Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, February 03, 1921, Page 9, Image 9

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City Editor Main TOTO. MO-M
Sunday Editor Main 7070, 560-95
Advertising Department. . Main 7070. 560-S3
Superintendent cf Bids.. Main 7070. 580-W
tract for the erection work bad been
let to the Grant Smith & Co,
The company bought a site on the
river front north of the east approach
to the Broadway bridge, and including
property formerly used as the landing
place for the Albina ferry, about a
year ago. The erection of a plant es
timated to cost close to S80O.000 is
AMCSEMEXTS. I contemplated but construction work
BAKER (Morrison at Eleventh) Baker has been held up owing to high labor
Stock company In "Civilian Clothes. I and material costs.
Tonight I Officials of the company have been
LTRIC (Broadway at Morrison) Musical I jn ge8Si0n here for the last two day's
eoraeay. "The Quakers." mrss w" taking up matters pertaining to'the
dally. 2. T and P. M. I proposed . construction work. .Mr.
HIPPODROME (Broadway at Yamhill) I Fisher left for Seattle last night.
vaudeville and movlnf pictures. i" .
:45 to 11 P. M. Saturdays. Sundays
and holidays, continuous. 1:14 to 11 r. m
PANTAGES (Broadway at Alder) Vaude
ville. Thres ihowi dally, 2. T and :0
P. M.
Horrsx Emblems Popular at Reed.
House emblems have become quite the
rage among the various houses of
the Reed college dormitory. House
F started the idea when it placed a
large stone owl with electrically
lighted eyes upon the roof of the
dormitory above the house entrance.
Since then the rest of the houses
have followed suit in rapid succes
sion. Over the entrance to house G
an electrically lighted crescent moon
.hlne forth at niKht. while house rl
Xcw Yorker Declares Country Is
In Need of Baptism of Mod
esty More Than All Else.
A campaign to encourage the great
pr stiDnort of home industries is to
has Just completed an emblem which be put on in Portland by the Ad club
KiinU. nv a downtown electric sign.
House I Is the only men's house left
without an emblem, but It Is rumored
that the owl. the moon and thi H
sign will be joined by the glitter of a
new emblem upon the roof of- this
Refuted Lonsso Perjurer AR
sisrcn Ed Goneau. for-hire auto-
in co-operation with the Associated
Industries of Oregon, according to
resolutions adopted at the regular
luncheon of the club at the Benson
hotel yesterday. It was announced
that the campaign would be carried
to the retailers of the city, who
would be urged to handle Oregon
made and grown products In pref-
Tip From Addict Following Arresl
of Oriental Enables Officials
to Locate Morphine.
mobile driver facing perjury charges erence to all others The campa gn
a the result of his testimony In the provides for the districting of the
i,i..n mnrrir case last week, was city and covering it thoroughly by
arrested yesterday morning by Deputy teams of men. The matter was re
Sheriff Beckman. Bail which was ferred to the home Industry commit
fixed originally at $2500 was reduced tee of the club.
to $1000 which was given. John H. Plans for the proposed excursion to
st.,.n'n .- retained as attorney Seaside on February 12 were dis-
by Goneau. For the benefit of prose- cussed and it was announced that the
cution and defense in the retrial of Koyal Kosarian band would be laKei
th. r5 scheduled to begin February along to rurnisn tne music.
17 fnuntv Surveyor Bonser was or- That the conduct of Americans In
H,'rH bv the county commissioners the coming years will determine
yesterday to prepare a plat or tne
vicinity of Fourteenth and Aioer
streets, where the killing occurred
on the early morning of November 30,
Irish Film to Be Shown. An Irish
film. "Ireland a Nation," will be
shown at the Heilig theater this
week, starting tonight. A matinee
will be given Saturday and the photo
play will be shown for the last time
Saturday night. The picture, which
is said to have been smuggled out of
Ireland under exciting circumstances,
describes life In Ireland for many
hundred years. The actors In the film.
it is stated, were arrested oy tne
whether or not this country won the
recent war was the declaration of
Fred B. Smith of the Johns-Manville
company of New York City.
"This country did not win the war
if we are Just going to brag about it,
if it means that we are going to move
the spirit of autocracy to th's coun
try, or if we have lost our. Ideals of
service which we had during the con
flict, he declared.
