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SI 10.10 BONDS
Bids on Harbor Issue to Be
Opened June 24.
Salt Lake railroad as proposed by the har
bor commission would involve the expendi
ture on the part of the city of $1,700,000,
or approximately 30 per cent more than
the original estimate when the agreement
was proposed.
As a ettlment of the difference be
tween the city and the railroad over the
widening of th channel, the Salt Lake
railroad is insisting that th city spend
money for the construction of wharves
along the new channel aa widened, before
the old wharves are torn -down.
The schooner Oceania Vance arrived yes
terday in tow of the steamer Asuncion
after having become waterlogged in the
channel near Point Conception,
A dredger working at the foot of the
street tore up a telephone cable today,
rendering the Southwestern shipyards and
East San Pedro fisheries and industries
without telephone communication
Indian Members of Commission De
nounce "Terror" Inflicted on
People by Troops.
D. B. Sigler Employed as Repre
sentative on Body of, Appraisal
Bonds amounting: to $1,000,000. for
the continuation of harbor develop
ment work will be sold by the dock
commission, and bids for this amount
will be opened at 11 o'clock June 24,
it was decided a.t a meeting of the !
commission of public docks yester
day morning:. The bonds, which .will
mature serially from 1923 to 1949,'will
bear interest at 5 per cent in place
of the 4 per cent borne by the
bonds sold last March.
The development work to be
financed by this million-dollar bond
issue is all now under way. It in
cludes a new 15,000-ton drydock,
bunkers for the handling of phos
phate rock, coal and sulphur in bulk,
the construction of pier 3 of munici
pal terminal No. 4 and incidental
dredging and filling.
B. D. Sigler, ex-county asessor,
was formally employed by the dock
commission as representative on the
committee to appraise the lands af
fected by the proposed development
of Swan island ant the adjacent low
lands. Other -members of the ap
praisal committee will be named by
the Portland Realty Board, commis
sion of public docks and the city
An agreement for the operation of
the municipal street car line to be
built by the dock commission to con
nect the end of the St. Louis line
with municipal terminal No. 4 has
been entered into by representatives
of the Portland Railway, Light &
Power company and the commission
cf public docks, it was reported by
the committee which . has had this
matter in charge for the commission.
Application will be made today to
the board of county commissioners
for permission to construct this line
"along Kellogg street and to increase
the width of the street from 60 to
SO feet.
Vessel Will Load Full Cargo of
Lumber for North China.
The steamer West Momentum, the
fourth regular vessel in the Columbia
Pacific Shipping company's North
China line, was delivered to agents of
this company at San Pedro Wednes
day. After being dry docked for in
spection at San -Francisco, the West
N'omentum will come to Portland for
loading. A full- cargo of lumber for
North China ports has already been
booked for this vessel.
The steamer The Angeles, the first
easel in the line, was reported to the
Columbia-Pacific Shipping company
yesterday to have gone from Taku
Bar, China, where she discharged the
last of her outward freight, to rairen.
Manchuria, to start loading for the re
turn journey. She is expected to reach
Portland about the end of June.
Grower Predicts Bigger Apple Crop
F. X. Arens. a Hood River apple
grower, intends to ask the United
' States shipping board to allocate re
frigerator ships for operation out of
the Columbia in order to take care of
the apple crop, he stated yesterday.
Mr. Arens is authority for the state
ment that because of the demoralized
condition of the railroads and the
shortage of refrigerator cars, a con
siderablc portion of last year's apple
crop was frozen before it could be
marketed. The crop this year will be
heavier than last year's, he said, and
the condition of the railroaas is worse.
pal terminal No. 4 yesterday for the
first cargo of phosphate rock In bulk j
to co out of thin norL Four wanes'
of longshoremen will start loading'
the Vancouver Mara this morning.
Two will be engaged in loading lum
her and two will load the phosphate
rock, which is waiting in box cars in
the terminal yards.
As the dock operators of the com
misslon of public docks have not yet
decided what is the moat satisfactory
means of loading this rock in bulk
before the bunkers are completed at
pier No. 5, the work of the longshore
men will include some experimenting
with hand shovels and ballast tubs,
power shovels and chutes, and other
mechanical loading devices.
The Vancouver Maru is berthed at
TACOMA, Wash.. May 27. (Special.)
On account of the larg amount of freight
here for the Robin (Joodfellow, this stum
er did not get away this morning as
had been anticipated, but sailed this after
noon for oriental ports. The Eldrldge is
the next vessel operated by the Pacific
Steamship company to load here and due
this week.
The Manila Maru, expected during the
night from the orient, will be in tonight
some time to discharge and load here.
On her outward voyage from Tacoma the
Manila Mara had a fire on board which
destroyed about $:!00,000 worth -of cargo.
tThe Horace Baxter arrived here this
morning from -San Francisco and after
discharging freight shifted down sound
to load some of the freight being taken
off the Fred Baxter, which turned turtle
a few days ago at Port Townsend.
It is expected next week that the ma
rine exchange ' being formed here will be
fully organized- This exchange will be
operated in connection with the grain ex
change organized several months ago.
Tentative arrangements have been made
for an investigation by the board of riv
ers and harbors engineers of the Tacoma
city waterway, according to advices re
ceived in Tacoma from Washington, r. C,
' Representative Albert Johnson today
was advised of the board's tentative de?
ctsion to visit the Pacific coast, but the
date for the departure has not been fixed.
The hearing on the Tacoma waterway
1 will be held at Tacoma. Colonel James C
Hanford will head the board on its trip
to the west coast.
The Lake Filbert of the General Steam
ship corporation is due on the sound this
week from the orient and win come to 'la-
coma to load a cargo for South America.
She will take the cargo intended for the
Meriden, which obtained a full cargo at
San Francisco and will not visit the sound
.this trip.
The lumber cargo intended ior tne Meri
den will be taken by the Henry T. Scntt,
of- the samn line, which is dun here this
The Garland line steamer Justin is due
in Tacoma June 15 from Shanghai with a
general cargo and will load a cargo of
cigarettes and steel at the Northern Pa
cific docks.
About June 5 the Javary of the same
ine, is due from the orient with bulk oil.
She will-load a similar cargo.
The barge Henry Villard. which has been
loading coal and coke at the Northern Pa
cific bunkers, started"under tow today for
Anyox, K. c.
