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secret that the
Power to Take Over Streets
Wot Asked by Commission.
Conference Between Chamber ot
Commerce Committee and
Members la Fruitless.
Members of the city council yester
day declined to fro on record as favor
Ins house bill No. 310, Introduced by
Representative Kubli. which would
frrant them th power to vacate
streets within 1000 feet of the harbor
line, provided that the vacation be ap
proved by the port commission.
The bill if passed, would practically
abrogate the Ziegler amendment to
the Portland city charter, which pro
h!bits the council from vacating
treets within 1000 feet of the waler
kfronL The Kubli bill is so worded as
to Include In its provisions any city
or town within or forming a part of
any port district.
The bill came up for discussion at
an informal conference between the
chamber of commerce legislative
committee and four members of the
ity council, held In the mayor's of
fice. Mayor Baker was not present
at the conference.
The bill was designed to facilitate
the work of establishing larfre freight
and passenger railroad terminal bases
In Portland, and would give the coun
cil the power to authorize the con
struction and use of facilities for ter
minal trackage, structures and in
strumentalities of commerce and
The attitude of the city commis
sioners, as expressed by Commis
J edoner Biselow, seemed to be that in-
asmuch as the voters of the city had
withdrawn this power from the coun
cil, it rested upon the voters to re
etore It, should they so desire.
It was suggested by Blgelow that
the matter be submitted to the voters
at the special election for the bonus
act. set for June. Failing that, he
proposed that the railroad authorities
el.oulil consult with the city council
and line up a definite project, which
should be submitted to the voters for
J. B. Zieglcr, father of the Ziegler
amendment, appeared before the
council following the introduction of
the Kubli bill, and at that time the
commissioners passed a resolution
stating that they did not sponsor the
measure, and that they had not asked
for the power vested in them by the
Robert Strong, William McMasters.
J. Smith and K. C Johnson appeared
for the chamber of commerce legis
lative committee, and Arthur Spencer
represented the Northern Pacific Ter
minal company.
The representative from the cham
ber of commerce did not request that
the council support the bill, and the
conference was termed a3 being mere
ly "an exchance of ideas."
ficials, but it is no
rivalry Is keen.
The two steamships straightened
out on the course down the river amid
the din of steam whistles and the
cheers of thousands of spectators. An
airplane circled overhead, dropping
Both steamers will call at Havana,
being due there Friday. From there
they will proceed to the Panama
Both have well-filled cabins and
some cargo for Pacific ports. Despite
two extra stops scheduled passengers
on the Golden State expressed con
fidence that they would be the first
to reach San Francisco.
Among these passengers were a
score of Californlans who came east
by rail to make the first trip on one
of these big liners.
16,000-Ton Craft Being Built In
Scotland Declared Sure to
Call at Portland.
The statement of Colonel E. J. M.
Pengreep and Theodore
Roosevelt Due Today.
Grain Remaining: Alter End of
February Expected to Be Carried
by Regular European Liners.
The British steamer Punrrppn and
the Norwegian motorship Theodore
tioosevelt will be due in the Colum
&ia river today to load full cargoes
or wheat at Portland for Europe.
Two other vessels of foreign registry.
which will take wheat cargoes from
Nash, special representative of the fiffUred Jn yiRlerday"s marine move-
I'nva i m n 1 1 Mam r acnei t"'i,n"Ji i mania Th i - i n w c om
and F. M. Volk, assistant manager t arrived at Vancouver, B. C, at 10:30
the Holland-America line, mat iao A M., 'with Just 80 minutes to spare
six new IS. 000-ton steamers which are or ner canceling Hate snrf the Xor-
being built in Scotland for these com- weg.lan Bteamshlp Hermion, which
ninln will come to 1 oruana in mt mlArf h ho-,,,. rtiA
Joint service of the Royal Mail and by Kerr, Gifford & Co., moved up
Houano-America unea was itpr.i from Astoria last night to be lined
vter1nv bv these officials at aionrl Inaitari
luncheon given In their honor at tne I Among the e-raln trade the Imures-
Portland Chamber of Commerce. I slon prevails that these four vessels
Though these new vessels will draw wlll pra,ctically end th-a season's shln-
32 feet or water wnen iuny merits of wheat from the Columbi
this fact, according to their operators, i river what train remains after the
will prove no arawoack to tneir in- cn(j 0f February is expected to be
elusion of Portland as a port of call. I carried by the regular liners operat
for they can take part cargoes here.
as the three steamers now operating
In the Holland-America line service
have been doing. The loading of a
liner In the Kuropean service to her
marks at Portland is the exception
rather than the rule, it was pointed
out. whatever the draft of the vessel
mav be. for space Is reserved after
calling at Puget sound and Portland
ing- to Europe.
Pensrreep Dae This Morning.
