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Oregon Coach Assures Club
Eleven Good Game.
Plant of Giving Chance to Men to
Show Mettle MaTies Corrup
tion for Places Keen.
Multnomah Amateur Athletic
club vs. University of Oregon
at Kugene.
Alumni vs. Willamette uni
versity at Salem.
Whitman college vs. TJniver-
sity of Washington at Seattle,.
Washington State college vs.
Gonzaga university at Spokane.
St. Mary's college vs. Univer
sity of California at Berkeley.
Olympic club of San Fran
cisco vs. Stanford university at
Palo Alto.
Montana State college vs.
Montana Wesleyan at Bozeman.
tbey brushed up on signal practice
and formations.
Os Day, former club player and in
terscholastic star, turned out for the
team at the start of the season but an
injury will prevent his being used
against Oregon. Leighton, another
backfleld man, is out with an injured
Next Saturday the Winged M team
goes to Corvallis for Its annual game
w;th the Oregon Agricultural college
and on October 30 the biggest inter
club contest in years will be held
here when the local team clashes with
the Olympic club of San Francisco.
Two tentative gamed have
been arranged for the local field, one
with the Gonzaga university of Spo
kane on November 6, and the other
with St. Mary's college on Novem
ber 20.
A return game with the Oregon
Aggies is scheduled for Thanksgiving
day on the .local gaidiron.
ExDected Wednesday.
Oct. 8. (Special.) "We will be able
to tell better about the game Satur
day night," is the comment of Coach
"Shy" Huntington in regard to the
contest between Oregon and Multno
mah club tomorrow afternoon at Eu
gene. Coach Huntington does not
predict victory, but says that the club
men will get a good game.
The Oregon team has been going
through some hard scrimmage during
the last week and considerable im
provement has been shown. The work
is rough in spots and the personnel
of the team will be determined to a
great extent by the showing made in
the game tomorrow.
Bart Spellnian. line coach, says that
he has not decided as yet who will
play in the line.
Competition la Kern.
Competition for places on the team
is stronger than usual. The coaches
have been shifting players from posi
tion to position and using different
combinations of backs daily. Many
linemen will have chances to show
their mettle in the initial game and
two or three different sets of backs
will be used.
The plan of giving a chance to the
men at various places has put all the
aspirants on their toes. On the first
team during the soximmage of last
week Brick and Spike Leslie and
Mart Howard were the only ones who
worked practically all the time. Even
these old varsity men 'were moved
Occasionally to give new material a
chance. Ed Ward. Scotty Strachan
-and Carl Mautz were alternating at
the guard berths. Another strong
contender for this place put in his
appearance last week in the form of
Pat O'llourko. O'Rourke placed
tackle on the S. A. T. C. team of
191$. His natural berth is at 'guard.
however and that is the place he is
trying for. He and Mautz'-are not in
the best of shape as yet and probably
neither will appear in the game ac
cording to Huntington.
Tackle AMpirants Alternate.
Spike Leslie has been holding down
his tackle berth most of the time,
but on the other side Tiny Shields
and llughie Clerin have been alter
nating. Clerin also alternates with
Rndd Brown at end. In the back
field there is this' same condition of
uneertainty. Hoisington, Frank Hill
and Francis Jacobberger have all
been playing at half. Brandenburg
will not be Jn shape to play for a
couple of weeks but after that time
he will also be out for his old posi
tion. Bill F.einhart has baen working at
quarter for the most part with
Kddie Durno as his understudy.
Jacobberger has also been trying at
full, though George King seems to
have the edge. The men all realize
that the next two weeks will tell
who will play on the team and all
are trying hard to cinch their jobs.
Punting Ip to Two.
It probably will devolve upon
Spike Leslie and Tony Jacobberger
to do the kicking. Both of these
men are fair at punting and the
coach has had them working the last
few rights on drop and place kick
ing. Keinhart also has been work
ing at this end of the game. One
good backfield man was lost this
week, when Pete Jensen, 'who has a
bad heart, was ordered by his doc
tor to quit the game. Jensen had
been showing up well previous to
this time. Chuck Robinson is also
out, due to an injured shoulder.
The rooting will be organized at
the game. Claire Keeney. yell king,
held a rally Wednesday, at which all
the students practiced yells.
The game will be played on Kin
caid field.
2 5 Club Players Taken to Eugene
to Play University Eleven.
