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Charge Purchases Remainder of Month Go on January Accounts Payable February 1, 1921
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If in doubt what to
give buy an OWK Mer
chandise Bond. Issued
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oeruenue to oe impuseu un n-
The Standard Store of the Northwest
luesaay Atternoon. if.
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Reliable MerchandiseReliable Methods
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Imprisonment Leases Judge
No Alternative.
Hasted Alvln Walters, 24-year-old
cldier from Camp Lewis, must hang
for the murder of Jerome Palmer,
Portland police patrolman, who was
shot and killed during a gun fight
on the night of November 17. This
was the decision of a circuit court
jury which returned a verdict at 10:30
o'clock yesterday morning finding
the young soldier guilty of Arst-de-
gree murder.
Under the new capital famish
ment law, Walters must hang for
the murder. Because of the absence
of any recommendation for life im
prisonment. Judge Tucker, before
whom the case was tried, has no al
ternative other than to sentence the
soldier-murderer to pay the extreme
Judge Tucker announced that the
death sentence would be imposed at
2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. He al
lowed the defense ten days in which
to prepare an appeal for a new trial.
Jury Debate Lons.
The case was given to the jury at
Sr25 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.
but it was not until 9:30 o'clock yes
terday morning that the jurors made
any report to the court. At that
time they filed before Judge Tucker
and requested further Instructions
relative to the length of premedita
tion required in first-degree murder.
After Judge Tucker had given further
i Instructions on this point the jurors
returned t othe jury room and an
hour later returned with their ver
During the brief court formalities
before the verdict was read Wal
ters became extremely nervous and
crouched in his seat as though terri
fied. But when the verdict which will
send him to the gallows was read
In a low tone by the clerk, the young
slayer showed no outward sign of
emotion. It was the first time since
th case first started that he ap
peared to be entirely composed. -Degree
of Guilt Argued.
Unofficially, it was said that the
jury from the outset was unanimous
as to the guilt of Walters, but was
disagreed as to whether it should be
first or second-degree murder. Sev
eral of the jurors were not certain
that the murder of the policeman had
been planned and executed with pre
meditation and deliberation.
On the night of November 17 Wal
ters, in company with John Tillman,
17-year-old soldier compani. -i, held
up and robbed four pedestrians on the
streets of Portland. When accosted
by a police posse of which Jerome
Palmer, patrolman, was a member.
Walters shot the officer through the
heart in attempting to make an es
cape. He was captured a few min
utes later in the railroad yards near
the union station with a bullet wound
in Mb shoulder which had been in
flicted by Patrolman Thorpe, Pai
nter's companion on the manhunt.
PrUon Record Vnearthed.
From records received by District
Attorney Evans from the federal pen
itentiary at Leavenworth, Kan., it
has been learned that Walters has
served three terms in an Oklahoma I
prison for larceny, grand larceny and
turglary. These facts of his past
criminal record were received by the
prosecuting attorney too late to be
used during the trial of the case.
As Walter A. Husted he f rat served
five years in the prison at Granite,
Okla., for the stealing of domestic
animals. This was in 1916. He was
paroled, but later was sentenced to
IS months in the same institution for
grand larceny. Again he was sen
tenced to one year for burglary, the j
records showing he was sent up from
El Reno, Okla.
He is said to have been in prison
during the war, and to have entered
the army after hostilities overseas
had been terminated with the ar
Maurice Goldberg to Serve Year
for Larceny in Hotel.
Maurice Goldberg, 27 years old. was
sentenced to one year In the county
jail by Municipal Judge Rossman yes
terday when convicted on, a larceny
charge involving the theft of a trunk
from the Seward hotel.
According to the testimony Gold
berg, rooming at the Cornelius hotel,
attempted to bribe a bellboy to con
vey a trunk from the basement stor
age room to his own apartment, claim
ing ownership. Failing In this he
went to the Seward hotel, entered the
basement anil selected another trunk,
ordering that it be conveyed to his
room at the Cornelius.
The arrest was made by Inspectors
S wen nes and - Schulpius, after the
trunk had been transferred to Gold
berg's room. He resisted the officers
and in a struggle with Inspector
Schulpius was floord by the officer's
Austria has a law requiring every
employer to retain as many workmen
on his books as he had before the
Merry Christmas!
Christmas is a time when
- we older folks think more
of the pleasure wc give than
1 of what wc get ourselves.