He said that one thing this country
needs is a baptism of modesty. - He
also urged the value of the funda
mental morality of the citizenship of
the country in order that the nation
might move forward. Mr. Smith said
that there was more of hate and of
Two Chinese drug vendors failed
to convince federal operatives y of
their innocence when they resorted
to the cleverest bf oriental subter
fuges, and in the end fell back an
the claim of not knowing anything
about the case.
Charlie Chin, alias Chin Wing,
walked into a trap when he delivered
a dram of morphine to a drug addict
under surveillance by W. R. Wood
and James Biggins, federal men. But
Chin proved a good imitation of the
"Shadow." They had him and yet
they didn't have him, for, aside from
the tiny morsel of the drug that he
had brought for his customer, not a
trace could be found. Anyone but a
Chinaman would have been given a
dean bill of health, but Chin's inno
cent demeanor made the officers the
more certain they had the right man.
The drug addict, however, who had
brought Chin on the run to Fifth and
Flanders was equal to the occasion.
On a tip from him the officers found
several . neat packages concealed
about Chin's collar. Chin was ar
rested about two months ago on a
similar charge. A brother, Harry
Chin, arrested at the same time, is
now In the county Jail serving sen
tence, but Charlie at 'that time was
Yee Sun, alias Ah Gee, better known
as "Gold Tooth," also was taken by
federal officers Tuesday night on a
charge of having opium in his pos
session. Four tobacco sacks filled
with morphine and cocaine pills ready
for use were alleged to have been
found in his room at 95 Vi North
Fourth street "Gold Tooth" denied
that he had ever seen the room or
that he had any knowledge of the
sacks. He is alleged, however, to
have had a key. in his pocket when
arrested that readily opened the door
of the room.
Bonds of the men were fixed at
$1500 each.
Rrltish military after the picture had
been taken in Ireland. Emmett Moore, I strife in the world at the
Irish nctor. will sine Irish ballads time than during the war.
and give an illustrated lecture on I "Germany would fight tomorrow if
conditions in Ireland. Additional she thought she could win." he said
numbers for the musical programme-! "Japan has something, in her bosom
are being arranged. The feature pic- I wnicn it will take something fright
ture is eight reels. " to remove. France is not satis
st,.t fr.r REminn.. rl(1' for ene thinks she has been
a result of several weeks of study of robb.ed of om . her rightful pos
the needs of the college, the senior
class of Reed college, yesterday sub
mitted to the faculty, regents and
student body resolutions in which
they voiced their opinions as to the
future needs and policies of the col
. lege. Recommendations are that the
number of student offices that can
be held by one student be limited: a
policy of modern intercollegiate, ath
letics to include Intercollegiate par
' ticipation in football, baseball, tennis
and track; to enlarge the equipment
of the college library In an effort to
persuade professors and others who
are engaged in research work to spend
a year or more at the eel lege.
Christiam Sciescb Lecture. Third
Church of Christ, Scientist, of this
city announces a free public lecture
on Christian Science by Mr. John C.
I.athrop, C. S. B., of Brookline. Mass.,
Member of the Board of Lectureship
of The Mother Church, The First
Church of Christ. Scientist, in Boston.
Mass.. Friday evening. February 4. at
8 o'clock. In the Municipal Auditorium
Doors open at 7:30. The public is
cordially Invited. Adv.
Dr. John Brown Jr., to Speak. Dr.
John Brown Jr.. one of the foremost
physical education leaders of the
country and secretary of the physical
department of the international
Young Men's Christian association
committee with headquarters In New
York City, will speak at the lunch
eon of the Progressive Business Men's
club at the Benson hotel today.
"Health In Relation to Business Effi
ciency will be his topic. -'
Workmen Not to Be Laid Off.
One hundred workmen, who were to
sessions, and Great Britain says her
only security Is In great ships and
great guns."
He emphasized the fact that a na
Mon's future depends upen the attl
tude and pol'cy whict she adopts for
tne snaping of her course.
Germany lost the recent war in
1870. for at that time she walked out
or tne hall of Versailles with some
thing wrong In her. bosom," he said.
Mass Meetings to Be Given by Re
publicans of Multnomah and
Jackson Counties.
That Oregon Intends to commemo
rate" the anniversary of the birth of
Abraham Lincoln In a fitting manner
Is announced in programmes to be
given . by republicans of Multnomah
and Jackson counties on February 12.