Considerable interest will be cen
tered on the Multnomah-Oregon game
at Eugene today, as it is the initial
appearance of both teams and the
dopesters are anxiously waiting for a
chance to get a line on the compara
tive strength of the two elevens. Man
ager Dorman of the Ringed M grid
dors l)as collected former interscho
lastic stars and ex-college men and
has developed one of the strongest
teams to represent the local institu
tion in years, but despite this fact he
announced last night that he expected
his team to get walloped in the open
ing game.
The club team is perhaps the young
est collection of players ever to rep
resent the Winged M and are some
what handicapped due to the fact that
they have never played together be
fore. The team will average in the
neighborhood of 175 pounds.
Manager Dorman is taking 23 men
on the trip but as yet has not defi
nitely decided on the lineup. Stan
Anderson, former University of Ore
gon player, will hoi down one of the
end berths, while the other wing po
sition .will be taken care of by either
Raleigh Jones, Ratcliffe, Marshalll,
Brubaker or Joseph Brown.
The tackles will be selected from
Pete De Cicco, Kerns, Savarian and
Armstrong, while Fields, Nelson and
King will be worked at the guard po
sition. Mike De Cicco will take care
of the center of the line.
In the back field Dorman has Welch,
Pudge -Brown and Joe Hughes at quar
ter, with Wright. Strowbridge and
Jones for halfbacks. Hiatt, Barber
and Hurlburt are the fullback candi
dates. The clubmen held their final work
out Thursday, night, at which time
Star Men Return and' Team Is
Ready for Gonzaga Game.
Pullman, Oct. 8. (Special.) The
Cougar varsity eleven and the second
team lasf night staged the stiffest
workout seen this season. Welch is
using all material on hand in an en
deavor to discover two more linemen
of promise. Both teams drew blood
in the game, and the Indian mentor
commented that the sight was a pleas
ing one. V
The campus is rejoiciirg over the
news that Bert Brooks, star tackle of
last year, has announced his intention
of enrolling in school and turning out
for the eleven. Brooks, of course, is
a certainty for a tackle berth and
Coach Welch will use him at guard
in some of his formations. The husky
tackle will complete a line that will
be formidable, for he is fast and rug
ged and is a candidate for all-star
honors when playing at his regular
Brooks will not be used In the game
against Gonzaga tomorrow, for he is
not yet familiar with the signals, nor
is he in condition. With Jenne and
Durrwachter also back this week,
Welch's squad will be further aug
mented by two more sterling backs
of experience.
Coach Welch and his proteges left
for Spokane this morning, where they
will meet Coach Dorais' Gonzaga
eleven tomorrow afternoon. The
Irishmen are expected to give the
Cougars a tough battle, for Dorais ha
a collection of trick plays which he
used effectively at Notre Dame. Prac
tically every man who is eligible to
make the varsity will make the trip.
The second team will battle the
Lewis and Clark high school eleven of
Spokane Saturday afternon in Spokane.
Sundodgers Get In Hard Licks Be
fore Today's Game.
Oct. 8. (Special.) A general speed
ing up in scrimmage and better team
work has characterized the university
eleven this week. Three hours' prac
tice on the field and a meeting to dis
cuss tactics in the evening lias been
the programme for the last three
With the opening game tomorrow
with Whitman, Coach Allison is be
ginning to, pick a first. team. So far
Captain Faulk is at left end, Larry
Smith at center and Jimmy Bryan
tackle, are the only men who are sure
of their berths.
Right end is giving the coach a lof
of trouble. The position filled by
George Smith for three years was
left, when he graduated, without any
one to take his place. Porep, Peterson
and Hobi are all getting a chance at
the job. Porep probably will start the
In the backfield Norris, ex-navy
star, is hitting his stride and prob
ably will start as halfback.
The question of a punter is still
bothering the coaches. Harper is do
ing the booting just now from the
position of fullback. Zeil, a new man,
gave promise of developing, but has
failed to materialize so far.
Negotiations have been completed
for a game betweenthe freshman
eleven and the Washington State col
lege yearlings. The game will be
played on the university field Novem
ber 13.
Harey Thorp Looked for to Put Up
Better Battle Against Bay
City Slugger.
ered on the Democrats' 30 yard line.
Line smashes put the ball on the ten
yard line and then Wolverton was
sent through for 4 yards. Captain
Bill Beck carried the -ball' on the
next down and placed the pigskin
within one yard of the goal, where
"Red" MarguAus squirmed through for
the touchdown. Wolverton converted
the- goal kick.
