Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 04, 1920, Page 7, Image 7

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ORPRrry (Broadway at Taylor) Van-
Kdcville. This afternoon and tonight.
o.vTn - iruvnthWRaker Stock
AAn.iL.iv Aiacr . . . . . - -
comply in Fenrod." This atternoon
and tonight.
.LYRIC (Broadway at Morrison) Musical
comedy. "The Belle of Portland." Three
shows daily. 2. 7 and S P. M.
HIPPODROME (Broadway at Tamhill)
Vaudeville and movinlt pictures. S to 5,
6:43 to 11 P. M. Saturdays. Sundays and
holidays continuous, 1:13 to 11 P. M.
PANTAOES (Broadway at Alder) Vaude
ville. Three shows dally. g:30, 7 and 9:0i.
city. Later they 'will return to their
home in Robinson. 111.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Krebs have re
turned from an extended trip
throughout the eastern states. They
were entertained in Washington. New
York, Chicago and other cities of in
terest. They now are at home at 410
East Fifty-fifth street, Groveland
Women's Activities
The freshman class of Reed college
was given a reception Saturday eve
ning by Dr. and Mrs. Knowlton. The
entertainment included a short pro
Rramme. after which refreshments
were served. The reception is an
annual social activity in honor of the
incoming class, and was formerly
given by Dr. and Mrs. Foster in their
home. This year, however, it was
held in the assembly hall, which was
artistically decorated with flowers.
The programme included a Dutch
children's dance by Anna Nilson and
Julia Harrison, Miss Nilson also ren
dering a lullaby dance. Miss Bertha
Young, dean of women, who has re
cently returned from a tour of Eng
land and Wales, related her trip
abroal. Members of the faculty and
tlieir wives were also guests.
Captain Bealey to Meet Hill. Stu
dents. Captain W. de V. Bealey, late
of the Prince of Wales North Staf
fordshire regiment, who Is visiting in
Portland, will speak bn Wednesday
morning at the Hill Military academy.
Captain Bealey is a graduate of the
academy. The family formerly lived
in Portland, hut Captain Bealey en
listed in the British army at the very
outbreak of the war and served
throughout the five years. He won
his commission in the Royal flying
. corps. He has been conducting a
tiie;iking tour in the schools of New
York city, and at his former school.
Hill, he will tell of some of his ex
periences in the war. The programme
will be given at the regular Wednes
day morning assembly, which is a fea
ture of the school.
City. John W. Cousins, lieutenant
colonel in command of Salvation Army
activities in Washington, Oregon and
Idaho, and Mrs. Cousins were wel
comed by Salvation Army workers
here yesterday. Three special serv
ices were held in their honor. Colonel
Cousins has come from Denver, where
he has been in command of the Sal
vation Army work for more than
five years in the six Rocky mountain
states between the Canadian border
and Mexico.
Commerce Club to Meet. The For
eign Commerce club will meet tomor
row at a luncheon to be held at St.
Jor.ns terminal No. 4. Visiting dele
Kates to the northwest rivers and nar
bcrs convention will be entertained
and taken on a tour of the new docks.
Tomorrow evening at the Multnomah
holei the club will give a dinner to
delegates, followed by dancing. At
the request of the Oregon State Cham
ber of Commerce the club is in charge
of entertainment features of the riv
ers and harbors convention.
Train Service to County Fair.
The following train service will be
jriven between Portland and Gresham.
t'.iily this week, for the annual Mult
nomah County fair: Leave First and
Alder 6:4f, 7:43. 8:45, 9:43, 10:43, 11:45
A. M., and 12:45, 1:45. 2:45. 3:45. 4:45,
B:45, 6:45. 7:45. 9:50 and 11:35 P. M.
Fare 30 cents each way. Adv.
Democrats Rally V eonesday. Un
der democratic auspices a political
rally will be held at the Woodstock
suhoolhouse at 8 o'clock Wednesday
evening. The address of the evening
will be made by Milton A. Miller, col
lector of internal revenue, who will
discuss issues of the campaign.
