Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, January 29, 1921, Page 11, Image 11

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Charge Par chases Made-Today Will Go on Your February Account Payable March 1
National Association In Convention
at Chicago to Pass on Invita
tion From Portland.
The National Automobile Dealers'
association comprising thousands of
automobile dealers in ail parts of the
country, may hold its XK25 annual
convention in this city during the
bis Auatic-Pacific Highways and
Kiectrical exposition, if plans now in
the hands of the Oregon Automotive
dealers' association and the Automo
bile Dealers' association of Portland
are successful.
The two organizations yesterday
opened their campaign by forwarding
a telegram to Harry G. Moock, presi
dent of the national association, of
ficially extending to the organization
an invitation to meet in Portland in
ViZh, and asking that the Invitation
be placed before the association at Its
annual meeting which opens in Chi
cago Monday.
The meeting of the National Auto
mobile Dealers' association is con
sidered one of the greatest annual
events of the automobile world, vieing
with the New York automobile show.
In view of the fact that the bid for
the convention for Portland In 1925
is being extended far in advance, and
in view of the importance of the ex
position planned here for that year,
leaders in the movement here are
highly optimist 'c over the prospects
of having the invitation accepted. Sev
eral thousand automobile dealers from
all sections of the Lmted States and
Canada would be In attendance, many
of them driving here in automobile
it is expected.
The Invitation was signed by Ho
rner Koss of McMinnville. president of
the Oregon state association, and by
A. S. Robinson, president of the Port
land dealers' organization, and was
as follows:
"The automobile dealers of Amer
ica are Invited to hold their 1S2S con
vention in Portland, Oregon, during
the world's greatest exposition, the
Atlantic-Pacific Highways and Elec
trical exposition. The Pacific coast
expects to have a million tourist au
tomobiles in the Rose City in 1925.
to celebrate the completion of the
transcontinental and the Canada-to-Mexico
paved highways. Please ex
tend this Invitation to the dealers at
the Chicacro convention."
Letter Is Sent Out Crgiiig Support
of Measure Introduced - in
Stale LcsUlature.
HOOD RIVER, Or., Jan. 18. (Spe
cial.) The Hood River Anti-Asiatic
association is taking steps toward
active support of a bill presented to
the legislature for prohibiting owner
chip or lease of land by Japanese or
other aliens Ineligible to naturaliza
tion. During the last year K. i-.
Scott, secretary of the organization,
canvassed the stirte for favorable
rentiment. He stated that he was
offered support from many sources.
He declared that the time has now
come for concerted action on the part
of those favoring anti-Japanese legls.
The following letter has been sent
to those listed as ready to aid In ere
ating favorable sentiment at Salem:
"The time has come. A bill has
been presented to the legislature Just
like the California bill, recently
passed. That bill Is the result of IS
years' experience.
"Portland Chamber of Commerce
opposed a Japanese bill, because she
thinks It will affect her trade with
the orient. If you read Portland pa
pers you will notice that Japanese
steamers are dally callers at Port
land Just now, to the detriment of
Seattle, and Portland papers are mak
Uig much of it.
"Seattle has turned against the
Japanese, and Portland thinks to
profit at the expense of the rest of
the state In this matter. We have
friends in the Multnomah delegation.
however Leonard, Korell and Hume I
for sure."
Residents of Modoc County Fear!
Strange Rumbles at Night. I zzrz
KLAMATH FALLS, Or., Jan. 28.-
(Special.) Reports reaching here
from Lakeview tell of queer occur
ences In the "lava bed region in the
northern part of Modoc county, Cali
fornia, which cause inhabitants to
fear that soma long dormant volcano
is about to break forth again.
One night recently the family of W.
P. Heryford was awakened before
mkdnight by strange rumbling noises.
On rising and looking out they saw
flames in the hills across the lake
from their dwelling resembling a huge
bonfire. The flames were accompanied
by the rumbling sounds.
Others of the small population of
the region saw the flames, it is re
ported. Owing to the remoteness of
the district and the sparsity of set
tlers, it is hard to get authentic in
formation regarding the phenomena.
but rumors of small volcanic upheav
als In the lava beds have bean current
for months.
RJoad Bonds to Be Sold.
ASHLAND, Or- Jan. 28. (Special.)
