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Multnomah Delegation Picks
3 Men for Jobs.
Only Radical Change Is That Tlrst
Members Are Appointed by
legislative Body.
STATE HOUSE. Salem. Or, Feb. 10.
(Special.) Frederick W. Mulkey.
JR. 1 Sab in, and Louis J. Goldsmith
were named as the personnel of the
tax supervision and conservation com
mission in the Multnomah delegation
report today. This is house bill No. 9.
by Gordon, creating- a commission
which will have power to apply the
brakes on the 82 different tax levy
ing bodies In Multnomah county.
With the delegation in the senate
favorable, the tax bill will come up
for third reading tomorrow and must
then go to the house for concurrence.
There Is very little change from
the original bill. The only radical
departure is in having the legislature
designate the members, of the com
mission Instead of delegating this
authority to the governor. The legis
lature performs this function only at
first, for the governor is empowered
to fill any vacancies or make any re
appointments. In effect, the legis
lature starts off the commission, after
which the governor must carry it on.
Most of last night and today was
devoted to conferences between Gor
don and members of the senate in the
endeavor to find a workable commis
sion. Aside from the concession of
having the legislature name the mem
bers initially, the opponents of the
tax -bill have gained nothing.
J. O. Klrod Disqualified.
It was at one time the wish to have
J. O. Elrod on the commission, and
his name was ons of three tentatively
selected and ready to be incorporated.
Then someone discovered that Mr. 1.1
rod is the president of a drainage das
trict in Multnomah county, which is
a tax-levying body and consequently
Mr. Elrod was disqualified from serv
ing on the commission. W ilJiam Mac
Masters was selected and was named
in the recommendation of the delega
tion until some thoughtful individual
recalled that while Mr. MacMaster
has his business in Portland, he re
does in Clackamas county. Judge
Earl C Bronaugt was also named in
tite measure until he was disqualified
because of his residence being in
C'ackamas county.
The struggle to fix up the per
sonnel by the legislature gives an
Idea of the mistakes which can creep
in by hasty and ill-considered act'on.
Mulkey, Sabin and Goldsmith can
qualify. Mr. Mulkey Is an ex-United
crates senator, having been a' mem
ber of the dock commission and was
one of the attorneys who worked out
the Port of Portland development
measures. Mr. Sabin is a member of
the school board. Mr. Goldsmith has
been identified with the Taxpayers'
league in Portland since its inception.
The league has been one of the main
forces behind the tax supervision com
mission since its inception.
Hint mmd Joseph Object.
In submitting the report of the
delegation to the senate this after
noon. Senator Moser announced that
Senators Joseph and Hume, whom he
designated as the "Siamese twins.'
were afraid to entrust the governor
of the state of Oregon with the power
to appoint three men on the tax com
mission. When the Port of Portland
bills were under consideration, re
marked benator Moeer. these two pro
tested against the legislature's destg
Dating the commissioners. After four
weeks at Salem they are beginning to
rave continence in their fellow legis
lr.tors, because when the same prln
c-.ples and policies were Involved In
tha port bilss, Hume and Joseph ob
jected and now they resent anyone
vui tne legislature naming the com
fining- the powers and duties of the Ore
Son state board of control.
S. B. 1(18. by Hare Authorizing- the
warden of the state penitentiary, under
direction of the iroveroor. to employ pa
roled convicts at the prison wood camps.
H. B. lis. by committee on ealartea and
pnblle official. Amending section 3001.
Orenon laws, relating to salaries of county
officers In Curry county.
H. B. 117. by Bennett Raising salaries
of county Judge and county treasurer of
Coos county. ,
H. B. 198. bv Roberts and Egbert
Amending section S591, Oregon laws fixing
the slaary of Justice of Ue peace for the
district of The Dalies.
H. B. 217, by Carsner Amending sec
tion SB29. Oregon laws, relating to sal of officers of Wheeler county.
H. B. 155. by Fletcher Amending sec
tion S14. Oregon law, referring to salary
of county school superintendent of Lincoln
H. B. 218, by Beals Amending section
Roosevelt Highway Bill Still
Actively Backed. ,
I Senate.
