Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, December 23, 1920, Page 15, Image 15

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Back to Pre-War Battery Prices
Prest-o-lhe Batteries for All Cars
Last to Raise, First to Reduce
Clever Stall by, Eddie Marino
No Peace While" Johnson and
Prevents Knockout.
Frazefe Are in League.
Joe Benjamin Clips Heavier Oppo
Boston Leader Willing to Answer
nent on Jaw and Sends Him
Down Twice in Second Round.
AH Attacks, bnt AdYlset
. That They Cease.
It f ---1 WWIII M Mil MMnWUffniWIIW l! IMillW I III MWlllllnlWI Ill t Mil i llll : (
Eddie Marino. Harry Schnman's
trainer, either lost - his head or he
nulled one of the smartest tricks
known to the boxing game in these
parts when he saved' Ms protege from
a knockout at the hands of Joe Ben
jamin in the eecpnd round of their
pchedTiIed ten-round battle at the
Milwaukie arena last night. The bout
went the limit after all. Benjamin
sained the decision, but only after
one of the grandest little scraps ever
fought in this part of the globe.
Of Marino's trick, more later. It
will bear telling In chronological or
der, ae the college sharps say. Round
one gets first call. The initial canto
was not as fast as those following,
but was not devoid of action by any
means. The weights were announced
as Benjamin 137, Schuman 145, but
the latter weighed in with part of
his ring togs on, which probably
smonuted to two pounds at least.
They shook hands and Benjamin led
with a left. Schuman took it on his
arm. ducked and xame up with a
riehL As soon as he opened up Ben
jamin shot in a right cross that shook
Schuman up.
Schnmaa Twice Knocked Dom.
Then came the second, and some
round it was. The boys had been
mixiner it but & few seconds when
Benjamin led with a left and crossed
with his right. Schuman fought back
and ran into a right cross that
knocked him flat.
He took the count of six. Ben
jamin tore at him like an enraged
panther and shot In blows from every
angle. Schuman reeled from pillar
to post .unable to put up any defense.
Benjamin caught him with another
right cross that put him down for the
count of four. Schuman got up and
tried to fight back, but could hardly
have struck. It was then that Eddie
Marino pulled his little trick that
saved Schuman's bacon.
Marino, who was seconding Schu
man from the corner, imploring his
battler to stand up and clinch, sud
denly made a leap for the platform
that juts out around the ring for sev
eral feet.
Making: no' motion to get into the
ring, but just grabbing the ropes, he
began to jabber a lot of sound's. They
weren't words just sounds. Every
one in the house stood up, wondering
what was coming off, and thinking
Marino was going to step into the
ring to save his boxer. The moment
Marino's foot would have touched he
canvas the fight of course would au
tomatically have gone to Benjamin,
according to the rules of the game.
Marino Saves Slipping Harry.
As it was, however, Marino was not
violating any rule. He was just
strung-up excitement. Referee Tom
Loutitt stepped between Benjamin
and the groggy Schuman, and both
turned their faces toward Marino,
asking what on earth was the matter.
By this time the Milwaukie officials
were on the floor and demanded that
the fight go on, and Loutitt was
ready to start them on their way
again. Then Marino backed down off
of the ring platform, but he had "saved
Schuman for the moment and given
him a rest, while Benjamin was un
- nerved. Schuman came back in the
final 30 seconds with a burst of speed
that put Benjamin to the ropes.
From then to the fifth round Joe
pasted Harry with everything in the
books and gave Schuman a boxing
lesson. The latter couldn't land with
anything and it looked as though he
was lucky to stick. -Benjamin rained
blows to his jaw, ribs and stomach
and Harry took them all, barely stay
ing on his feet.
Twice between the second and firth
Schuman slipped to the floor and
Benjamin shoved him another time.
But still he kept on battling. From
the fifth on Schuman staged a truly
wonderful comeback -while Benjamin
began to tire from his efforts to stow
away Schuman.
Schoman- Makes Game Comeback.
Although Schuman outboxed Benja
min in the fifth and sixth Joe did
enough fighting to even up the score.
When he did land he landed with
telling effect: Schuman took the
seventh round,' forcing the fighting
and actually had Joe In a bad way on
' one occasion. Had Schuman had any
thing on his punches he might have
treated Benjamin with the same treat
ment that Joe accorded him earlier in
the fight, but he was too far spent
to put Joe down.
