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Private Tinman , Mumbles
Story of Holdups, Also.
Marshall-W ells company was riven
batuway evening: at the company
offices. Fifteenth and Lovejoy streets.
The evening: was spent in dancin
and cards. A musical programm
was furnished by Miss Helen Mat
thews and the Zenith quartet, with
the assistance of Greenwald's or
chestra, after which an elaborate
luncheon Was served. The office
were -prettily decorated with vari
colored effects, festooned with Christ
mas greens.
Mr. and MreVS. Weil, who have been
residing; In HillKboro, have taken
rAnmaninn Tniwit Trim Into Rob- apartments at the Carmellta for the
1 - I winter-. They will leave shortly for
A novelty party for the employes of Julius Louisson, Mrs. Gay Strohn,
bcrics and Did: Fatal Shooting
Alone, Jury Is informed.
From the mumbling: lips of Private
John A. Tillman, 17-year-old soldier,
there was detailed to a Jury In Circuit
-Judge Ttfcker's court yesterday a
story of reckless and daring street
ja short trip to New Tork.
Earl C. Ward, Jr., who le a student
at Stanford university, is
morrow to visit nis parents, &ir. ana
Mrs. K.C. Ward, at the . Bretnor
Miss ' Elizabeth Huber entertained
with a small dancing- party last night,
honoring: her fiance, Clift Cornwall
ho is visitine here for the holidays.
Many are the affairs planned for Miss
fcanditry on the part of himself andlHubpr and Mr. Cornwall. Monday
Private Husted A. Walters, which
culminated In the killing: of Jerome
J'almer, Portland police patrolman, on
the night of November 17.
Private Walters, on trial for the
nrurder of the policeman, sat through
liis youtMal companion's recital with
a, flushed face .and a nervousness
. which was apparent to i In the
courtroom. At frequent Intervals
Walters would shift himself about In
liis chair In an effort to catch the eye
of the young witness who was giving
the most damaging testimony against
iira, but Tillman kept his gaze upon
the jurors throughout his recital, ex
cept on one occasion when he nodded
toward Walters as the man who had
fired the shot which terminated the
lit of Patrolman Palmer.
Aid Declare Force. t
Wo left Camp Lewla together
three davs before we came to Port
land," Tillman testified; "We got
to Portland at .3:10 on the afternoon
of the killing and went to a north
end pawnshop and sold Walters' gun
tor ti. He then took mine and kept
It the rest of the evening.
"After dark we started out to see
the town. It was about an hour be
fore the first robbery that Walters
told me he was going to hold up peo
Die and getome money. I told him
1 didn't want teo. but he made me.
Then, with a voice which could
soercelv be heard b the jurors sit
ting but a few feet away, Tillman
told of the three street hold-ups in
which he participated with Walters.
He recounted how he had been com
manded by Walters to search one of
the victims, and that after finding
the man's waHet In a vest pocket he
put it back in the fellow's overcoat
pocket when Walters wasn t looKing.
Aloney Declared Not W'aatrd.
"Why did you do that?" inquired
Deputy District Attorney Bernard,
who conducted the direct examina
tion. "I didn't want to take his money,"
replied the witness.
After the third hold-up Tillman said
lie told Walters that they would have
to stop.
"1 told him the police would sure
get us," related the youth. "He said
he didn't care, because the police
would never get him."
After the third hold-up "Tillman
said they started back toward the
business district with the intention
'of going to the union station and get
ting a train.
"When we got down by Sixth and
Gllsan I saw two "policemen and told
Walters that they were coming
toward us," the youth said.
Police Beaded Their Way. t
The police were coming up Sixth
street and headed for the same corT
ner we were- When they got pretty
close to us Palmer called out for us
to stop and take our hands out of
our pockets. stopped and did as he
said, but Walters walked off the-side-walk
and got about six feet from the
curb. When the poli" called once
again for him to stop, Walters turned
and shot Palmer. The other officer
with Palmer fired at Walters, who
then began to run east. They paid
no- attention to me after the police
man had been shot. I etood there fort Beach, Wash.
a minute ana then walked down to
the station, where I was arrested a
Ehort time later."
From the moment Walters turned
in the street and sent a bullet from
an army revolver into the heart of
Patrolman Palmer the narrative of
succeeding incidents , was taken up
night Mrs. K. It. Thompson gave
dinner, honoring the young people,
ami Miss Nadine Caswell then en
tertained the party at the-theater.
