Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, February 04, 1921, Page 7, Image 7

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Drastic Cuts Made in Esti
mates for Institutions.
Hons Committee Even Reduces
Totals Recommended by Govern
or; Sheep Bill Passes House.'
BOISE. Idaho. Feb. 3. (Special.)
Ihe first biow of the ax of the bous:
appropriations committee of the 16th
legislature has fallen.
House bill. No. 157. Introduced to
day, is the first of the budget bills
recently placed in the appropriation
committee's hands by the governor, to
he presented as a committee measure,
It carries 1649,310 for the main
tenance of s x state charitable and
Pinal institutions.
This sum is less by $101,475 than
the total asked for by the beads of
the Institutions through the commis
sioner of public welfare. It is less
by Ji6.73i than the total recommend
od by the governor. It is less by
$33,905 than the appropriation made
for the same purposes in 1919.
All Ilrmi Cut Dowa.
Following are the footings of the
appropriations carried by the bill for
the six institutions, compared with
the reauests. the governor's recom
mendations and the appropriations of
two years ago:
Soldiers' home. Bolae Maintenance,
340: salaries, 124.300: total. $98,700. Re
quested. $uti.2(H; recommended by govern
or 198.200: aoDTODriated in X319, $14.1.230,
Penitentiary, Boi Maintenance, $108.-
ST5: salaries, $44,54l total, $132,013. Re-
aueeted. $230.1.90: recommended by gov
ernor, $14S,lbO; appropriated in Ibid,
. Northern Idaho sanitarium, Oroflno
Maintenance. I1O4.20O: salaries. (43.080
equipment. $900; total. $143,180. Requested
$133,430; recommended by governor, $148.,
10; appropriated In 1019, $122,330.
Idaho Insane asylum, Blackfoot Main
tenance. $3.8t0; salaries, $52,100; equip
ment. $313(; total. $141,710. Requested,
$149,230; recommended by governor, $141,
710: appropriated in 1919, $129,240.
Idaho state sanitarium, Nampa Maln
terance. $53,875; ea.ariea, $33,080; equip
ment. $1150: total, $92,103. Requested,
$97,343: recommended by governor, $94,-
bV5: appropriated In lt-19, $8.i.lO.
lavs Hot Springs Maintenance, $3900:
salaries. $11,000; equipment, $1500; total
$17.7tiO. Requested. $19,970; recommended
bv governor, $19,900; appropriated iu 1919.
Livestock Bill Paaar.
On motion of Representative Weeks
of Canyon county, the house sus
pended the rules and passed house
bill No. 110, by the livestock com
n.ittee. which provides for the estab
lishment of a board of sheep commis
sioners in the department of agri
culture, with an appropriation of $35,
000 for the purpose of eradicating
scabies among the sheep of Idaho.
Two other measures were passed
by the house. One removes from the
statute limiting the expenses of the
state mine inspector the clause nam
ing a fixed sum for traveling and a
fixed sum for stenographer hire, thus
placing this office on the same basis
lr. that respect as other s'ate offices.
A senate bill passed clarifies the
provisions outlining qualifications of
licensed nurses.
Representative W. Scott Hall of
Oneida county, chairman of the hous
committee on education, introduced
house concurrent resolution No. t
which calls for the appointment of e
special legislative committee of five
members, two from the senate and
three from the house, to investigate
and report to the 17th legislature oc
the advisability and cost of the
establishment of an agricultural col
lege in the Snake River valley.
Inanrance Bill Approved.
Senate bill. No. 73, by King of
Boundary county, requir'ng residence
of one year in Idaho before any life
insurance agent may procure a
license and transact business, passed
the senate by a vote of 32 to 6, after
a spirited debate.
House bill No. SI. said to be fos
tered by the alumni association of the
state university, removing the dis
qualifications for appointment of the
state board of education from former
regents, instructors and students in
state institutions, was defeated by a
vote of 28 to 10.
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tatlve reapportionment bill to be
brought before the committee soon.
Ah-eady members of both house and
senate are considering what may hap
pen under reapportionment. Every
member is thinking of his his district
will be affected and there is reason
to believe that this committee will
be one of great Importance during the
remainder of the session..
Surprise Is Sprang Wlien Only
Woman Legislator at Bel i est of
Colleague Says "So."
