romes. extra fancy, large, $3 3083 75.
medium $33.25. smnll I2.T52.SS: Stay
mans, extra fancy, large, 18.504J3.T5, me
dium mostly $3.23. small 2.502.T5; De
licious, extra fancy, large, 13.50 3.75, me
dium 4 505. email $44.25. fancy large
14T5ISS. medium $44.50, small mostly
t?. 3063 73: Jonathans, extra fancy, me
dium, to large. !262.15; Newtowns. extra
fancy, large, $3.50(8 3.75. few $4, medium
mostly $33.25. small 12.25I&2.75. fancy
large, $3.2503.50. few 13.70. meaium -.ii
S3, small 11.75W2.25; Wlnesaps. extra
fancv. large. 14.2504 50. medium l.i j04.
smalJ $2.503, fancy large 13 754. me
dium. 13lg3 50: MCIntosn. tancy.
13 25&3 50. medium $2.75S3. small $2.23
li 2 SO.
Chicago quotations to Jobbers on north
western truit were as follows: Rome! and
Wine.aps, extra fancy, medium to large
$363.30, small to. medium, $2.502 75:
Spitzenburgs. extra fancy, medium to large.
$3 2593 75, small to medium $-' iu-i. fftaj-
mans and W. W. Pearmalns, extra tancy
medium to large. $2 53: Jonathans, ex
tra fancy, all sizes. tl.752.73; Delicious,
extra fancy, medium to large. $4.T33.30.
medium 1375 4.50. small $383.30.
The recent British v apple market has
been featured by very light demand and
geneial waiting for lower prices, according
to a recent letter from the United States
agricultural trade commissioner In London.
The stock on h:-d If miner neavy bum r
arrivals total 70.000 barrels ana u.u'ki
boxes, of which Glasgow received nearly
40 per cent. Much of the yellow stock was
badly scalded and C grade gooas are in
predominance, much arriving In poor con
dition. Many buyers claim tne unneo
States Is using the British market as a
dumping ground for poor' stuff, although
agreeing that the fruit this year is not up
to the ceneral standard in carrying qual
Ity. Bomeflrms have taken very heavy
losses, and It la the general opinion in
London that prices paid In the unttea
States this year were far too nign. even
the freight reduction and recent Improve
ment In exchange have been Insufficient
to make many recent consignments pay a
profit. Several shipments ana . resmu
ments to Denmark and other continental
countries have been fairly successiui in
price returns.
to get 28 and 29 cents, case count. Prices
are declining in the east, however, and
the market Is not likely to bold up here.
At New York eggs declined SH6 8 cents
yesterday, and the Chicago market dropped
S&3)4 cents. This has taken the Dullish
nesa out of the local egg trade.
The feature of the butter market was
the extreme scarcity of cubes. Top grades
seem to bave disappeared from the mar
ket entirely. Prints sold well at the day's
There was a sharp demand for poultry
and the market was strong. Hens were
quoted at 2529 cents, according to size,
with very few coops available.
Receipts of veal were better, but the
former price bell firm. Pork continued
weak. .
Eastern Market Is Strong and Raws Are
Again Higher.
The expected advance in refined sugar
prices occurred yesterday. Jobbers announc
ing a 70-cent rise on all grades. The east-
era market was strong and 25 cents higher
on raws. Coast prices are 60 cents above
parity w:th the east, a condition that
may contlrn. until supplies of island sugar
become larger.
NEW YORK. Feb. 13. Raw sugar, 6.02o
for centrifugal. Refined, T.23c for fine
General Petroleum Corporation
Ten-Year 7 Sinking Fund Gold Notes
Dated February 15, 1921 Due February 13, 1931
Principal and semi-annual interest February and August 15 payable in San Francisco or New York. Redeemable as a whole
or in part at 105 and interest on sixty days' notice. Coupon Notes in denominations of $1000 and $500. Authorized issue
$10,000,000. To be presently issued $7,500,000. .
Bank Clearings.
Bank clearings of the northwestern cit
ls yesterday were as follows:
Clearings. Balances.
Seattle .
Spokane ,
PORTLAND. Feb. 15 Maximum tem
perature. -4." oVffrees: minimum. 113 oftres
Kiver readinj?, S A. M.. J.t.'J fet: chanv In
lat 1 hours. 0 3 foot fall. Total rain fa.!