According to radio advices from
the master of the Pengreep, this
steamer will arrive at Astoria early
this morning. Captain J. H. Roberts.
to whom has been awarded the con
tract for lining the vessel for her
wheat cargo, will meet her. at Astoria
for loading at San Francisco and San w'th lining materials and a crew of
nuii;!!, n u L N a L huia van v.. v .
while the vessel is coming up the
The first of the new IS 000-tonners
ill leave the United Kingdom for
the Pacific coast next month.
A promise of extensive freight of
ferings at Portland for vessels of the
new Joint service Is seen In the state
ment of Mr. Volk that his company
Is Interested in the phosphate rock
traffic and may move a large volume
of this mineral from Portland to
Holland. An expert from Holland re
cently visited this section, he told
the Chamber of Commerce, examined
the phosphate rock In storage here
and at the mines in Idaho, and pro
nounced It suitable In every way for
use as a fertilizer in the Netherlands.
VANCOUVER. Feb. 15. Arrived Dan
ish motorship Slam, from ban Francisco.
Shipping Board's Contract Will Be
Completed In April.
SHANGHAI, Jan. 1. (Correspon
dence of the Associated Press.) Only
two of the fleet of 34 steamers con
tracted , for in the far east by the
United States shipping board now re
main to be launched and to supervise
this final work which is being car
ried out at Shanghai, the shipping
board's far eastern headquarters have
been transferred from Japan to
Thfl shlnn'nir hnard'a far eastern
Staff which formerly numbered up. i Quiliwark, from Portland.
wards of 20 men now is composed of
M. A. Perry, representative of the
shipping board; M. E. Merriman, sec.
retary of the tar east organization
and S. L- are, an inspector.
Thirty of the ships built In the far
east, with an segregate tonnage of
240.000, were turned out from 12 dif-
ferent Japanese shipyards and the
last of these was delivered last Au
The other four contracted for in
Shanghai are the largest steamers
ever built in China. The four are
sister ships, each 10,500 tons and 429
feet in length. The first, the Man
darin, was launched last June and the
second, the Celestial, was launched in
August. It was planned to launch the
third boat, the Oriental, late in Janu
ary and the last, the Cathay, in April
next. These boats are being built by
the Kiangnan Dock & liaglneering
Co. of bnanghai.
river. As the Tengreep has until
next Sunday to make good on her
charter, this precaution was perhaps
unnecesary. but the Pengreep s own
ers were taking no chances of losing
a good charter, which may te tne
last of the season. She will be
loaded at -the North Bank dock by
the Northern Grain & Warehouse
A real thrill was given to the ma
rine fraternity yesterday in dis
patches to Kerr, Gifford & Co., tell
ing of the arrival of the motorship
Siam at Vancouver, B. C. and the
filing of her declaration at the cus
toms house one hour and 30 minutes
before her charter expired. This is
the vesel that was met at San Fran
cisco by a crew of carpenters from
Vancouver, who prepared her for
loading while she raced against time
up the coast. After taking 4000 tons
of wheat in bulk at Vancouver the
Siam will come to Portland for 2000
tons of sacked wheat.
' Hermion Delay Explained.
Contain August Lofstedt of the
Columbia river bar pilots left for
steamer Roue Seattle yesterday by train to bring
down the motorship Theodore noose
velt. She was scheduled to leave
Seattle last night for Portland, and
should reach the local harbor tomor
row She will be loaded Dy tne
PoKifix fira n comnany. tne ineo
dore Roosevelt will be the first of
TiiTTini t'.K n . r.i. .a - . - I t v. . nw motorshlng ot tne iurwa
Ohioan. from Portland, for New York and Pacific line to come to Portland and
be due on February S3 to load 2300 tons
of wheat at the port terminals.
The steamer Steel Maker will be due
February 2b to load salmon here for
Captain Benner. master of the steamer
Walter A. Luckenbach which arrived
yesterday from San Francisco and is load
ins lumber at KnaDDton. was In com
mand of the steamer Julia .Luckenbach in
the transport service during the war. She
naa encounters with submarines ana our.
ina- one of them her rudder was shot off.
The steam schooner Davenport arrived
at 11.-30 this morning from San Francisco
with freight and went to Portland,
The steam schooner Dalsv Matthews Is
due from San Francisco and goes to
Knappton to load from 600.000 to 600.000
reet or lumber. She will finish at St.
The steamer Bearoort wlll be due to
nirht from the orient en route to Portland.
The steamer Liberator will be due to
morrow morning from San Francisco and
goes to Portland.. ,
The' steam schooner Halco Is expected
tonight from San Pedro to load lumber
at the Hammond mill.
TACOMA, Wash., Feb. 15. (Special.)
About 13O0 tons of general freight went
out today on th Matron line steamer West
Nilus tor ports of the Hawaiian islands.
Tbe West Nilus arrived here Sunday and
began yesterday morning to load with five
gangs of longshoremen. The larger part
of the freight of the vessel was flour.
although there was considerable furniture.