STATE HOUSE. Salem. Or.. Feb. 3
(Special.) Punch boards have
some friends in the house as shown
today when 12 members opposed pas
sage of Representative Hindman's
bill prohibiting the sale or use of
such boards in the state.
One of the surprises in connection
with the roll call on this bill was
Mrs. Kinney's negative vote. It de
veloped that she had voted in the
negative at the request of Represen
tative McDonald, who has a seat ad
joining Oregon's only woman legis
Representative Bennett of Coos
made a strong plea for the defeat
of the bill. Mr. Bennett held that
punch boards formed an innocent
amusement for the workingmen of
the state and that so far as he was
concerned, he favored punch boards.
"penny ante" or any other similar
devices of amusement.
Protection of the young children
of the state Is afforded by the bill,
according to Representative Davey
and other proponents. The repre
sentatives who voted against the bill.
which, incidentally, passed by 44
votes, were: Bennett, Carsner, Car
ter. Mrs. Kinney. Kubli, McDonald,
McFarland. Miles, Pierce. Shanks,
Sheldon and Wells.
.Joint Committee Meets, Organizes
and Prepares for AVork.
STATE HOUSE, Salem, Or.. Feb. 3.
(Special.) Tonight the much
talked of reapportionment committee,
composed of five members from the
senate and five from the house, held
Its first meeting and organized.
Senator Bruce Dennis, of Union coun
ty, was elected chairman and Repre
sentative Denton Burdick, of De
schutes county, secretary. It was
agreed that frequent meetings of
the committee should follow in order
to render fair and just apportion
ment to the different sections of the
Representatives P. J. Gallagher and
K. N. Hurd and Senator Staples con
stitute a committee to draft a ten-
Astoria Urges legislature U Sav
Oregon Salmon Industry.
ASTORIA. Or.. Feb. 3. (Special.)
A telegram urging the legislature to
support the bills for the elimlnatio
of the purse seines, and for prohibit
ing the operation of trollers until
July 1, and then only with a No.
spoon or one larger, was dispatched
this morning to Salem from Astoria.
It bore the signatures of many busl
ness houses of the city. The tele
gram read:
We. bankers and business men o
Astoria, unhesitatingly urge and rec
ommend your bodies to pass the Nor
blad bills against the purse seiners
and allow trollers to operate with
No. 7 spoon after July 1. north of
Tillamook head. All are fully familiar
with the subject and know if purse
seines are allowed to operate even
this season the salmon Industry will
be ruined. The trollers do no dam
age after July 1 with No. 7 spoon.
"We know the sentiment here ex
pressed is concurred in by 98 per
cent of the people of the Columbia
river. Save our $12,000,000 industry
from spoliation by purse einsr which
are forbidden in all foreign countries
because of their destructiveness."
towns and southeastern Washington
Sessions will open at 10 A. M. The
Pendleton Commercial association will
serve a lunch at noon.
Anarchism, However Qualified, Is
Un-American, Says Jndge.
NEW YORK. Feb. 3. Anarchism
be it phllosophlo or otherwise, can
be naught but anarchism, and he who
upholds its dostrines has no place in
the United States, Judge Hough of
the federal court ruled today. He
oismissed the writ of habeas corpus
filed by A. Georgian, mild Russian
radical, who was ordered deported
under arrest In Minneapolis recently,
charged with advocating overthrow of
the government by force.
Georgian maintained he was but a
philosophy crank" and, as such, did
not advocate force in overthrowing
the government. Nevertheless, Judge
Hough pointed out, his pamphlets ob
jected to force only because "the time
was not ripe."
Umatilla Power Conference Expect
ed to Draw 20 0 Persons.
PENDLETON, Or., Feb. 3. (Spe
cial.) Pendleton is making prepara
tions to be host to more than 200
persons Saturday, when delegates ar
rive to attend a meeting to plan de
velopment of power at Umatilla
rapids on the Columbia river.
Every railroad in the northwest
will be represented and. in addition,
there will be representatives of the
United States engineering corps, rela- I
tuation projects, Lmamia county
System In Xorth America Is Crit
icised by Argentinan.