I Nine new bills introduced.
Courses of study In fire,
prevention are proposed for
t unhnnla.
Special election la forecast for
June 7. 1921.
Separate ballot for initiative
and referendum measures is
provided in bill introduced by
Senator Dennis.
Resolution is adopted urging
congress to extend present
three-mile limit off Oregon
shore In Pacific ocean to 21
Bill providing election circuit
judges of Multnomah county at
large fails.
Fifteen bills are approved on
third reading.
Five house bills receive ap
proval. Embalmers regulation, meas
ure la passed after spirited, de
bate. House bill prohibiting aliens
from teaching in schools de
feated. New motor vehicle code is
- House kills bll regulating
hospital associations.
House decides to give special
consideration to bonus bill Fri
day morning.
Irrigation bills are put over
until Friday afternoon.
Twelve county salary bills
are passed by house.
Constitutional Convention Provided
For in Senate Bill.
. STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(bpecial.) A movement has been
started by Representative Sheldon of
Jackson county to revise the state
constitution. A bill providing for the
aprointment of a charter committee
to make the revision plan and calling
for a constitutional convention in
1924 was introduced in the house
v ednesday.
Under this bill the supreme court
is instructed to appoint a committee
composed of 15 citizens of the state
to make a general revision of the
constitution. The only inhibition
placed upon this committee is that it
shall retain in the revised draft in
principle everything voted into the
constitution by the people, and any
matter in the constitution which the
committee mty consider as more
properly belonging in the statutes of
the state shall be preserved as legis
lation. The bill gives the committee fout
years in which to complete its work,
and directs that the public be kept
informed as to its decisions and dis
cussions by submission of reports to
the supreme court.
The bill, which must be referred to
the people for ratification, provides
that delegates shall be elected at the
general election in 1924 to a consti
tutional convention called by
the governor. This convention is to
consist of 180 delegates, to be elected
on the basis of representatives in the
lower house of the legislature three
delegates to each representative.
The draft submitted by the oomm it
toe shall be presented to the conven
tion and the draft finally approved by
the convention shall be transmitted
to the following legislature for sub
mission to the people for final adop
tion or rejection at the next succeed
ing election.
Mr. Sheldon, in presenting this bill,
itd that Oregon Is practically with
out a constitution, because there is
nothing In the present constitution
which limits the people or their leg
islative reprerentation In legislation
which may be enacted. He also ar
gued so many changes have been
made in the present constitution,
drafted In 1S57. that there is no bal
ance wheel or brake to be found in
the charter.
law Relating to Obtaining; Money
Cnder False Pretenses Amended.
STATE HOUSE. Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) The house passed the
following bills today:
P. B. 35. by Hare Amending section
19H4. Oregon laws. In relation to obtaining
maney under false pretenses.
8. B- 117. by Patterson Defining ele
mentary schools and elementary teachers
training cows.
A fi l&V by JtfoserEnlarfinr and da-
3623. Oregon laws, relating to salaries of
officers of Tillamook county.
H. B. 268, by Belknap Amending sec
tion 3593. Oregon laws, relating to salaries
of Benton county officials.
H. B. 2S8. by Hyatt Amending section
362H, Oregon laws, relating to salaries of
county officials of Wallowa county.
H. B. 136. hy Gallagher Amending sec
tion 3616, Oregon laws, pertaining to sal
aries of county officials in Malheur county,
H. B. 286. by Woodson Amending sec
tion 8638. Oregon laws, relating to a
aiies In Morrow county.
H. B. 201. by Kxbert and Robert
Amending section 36.'7, Oregon laws. fix.
Ing salaries of officials In Wasco county.
H. B. 262. by Polk county delegation
Amending section 361:1. Oregon laws, relat
ing to aalarles or officials of Polk county.
. H. B. 220. by Jackson county delega
tion Amending section 8608. Oregon laws.
relating to salaries of officials of Jack
son county.
H. B. 821. by Linn county delegation
fixing salaries of officials of Linn county.
8. B. 94. by Multnomah county delega
tion Fixing salary of school superintend
ent of Multnomah county.