Keen interest In the mass meet
ings, at which prominent men of the
state will participate, has been
aroused. Indications are that those
In charge of the entertainments are
planning to outdo each other In re
gard to an appropriate programme,
The meeting in Portland will be
held Saturday evening, w'th Judge
Burton, past national commander of
the Grand Army of the Republic.
scheduled to deliver Lincoln's Gettys
burg address. . Another prominent
speaker will be Colonel James J.
Crossley. who will speak on "Ameri
canism of Abraham Lincoln." C. Mid
dleman, who has Just returned to
Portland after visiting President-elect
We're showing some
beauties in NECK
WEAR. Wide flowing ends
and slip -easy, "keep j
your temper" bands.
Rich imported and domes-,
tic silks that were selling
at $3.00. Buy them now at
$1.65- Buy several.
Exclusive Kuppenheimer House
in Portland.
Morrison at Fourth
S. St H. Stamps Ulvem
Rover That Lurks in Slough Will Harding, will tell of his Impressions
ui mw ai president ana also will
Be Run Down by Armed Posse
as Menace to People.
The east side today will be the
scene of a real hunt when armed men
take up the search for the wolf-like
dog which yesterday afternoon at'
tacked and severely bit John Bowers.
12-year-old boy living at 453 Bidwell
street. Motorcycle Patrolman Kelly
was gunning for him until dark last
night, but failed to find any trace of
the animal.
According to the story of young
Bowers and several companions, he
was playing on the sidewalk near the
espond to a toast to Harding. Helen
Campbell Jeselson, on behalf of wo
men holding political offices, will de
liver an address, while R. E. Will
iams, national republican committee
man; Thomas H. Tongue, republican
state "chairman, and Johrt L. Day,
county : chairman, will also speak.
Bowers home when a lare dogr, de- j
bo 1liaP" t-'he A,blna """P" f proached. Bowers made a move to
pat the dog's head, which was in-
the O.-W. R. & N. company, are to be
retained, according to an counter
manding order 'ssued yesterday by J.
P. O'Brien, general manager. In order
to avoid the necessity of laying off
the employes, the shops will hence
forth be operated on a five-day week
' schedule. The original order was to
have become effective today.
. Mill Hand Attempts Suicide. John
Walsh, a sawmill worker, attempted
stantly followed by a bristling and a
snarl as the dog sunk its teeth into
the lad's leg. The boys seized sticks
and chased the dog toward the Colum
bia slough, where it is supposed to
Inquiry by the police confirmed the
theory that the animal is a rover that
has answered the call of the wild. It
is thought to be living in the brush
to commit suicide by inhaling gas In I bordering the slough, sneaking into
his room, 306 First street, late Tues
day, but was rescued when police were
called to investigate a strong odor of
gas which came from the place.-They
found Walsh in a semi-conscious con
dition. He was taken to the police
emergency hospital, where It was
said he would recover.
Modern office systems devised and
Installed. Our system experts at your
service, no obligation. Over 400 stock
forms to select from, at a saving.
Phone Main 1971. Paciflo Staty. &
Ptg. Co, 107 Second street. Adv.
Relief Corps to Meet. The regular
meeting of the Gordon granger relief
corps will be held in' room 675 court
house this afternoon at t o'clock.
There will be a tea after the busi
ness session.
Do Nor Forget to call up East JOSS
when yow want the Salvation Army
auto truck to call for cast-off cloth
ing, magazines, newspapers, furniture.
the city when the pangs of hunger
drive It to forage In garbage dumps.
Fourth of Estate to Be Devoted to
Needy? Remainder Given to
Son and Daughter.
Virtually -one-fourth of an estate
worth" at least $720,000, which esti
mate may be increased byi the inven
tory to nearly $1,000,000, will be de
voted to charitable purposes in the
stats of Oregon, according to the
terms of the will of Frank S. Doern-
becher, Portland furniture manufac
turer, who died January 27, filed in
the probate division of the circuit
court yesterday.
Edward M. Doernbecher and Ada
Doernbecher.. son and daughter of
the deceased,"' are made trustees of
the fund, with full discretion in the
application of the income. Under
terms of the covenant the principal
is to remain intact after investment
in revenue producing property real.
personal or both the Income alone
for charitable uses for the benefit of
the people of the state of Oregon or of
the city of Portland."
Property remaining Is to be divided
between the two children, share and
share alike.
In the petition for probate of the
will, filed by the children, who are
named as executor and executrix in
the will, to serve without bond, it is
estimated that the personal, property
in the Doernbecher estate, consisting
of cash, stocks and liberty bonds, is
worth approximately $700,000 and
realty holdings $20,000. Persons fa
miliar with the affairs of Mr. Doern
becher believe a higher total will be
reached in the final appraisal.