The Jackson couity court will re
ceive bids on March 3 for the sale of
.jiM).00u of road bonds. No bid will
be accepted for less than par. The
money received from the sale of the
bonds will be used in the building of
the Ashland-Klamath road, the Bybee
bridge road, the Crater lake highway,
or the Blue Ridge road, all or in part.
this matter not having yet been def
initely settled. A $500,000 bond issue!
was voted by the people at the last
primary election.
Quick Relief
From Colds
A cold Is alwajs disagreeable and often
dangerous. Don't cough and sneeze
and suffer a throbbing head or cheat.
Take the safe, sure remedy that is com
pounded especially to relieve colds over
night. Munyon'e Cold Remedy means
quick relief from colds in the head, throat
and chest, fever and nasal discharges,
backing coughs, tight chests, catarrh,! osa
of voice and night sweats. Delay maybe
dangerous let Munyon's Cold Remedy
m qV. vnn wall-
Spring Millinery
Special showing Saturday of smart
millinery for early spring wear.
Beautiful new hats of satin, rib
bons, silks and braids from Hyland,
Gage, Curtis and other noted
artists Millinery Salons 2d Floor.
GIVE S. & H.
The Standard Store of the Northwest
Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
Men's Silk Pajamas
Main Floor Our entire stock of
Men's Silk Pajamas in the Clearance
Sale at 50 off the regular prices.
Latest styles and colors. ?5 to $18
Pajamas now !;2.50v to $9.00
' EVERY ARTICLE REDUCED Except Groceries and Contract Lines
Women's Spring Suits
More New Arrivals
WOMEN who delight in viewing the new fashions will find here an inter
esting showing of Spring Suits which portray the very latest styles
of the new season. In the collection there are Suits of tricotine, serge,
covert, checked velour and striped suitings. "A great many of the Spring
Suits are styled with short coats, both in loose and fitted effects. Braids
and embroidery are again much in evidence. Priced from $27.50 to $175
Plush Coats at V2 Price
Dept. Second Floor
Limited number of Women's and Misses' high
trade Plush Coats on sale Saturday at half price.
Dolman and. belted styles, with large convertible
collars. All are silk lined. Prices range as follows:
Regular $45.00 Plush Coats Clearance $22.50
Regular $55.00 Plush Coats Clearance Ji27.oU
Regular $89.50 Plush Goats Clearance $14.75
Women's Fur Coats
Reduced !3
Wx&W-z "it
i sTn d rs'ica
Second Floor Our remaining stock of Women's Fur
Coats have been greatly reduced in price. Smart,
dressy models with belt and large convertible collars,
bell-shaped sleeves. French seal and dyed coney.
Regular $125.00 Fur Coats Clearance $ 83.34
Regular $375.00 Fur Coats Clearance $250.00
Regular $425.00 Fur Coats Clearance $283.34
Wool Middy Blouses
Special $3.98
Second Floor Wool Flannel Middies of good quali
ty. Navy blue with collars and cuffs trimmed with
white braid. Made without yoke. Sizes PQ QQ
8 to 46. Values to $6.95. Clearance sale tOOesO
$6.95 Crepe Waists at $3.98
Women's Smocks $4.98
Center Aisle, First Floor Women's
and Misses' Smocks of cotton crepe
and linene, with or -without collars.
Trimmed with smocking and fancy
embroidered designs. On (P A QQ
sale Saturday at only tDwO
All Waists, Smocks, Sweaters, Skirts
And Other Wearables at Clearance Prices
Xt 1
Center Aisle, First Floor Women's
Waists of georgette crepe and crepe
de chine. Tailored and fancy mod
els beaded, embroidered and lace
trimmed. Were formerly (PO QQ
priced to $6.95. Clearance
$2.25 Night Gowns at $1-69
Bargain Circle First Floor
Women's Night Gowns of good quality crepe
material in flesh or white. Plain tai- (PI ?Q
InreH svlns. Regular $2.25 carments DXUc
Figured Crepe Night Gowns, dainty
floral paterns. Regular $2.49 values
Night Gowns of floral and blue-bird
crepes. $2.98 to $3.98 values. Special
Pongee Bloomers
At $2.95
Women's Pongee Bloomers of splendid quality
and workmanship. Cut in full generous sizes
and well made. Reinforced at points CJO QFC
of strain. Clearance special, the pair DVJ
$1.98 flesh-colored Batiste Bloomers at $1.25
Outing Flannel and Knit Petticoats in assorted
styles and Colors, 98c to $7 grades at third off.