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Koilock will
be hosts for a dinner tonight, compli
menting Miss Huber and her fiance.
A similar affair will be given tomor
row night by Mr. and Mrs. Edward A.
One 'of the interesting family par.
ties of the week will be- that for
which Mr. and Mrs.. Elliott Corbett
will be hosts Christmas eve. Friday
afternoon the children of the Corbett
family will be entertained with
party-at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Ladd Corbett. A Christmas
tree and a Yuletide play by the Co'
bett ehlldren will be features.
The wedding of Miss Edna HoleonVb
and Waldo Hirschberger will be sol
emnlzed Christmas day at the home
of the bride-elect's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. Holcomb. on Hawthorne
avenue. The ceremony will be read
at 5 o'clock by Rev. Levi Johnson
before a small group of relatives and
friends. Hits Vera Kelly will be maid
of honor and Ernest Holcomb, broth
er of the bride to be will be best man.
Following the ceremony a supper
will be served. Mrs. Morse Jones will
cut the ices and Mrs. Thomas Van
Orsdel will preside at the coffee urn.
The wedding trip of the young couple
will include several weeks in Call'
fornia. after which they will return
to Portland to reside.
Christmas kindness took possession
of the women who reside in the St.
Francis apartments yesterday when
they spent the day preparing presents
for the old people of the Pisgah home.
Matrons and maids of the building
gathered in the apartment of Mrs.
W. L. Prentiss and sewed and pre
pared gifts for the old people. At
tractive gifts were arranged for each
inmate and candy, cigars and other
luxuries were added to the basket.
The gtfts will be delivered Christmas
day. Mr. Kundred assisted "Mrs.
Prentiss in arranging the gathering.
Henry F. Wentz, prominent Port
land artist will leave shortly for New
Tork. where he will spend the month
of January. He will attend a number
of exhibitions and visit artist friend
in the eastern city.
. . . .
Several Portlanders shared in the
festivities at Del Monte recently, at
which E. L. Garretson of Tacoma. im
perial potentate of the Mystic Shrine,
and Mrs. Garretson were honored
guests. Mayor and Mrs. George I
Baker and Mr. and Mrs. D. G.
Tomasini of Portland were included
n the series of dinners, golf matches
and bridge parties.
Carol Barker, a student of the Uni
versity of California came from
Berkeley this week to spend thn
Christmas holiday with relatives.
Miss Mary Hall of Olds, Alberta, is
the house guest of Miss Marion ide
for the Christmas holidays. Misii
Hall is a student at Oregon Agricul
tural college.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Seamen are in
Portland for the holidays from Long
Mrs. Harry Beal Torrey, Mrs. E. K.
Willard, Mrs. G. C. Von Egloffstein,
Mrs. W. O. Van' Schuyler, Mrs. Ai A.
Morrison, and Mrs. John S. Parke.
Irvington club members are. antici
pating with pleasure the next, social
event of the organization, which will
be a formal dance. The party will
be an event of Monday night at the
The annual luncheon of Alpha Chi
Omega alumnae and active members
will be held Tuesday at 12 o'clock at
the Hotel Portland. Covers will be
loirl fnr 33 Vnllnvin? the luncheon
a theater party at the Orpheum wllfl
be enjoyed. The affair is open to all
alumnae and active members and
reservations may be made with Mrs,
J. P. Breckel, Tabor 5945.
Of interest to society will be th
play to be given this evening at th
Heilig theater, by the T. W. C. A. and
the Portland Drama league. Many
box and line parties 'will be given
The principal characters of the play
will be Dame and Father Worden,
played by Mrs. Norman Christie and
Walter Jenkins. Other importan
parts will be taken by Mrs. William
Bailey, William Sites and H. Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Endicott
have Just returned from an extended
stay in California. .
Miss Julie Murphy will arrive to
day to be the guest of her sister, Mrs.
William Slnnott, for the Christmas
season. ' She is a student at the Uni
versity of Washington.
Miss Judith Joy. who i attending
school in Bellingham, Wash., will
spend the holidays with her grand
mother. Mrs. Julia La Barre. Allen
Joy is also home from eastern Ore
gHn for the Christmas vacation.
Junior members of the Multnomah
club are anticipating the Christmas
entertainment which is scheduled for
Monday night. Parents and friends
have been invited to attend.