According to shipping men, the new
rate of 110 the 10OO feet of lumber to
the orient meant a loss of around 10 per
cent for the steamship operators. No
movement was being made to get busi
ness, it was said, at this rate. While this
rate comes within $1 of being the low rate
of 1913, it was pointed out that Income
tax on both ends and other taxes eat up
the difference between the present rats
and the 1913 rate. Then there was
cost of around $1,10 for handling the
lumber, which cut into the low rate of
eight years ago.
The San Diego ana Wahksena. loading
lumber here for San Pedro, were due to
sail Wednesday. Both vessels have full
cargoes out this voyage.
Tbe Edward Lucken-bach, now loading
for the east coaat. may not get away be-
fore Thursday.
Tbe Nome City arrived last night from
San Francl&co and was due to sail tor
down sound points today.
lhe Rainier and Dewey were expectea
tonight from San Francisco. The Rainier
has some freight to load outward here.
the Northwestern arrived at the smel
ter today with 1514 tons of ore from
The motorshiD Roosevelt was expected
to finish discharging its ore cargo tonight.
No definite word on the arrival ot the
Santa Inea has been received as yet.
Arrivals expected the latter part of the
week include the Collegian, of the Harrl-
on. Direct line, due Friday at the Balfour
dock; the Arizonan of the American-Hawaiian
line, due Sunday at the Baker
dock, and the &emdyk. now at Vancouver,
en route from Europe. The Collegian will
load copper, lumber and miscellaneous
argo. The Statesman, of the Harrison
line, wiil follow the latter Dart ot March
or Ilrst of April.
(1 ilXolViio
JzmLu 6r Uses Vi. iIN
Wrv - $it "Orduna"
4v. I JtWw Gross Regd Tonnage;
. i- mift
( j$mm m&MWm ' rb1ta
A New Transatlantic Passenger Service
fortnightly by "O" Steamers
Cross Reg'd Tonnagt
Movements of Vessels.
rORTI.AXD, Feb. 15. Arrived at (1 P.
M., NorwtKian steamer Hermion. from
Newpo-t News. Arrived at 11 P. M
Davenport, from Fan Francisco. Sailed at 6
P. M.. steamer Texan, for New iork and
way porta
ASTORIA. Feb. 15. Left np at A. M .
Norwegian steamer Hermion. Arrived at
11:.10 and left up at 1 P. M , steamer Dav
enport, from Pan Francisco. Sailed at 7:30
A. M., steamer W. S. Porter, for Gaviota
sailed at 7:30 last night,
CUy. for San Francisco.
ARICA, Feb. 12 Sailed Steamer Pa
cific, for North Pacific
Ex-Master of Tanker Chantlor Is
Chosen for I'lace.
Captain Allan A, Sawyer, formerly
jnaster of the Associated Oil com
anys tanker J. A. Chanslor and
more recently master of the steamer
Kgeria on a succesful voyage from
Portland to Sydney, Australia, with
lumber, and from Newcastle to Hono
lulu, with coal, has been appointed to
command the new 12,000-ton tanker
Jswiftstar, which was launched Feb
ruary 6 by the Northwest Bridge &
Iron company.
The appointment was made by Cap
tain George K. Bridgett, marine
superintendent for the Swiftsure Oil
Transport company, owners of the
vessel. The Swiftstar is expected to
be ready for service in the first week
of March.
Tanker, Rebuilt at Vancouver, Has
Run Down Columbia.
VANCOUVER, Wash.. Feb. 15.
(Special.) The Livingstone Roe.
Standard Oil tanker built by the G.
M. Standifer Construction corporation
and launched January 15, went on her
six-hour river run. Before she left
her tanks were pumped full of water,
bringing the ship down to the load
ing line.
She left here about 10 o'clock, and
with the strong current of the Co
lumbia, was able to reach Kalama in
about two hours, this being about
30 miles. She went as far as Rainier,
turned in midstream, and returned
to the shipyard without mishap. She
will be turned over to the owners
this week, possibly Friday.
Golden State and Haukeye Stale
Head for Pacific Coast.
BALTIMORE. Md.. Feb. 15. The
Tacific Mail steamship Golden State
nnd the Matson liner Hawkeye State,
two of the latest examples of Amer
ican shipbuilding art. sailed from
this port at the same hour, 1 P. M.,
on their maiden Voyages, both bound
for San Francisco. All talk of a
raco was deprecated by company cut-
way porta
VICTORIA. Feb 15 Arrived Steamer
Eemdyk, Iroin Portland.
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 14. Sailed at
3 P. M.. steamer Alaska, for Portland. Ar
rived at 4 P. M steamer bwlrtarrow, fn
Portland; steamer Alvardo, from New Or
leans for Portland caiied at 6 P. M
steamer Artlgas. for Philadelphia and
way porta
NAPLES. Feb. 14 Arrived Steamer
YOKOHAMA. Feb 13 Arrived Japan
ese steamer Anyo Maru. from an Fran
cisco Xor Hongaong via way ports,
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 15. Sailed at 1
P. M., steamer Arizonan. for Portland via
Puget sound,
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 15. Arrived
2!a?on!a, from Honolulu; Ventura, from
Sydney. Depaited V. F. lierriu. for Oa
iota. YOKOHAMA. Feb. H. Arrived Fuah
Ima Maru, from Seattle.