Approximately $400,000 represented in
the claims of the Wright, Tacoma Ship
building company and Babare and Seaborn
wooden shipyards in Tacoma is affected
by the action of the house last nisrht in
sending the bill, asking for a settlement by
tne government of losses caused by can
cellation of contracts when the armistice
was signed, back to the marine committee,
and where it Is virtually pigeon-holed.
me follow in a- approximate figures were
obtained today and represent the amounts
Tacoma's wooden shipbuilders declare they
are out as a result of the house action :
George P. Wright yard, $105,000; Seaborn
yard, $185,000; Tacoma Shipbuilding com
pany. $105,000; Babare Bros, yard $65,000.
oeorge P. Wright, who has but recently
returned to Tacoma from Washington. T.
C, where he attended the earlier delibera
tion of the house on the wnnden nhio.
building yards' claims for reimbursement,
said that the Tacoma and other wooden
yards affected have grounds for legal ac
tion to compel tne shipping board to act.
PORT TOWNSEND. Wash.. May 27.
(Special.) The Japanese steamer Uralsan
Maru, in theHervice of the Transoceanic
company, arrived tonight from Kobe via
ancouver. with a Dart car en for Pm?r
sound. She discharged a portion of her
oriental freight at Vancouver. She will
ioaa outwara at Seattle and Tacoma.
The Harrison direct liner Musician is
scheduled to arrive during the night from
ci (juui no way points. She made
can at Vancouver, for which port she had
The steamers Eastern Moon and Eastern
Victor, carrying wheat from Puget sound
to the Atlantic, are now at Norfolk load
ing coal for the navy for delivery on the
Pacific coast. The naval station at which
the coal will be discharged h;. nm haan
announced. They will load flour on Puget
sound for the Atlantic.
Pending the settlement of the differences
between the owners of the disabled schoon
er Snow & Burzosi and th nnHAnt
English sparrows have taken possession of
itiucn nas oeen here since March
14. and r building nests on the cTufr
inese little birds swarm about the vessel
paying little or no attention to two watch
men, whose efforts to drive them away
prove fruitless.
The wooden steamer Corone, launched at
fu,4I,,u 1851 une, arrived tonight, hav-
.. nasisnen to ihorndvke & Tren
noime as managers. She will be loaded
iui an oiis no re port.
LONDON, May 27. (Special Cable.)
The report of the committee ap
pointed by the government to inquire
into the rmitsar massacres will -fee pier No. 2, being; the third vessel to
puousnea auringr tne parliamentary i use mis pier Deiore its completion.
recess many weeks after Deing re
ceived by the cabinet. The J-any j jj. S. Xaval Radio Reports,
Herald, the labor one an. publishes an 1
authoritative forecast of the .report. I (au positions reported at 9 r. yes-
This verdict of the majority "of the te"lay otherwise Indicated.)
committee of inquiry is that General
Dyer, who commanded the British
troops, committed "a grave error of
judgment" in "prolonging the firing
on the crowd in Jallianwala Bagh (a
suburb of Armitsar). This is prac
tically the only serious censure ap
plied by the majority of the com
mittee to any of the terrible excesses
SAN DIEGO, San Pedro for Tacoma, 108
miles from Tacoma.
DE VOLENTE, Hllo for San Francisco,
715 miles from San- Francisco.
WEST NIGER. Honolulu for San Fran
cisco, JO0 miles from San Francisco.
dillwood. Mahukona for San Fran
cisco, 940 miles from San Francisco.
DE VOLENTE. Honolulu for San Fran
cisco, 435 miles from San Francisco.
Vesper Services In Piedmont Pres
byterian Cburch Wilt Be Attend
ed by Old Soldiers.
which took place in the Punjab in I for Seattle, 50 miles north of San Fran-
Arjrll. Mav and June. 1919. cico.
Th. o1n-ltv nnnrl Cafi-l-o- BROAD ARROW. Kn Frncisco for
i ,." 7- i j ohanshal,
cc.Bivo .u.lcv.,. , STEEL VOYAGER. Portland for San
concerned, is signed only oy LuU. 18 miles west of Point Reyes.
European members of the committee. I OLEUM, Port San Luis for Vancouver,
Thprft is a atrontr minoritv report I B39 miles from Vancouver.
signed bv the three Indian members! CLAREMONT, San Pedro for Willamette
which condemns in most uncompro-
Harbor, 302 miles from San Pedro.
(jit vwn cue-i r ii ........ 4 c... r
mising- language the "terror" inflicted I dr. ls ..lh . .
on the people and the authorities re- I TOSEMITE, Port Gamble for San Fran
sponsible for it- The bombing of un- I Cisco, 40 miles north of San Francisco,
armed crowds and peaceful villagers I BAKERSFIELD, at noon, 32 miles from
from aeroplanes is held by the ma- "'kAAKAlX San Francisco ior Cal-
jority to have been invaluable. And culllL xl80 mllM from Ban KranciICO g
the gentleman who careened about p. m.. May 26.
with an unarmored train turning its KATORI MARU, Victoria for Yokohama,
guns on vilagers who were not. as so miles from Cape Flattery, 8 P. M.,
.. , i. ; . m . , , . L I "Mi JbsiLn, fortiana tor xoKonama,
anything wrong, is commended by the 612 mlleII from A,torU 8 P May 2a.
majority report lor nis promptness URALSAN MARU, Nanaimo, B. C. for
and decision. f or the rest tnere is I Seattle. TO miles from Seattle.
some very mild -criticism of some of CORONE, Port Townsend for Seattle,
the other excesses, such as Colonel r' Lnsena. -
Johnson s treatment of Hindu stu- FranclB.0 crossing bar at Grays Harbor,
dents. But excuse is found for the anyox. fiv miie off c.n Rinro.
young oiiicers wno were acting unuer i oouna rrom Kan Pedro for Anchorage.
Memorial-day services will start
at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon, when
the Grand Army of the Republic mem
bers will journey to the G. A. R. cem
etery near Kiverview to- decorate the
graves of the fallen soldiers. After
returning from the cemetery the vet
erans will attend vesper services in
Piedmont Presbyterian church.
Memorial-day exercises on Monday
will begin at 8:30 in the morning.
Members of the Grand Army of the
Republic will go to Mount Calvary,
G. A. R., Riverview. Greenwood. Odd
fellows, Ahaval Sholom and Mount
Zion -cemeteries and decorate the
graves of soldiers and sailors.
At 10:30 there will be serviees at
Lone Fir cemetery.