It is provided in the will that the
trustees of the charitable fund "have
full power, discretion and authority
to select the beneficiaries of this be
quest and the amount or proportion
to be paid such beneficiaries."
They may either carry out the trust
themselves, under terms of the in
strument, or transfer any portion of
the principal to any corporation or as
sociation "now existing or to be here
after formed, either with special ref
erence to this bequest or, otherwise?-
having as its object all or any of the
purposes for which this bequest
Shadowless Day Suddenly Turns being used for'charitable purposes.
me win, wnicn was executed; iie-
Benlgri and Sun Beams Down
Upon Adventurer.
Rain was falling at dawn yesterday
wnen tne, grounanog. Herald of spring.
forsook his burrow to forecast the
next six weeks lof weather. By this
etc. Address 24-24 Union ave. Major! omen the hopeful may pledge their
ioan uree, aistrict officer. Adv. I io winter iur
wm th nartv wh.. ... ., I obviously the groundhog cotfld not
cember t, 1919, when Mr. Doern
becher was 58 years of age, bequeaths
the Doernbecher home in Irvington,
771 Tillamook street, to his daughter,
Ada. together with a cash bequest of
$25,000. One-fourth of the residue
of. the estate, after payment of fees.
taxes and administrative expenses,' is
left to the son- and daughter "in trust
or automobile accident at 16th and
-Morrison sts., Monday night about
10:30,, please send name and address
to AE 329, Oregonian. Adv.
Faihchild's Market, 170 Fourth St.,
between Morrlson'and TamhilL Sugar
cured bacon, 25c .Best pot roast and
Hamburger, 10c. Adr. .
see his shadow when day broke.
But in mid-forenoon, about the time
the stomach of the awakened prophet
was padded well with new grass, the
sun broke through a rift and gafe
him room for meditative doubt. There
was his shadow, plain as plain could
be. And pessimists, aware of this.
may reassert their belief in a spell
Packard Staob Line. Portland and ot weather yet to come.
THlamonlr. lAAvlnr.PnfniX. k.t.i il Una may take his choice of-ausrurv.
North th St., S A. M. daily. Adv. " I for the econd day of February was
no. n . c-, T i wnimsical as might have been ex-
M. Lupton moved to 10-t"i Journal father man "know.'' iTt llt ,n.
bldg. Phone Mala 4083.Adv. , "og "ougSri t'we'llchie?
Sacrifice, 100x100, 6n Lenore street, of the local bureau, could not forbear
Woodlawn, near car: $350. Leaving a timely thrust at his unofficlnt rival
city. AE 3 IS. Oregonian. Adv.
Kevherer Coal. Carbon Coal Co,
mine agents. East 1188. Adv.
Fisher Company Hopes to Be Able
to Build In Spring.
While nothing definite with refer
ence to the time for the erection of
the proposed mill of the Fisher Flour
ing M'lls was decided upon at the con
ference of officials of the concern
yesterday. 6. D. Fisher of Seattle,
general manager, said last night that
the mills hoped to be able to get some
of the work under way this year. Mr.
F4bAS said, that the, tentative con-
and at the traditional aaeacitv of his
The groundhog couldn't get a Job
in our ueparimenr. said Mr. Weils.
"For my own private satisfaction- I've
checked up his forecasts for Wanv
seasons and have discovered that al
most invariably he Is a poor guesser."
J. E. HarTey in Xcw Position.
J. E. Harvey, formerly connected
with Frank Waterhouse A Co.. of
Seattle, and - more recently traffic
manager ror the Curtis line, yester
day Joined the forces of the Oregon
Pacific company in the capacity of
manager of the operating department.
He resigned from the Curtis company
Tuesday. x
Beet grades eoal. Prompt delivery
Diamond Coal Co. Bdwjr. 8037. Adv.
Steady Advance of Oregon Com
pany Xoted In A. L. Mills' Report.
Insurance written and revived last
year by the Oregon Life Insurance
company amounted to $6 278,879, ac
cording to the report of A. L. Mills,
president, at the annual meeting of
the guarantors of the company Tues
day. The report showed that the com
pany had enjoyed a steady growth
since its inception and now has pol
icles In force amounting to $24,-
Mr. Mills announced the entry of
the company into Idaho and said that
they expected during this year also to
extend their operations to Washing
Directors of the company re-elected
are: A. L. Mills, Aaoipne Wolfe, Louis
G. Clarke. William Pollman, C. F. Ad
ams. W. P. Olds, Jefferson Myers,
A. H. Devers, H. L. Corbett, Joseph' T.
Peters, J. N. Teal, Leo Friede, W. L.