MANILA. Feb. 12 Arrived West Ivan.
iroin &euie.
SINCAPORE, Feb. II. Departed Es
ther Dollar, for Vancouver.
12. Departed Su
wal Maru. for Seattle,
YOKOHAMA. Feb. S. Departed Manila
Maru. lor lacoma
SEATTLE. Wash.. Feb. 13 Arrived
West Nllus. from Honolulu; Collegian, from
London and Liverpool via Cristobal and
San Francisco; Admiral Dewey, from San
Diego via San Francisco,
Departed Tyndareus, for Manila via
Yokohama. Kobe and Hongkong: Admiral
Schley, for San Diego via San Francisco
TACOMA. Wash., Feb. 15. Arrived
Arabia Maru, from Vancouver, B. C;
Northwestern, from Alaska ports: Rainier.
from San Francisco via Portland. Depart
ed Nome City, for San Francisco via
ports; Kalnter, for San Francieco via ports;
West Nilus. for Honolulu via Seattle; mo
torship Theodore Roosevelt, for Antwerp
via Portland.
SAN PEDRO. CaL, Feb. 15. (Special.)
Arrived Redondo, from San Francisco,
7 A. M. ; Wapama, from Portland, 8 A. M. ;
Admiral Evans, from San Diego. 1 A. M. ;
Queen, from Seattle, 4 P. M. ; Japala,
from Balboa, T A. M. ; Mexican Maru,
from New Orleans, 8 A. M.
Mailed Admiral Evans, for San Fran
cisco, 10 A. M. ; Steel Worker, for San
Francisco, o P. M. ; bolano. tor San Fran
cisco. 6 P. M. ; Charles Christensen, tor
Wiliapa. 8 P. M.
SYDNEY. N. S. W., Feb. Ifi. Arrived
Canadian Highlander, from Vancouver.
Port Calendar.
fho lars-est vessel of her class
.mr the Columbia river. A. M
Gillespie & Co.. who are Puget soun
nt for the Norway-Pacific lin
and who are soon td open an offic
in Portland, are expected to send :
...nraconrniivp here to look after th
Th. failure of the Norwegia
steamship Hermion to arrive here I
time to make the original cancelin
rfoto of her charter was attribute
yesterday by Captain G. T. Kllingsen,
master of the crait, to a aeiay
.v... fl.nvs at the Panama canal
The Hermion moved up yesieruaj
from Astoria, where she has bee
lving since she entered the river, t
,V, lark-Wilson mill. There sh
-m be lined by W. J. Jones & Son
ind will go to municipal terminal i
tne rirst uan ui . .
vill finish at the uoiumpia cue..
Cyanide Process in Ships Held Su
pevior to Sulphur.
M..nnn nf a new method of
r.itinn of ships in Portland har
bor was urged by Dr. W. E. Wayson
of the United States public health
,in who spoke at the luncheon
of the Kiwanis club yesterday at the
'The use of the cyanide instead of
.i,- cninhur process in fumigating
ships in quarantine here would great
ly increase the efficiency of this work
and would give the city added se
curity against the entrance i Y.
tlous diseases through the port Dr.
Wayson said, "The sulphur process
"zl here takes much time
now m " - ;. .. , ,
and is not as eirecuve as ...
method, which has been adopted in
c-,Kr.n and is soon to be in-
stalled in Seattle,
i. V.,. traced the development
of the public health service since its
foundation in 1798. and outlined the
work of rehabilitation and hospital-
To Arrive st Portland.
Vessel From
Str Daisy Matthews. .San Fran...
Str. Alaska Wan Fran...
str. Rearixirt Kokohama .
Sir. Pensreep England ...
M.S. Theo. Roosevelt. 1 acoma ...
Str. Willfaro Seattle
St. Santa Barbara..
I. iterator
Str Willamette. ..
Str. Steelmaker...
Str. Iich
M S. Peru
Str. Derblay
M S. Siam
Str. Steel Worker.
Str. Ariaonan
Str. Mont Cervln..
Str. Klnderdyk. . . ,
To Depart From Portland.
Vessel For
Str. City Vancouver
Str. West Oayote. ..
S:r. Ala.'ka
Str. Tamalpsia
Str. West Nivalis..
. . San Pedro. .
..San Fran...
. . San Fran. . .
..N.Y.-S.F. ..
. Seattle
..Antwerp ...
.. W. C. S. A .
. Vancouver
. N.Y.-S.F. . .
,. New York..
..London ....