In the eighth Schuman continued to
force the going and backed Benjamin
around the ring. He sent in straight
lefts and short right uppercuts that
found their mark. Benjamin got in
many good blows In the Infighting
end of the game, which hurt Harry
Joe recovered and fought back in
the ninth. The round was even with
both men fighting hard and trying
to put each other away. Benjamin
tried valiantly in the tenth to stow
Schuman, but could not accomplish it
Schuman refused to weaken and met
every rush with a fusilade of blows
Harland Bunker, lanky San Fran
cisco heavyweight, won a ten-round
decision over Ole Anderson In a gru
elling ten-round bout. The two
slugged from start to finish, with
Bunker outsmarting his more expe
rienced opponent.
Soaker's Face Well Miwaxet.
Only Anderson's great toughness
pulled him through. Bunker showed
plenty of effects of the battle. His
face looked as if it had received a
massage from a meat chopper, but
he landed by far the more clean
punches and had Anderson on queer
street more than once. . Har'on really
looked good last night and got a oig
hand at the conclusion of the match.
For a heavyweight go it was a pip.
Frankie Murphy was superior In
very way to. Lloyd Madden and
stopped the game Seattle boxer in
the fifth round of their scheduled
ten-round contest. Murphy went
after Madden from the start and
floored him twice In. the fotirtti round
and three times in the fifth. Dan
Salt threw in the, towel when Mad
den got up after the third knock
down. Both Salt and Madden claimed
that Murphy had struck low, bui the
claim didn't figure.
Ad Mackle was awarded a four
round decision over Joe Dunn in the
curtain raiser. The show was a hum
mer, the best at Milwaukie this sea
son and one of the best since its open
ing more thanayear ago.
Sir , i t J III
f ' " ' j1
'Mwmrtmmwmmmmnmm 1 7
Rivoll Helen Jerome Eddy, "A
Light Woman." .
Majestic Harold Lloyd, "Num
ber, Please."
Peoples "Milestones."
Liberty Katherine MacDonald,
"Curtain." -
Columbia Mary Thurman, 'The
Scoffer." '
Star Roy Stewart, "The Lone
Circle Olive Thomas, "Darling
. . Mine."
Globe Jack Holt, "The Best of
Luck." " ...
Hippodrome, E a Novak,
"Wanted at Headquarters."
l story of stage life called "Cur
's--a- tain," is the feature of th
present programme at the Liberty
theater. It is a novel presentation
of scenes behind the scenes, and Miss
MacDonald. billed as "The American
Beautv." fullv lives uri to the title.
Miss MacDonald has the role 01
Nancy Bradshaw, a girl reared in the
atmosphere of the stage. Her cradle
was the tray of a theater trunk, ana
she naturally follows the profession
when choosing her life work. Jerry
Coghlan, who has known her all her
life, gives her an opportunity to star
in a new production. She accepts the
offer and makes good.
Nancy meets a millionaire admirer
who after a brief courtship marries
her. She is forced to choose between
the stage and a home, and selects the
latter. A son is born to Nancy ana ne
helps her to forget the longing for
the glamor of the footlights.
In the midst of her domestic hap
piness, the ex-actress discovers that
her husband has been unfaithful. He
pleads for another chance, and for
the sake of the child, bis wire ror
gives him. Later Nancy learns of
another escapade of her husband with
an actress, and leaves him for her
first love, the stage. She scores a
personal triumph in a new play. H'
husband passes out of her life, and
she Is consoled by the sincere love of
a young playwright who has long
been her patient admirer.
A news reel and a comedy are in
cluded in the present Liberty bill. A
special Christmas prologue is an
added feature.
Screen Gossip.
Percy Marmont, who created the
leading male role in "Dead Men Tell
No Tales," and has appeared opposite
a number of the important female
stars of the screen, rises to prophesy
the reappearance of the costume pic-1 Carl Gerard will play the leading
ture. 1 male role in support of Alice Lake in
"The box otrice ougaooo against ner new procuction, "Uncharted Seas.
these productions has been shattered
on several occasions most recently
by Douglas Fairbanks in 'The Mark
of .Zorro." The point is to give th
people a story that-has meat to it
then the clothes will not matter, if
they are subordinated to the plot.