Vetoed H. B. 68 of 1820 session Amend.
Ing section 1 of chapter 243, Oregon laws
of 1919, providing for extension of eor
p orated existence of prlavte corpora
S. B. 181. by Larhmund and Strayer
Amending section 5630, Oregon laws re
lating to the duties of the state land
8. B. 200 Amending section B168, Ore
gon laws, relating to tax levy for school
8. B. 203. by Edwards Amending sec
tion 5301. Oregon laws, relating to powers
and duties of public library boards.
S. B. 211, by Norblad Providing for
capturing and killing seals and sea lions.
H. B. 109. by Korrell Providing for the
furnishing and acceptance of cash, certi
fied checks or certain obligations of the
United States government or of municipal
corporations in llets on bonds or bail.
H. B. 235, by Sheldon and Wright Reg
ulating the sale and quality of gasoline.
H. B. 308. by Hindman Amending sec
tion 7163. Oregon laws, providing for the
suomission to tne voters of a port cor
poration the question -of borrowing money
and the Issuance and sale of bonds.
8. B. 110. by F.berhard Amending sec
tions 303 and 821. Oregon laws relating
to the garnishments and providing for
garnishment of debts to become due.
8. B. 167, by Moser Amending sections
295 and 296, Oregon laws, relating to at
tachments. 8. B. 212, by Nlckelson Amending sec
tlon 8187. Oregon laws, relating to fees
of notaries public
Regulation of Chiropractors Is De
feated on Reconsideration.
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) The senate, on motion
of Senator Vinton, today reconsidered
Senator Gill's bill providing for the
regulation and practice of chiroprac
tors and defeated the proposed law
by a vote of 15 to 14. The measure
had previously been passed by the
senate by a small majority and was
in process of being sent to the house
for final action when reconsideration
was demanded by the Yamhill county
Senator Vinton In opposing the
passage of the bill said that at the
time It was first presented for con
sideration and approved he had failed
to discover that the act would give
the chiropractic profession practically
the same legal standing as regularly
licensed physicians.
Bills passed on third reading In th
senate today follow:
8. B. 256, by Thomas Relating to sales
for taxes.
8. B. 160, by Robertson Relatlnr to fee
to be collected from banks by state bank
ing department.
8. B. 248. by Nlckelson Fixing compen
tion for assistants employed by county
8. B. 2e"f. by committee on railroads and
utilities Relating to change In time when
giving notice of proposed revised costs for
public utHtty service.
8. B. 234. by Ryan Relating to bank
S. B. 230, by Ryan Relating to reserves
of trust companies.
i. B. 2.9, by Ellis Changing boundaries
between Harney and Maiheur counties.
S. B. 252. by Hail Providing dairy In
spector for Coos and Curry counties.
8. B. 273. by tlDernanl Relating to
anion nren scnoois.
8. B. 47. by Robertson Relatlnr to ex
amination fees that shall be coMected from
H. B. 78. by Gordon Relatlnr to man
ner in which municipal corporations shall
prepare tax levying.
H. B. lSSVby overturf Relating to em
ployment of railway policemen.
H. B. 234. by Powell Provldlnr for
eradication and control of bovine tuber
culosis and creating office of county meat
and herd Inspector for Polk county.
K. B. 9, by Mcarland Provldlnr re
lief for Mrs. Gertrude J. Denny, widow
of Judge O. N". Denny, who Introduced
China pheasant Industry Into Oreron. Re
lief to be fixed by game commission and
be paid at rate of J.o a month.
H. B. 73, by Woodwn Provldlnr nen.1.
ty for escaping or aiding persons to escape
from state institutions;
House Favors Employment Agency,
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) The house today passed
Senator Moser s measure giving the
state board of control authority to
establish an Oregon employment In
stitution for the blind in Portland.
This institution was authorized by a
rote of the people at the special elec
tion last June, and although money
was appropriated, the bill did not
give the state board of control au
thority to utilize tha funds until
192J.- .- - - -. . ,
Measure Authorizing Highway
Commission to Locate Routes
Also Is Opposed.
STATE HOUSE. Salem, Or.. Feb. 10.