.Feb. Ill
.Feb. 16
.Feb. lrt
.Feb. lrt
.Feb. 17
.Feo. 17
.Feb. 17
.Feb. 17
.Feb. IS
.Fob. 20
.Feb. 20
. Feb. 20
..Feb. 22
.Feb. 2.1
.Feb. 25
.Feb. 28
.Mar. 8
members of the merchant marine
... Allen. uruiio
. KM. " ' - -. . . I.
Salem, spoke on development i
prune industry in Oregon during the
lait 30 years.
Texan Sails From St. Helens.
The steamer Texan, of the Amer-
ican-Hawauan iicec - - -
St Helens at o ot. " . -with
about 3500 tons of general
freight and lumber laden at Portland,
Prescott. wesipori ami
She goes from here to San Francisco
and San Pedro to finish loading for
New York and Boston. She will be
fo.lowed in the intercoastal service
of the United American lines by the
steamer Arlsonan. loading here about
B'ebruary 25.
raciflc Coast Shipping Xotes.
ASTORIA. Or., Feb. 15. (Special.) As
Europe Feb. is
Kurope Feh. 17
San Fran Oeb. 19
San Pedro. . ..Feb. 19
North China. ..Feb. 21
Vessels in Port.
Veaeel Berth.
Str. City Vancouver. . -Columbia dork.
Str. Davenport Albers dock. No. 2.
Str. Egeria Coast shipyard.
Str. F. S. l.oop ITtase dock.
Str. Gravs Harbor. . . . West port
Str. Hermion Clark-Wilson mllL
Sch. K V Kruse Terminal No. 3.
Sir. Montanue Terminal No. 4.
Str. Tamalpais Peninsula mill.
Str. W. A. Luckenbach. Terminal No. 1.
Str. West t'ayote Inman-Poulsen mill.
Str. West Kader... Terminal No. 4.
6U. WestKiv aria. ... West Ore ton mlli I
. l. , imhnr at &naypiuii iu e
Steamer Walter A. Luckenbach Is not
. . . i j tn. a ih rjre cargo.
The Norwpffian Bteamr Hermion, which
lost her charter to load grain at Portland
bv beinff three days Ittte in arriving has
been rechartered by Kerr. Gifford & Co.
at a Bavinc. it i ald, to the Charterers
of about 7.0. Tho 8tMm" left or
Portland at 6:30 this morning. -
After discharging fuel 01 in Portland
the tank steamer W. a Porter sailed at
11 o'clock last night for California.
Carrying freight fcnd passengers from
Portland and Astoria, the steamer Rose
City sailed at 6:30 last night for San
The schooner Geo. E. Billings Is du
from San Francisco and comes to load
The cannery ship Reuce will be taken
to Portland tomorrow and will go on a
dry dock. i
The steamer Hollywood of the Matson
line will be due here March la to load
for Honolulu and the West Keene will be
due April 15.
The niotorship Theodora Roosevelt will
SAN PEDRO CaL. Feh. 15. fSoecial.)
Unusual interest has been aroused here
in the outcome of the race between the 1
teainers Hawkev S'nt and Oolden State!
rrom me Atlantic to this nort. The steam
ers vailed from the east indav. Thev de
parted wumn one hour oi each other rrom I
Baltimore. Manv thousands of dollars I
have b-en Wagered on the result of the!
race by the crews and officers of the I
earners and emnlovea at the two dif
ferent companies oDeratinjr the steamers.
The Pacific Mail is oneratinr the Golden
State and the Matson Navigation company I
operating the Hawkeye State. They
can maintain a speed of more than 17 I
nots and are exnected to make nort here I
wunm j i nays.
The Mexico Maru arrived from New Or
leans today and will load cotton for the
orient. In addition ahe will take on
number of passengers returning to their I
nomes in Japan.
The steamer Steel Inventor shifted from
the outer harbor where she lay yesterdav
and this morning to the inner harbor, to
complete ner cargo for the Atlantic.
VANCOUVER, B. C.t Feb. 15. (Special.)
tne rair weather of the last two
three days has enabled the towboats on the
gulf to bring their booms to the Van
couver mills. Fourteen vessels, averaging
tows or 14 sections, or about l.wO.Ouo teet
each, passed through tha first narrows,
or to Ka;se creek in the past 4S hours.
The arrival of the logs ended a threatened
amine at the sawmilie.
The Holland-America steamer Eemdyk
arrived this morning from Portland to load
irozen risn and canned nalmon.
There are three sugar cargoes, totaling
more than 12,000 tons, en route to the
British Columbia sugar refinery, and all
due within the next month. Two ships
are comin g from Cu ba, each with o&OO
tons. A third has left Fiji with lbOO tons
on Doard.
The Canadian Pacific ocean sen-Ice liner
Empress of Japan arrived at quarantine
at Wiiiiamhead from the orient today and
will berth at Vancouver early Wednesday
morning. She has nearly 1O00 tons of silk
on board.