Women's Activities
Miss Margaret Sheridan, student of
the University of Oregon, is spending
the holidays with her mother.
m m lUaiwituw women nieniuprn ox
I the Harding and Coolldge club
a. will sell Christmas seals for the
Oregon State Anti-Tubercular asi
ciatlon, and it Is expected that the
25,000 members of the club will re
spond financially to the urgent call,
Thursday is the last day of the cam
paign for Christmas seals ana every
effort will be made to make it a
success. ,
Miss Leona Powers, leading lady of
the Baker stock company, has vol
unteered her services and will be at
Mrs. William Cake's booth at the Im
perial hotel. The Harding.and Cool-
idge club workers are in charge of
booths as follows:
Mrs. William M. Cake, Miss Julia
Chcmin and Miss Leona Powers, Im
perial hotel.
Mrs. D. W. Ross, Mrs. E. W. Lang-
don and Mrs. Alma Varnum, Meier &
Frank's store.
Miss MT I." Smith, Miss Winifred
Mitchell, Miss Marian Mitchell, Olds,
Wortman & King.
Mrs. F. C. Norrls, Mrs. Ora Baker
and Mrs. Fred Hyskel, Multnomah
Mrs. Leander Martin, Mrs. J. F.
Kelly and Mrs. Paul M. French, Lip
man, Wolfe & C.
Mrs. Ethel Stearns Spauiding, Miss
Ann Bliven, Miss Helen Bliven and
Miss Mary Helen Dickson, Morrison
trect postofficeS -
Mrs. A. F. "Wheeler, Mrs. C. E.
Dant, Portland hotel.
Mrs. M. E. Young, Mrs. W. I. Swank,
Benson hotel.
Miss May Sflcocks, Mrs. A. L. Ste
phens and Mrs. J. S. Standlfer, Ore
gon hotel.
Mrs. M. H. MeClung and Mrs. Mary
E. Steepey, Broadway postoffice.
Mrs. M. H. Lamond is chairman of
the day for this drive.
On Friday afternoon Mrs. Jessie
O. Steckle, 805 Interstate avenue en
tertained the- members of the Over
look Women's club at her home. Mr.
McClaren of the Pacific Coast Rescue
and Protective society gave an in
teresting talk on the work of -;the
society in Portland. Miss Skinner, a
teacher from Jefferson high school,
discussed the Teacher's Tenure and
-I I rw 7NT -J&qiSTTTPggT-y ii ill H Si UL. .'LV(.s .i wmmwuw
xvv&dNtMixs&JbsBsm- Mir-:.. w l ' . ymwm
' Needed!" J : 1 rV-jjKgg-
More anJ more, at Chnstmas time, real friends '-'WM ill "f Tf " "fltj?
More and more, at Chnstmas. time, real friends
are giving useful gifts! '
Warmth. For chilly evenings in the living room.
After a long, cold drive. Bathing the youngsters..
Just a few of the many times that'a Lawson Odor
less Room Heater is a real necessity. - ;
- Odorless absolutely. It gives off a radiant heat
like the sun. No openflame to devitalize the. atmos
phere. Its strong rays penetrate without over
heating. ,v
' The Lawson is compact. Of pleasing appearance.
An economical size for every room -in the house.
Costs little to operated
Review your Christmas list. ' You're sure to read
at least one name on it to whom the Lawson Odorless
Room Heater will be "just what we needed." '-
Step in and let any of the following dealers demon
strate this hundred per cent quality heater. "
J. JT. Kndderly, 130 Flrot St. Phone Mala 13S2.
j. - B"fr', Ine" Fourta St Phone Mala 6131. '
STLl STB,Snre FMth Md k s- Mala 1827.
Wiaks Hardware Co.. 14th and Washington St.. Phone
Broadway "2HV2.
. I: " ?7',rM "" S. Phone Main T20T.
,?"rH,P?Tl" Co- 188 Fourth St. Pbone Mala 7V7.
J?5lfn.' 3 E. IWorrtaon su fhoile e,,, ,70,
W. AI. Taylor, 6 Grand Ave. Phone Gut 42a. '
Patterson. Furniture Co, UUlaboro.
Jamea Hambly A Sons, 288 Market Sfc, San FraneUeo.