CHICAGO. Feb. 3. North American
cities use the wrong system in trying
t- prevent crime, Dr. A. P. Sever
gr.lni of Buenos Aires Argentina, told
local police officials today. Dr. Sev
crgnlni, who was here as a special
commissioner to investigate the mu
nicipal court system, said there were
fewer robberies in Buenos Aires than
in Chicago, New York and other large
"That Is because In this country
you believe that a gun on the hip
leads to crime, while in South Amer
ica we believe that 'guntoting' pre
vents crimes," he eaid. "We all carry
guns and there are few crimes."
TIOX OX 150,000 MEX.
Effort to Lop Off Large Xumber of
Officers Fails Present Con
tingent Held Xeeded.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 3. A definite
step toward reduction of the army
to 150.000 men was taken today when
the house approved an appropriation
sufficient only to maintain a force of
that size during the fiscal year be
ginning July 1.
The action came after attempts had
failed to amend tne army appropria- I
tion bill to provide for 175,000 men
and to decrease the number of offi
cers from 14,000 to approximately
When the section of the bill appro
priating funds for the pay of enlisted
men was reached a dozen representa
tives were clamoring for recognition.
Amendments poured in and for an
hour members revived the small army
versus large army debate.
The net result, however, was sue
cess for the efforts of the appropria-
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Wolf of Prairie Loses Its Life in
Novel "Death Race."
A new method of killing coyotes tions committee to keen the measure
was put into practice here today practically intact, all amendments be-
joe, ing votea aown except one Dy .Repre
sentative jonnson repuDiican, ooutn
Dakota, authorizing- the discharge of
youths under IS on their application
or at the request of their parents or
guardians. The house voted to grant
such lads honorable discharges.
The bill as amended carries $72,
678,659 for the pay of enlisted men.
This amount is sufficient for 150,000,
it was stated. An amendment to in-
when Feter Bairr and his son
were on the roadway a few miles
north of this city with their motor
A large coyote leaped on the high
way directly in front of their truck.
starting down the road at a lively
pace. Mr. walff opened the throttle
of his motor and the "death race'
was on.
For more than two miles the ani
mal made no attempt to leave the
roadway, and finally was run down
and thrown against a wire fence.
Portland Youth One of Trio Jailed
at Roseburs.
ROSEBURG, Or., Feb. 3. (Special.)
Alfred Twigger of 797 Mississippi
avenue, Portland, and A. J. Kossci-
olek, who said his home was at Park
Place, a suburb of Oregon City, and
Miss Elvera Patterson, recentlv ca
roled from "The Cedars." a state
school for girls, were arrested here
late last night.
They were charged with stealing an
automobile and shooting at police.
New Thought Pays Little in Law.
YAKIMA, Wash.. Feb. 3. f Spe
cial.) "Some pay me the regular fee:
some pay less who are not able to pay
ne iuii amount, ana some pay m;
othing," said ex-Judge Taylor yes
terday, commenting on the result of
is experiment in the practice of law
ccording to new thought principle:.
Though he declared the experiment
promised success, Judge Taylor ad
mitted that his Income probably
would be considerably lower than
were he to practice according to
lme-honored rules. He had turned
own 500 worth of business in the
last month, he said, because it was
contrary to the principles he had
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crease the amount to $84,849,909 was
voted down, 45 to 18.
Another amendment which was de
feated, 65 to 42, would have required
the war department to reduce the
army to 150,000 within six months
after the passage of the bill.
Previous to the- discussion of the
enlisted strength an unsuccessful at
tempt was made by Representative
Jones, democrat, Texas, to have the
appropriation for the pay of officers
reduced from $42,000,000 to $30,000,000.
Such a cut, he said, would necessitate
a decrease of approximately 6000 In
their number.
Chairman Kahn of the military
committee led the fight to keep the
officer strength as at present.
"The experience of this country In
the world war ought to be a lesson
for all time," he declared. "It took
us 13 months to get ready to fight,
chiefly because we lacked trained officers."
Aberdeen Storm Victim Burled.
ABERDEEN, Wash., Feb. 3. (Spe
cial.) One of the largest funerals
ever held In this city was that yes
terday afternoon, when the body of
Alfred A. Brown, victim of Saturday's
storm, was carried to Fern Hill ceme
tery to be placed beside that of his
wife who died two years ago. The
Elks and Rev. Charles McDermoth
established In Europe are facilitating
the work of regulating the tide of
emigrants, but the slackness of the
regulations, which allow the officials
oriy to warn unacceptable persons
that they will be turned back from
E.lis Island, but do not prohibit their
departure from Europe, Is a serious
night sfter his attorney In Portland
had conferred by telephone with Dis-
trict Attorney Baker. The other two
men passed the night in jalL
All Ixn don's East End Declared to
Be Seeking Vises Fear of
Ban Causes Rush.