(Special.) Sore spots are cropping
cp over the road bills, or rather some
of them. Here is a birdseye view of
the situation:
Roosevelt highway bill, while sleep
ing in committee, is still being active
ly backed In campaign.
Bill, authorizing highway commis
c'.on to locate roads, is being fought
by Mr. Fletcher of Polk county.
Maintenance measure is opposed by
Senator Edtfy.
Surety bill is fought by Insurance
Eight-hour bill Is strenuously op
posed by Otto Hartwig of State Fed
eration of Labor. .
Control of Poles Fonsbt.
Control of telephone poles on high
ways is fought by lobbyists from tele
phone companies.
Tentative 9,000,000 bond bill Is
held up, with eastern Oregon men
planning to obtain specific percentage
lor roads in that section.
Two attempts have been made to
throw dynamite into the state high
way commission by proponents of the
Roosevelt highway. These efforts
have been temporarily suspended.
Three bills have popped up to
breathe life into old claims; discon
necting the legal department of the
highway commission from the attorney-general's
office and permitting
nwsults against the state. These
measures, said to have been prepared
by Jay Bowerman, and introduced by
Senator Dennis, will be fought out on
the senate floor.
Gasoline Tax Lift Looms.
And, more grief. The motor vehicle
owner has a prospect of paying three
cents a gallon tax on gasoline. The
present one cent tax is to be supple
mented by an additional tax of two
cents. Half of this new proposed tax
is to create a fund for maintenance.
Pride of authorship has caused fric
tion over the motor code, with the
weight as a basis for license. The
weight basis makes more revenue and
is more equitable than the horse
power system but thousands of car
owners will have to pay more than
tney have been doing.
All of these elements contribute to
the general unsettled condition of
highway legislation.
The Marshfield chamber of com
merce today notified Senator Hall
that 100 telegrams have been sent
protesting against the stand taken by
The Oregonlan on the Roosevelt high
way bill.
This propaganda has been sent to
the commercial bouses which sell
goods to southwestern Oregon and
the houses have been urged to tele
graph their senators and representa
tives to support the Roosevelt high
way bill.
Roosevelt Bill Tender Subject.
Senator Hall admitted this after
noon that he did not know what he
will do about this bill. It was in his
committee. He wanted it distinctly
understood that he is not responsible
or any of the rumored reprisals on
.he highway commission, saying that
anything he has to say will be deliv
ered from the senate floor, if at all.
The Roosevelt highway is still a
very tender subject with many mem
bers of the legislature.
Usually a placid gentleman. Repre
sentative Fletcher was fussed up over
the bill authorizing the state highway
commission to make location of roads.
Mr. Fletcher represents Polk county,
where the county court and the high
way commission had a disagreement
which entered into the courts. An at
torney who represented some of the
Polk county, contenders in the suit
before Judge McCort has been vigor
ously lobbying against this bill.
Should the measure be passed it will
avoid in the future the disputes and
quarrels which arose over the Polk
county and Riddle case, and will en
able the highway commission to
straighten out some road tangles
mad in the road map in 1917.
50-50 Basis la Adopted.
The maintenance bill calls -for a
50-50 basis between counties and tin
state, or an agreement through nego
tiation. Senator Eddy is dissatisfied
with the arrangement
Resisting the measure proposing
elimination of the eight-hour law 6a
road work, Mr. Hartwig pleaded with
the joint committee this afternoon.
To enact this bill, he said, was an
opening wedge toward breaking up
the entire eight-hour law, which was
obtained only after many years of
effort. The proponents of the bill
explained that the men in the logging
camps want longer hours, as there is
no place for them to go when they
knock off work early in the after
noon. Mr. Hartwig suggested that
the reason the men want to work
longer hours is because they need
more pay. This measure will be re
ported out favorably, but there will
also be a minority report.
Two Bond Bills Drafted.
Two bond bills have been drafted,
one authorizing a $9,000,000 issue,
which brings the amount of securi
ties up to the 4 per cent limitation.
and the other calling for 35,000,000.
The bills are identical except as to
the sums.