A Schilling & Company
San Francisco
DooMe Stamps GSST In All Depts
Gift Sale of Sweaters
Garment Salons, Second Floor
An important Sale of Women's and
Children's Sweaters will be held in the pi
Garment S'cre today. Special lines se-
substantial reductions. Sweaters are
very appropriate for gift giving take
advantage of this opportunity to save.
Wool Sweaters
Women's and Misses' good quality
Wool Sweaters in the popular sport
styles with belts and pockets. Also tux
edo models with tie sashes. Shown in
an excellent assortment of the season's
best colors and practically all OA QQ
sizes. Gift Sale special at 0rvO
Women's Sweaters $7.98
Sweaters at $12.95
Second Floor High-grade Wool
Sweaters for women and misses.
Tuxedo, slip-on and coat styles.
Plain and fancy weaves. Splendid
assortment of wanted (If7 QQ
colors. On special sale at D ' IO
1 ir
Second Floor Women's Wool
Sweaters in tuxedo, ripple and golf
styles. Plain knit and fancy weaves.
Excellent range of desirable colors
and combinations. Spe- O Q(T
cial in Gift Sale, only.
Tuxedo Sweaters Only $14.98
Girls' Sweaters $3.98
Second Floor Women's fine grade
Wool Sweaters in popular tuxedo
style with fitted sleeves, belts and
sashes. Plain and fancy (J-! A QQ
weaves. All colors-; now 0-a.rr.tJ
Second Floor Extra special offer
ing in Children's Wool Sweaters,
also a few in fiber. Slip-on and coat
styles; belts and pockets. flQ QQ
All colors. Gift Sale, at DO.70
Angora Scarfs
$5 to $21
Second Floor One of these warm
comfy Scarfs would be most appro
priate for her Christmas gift. Plain
styles, or with belts and pockets.
Solid colors, plaids and stripes.
Some are trimmed with fringe.
Prices range $5.00 to $21.00
Wool Tarns
$1.98 to $3.98
Second Floor Women's and Chil
dren's Wool Tarns. Crocheted,
knitted, and plain felt with novelty
trimmings. Very smart worn with
sport sweater. Good range of
wanted colors $1.08 to $3.98
Sale of Dolls !
Entire Stock Reduced
Choose any Doll in the house Friday at a special low
price. Make some little girl happy by giving her a new
Doll for Christmas. . Dressed and Undressed Dolls in
all sizes and grades on sale at splendid savings.
$1.25 Dolls at 98c
; $15.00 Dolls $11.25
All $2.00 Dolls OQ
priced special OX.OO
All$2.50Dolls (P-l Qr
priced special DX.Oi
aii $2.75 Doiis (po nr
priced special tD.Uti
All $3.50 Dolls fl0 ro
priced special D.t)0
All $4.00 Dolls PO QQ
priced special ) O
All $5.00 Dolls QO fJQ
priced special 50.U
All $6.00 Dolls &A nr
priced special I tl
All $7.50 Dolls QJT no
priced special DO.UO
$18 -$30 Hats
Gift Sale of beautiful Trimmed
Hats at less than half price. Many
smart fur-trimmed Hats in the offer
ing; also high-grade Velvet Hats,
Duvetyn Hats and Satin and Celo
phane combinations. Hats (PQ (TQ
formerly priced to $30 at DOll
ALL $32.50 TO $45 WINTER
Ribbon Novelties
y4 to y2 off
Main Floor A special assortment of
Ribbon Novelties offered for quirk
clearaway at U to ,i off regular
prices. Dainty articles suitable for
gift giving. Made up In bout grade
Sale of Xmas Slippers
grade felt. Trimmed with pompon
and white cord. Beautiful slippers.
Lilac, fawn, old rose and 0t OQ
dark blue. $2.75 values 0i-.OO
MEN'S Felt Everetts in gray,
green and brown. Regu- fl?"l QQ
lar values to $2.50 now vJLVO
HEADQUARTERS for Men's and
Women's Gift Slippers. Come in
and let us show you the many dif
ferent styles. Slippers may be ex
changed for size after Christmas.
YOUTHS and BOYS' Everett and
Romeo Slippers of soft brown
leather with turned soles. Little
men's size 10 to boys' size 5.
"Just like Dad's." Regular $3.48
and $3.69 Slippers $1.74 and $1.85
CHILDREN'S Felt House Slippers
in maroon, light blue, royal blue and
pink. Scalloped edges and picture
on vamp. All sizes from Infants'
size 5 to Misses' size 2. Regular
$1.90 and $2.00 Slippers 950 and $1
We give S. & H. Green Stairns.