I 1 1 Pill III ' WWII I III III! ' Jk
the members of the club b-an unan-
mous informal vote indorsed the law
as It now stands. Janet Patton was
soloist for the afternoon, accompan
ied by Miss Frances Nendel and Miss
Beulah Blackwell played several vio-K 7 t ""--ouso canvass or
lin selections, accompanied by Miss . JaPanese women bf Honolulu for
Leslie Griffith.
The TriTJ gTrls of the Washington
high school held an interesting meet
ing In the Community house yester
day afternoon. A delightful pro
gramme of music,'' readings and
Christmas stories was held. All mem
bers have been urged to attend the
New Year's meeting on January 4.
Friday evening the Wallowa Wom
en's club presented Miss Elizabeth
rux, aean oi women at me univer
sity of Oregon, in a public lecture
which was preceded by a banquet in
her honor at which covers were laid
for more than 30 prominent club
women. -Mrs. J. M. Bledsoe, presi
dent of the club, presided, and the
event' took the form of a citizen's
educational conference at which Miss
Fox gave answers
munity problems.
to several com-
HONOLULU, T. H.. Dec. 21.' "rSna-
,'al.) A house-to-house canvass of
me purpose or interesting them in
dress reform will be made by the
committee representing the local Jap
anese women's societies. The idea
back of the movement is to do away
with the picturesque Japanese dress
worn by Japanese women In favor of
modern American clothes.
appreciated for their utility
HE knows that PARIS are Supreme
for Value, Comfort and Service. So
be certain to get the genuine PARIS.
The beautiful holiday packing is ino&
attractive and co&s 'nothing extra.
'. Makers of
Children's HICKORY Garters
New York
Glen Haven Rest Home
Diet and Rest Cure f
Electricity, Hydro-Therapy. Battle
Creek methods applied as your physi
cian directs. Outside patients treated
also. Aa lldeal Home. Beautiful
grounds. .
Hi East 28th St., Tor. Alder, r
Phone East 422. I '
Imported and Domestic perfumes
and toilet requisites: Coty'g,
Rogrer & Gallet, Djer Kiss, Vio
let's, Piver, Rigaud, Hudnut,
Houbigant. Complete line of im
ported lipsticks. If you want
something different w lave it!
Sixth and Morrison -'
A holiday visitor is Miss Blanche
Nyiswoneer of Denver, Colo., a stu
dent at the University of California.
by other police who were at or near! Miss Nysw-onger was a nurse in the
the scene of the fatal ehooting at the I
Patrolman Thorpe Testtflea,
Patrolman Thorpe gave testimony
In all essential details similar to that
Kiven by young Tillman relative to
the-- actual shooting of Patrolman
Falmer. He said that with other po
lice he Immediately gave chase to
the fleeing Boldier.
Patrolmen Reek and Barber and
Desk Sergeant Reno .testified con
cerning; the running duel with Wal
ters from Sixth and Glisah. at'reeta to
the terminal freight yards, where
Walters was found with a bullet
wound In his shoulder, reclining
against a cement pier of the steel
bridge. .' .
Patrolman Reek said he crept up
on Patrolman Palmer's slayer and
strong-armed him. Walters' gun was
cocked at the time and ready for use,
he said. Patrolman Barber said he
held his gun at Walters' side while
Keek took the soldier's weapon away
from him.
John A. Goltz, lieutenant of In
spectors, told of the admissions made
by Walters at the emergency hospital
the night of his arrest. Walters ad
mitted shooting Palmer, he said, and
admitted the street robberies preced
ing the fatal shooting. Walters told
him that he shot in an effort to get
'away, fas testified.
The prosecution got well under way
yesterday and is expected to conclude
with its case la chief late this after
noon or early tomorrow. The case is
not expected to reach the Jury until
late Thursday or possibly Friday. .1
same unit in which Miss Doyle served
overseas. She ia studying landscape
architecture under the direction of the
federal board for vocational training.
Miss Nyswonger will be entertained
by a number of Miss Doyle s friends
during the Christmas season.
HALSET. Or Dec. 21. (Speclal.)-
William N. Walton and -wife celebrat
ed their 25th (silver) wedding anni
versary Saturday. Twenty-five rela
tives and neighbors sat down to a
bountiful repast. Some nice silver
pieces were given them.