Senator Upton has had considera
tion of the bond bill held over for
the time being. He has maintained
that Eastern Oregon has not received
its share of road money and he wants
to do a little stipulating in this bill;
on the other hand, there was a reso
lution prepared and ready to submit
charging the highway commission
with spending too much money in
Eastern Oregon and not enough on
the coast.
The proposed additional two cents
a gallon on gasoline -is now being
prepared in a bill drawn in the attorney-general's
office. This meas
ure makes a concession to farmers
who operate tractors. Once a month
people who buy gasoline for tractors
can prepare a statement and get a
rebate. The new gas tax will find
hard sledding. It is contended that
this" will make gas cost 8 cents a
gallon more in Oregon than in adjoin
ing states so that people near Wash
ington and Idaho will buy their gas
in those communities and large con
sumers may import by the carload, so
that in the end the small consumer
will be the main taxpayer.
Before final adoption of the pro
posed gasoline tax and the changed
system of licensing, the bills will be
printed anil the public will have an
opportunity to express Itself. The
expression will have- to come soon,
for the legislature will adjourn next
ing from J50 to $100 and extending
over a period of two years, for the
relief of the widows and minor chil
dren of Edwin G. Scott and Clyde It.
Dindinger, second company, coast ar
tillery, Oregon national guard, who
were killed while in the service of tha
government at Camp Lewis last sum
mer, are provided in a bill introduced
today by Senator Hall and Repre
sentative Bennett.
Senate .Approves Joint Memorial to
N Extend State Control.
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or.. Feb. 10.
(Special.) The senate today ap
proved Senator Dennis' Joint memo
rial urging congress to extend Oregon
jurisdiction over the waters of the
Pacific ocean from three to 21 miles
off the shoreline. -
When the bill was submitted for
consideration Senator Eddy said he
believed the extension of Oregon's
Jurisdiction over the waters of the
Pacific ocean was a matter of inter
national law. and that the passage of
such a memorial might make the leg
islature appear ridiculous in the eyes
of congress.
It was argued by Senator Denn
that at the time the present three
mile limit was fixed the largest gun
then ij existence would carry a shell
but a Bhort distance. Now, he said,
there were guns in the possession of
the government that would carry a
shell for a distance of more than 21
Senators Toss Charges Free
1 !y in Fiery Debate.
President Tells Multnomah Dele
gates They Can't Pass Buck"
Cp to Cbalry
Bill on Iife of Private Corpora
Hons Is Passed.
STATE HOUSE. Salem, Or., Feb. 10,
(Special.) The house, overruling
Governor Olcott's veto by unanimous
vote, today passed house bill No. 68
of the spocial 1920 session.
The bill provides for the extension
of the corporate existence of private
corporations for a period not exceed
ing CO years after the term of exist
ence bas expired by limitations spec!
fled in its articles of incorporation.
Senate Concurs in House Joint
Memorial to Congress.
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or., Feb. 10
(SDeciaL) The senate today con
curred in a house joint memorial
urging congress to enact legislatio
compelling the placing of tags o
woolen material, stating the exact
percentage of virgin wool and other
fabrics contained therein.
The memorial was introduced by
Representative Robertson. .
Legislative Sidelights.
Pension Bill Introduced.
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
-(Special.) Monthly eeuajon raug-
CI TATE HOUSE, Salem, Or, Feb. 10
O (Special.) Front street in
Portland must be almost deserted
vast delegation of junk, dealers, in
their best bib and tucker, have
arrived here to see If they canno
kill the bill which regulates their
business. Representative Hindman
is author of the measure and the
junkmen run him ragged every, time
he enters the rotunda.
' Tha superintendent of the anti
saloon league and Sergeant-at-arms
Singer were discussing matters of
state in the lobby. .In his earnest
way, and as a means of placing em
phasis. Singer began tapping the
anti-saloon man on the wishbone
with a small nickle-plated cylinder,
After being used as an anvil for a
few minutes, the prohibitionist be
came curious and asked to see the
metallic object.
"It's just a souvenir of other days,'
observed Mr. Singer. "I have treas
ured it, but I'll give it to you if
you wish."