I IBoys' $18.50 prt Suits
Imitation Ivory
This includes our, entire line of
Imitation Ivory with the exception
of Pyralin and Du Barry. 1st Floor.
Clocks on sale $3.75 to $11.25
Cream, Salve Boxes 270 to $2.25
Kerchief Boxes $7.50 to $11.25
Glove Boxes at $6.38 to $13.13
Cuticle Articles at 270 to $1.13
Perfume Bottles at 370 to $7.50
Hair Brushes $1.88 to $15.00
Dressing Combs 270 to $1.88
Puff Boxes at 380 to $4.88
Hair Receivers at 380 to $4.88
-Jewel Boxes at $1.13 to $6.75
Pin Cushions at $2.63 to $6.00
Bud Vases at $1.88 to $5.00
Trays on sale at 190 to $7.50
Picture Frames at 190 to $4.50
Bonnet Brushes $1.88 to $2.44
i "
Main Floor Parents will do well to take
advantage of this wonderful sale. Suits
from our own regular stock. Shown in
grays and browns. Two pairs of full-lined
pants with each suit. Ages 8 P" O A (T
to 15. Regular $18.50 Suits at DJ-.4:cI
Boys' Mackinaws
at $12.45
Main Floor Odd lot of Boys' High-grade
Mackinaw Coats at about half price to close
them out quickly. Plain colors and fancy
plaids. Large convertible collars and taped
seams. Regular $20.00 a n d (PI O A r
$25.00 grades, priced special at A.dU
Bath Robes Reduced
Main Floor Boys' Bath Robes of good
heavy blanket material on sale at reduced
prices. Attractive patterns. Ages 4 to 16. .
$5.00 Robes $3.95 I Boys $8.50 Bath
$7.50 Robes $5.95 Robes on sale $6.95
Boys' Sweaters at Price
Slip-Over and Kuttneck styles
Boys' $10 Wool Sweat-dr AA
s on special sale at Dt.UU
Main Floor 250 Boys' Sweaters m
a great Holiday Sale at just half
price. Latest styles and colors.
Boys' regular $8.50 flJ r
Sweaters, priced special vJ'tf
Boys $12.50 Wool P? OF
Rwpaters. nrinpf? snpfial DJ dtJ
Boys' $13.50 Sweaters at $6.75
Silk Scarfs
Main Floor Scarfs in this special
offering selling heretofore up to
$15.00. We have but a limited
number of these left and in order
to clean up the stock we have cut
the price to the lowest level of the
season. Good assortment of desir
able colors. Fringed ends. Very
suitable for Xmas gifts. flQ Qr
Values to $15.00. Special 0O,iJO
Gift Sale Leather Goods
Prices Reduced 25
Leather Purses
Va Off
Main F 1 o o r Back and Top-strap
Leather Purses in all the newest styles
and sizes on sale today at M OFF.
-Regular $ 3.50 Purses only $ 2.63
Regular $10.00 Purses only $ 7.50
Regular $25.00 Purses only $18.75
Regular $50.00 Purses only $37.50
Our entire stock of Women's Leather
Handbags, Purses, Boston Bagu, Travel
ing Cases, Fitallt;, Canteen and Vanity
Boxes, Manicure Sets, Collar Bags, Bill
Folds, Card Cases, Pass Canon, Coin
Purses, etc. our regular stock on sala
Leather Bags
y4 off
Regular $ 3.00 Bagi, rpciial $ 2.25
Regular $12.50 Bugn, special $ n.'.lH
Regular $20.00 Bags, special $15.00
Regular $35.00 Bags, hpcciul SK20.25
Regular $50.00 Bag, (.pecial $37.50
Hand-Tooled Bags
and Purses
Beautiful Hand-tooled Bags and
Purses in latent styleti and frhapes. Very
suitable for gift giving. Note prices :
Regular $13.50 Bags now I O.l 3
Regular $35.00 Bags now $26.25
Regular $50.00 Bags now $37.50
All Hand-tooled Bags now at ' off.
All Boston Bags
At y4 off
Main Floor Unrestricted choice of our entire stock
of Boston Bags at 25 off regular selling prices.
Why not one of these for that Christmas gift 7
$5.00 Bags at $3.75 I $(3.00 Bags at $4.50
$5.50 Bags at $4.13 $10.00 Bags at $7.50
f A I
Practical, Useful Gifts That Are Sure to Please
Men's Store
Main Floor
"Last Day" Sale of Gift
Main floor Thousandsof Women's Christmas
Handkerchiefs specially priced for today's selling.