Cables just received from the orient car
ried the information that the two big
Canadian Pacific freighters Methven and
Mattawa .are on a coastwise run from
Hongkong to Saigon, carrying rice from
the latter port.
Officers of the steamer Eemdyk today
gave the public a story which the .local
agents cannot confirm, but which will be
important to the Pacific coast If it mate
rializes. The officers stated that the
Ho-lland-America, line was about to launch
two fast passenger ships, and that within
a few months these veseie would be mak
ing the run between Europe and the Pa
cific coast via the Panama cana.
The Vancouver harbor board today
called for tenders for construction of
seven-car, three-track, car ferry barge for
use on Burrara inlet between the south
and north shores. It is estimated the
craft will cost about $135,000. Motive
tor wlll be provided by tugboats.
The motorship siam, commenced loading
grain this afternoon.
Groes RegM Tonruge
First, Second and Third Class Accommodations.
The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, founded in 1839, has
gained a world-wide reputation for the development and mainten
ance of splendid fleets of Passenger Steamers equipped with every
comfort and convenience,
from New York
May 21st
June 4th
une 16th
and every two weeks thereafter
For Tickets, Reservations and Full
Information Apply to
Or any Steamship Ticket Agent
The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.
couver, B. C, 7S5 mile from riattery at
8 P. M., February 14.
WEST JENA. San Francisco for Yoko
hama. 80S miles west of San Francisco.
COAXET, Portland for Yokohama. IK3
miles from Astoria.
WEST JESTER. Yokohama for Vancou
ver, 547 miles from Flattery.
ARGON A MARU, Victoria for Seattle.
left Victoria at 6 P. M.
HART WOOD. San Francisco for Grays
Harbor, 817 miles north of San Francisco.
AVAIX1N. San Francisco for Grays Har
bor, 77 miles south of Grays Harbor.
EL, SEGUKGO, Point wens ior men-
mond, 3!J miles north of Richmond.
CAPT. A. F. LUCAS. Seattle lor Klcn-
mond. 217 miles from Seattle.
SAX FRANCISCO, Feb. 1.1. (Special.)
The Matson steamer Matsonla arrived to
day from Honolulu with passengers and
cargo of Island products which con
sisted mostly of sugar and canned pine
apples. Captain A. L. Soule. master of
the Matsoma, reported that strong galea
nd head seas were encountered, which
delayed the arrival of tne vessel.
With a good passenger list ana a fair
cargo, the oceanic liner Ventura arnveo
here today. She maa me trip in iv aaye
from Sydney, N. S. W. She carried IHGO.
U0 In void sovereigns to the International
Banking corporation, and 370 bales of wool
consigned to Boston. This is the first
wool shipment of any consequence from
Australia this year.
On her last trip tor tho Pacific Mall,
the liner Santa Cruz will arrive here to
morrow from Calcutta ana way ports.
The vessel will be relinquished to W. R
Grare & Co., her owners, after serving the
Paciflo mall for Dearly three years on
the run. from here to India. A new ship.
ping board vessel will replaco her on the
n do -China run. ,
GRATS HARBOR, Wash.. Feb. 15 Spe
cial.) The steamer Lassen arrived at noon
todav from can irancisco ana win loaa
at the E. K. wood mill at noquiam.
Thft steamer Raymond, which arrived
rosterdav and discharged freight on the
harbor last night and this morning, was
ue to sail tomorrow lor Wlllapa harbor,
where she will take on a lumber cargo for
southern California ports.
PORT TOWXSEND, Wash.. Feb. 15.
fnrcial.) The British steamer Collegian,
coming from Liverpool via San Francisco
nd Vancouver, arrivea loaay ana pro
ceeded to Seattle to discharge freight.
Two more steamers in the service of the
coast artillery, plying between this city.
Flagler. Casey, Seattle ana fort ward,
have been laid up on account of the ap
propriation having been exhausted. The
teamers were me oenerai jaiimn ana
The steamers that were still neing oper
ated were manned as far as possible by
nifll.-rs detailed rrom various posts. A
umber of civil clerks in tne quartermaster
department have also been laid off for
a fir nr TiinOS.
Bringing a shipment 01 proaucts irom tno
orient, the Japanese sieamer Arizona
Maru arrivea
WABAN. Genoa bay for San Pedro, 4
miles fwillth of Flattery.
ALASKA. San Francisco for Portland,
tn miles south of Cane Blanco.
BEARPORT. Yokohama for Portland,
pterins- the Columbia river.
FRANK H. BUCK, Port Allen for San
Francisco, 1192 miles from San Francisco
at A f M . February 14.
MAUL, San Francisco for Honolulu. 1M
miles west of San Francisco at 8 f. m.
February 14.
LURL1NE. Honolulu for San Francisco,
1553 miles from San Francisco at S P. 41
Fehniarv 14.
for Philadelphia. 745 miles south of San
cnnrln Hi 8 P. M.. February 14.