"But what Is It?" asked the anti
saloon man.
"A corkscrew," said the eergeant-
"In all my years of attending the
legislature I never had a member
break an engagement with me,
aggressively asserted Carl Schoe
maker, tilting his Manila rope at 95
degrees. "Representative Roberts
has not shown up. The appointment?
Oh, it was for lunch. That's the kind
of appointment the boys always
keep." -
Mrs. K. K. Kubll and Mrs. Phil
Metschan received the courtesies of
the house today. So did Colonel Bush.
prominent citizen and taxpayer' of
Bull Ruisr"
"I'm getting sore and tired of
hearing these bills read which don't
hurt nobody," . complained "Bob
Carsner of Spray today. 'If a bill
don't hurt it ain't got any merit and
some of these proposers had better
begin explaining where the 'pinch' is.
I'm going to start voting no on some
of these painless bills."
Artesian Tests Wanted.
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) A bill introduced by
Senator Upton, In collaboration with
Representatives Overturf and Bur
dick, authorizes an appropriation of
$10,000, or as much thereof as may
be necessary for the purpose of In
vestigating the artesian well pos
sibilities of the Fort Rock basin in
Lake county, the LaPlne basin in
Deschutes and other localities.
Bill Leaves Salary to Governor.
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) Senator Lachmund has
introduced a bill providing that fix
ing of the salary of the warden of
the Oregon state penitentiary shall
be placed In the hands of the gover
nor. At the present time the salary
of the warden Is $250 a month and is
fixed by statute.
False Statement Bill Passes.
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) Senator Hare's false
statement bill was passed by the house
today. This bill makes It a felony to
present any bill. Invoice or state
ment which contains items of over
charge or wrongful charges. It Is an
amendment to the present statutes
covering the same subject.
. . Referendum Ballot Proposed.
' STATE HOUSE, alem. Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) In case a bill introduced
by - Senator Dennis becomes a law,
there will be provided at future elec
tions in this state a separate ballot
for referendum and initiative meas
ures. Provision also is made in the
bill that the captions shall disclose
the effect of the success or defeat of
such measures.
Port Orford Survey Urged.
STATE HOUSE, Salem. Or., yeb. 10.
-(Special.) A house joint memori
al, approved by the senate today,
urged upon congress an Immediate
survey of the port of Port Orford.
Senate Approves Amendments.
STATE HOUSE. Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) Following a f-ery de
bate during which charges and counter-charges
were freely exchanged
by Senators Humj and Moser, with
regard to disposition of the teachers'
tenure of office bill. President Ritner
took a hand in the situation and
served notice on the members of the
Multnomah county delegation that
they could not pass the buck to the
chair and thereby escape the re
sponsibility which they assumed in
consideration of the measure.
President Ritner, upon sanction of
the senate, then referred the bill to
the Multnomah delegation, with in
structions that they hold another con
ference and prepare definite reports
for presentation to the senate.
Hume Starts Fireworks.
The fireworks started when Senator
Hume, in an address favoring defeat
of Senator Staples' bill referring the
teachers' tenure-of-office law to a
vote of the electors of the Portland,
school district at the next general
election, said that a majority of the
members of the Multnomah county
delegation were opposed to the move
and had so declared themselves when
the proposal was considered at a
conference. The majority report
recommending defeat of the Staples
measure was concurred in by 11 mem.
bers of the delegation. Senator
Staples said, and was on the desk of
the senator awaiting consideration.
Senator Moser took issue with the
statements of Senator Hume and
declared that a majority of the mem
bers of the delegattoif had voted in
favor of approving the Staples bill,
and that a report to this effect was
now In the bands of the clerk of the
senate. -
Pussyfooting Is Charged.
Senator Hume retaliated with the
charge that after the delegation had
concluded its meeting Senator Moser
had launched a campaign of a pussy
footing among the Multnomah legis
lators and had succeeded in obtain
ing some signatures to his report
which were not pledged in support
of the Staples bill at the time of the
Senator Hume also Informed his
colleagues that It was his opinion
that both the Staples bill and his
resolution calling for the appoint
ment-of a committee to ' investigate
the teachers' tenure law and report
back to the legislature at its next
session, should be considered at the
same time.
