Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 02, 1920, Page 20, Image 20

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Kodak Albums'
30c to 10
Fine assortments of kinds and sizes of kodak albums
in which to safekeep your kodak pictures.
Have" you ever had any of your best "snaps" en
larged? Meier & Frank photographic experts do very success
ful work.
Meier & Frank's: Kodak Shop, Main Floor.
English Toffee
Lb. 49c.
Our regular 80c grade made up specially for this
week-end sale.
Rich toffee of butter, honey, sugar and corn syrup
filled with, browned almonds, chocolate covered and
sprinkled with chopped cocoanut.
Everybody likes it. None delivered.
Meier & Frank's: Main and Ninth Floors.
Center Aisle Bargain Square
Sale of Books
Were 50c to $1.
Children's picture books and grown-ups' fiction.
Books for an idle hour at less than the cost of most
magazines. -Meier & Frank's: Center Aisle. Main Floor.
Duck and Pheasant
Season Open
Before you start be sure you have the right gun,
the rigljt ammunition and the right clothes.
Let Meier & Frank's Sporting Goods Store outfit
you and our experts help with your selections.
Meier & Frank's: Sporting Goods Store. Sixth Floor.
EsUMLs4 m to or
Tn& Quality' Sto he or- Portland
Portland-Lower Prices:. The News for Saturday
r - '
and Now the
' "Miss Manhattan" Suit Sale '
Of course you know "Miss Manhattan."
Miss Manhattan suits and coats are known everywhere in the United States.
Meier & Frank's sell them exclusively in Portland.
Three models are pictured, but if we tried to show all the styles that are ready
for you to see it would take half the page.
Miss Manhattan suits are always delightfully
young. They are made for high school girls,
college girls and girls who have just graduated
from business college. They have snap, charm
and audacity. They are made of good materials.
They come in the new shades of brown, tan, rein
deer and soft dark blue. Velour, tricotine and
silvertone are the materials. Many have collars
of seal dyed coney or muskrat. Attractively sijk
lined so that inside as well as outside they have
that smart Fifth Avenue look which means so
much in a suit.
Sizes 16, 18 and 20 year3.
Only a few of a kind .of some styles, but all
sizes in others.
Every suit has just arrived from New York
and will be shown for the first time Saturday.
Meier & Frank's: Fashion Salons, Fourth Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
v. Suit Blouses
r $1.95
New plaid and striped silk blouses at this spe
cial price. On the same table are a few better
than usual tricolette hip-line blouses and plain
colored black and dark blue satin blouses with
low or high tailored collars. To add a spice of
variety are afternoon kinds of blouses of georg
ette with short sleeves and lace.
Meier & Frank's: Blouse Shop. Fourth Floor.
(Mail Orders Filled.)
New Winter Coats
$25, $32.50, $55
Sizes for "Women, Juniors, Misses
Warm . coats. Good coats. Some with ' fur
Made of such representative autumn ma
terials as silvertone, velour, pom pom. Wanted
brown, blue, tan. Plain and wrappy styles.
Not all sizes in each model, but plenty of all
sizes in the group.
Meier & Frank's: Fashion Salons, Fourth Floor.
(Mail Orders Fiiled.)
New October Hats
$5.50 to $15
?" one hears so often in the
"Why is this only -
Millinery Salons. . I
v There are tables and tables filled with unending variety of
new shapes and styles at prices under $15. Colors to go with
any suit r coat. Styles becoming to any complexion and
hair. Nearly all the hats are comfortably soft and crushable
and can be adjusted any way one likes.
Small or large ostrich feather hats are
$7.50. Original "off-the-face" hats from
our own workrooms are $11.75 to $15. Ef
fective crushable artistic hats are $5.50, $6,
$7.50, $8.50 in embroidered velour, velvet
or beaver cloth.
This first October Saturday is a fine time
to choose just the hat you like.
Real Filet Lace Neckwear
$1.69 to 3.95
Neckwear Shop is specializing charming collars of plain or
tucked net .edged with real filet lace. Made in the roll style,
which can be worn with almost any neck line. Some of these
collars have cuffs.
Specially priced $1.69, $1.95, $2.49, $2.59 and to $3.95.
Special Collars $1.25
Roll styles of georgette crepe with embroidered corners, edged with
imitation venise or else organdie with imitation filet or venise. In the
lot are collar and cuff sets and vestees-with and without collars. .All at
this special price of $1.25.
Plush Scarfs to Vfear Instead ,
of Furs
New shipments for October breezes. Smart choker collars
as well as the larger scarfs with and without pockets. Both
beaver and seal-dyed plush in either style. Priced $6.75
to $24.50.