Industrial Expansion. Opportunity
is offered a limited number to take
part in the expansion of one of Port
land's best factories. Increased busi
ness ha.s required an additional issue
of common and preferred stock. Sub
stantial dividends are assured. L S3,
Ortgonian. Adv.
Alaska Society to Meet. The Alas
ka society will open its winter season
by an entertainment at the assembly
room of the Portland hotel Monday
evening. October 11. These meetings
will be held on the second Monday of
each month following.
No. 1. Driving Away Drudoery! We
have convinced very many families
that our laundry work is the kind
they want. Palace Laundry "Family
Economy Wash." at 7 cents per pound
is satisfactory and economical. Adv.
Opening Dance and card party at
W. O. W. hall, 12S 11th st., Oregon As
sembly No 1. United Artisans. Prizes,
good music, live floor committee. Ad
mission, S3 cents. Come one, come all
Do Not Forget to call up East 30SS
when you want the Salvation Army
auto-iruck to call for cast off cloth
ing, magazines, newspapers, furniture,
etc. Address 24-26 Union ave. Major
John Bree, district officer. Adv.
Modern office systems devised aad
Installed. Our system experts at your
service, no obligation. Over 400 stock
forms to select from, at a savins
Phone Main 1971. Pacific Staty. &. Ptjj
Co.. 107 Second street- Adv.
During the absence of Dr. George
Ainslie at the surgical congress in
Montreal. Dr. A. B. Oillis will be in
charge of his practice at 606 Orego
tiian bldg. Adv.
Democrats. Attention. Precincts
-is to J-'b'.s will meet at headquar
ters, Morgan building, tonight at 8
o'clock. Adv.
Dance. McEIroy'a orchestra, Mur-
lark hall, 23d and Washington fits,
every Wednesday and Saturday. Adv
Bhnj. B. Uoodman, attorney, has of
fices now at 403 Henry bids. Adv.
Milk Cure at Moore Sanitarium;
the quick way to health E. 37. Adv.
Kem merer Coal. Carbon Coal Co,
mine agents East 11SS. Adv.
Dr Geo II Buck resumes practice.
Grand at Hawthorne ave. Adv.
HOOD 1 RIVER, Or., Oct. 3. (Spe
cial.) The Hood River Women's
club held Its opening meeting- at 2:30
P. M., September 29. at Liberty hall,
which was beautifully decorated with
autumn branches and flowers. A re
ception was held in honor of the val
ley guests and the city school teach
ers, a short programme being given.
Mrs. Ralph Root sang two groups of
songs in a charming manner and
pleasing voice. Messrs. Sletton and
Emel gave several numbers on the
xylophone and piano and generously
responded to several encores. Re
freshments were served.
The women's auxiliary of the car
penters' union will give a box social
and dance Friday, October 8, at W.
O. W. hall on Eleventh street. The
auxiliary will furnish the coffee. All
women are requested to bring a lunch
box. A good time is promised and
everyone is welcome.
The Richmond Parent-Teacher as
sociation will hold its regular meet
ing Friday afternoon at 2:45 at the
school. An interesting programme
has been planned and a large attend
ance of mothers and friends of the
schools is desired. Refreshments will
be served.
The Progressive Women's league
will hold a meeting tomorrow after
noon at the central library at 2:30,
for the purpose, of arranging for a
musicale to be given at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Haak in
Mount Tabor soon.
C. S. Samuel Elected Vice-President
of American Life Convention.
The fifteenth annual meeting of the
American Life convention Just closed
at Kansas City. Mo., was the most
successful gathering of that organi
zation ever held, both from thestand
point of attendance and the number
of companies represented, according
to C. S. Samuel, general manager of
the Oregon Life Insurance company,
who has just returned from attending
that gathering.
The American Life convention Is an
organization composed cf 131 life In
surance companies with insurance in
force exceeding 7,000,000,000.
At the election of officers for the
ensuing year Mr. Samuel was chosen
one of the vice-presidents of the con--
Ever thing Slay Drop in Price, but
Diamonds Won't, Says Sydicatc.-
No matter what happens to the price
of shoes and ships and sealing wax.
the price of diamonds is not going
down, says the New York Herald and
Sun. 'That fact was made apparent
when a cablegram was received from
the Diamond Syndicate of London,
which controls th.e output of stones,
stating that its policy is to "main
tain prices.'