The usual trouble with costume pi&
tures heretofore was that directors
have spent too much on the costumes
and too little on the story proper.
There is, In fact, a consistent rumo
that Marmont will create the titular
role in a picturization of "Cafus Grac
chus," a poetic drama by Odin Greg'
ory, laid in Rome about 120 B. C
The United States postofflce de
partment has just promoted the Unl
versal City postofflce from a fourth
to a third-class station, making it the
senior office of the suburban district
in which it is located.
Mrs. Suzanne Selgler, the postmis
tress, handles more than 2000 letters
a day which- are addressed to the
screen celebrities at Universal City,
and on an average of 300 additional
letters which are erroneously ad
dressed to the world's film capital.
The Ellison-White Chautauqua sys
tem, whose activities cover the west
ern states. Canada, Australia and
New Zealand, has organized a depart
ment for the collection and distribu
tion of educational and industrial
Eddlle Polo's next serial will be
filmed in Cuba and other West Indian
islands, it was announced. Polo and
a large company are already in Ha
vana. The tentative title of the new
Polo feature is "The Seal of Satan.
It will be in 18 episodes and will
take from three to four months to
film, during which time the entire
company will remain in the Antilles
During the filming of the Barrie
play, "What Every Woman Knows,
Cecil DeMille has been honored by
having as spectators men and women
prominent in the field of literature,
drama and painting. It so happened
that during his work on this produc
tlon Sir Gilbert Parker, Edward
Knoblock, Penrhyn Stanlaws, Avery
Hopwood and Elinor Glyn went to the
studio to study screen technique.
Dorothy Mackalll, the young Eng
lish actress who scored .such a hit
in "Torchy s Millions, is again lead
ing woman in rorcny Mixes In. a
January release.
jack trunningnam is writing an
original screen story for Sessue
John Emerson and Anita Loos are
now in Los Angeles preparing a Bcreen
story lor Independent production.
Ohio Team Gets Sen doff.
CHICAGO, Dec 82 The University
ef .Illinois.. football, team defeated in
the championship game of the west
ern conference this year with Ohio
State university, tonight joined the
Chicago Illinl club in sending a tele
gram to the Ohio eleven in Califor
nia, wishing them good luck and vic
tory In their New Year's game with
the University of California at Los
Victoria, B. C, Alrstocrats Are De
feated by 7-2 Score.
SEATTLE. Wash., Dec tl. The Se
attle Metropolitans defeated the ViC'
toria. B. C. Afistocrats, 7 to 2. in
the first local game of the Pacific
Coast Hockey association season here
tonight. The Seattle players appeared
to be in better condition and were
stronger at the finish.
The Canadians held the Mets to al
most even terms through the first
two periods but -tired in the final
session and were being peppered with
shots at the final whistle.
Bantams, Flyweights Draw.
SACRAMENTO Cal.. Dec. 22. Al
Walker and, Felix Villamore, San
Francisco bantamweights, fought a
draw In the main event of a charity
boxing programme here tonight.
Johnny Lotsy and Young Murphy, both
of Sacramento, went to a draw in the
special event They are flyweights.
tal and physical condition of the pa
tients had - been " improved.
Dr. Adair also was responsible for
the enactment of the law making it
Incumbent upon men contemplating
marriage to undergo a physical ex
amination. This act, according to re
ports received here, may be amend
ed at the next session of the legis
lature to include women.
Physical Tests (or 'Women May Be
Matrimonial Requirement. '
SALEM, Or., Dec 22. (Special.)
Dr. Owens Adair, author of the Ore
gon sterilisation law. which is op
erated under the supervision of the
state board of eugenics, has sent
word to Salem that she will pass
most Of January here conferring with
the legislators with relation to the
adoption of amendments making the
act more general in Its application,
tt is said here today that abont 100
persons had undergone operations in
compliance with the provisions of the
law, and that in most-casea the ma-
American ' Engineers Considering
Jforth-vieat Headquarters.
Portland will become northwest
headquarters of the American Asso
ciation of Engineers if present plans
of the Oregon chapter of the organi
zation are successful, according to
W. C. Ruegnlts, who addressed mem
bers of the society at the regular
meeting in the TUford building last
i Mr. Ruegnlts, treasurer of the local
branch of the association, has just
returned from the national headquar
ters at Chicago. He declared that
headquarters is considering the estab
lishment of a northwest unit and at
present the choice probably lies be
tween Seattle. and Portland. The city
which Is chosen will be granted of
fices which will be in control of en
gineer association branches of Ore
gon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.