(5 P. M. to 0 P. M ). o.OU inch; total raiiw
fall sima September 1, luuo. ."3 U inih:
normal rainfall since September 1. 1'9 09
inches: xcm of rainfall since September
1. 1IL"0, tt 0J inches. Sunrise. 7:14 A. M. ;
unset. 5:27 P. M. Total sunshine Febru
ary lo, 1 hour 13 minutes; possible sun
shine. 10 hours 23 mrnutes. Moon rise
Wpdnefriay, Jl:-I5 A. M ; moont Thurs
day, 5:."sl A. M Barometer reducea to
P-a level) at 5 P. M.. 30.2 inches. Rela
tive humidity at 3 A. M.. PS pr cent; at
nuon, ;3 per cent; at 2 P. M., 76 per cent.
j; x Wind 1
5 e 2 2
3 a
" a Z
STATIONS. 3 2 : S : ; Wrathrr
S ! :? : :
: " : :
5 c 1 '.I
s :
Baker ....
Kot . . . .
Koaton ....
Ca'gary ...
CMcaso ...
T'enver ...
Des Moines
Kurka ...
Calvtston .
Helena ...
Kansas City
I-s Anffelca.l
ilarsJifleld .1
Medford ...J
M innea polls, f
Newr Orleans
1M on 0.111. . 'SK 'Hnosr
-'4: 34 U.l-J ..l.NVsLCloudr
i0r 3S 0.0ft,. .:SW Clear
2l 14 0.00 10 XE !Pt cloud.
34 ttti 0.0" 30 3
44 M 0.00 U0 W
Z 74 0.00 24 S
".4 4S O.OO; . ..E
tvs u.o.ia
ti 14 0. !,. .,V
in 0.0; .
Kanaus Citj IJvnttnrk Market.
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Keb. l.V CattI
Ueceipis TS04) head. Beef steers and she
stock strong- to U.'c higher; top rteera. buik li.'obs.JS; veal calves.
bulk. S;ib5.T5: choice and prime hellers.
$7&fi; canners and bulls steady; bu!k can
nerj. (jjrJ.-o; line Duns uzi&it.t
calves steady to ic lower; top veaiers.
$11. -5; stockers and feeders strong to
hisher: low-pound leeuers, li.u.
Sheep Receipts WOO head. Killing
c'atses steady; eary iambs, top. fi.u;
choice 7S-pound iambs late. $o.
Seattle l.lventoek Market.
SEATT1.K. Feb. IS. Hogs Receipts.
none. Weak. Prime. Hlll.i0; medium
heavies, llvtfll; rough heaviea. fbtts.H);
pigs. J'JSll-
battle Receipts. 24 head. Weak. Prime,
$H.;04?tt; medium to choice, 0..M)7.o0:
common to good, S.&ti; best cows and
hellers. (0tf7; medium to choice, $3&.ti;
common to good, $;i.50&3; bulla. $50;
calves lihu ll12.iO: heavy. tliUl.M.
Metal Lrkets.
NEW YORK, Feb. 15. Copper Steady:
elecuolytic. spot and first quarter, lajji
13c; second quarter, 13H&loHc
Iron Nomlaal; No. 2 southern, $27.S0.
Tin Ecasiel, rpot and nearby, 32.000
32.00c; lutures. 33.O06 33.75c
Antimony Spot, 555.500.
Lead Dull: snot. 4.7u.
Zinc Steady; East St. Louis, spot, S.OOc.
Auto Thief Gets Year.
One year in the penitentiary was
the sentence imposed on bamue Ham
ilton for the theft of an automobile
when he pleaded guilty before Pre
stdingr Circuit Judge Kavanaugh yes
terday to larceny. W illtam Brlnck
ley, irdicted with Hamilton, received
the same sentence but was paroled
Hamilton admitting that he was the
one who planned the theft.
Pocatello ..
Portland .
Roseburg .,
St. Louis..
Salt Lake..
Has Diego.
S. Franciacol
Seattle ....
Slkaf .....
Spokane ...