The Diamond Syndicate, which holds
about 90 per cent of the entire dia
mond output of the world, including
the stones from the De Beers Con
solidated mines, is probably the great
est and strongest trust in the world.
What it says goes in the diamond in
dustry. When demand slackens the
syndicate cuts off the supply.
RED CROSS AIDS 7,000,000
Cost During War to Last June Set
at $ I 0.000,000.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 3. The Ameri
can Red Cross gave aid to the coun
try's fighting men -or their families
at home in 7.000,000 cases from the
entrance of the United States into
the war until last June.
. The cost was about $10,000,000.
These facts are shown in a statement
issued by that organization today. The
Red Cross also describes how it is
continuing in peace time to aid the
world war veterans.
The article is the first of a series
based on the forthcoming anuual re
port of the Red Cross and is intended
to show what has been done with the
funds given it.
Ten New Houses on Market.
In connection with the efforts to
relieve the situation in Port
land the Title & Trust company has
announced the completion of ten
houses, located on East Eighteenth
street between Klickitat and Fre
mont streets, which have been fitted
with all modern conveniences.
Programme This Week to In
clude Inspections.
THE women of St. Stephen's Pro-
Cathedral announce the quar
terly meeting of their auxiliary for
next Friday at 2 P. M. in the par
ish house. Mrs. F. C. Malpas, presi
dent, cordially invites all members of
tiie organization to be present as im
portant plans are to be made for the
Marguerite Camp Coterie will meet
at the home of Mrs. Bowman, 2S18
East Forty-third street South, next
Thursday at 10 A. M. A pot-luck
luncheon will be served at 1 o'clock.
All resident and sojourning royal
neighbors and friends are welcome
Mrs. George W. p. Ballou left Fri
day evening for a trip to California.
She will remain away about two
C'live M. Saiz. a student at' Albany
college visited his mother, Mrs. Hila
Saiz Newlen, over the week-end. Mr.
Saiz will be one of the speakers at
the Oregon City Christian Endeavor
con vention.
The president's association of the
Ladies of the G. A. K. will meet to
morrow at 2 P. M. in Walls hall (.Sell
wood car).
Mrs. Carl Maxwell and daughter
Patricia who have been visiting here,
lett Saturday for Enterprise, Or., to
visit Mrs. Paul Ulair, formerly of this '
.2.-,.4.-t Per lenr)
Reduced hy A nnunl
Pays for
Life Insurance
(At Age Twenty-eight)
Older Ages Only a Trifle Higher
Double Face of Policy
If Killed by Accident
Insurance Company
Oldest in
Pacific Northwest
Corbet Building;, Cor. Fifth and
Morrixon, fori land
A. I.. -MILLS, Presldrjlt
C. S. StJIlKI,, l-rnrral Mnnaeer
V.. N. STRO.Mi, Axst. Mr.
Write for farther information,
giving; aae and occupation
Big Parade and Sleeting at Audi
torium 'Scxt Saturday Will
Close Campaign.
Inspections by corps of firemen of
downtown office buildings and stores,
talks in all the schools and before
many clubs, ending with a parade and
meeting at the auditorium on Satur
day, comprise the schedule for fire
prevention week, which began yes
terday. The firemen will inspect as many
buildings as possible' in an attempt to
locate any fire hazards, and through
this means and also by displays In
many downtown windows the public
will learn of the rnany causes of fire
which can be avoided.
A clock 12 feet in diameter, sus
pended about 50 feet above the ground
on Sixth street, between Morrison and
Alder, will record daily the number
of flies in the preceding 24 hours and
tre amount of damage from fire in the
city during the same period of time.
Each noon a fire truck will carry fire
ladders and firemen to Sixth street to
paint the latest figures.
Pupila to Hear Talks.
