Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 14, 1920, Page 2, Image 2

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i Moving Day This Year More
Serious Than Ever.
rrotlcm of Getting Accommoda
tions at Any Rat Will Bo
Questionable for Many. y
Walkerbura, Scotland, his country
Alexander William Charles Ollphant
Murray, first baron of Murray, of Kll
bank. was born In 1870, the eldest
son of the first Viscount Elibank.
When he was chief liberal whip In
the house of commons, he became In
volved in a controversy, because pf
his use of funds of the liberal party
to purchase American Marconi shares.
An inquiry by the house of lords re
turned a finding that he had commit
ted "errors of Judgment," but that
there was nothing- In his conduct
"which reflects upon his personal
Washington, Sept. 13. As moving
day which Is October 1 approaches
the national capital is confronted by
a housing situation which is the most
serious in its history. In addition to
the expressions of mental anguish
which one hears through the walls of
an apartment, other evidences of grief
over having to move are witnessed
every day in the offices of "60 real
estate agencies.
To begin with, there is a great
shortage of accommodations in Wash
ington. Since the beginning of the
war few new dwellings have been
erected because of the high cost of
materials and labor, and also because
of rental laws enacted by congress
which restricted the rates which land
lords could charge.
But something else has happened
to add to the acuteness of the situa
tion. The scheme of co-operative buy
ing of apartments has been insti
tuted, and many persons unable to
make sufficient initial payment" on
the apartments in which they have
been residing find their homes being
sold from under them.
Many DIar House. Sold.
When-the scheme was first intro
duced it was not thought that it could
ever become so general as to endan
ger any large number of apartment
dwellers, but gradually It has taken
hold until more than 20 of the largest
apartment houses in the city have
been placed on the market. One build
ing containing 50 apartments was
practically sold to 60 individual buy
ers before sundown of the day the
sale began. -
Instead of an experiment it has be
come a rage, and tenants who are
able to buy their apartments are mak
ing the purchase to insure themselves
of shelter this winter.
-Landlord are scurrying to get rid of
all investments in rental property
before congress returns because of a
fear that new legislation will be en
acted to hamper the returns on their
Early in the war congress passed
what was known as the Saulsbury
law, which prevented landlords from
increasing rents until peace had been
declared or a new law enacted to take
its place. The result was that ten
ants had a fairly nice time and the
law worked largely to the disadvan
tage of the realty owners, on the one
hand, and to those holding sub-leases
on the other hand.
Poor Little Benefited.
The almost 100,000 war workers
brought to the city by the little scrap
with Germany derived small benefit
from the law designed to protect them
as much as the original tenants. Many
of these war workers were unmar
ried and obtained their living quar
ters from those lease holders who
held living quarters before the war
at pre-war prices and were holding
on most advantageously under the
Saulsbury resolution.
The poor war worker many times
paid more rent for a single room than
the tenant paid for the entire house
or apartment. This went on until
after the war, and the last session of
congress substituted what is known
as the Ball act for the Saulsbury reso
lution. The new law established a
rent commission, which was to pass
on an rents with a view to protect
ing both landlord and tenant.
After many decisions had been made
by this commission the District of
Columbia court of appeals declared
the law unconstitutional, and rents
have been running wild ever since,
Unfurnished apartments which for
merly rented for $50 a month have
gone to $125 and $150 a month and it
is poor four-room apartment in Wash
Ington now that the landlord does not
price at ?iuo a month.
Old Renta Are Doubled.
Added to those who cannot purchase
apartments are the large number who
cannot pay the higher rents, and alto
gether a grave situation has arisen
Senators and members of the house
on their return In December are likely
to be infuriated when they go about
to find living quarters for the winter.
In many cases they will find their
old rents doubled, but at that they
will do well to discover any place to
live. The small number of war work
ers released from the government
service were principally unmarried
persons, so their departure means
notning out toe vacation or a room
here and there in somebody's house.
Their going, it must be said. Is hardly
noticeable, because a gotra room with
in a mile or the executive deDart
ments rents from 30 to $50 a month.
Just what congress will do Is not
readily discernible. It will be the
wives who will break into a rage, and
it goes without saying that the exalt
cd husbands will get busy to brin:
relief. Just how the problem can be
solved nobody knows, because by the
time congress arrives on the scene
the most of the owners of rental
property will have taken advantage
of the great demand to dispose of
their holdings to persons ready to
become home owners.