Thompson, J. H. Booth and C. C. Colt,
Officers of the company will be
elected at a meeting to be held next
Jefferson High Maintains Lead
AVith 1906 in Attendance.-
Registrations in the Portland
schools has reached 89,198, accord
.ng to the latest figures available at
the office of D. A. Grout, city super
intendent of schools. This is an In
crease of 828 over the enrollment
Monday of 38.370.
The registration at the high schools
Is as follows: Jefferson, 1906; Wash
ington, 1476; Franklin and Benson
Polytechnic, 1152; Lincoln, 1072; High
School of Commerce, 589; Girls' Poly
technic, 368, and James John, 330.
The number of students is not ex
pected to Increase greatly, since half
We Invite Your Inspection of Our
Wholesale Millinery. ' '
215 Artisans Bids., N. W. Cor.
Broadwsty and Oak Sts., Opposite
Hotel HenKon, Portland, Oreicon.
M. TO 5 P. M.
The Spirit
1 " 'K- ' I 1 " I ' tljM Ml VI ftl M T1 ,
! 11 i l ! III! 1 . ., .L'. I I I m.
OurThirtieth Anniversary
GROWING up with the country is the
way we like to speak of the progress of
the United States National Bank.
The thirty years which denote the age of the
institution mark probably the period of
greatest development for the Northwest
and the two have come to have many things
in common.
They have endured days of storm and enjoyed days
of .sunshine together. Today both are prepared to
lend a helping hand in the big work of building on.
But to start at the beginning. The United States
National Bank was organized in 1891, consolidated
with the Ainsworth National Bank in 1902, amalga
mating with the Portland branch of the Wells Fargo
& Company Bank in 1905, and again with the Lum
bennens National Bank in 1917.
Each step has been important in reaching the goal of
maximum serviceability, though constant and sub
stantial natural growth has been the greater factor
in the attainment of size and strength.
And behind it all has been the Spirit of Service an
inherent principle neither overlooked nor outgrown
developing instead of diminishing.
To serve the largest number to the fullest possible
extent is ihe purpose responsible for
"One of the Northwests Great Banks"
R. Lea Barnes
Geo. G. BinRham, Cir
cuit Court Judge.
P. S. Brumby. Repre
senting Blodpett Co,
lAd., Grand Rapids,
Geo. E. Chamberlain,
U. S. Senator from
E. Khrmar., President
Mason, Ehrman & Co.
R. I Maclpay. Pres. of
Macleay Estate Co.
Robert Treat Piatt.
Piatt & Piatt. Attys.
Andrew R. rortpr. Por
ter Bros., R. R. Con
tractors. Chas. S. Russell, Dant
& RiiKSflll. Whole
sale dumber.
D. W. Wakefield of the Estate Firm of
Wakefield, Fries &
J. C. Ainsworth, Presl
dunt. E. O. Crawford. First
H. B. Ainsworth. Vloe
P r e s I ent. Wells
Farso - Nevada Na
tional Bank, San
J. C. Ainsworth. President.
E. G. Crawlord,
First Vice-President
R. W. Schmeer,
A. U Tucker.
A. M.Wright,
P. S. Dick.
Vice-President and
W. A. Holt.
Graham D' kehart.
Assistant Cashier.
E. C. Sammons,
Assistant Cashier.
J. D. Leonp rd.
Assistant Cashier.
C. H. Chambreau.
Assistant Cashier,
Capital, Surplus and
Undivided Profits
National Bankj
of the first week of the spring term
has now passed.
. Examination Papers Ready.
VANCOUVER, Wash., Feb. 2. (Spe
cial.) At the eighth grade examina
tions held in Clarke county in De
cember, about 500 persona took the
tests. C. F. Bennett, county superin
tendent of schools, today sad that the
papers will be graded and the grades
and diplomas will be mailed out of
his office Saturday, February 5.
Boy Terrorizes Xurses.
BEND, Or., Feb. 2. (Special.) A
card bearing the one word, "Beware!
lettered in ink, alarmed nurses of St.