Scout Young camp No. 2, of the
United Spanish War Veterans. Scout
Young auxiliary No 3 and Veterans of
Foreign wars will hold their memo
rial exercises at 12 o'clock noon at
their monument in. front of the court
The grand marshal of the day, Adjutant-General
George A. White, will
have charge of the parade, which will
start in front of the courthouse on
Fourth street at 2:30 o'clock.
robbed the Oregon-Washington Itail-
here today, were caught at Castle,
Or, after a chase on a railway speed
er and then by automobile. They
were taken to Heppner, the county
scat. They returned $37. fl of the
stolen money when Questioned "by
Deputy Sheriff Voyen, and a partial
confession was obtained. x
The robbery occurred at noon but
was not discovered by N. Seaman,
station agent, until an hour later. A
railway speeder was taken to Messner
and there tracks of an automobile
were discovered. An automobile be
longing to the telegraph operator at
Messner was pressed Into service and
the y ouths were captured near Castle.
. - i
North Bank to Use Union Depot
Beginning Sunday.
' Spokane, Portland & Seattle trains j
will arrive and depart from the Union
station, beginning Sunday, according
to announcement made yesterday.1
Under the new schedule announced,
train No. 4, which now leaves the
North Bank station at 7:65 A. M..
will depart from the Union station at
9:16 A. M. No. 2. the North Coast
limited, leaving Portland at 7:10 P. M.,
will connect with the Seattle through
sleepers for this train at Spokane in
stead of at Pasco as at present. West
bound, a new train. No. 3. will arrive
at Portland at 8 A. M. No. 1 will ar
rive as at present at 7:46 P. M., but
will come through from Spokane in
stead of from the separation of the
train at Pasco. The new limited train
will carry the through sleeping cars
for Chicago that will be a part of the
equipment of the Great Northern's
Oriental limited.
The effect of this report on the
ndian public will be most grave, the
Daily herald predicts.
Farther Appointments Unices Rec
ognition Is Accorded Pacific
Coast Is Protested.
SEATTLE, Wash., May 27 (Spe
al.) The Port of Seattle commission
protesting: against any further ap
pointments of members of the United
States shipping1 board until recoarni-
on is- given the Pacific coast and w "nt Wells, 20 miles from San Pedro.
ulf states, at its weekly meeting: to
day decided to communicate imme
diately with Washington's delegation
in congress.
An effort will be made to influence
the president to give the Pacific coast
na gun states representation on me 1 Maru, from Seattle. Sailed at 5PM
board as soon as the opportunity I steamer Daisy Putnam, from St. Helena,
rises, and if he does not act in ac
cordance with the desire of the port,
the senate will be asked to refuse to
confirm any appointments made.
'We have joined with the gulf
states in a movement to have a snip
ing board which will represent the
reat centers on commerce in the
south and in the Pacific coast," said teamer Vancouver Maru. from Seattle.
T. S. Lippy, president of the port com
"This, course of action was decided
Schooner Hoqulam to Be Repaired
Repairs to the steam schooner Ho
quiam. which bumped on the Grays
Harbor bar a few days ago and ar
rived in port here yesterday, will re
quire four or live- days, according to
surveyors who inspected the vessel
yesterday after she had been lifted in
the Port of Portland drydock. The
rudder and rudder post are compJetely
demolished, and) part of the keel under
the stern post is missing. Captain
Howes, of Bowes & Andrews, owners
of the Hoquiani, arrived here yester
day by rail to inspect his crippled
Pacific Coast Shipping Xotes.
SEATTLE, Wash., May 27. (Special.)
Xuo to the death of Rev. A. R. Hoare, Arc
tic missionary of the Point Hope associa
tion, of Santa Barbara, CaU, who was shot
and killed by James Maguire Jr., April
27, at Pomt Hope, Alaska, the 62-foot
ketch-rigged cruiser which the association
is having built in Seattle will not be sent
Into the Arctic this year. The vessel, which
will be launched in two weeks by the
Maritime Boat & Kngine works, was do
sLgnea especially -for Mr. Hoare's use In
covering the i:00 miles of Art: tic coat
under his jurisdiction. '
Declaring their action would.' -help con
siderably In steadying labor conditions
throughout the country. Hear-Admiral W.
S. Benson, chairman of the shipping board.
today telegraphed the representatives of
the Marine C ookjj and Stewards assoc. la
tton, the Eastern and Gulf Sailors' associa
tion and the Marine Firemen, Oilers and
Watertenders union, congratulating them
on their action in signing a new agree
ment for the coming 12 months on the
basis of the present wage scale and with
minor changes in the woralng rules.
Because of the heaviness of cargo offer
ings for the' shippnig boards new rervlce
from -Seattle and other coast ports to the
River J'latte, South America, the board's
operating division this morning egan al
locating larjcer freighters to the route.
announcing that the SOOO-ton West Notus
will handle the new services third sailing
Th vessels axMKned for the first two
sailings are i0O0-tonnrs.
The, 4700-ton steamship Adria will de
part tonight or tomorrow morning for
British Columbia to load a full cargo of
lumber Tor South Africa. tone lormatiy
was turned over "yesterday afternoon by
her owner, the National Oil company of
' cw )ork. to the L niversal bhipping
Trading company of Seattle, which has
been appointed managing agents.
ASTORIA. Or., May 27. (Special.)
After discharging fuel oil in Portland, the
tank steamer W. F, Herri n sailed at
A. - M. for California.
The Japanese steamer Vancouver Maru
arrived at last night from Seattle and
proceeded to Portland, where she is to load
Dhosphate rorK.
The tank steamer El Segundo and barge
OS arrived at 3:50 today from California,
bringing fuel oil and gasoline for Astoria
and Portland.
The steamer Eastern Cloud finished load-J
Ing SlluO tons of flour at the port dock
this afternoon and sailed at A this even
ing for the Atlantic coast.
The tug Storm King, towing the schoon
er Oolden Shore, arrived from San Kran
cisco at 3 this afternoon. The schooner
goes to Portland to load lumber.
' SAN P&DRO. May 27. (Special.) Ma
jor James Griffin, city engineer, has made
a report which now is in the hands of the
harbor committee of the city council, con
cerning a'l proposed Improvements for
whicli bond money will be expended. Re
cently TAa. ior Griffin was declared to be
final authority in harbor work. He said
that the proposed agreement with the
SAN FRANCISCO, May 27. (Special.)
- .. '""V oicamsiup uM-ners asocia-
...... W1 ALiamic ana tne Pacific Amer
ican steamship association here hnvi unt a
oint Protest In Wushinnn u-hih .
Clares against the rider attached to the
Jones senate bill. The amendment Pro
vides that the army transports may carry
civilian passengers in addition trt frih
11c ami operators oeiieve that It is not
fair to have comnetition from riMmm...,!
ships after they make an attempt to oper
ate the new passenger ships of the gov
ernment under restrictions and conditions
wnicn are oeiteved to be more than diffi
cult even if there is no competition from
the government.