Members of the organisation last
night also discussed their plans for
acquiring a building to be devoted en
tirely to clubrooms for the society.
Marriage Ceremony Unheard.
VANCOUVER, Wash, Dec 2. (Spe
cial.) A wedding in which the con
tracting parties did not hear the cere
mony was performed here today by
Cedric Miller, justice of the peace.
Leo K. Holmes, SI, a mute, of. Ana
cortes. Wash., and Miss Leta Culp, 22,
of Camas, Wash, were married. Mr
Holmes Is a mute, and cannot read
the lips, but Miss Culp is a lip-readef
and translated the ceremony into
signs for her future husband. She
ooukl hear only slightly. They will
live in Anaeortea.
NEW YORK. Dec. 22. Statements
credited to Ban Johnson relative to
the election of directors of the Amerl
Aon i.. in . a nor. oh n m tt rized 'as
! falsehoods by Harry H. Frazee, presl
. dent of th Boston club, today In
: letter to Mr. Johnson which invited
him to resign as president of the
league, and declared there can- be no
peace while both remain In the Amer
ican league.
The statements credited to Mr.
Johnson and to which Mr. Frazee
took exception were:
"The league had always resorted" to
the ballot Instead of using the usual
rotation method for the election of
the board of directors, when It was
found the rotation method would
bring an undesirable member to the
board." and "it was the sentiment
that two members be not brought
into the directorate, as they attempted
to wreck the American league."
Johnson's Bluff Called.
"I had hoped that you had learned
something in the two past years,
Mr. Frazee's letter continued, "and
since the agreement of peace was
reached in. Chicago I have refrained
from, making any comment, but upon
this uncalled-for attack -upon Mr.
Comiskey and myself, I think It is
about time for you to stop making
threats and prove some of the many
misleading statements and assertions
that you have made, regardless of
the attitude of anybody else in
American league.
"I want you to know that from this
time on, there can be no peace, as far
as I am concerned, while you and
remain In the American league.
. Request Leaves No Doubt.
"If you have any sense of justice
or realization of the harm you have
caused baseball, or had one spark of
manhood, or any regard for the game
which has made you possible, you
would tender your resignation as
president of the American league be
fore causng any further harm.
"If you wish to go into any discus
sion, either privately pr publicly, of
our relations since my connection
with the American league in 1916, I
will be pleased to meet you at any
time or place you mention. But, in
the meantime, I strongly advise you
to eliminate any further attacks upon
the Boston American league baseball
club, or me personally."
American League Head Says He
Has So Thought of Resigning.
CHICAGO, Dec 22. r'There is noth
ing for me to say except that I have
not the slightest intention in the
world of resigning as president of
the American league, despite Mr.
Frasee's request."
Ban Johnson Bald this tonight when
shown a dispatch from New York
saying that Harry Frazee had writ
ten the American league president a
letter characterizing statements cred
ited to him as deliberate falsehoods
and demanding his resignation.
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Service and Sales Stations Everywhere
Stroke of San Franciscan Regarded
as Superior to That of Tilden,
and Volleys Are Brilliant.'
The fifth of a series of articles by
William Unmack. tennis expert, on the his
tory of Davis cms tennis competition. The
American - Davis cup team, comprising
Watson Washburn, Samuel Hardy and-
Wllliam Johnston, now vn New Zealand.
Bill Johnston of San Francisco, who
with Bill Tilden forms the actual
playing American Davis cup tennis
team, is unquestionably one of the
best all-round tennis players In the
world. There are many who believe
the little Califronia player shows
better all-round game and better de
veloped strokes than Tilden.