If you have not as yet bought your gift Kerchiefs
do so ' at once and reap the benefit of savings.
S. & H. Green Stamps given with purchases.
$1.00 Madeira Handkerchiefs
Special at 79c
Main Floor Women's real Madeira pure Linen
Handkerchiefs with beautiful hand-embroidery work.
Good assortment of pretty designs. Regular H(n
$1.00 Handkerchiefs. Priced special, each
. 40c, 50c Kerchiefs 35c
Main Floor Imitation Madeira Handkerchiefs of
fine sheer material. Well-worked designs, some in
Appenzell patterns. These are from our
regular 40c and 50c lines. Priced special
at 35c
Sale of Boxed Handkerchiefs
59c, 75c, $1.00, $1.59
BOX OF 3 Women's Handker
chiefs with neat one-corner em
broidery designs. Regular KQ,
75c values. Special, a box
BOX OF S Women's Handker
chiefs of fine sheer mate- '7P
rial. 85c and 95c values at tfJ
-BOX OF 3 Women's Handker
chiefs with dainty one-corner em
broidery. Regular $1.25 P1 AA
to $1.50 values. Special wJl.VU
BOX OF 3 Women's Handker
chiefs in attractive one-corner de
signs. Values to $2.00 at $1.59
For Baby's
Rattles in many different styles
and sizes priced 50 up to $1.25
Bootees priced S5f up to $1.75
Knit Sacques in assorted styles
and colors $1.98 up to $3.50
Cashmere Sacques $1.50-$4.98
Cashmere Wrappers in several
styles $3.50, $4.50 to $11.25
Hand-made Dresses of fine sheer
material $3.25, $3.98 to $11
M.J.B. Coffee
1-Pound Tins 4S
3-Pound Tins $1.40 '
5-Pound Tins $2.25
M. J. B. Cof
fee is always
uniform in qual
ity and is vac
uum packed in
air-tight tins to
preserve its
freshness and
aroma.. 45 a
pound if you
buy it in the
five-pound tins.
Men's Neckwear
$1 to $6
Main Floor No man ever has too
many Ties. Make your selections at
this store where all the newest patterns
are to be had. Large selection of Gift
Neckwear ranging 'in price $1 to $6
Men's Knitted Ties $2.50 to $6.00
Men's Dress Gloves $3.00 to $7.50
Wool-lined Gloves at $6.50, $7.50
Men's Pajamas
M en's Jap
anese Silk Pa
jamas in the
very latest col
ors. Made of
extra, heavy
grade silk. Fine
for gift giving.
Prices range
$17.50 to $25
Outing Flan
nel Pajamas in
neat striped patterns. $7.50-$ 18.50
Men's 75c Hose
6 Pairs $2.75
Main Floor Men's Mercerized Lisle
Hose with double heel, sole and toe.
Black, white, navy and cor I0 Wf?
dovan. 75c values. Box of 6 I O
Gift Sale Hats and Caps
Choose any Man's Soft or Stiff Hat
in our splendid stock and deduct 30
from the regular price. Shop early.;
All Men's Caps at 25 reduction.
Sale of Men's Sweaters
' Men's $5.00 Sweaters on
special sale today at 5nly
Men's $6.00 Sweaters on
special sale today at only
Men's $6.50 Sweaters on
special sale today at only
Men's $8.50 Sweaters on
special sale today at only
Men's $11,
special sale
Men's $15,
special sale
Men's $16,
special sale
Men's $17.
special sale
,00 Sweaters on
toduy at only
,00 Sweaters on
today at only
50 Sweaters on
today at only
50 Sweaters on
today at only
Bath Robes and House Coats
Main Floor All Men's Bath Robes and House Coats
25 off. Get him one of these good serviceable
garments for Christmas. Very newest styles and
colors. Good range of sizes in the assortment,
Sale Prices
Men's $11.50
House . Coats
Men's $13.50 flJQ QQ
House Coats tD.OO
Men s $15 JJ" " OK
HouseCoats DA-Lt
Men's $8.50 OC QQ
Bath Robes DU.OO
Men's $10.00
Bath Robes
Men's $12.50
Bath Robes
Mens $15 P1 1 OC
Bath Robes D-L1J
Men's $20 fljt K AA
Bath Robes
We Give S.&H. Stamps
"... I .
t .