H. & W. Corset Waists
At One-Half Price
Broken lines and sizes. Regular $1.00 to $5.00
waists. Clearance Sale special, 500 to $2.50
Basement Underprice Store j"
Men's $2.50 Shirts 95c
Basement Underprice Store
Size 1414 Only
Basement The man who wears
size 143 is fortunate, for here
is an opportunity to get a year's
supply of quality Shirts at less
than half price. Made up in
standard grade percale. Excel
lent assortment of striped pat
terns in the best colors. Stiff
cuffs. Not a shirt in the lot
worth less than $2.50. QC
Basement Clearance Sale OC
Boys' School Pants at $1.19
All bizes lor JJoys 7 to 15
Basement You have paid $2 and more for Pants of this quality, but as we
have only a limited quantity an4 are anxious to clean up the stock (I "I " Q
at once, we offer them at a very low price. Basement Sale, pair wl -L7
Toilet Paper 10 Rolls for $1,00
Basement Good large rolls containing 1000 sheets. No telephone, mail or
C. O. D. orders accepted and we reserve the right to limit quantity to a
customer. Special, 10 rolls for $1.00 Don't forget your Trading Stamps.
Children's Winter Coats
$12.95 and $19.98
Second Floor LOT 1 Girls' and
Misses' Coats in many attractive
styles. Cheviot, leatherete, corduroy
and mixtures. Loose and belted mod
els. Sizes 9 to 14. Val- QIO QK
ues to $19.50. Special at 3X.7tl
Second Floor LOT 2 Smart Coats
for girls and misses 8 to 16 years.
Yosemke cloth, cheviot, diagonal and
other desirable materials. Coats which
formerly were priced to
$28.50. Clearance Sale
LOT 3 Girls' and Misses' Coats of lusterole, melton and bolivia. Oft QQ
Some have fur collars. Values to $46.75, Clearance Sale price 0770
Girls' Dresses Reduced
-Three Notable Offerings
LOT 1 Girls' Dresses of serge, jer
sey, messaline, taffeta and georgette.
Many beautiful styles in this group.
Ages 8 to 16. Values up A QQ
to $25. Clearance Sale Dl-i4WO
crepe, trimmed with ruffles, plaitings,
sizes from 12 to -16, Formerly priced to
LOT 2 Velveteen, serge and mes
saline Dresses for girls and misses 8
to 14. Splendid assortment of mod
els. Values up to $32.50. Q- Q QO
Priced for Clearance at &i-t770
of flowered taffeta and georgette
flowers, tucks, etc. In
$37.50. Special at only
Girls' Sweaters and Tarns
At Clearance Prices
Misses and Girls' Sweaters in 'slip
on, tuxedo and coat effects. Plain
and fancy weaves. Good selection of
desirable colors. Sizes 28 to 42. The
prices range from $3.98 to $0.98
Children's Tarns in plain and fancy
weaves. Also Angora Tarns in com
binations of various colors-red, rose,
blue, brown, etc. Specially priced for
the Clearance Sale 1.98 to $2.98
Men's $10 to $14 Shoes
Main Floor Another sensational underprice
offering in Men's Shoes. Short lines from our
own regular stock on sale at about half price.
Well-known makes, dependable in every way.
Popular styles. In the assortment there are
Black Calfskin
Brown Calfskin
Brown Vici-Kid
Black Calf Shoes in laced styles with broad
and narrow toes. Brown Calf and Brown Vici
Kid Shoes on the English lasts and a number
of swing lasts with comfortable high toes.
Not all sizes in each style, but all sizes (P?
in the sale. Regular $10 to $14 Shoes at
$11.50 "Foot-Fitter" Shoes $7.85
Unexcelled for Style and Service
Main Floor "Foot-Fitter" Shoes are from a factory that specializes in army
footwear.- This is a modified last, which assures perfect fit and comfort. Gen
uine grain insoles, full-length vamp, sole-leather counter and toe boxing.
Extra leather lining in heal seat. A shoe of splendid style and &rj Of?
quality. Regular $11.50 value. Clearance Sale price, the pair at ' 00
Women's $10 to $18 Shoes
A '
At $5.95
Main Floor Special group of Women's high-class Shoes
at a big reduction for Saturday's selling. Here is a won
derful opportunity to buy quality footwear at about half.