Senator Banks explained that he
was in favor of the Staples bill and
believed the entire teachers' tenure
law proposition should be submitted
to the voters of the Portland school
district for determination. In case
it was impossible to bring this about
he declared he would support the
uume resolution.
Joseph Reviews Conference.
Senator Joseph, in a brief address.
reviewed briefly the conference at
which the Staples bill was considered.
He said that 11 members of the Mult
nomah delegation voted against the
Staples bill, yet Senator Moser alleged
mat ne naa luea tne majority report.
iapia-lire exchange of charges and
counter-charges then followed be
tween Senators Moser and Hume,
whergupon Senator Hare arose t
point of order and said it was ap
parent that the Multnomah legislators
were unable to agree. He asked that
the Staples bill and Hume resolution,
together with the two alleged major
ity reports, be referred back to the
Multnomah delegation for further
President Ritner, in accept'ng Sen
ator Hare's suggestion, declared that
it was evident that the Multnomah
delegation had attempted to pass the
buck to the chair, but that such a
move would fail. It was then that
the president of the senate, with
authority of the senate, re-referred
the Staples bill and Hume resolution
and the reports back to the delegation
for consideration.
It was thought tonight that the
delegation probably would meet to
Lii Lrj lmj uuL-Kmi
y Two-More Days
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STATE HOUSE, Salem. Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) The senate today con
curred in house amendments to sen
ate bill 73, relating to the Fort of
ForUaad. ; . . -
Measures Include One Calling for
Special Election June 7.
STATE HOUSE. Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) Nine new bills were in
troduced in the senate today, mey
8. B. 308, by Hall and Representative
Bennett To appropriate money for tne re
lief of Mrs. Edwin ti. Scott and Mrs. Clyde
ft. Dindinger.
S. B. 304. by Upton in eoiiaDoration witn
Representatives Burdlck and Overturf To
appropriate $10,000 to Investigate artesian
wells in the Fort hock Dasin oi iaKe coun
ty and other localities.
B. 305, by uume Froviamr tor Mix
tion of costs in the supreme court. on ap
S. B. boo, ny Moser Keiating to issu
ance of permits for electrical work.
S. B. 807, by Dennis Requiring ballots
carrying Initiative or referendum measures.
S. B. 31S. by Dennis Requiring that In
itiative petitions relating to bonding or
taxing of real property shall have signa
tures representing 20 per cent of all votes
cast at the last previous general election
and that half the signers shall be recorded
owners of real property.
B. 309, by Joseph Calling special
election on June 7.
S. B. 810. by Moser Relating to study
of fire prevention in public,, private and
parochial schools.
S. B. 311, by Lachmund Relating to
salary of warden of state penitentiary.
Date Set for June 7, 1921, In Bill
Introduced In Legislature.
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) Provision for- a special
election in Oregon to be held on June
1921, is made in a bill introduced
This is for the purpose of consld-
riner all proposed amendments to
the constitution adopted by the pres
ent session of the legislature, and all
measures or enactments passed by
the legislature and which by the
terms thereof are referred to the
Fire Prevention Study Proposed.
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) Courses of study In fire
prevention in public, private and pa
rochial schools of Oregon is provided
pri a bill fathered by Senator Moser.
The course of study is to be outlined
by the state fire marshal and shall
b compulfiocx, . ,
Little Opposition Shown and
Ac&9 Go Through Rapidly Ac
cording to Programme.
ST.ATE HOUSE, Salem, Or.. Feb. 10.
(Special.) Fifteen salary bills af
fecting the compensation paid to of
ficials of various counties in the
state, including the superintendent
of schools of Multnomah county,
passed the house today.