SANTA CRUZ, Honolulu for San Fran
cisco, SS7 mile west of San Francisco at
S P M., February 14.
niTTK- im.T WIIlaDa Harbor for San
niu 440 miles south of Wlllapa Harbor.
noi. F. L. DRAKE. San Pedro for Hono-
ii mi mile from san Pearo.
SAV ANTONIO. Ampaiia ior an riu-
. tu miiAM anuth of San l rancisco.
ERNEST H. MEYER. Grays Harbor for
San Clego, 81) mues nonn oi sn i-mu
.1 A MOFFETT. Honolulu ior mcnmuii".
10 miles from Richmond.
ROSE CITY, Portland tor can praumw
til nnrth nf Ran FranClSCO.
(iiDr-ny Kan -Francisco ur
City Texas., 63 miles south oi an rrau-
cisco lightshlj. ' .
PRESIDENT. San Francisco for Los
Angeles. 121 miles south of San Francisco.
arizonan. San Francisco for Seattle,
85 miles north of Point Reyes.
- CURACAO, Eurena ior can
15 miles toorth of San Francisco.
DunvitiFNTU. San Francisco for Ta-
coma. 200 miles north of San Francisco
EVERETT, San r rancisco
270 miles north of San Francisco.
nrvVKRNOR. San f rancieco dwv.
27 miles north of Point Arena.
STOCKTON, snangnai ior oaii
1210 miles from San Francisco at o r. m...
February 14. ....
HERRIN, Avon for Gaviota, 184 miles
from Avon at 8 P. M., February 14.
STOCKTON. Shanghai for San Fran
cisco. 0T7 miles from San Francisco.
Marine Xotes.
f i . n vtenmer City of Van
couver, loading a cargo of wheat at the
ki. An for Kerr. Gifford & Co.. Is
Marriage Licenses.
lr. lef-al, 870 East Thirtieth street North,
and Florence M. Link.aler, legal. 344 Lar
rabee street
LANDER.S-CASON Henry H. Landers,
legal, Haskjns, Or., and llauie Caaon, le
gal, Portland.
gren, legal, 480 Hawthorne avenue, and
Xlattle Louise Edwards, legal, 480 Haw
thorne avenue.
son, legal, 117 East Market street, and
Zella E. DeVall, legal, 7368 East Stark
legal, Hillsdale, Or., and Luella Ferguson,
legal, K'.iJVj Alblna avenue.
ATMALA-JUDGE Tolvo J. Atmala, le
gal. Hood River, Or., and Helen E. Judge,
legal, oii iroaaway.
GISBORNE-URE Harry T. C-isborne,
legal. Baker, Or,, and Alice E. Ure, legal,
IM1 East Forty-fifth street North.
CARL-MOSES Lewis Carl, legal, 1314
Corbett street, and Rose Moses, legal, 1314
Corbett street.
TURNER-GILSON Floyd M. Turner,
legal, 714 Overton street, and Florence
Guson. legal, 714 Overton street.
Vancouver Marriage Licenses.
FREDERICKS-COLE Henry Fredericks.
25, of Vancouver, and Fern Cole, 19, of
GIBSEY-JONES Herman Glesey, 32, of
Portland, and Helen M. Jones, 20, of Port
land. ANDRE WS-BAUE W7 Earl Andrews.
27. of Vancouver, and Bertie M. Baue, It),
of Newnerg. Or. I
REYNOLDS--VVEKS Charles , k.
wer. 00. of Portland, and Mrs. Augusts
Pachropsky. 57. of Portland.
DICKEV-HENO Frank M. Dickey, le
gal, of Portland, and Mrs. Elizabeth O
lieno. lecal. of Portland.
Quickest Time Across the raciflc
JAPAN .... 10 Days
CHINA 14 Days
MANILA .-- 17 Days
Speed. Comfort, Safety on the Palatial
Empress of Russia
Empress of Asia
Sinffl Cabiaa Double Cablm Suites
DlrtM't SnilinR
Liverpool. Glanffow, London. Southamp
ton, liavrr, Antwerp
65 Third Ht.
Phone Broad way 90
a.. Key . i -
holds. 3.1. of Portland, and Mrs! Bnrl lOiUMOmi rKiiic wcsiao, umun
G Myers, 33, of Portland. 1
26, of Salem, Or., and Amber Hltchcork.
ll. of fi,em. Or.
Solomon. 40, of Portland, and EuaKeU
Koat;initlnM,tn, 32. nf Vn nrn; ,-r
BalU P. M. Feb. 22 for Coos Bay.
Lureka and 8an tranolsco Con
necting with steamer to I,os An.
gp'-es, San Diego. Mexico and Csa
nai American ports.
Regular railings from attls r
southeastern a a d soulnwstftsra
A asks.