With general merchandise fi- fhm aiw
nros. aiming company, the steamer Rain
ler. Captain Mangeland. arrived from
Pjnta Arenas and ports on the wrst rnt
01 ouin America this morning.
j ne moiorooais cnity and Albany, bound
Tom oeaitie ior tne bower California fish
ing banks, put In here todav for fuel
The motorship Sierra, Captafn Jensen, en
muie irom ociiinRnam ior Peruvian ports,
nas cauea nere to taKe on a supply of
iUfl Oil
The shipping board steamer Wil
Captain Hansen, arrived today, bringing
lo.nuw Daps or sugar irom tne Hawaiian
isianas. bne is operated by V ilHnmw ri,
The steamer Las Vegas. Captain Hond
lette, with a cargo of general merehan
dise consigned by J. D. Spreckels fe Bros,
company, departed this afternoon for Aus
trail a.
The government tux haJlens:e. Cantal
Southall, bound for the Bremerton navy
yara, put to sea tnis morning1.
The tanker Broad Arrow, Captain Jon
assen, sailed this afternoon for Shanghai
witn a cargo 01 iuei 011.
The Japanese steamer Ayaha Maru,
after having taken on fuel here, en route
from tne Atlantic to Japanese ports, pro-
ceeaea toaay.
GRATS HARBOR. "Wash., May 27. (Spe
rial. me renaiem amvea. - irom Sa:
Francisco at 10 o'clock and began loading
at ine riuiuen mi 11.
The Raymond and Tamalpais cleared for
San Pedro at 5 o clock today. The for
mer loaded at the v estern mill. Aber
deen, and the latter at the E. K. Wood
mill, noqmam.
Marine Notes.
Because all other towboats in the har
bor were otherwise engaged yesterday aft
emoon. the little dredge tender McCrakei
was pressed into service to move th
steamer Silverado from the St. Johns Lum
ber company a mm to tne Pacific Marine
Iron works, and from there to the Inman
Poulsen mill. Although the Silverado.
which is loading for the west coast of
South America, already has considerabl
cargo aboard, the MeTraken performed
the task without mishap.
The sailing schooner Golden Shore, cha
tered by lant & riusseu to carry lumber
Australia, arrived in at Astoria yesterda;
from San Francisco and started up tb
river at 10 o clock last night In tow of
the stern-wheeler Portland. She will load
at the Inman-Pouieen mill.
The steamer Pawlet of the Admiral line
oriental fleet finished her allotment of
lumber at Vv auna last night , and started
ud the river for the - Clark-Wilson mi
where she will take 'on another- consign
xnent. sne win sau next w eanesday.
The wooden steamer Boynton. built by
tne i:oast tnipouuamg company and di:
patched to Cuba with a- load . at lumber
by the Columbia-Pacific Shipping com
pany, sailed from the Panama canal for
Cuba May 3, according to a wire received
by her operators yesterday.
CAPTAIN A. F. LUCAS. Port San Luis
for Seattle. 410 miles from Seattle.-
HBRCULES, tug. Seattle to Oakland.
drydock pontoon in tow, - 277 miles from
ATLAS. San Pedro for Ketchikan. 426
miles from San Francisco.
VV ALL1NGSFORD. Tacoma for San Pe
dro. 155 miles south of Cape Flattery.
W. F. HERRIN, Linnton for San Fran
cisco. 248 miles from Linnton. .
COSTA RICA. 4S0 miles west of San
Francisco, bound for Unimalt Pass, 8 P. M.,
May 2 A.
ADMIRAL SCHLEY. Seattle for San
Francisco, 118 miles from San Francisco.
WAPAMA. San Francisco for Portland.
200 miles north of San Francisco.
CITY OF TOPEKA, 10 miles north of
Eureka on May 27.
LA KB FLYNUS. latltnH 4a-OA north
longitude 124:31 west, boung for Tacoma
from Balboa.
PORTER. Gavifrta for Everett 1o2 mil
from Gavjota.
WEST NOMENTUM. San Pedro for Kn
Francisco, 149 miles south of San Francisco.
MISKIANCA. San Pedro for Manila. 20S
miles from Richmond.
ASUNCION. San Pedro for RiohmnnH
12-"i miles south of Richmond.
KiLHMU.ND, towing bargs 95, San Pedro
Husband Accidentally Killed
Revolver Held by AVife, but
Thought Xot Loaded.
Movements of Vessels.
PORTLAND. May 27. Arrived at 8 A.
M., steamer Hoquiam, from Grays Harbor,
for drydock;- rudder smashed.- Arrived at
9 A. M., Japanese steamer Vancouver
for San Pedro. Sailed at 9 P. M.
Johann Poulsen. rom Westport, for San
Francisco. Sailed at 3:30 P. M-, steamer
Tahoe, for San Pedro, via St. ' Helens.
Sailed at 4 P. steamer Daisy, for San
Francisco, via St. Helens.
ASTORIA, Or.. May 27. Arrived at 7:15
last night and left up midnight. Japanese
Sailed at 7:10 A. M.. steamer W. E. Her
rin, for Gaviota. Arrived at 2:3S and left
up at 9 P. M., schooner iiolden Shore, from
ban ffranclsco. Arrived at 3:50 P. M
NEW YORK, May 27. (Special.)
Mrs. Kdna Alensing, 17-year-old wife
is at home in Paterson. N:- J., free of
all blame for the killing of her hus
band, Henry, on Monday morning:.
The April panel of the Passaic coun
ty grand jury heard testimony in the
case at a special session Wednesday
and failed to find sufficient evidence
to warrant an indictment of murder.
Later in the evening: Judge Watson
signed an order for her release. Her
mother took the order to the county
Jail. The door of her cell was thrown
open and Mrs. Mensing was told sh
might go. She fell sobbing into her
mother's arms. She and her mother
went to their home at 508 Main street.
The funeral of the husband will be
held at the home of his mother, Mrs.
Caroline Mensing, high avenue, Clif
ton, this afternoon. Burial will be
in Cedar Law n cemetery, Pater
son. Mensing was killed Monday
morning when his wife attempted to
awaken him by clicking the trigger
of a revolver near his head. She did
not know the gun was loaded and
the bullet pierced his brain, killing
him instantly.
Memorial Services to Be Held at
Vancouver Post Monday.
VANCOUVER, Wash., May 27.