Johnston was born in San Francisco
on November 2, 1894. He attended
Crocker grammar school and in the
primary school tennis series each year
showed phenomenal tennis for a lad
of his years. On his entrance Into
Lowell high school he was easily the
champion of the scholastic stars. He
had Just been graduated from high
school when he made his first trip for
eastern championship play tennis in
1913. " '
Johnston met With brilliant success
on the eastern courts and was ranked
No. 4. The following year his play
was uneven- and he dropped to sixth
place. But the year 1915 found the
Californian at the top of his game. In
winning the national championship he
defeated in turn such stars as Behr,
Griffin, Williams and McLoughlin.
lti 1916 he lost the title in a match
against Norris Williams, the event
being described by eastern critics as
'a stupendous match." After return-
ng from the war Johnston soon hit
his stride and beat Tilden in 1919 in
both the national clay court and na
tional championships. In the London
championships this year he defeated
Tilden in the final, but in the English
titles lost to Parke of England, the
latter eventually being 'beaten by
Johnston is one of the marvels and
master generals of the court. His play
U all the more remarkable owing to
his small stature. He stands less
than 6 feet 9 Inches and only weighs
124 pounds.
All his strokes are wonderfully de-
veloped. It is said of him that his
forehand drive is the best executed
stroke of any 'player In the world.
Aside from that he is considered the
fastest forehand driver in the world,
holding his magnificent form on the
most difficult and fast shots mat ne
hand are typically Californian, the
type as shown by the respective eras
of the McLoughlins, the Griffins and
now Johnston.
He .chops quickly,- accurately and
aggressively. His volleys afe bril
liant and he mixes up his game won
derfully to such an extent that no one
can compare with him in type of
game played and the finish of execu
tion of his strokes. All in all Johns
ton is pointed to by the experts as "a
perfect tennis model." -
Since he learned the first tennis
rudiments on the public tennis courts
in Golden Gate park, San Francisco,
Johnston has had a steady climb up
the ladder of success. He won the
scholastic. Pacific coast, western, and
then culminated his brilliant per
formances by taking the national
titles more than once in both singles
and doubles. He has defeated such
world-famed stars as G. Dlonne, H. S.
Parker, Willis Davis, Peck Griffin,
J. Parke, Major Kingscote, K. Gobert.
R. Norris Williams, Watson Wash
burn, LIndley Murray, Bill Tilden,
Wallace Johnston and others.
Permits Will Be Required in Chi
cago After Alleged Fake Match.
CHICAGO, Dec 22. Wrestling was
placed under control of a city ath
letic commission today when the
council passed an ordinance creating
the commission to regulate the sport.
The commission will be composed of
Mayor Thompson, Chief of Police
Fitzmorris, two aldermen and two
citizens. The body has full power
to Issue or revoke licenses for shows.
Wrestlers must obtain a license De
His serve and his back- I fore they will be permitted to appear
must be submitted to the comralss'on
for aDDroval.
The action grew out of an alleged
"fake" match, which broke up In a
Cleveland East Tech Eleven to
Play In Washington.
EVERETT, Wash.. Dec. 22. A game
between tlie ball team of the Everett
high schooii regarded as western prep
school champion, which defeated Long
Beach., Cal., last Friday, and the
Cleveland East Tech team, claimant
to the eastern championship, has vir
tually been agreed to.
It will be played here New Tear's
day. The game has been arranged
by the management of the local team,
.still in California, and this morning
the Everett school board acquiesced
in any action the Jeam management
might take
Visitors Travel Over Campus and
See Two Cities,
BERKELEY. Cal., Dec. 21 Ohio
State university yells rang out on the
University of California campus here
today when the members of the foot
ball team from tne midaie western
Institution stopped here while en J
route to Pasadena, Cal., where they
meet the University of California
eleven New Year's day.
The Buckeye special trsln, carrying
more than 80 players and supporters
from Ohio State, arrived here nearly
three hours late. The men were
taken on a tour of the California cam
pus. Berkeley and Oakland and later
crossed the bay to Han Francisco,
where they spent tonight.
Practice will be held by the Ohio
man on the Stanford university cam
pus at Palo Alto, Cal., tomorrow. The
team will go to Paio Alto from San
Francisco In the morning and late
tomorrow will leave Palo Alto for
Dr. John Wllce. Ohio coach, said
today that his men were In rood 7
snspe and were -undine: the trip well.
Sweden Plans Hockey Tourney,
STOCKHOLM. Dee. 22. wdn as
accepted an Invitation from the In- ,
ternatlonal Ice Hockey league to ar
range a tournament for the world's
championship and European cham- ',
pionshlp at Hlookholm In February.
It was said that the Hwedish oriranl- .'
satlon had the promise of competition
from teams from the United fitatrs
and Canaitn.
Shaving, according to one doctor,
Increases neuralgia and other troubles
of the face, and so tends to ahortea
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