Tatonsh lad
...IP;, cloudf
'; - v.i ? ii.iear
4iH 0.00 1J W (Clear
s-Jl 4SO.l..iXW,pt. cloudy
:l 4-:.w!..!.v Cloudy
3ii (M O.Oh 1S' ICIear
S.; 0.K)!. ,;SE .Clear
New York.. 21 42 0.00 22 S ICIear
North Head. 34 42O.O.10 W jcioudy
Phoenix 441 4 O.iKl .. NW Clear
22; 24 0.12 IS sw ICIoudy
331 4r. O.03..1NE Cicudy
32i 44 0.04 'NE .Cloudy
K4l 52 0.0OI. .'S ICIear
52 74 0.00 32 S (Clear
2S! 2S 0.OS 32 NW Pt. cloudy
4rtl ."4 O.OK 14 NWiclear
42 54 0.OO:..;Nw;C!ear
3: 10.IV);..;XE Pt. cloud!
2 3i O.00.. . SE ICIear
2 2S 0.00 . . NW:C!oudy
301 40 0.04 . .'E Pt. cloudy
.. 44 0.00 14 E ICIear
,1 -4.-.' o. is . .1. . ..;snow
Real Estate Firm to Incorporate.
PKOSER. Wash.. Feb. 13. (Spe
cial.) J. A. Veitnian. formerly sales
manager of the Western Pacific Se
curities company of Seattle, has
joined forces with Fred H. Uaston.
formerly secretary of the Central
Yakima Ranches company, and now
In sole charge of that company's busi
ness. Veitnian and Gaston are in
corporatinsr under the name of Yaki
ma Ranches company.
It alia Walla' 32! 3S O.OH12-SW Cloudy
Washington I 2rtl 3 0. OOi . . S jClear
Winnipeg ..( 12 20.OO20N' jsnow
Yakima I 211 42 0.OO . . X Clear
tA. at. today. r. M. report of preceding
Portland and vicinity Cloudy; easterly
Oregon and Washington Cloudy ; moder
ate easterly winds.
Ambassador Doctor of Laws.
PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 5. Roland
S. Morris, United States ambassador
to Japan, was given the honorary de
gree of doctor of laws last night by
Temple university.
Mother and Five Die in Fire.
MONCTOX, N. B. Feb. 15. Mrs. O.
S. Stevens and five children lost their
lives today when fire destroyed their
farm borne.
Sleeping Sickness Kills Pastor.
JACKSONVILLE. 111.. Feb. 15. Rev
A. A. Tod-1. pastor of the First Baptist
church, died today of sleeping sick
ness, after two weeks' illness.
Plan Is Arranged for OiNPosal of Large
Surplus Stocks.
The British minister of munitions an
naunces that the government has decided
to accept the scheme for the disposal of
aurplua wool stocks by a company to be
registered In Australia.
According to a statement Issued by the
minir the total surplus of wool was
about 1.S00.000 bales, of a book value of
f.-.BOoO.OOO Half of these assets, capi
talized at 2."i.oo0,000 would form the cap
ital of the new company.
Arrangements are proceeding, tire minis
try states, to liquidate, as from January
1. the Australian section of the wool pur
chase account, transferring to the com
monwealth government, for account of the
wool growers, half of the surplus assets
The assets thus handed over to the comm
onwealth government will form tne cap
ital of a company, to be registered at Mel
bume under the style of the British-Australian
Wool Realization association, of.
which the proprietors will be the Austral
ian wool growers. An agency contract win
be arranged between the government and
the aasociation for the sale, at a commis
sion by the latter, or tne uniisn nan 01
the existing stocks of Australian wool.
It is expected that similar agency ar
rangement will be made In respect of the
Kmland and other wool and the
sheepskins, now held by tne wntisn gov
ernment. It will be a condition of the
agency contract that It may at any time
be revoked by the government if the con
duct of the association's business departs
from the.asreed principles, or otherwise
gives ground tor dissatisfaction.
The association win oe govemea bj a
directorate of 11. constituted out of a
London board of five and a Melbourne
board of six persona
Grain, Flour, Feed. Etc.
Merchants' exchange, noon session:
Wheat Feb. March.