Problem X- P to Congress.
It would seem that the only way
out will be for congress to originate
some paternalistic home-building
scheme, such as a few of the larger
city governments are considering.
Many who came to Washington dur
ing the war to help Uncle Sam and
still retain their positions were, as
has been said, unmarried,. A very
large number have married, which
calls for more homes. During the
last 12 months 6000 marriage licenses
have been issued in the District of
Seattle Voters to Decide Issue If
Ordinance Becomes Law.
SEATTLE, Sept.' IS. The problem
of the operation of jitney buses on
Seattle streets in competition with
the municipal street railway lines
will be settled at a special election
to be held November 2, the date of
the general election, if an ordinance
ordered drafted today, is enacted into
The ordinance nrorldes for the sub
mission of two jitney bills to the
voters. One, framed by the drivers,
would allow the buses to operate
throughout the city. The other
favored by the city council, would
prohibit their operation on downtown
Debt in Part Met by Resale of
American Army Stocks.
PARIS, Sept. 13. The French min
istry of finance, it is learned, will
pay a part of the $250,000,000 due in
October from France on the Anglo-
French loan from the proceeds of a
resale of the American army stocks
which it purchased and upon which
New York bankers will advance sums
reported to amount to $25,000,000.
The Harris Brothers company of
Chicago has engaged to become the
sales agents of the French govern
ment for the disposal of stocks esti
mated at more than $150,000,000 in
Several Towns and Villages De
stroyed; Inhabitants Drowned.
MANILA, P. L. Sept. 13. Heavy loss
of life and property resulted in the
northern provinces of Luzon island.
of which Manila is the largest city,
from the typhoon and floods of Au
gust 30, according to advices received
today over communication facilities
which were prostrated by the storm.
Several towns and villages were
practically destroyed, and many of
the inhabitants drowned.
(Continued From First Page.)
garded as a rather chronic office
seeker. It is quite generally believed
that the democrat will have little
chance in the election in November
and that if Senator Jones wins the
republican primary ho will succeed
Tomorrow is also the date of the
very interesting and important pri
maries in New York, which will give
the first decision in Senator Wad
worth's effort to succeed himself.
Republican party leaders everywhere
throughout the nation are watching
this effort with intensely sympathetic
On Same Day Cox Defends League
In Senator's Home Town.
(Copyright by the New York Evening Post,
Inc. Published by Arrangement.)
MARION, O., Sept. 13. (Special.)
Senator Borah of Idaho will make his
first speech in the campaign at Day
ton, Ohio, tomorrow. It happens that
Senator Borah attacks the league of
nations in Oovernor Cox s home town
on the same day that Governor Cox,
on his western tour, defends the
league of nations in Senator Borah's
town, Boise, Idaho.
Senator Borah's speech will be an
Important event. He is one of the
best speakers in this country, and
knows his subject well. Among all
the irreconcilable senators, Borah was
the one who, next to Senator Knox,
was best able to give a constitutional
lawyer's presentations of his position,
and Senator Borah, in addition, was
always a more graceful speaker than
Senator Knox.
Senator Borah's speech will be
watched with intent interest to see
how closely his position coincides with
the latest position taken by Senator
Harding. It has been understood that
Senator Borah has always had in
mind a constructive alternative for
the league of nations as an institution
for limiting wars, but that he felt
the first thing to accomplish was to
defeat the principle upon which he
alleges the league is founded. It re
mains to be seen whether his speech
tomorrow will merely denounce the
league, or will present an alternative,
and whether this alternative coincides
with Senator Harding's.
Senator Johnson of California will
also make his first speech of the
campaign this week. The line which
both these irreconcllables take will be
watched with close Interest.
6. A H. green
Holman Fuel. Co.
stamps ror cats.
Main SSS. 6-lL
Wales Entertains President of Ke
public( at Dinner.
PANAMA. Sept. 13. The Prince of
Wales, on boaref the British cruiser
Renown, arrived at Panama this
morning from Honolulu, whence he
sailed September 2 on his voyage
home to England from Australia.
The prince was host tonight at a
dinner on the Renown. Among those
present wire President and Madame
The prince will depart tomorrow
for Kingston, Jamaica.
, Liberal Leader Subject of Inquiry
by House of Lords.
LONDON, Sept. 13. Baron Murray
of Elibank, died suddenly today at
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