(Special.) Colonel Koester. in com
mand of Vancouver barracks, has in
vited the Grand Army of the Repub
lic, the Spanish War Veterans and
the World War Veterans to take part
in memorial cervices to be held in
the post cemetery at 10 A. M. next
Many soldiers are buried in the
post cemetery and flowers will be
gathered and received at the Red
Cross building at Seventh and Re
serve street Sunday.
Transportation will be provided for
the old soldiers who desire to attend
the services.
Committees Named to Investigate
Xoeda Along Willamette and
Columbia Rivers.
That Portland's waterfront may be
made safe for the water sports this
summer, the examining board of the
American Red Cross met yesterday to
appoint a committee to investigate
the needs of the bathing resorts on
the Willamette river. Dr. N. I Smith.
Fred Lawrence and C. F. Werner
were the members named.
Oaks beach offered the Red Cross a
life-saving tower and a lifeboat. This
will help greatly in making swim
ming safe at this point on the river,
as the Red Cross hopes to co-operate
with the owners of the Oaks by
forming a life-saving corps, to be at
tached to this beach.
Windemuth will be well protected,
as Lew Woodward will do all that is
possible to guard against . drowning
at this resort.
Oak Grove will furnish a boat for
a life-saving corps, and perhaps a
tower wilL be placed at this p'oint.
The committee was unable to reach
Mr. Joseph Rieg, manager of Colum
bia beach, yesterday, but it is ex
pected he will offer two or three
boats and a tower, as this is the most
dangerous part of the river, as shown
by the drowning records of the last
five years. At this beach the danger
is increased owning to the undertow
and the many step-offs that are so
characteristic of the Columbia.
Oswego lake has made quite a start
in their precautions for guarding the
campers and the Sunday crowds by
having their lifeguards instructed by
Mr. M. G. Douglas, who has been
making trips-to the 'lake for the last
It is expected that a picnic will be
held at one of the beaches the first
Sunday in June, where all the mem
bers of the Red Cross life-saving
corps may meet to find just what ma
terial the organization now has for
the work that will be necessary to
patrol the Willamette and Columbia.
Follow the
TraU IVhlch IUvcral
Have Made
Going east on the Canadian Pacific
Railway you follow nature's high
way built a million years ago. For
all the way through the
Canadian Pacific Rockies
from Vancouver- on the coast to
Calgary in the foot-hills of the
Rockies your train trails one water
way after another Fraser, Thomp
son, Kamloops Lake, Shuswap Lake.
Columbia, Kicking Horse, Bow and
fo twenty-four hours you ride
through an Alpine Fairyland truly
"Fifty Switzerland In One"
Stop off if you can at any Canadian
Pacific Hotel at Victoria, Vancouver,
Sicamous, Glacier. Lake - Louise,
Banff, Calgary, and eastward.
Gen. A'gt, Pass Dept.
Canadian Pacific Railway
55 Third Street
Portland, Or.
Cmadlan nmpaptn mnd Infbr
motion regarding OtunvWi CM JU4
Mrs. Ferris ot Oregon City Gets
' Kieft I.cs Badly Bruised.
OREGON CITT. Or.. May 27. (Spe
cial.) Mrs. Ferris, widow of the late
James Ferris, of this city, was struck
and run over this afternoon by an
automobile driven by W. I. Duffield.
of Oregon City, route 4.
The accident occurred near the sus
pension bridge. Mrs. Ferris attempt
ed to cross the street and it is be
lieved she became b.ewildered and
caused the accident. Her left leg is
bady bruised, but no bones were bro
ken. She was carried to the office
of Or. W. E. Hempsteau and later
was removed to her home.
Aftermath of Bertha Disaster Re
corded in Court.
First settlement of claims arising
out of the Southern Pacific wreck
near Bertha station on May 9 was
pon at the recent national trade con- I steamer El Sexundo. tow-in barrn na. from
ventioi in San Francisco. Pacific I saa Francisco.
SAJS- FRANCISCO. May 27. Sailed at 7
last night, steamer Wapama, for Portland.
PORT SAX LUIS. May 26. Sailed
Steamer Oieum, for Portland.
coast and gulf ports decided to join
forces in an effort to get proper rec
ognition by shipping men on the ship
ping1 board who are familiar with the
problems of the south and west.
Not since John H. Rosseter's gov-
rnment service has the Pacific coast
had representation on the' shipping I Steamer Wawaloaa, for Portland.
board and the Seattle port commission
has decided to take initiative in
igrht for recognition not only for the
ports on the western ocean, but for
the centers of commerce on the gulf.
I. Sailed
Vessel Is Expected to Stow A bo at
4,500,000 Feet of Lumber.
SAX PEDRO, CaL, May 27. (Special.)
Arrived Steamers J. A. Moffett. from
Ocean Falls, 1 A. M. ; Humboldt, from San
Krancisco, A. M. ; Curacao, from San
Francisco, 9 A. M. : Katherine. from Kti-
reka, 9 A. M. ; Phyllis, from San Diego, 1
a. m . ; vueen, irom an UieRo, 9 A. M. :
Wahkeetia, from Graya Harbor. 12 noon :
Daisy Gadsby, from Grays Harbor. 1 p. M.
Sailed Steamers Phyulis. for Puiret
sound. 4 P. M.; Brunswick, for Fort Brass.
4 . M. ; vanguard, for Eureka, 4 P. M. ;
curacao. ior boutti America. 4 P. M. ; Dil
Official Count Shows Big Lead for
' Californian.
ASTORIA, Or., May 27. (Special.)
The official count in Clatsop county
on republican and democratic state
tickets srives:
Rpnublli-an deleirateji at larsr to autnorized by Circuit Judge Tazwell
national convention Boyd 906, Butler I yesterday when he appointed John
rerry, lamer ot t-isie nose ferry, as
ner guardian and issued an order au
thorizingr him to settle in full with
the bouthern Pacific company for
805 for injuries the srlrl received.
Charles Adrian Crooks, widower of
Mrs. Lillian A. Crooks, killed in the
wreck, was appointed administrator
or her estate and authorized to set
tie with the railroad company for
The eix-masted sailiner schooner I worth, for Honolulu. 2 P. M.; Queen, for
Oregon Pine, the first of the shipping Seattle'1p-M-:J- A- Moffet. for Puset
board wooden hulls to be completed a?und- 2 1' "i!lb?.,ft- fr Fr?n-
as a sailing vessel in this district, left Jb p.' u
the Port of Portland drydock, where
she underwent final conditioning, and I
shifted to the Peninsula Lumber com-
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. May 27. De
parted Ayaka Maru. for Kobe: Port An
,!! (.,J, ,o ch. will 5"'. .u, rarrasut. ior
J J J ' " " I Seattle. Arrived Hanta Barbara, Ior wil
load a full cargo of lumber for Aus
tralia. Loading is expected to start
this morning.
lapa; Albany for Seattle.