Captain Beck carried the ball over
for th. third score which came in
Two, Slashing Glove Bouts hj- period -Vower-
ton added another point by kicking
Captain Beck played a great all
round game and carried the burden of
the Cardinals' offensive on his
shoulders. With' only a few minutes
left to play in the final 'quarter he
intercepted a pass on his own !5
yard line and Sprinted 85 years for
the fourth and final score of the
game. Mische kicked goal.
Jefferson suffered considerably from
stage fright during the first half
and fumbles were frequent. In the
second half the Democrats carried
the fight to Lincoln territory and
came close to scoring a couple of
times but lacked the punch to shove
the ball over.
In the last few minutes of the game
with the contest tucked safely under
their shoulder pads by a good marg
in the Cardinal team began to run in
substitutes and before the final
whistle blew had practically a new
lineup. 1
None of the Jefferson 1919 cham
pionship team appeared in the line
up and today for practically all of
the Democrats it was their first
The lineup:
Lincoln (27)
Mische . . . .
Therkl ...
Peebles . . . .
Rosenberg- .
Addler -. . . .
Margudius .
Wolverton .
Beck c) .
Substitution' Lincoln.
HIH; Selzer for WoWerton; Duncan for
aiargunus. Jirrson, l.axon for HiKKins;
Murray for Palanore; Sullivan for Kurtz;
Seabrook for Buckley: HigKins f-or Laxon:
Kelpey for Mlmnaush: Kuril for WUUams.
Official rover Francis, reflerpe- HIU
HoJ-den, umpire ; Sergtant Davis, headlines-
man; a. n. cunon, timer.
Mod ford High Schedule Announced.
MEDFORD, Or., Oct. 8. The foot
ball schedule of the Medford high
school team, just announced, up to
date is as follows: Medford vs.
Klamath Falls at Klamath Falls.
October 9, with Grants Pass at Grants
Pass on October 16, with Klamath
Falls here October 23. with Grants
Pass here October 30 and with Ash
land here November 13 and at Ash
land Thanksgiving day. "
Western Conference Teams Will
Begin. Elimination Games of
Their Schedule Today.
NEW YORK, Oct. 8. Withirelimi
nary mettle-testing matches and a
week of workouts under crisp football
weather behind them, the Big Three
eastern college elevens, .Harvard, Yale
and Princeton, clash tomorrow with
intersectional rivals. Most of the
nlhp.r lnro-e r-nl 1 p ire tpamn in the pt
are slated to grapple with opponents I knockdown. -
Two slashing battles should emerge
from the two headliners on the Mll-
waukie boxing commissions caru
the Milwaukie arena next Wednesday
night. Johnny McCarthy, who has
yet to put up anything but a slam
bang rip-tearing fight here, will
serve to bring out all the class that
Harvey Thorp, the Kansas City mixer,
has, in the main tangle of ten cantos,
while Muff Bronson, Portland's most
popular lightweight, and Eddie Shan
non of Los Angeles, will breeze it
out in the eight-round semiwindup.
With a little bit of reasoning it is
impossible to reach any conclusion
except that Thorp did not put up
the fight he is capable-of in' his mill
against Alex Trambitas two weeks
ago. Thorp is a knockerout and has
been fighting In every nook and
corner of the country regularly. Any
boxer who can shame Charley White,
Jimmy Hanlon and their ilk. can not
be put down as a second-rater. Thorp
has not been alibi-ing his showing
against Trambitas with the exception
that he believes the principal reason
was that Trambitas did not care to
step In and slug with him. Even
granting that, he did not show his
McCarthy tirow Better. -
McCarthy, who grows better as the
years roll on, is a fair boxer, can
take punches that would rock Joe
Grimm in his palmy days, and can
sock like an Arkansas mule. Thorp's
further activities in these parts de
pend upon his showing against
Johnny. If he puts up a good fight
and gets as good as a draw along
with it, he will land a match with
Travie Davis, Pacific coast welter
weight champion, in Seattle on Octo
ber 19. If Johnny Is the aggressor
and takes the shade he will land the
crack at Davis and incidentally a
fight, with Johnny Tillman at the
Milwaukie arena in the near future.
Shannon and Bronson as a drawing
card are a magnet that cannot be
ignored. Shannon has lost but one
fight on the Pacific coast in over
150 starts. The one black mark on
his record was Jadministered by Joe
Benjamin. Some say a lucky punch
turned the trick while others refer
to Joe's proven class as responsible
for the result of the victory.
Bronnon la Sturdy Battler.