To all Oriental Ports. IT. s. Shlpplnv
Board A-l HteH. American Vesasis
S. 8. MOVTAfirit
8. H. AUERCOH ..
8. S. I'AWI.tT ..
. .Msrrh to
. . . .April 7
. . aot the last OI ner
aboard today and th' Tt-l
Mna win viw
for Europe.
tons of wheat.
A. Luckenbach,
-hieh arrived In the river Monday from
which arrivea V'" .,. . , come up
tonight from Hongkong. '"c'""' .rT... Mn 1 last night to
She wilt remain here for quarantine in- i ... k.r inwirii cargo from the At-
neetlnn until tomorrow rooming, when
she will proceed to Seattle.
Ship Reports by Radio.
(Furnished by Radio Corporation of
America.) '
Positions reported at 8 P. M. yesterday,
unless otherwise Indicated, were as follows:
Min.TNOMAH. San Francisco, for Grays
Harbor 175 miles south of Grays Harbor..
WASHTKNAW. Port San Ldis for Ks-
quimault, 338 miles from Usquimault.
. fs. run 1 i.i ii ii lu ii iui . n r raa
sco, 187 miles south of Columbia bar.
SANTA INEZ, towing oarge iienry vil-
lard. San Francisco for xacoma, 4i miles
north of San Francisco.
ADMIRAL. WATW.-N, somnoouno. lo
lies south of Ketchikan at 8 P. M.. Feb
ruary 14.
I.ANSINO. Port Ban l.uis ior xionoiuiu.
150 miles from Honolulu at 8 F. M., Feb
ruary 14
ADMIRAL SCHLEY, Seattle for Ean
Francisco. 85 miles from Seattle.
CHARLIE WATSON, Seattle for San
Francisco. tSKS miles from San Francisco.
W7 JESTER, Yokohama for .Van-
discharge her Inward cargo
lantio. coast.
Th. steam schooner Davenport, with
general freight from San Francisco In the
service of the Charles Nelson line, ar
rived at Albers dock No. S at 11 o'clock
last night.
Tho Columbia-Pacific Shipping com
pany a north. China liner esi iari
dropped down from the Inman-Poulsen
mill at 6 o'clock yesterday morning to
ih. West Oregon Lumber company's mill
to complete her cargo for the orient. She
Is scheduled to aepan reoruarjr
The steamer West Cayote ot the Eu
ropean-Pacific line, moved up from mu
nicipal -terminal No. 1 to the Inman-
Poulsen mill yeateraay 10 continue load
ing for Europe:
Tides at Astoria Wednesday.
High. Low.
:S2 A. M 8 1 feet:
8:13 P. M....0-O leet z:u4 r. ai....l.x leei
Report From Month of Columbia.
NORTH HEAD. Feb. 15. Condition of
the sea at & P. 11., smooth; wind, west,
tea mile.
;te " Wafer'
Direct Service Between
Savannah, Charleston, New York, Baltimore
Portland, Oregon
S. S. WILLFARO Loading Date Feb. 17
Regular sailings every twenty days.
Head Office: 44 Whitehall Street, New York.
Freight Pier 32 East River, New York.
A. C CALLAN, Agent
414 Oregon Bldg. Broadway 330
For furthsrlnformatlon apply ts
mi Third Street. Phone Main ;!
Caoipaffnln General TrauMt .antique
La 8a vol trU. ttt. Mar. 2, May tl
refipoltiina Mar. 1, Apr. ft. May 21
KoWianiuraii lur, 8, Apr. I'i, Miiy 14
a loumine Mar. 12, Apr. 7, May It
Kranre Mar. 17. Apr. 14. M.r It
Cbif-axo lMr. 2Ht Apr. 80, JiiDf tt
Im Lrwrralne Apr. 2, Apr. SO, May 28
Niagara May 7, July . ,
RousNillon Apr. 8, June 7, July IB
.FukiizI Iiros., raciflc Coast Aicnli. KM
Cherry 8t.( heattle, or Any i.o'ar Agent.
(Regular service between Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angelea.
San Francisco, Portland. Seattle and Tacoma via the Panama canal.)
North Atlantic and Western S. S. Co.'a 80u-ton ateel vessels
8. S. I.ehlch
8. 8. 'Went Tocos..
S. S. Brush
... .Feb. 6
.Wares 10
..March 25
S. S. YAI.ZA Feb. tt
9. 8. WKST ISLETA Mar. 1
A. & AKTItiAS....Mar. M..
Feb. t
Mar 13
Mar. s
For Further Information Apply to
Matson Navigation Co.
Loading freight at PORT OF
ASTORIA, March 12, for HON
For rates and further particu
lars, apply to Traffic Manager,
Port of Astoria.
THE ADMIRAL LIKE, Pactfle Coast Asreata.
Third St. Phone Mala N2M
win Tahiti and ftaratonaa. Mail and pas.
letter service from sss FrauelMMi even
ft days.
130 California bt., fan Franrlsre,
OX iocai steamship and railroad aaeueles.