TOKOFTAMA. May 23. Railed West In-
The Oregon Pine and her eister 'iP. for Seattle; Toychishi. tor Seattle.
.. . " " """., I SEATTLE. Wash.. May 27. Arrived
sailing vessels ever built on the WU- Admlra, Evans. from Anchoraee;. Santa
lanieiLc ui v.uiuimiia nvcia 'iu -lAna, spoKane. irom soutneastern Alaska
expected to stow about 4,500.000 feet I Ernest H. Meyer, from San Francisco
of lumber each. Both are under char-1 Governor from San Pedro via San Pran-
ter to J. J. Moore & Co. to carry lum-I elseo; corona, irom Portland; Kulton. from
ber from the Columbia river to Aus
tralia, and both have already been
fixed with return cargoes from New
castle, Australia, to Honolulu.
The Oregon Kir is expected to be
ready in about 10 days.
First Cargo of Sort Loading- In
Bulk In Portland.
The Japanese steamer Vancouver
Maru, owned by Suzuki & Co., and
operated by Frank Waterhouse & Co.
ot Seattle, arrived at Portland munici-
Columbia ports. Departed Admiral Dewey,
for ban Olego via ban Francisco; North'
western for southwestern Alaska.
Columbia River Bur Report.
NORTH HEAD, May 27. Condition of
the bar at 5 P. M. Sea smooth: wind
south. -0 miles.
769, Cameron 835, Carey 868, Compton
389, Harrison 847, Hickey 517, Kol-
lock. 412, MacDonald 1188. MacLean
640, Maris 683, McCamant 818. Olson
763, Rand 733, Stewart 634.
District delegates to convention
Adams 1180, Booth 998, Kendall 743,
Tooze Jr. 1271, Wrightman 1109.
For president Hoover 345, John
son 1877, Lowden 323, Wood 887.
For vice-president Lodge 1551,
Washington 535, Webster 616.
Presidential electors George 1206,
Hendee 1095, Hotchkiss 1801, Hume
1926, Ivanhoe 1111, Lockwood 1476,
Richardson 1621. Robb 1S18.
united States senator Abraham
847, Stanfield 1922.
Representative in congress Haw-
ley 2464.
Secretary of state Coburn 114.
Jones 278. Kozer 1910, Lockley 187,
Parsons 248, Schulderman 216, Wood
Justice supreme court Bean 2271,
Benson 2114, Harris 2115. McBride
Food commissioner Hawley 2426.
public service commissioner Buch
tel 1485, Cousins 1155.
Democratic delegates at large to
national convention Baldwin 237,
Crawford 253, Drain 193, Haney 164,
Harry 128, Hidden 232. Holman 184,
Montague 86, Purdy 256, Reddy 101,
Schuyleman 192, Smith 151.
District delegates to national con
vention Downing 192. Frazier 129.
Travis 218. Waugh 110, Whitehorn
221, Wortman 186.
For president McAfloo 465.
For vice-president Vaughn 372.
Presidential electors Gavin - 339,
Shayter 456, Hedlund 393. Miller 407,
Reames 358; Watkins 414.
United States senator Chamberlain
445. Starkweather 195.
Public service commissioner Ben
nett 405.
Port Calendar.
To Arrive at Portland.
Vessel From. Due.
Srr. City of Topeka.. .Ban Fran May 30
Str. West Ivan fceattle ....... May 31
str. Waoama. ...... . .San Fran. ....Mav 30
Str. Delisle- San "Fran May 30
Str. Oleum fort ban Luis. May il
Str. west rran.. June 1
Str. westwlnfl ...... nonoiuiu .
Str. Eastern Glen Seattle ...
..can rearo.
..Boston ...
. . San Fran. . .
..Orient .
.. U.T. via S.F...Jun
,anc vr. ts.c Jan
,n r ran .
r an Fran.
Committee Representing Many Or
ganizations Plans Vigorously
to Push Candidacy.
Str. Crown City
Str. Artisas
Str. Bakersfield
Str. Coaxet ....
Str. Dewey
Str. Hantu
Sch. Kath'n Mackall.
Str. South Bend.....
Juno 2
.June &
June 7
.Juna 8
.June 8
June 9
str. Higho ... San Fran.
Str. Wawalona Shanghai
Str. Horaisan Maru. ..Seattle ..
str. Elfins-ham New York
Str. Westward Ho. -. -Baltimore ..
Str. The Angeles. ... .China . ..
To Depart From Portland
Vessel For.
Str. Rose City Pan Fran.
Str. Elkton ..Japan ...
Str. City of Topeka ..San Fran,
Str. Pawlet Orient ..
Veel in Port.
Vessel Berth.
3eh. Cecelia Sudden . .East. & Western mill.
Str. Daisy Freeman. .Mult. Lbr. & Box Co.
str. uaisy Matinews. ,&t. Helens.
Str. El SejcundO- ...Linnton.
. . .inman-Poulsen mill.
. . .Inman-Poulsen mill.
. . -I'ryoorK.
. . .St. Helens.
Tides at Astoria Today.
Hish. Low.
10:18 A.M. ..6.7 feet ! 4:24 A. M 0.8 foot
10:1 P,i...S8 feeti:13 P,aL...2.l feet ' Bge. No. 3.
3tr. Elkton
Sch. Oolden Shore
Str. Hoquiam ...
Str. Klamath
Str. Kayseeka . . .
Str. Olen -
Sch. Oregon Pine
Str. Pawlet
Str. Pawlet
Str. Rose City . -
str. Silverado ...
Str. Tahoe ......
sch. Thistle
At a meeting in the library yester-'
day of the committee appointed by
the women's central organization,
representing scores of the clubs and
societies in the city, plans were made
to advance the' candidacy of F. L.
Shull for school director. The per-
.Junklt annnal nf V, ininmittA wnji phnun
-June 15 . ... . . . . .j ,....
June is I parent-teacher associations, church
.June 25 I j ,.,k- .
.Jun 30 1 meeting in ' the Portland hotel Mon-
' w I day.
Mrs. A. M. Webster, a former presl-
rlovtt nf fiiinnvitlilA P9rnt.Tmhip nA-
" " vty yo I sciation, presided. Addresses were
.June s I and W. L. Brewster. It was the gen
eral view of the speakers that Mr.