Bronson has never received much
the worst -of It from a boxer in the
northwest at his weight. He and
Shannon are as evenly matched a
pair as could be brought together.
Both are among the few legitimate
lightweights of class on the Pacific
coast. The Jimmy Duffys, Willie
Hunefelds and, others will have a
sweet time, coming in at 135 or 133
ringside, while either Weight is easy
work for Bronson or Shannon.
Dick Morris, Harvey Thorp's will
ing young sparring mate, will have
the weight edge on Johnny Fiske in
their six-round bout, but the latter
was willing to concede the difference
and take Morris on.
Dick is a beginner, but In his few
fights in Kansas City has made good.
Chick Johnson . thought enough of
him to tote him out to the coast and
looks for Morris to register popu
larity, with the Portland fans.
Jack Berry, the boy who gave the
razz to Neil Zimmerman and Carl
Martin at the Milwaukie arena, will
make his third start "under the new
monicker against Frankie Crites, the
rough and ready Newberg boxer.
Berry has a mean habit of planting
his dukes" with steam and regularity
on his opponent's weak points and
may give the coming Frankie a eet-
DacK li ne runs true to form.
Joe Gorman. Willie Bernstein. Al
Gruman. Harry Schuman and several
other Portlanders returned from Se
attle yesterday. Gorman gave Bud
Ridley an unmerciful lacing in Seat
tle Wednesday night and fought Mor
gan Jones a six-round draw the fol
lowing night, in Tacoma.
The writer has seen Gorman put
up some great fights, but never any
thing like that against Ridley. Gor
man was stale in the Jones mix. and
lucky for young Morgan it was. At
that. Chet Mclntyre's clever boy was
fortunate to get an even break.
Noble Defeats Murray in 15 Rounds
at Madison Square.
NEW YORK, Oct. 8. Tommy Noble
of England won a decision over John
ny Murray of New Ytyk in a 15-cound
bout at Madison Square Garden to-night.
Noble outfought his opponent
throughout. The winner's weight
was announced at 135V4 pounds and
Murray's 125. Neither man scored a
. . .LKr
. . .LOR
. . .HTL. . . .
. ..LHR
. . . RHL. .
JeCferaon to).
.... Buckfcey
. . Mlmnauirh
Jones (c
.13 7 O 7 27
.000 0 0
Man-heimer for
Upper-Classmen Defeat Freshmen
by 9 -to-6 Score
Re-ed college had Its first inter
class football game yesterday, be
tween the upper-classmen and fresh
men, and the former won, 9 to 6. The
freshmen rushed their heavier oppo
nents off their feet the first quarter
and mad a touchdown on a recov
ered punt and long forward pass. In
the second quarter, however, by
straight line plunging the upper
classmen were able to carry the ball
over and convert a goal kick into a
point. In the last half the upper-classmen
made repeated yardage, but
fumbled the ball most of the time.
A safety was made by the uppe
classmen when the freshmen were
thrown for a loss in the last quarter.
Steffen, King -and Rothwell were the
stars for the "frosh" and Hamilton,
Stone and Gehri for the upper-classmen.
The lineup:
Patau Mo
Pad gham . . .
. . . . Stone
y "v
from less eonspicuous gridirons in
this section of the country.
Harvard bucksaValparaiso at Cam
bridge, Princeton will meet Maryland,
while Yale goes into battle against
North Carolina.
Neither of the service elevens ex
pect dangerous opposition. The navy
takes on Lafayette at Annapolis and
the army plays Middlebury at Wes
The first meeting of the season be
tween two of the larger eastern ag
gregations takes place with Dart
mouth's invasion of the Penn State
CHICAGO, Oct. 8. Every western
conference football team will get into
action tomorrow, but in only two in
stances will conference elevens meet
each other. Northwestern will play
Minnesota at Evanston and Chicago
will tacklj Purdue here.
With Indiana already, virtually eli
minated from the championship race
through its defeat by Iowa last Sat
urday, it is considered probable that
the list of "also rans" will be in
creased to three through tomorrow's
contests for defeat, for any eleven will
make its championship possibilities
The Minnesota-Northwestern games
probably will attract most attention,
for It is expected to show definitely
how strong the Minnesota team is this
Purdue will have the advantage of
having played one hard game when it
lines up against -Chicago, but the
Maroons have been well developed by
Intensive scrimmage.
In the Missouri valley conference,
Missouri plays St. Louis university for
the first time in years, while Ames
meets Grlnnell and Kansas tackles
"Panama" Joe Gans received the
judges' decision over George Robin
son of Boston in a 12-round bout.