Hard wh.te 11.60 SI. 60
tori White l.v
White club 1..17 1.5
Hard winter 1.4S 1.48
Northern spring 1.48 1.48
Red Walla 1.45 1.4
No. 2 white feed 34.50 34.50
No. 2 gray 32.00 32.00
Brewlnar .10 .iO H0.50
Standard feed 30.00 30.00
Jllllrun 31.00 31.00
No. 3 E. Y. shioment SI SO .".150
N'O. 3 V. delivery 31.50 31.50
FLOUR Familw AO- hnlcers1
hard wheat. S9.5U: bakers' buestem pat
ents, t'J; valley patents? iW.llo; whole
wneat, IH.20: graham. S8.05.
M1LUFEED Prl..c. f n h mill Mill
run, $34 per ton; rolled barley, S4143
rolled Oats. S42: wraith feert .r.H ner ton
CORN Whole. $3u; cracked, H2 per
HAT Buying prices, f. o. b. Portland
nalfa, 1D per ton: cheat. 2223 per
ton: clover, 18: valley timothy, J274J2S
vreeon timothy, sau.
Dairy and Country Produce.
i TC.K Cubes, extras. 4243c per
pound; prints, pcrchment wrapped. In box
101s. ojc: cartons o4c Buttertat. buyina
price 4.1c; A grade 51c, B grade 40c. Port-
jana oenvery.
EutJS Buying prices, case count. 25
jc delivered; jobbing price to retailers,
candled ranch, 31c; selects, 34c; pullets,
CHEESE Tillamook triplets price to
Jobbers t. o. b. Tillamook. 33c; Young
Americas, 34c lb.
POULTRY Hens, 2329c; ducks. 4olg
00c. geese. 2.c; turkeys, live, nominal
do., dressed, nominal.
PORK Fancy. 15c per pound .
VEAL Fancy, 19c per sound
Fruits and Vegetables.
FRUITS Navel oranges. S3Q5.2.1; lem
ons, I4.25!&4.i5; grapefruit. 59 per box
bananas. ll12c per pound; apples. $1.60
mm per box.
VEGETABLES Cabbage. lX24e per
pouna; lettuce. .j.dug3.i3 per crate; car
rots, ij.oo per sack; garlic, 20)25c pound:
beets, $1.60 per sack: cauliflower. $2.25
per crate; ceiery, n.suffo per crate; green
peppers. 2540c per pound; sprouts, 20c
pound; rhubarb, 20c pound; spinach. $1.73
per box; turnips, $2(x2.50 per tuck: to
matoes, sa.ou per lug.
POTATOES Oregon. $1.3501.50 ner 100
pounus; laaima. i.oinjj; sweet potatoes,
8c per pound. $4 per hamper.
OMONS-yOregon, 1,50 per sack.
Offers One to Three Cents Higher 00
Loral Board Coarse drains Steady.
The wheat market was firm and higher,
and not much business was reported at
any point. Hard white bida were advanced
3 cents and other grades were lj2c
higher on the local board.
There was also a steadier reeling in
the coarse grain market, where offers
ranged from the same as Monday to 60
cents higher. '
Mtltrun declined II a ton. Other mill
feeds were unchanged.
According to cable reports. Belgium
bought Manchurian wheat during the day.
The Italian minister cf food control says
sufficient wheat has been purchased dur
ing the past 10 months to tide the country
over until harvest. Broomhall la of the
opinion that further purchases of foreign
wheat will be necessary Deiore the new
crop is ready for use.
Terminal receipts, m cars, were reported
by the Merchants' Exchange as follows:
w neat.sar.i ir.oats.tiay.
Portland Tday
Year ago
Staple Groceries,
Local jobbing quotations:
SUUAK (sack basis) Cane granulated.
8c per pound; beet. S.flOc per pound
NUTS Walnuta, 154(27c; Braail nuts,
34c; filberts. lOgflbc; almonds, 28$3oc;
peanuts, 012c per pound; cocoanuts, $2
per dozen; pecans, 23c; chestnuts, 300 per
HuNST Comb, $7.75 S. 25 per case,
KICK Blue liote, Mi4o per pound; Ja
pan style, 7 'rc per pound.
litA.S Small While. c: larra vhii.
6c; pink. 7fec; lima. 10c; bayou, 12fec
red, 70 per pound. '
COr r Efci Koasled, bulk, drums. 14036c
per pound.