All Popular Leathers
Black vici-kid, dull kid, black buck, brown vici-kid and
dark tan vici kid. All styles in heels from the low mili
tary heel to the high French heel. Genuine
Goodyear welt and turn soles. Cloth and
leather tops. Excellent range of sizes and
widths. Shoes selling at $10.00 to Qr Qjr
$18. Clearance Sale price, the pair fOUVO
Girls' $11.00 Shoes at $5.95
$8 Shoes at $5.95
Main' Floor Girls' School Shoes of
brown calf with cloth tops to match.
Medium toes with heavy walking soles
and low' heels. SJzes 2:,5 r Qr
tn 7. Snprial nrirp. nair at VJtJtUfJ
-" - I 1 1 x
Main Floor Girls Buttoned Shoes of
black calfskin. Broad, comfortable
toe and flat heel. These have sold
heretofore at $8 the pair. jr QT
Clearance Sale price, pair Otl7tl
All Men's, Women's Shoes, Pumps, Oxfords Reduced for Clearance 20.
Toilet Needs
and Drugs
Pebeco Tooth Paste, tube at 36
Hind's Honey and Almond Cream
priced very special at 39 and 79
Squibb's Talcum Powder, can 20
Listerine at 230, 450 and 850
Lavoris at 220, 430 and 790
. Baume Analgesique priced at 700
Cuticura Soap, . the cake at 200
Packer's Tar Soap, the cake at 200
Woodbury's Facial Soap, cake 230
Resinol Soap, priced special at 200
Jergen'i Lotion, the bottle at 370
Laundry Soap
20 Cakes $1.
Fourth Floor Royal White or White
Wonder Laundry Soaps. (J" (f
Special at 20 cakes for DI.UU
Other Specials
Mixed Nuts, special at S Of)
pounds for 80c; the pound at 5lC
Canned Plums, 3 cans for OH
85c. For Clearance Sale, can OVC
See demonstration on Fourth Floor.
Sardines tomato, soused or mus
tard. Clearance Sale special, Cftp
$1.95 a dozen, or 3 cans for tlvU
M-J-B Coffee
5 lbs. $2.10
The quality Coffee that never fails
to please. Try M. J. B. once and you
will never use any other brand. . Spe
cial at 420 the pound in 5-pound tins.
Rug Sale
Now in Progress
Third Floor
Clearance Sale of Clothing
Every Man's Suit and Overcoat Reduced
SATURDAY will be another busy day in the Clothing Section. Men will
come from far and near to take advantage of the great savings on Suits
and Overcoats before the Clearance Sale comes to an end. Every garment
in our splendid stock is included in this sale staple as well as novelty
6tyles and fabrics. If you have clothing needs to supply, SHOP HERE!
Men's $30 Suits $19.75
$80 Suits at $56.50
Men's regular $35.00 dJOQ OK
Suits. Clearance Sale D-0. O
Men's regular $45.00 gOQ
Suits. Clearance Sale viiJ 4 O
Men's regular $55.00 Q0( Kft
Suits. Clearance Sale DOU.t)U
Men's regular $60.00 (JQQ
Suits. Clearance Sale
Men's regular $65.00
Suits. Clearance Sale
Men's regular $70.00
Suits. Clearance Sale
Men's regular $75.00
Suits. Clearance Sale
Men's regular $80.00
Suits. Clearance Sale
$35 Overcoats Now $23.25
$95 Overcoats at $63
Men's regular $40.00 (JOC
Overcoats now priced at wJvlstJVf
Men's regular $45.00 COO 7K
Overcoats now priced at J
Men's regular $55.00 q Ffj
Overcoats now priced at tDO 0J v
Men's regular $65.00 CJQ OK
Overcoats now priced at DTcOiJ
Men's regular $75.00 (jMQ '7K
Overcoats now priced at 37 I O
Men's regular $85.00 CJCp rf
Overcoats now priced at 0t)UDU
Boys' $18 to $25 Suits
Main Floor Two pairs of Pants go with many
of the Suits in this lot. Latest Norfolk mod
els, made up in novelty mixtures in good serv
iceable colors. Pants taped and (PIO JfT
full lined. Broken sizes. Special xl
Junior Suits $4.65
Fancy mixtures, cheviots and blue serges.
Styles with Russian collars or regulation Nor
f oiks with straight-knee pants. Ages QA ?K
4 to 10. Special for Clearance Sale tD'iAKJ
Boys' Store, Main Floor
Usses'i RonmcopatUr Htm
Keaedr Is.