Charles hospital here, where the card
was found, until Sheriff Roberts dis
covered that the placing of the card
had been done by a small boy as a
practical joke.
Heir May Have Relative Here.
Alfred Newsome, shoe-string and
pencil vendor of Oakland, Cal., who
was reported in dispatches from that
city yesterday to have fallen heir to a
large fortune, is believed to be an
uncle of Mrs. H. Comber of 415 Mill
I Good
Coffee I
is a healthful, bracing
beverage. That's why
you should insist on
Golden West Coffee
"Just Right."
street, this city. Mr. Comber said yes
terday that his wife had an uncle of
that name. He said she had not
known of his whereabouts for lome
time. The dispatch from Oakland
said that Newsome was being sought
by the police. The police, it said, had
received a communication from a
Philadelphia attorney, John B. Land
berg, telling of the pencil vendor's
good fortune.
dred was announced by local dealers.
The new wholesale prices here are $8
a hundred for cane granulated and
$7.90 for beet sugar.
' Coast Sugar Prices Drop.
Coast sugar prices yesterday fol
lowed the declines in the eastern mar
kets, which were caused by price cut
ting between several of the large re
finers. A decline of 30 cents a hun
the well-known oU portrait artist
and photographer, is back in business
again, after'an absence of five years,
while studying the finer arts in dif
ferent parts of the country. Mr. Moore
has taken the gallery in the Swetland
building. Fifth and Washington Sts.,
where he would be pleased to see his
old friends and patrons. Telephone
Main 2812. Adv.
Announcement to Merchants
who are interested in Ready-to-wear are invited to come
to Portland. Twenty lines from reliable manufacturers
are on display at Hotel Portland ; until February 8.
Suits, Spring; Coats, Wraps, Sport Skirts.
Overblouses and Waists (400 choice models).
Petticoats, Kimonos and Negligees, Silk Underwear,
Artistic Aprons, Khaki Outfits. 4
"Merchandise of Exceptional Value Only." i
v ; r Hotel Portland.
'':, ' "' . Seattle. Aash.
to Midnight.
OICKNESS does rot
" keep regular busi
ness hours. Often it
waits for the dead of the
night to strike.
That's why the doors of
Nau's, the store of De
pendable Drugs, are
never locked. No mat
ter when your need, a
Registered Pharmacist is
on duty at Nau's to as
sist you and your phy
I ffivjljyii , I t COP 6 and Aldeo STs!i1 1
A i K&ursKtf l - Order fgSrt S'5- M
Horn lCOFTEgj a Can I pKT'wscBprwi Doumbt
Product 'fPyTfA Tod,y 1 Lsftf?" MfL,H, TV ., I i
Still Operator Gets 00 Days.
Horace Greer, arrested recently by
federal revenue officers who discov
ered a still underneath his home neari
Gold Hill, was sentenced to 90 days
in jail when he pleaded guilty in fed-!
eral court yesterday to operating
still.. Greer confessed to disposing of
a small quantity of moonshine but
stated that he had been operating his
still only a short time.
Wings of the morning i
You pay just about as
much for a cup of ordinary
coffee as for Schilling's.
So why not have fine
coffee? Why not enjoy
the delightful fragrance,
the rich, smooth taste, the
invigoration and set-up for
the day that really good
coffee gives you?
Schilling CofFee
si! Jili
n"W0 of the most homelike
hotels in Portland, located
in. the heart of the shopping
and theater district. All Ore
gon Electric trains stop at the
Seward Hotel, the House of
Cheer. Excellent dining room
in connection. The Hotel Cor
nelius, the House of Welcome,
is only two short blocks from
the Seward. Our brown buses
meet all trains. Kates $1.50
and up.
W. C. Cnlbertson, Prop.
X rYvl-T' co.
107 2nd St Bet. Wash, and Stark
Xbmy Days
j. rmentmdde;
v mm n
Distributors of
88-90 Front Street
Phone Main 6590
Musical 1
1 Instruments
Free Lessons Given E
Removal Sale H
McDougall Music Co.
Between Sixth and Broadway.
Also retlnlanM by
new and beuar proosas
(or less mocer. Tuning
sna action reruiftuav
SS4 Vsmhill Street ,
Ptaaus Bought. Ken-ted. fold.
A Bloderatelr-Prleed Hotel af Merit
East Morrison St. and East Sixth.
1123 fee Day. Fe Week V
Bdwy. 4280.
Wanted Chairs to Cane,
by School for Blind
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