SALT Granulated, bale. $3.50 0 4 2s-h. if
ground ton. ooa, $1.7S; loos, xis.24; lump
HAMS All sizes, 30y33c; skinned. 26 e
32u; picnica. 21c
BACON" Fancy. 4049c; choice, 30O
34c; standard. 2USf28c.
LAKD Pure, tierces, 19a pound; com
pound, tierces, 13 fee.
JJKY bALX-Kacas, 21 C 24c; plates, 18c
Wool, Hops, Etc
WOOL Oregon, clean basis, fine 70c;
half blood 00c, three-eightha 50c, ijuarLer
blood 40 45c.
TALLOW No. 1, 8c; No. 2, 4c pound.
CASCAKA BARK 1020 peel, 6c pound.
HOPS l2u crop. l2Uc per pound
MoriAlrt Nominal.
GRAIN BAGS Carlota. 7c. coast.
LINSEED OIL Raw, In baxrels. 09c:
5-gallon cans. $1.14. Eotled, In barrels,
$1.01; 5-gallon cans, $1.16.
TUKPiiNTiJNii; in tanas, $1.24; casta
COAL oil Tank wagons and Iron
barrels, 17c; cases, 30&37&
FUEL OIL Bulk. $2.35 pr barrel.
GASOLINE Tank wagons . and lrcn
barrels. 2'Jc; cases. 41 Vic.
Corporation agrees to pay Normal Federal Income Tax, in so far as may be lawful,
to an amount not exceeding 2. .
Reference is hereby made to the appended letter from the President of the Company from which is summarized the following:
Proceeds of $7,500,000 notes will be use'd to retire all outstanding bonded indebtedness and to provide funds
for new capital requirements.
Equity in property over note issue, represented by present market value of Company's outstanding stock issues,
is in excess of $31,600,000.
Company is producing daily 14,500 barrels of oil from 485 wells in California. It. is producing in addition 500
barrels per day in Wyoming, in which territory it has only begun operations.
Company operates 250 miles of main pipe lines in California with tankage and pumping facilities connecting the
fields with the refinery at Vernon, with a present daily capacity of 30,000 barrels.
At the present time approximately 15,000,000 barrels of oil is annually being handled.
In Mexico the company has a self-contained organization comprising production, pipe line transportation, re
finery, storage and distributing facilities.
Annual Sinking Fund payments amounting to 5 of the issued notes (a minimum of $375,000) will commence
February 15, 1922, to be used for the purchase and redemption of notes.
During the life of notes the Company will mortgage none of its property, nor create any obligations having
priority over or being on a parity with this issue, except current bills and accounts payable incurred in the
ordinary course of business.
Quick Assets as defined shall at all times be maintained to an amount equal to at least 150 of outstanding notes.
The Company's present capitalization, after giving effect to the sale of this note issue, which will extinguish
all of our mortgage indebtedness represented by General Pipe Line Company of California First Mortgage 6
Sinking Fund Gold Bonds and General Petroleum Corporation 6 Secured Gold Notes is
Authorized Outstanding
Ten-Year 7 Sinking Fund Gold Notes (.this issue) $10,000,000 $ 7,500,000
7 Preferred Stock ; 3,212,200 3.212,200
Common Stock : 46,787,800 23,036,000
Earnings by years from July 1, 1916, to December 31, 1920, are certified by Messrs. Haskins & Sells, ex
cepting for the six months' period ending December 31, 1920, as follows:
Years Ending; June 30; Period June 1, 1916, to December 31, 1920. Six Months Ended
1917 1918 1919 1920 Dec. 31. 1920
$4,372,185.15 $7,330,989.00 $6,846,747.73 $6,658,671.62 $7,172,656.62
Gross Income
Labor, drilling and mis
Provision Federal
Net Earnings
, 311,869.71
. 647,793.53
- 407,690.92
, 282,432.49
, 996,570.33
.$2,028,517.58 $.3,568,4a7.90 $4,398,170.45 $4,209,434.82 $4,175,044.01
$2,343,667.57 $3,762,491.10 $2,448,577.28 $2,449,236.80 $2,997,612.61
The legal issuance of these notes, and all matters pertaining thereto, will be subject to the approval )f
s . Messrs. Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, San Francisco.