Representative IFollett of Yam
hill county voted against all of the
bills, explaining that he had been
pledged to oppose any and all sala
ries issues. Representative Shank of
Clackamas county voted against the
majority of the bills. These mem
bers were reinforced with negative
votes from a few of the other mem
bers of the house on one or two bills
where it was explained that the peo
ple of the county affected were op
posed. '
. The new. schedules provided in the
bills for the various counties follow:
Curry county Judge, 81O00 a year; comi
,..u..r. ttnn . vmnr ana miicuBc,
together with $6 a day for each day o'
actual service; school superintendent, rX
and traveling expenses not to exceed $-0
a year; clerk, J1500; sheriff, 1700; as
sessor, $1500 and traveling expenses; trea
surer. $000.
Coos county Judge, $3000; treasurer,
Wasco county. The Dalles district Jus
tice of the peace, $100 a month.
Wheeler county Assessor, $6 a day;
mileage to county commissioner of 10 cents
a mile.
Lincoln county School superintendent,
$1200 a year and $300 traveling expenses
a year.
Tillamook county School superinten
dent, $1800 a year. , ,
Benton county Sheriff. $2000: clerk.
$2000; school superintendent, $2000; judge,
Wallowa county Treasurer. $1200;
clerk. $1200: sheriff. $2200: assessor, J2O00:
school superintendent. $1800 and traveling
Malheur county Judge, $2400; treasurer,
$1200; assessor, $2000.
Morrow countrr-Judge. $1600: treasurer,
$1000; school superintendent. $1600.
Wasco county Judge, $1500; commis
sioner. $5 a day; treasurer, $1000: clork,
$2O00; assessor, an increase of $.V0 If he
employe no deputies or oiner dbiij.
' Polk county Judge. $1-500: treasurer,
i ,y xiaiiO: ftheriff. $2000: assee-
mvia. vhiuil annArintendenL $150$
and traveling expenses not to exceed $500
a year.
Jackson county Commissionera, $3 a
day; treasurer. $1800: assessor, $2000;
school superintendent, $2000.
Linn county Judge, $1800: commission
ers ti a day; treasurer, $1200; clerk
2O00; recorder, $1500; sheriff. $2000; as
sessor, $1600; school superintendent, $1200.
Multnomah county (Uchool superinten
dent, $3000 a year and traveling expenses.
Amendment to Law on Medals lor
Oregon Veterans Asked.
STATE HOUSE. Salem, Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) The following bills were
Introduced In the house today:
H. B. 331, in joint house and senate ways
and means committee Repealing sections
2JM57. 2968, 2869, 2970, 2971, 2972 and 2973,
Oregon laws, and declaring an emergency.
H. B. 332 (substitute for H. B. 123)
By Clatsop county delegation Relating
to the salary of Justice of the peace In
H. B. 833, by Leonard Providing for
payment of salaries for deputies, clerks
ajid assistants of all officers and county
SificiaU la ouuAUot jit IVOtOvO op.ulUa
or more, either monthly, semi-monthly of
H. B. 334, by Marion county delegation
Amending section 2224-46, Oregon iaws,
relating to prohibition measures and de
claring an emergency.
H. B." 335, by Gallagher Amending sec
tions 9281 and 9200. Oregon laws, and re
pealing section 92114, relating to tax tor
bounty on wild animals.
H. B. 830, by Korrell. Pierce, Johnson,
Hammond, Marsh, Leonard, North and
Wells Amending section 2974, Oregon
laws, relating to medals for Oregon sol
diers, sailors and marines.
H. B. 837, by livestock commute Pro
hibiting false and fraudulent transactions
In purebred iivestock and providing a pen
alty therefor.
H. B. 838, by livestock committee Pro
hibiting false and fraudulent bidding at
purebred livestock sale and providing a
penalty therefor.
H. B. 339, by joint committee on roads
and highways Regulating use, licensing
and operation of motor vehicles.
Prisoner's Aid Bill Passed.
STATE HOUSE, Salem. Or., Feb. 10.
(Special.) Employment of paroled
prisoners at the prison wood camp,
as provided in a bill Introduced by
Senator Hare, was approved by the
house today. Representative Davey
of Marion championed the bill, stat
ing that this bill will give the paroled
convicts an opportunity to earn suf
f'cient money before entering the
world so that they will have
some chancA to succeed.
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ach which' prevents complete diges
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we eructate sour food or have heart
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thus promote a free flow of purs di
gestive Juices.
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