The grade schools will be covered
by speakers who will explain the
ways of avoiding fires. The schools
have been divided among W. F. Wood
ward. Rufus C. Holman, T. J. Lon
ergan, Richard Deich, H. R. Albee,
Hamilton Johnstone, Walter H. Ev
ans, B. Lee Paget and Elton Wat
kins. The speakers will visit one or
more schools each day.
J. H. Schively of the fire-prevention
bureau of the Pacific will arrive in
1-crtland this morning and will give
all of the talks in the high schools
and before the various clubs of the
city at their noon luncheons.
The week will end with a parade
on Saturday afternoon at 2:30, in
which trucks from the fire depart
ment, many civic organizations and
business houses will enter floats and
automobiles. The industrial section,
ia which fire-extinguishing equip
ment and fireproof material will be
shown, wrll be one of the largest In
the parade.
Movie to Be Shown.
In the evening a meeting will be
held at the auditorium, at which mov
ing pictures showing fire-prevention
methods will be shown and talks
made by Mayor Baker and others. A
programme of stunts also is being
pla rined.
The Portland Association of Credit
Men is planning to take an active part
in the programme of the week. The
lire-insilrance committee of the asso
ciation is preparing a float to repre
sent the credit men in the parade, and
representatives of the association are
being urged to ask their firms to take
an interest in the week." The slogan
of this group for the week will be
"More Adequate Fire Prevention and
Fire Protection: More Credit."
F. I. Finley is directing the associ
ation's activities for the week and
Shoes Tor Men
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See them in our windows.
Exclusive Ralston Agents
S. & H. Stamns
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I at ourtn ETSn
Direct from the Producer
will be glad to assist anyone in plans
for the parade.
Kiwanis Topic Fire PreTentoln.
Fire prevention will be the topic of
discussion at the regular weekly
luncheon of the Kiwanis club, to be
held tomorrow noon in the Tyrolean
room of the Benion hotel. The speaker
of the day will be J. H. Shivley. for
mer insurance commissioner of Wash
ington, now representing the fire pre
vention bureau of the Pacific north
west. There will be a special musical
number, featuring Miss Eunice Parker,
mezzo soprano, accompanied by Paul
Hutchinson. The chairman of the
day is K. A. Holloway of the H. M.
C'arlock company.
Washington Publishers to Consider
Problems In Near Future.
CENTRALIA. Wash., Oct. 3. (Spe
cial.) Friday night a meeting of the
Washington State Press association
for the sixtn district, comprising
Lewis and Pacific counties, was held
in Centralia to work out plans for a
closer co-operation between publish
ers and Job printers and to submit
difficulties encountered by them.
These latter will be thrashed out at
an institute to be held ,in Seattle in
January under the auspices of the
state association.
Clarence Ellington of. Chehalis,
president of the stateP?Tss associa
tion, opened the mee(ng, and the
following officers werS elected: Kd
Of Fine Decorative
On every paper in the store. Beautiful designs
for living and dining rooms.
Special line of fine English bedroom papers.
Broadway 500
108 Tenth, Pittock Block
1 ioday
Call at the Gas Office,
Alder, near Fifth,
and feast your eyes
on our wonderful line of
Gas Ranges
M. Connor, South Bend, chairman, and
R. W. Edinger. Centralia, secretary.
The meeting was well attended. Fred
Kennedy, of the University of Wash
ington department of journalism, be
ing among those present.
Coal Engineer Lea-es Centralia.
CENTRALIA, Wash., Oct. 3. (Spe
cial.) Richard Ober, who has had
charge of development work on the
coal mining property in Bucoda
owned by the Mutual Lumber com
pany, left Thursday for Rock Springs.
Wyo., where hj has accepted a posi
tion as chief engineer in the Union
Pacific's mines. The development
work in Bucoda has progressed to
the point of establishing the fact that
the property in question is underlaid
with rich coal deposits.
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Twenty years ago the housewife's kitchen was equipped with
a plain iron sink encased ia unsanitary, "vermin-inviting, moisture
holding woodwork.
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ture no cracks or crevices to afford breeding places for vermin;
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Salesmanship and Public Speaking
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Thursday, October 7
By J. P. Jaeger, Jaeger Bros., on the subject
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