We offer the above notes for delivery when, as and if issued and received by us. Temporr.iy interest-bearing certificates secured by
funds deposited with the Trustee will presently be available for delivery.
Price and Interest
lyth, Witter. & Co.
Yeon Bldg., Portland.
Prices Close Strong With Advances
of 4i to 6Ji Cents Act-"
ive General Buying.
Season to dats.. ";;
Year aeo
Tacoma Monday 14
Year ago
Season to date. . 33o8
Year ago.....
Seattle Monday
Year ago
Season to date. .
Year ago.
Astoria to date
Year ag
311 1090
SOL' 1U3.1
23 63
7 4G
.... 4
47 6S
68 103
!!!." '"i
1S1 265
2U7 541
2 66
375 1633
403 1312
... 7
Foil Price Paid to Cmplete Carlot Shlp-
- mrnta Eaatern Markets Slump.
Efforts to complete carlot shipments for
east made a stronger egg market tem
porarily. Sellers on the street were sble I ol other countries lor tue European wheat
CHICAGO. Feb. 13. Uneasiness regard
ing the winter crop outlook led to a fresh
advance today in wheat. The . market
closed strong. t'iOc net higher, with
March $1.73(1 l.iuVi and May fl. 60jj 1.60'.
IVrn gained 2tii2ftc. 0als ISilliC and
provisions 15 to S5c
At first wheat displayed considerable
weakness. Later, however, reports be
came current that greenbugs had been dis
covered in Kansas. Aloreover. actual dam
age from the bugs was reported In Texas.
Misgivings were increased by word that
a leading field expert had said the crop
situation needed watching, -especially if
dry weather prevailed, as. the bugs .had
appeared a month earlier than usual.
Active general buying followed and the
market finished at about the topmost point
of the day.
Corn met with Increased demand, owing
to wheat strength. Besides, export buying
remained in evidence. Oats were swayed
upward by other irain.
Provisions went upward. Influenced by
an advance In hogs.
The Chicago market letter received yes
terday by the Overbeds & Cooke company
of Portland said:
Wheat After a decline early In the day.
the market gained strength and advanced
to the highest prices on the current move
mpni accompanied by extensive short-
covering, stimulated In part by increasing
complaints of green bugs in Oklahoma and
Kansas. Conservative people In the trade
do not consider this pest alarming as yet.
Receipts at all points were light, but
southwestern ivtces told of Increased of
ferings at the advance. Local cash pre
miums were reduced 1 cent. Gulf bids
were also 1 cent lower, on the basis of 17
cents over Chicago March. Export buying
was conspicuous by its absence. It is
apparent, however, mat tne competition
trade Is overbalanced by the strong sta
tistical position in the country and the
evidence that domestic milling consump
tion will take care of the wheat available
between now and the end of the crop year.
The setbacks should offer good buying op
portunities. Corn Heavy short-covering was influ
enced by the strength in wheat and as. op
position was' meager, the market advanced
rapidly. Further sales lor export, to
gether with continued light offerings
from the country, encouraged considerable
investment buying. Cash corn advanced
with futures and the trading basis was
quoted strong. At the present level of hog
prices, corn has a feeding value of at
least 1M) cents a buthel, and with the pro
ducer beginning to recognize this fact, it is
reasonable to assume that lutures win oe
gin to discount a stronger commercial
situation by reason of the 'disinclination
to accept present prices.
Oata Rallied sharply with other grains
and sold at new h,ish figures on the cur
rent movement. Influential news was
lacking, aside from some reports of dam
age to volunteer oats ih the extreme south
west. Cash prices were lower early, but
advanced with futures towards the close.
Rye Short-covering was stimulated by
the advance m other grains and although
there was no news to give the market in
dividuality, the tone was decidedly strong
No 2 rye sold at 11 cents over May. Ex
port demand siow.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Mny . . .
.4r.S .47'i .44
.4ti .47-, .43r
21.80 21.S0 21. CO
12 30 12.43 12.30
11.40 11.50 11.40
fash nrlc-h were:
Wheat No 2 red, 12.01: No. 1
Corn No. 3 mixed,
yellow. 7467c.