Shull's business ability and fairness
would make him a suitable director.
The committee to take up the ac
tive campaign includes Miss Henri
etta Failing, Mrs. A. M. Webster, W.
L. Brewster, Mrs. Charles A. Hart,
A. M. Work, Harry Coffin, Mrs. C. W.
Hayhurst. R. L. Sabln. Mrs. A. F. Fie
l-ortlana Hour, mills. 1 KMwrarrl vMac-Lfan H W Kniiln
...Terminal N'o.
. . .Peninsula mill.
...Inman-Poulsen mill.
.. lark-Wilson mill.
. ..Ainsworth dock.
. . .Inman-Poulsen mill.
. . ,bt. Helens.
. . . East. & Western mil!.
str. Vancouver Aiaru. terminal o. 4.
Sch. Wm. H. Smith. . .Inman-Poulsen mill.
Otto Kraemer, Mrs. K. S. Myers, D. A.
Pattullo, Samuel C. May, Herbert
Gordon and Dr. Frederick A. Kiehle.
Mr. Shull, the speakers said, had not
sought the nomination. He is not out
against any candidate, but isrunning
as a representative business man, said
R. L. Sabln.
Destruction in 1919 Is Estimated
at $325,000,000.
NEW YORK, May 27. Fire losses
in the United States in 1919 approxi
mated $325,000,000 as against $356
000,000 in 191S, eaid F. C. Buswell.
president of the national board of
fire underwriters, at the 54th annual
meeting of that organization here
While the fire losses of last year
showed some improvement. Mr. Bus
well said the total was far higher
than that of any other year in the
country's history, save those of 1918
and 1906. the latter being the year
of the San Francisco disaster.
Mr. Buswell also reported that the
total estimated loss by fire of in
sured properties alone during the last
20 years was S4,407,941,6S9. -
19,8 00 Sacks Piled on Wharf in
Los Angeles Harbor.
LOS ANGELES. Cal., May 27. Nine
teen thousand eight hundred sacks o
cane sugar that arrived from Mexico
today were stacked on the dock a
Los Angeles harbor because the two
local warehouses bonded for suga
were full to capacity, according to
John B. Elliott, collector ol customs.
Most of the sugar was consigned to
eaBtern points. The collector has em
ployed ihree men to guard it.
ft -V 1
a native of Cincinnati, O.. born May
22. 1828. and -wSts married April 4.
1849, to William Keiser. iThe Keisers
came to Walla Walla in 1872 and set
tied near Waitsburg. Mr. Keise
in ISiS. Two children, Jerome L.
-.r ranK. a., survive.
lMrs. Barbara Pruett, aced i5. died
here this afternoon. She lived near
Weston, Or., on a farm for 32 years.
Site was a native of Illinois. She
leaves a son. Hugh Pruett. and a
daughter, Mrs. Delia Barnett, of Port
d set
r died
U. and
Veterans to Get Salmon Dinner.
ASTORIA, Or.. May 27. Special.)
One of the features of the enter
tainment for the Grand Army of the
Republic at the state encampment
here on June 8 will be a big salmon
dinner for the veterans, their ladies
and the members of the affiliated or
ganizations. The encampment will
continue three days and in the neigh
borhood of 1000 visitors from vrious
parts of the state, are expected.
Effort to Cut Cost of Clothing to Be
Made at Vancouver.
- VANCOUVER, Wash., May 27.
(Special) Women of the Clarke
county farm bureau met today and
decided that on account of the high
cost of millinery end clothing that
they would make' for their own use
this year at least 100 hats, either new
or remodeled, and 200 remodeled
dresses, and 100 new dresses.
Patterns for children's clothing and
making their own dress forms were
two other topics discussed.
Mrs. Harriet Stowe io home dem
onstrating agent for Clarke county.
Trails Club Announces "Decoration
Day Schedule.
The Trails club trip on Decoration
day will be to Table mountain. The
first party will lepve the North Bank
station tomorrow at 5:45 P. M. Sun
day morning the second party will
leave at 7:35 o'clock. Return may be
made from Hamlin, the station for
Table mountain, at 4:50 P. M. or the
next day may be spent in the Red
Bluffs region.
Members are asked to note the
changed time table on North Bank
road. The old table will be in effect
Saturday and the new "one from Sun
day on.
Five Vouths Accused of Robbing
Irrigon Railway Station.
IRRIGON. Or., May 27. Special.)
Five young men, accused of having
Vaoeouver Marrlsuce Ureases
SIMMONS-HUMKE Frank Simmons 1-
ftai. ot fortlana. and Inez Humpe, lecal
of Portland.
bass. i!4. of Portland, and Gene L. Du Rosa.
o. ot foritana.
EUhison. 21. of Portland, and Ruth M.
liarrett. IK. or I'ortlana.
of Portland, and Syntha C. Burcbard. 44,
oi I'ortlana.
Marriage Licenses.
RICKERT-GREENE Nick Riekert. 3
li-'l Division street, and iolly Greene. 35
1721 Division street.
UOMM-ll ILLS Victor C. Domm. 29.
Eacle Creek, Or., and Mabel Mills. 25.
7511 55th avenue southeast.
MILLER-RYAN UeorEe W. Miller. "2.
61-5 i&Lst Alder street, and Luwenna P.
Ryan, 19, 801 Kast Taylor street.
PORTLAND. Or.. May 27. Maximum
temperature. 66 dcjrrees: minimum tem
perature. 48 degrees. River reading. 8
A. M., 12 feet: change in last 24 hours,
0.2-foot fall. Total rainfall (5 P. M. to
S P. M.). 0.7-inch; total' rainfall since Sep
tember 1, .1910. 31.18 inches: normal rain
fall since September 1, 41.92 inches; defi
ciency of rainfall since September 1, 1919.
10.74 Inches. Sunrise. 4:27 A. M. ; sunset,
7:49 P. M.: total sunshine. 11 hours 2i
minutes; possible sunshine, 15 hours 22
minutes. Moonrise. 3:C7 P. M. ; moonset,
1:48 A. M. Barometer (reduced sea level)
5 P. M., 30.12 inches. Relative humidity:
5 A. M.. SO per cent; noon, 43 per cent;
5 P. M., 35 per cent.
Mrs. Hester Ann Galloway, widow
of George Galloway, who died 16
years ago, passed away Tuesday at
the family home. 5 East Twenty
fourth street North.