LONDON, Feb. 3. The dlstressin
conditions in central Europe, reflected
here in unemployment, are among the
contributory causes of the flood of
emigrants from England to America.
The foreign elements predominate 1
the applications for vises, until, as
the consular officials oescribe the sit
uation, all of London s east end seem
tc be seeking to go to America.
Three thousand persons have em
barked from the port of Lonodn in si
weeks, and hundreds are waiting
Fear of American legislation limit
ire immigration, coupled with in
creased activity of the 6teamship
agents for passengers, owing to th
stripping surplus, is given as the chief
cause of the present rush.
The emigration control section
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nate Boston Parks Made.
BOSTON, Feb. 3. A request for
$2SO,000 for lisrhting equipment to put
a check to flirting in th-e parks and
reservations under control of the
Massachusetts Metropolitan district
commission, was made today.
The request was presented to the
Trio of Portland Men Fined.
HOOD RIVER, Or., Feb. 3. (Spe
cial.) An overload of moonshine cost
Dr. H. D. Thomas, dentist; Roy A.
Newby and T. McDonald, all of Port
land, each $25 and costs before Jus
tice of the Peace Onthank today. Dr.
Thomas was released from prison last
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day. MaltM row
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Minneapolis, Minn.
Thousands Are Nervous Wrecks
Cross. Crabbed and Care-worn
From Weak, Thin Watery Blood
without ever suspecting the real cause of
their trouble Iron-starvation.
A New York Phyeiclan says that MORE THAN ONE-HALF THE POPULA
chief contributory causes of this terrible waste of human life Is tha dev.taW
izing weakness brought on by lack of iron in the blood.
An enormous number of people who ought to be strong'. Ylgorona and fn
the prime of life are constantly complaining of weak nerves, headaches, oaina
across the back, disturbed digestion, shortness of breath, a general "run
down" condition, melancholy, bad memory, etc., when th real cause of aljj
The proof of this Is shown by the fact
that when organic !ion is supplied to their
blood, that all th-iir multitude of symp
toms often oulck!y 'lisaDpear and the very
men and women who were formerly so
complaining now become strong, healthy
nd vigorous, with c'en dispositions ami
. sunny, cheerful nature.
Nature put plenty of iron In the husks of
grains and the sX.n and peeis of veget-
bles and fruits to rnrich your blood, but
modern methods nf cookery throw all these
things away hence the alarming increase.
n recent years, .a anaemia iron starva
ion of the blood, .th all its attendant
If yon are not willing to go back to nature
then you should eni more such iron-containing'
vegetables as spinach and carrots
nd reinforce tnem ty taking a little or
ganic Iron from time to time. But be sure
the iron you take is organic Iron and not
metallic iron which people usually take.
Metallic iron is Iron Just as It comes from
the action of strong acids on small pieces
of iron and H therefore an entiwOr dif
ferent thing from organ lo iron. Orgamo
iron Is like the iron In your blood sjid llk
the iron in Fpimach, lentils and appWm.
It may be had Nra your druggist un-l.-r
the name of N'uxated Iron. Nuxated Irr.r
represents organic Iron in such a highly
condenned form that one doae of it is es
timated to be approximately enuivalpnt
(in organic iron content) to eating on
half quart of spinach, one tjuart of gTeT
vegetables or half a dozen spplca It's liki
taklnir extract of Ot-ef Instead of aunio
pounds of meat
Over 4,0H.OOO people armoalty ere u)n
Nuxsted Iron. It will not injure the teth.
nor disturb the stomach. A few dnsen wiit
often commence to enrich your blood sjid.
revitaliz your wornout. exhau.ted narve.
Your money will be TefumJel by the man-
ur&cturers If you do not obtain satiai'ao
tnry results. Beware of subctirntes. U
ways lnal.vt on having genuine organic Iron
Nuxated Iron. Lnk for tho letters N. I
on every tablet. At all druggists. Adv.
1 www.sji.y.r