They are negro light-raiddlewelghts.
Danny Frush of Baltimore. 125V4
pounds, defeated Artie O'Leary of
New York, 127. in a ten-round go.
Democrats Get 2 7 -to- 0 Whitewash
Coat and) -Green. Team Suf
fera. From Stage Fright.
Jefferson high school's eleven low
ered its colors to the Lincoln high
school-squad yesterday afternoon on
the Multnomah Amateur Athletic club
grounds for the first time in sev
eral years. The largest crowd of
the season turned out to witness the
Cardinal squad hand the Democrats
a 27 to 0 whitewashing.
Lincoln had all the better of the
cctntest- during the first half but the
bltie and gold gridders came back
after-the intermission and held their
own. "
The Cardinal eleven's, first score
came shortly ,after the opening whis
tle blew, when Fullback Hunt picked
up a fumble and raced 45 yeards for
a touchdown. The attempt at the
goal kick failed. .
The second scorfe also came dur
ing the first period, when Jefferson
fumbled again and Lincoln recov-
RC. .
B Hamilton
Substitutes were: Krosh. Henny for
Pattuio. Upper-classmen, Hibble for Fos
ter: Foley for Beich.
Portland Hunt Club Announces
Events for Month of October.
A closed paper chase for men and
women is the first event to be run
by the Portland Hunt club this month.
The event will be held this afternoon
from Nesmith station at 3 o'clock.
Nesmith station is south of the club
house at Garden Home.
From 20 to 25 riders are expected to
follow the trail laid by Mr. and Mrs.
Natt McDougall, and the competition
is expected to bring out fast riding.
Next Sunday nor ning the club will
hold a cross country ride starting
from the Portland Riding Academy
at 9 o'clock. Breakfast will be served
at the Portland Hunt club at 11:30
A: M.
Saturday, October 23 another closed
paper chase will be held, the start be
ing made from the Portland Hunt
club at 3 o'clock, with Mr. and Mrs.
W. U. Sanderson as the hares.
A cross country ride will be held
Sunday morning, October 31, starting
from the Portland Riding academy.
Junior events for the -month of Oc
tober are two closed paper chases to
be held on Saturday afternoon of Oc
tober 16 and SO, under the supervision
of H. M. Kerron starting from the
Portland Riding School at 1:30 P. M.
Gooding College on Gridiron.
CALDWELL. Idaho, Oct. 8. Spe
cial.); The College of Idaho, opening
the local football season Friday over
whelmed Gooding college 90 to 0.
Gooding was powerless before the
versatile attack of the Presbyterian
speedy backs and heavy line. Jackson
Huett and Lowell featured for the
college ity. Athletic director Cor
nell, exVUniversitiy of Oregon star
and Northwest quarter for two sea
sons, is coaching trie college of Idaho
and Caldwell high school.
Caldwell Meets Baker Today.
CALDWELL. Idaho. Oct. 8. Cald
well high school football Squad left
for Baker for the annual clash with
the Oregonians Saturday. But little
hope for victory is held by Coach Cor
nell, as the Baker 11 is conceded to
be one of the best In the mtermoun
tain section. Caldwell' is further
handicapped by having to open the
season witn us most tormiiable rival
'High Football Player Dies.
GALESBURG, 111.. Oct. 8. Injuries
which he received in a football game
between Burlington, Iowa, and Mon
mouth, 111., high schools last Satur
day, caused the death at a hospital
here yesterday of Raymond M. Sillick
of Wapello, la., a member of the
Burlington team.
Deputy Game Warden Quits.
ROSEBURG. Or., Oct. 8. (Special.)
C. A. Stark of Sutherlin, county
game warden, yesterday telegraphed
his resignation to the state game
warden. Mr. stars: gave up the office
to look after his personal affairs.
Britton Held to Draw. '
TOLEDO, O.. Oct. 8 Jack Britton,
welterweight champion boxer, was
held to a draw by Jack Perry of
Pittsburg in a fast 12-round bout here
tonight, according to the majority
newspaper opinion.
Bend' City Campaign Opens.
BEND, Or., Oct. 8. (Special.)
Municipal political activities opened
here today when E. D. Gilson an
nounced himself a candiadte for
mnvnr nnH (1 T T Raker. Lon T . T-'n-r
J. A. Stevens, N. H. Gilbert and Hugh'
Okane came out for seats in the city
council. .
.11 III ( I, I u
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