Meier & Frank's: Neckwear Shop, Main Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
Autumn yeilings - x
Veiling Shop is showing scores of new kinds and styles of
veilings to wear with autumn hats. An interesting assortment
reasonably priced at $1 to $2.50 includes filet, hexagon and
novelty meshes with chenille dots, scrolls and various embroid
eries. Black, brown, navy or taupe.
Veiling Remnants 50c
Regularly 73c to $1.25. Short lengths of novelty mesh veiling in black,
navy and brown. Each remnant long enough for a small or medium
6izc hat. Priced by the remnant at 50c EACH. '
Meier & Frank's: Veiling Shop, Stain Floor.
Just 60 of These
TuK FrocKs for Girls
Were $7.50 to $12.50
$4.95 ..
Not quite $5 Tfor party and school
dresses of cotton crepe, gingham,
lawn and organdie. Some are fine
enough ta be hand embroidered.
White, light and medium colors. Not
all sizes in any one style and some
show marks of handling. 6 to 14-year
girls can be fitted.
Girls' Regulation
Dresses $6.95
Another opportunity for girls 6 to 14 years. Sailor dresses of devon
shire cloth and chambray in cadet blue with sailor collars and trimmed
with white braid.
Serge Skirts $3.39 to $9.95
Plaid or navy serge skirts in the pleated styles which school girls
like. Made with attached underwaists. Originally $4.95 to $12.50, now
$3.39 to $9.95. Sizes 6( to 14 years.
Girls' C6ats $10.95 Upward
Warm, good looking navy blue coats for 8 to 14-year girls are $10.95,
others of velour, silvertone, tweed and tinseltone in sizes 10 to 16 are
$17.45 upward. - "
Meier & Frank's: The Store for Girls, Second Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.) .
School Girls' Hats
$3.25 to $14.50
At the end of the Millinery Salons is a little
shop given over entirely to school girls' hats.
Beaver hats with streamers at $7.0 to $10. Felt
hats $5.75 and $6. Pretty plush and velvet hat3
as low as $3.25, $3.75, $4.50. Dress hats, some with
fur, at $4.75 to $14.50. Mothers are invited to
bring their daughters.
Just 40
Boys' All ;Wool
Sizes 7 to 12 Years
Meier & Frank s: Millinery Shop. Fourth Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.) I
Any mother or father who has
priced overcoats of this character
knows full well that $14.85 is away
below the normal value. That is
why we are emphasizing the oppor
tunity afforded by this Saturday
sale for the supplying of 40 boys
with good sound overcoats for fall
and winter at a big saving.
Made from Oregon wool for Oregon weather. Belted models, neat
patterns, good colors. Well to get here early for these.
t Meier & Frank's: The Store for Boys. Third Floor.
'4 '
Now for the Biggest Day in
the Biggest One-Price Shirt
Sale in Our History.
Saturday the favorite day for men te come to their favorite store. And
this Saturday above all because the news of our great shirt sale has been
sown broadcast. Lots of men will be keen to take advantage of this first
opportunity to share in the sale and others who have already bought shirts
will come back for more. And we, doing well our part, will have lots of new
shirts ready for those who come today. So we expect all attendance records
to be shattered on this the third day of the sale which started Thursday with
At One Price
$61 .85
Government Tax 9c
Of course we have sold thousands of the original complement, but like a good gen
eral we keep pouring in reinforcements to strengthen the broken' lines and we will
have ready for men who come today a veritable army of shirts almost as spic and
span and certainly as good and dependable as if they were out for the first time.
Tub Silks
Fiber Silks Madras Flannels
Russian Cords Repps Poplins
These to mention only a few of the varieties. Every shirt of first quality and
thousands made of the good staple cloths that never go out of popularity. There
are, of course, all sizes in the sale, but not all sizes in all the kinds of shirts that
make up the sale. Colors guaranteed fast, fit and workmanship thoroughly reliable.
2 Shirts for $7.50 (Taxioc)
Many good judges men and women buying for men are stocking up for months to come.
Meier & Frank's: The Store for Men. Main Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
Do You Worry About How Your
Clothes Look
Rather a personal question,
perhaps, but meant well. Many
young men of our acquaintance
are obsessed and embarrassed
with the idea that they are
objects of scrutiny and observa
tion wherever they go. Older
men learn that this is not so,
that they were not continually
objects of captious criticism
from all and sundry, yet they
feel that there is some good to
be derived out of this mental at
titude and so clothe and deport
themselves as if it were always
a reality.
Society Brand
are for young men because their
acknowledged style leadership keeps
the young man conscious of his good
appearance They are for men who
stay young because staying young
consists largely in retaining the con
fidence and alertness of youth, after
its self-consciousness has been
swept away.
Style Headquarters alone has So
ciety Brand clothes for such young
men and men who stay young.
Meier & FranVs: The Store for Men. Third Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
if" . ij!