Oats No 3 white,
white, 41 i fi,43c.
Rye No. 2. M.53U.
Itarley 65 d 77c.
T'mothy seed M.50$5.75.
Clover seed 13ialS.
Pork Nominal.
Lard J 11.75.
Ribs J10.73&11.7S.
6566Vjc; No. 2
.Inly. .
.: Vi
-.74 S
Grain at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 15,-r-Graln
Wneat, feed, $-'.70(83; do milling, $30
3.10: barley, shipping. $1.43 ( 1.53; do feed,
$1.251.35; oats, red feed. $l.4Ufj 1.30;
corn, white Egyptian, $2.bUU'2.S5; red miio,
$22.10; rye, nominal.'
Hay Wheat. f2021; tame oat. $17
19; wild eiats, $121,: barley. $12itl0;
alfalfa, $17.U; stock $1014.
Seattle Grain Market,
SEATTLE, Feb. 15. Wheat Hard
white, soft white, $1.63: white club, $1.60;
hard red winter, soft red winter, northern
spring and eastern red Walla, $1.52; Big
Bend bluestem. $1.68.
City delivery: Feed Scratch feed. $57
ton; scratch feed, $71: feed wheat.
$ll'J: all praln chop, $47: oats, $16; rolled
oats, $18; sprouting oats, $31; rolled bar
ley, $47; clipped barley, $52; milled feed,
$39; bran, $37; whole corn, $40; cracked
corn, $42.
Hay Alfalfa, $27 ton: double com
pressed alfalfa, $33; double compressed
timothy, 138; eastern Washington mixed,
$34; straw, $20; Puget sound. $3L
nance excmptlnir from taxation for
10 years dwelling houses erected her
frimi April. 1!2'. to April, 1 P 2
Minneapolis Grain Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. 15. Barley,
67o; flax. No. 1. $1.83 gi 1.86.
Duluth Linseed Market.
DTJLUTH, Feb. 13. Linseed, on track
and to arrive, $1.86.
Xew Homes Exempted of Tax.
NEW YORK, Feb. 13. Because of
tne housing shortage here, the board
of aldermen today adopted nn ordl-
Selected Bonds
to Yield to . .
We Have Only Limited Amounts
of These Bonds and Urge, There
fore, Immediate Reservations-
Hallway Exchange Bid. Main Z&Z.
Established 180ft.
Seattle, Pprtlmod, Tacotna.
Past private duplex wire coast to
coaaL Stocks. Bonds. Grain. Co c too.
Foreign Kxcbaogs,
Members Chicago Board of Trade.
Correspondents & F. Hut ton A C
New York Stock Exchange.
New York Cotton Exchange.
New Orleans Cotton Exchange.
Headquarters for buying and selling
all lssuea Large or small lots.
Has registered an advance
of 75 during January. A
complete analysis of Its
present market position will
be sent FRE12 on request
for F-13.
Also latest Information on
in our current market letter.
Active alorka or Forelnra
Bonds accepted In lira of
caah, mn marajisal deposit
on (he above or other listed
H. & B. WOLF & CO.
2 SO Madison Avenge, New York
Copper Export Asa'n., 8fe 1922-25
Lou. & Nash. R. K. Equip., 6, 1922-36
G. Vancouver Sewer District, 5.... 1923
Victoria, B. C, 4 .....1923
Victoria, B. C, 4 1924
Government of Chili. 8fe 1941
Gulf Oil Corp., 1
Price Yield
100-99 M 8S.30
100 6.50
94.56 8.00S
92.93 8.00
90.92 8.00
99.C0 8.10
98.00 7.25
equipped to give the same reliable, effi
cient and courteous service in investment mat
ters, which characterizes the service of every
department of this bank.
Our offerings include the highest type of gov
ernment, municipal and corporation securities.
5 General
Obligation Bonds
Prices to Yield 6.50
Farm Mortgage Notes
Secured by 300 Acres Aarrleultural Land. All Tillable, In the Famoua
Valuation of Ranch I40.OP9
Mortgage Debt $14,000
Denomination $300 and $1000. Interest Payable Semi-Annually. Full
Information Upon Request.
Pacific Coast Mortgage Co.
310 11V. EXCH. BLDU.
MAIN 675