ABERDEEN. Wash.. Dec. 21 (Spe.
oial.) James J. Sexton post. Veterans
of Foreign Wars, will give their sec
ond annual New Tear's ball in the
Knights of Pythias hall New Tear's
A fancy dress party will be given
by the Grays Harbor County cluu
members December 31.
The busiest day of the busiest week
will riot be given over to shopping
by several Portland women", but will
be devoted to work for the European
Relief for starving children. In sev
eral hotels of the city, booths will be
placed Friday to obtain contributions.
The booths will be a forerunner of
the big campaign which the women's
committee of the council will put on
for. the holiday week between Christ
mas and New Tear's day.
The Portland hotel will be in
charge of Mrs. William D. Wheel
wright; Multnomah, Mrs. Edmund
Oiltner; Inrperial, Mrs. J. C. Costello.
Assisting these women will be Mrs.
Imported and domestic perfumes ' .
and toilet requisites, the art of
Portland Hotel Pharmacy
Sixth and Morrison
jih have SISSUU-J'' J M mE : ! '
. sKsYfNTrVTTsssMsssMitslslslsB' VsV 'lir ST"T f '. 1 J Jli I M W f
........ " iiitwik!iifwf!ii!5fliiriliiii Bill! IIIIIJ -' ' ; . :
1 .u? fWzm&& till .
A .Reputation
to Sustain
Olympic Is 0it
all-purpose Hour;
good for
cxtTo-ordfnoTy, os
- i "r well as ordinary
, bfUdng. V
MANY a good cook is pleasantly antici
pating the' test of healthy holiday
appetites with the - certainty of rier own skill
and the dependability of Olympic Fjour. ;
Perhaps tjiey became partners in the art of gpod
baking thirty years agoand have gained and retained
their fame together.
Your neighborhood grocer can
supply you OLYMPIC Flour
In 10, 241 and 491 lb. sacks.
, Contains Vertebral Lesions
The Cause of Your Ailments
Eye. Kir, ,ir ana Tkroat, Lsnxs
Bronchi, Asthma, TuhrcaloaUi. etc.
HEART, Palp 1 1 s
tlon. Poor Circu
lation, Leakage,
High Blood
1'ressore. etc.
and Chronic Dys
pepsla, Ulcer, eto.
1,1 VKK, Jnundice,
Kiliousness, Hal
low Complexion,
Uliem, Ula
betes, eto.
Ner voui Kxhaus
, tlon. Chrohlc Con
etipation, Kupture.
H e morrhoids
plles). Lumbaao,
Hciatlcs, Rheuma
tifm and many
Otherdtsea ses
ark ri iv.n b 7
V O It R K C T I 1
Vertebrae In the Nor
mal Posltlea
Vertebrae la A b-
aoraaal Psaitioa.
Studr the photeerraptis takes of normal
and abnormal spine. Note In the abnor
mal spine the contraction or aettlinir of
series ot vertebras, due to the thinning or
shrinking of the cartilages between.
ertrr to all organs of the body are Im
pinged or pinched between the vertebrae,
at the place where they leave the spinal
canal and cord. The ora-uns supplied by
the affected nerves can no longer function
ate correctly, their supply or vital nerre
enare-v is obstnucted. they become IN
rv.?Ss. . - . s-i- .
vSkvSS',!?i v.
.?rli:)'.;'- "
!?.f MV ...
i.ii 1 1 v '
Ahnorsinl ntiat
Willi II KfiKrB IS lUlRRf
Correction of spinal lesions has resulted In curing: diseases of men and
women mat were at one lima tnouernt incuraois.
THIRTY MINUTES ' A re Requires la ftlvlaa- Trratmeats. Mblch Are
Are Yea Interested f Da Yea Know the Meaning ( Good Health
Come to My Office, Coaaatt He la Regard to Year Case, 1rt Me Deserlbs
My Treatment, inea ua want ion. mm uesu 10a Are
Lader No.OhligatloB.
Foar Physlelaa Asalataats. I-ady Atteaaaata.
Oxygen Vapor Treatments, Massage, Electro and
Hydrotherapy, 1 hernial Uven liaths
Office Hourai 10 ta 12, 1 ta B. Kvenlnge to 8.
Phoae Marshall 4048. Resldeaeo Phsme Tabor 6SII3.
. v -
r. -v.-
1 1 .'.
...... ,
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St '
! ' ' ' .
Phone Your Want Ad to The Oregonian
t - , . . ' - :'-
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