Mrs. Galloway was distantly con
nected with the late Judge William
Galloway, Oregon pioneer. She came
to Oregon in 1890. She was born in
Pennsyvania, but has lived all over
the United States. She was 80 years
old. The funeral will be held at the
Portland crematorium at 4 P. M. to
day. Mrs. Galloway is survived by W. S.
H. Galloway, Missoula, Mont.; A. B.
Galloway, Seattle; Ida E. Galloway
and Mrs. W. I Grinnell, Portland.
- a o
3 s-o
. e I o
. B
i ilM
s .
c '. '.
Boston . . . ..
t'alfcnry ....
Chicago . .
Des Moines.
Kureka .....
Helena .....
Kansas City.
Los Anceies.
Marahlield .
Med ford ...
Minneapolis .
New Orleans!
New York . .
North Head.
Portland ...
Roseburg ...
Sacramento .
St. Louis . ..
Salt Lake ..
San Diego . .
S. Francisco.
Spokane ....
Tatoosh Isld.
Walla Walla
Winnipeg . .
Yakima . . . ,
401 7O!0.OOI12iN
48 S0:o.OI. .I.S'W
54 W0.0O!l2'S
34 '0.0ll:22lXW
6H 6 O.OOilO.NE
4SI 6rt.0.0O . . NE
Sol 70 0.OOI. .IN
44 56 0.OOI14 N
7Si 86.0.OU!. . S
421 7S'
40:66 O.OOl .
Ol K11.2S-U N
6KI KSlO.OOl. ,iSW
46) 82.0.041. .,NW
47 76 0.00 . . W
40 6SiO.O(L .ine
72 SS0.O0 . . S
H 74 0. 001 . .ISE
6210ni0.0"J. .NW
48 60.n7i..iW
50! 70 0.O0. .NW
4S feVU.OO 14'S
6S S4 0.0OIJ0 N
4S SO 0.00 ..iSW
581 76 0.001. .1W
50) 66 O.OO 24 W
46! as o.ns iBiSW
38 5liK0. .!NW
541 66 O.0H2O W
46 6U0.12 lO'SW
441 52:0.58 20 S
42j64 O.OO . .IXE
54 70 0.01 10 W
SO 800. oof. .IE
36 6S O.OOI. . NE
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
ft. cloudy
t: r
Pt. cloudy
ft. ciouav
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt-' cloudy
r-t. cloudy
Pt, cloudy
Pt. cloudy
WALLA WALLA. Wash.. May 27;-
(Special.) Mrs. Roxcla Keiser. 92,
who reached Oregon City, Or., Septem
ber 18, 1849, on her honeymoon trip.
died at Waitsburg today after a long
illness. Mrs. Keiser, with her hus
band, the late William Keiser. moved
o Portland in 18.-0. Mrs. Keiser was
Oregon City Man Well For First
Time in Practically His
Whole Life Gires
Tanlac Credit.
Sails from 'Portland 9:0 P. M., May
31. for Marshtlwld. Kureka and San
Francisco, connecting with steamer to
Los Angeles and San Diego.
Seattle to San Francisco $44.00
Seattle to Los Angeles 69.00
On sale June 1 to 30. limit of 90 days.
Ticket Office 101 Third Su
Freight Office Municipal Dock No. 2.
Phone Main S2S1.
Round Trip Dally (Except Friday
Alder-Street Dock.
Special m In Carte Dlnlns Service.
'Direct Connection for South Beaches
The Hrkina Transportation Co.
Main 142 S41-23
7OI0.0OU .(NWiciear
tA. M.
in it day.
today. P. M. report of preced-
FORECASTS. -Portland
and vicinity -Fair; southwest
erly winds.
Oregon Fair: Ihoderate southwesterly
winds- . . .
Washington Probably showers In the
west portion, fair in the east portion;
moderate southwesterly winds.
"It vae six months agro that Tan-1
lac set me right and. It's a fact, from
then until now I have enjoyed abso
lutely the best health I ever did in
my life," was the emphatie statement
made recently by R. M. Wallace of
Oregon City, Oregon.
"I have never known what good
health meant, for practically all my
life 1 have been a sufferer from stom
ach trouble. I tried everything any
body told me and at times would be a
little better but right away my. old
troubles would come baclc on me. My
appetite was so poor that for as long
as two days I have gone without
touching a bite hardly, and every sin
gle time I did eat anything I had to
pay for it In suffering. Naturally I
lost weight and strength and finally
I became so weak that for two and
three days at a time I was unable to
get out of bed. My stomach pained
me day and night and very often I
became almost deathly sick and
turned as pale as a ghost. My head
ached so bad sometimes I thought it
would burst and I was subject to
frequent spells of dizziness.
"But Tanlac came my way and I
am mighty glad it did. Right away
it began to set me straight and in a
few weeks I had gained 14 pounds and
for the first time since I can remem-
My stomach is now in the finest kinV
of shape, 1 have a big appetite and
am eating anything" and everything
set before me without a sign of trou
ble. Those headaches and dizzy spells
have all disappeared and I simply feel
like I have been made all over again
into a new man. I am working every
day and I feel strong and healthy like
a man ought to feel. 'Tanlac has
done the work for me and i believe
it will do it for anybody else if
given a fair trial."
Tanlac is for sale In Portland by
the Owl Drug Co. Adv.
Let us help you plan the best itiner
ary for your trip, either in this coun
try or abroad. You secure the bene
fit of experienced information and
get the services of a world-wide or--ganization.
Tickets and tours.
Dorsey B. Smith, Dist, Pass. Agt
' Sixth and Oak Streets
Columbia Pacific
Shipping Company
Direct serrlca without trans-shipment.
PORTLAND to Kobe, Yokohama, Shans
hai. Talofftau. Taku Bar and Dalrea.
S. 8. "The Anrete
S. h. "Wftit K.eato
2. b. "Wcbt lvarlmM
Early July Loading
Lte July LoaditMC
Early Auk. IxMfcdiaa:
The aCore-Damed vesaela are now oefnf
hoosMd. For further Information regard In
spaa, raea, tc apply
Traffic Department
Board of Trade Building
FortlantL O reran.
Compavnle Oenerale Trmnsmtlantlqu,
Express Postal bervice
Further sailing to be aanoaneed later
LA 1.0RRAINK June 1
I Till KAIM: June 10
iuitaii Bros.. Pacific Coast Aaents. 10
Cherry hu, beatUe, or Aoi local AenL.
Astoria Route
S:S0 P. M. DAILY Except Thon.)
FAEK 11.65. including: tax.
Taylor St. Dock.
Pbones Main 8065, fill-46.